Akame ga Kill! (2014) s01e24 Episode Script

Akame ga Kill!

1 Tatsumi died because he was weak.
That's all there is to it.
But what is this feeling? It's General Esdeath! She's the only one left.
Get her! A pathetic kingdom like this Don't! should be eradicated! So you're Akame You've lost.
The empire has lost.
But my hunt continues.
Your hunt? The war's over.
I'll move on to the next battlefield.
And if I don't find it, I'll simply create one.
For the sake of peace in the new world, I can't let someone like you live.
I don't need your tedious speech.
If you want to stop me, show me your strength! Esdeath Just as I predicted, you're the last one standing in the way.
Akame, kill Esdeath! Eliminate.
I'll crush you.
As expected of the infamous Akame This is fantastic! Esdeath, why continue to create and kill enemies? What will be left in the end? The winner.
That's just a butcher, standing on a mound of corpses.
Those words don't offend me in the least.
If you value your life, drop your sword and become my subordinate.
If you cannot, you'll die.
That's how this world works, right? You're wrong! Everyone wants to live Everyone wanted to live Lives aren't meant to be trampled on! I cannot comprehend what you're saying! Pierce through.
What's wrong? Is this all you have? The weak have no right to stand before me.
Those without strength should not have hopes and dreams.
Lie down and die before me, like a pig should.
What do you think people are? I have no interest in the weak.
Esdeath! Oh? You'll finally show me what you're made of.
So this is your trump card.
I've killed countless people Grief, sorrow, rage, resentment.
The Murasame remembers all the lives I've taken.
I accept responsibility for all of them.
This is the turning point.
You are no longer human.
A trump card worthy of a demonic sword.
Even if this consumes me, I'll defeat you.
Why, you How amusing.
This is indeed amusing! This is worth the sacrifice of an arm.
Let's do this.
Let's fight each other to the death! This form won't last much longer.
I must finish this with my next move! You have my full attention Come.
Makahadoma! This is the second time I've been forced to use my trump.
I applaud you.
This was fun.
An afterimage? Where did you go? Above— Eliminate.
How could you break through the Makahadoma? Your trump card that took Susanoo's life I was waiting for you to use it.
That was part of your plan.
The afterimage you saw was your bloodlust.
I stabbed your inflated ideal of hunting.
Mission accomplished.
You really are interesting Where does such strength derive? From all the lives for which I am responsible.
Those are what gave me strength.
You plan to continue being dragged down by others' souls? That's right.
I cannot possibly understand.
However, a loss is a loss.
I suppose it is time to die.
Tatsumi Esdeath! Tatsumi, I wish that you had been beside me.
Those feelings you have for Tatsumi are exactly what you said you couldn't possibly understand.
Captain Rest in peace.
The wise are those who win in the end.
As long as I'm alive, I can try again and again.
Found you.
I won't let a piece of crap like you escape.
Someone Isn't anyone there? You're the one who avoided detection.
I need you to die now.
Don't come any closer.
What? Huh? Fool! This is the power of my Imperial Arms.
Concealing your trump card is critical.
Now, since you're guilty of scaring me, you get the death penalty.
Well, well I said this about the emperor, too, but dealing with fools is tiring.
H-How do you have so much strength I grew up in the slums, so my body's tough.
You can't imagine what that's like, can you? Even if you stop my Imperial Arms, my soul is stronger than whatever rotten thing you have for one! Ah, it's finally over! Night Raid's done, huh? Yeah.
Goodbye, my friend.
Leone, you Don't give me that look.
I'll be able to see everyone now.
There That's a nice smile.
See ya.
See you, Leone.
Cheers to the revolution! I'm not gonna live in poverty anymore! But if you keep messing around, you're just gonna stay poor.
Good point! Hey, Leone Have a drink with us.
Hey, old man! Get Leone a drink, too, will ya? Come on, Leone Huh? The guillotine, I see.
That's what must be done to set things straight.
I failed as an emperor But I have one last task.
If I cry now, I'd be a laughingstock.
I would, at least, like to die with honor.
Please build a peaceful kingdom without any more bloodshed.
You have my vow.
This will be the last drop of blood shed.
Kurome, I'm going to do my best to protect the new kingdom's peace.
For your sake, as well.
And I shall do my best from within the government for everyone's future.
I wish you could give us some of your strength, Captain.
I wonder if she was able to meet Tatsumi.
I bet he's running away from her again Now, shall we go? There is much to do.
It's more than we've ever gotten.
Thanks to Tatsumi and the others, no one else has starved Since there's a new kingdom, maybe Tatsumi, Sayo, and Ieyasu will be coming back.
Our heroes are returning.
We'll welcome them home with an extravagant celebration.
People really are strong.
The city is already restoring itself.
Boss, are you all right? Yeah.
My lifespan was merely shortened.
While I don't know how long I'll live I'll gladly use the rest of my life to help build the kingdom's foundation.
As a survivor, that's the best I can do.
I believe in you.
Do your best.
Are you going to leave, Akame? Yeah.
You can place all the Revolutionary Army's wrongdoings on me.
Thanks and I'm sorry.
That's a difficult role.
Your role in helping build the new kingdom is far more difficult.
There was a lot of heartache.
But I'm glad you invited me into Night Raid, Najenda.
It's been fun.
Survive, Akame.
Night Raid.
The end of the Imperial Era.
They were known as the criminal organization that caused an uproar in the capital.
However, no trace of them remains in the new kingdom's historical records.
Where there is life, there is darkness.
Where there is darkness, there is evil.
To protect those who are unarmed, and to punish the evildoers that heaven cannot judge in the shadows We are all assassins.
I survived So I must continue to bear on my shoulders the feelings of those who've passed.
I can only kill.
However, that doesn't mean I have no future.
I have faith.
That's why I will continue to walk this path.