Alba (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Chapter 1

[mysterious music playing]
Come on, baby. Speed it up, okay?
Did you just lose your training wheels
or something? Hurry up!
Aw, man. God fucking damn it!
Are you serious right now?
Come on, move your ass, honey!
I don't want to spend the whole day here.
Oh, fucking hell! What are you doing?
What the fuck?
Stupid fucking bitch!
[upbeat Spanish pop song playing]
- [man] Excuse me, are you seniors?
- I am.
When you finish the class,
pass 'em on.
Thanks. Hey, what's your name, man?
- Let me take this, young lady.
- Be my guest.
Excuse me.
[scoffs] Don't mind me, Basilio.
[woman clears throat]
[phone chimes]
No bikes in the elevator.
- What?
- [laughs]
- Why'd you stop?
- I'm going to be late. I have to go.
- [Bruno] But no.
- But yes.
[Bruno exhales] You sure you're okay
driving up with strangers?
Yeah, why shouldn't I?
Well, you could just drive with us.
I don't wanna get in the way of boy time.
Yeah, but the car's really big.
There's plenty of room.
[Alba] Well, you know
Don't know what to tell you.
Hey. Listen.
I just think it would be a good time
to tell them about us.
Mmm, locked in a car
with four strange men? No, don't think so.
Okay, so you don't like my friends.
[Alba] No comment.
Come on. Give them a chance.
All right. If you say so.
Are you planning to see Tirso?
Everything's cool between you?
You said it wasn't serious.
Look, I told you, it wasn't serious.
All right.
It's none of my business anyway.
Hey, listen.
Do you know what I've learned
after all this time?
You can't put a bike in the elevator?
That you can't truly live
if you're afraid.
So you can relax.
- Mmm, yeah.
- Mmm?
What do you think?
[speaking in Spanish]
[singing in Spanish]
[Alba chuckles]
[continues singing in Spanish]
[both singing in Spanish]
[opening theme music playing]
[woman singing in Spanish]
[man laughing] Miriam, get out here!
It's Alba! Alba! Alba!
Luisito, say hello.
Your auntie just arrived.
- [Alba] Thank you.
- Alba, Alba, Alba, Alba!
[both laughing]
- [Alba] I'm happy to see you.
- We're happy you made it.
- [laughs] You're looking great.
- You're the gorgeous one.
- Don't, I can
- I got it.
Thank you for getting her here
in one piece. [laughs]
- Hi, Miriam.
- Look who's here? Only an hour late.
S-She's here now.
- Um, happy to see you too.
- [phone chimes]
Sorry, I just needed to respond to Bego.
But right now,
all I want is to see my nephew!
- [Alba's brother] Huh?
- [Alba] Luisito, where are you?
As soon as we finalize
our agreement with the city council,
these 750 acres will become
two large hotels,
a high-end residential area,
and three golf courses.
This is a big one, ladies and gentlemen.
- Pure gold.
- I want to remind everyone
that the current zoning prohibits
all new development.
We haven't seen any evidence
that the city will reclassify that land.
My son, do you really think
that I would invest millions
in a project I thought was impossible?
[woman] Our commitment
to corporate social responsibility
should speed up
that process exponentially.
And keep in mind that our proposal
contains environmental provisions.
We're promoting renewable energy,
building a solar panel array
Thank you, darling,
but they can read about that
in the dossier.
- [woman sighs]
- As my father was just saying,
the reclassification is
only a matter of time.
[continues coughing]
Please excuse me.
I guess this means
I'll have to give up my singing lessons.
[all laughing]
Listen, I think it's great
you're telling people,
because you know
that I can't keep a secret.
Everyone is gonna lose their shit.
- It's really not a big deal.
- Oh, yeah.
You guys grew up together.
You completely ignore each other
that whole time,
but somehow find each other in Madrid.
Sometimes you just need a little distance
to see how things really are. That's it.
But his friends don't know about you.
What's up with that?
[chuckles] Is he ashamed of you?
No. We're just waiting
for the right moment.
Mmm, yeah.
Listen, I'm already dealing with enough.
- Tirso?
- Yes.
He wants to be a businessman now.
He's gonna offer people
swimming lessons on the beach.
[Alba laughs]
He's always had a way with tourists.
Do you, um
You guys were never serious, right?
I mean, typical story.
You dated. You broke up. You dated again.
My brother finally got Wi-Fi
at the cafe. Wanna come?
- [Alba] Hmm?
- [sighs] I'll pass.
[Alba laughs] Why not? You should come.
- No. I'm ignoring you.
- Hey, come on!
Bruno, what the fuck?
You need to chill out.
Quit splashing me. Seriously.
[Bruno] Just come in.
Watching your stocks
won't make the price go up.
He's right. [man 1 chuckles]
Hey, Samuel, you gonna swim?
Later. I'm still digesting.
That's right. Don't want you drowning.
[man 2] What's up with him?
He staying the summer?
A couple days.
Grandpa wants to get to know him.
Lucky for you
you're banging his sister.
Watch your mouth. That's my fiancée.
- Wow.
- [man 3] Careful.
Hey, what about your girl, man?
When do we get to meet her?
Why haven't you brought her around yet?
Does this girl even exist?
- She didn't even wanna ride with us.
- What's up with that?
- I'll introduce you later.
- [phone chimes]
- Fine.
- Promise to be nice?
It's obvious she must be ugly.
That must be it.
Fuck you guys.
It's my aunt.
I gotta go.
Some of us
actually have to work for a living.
Okay. See you later.
[man 3] Bye.
[man 3] Work? What a loser.
- Sorry. Excuse me.
- Hey, Bruno.
No worries, Bruno.
Oh, I envy them so much. [coughs]
Smoking is gonna kill you.
It's what's keeping me alive.
That, and the resort.
Nothing will stop the construction.
We need to break ground
in six months, Emilio. No matter what.
The city will let you do it.
You have my word.
And what makes you think
I trust a politician like you?
[chuckles] I hope you do.
We'll be family before too long.
To your grandson, my daughter,
and the resort.
[both kissing cheeks]
[Alba] Mmm.
So how are things in the capital?
Studying, working, all that?
Fine. It's been fine. You know how it is.
Maybe I would if you answered my messages.
I'm sorry.
Are you seeing somebody?
- Jesus, Alba.
- I wanted to tell you in person.
So it's serious?
I thought we agreed that if either of us
met somebody, we would
We said that, but I wasn't looking.
And I'm telling you now, I wasn't looking,
but I don't know, it just happened.
I get it. Life happens to you in the city,
but I'm a hick, so nothing happens to me.
- That's not what I'm saying.
- Who cares. Whatever.
- [sighs]
- It's Bruno.
Which Bruno?
Bruno from here?
Alba, you cannot be serious.
I thought you couldn't stand him.
You told me he was
turning into an asshole like his friends.
- That was before I really knew him.
- What else is there to know?
Look at me.
Why don't we get out of here
for a couple days, like we used to do?
Mmm, Tirso, don't do this.
Okay, then you know what? Fuck you.
You and that asshole. Is that clear?
Got it.
Yeah, walk away.
Go pretend to be a rich brat
like the rest of them.
[Tirso grunts]
You've been texting all day.
Is there someone you wanna tell me about?
- I'll tell you tomorrow. I gotta go.
- Not so fast. You're not going anywhere.
You promised you would
unload the merchandise and get it inside.
- Can't we just unload it tomorrow?
- And leave it out all night?
You should have come straight here
instead of wasting time with your buddies.
Okay, you're right. I can help unload.
Whoever's been texting you can wait.
I hope.
[man] Hey, Alba!
How's Madrid?
[Alba] Great. How are you?
- I'm good.
- That's good.
[overlapping greetings]
Will I see you later at Kevin's?
Okay, we'll catch up then. See you.
[man] Let me get you a drink.
- Hey, how are you?
- Hello. I'm good. See you around.
- Have fun tonight.
- Bye.
- [club music playing]
- [car honks]
[Spanish hip-hop song
playing over car radio]
[man 1] Look at all this tail, boys.
You excited or what?
Hell yeah. Tonight's gonna be epic.
- Just wait and see.
- Yeah, it better be.
[man 2] If Bruno shows up,
he's gonna fuck it up.
[man 1] You can forget about Bruno.
He's not gonna show.
He's too crazy for that girl.
There's my man.
[radio stops]
You guys are late.
I was about to leave.
I got stuff to do.
Oh, I can only imagine.
- Did you bring the stuff?
- Yeah, of course I brought it.
It's a good batch.
You're gonna like it.
- That's great.
- Who's paying?
Well, my dear cousin will be.
Oh, there was that one thing.
Do you have my special order? Huh?
We're all set. Let's head out.
Listen, Tirso, this shit doesn't work?
We're coming after you.
I don't have anything to do with that.
I'm just the dealer.
[laughs] Until next time.
We'll track you down.
Get the fuck down from there.
[Spanish R&B plays]
[singing in Spanish]
What's the matter with you?
It's just He took it so badly.
Look, this is confusing for everybody.
You told him how you feel.
That's all you can do.
You just can't get
everything you want in life.
Except tonight. [laughs]
[Alba scoffs]
- I'm not trying to go hard, Bego.
- Let's just dance.
- I'm not in the mood.
- Come on.
We haven't partied in forever.
Bruno will be here any second.
Tirso can go fuck himself.
We're gonna have fun tonight.
Let's have some fun!
- No, please. No.
- No! No backing out now.
Come on.
Together, you and me.
Just like always.
Yes! [Bego laughs]
[Clara] All right, go.
We'll finish this tomorrow.
Go on! You have to get ready.
You're the best!
Just don't go too crazy tonight.
Let's have a quiet summer.
- When was I wild?
- You were a difficult baby.
But I turned out all right.
I'll sleep in my place tonight.
[Clara] That's fine.
[Bego chuckles] Forgetting something?
- What?
- Your bag.
I feel amazing.
I am so happy.
Let's go get a drink.
[both laughing]
[man] Hey, what's going on, girls?
- Hello.
- Gimme a shot, man.
Hey, this guy's getting married.
We're celebrating.
[Bego] One for you. Got drinks.
[man speaks indistinctly]
Hey, don't put me on camera.
[man] Ah, it's okay, man. Promise.
Okay, bring it in.
Here's to the groom! Cheers!
[overlapping cheers, whooping]
The bar for poor people.
Excuse me.
[Alba laughs]
- Hey, what are you doing?
- What's the matter? What's wrong?
- We're just having fun.
- Take it easy!
- What?
- Hey.
- Can you back off?
- Time to get the fuck off.
[overlapping chatter]
- [Bego] Back it up.
- [man] I'm not doing anything.
- She's crazy.
- [bartender] You're outta here.
- What the hell, man?
- Get out!
All you doofuses
need to get the hell out of here.
- [man protesting]
- Get out!
- [woman] Yeah!
- [man] Hey! We didn't do anything!
[Tirso] Can we talk? Please?
Just I wanna tell you I'm sorry, okay?
For everything I said earlier.
I'm a big fucking idiot.
It's okay. Really.
Don't worry about it. It's no big deal.
You have no idea
how much I'm gonna miss you.
I'm definitely going to miss you too,
but that doesn't mean we can't
[Alba grunts]
What are you doing?
I can't believe
you'd forget me so quickly.
- Okay
- I know that you still like me.
- Stop it, Tirso. Stop it.
- Why can't you admit it?
[somber music plays]
- [man 1] Hey, now!
- [man 2] Finally!
- [Bruno] What's up?
- Didn't think you'd show.
We're going to Kevin's?
No, we just came from there.
Shit is boring.
So we're gonna go back to my car,
put on music, and do our own thing.
I was gonna introduce my girlfriend.
What, introduce us to your girlfriend?
We're too fucked up. Join us.
Come on, don't be assholes.
It'll be quick.
Let me introduce you,
then whatever you want.
Shh, listen. We're about to pop some E.
- Then we'll see.
- Right.
I don't wanna.
- You know how I get.
- Don't walk away.
Grab him. Don't let him get away.
You're not going anywhere.
[man 2] That's it. That's it.
- Hey, Bruno. Hey.
- What?
Listen. You have the entire summer
to be with her, right?
But tonight is for the boys.
She can be with her friends.
You hang with us.
Yes or no?
Come on, Bruno.
- Come on.
- Listen
- Maybe I'll do one.
- There we go!
- Just for you.
- Bruno is staying with the boys!
But hold on. Let me send her a text first.
Look out. The plane's coming in.
There. Open your mouth. Come on.
Yeah, go, go, go.
- [men laughing]
- Hell yeah!
Bruno's a beast!
Let's go. I love you, bro!
- [Bruno] All right.
- [man 2] Get ready to fly. Whoo!
[rock music playing]
[music grows distorted]
[tense music playing]
[Alba panting]
[man] Whoa, she's really drunk.
[bystanders laughing]
[man whistling] Hey!
[man whistles]
[man] Hey, wait! Come over here.
Hey, come on. Let's go.
[distorted laughter]
[man] Where you going, baby?
[men speaking indistinctly]
[Alba panting]
[repeating] Hey, hey, hey.
Easy, easy. Take it slow.
Are you okay? Hmm?
Having fun tonight?
Here. Help her up.
Just go slowly.
Slowly. Stay with me.
Just take it easy, easy.
There's no rush. That's right.
- Careful. [grunts] Everything good? Huh?
- [Alba moans]
How 'bout you come with us?
That's what you want, right? Hmm?
[fabric ripping]
- [Alba groans incoherently]
- Doesn't she look familiar?
Yeah. I've seen her in my dreams.
[man chuckles]
This bitch even tastes good.
[pants] Come on. Take her.
[Alba struggles]
Holy shit,
Tirso's stuff really works after all.
[man] What did I tell you?
[Alba exhaling]
[seagulls cawing]
[woman] Turn to the side, please.
Pull your hair back.
Turn around please, Alba.
Show me your back.
[man] We'll take four vaginal samples,
three anal samples,
and two from the perineum.
Do you remember if you were
penetrated vaginally or anally?
I can't remember.
We'll do serological tests
for syphilis, hepatitis-B, and HIV.
Alba, in these cases, we recommend
taking a morning-after pill.
But that's up to you.
[knocking at door]
Bruno! [Clara knocking]
Bruno! [Clara knocking]
- [door opening]
- I'm coming in.
I can't believe it.
Bruno, wake up. Bruno!
Oh my God.
With your shoes on and everything.
What were you up to last night?
I'm sorry, I overslept.
I'll make you breakfast,
then wash up and get to work.
[groaning] What time is it?
Late, that's what.
You promised you'd be there first thing,
but you've been sleeping all day.
I have two deliveries,
and I'm already late.
This can't happen.
One night,
and you're already pulling this.
[Clara sighs] I mean, really
[bottles rattling]
[Alba] Bruno?
Bruno, where are you?
I'm at the hospital.
- Please come.
- You're acting like you're still 16.
God help me,
that's the last time you're going out.
I can tell you that much.
[door closing]
[woman sighs] Come on.
Get up.
Come on, Rubén.
- Sandra's almost here.
- Think fast.
You're too slow.
- [chuckles]
- [grunts]
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Was something wrong last night?
I was just tired.
Mariano, today at the meeting
I don't think you need to come
to the office today.
Excuse me?
Rubén is around.
I was thinking you could
spend the day with your son
- Be his mother?
- And why not?
Why don't you be his father?
Because I have to be the one
running the company.
[woman sighs]
You're my employee.
And this is an order.
It's for the best.
Are you sure you weren't with someone
when you left the bar?
I already told you, César.
The last thing I remember is
[sniffs]being at Kevin's bar.
[César] It'll be okay.
Are you okay? [Alba's brother sobbing]
What did they do to you?
Thank you for coming.
It's nothing.
Please don't stop until you find them.
We will. The Civil Guard is already
We're looking into it.
[César] I promise you,
I'll help however I can.
Take your time.
[Alba's brother] Oh, my little sister
We brought you clothes.
I don't remember anything.
The last thing I can remember
about that night
I was at Kevin's.
I started to feel sick and I left.
- [officer 1] Where did you go after?
- I don't know where. I can't remember.
I'm sorry. It's just protocol.
I mean, I was only in there
I mean, at Kevin's with
with my friend Bego.
- [officer 2] Why did you leave Kevin's?
- I was feeling bad, and I left.
I don't remember the exact time.
It must have been around 2:00,
because they were closing.
I left
and I was trying to find my boyfriend.
Bruno Costa.
[officer 1] Notice anyone following you?
No, I can't say.
I don't remember anything. I told you.
So you drank a lot?
No, not too much. Two or three.
Nothing else?
Nothing else.
Your analysis shows high levels
of substances like
What's that?
[officer 2] Ecstasy.
There was also flunitrazepam.
- No, no, I only took that one pill.
- [officer 1] Do you take pills regularly?
I mean, I take them sometimes,
but that night I only had one.
[officer 1] Maybe when you met someone
and took other substances?
I don't know.
I said I can't remember anything.
[officer 1] Just relax.
[officer 1] Do you remember
leaving home without underwear?
[Alba breathing shakily]
What is that question?
[officer 2] It's a very simple question.
It's like you're looking for a reason
not to believe me. I'm telling the truth.
[officer 2] Alba, I'm just doing my job.
Please, can you just leave me alone?
[officer 1] Remember if you went
to the beach on your own? Were you taken?
Are you serious? I don't remember.
How many times
do I have to say that? I Fuck.
Please, I want to go home.
Will you please let me go home now?
Let me go.
How are you, man?
- So we're leaving without him?
- No, let's call him.
You're bossy, you know?
[Rubén] Good morning,
afternoon, night. Which is it, Bruno?
You know what time it is?
Bruno? Let me put you on speaker.
[Bruno breathing shakily]
- Hello?
- [man] We're waiting for you over here.
Everything okay?
Of course not.
Let me guess. You have a hangover.
- [Rubén laughs]
- We all have one too.
- No, it's not that.
- Then where the fuck are you?
- It's Alba.
- [man] Alba?
- Who's Alba?
- She was raped last night.
That's just horrible, man.
But, uh, is is she all right?
Has she identified
the bastard who did it to her?
No, they haven't caught him yet.
She just She doesn't remember anything.
[man 2] Bruno, relax.
You did everything
You want me to relax?
She is my girlfriend!
[man 2] Oh, shit.
She's my girlfriend.
[Bruno sobbing]
I was supposed to meet her, and I [sobs]
Why didn't I meet her?
[man 1] Bruno
we're here for anything you need, okay?
[Bruno continues sobbing]
Yeah, I know.
I know that.
Thanks, Jacobo.
Thanks for everything, guys.
I'll call you later.
[Rubén] You gotta be fucking kidding me.
Didn't I tell you she looked familiar?
Wait, come on. Alba, who's
Alba's is Toño's sister, from
From that shitty cafe?
What the hell? Why is he dating her?
- Whatever. This is his fault.
- How?
He should have told us about her.
We could have fucked other girls.
Do you know what'll happen
if we get caught?
I'm in the military. They'll kick me out.
Chill out for a second.
Nothing we did was wrong.
Nobody raped anybody.
- It was nothing she didn't ask for.
- Sounds like she's in shock.
What happens
when she gets her memory back?
Shut up for a second, Hugo.
The Bruno thing is fucked.
It's really fucked. That's obvious.
But there's nothing we can do about that.
So? What's our next move?
First we go home
and remember that in spite of everything,
last night was amazing,
because it was fucking awesome, right?
- Right? Fucking awesome night.
- Fucking awesome.
[Alba] Yes, we're on our way.
As soon as we get there,
I'll tell you. Yes.
[distorted, unsettling music playing]
[panicked breathing]
[indistinct, menacing chatter]
Can Can you stop the car?
What's the matter? What is it?
- Alba, are you okay?
- Please, stop the car.
[Miriam] What's wrong with you?
[Alba] It was here.
[Toño] Wh-What?
[Toño] It's okay, Alba. It's okay.
- [Alba groans] It was here.
- [Toño] Take it easy.
It's okay, Alba. It's gonna be okay.
- It was here.
- It's okay. Relax.
- It was here!
- No, no, no. It's okay.
It's all over. You're okay.
Just keep breathing. That's right.
Just like that. It's okay.
Really, it's not happening anymore.
- Let's go to the hospital.
- No, I have to tell the Civil Guard.
Alba, no.
You're not in any shape to do that.
- Right now, you have to rest.
- Come on, let's go home.
How's that sound? You can rest.
Come on. T-Take a step.
Let's go home. We're going home.
That's right. Just like that.
[woman] I'm Lieutenant Giner,
from the Criminal Police.
If there's anything that you need,
or if you remember something else
you can give me a call anytime.
I want you think as hard as you can.
Your memories are the best chance we have
of identifying your attackers.
But I can't remember anything.
I don't know how many times
I've had to repeat that today.
[Giner] What time did you leave?
Around two o'clock.
They were They were closing the bar.
Do you remember
meeting anyone else after you left?
No. No, I can't remember.
Seriously, how many times
do I need to say that?
if you remember taking any narcotics,
now is the time to tell me.
I took a pill, yeah,
but it was just the one.
That's not what the lab report says.
I can't remember.
[Giner] Sorry, but how can you
not remember anything?
[Alba] I don't know.
Did you lose sight of your drink
at any point? Think hard.
Not that I remember. When I was dancing,
I could have left it on the bar, maybe.
The medical examiner found
high levels of drugs
[Toño] That's enough.
You're harassing her.
[Giner] Do you recognize them?
One of them
could have followed you after you left.
- [man laughs]
- Get out!
Yeah, I remember them at Kevin's,
but he threw them out.
I didn't see them again.
[menacing laughter]
I can't do this.
[Bruno] Give her a break, huh?
Why don't we call it a day?
[phone ringing]
[Toño] Thanks for coming.
- Thanks again.
- [Bruno] It's okay.
[Bruno] It's okay.
[Giner] Yeah?
[Giner] Do you have the license plates?
[Giner] I'm on my way.
We can move you
into my apartment tomorrow.
Can we keep the lights on, please?
Of course.
Do you think this was my fault, Bruno?
You serious?
Please, just hold me.
[emotional music playing]
[Alba] Do you think
we'll make it through this?
We can make it through anything.
[Bruno] Right?
[doorbell rings]
- Good morning, miss.
- [Miriam] Hi.
I'll take you in.
Can you excuse us, Rosario?
- Miriam, what a surprise to see you here.
- I'm looking for Mariano.
He's gone out. Maybe I can help.
- Perhaps I should come back.
- If you want.
I'll show you out.
Last night,
my sister-in-law Alba was raped.
Oh my God.
In town? That's horrible.
Yeah, it's really bad. She was drugged.
Poor thing.
Is she all right?
They know who did it?
This is Rubén's ring.
It's not the first time he's lost it.
We found it
at the place where she was raped.
I won't stand you coming to my home
to insinuate my son
raped your sister-in-law.
Not insinuating, Mercedes. I'm stating it.
That ring doesn't prove anything.
Well, maybe the Civil Guard
will think differently.
I think I understand.
What do you want?
Money, Mercedes.
A lot of money.
You know where to find me.
[Bruno] Alba.
You're shaking.
It's nothing.
You should call Bego.
The psychologist said
it's good for you to talk to friends.
[menacing music playing]
[Rubén] Grab her by the arm.
Get in there. Come on!
- Your turn.
- [Hugo grunts]
- [Rubén] That's it. That's it. Come on.
- [Hugo grunts]
- [Rubén] Let me.
- [Hugo grunts]
- [Hugo grunts]
- [Rubén] Take her by the arm.
- [Alba gasps]
- Hey, whoa.
I'm sorry.
Are you feeling okay?
He had a tattoo on his arm.
It was a dagger
surrounded by a laurel wreath.
- A dagger?
- Yes.
It was on his right arm.
I need to call Giner.
She gave you a card, right?
Uh-huh. Yeah.
Lieutenant, this is Alba.
[Giner] What is it, Alba?
- I can see your nipples.
- Fuck you, Jacobo.
Fucking homo.
How long we waiting for this fucking guy?
And he complains about us.
Fucking dealers.
Hey, hey, hey, whoa. Stop!
Bruno, Bruno!
- [shouting] It was you!
- [Jacobo] Stop it!
- You raped Alba!
- Stop it!
- It was you!
- [Jacobo] Get ahold of yourself!
- She remembered the tattoo on his arm!
- Lots of guys have one like it!
Tell me it wasn't you!
Did you do it?
- Look at me.
- Listen, motherfucker, you're right.
He did it.
We all did it.
[Hugo] We were high, man. We didn't know.
- I'm gonna fucking report all of you.
- You're not.
You won't go to the police,
because you were there doing it with us.
All four of us did it.
[Jacobo] Yeah.
- If this is a joke, it's not funny!
- I'm telling the truth.
You know how you get
when you have too much.
Just think, Bruno. Think for a second.
You found us in the alley.
- Hugo called you over.
- [Rubén] I don't know how you found us.
[Hugo] The three of us
were with the girl
You joined in.
That's what happened.
We didn't know
what we were doing, I swear.
No, you are lying to me.
Bruno the four of us were there.
- Not me.
- You were doing it with us.
I promise you.
[Rubén] And I'm sorry to tell you,
but she was into it.
- You son of a bitch!
- Hey!
Hugo, Hugo!
- What's going on?
- Cut it out, Hugo.
I'm going to the police!
What will Alba think
when she finds out you were there?
- Leave him alone.
- Bruno, just think, man, think.
[Bruno grunting]
Use your head! Bruno, use your head
before you do something
you're gonna regret.
Let me go!
[Tirso] What's going on?
Let's go.
When a politician starts making promises,
then I get suspicious.
- Solana is like that, then?
- Solana is an ambitious man.
He'll make sure
that land gets reclassified.
That I believe.
What's the matter?
- There's something you should know about.
- Hmm?
[Mercedes] The other night,
a girl from town was raped.
[man] Oh my God. This world of ours.
Miriam came to see me. Remember her?
[man] She probably wanted something.
She told me she found Rubén's ring
in the same place the girl was raped.
Who says she's telling the truth?
We can't even be sure
that's where he lost it.
Víctor, Rubén's a good kid, only
Call Eloy.
Tell him to come. The boys as well.
Don't you worry about this thing anymore.
From here on out, we'll take care of it.
Thank you, Víctor.
[Bruno panting]
[phone buzzing]
[Alba] When are you getting here?
I really need you.
Uh, I'm not I'm not sure yet.
Uh, I'm I'm here
with Clara at the shop, and we
Well, we still need to clean and, well
[Alba breathing shakily]
Alba, there's something
that I I need to tell you.
- Bruno, just get here first.
- It's
I love you.
[Bruno grunting]
- That didn't take long.
- Show me the ring.
- I thought Mercedes understood our deal.
- You will be compensated.
But in return,
make sure that nobody reports this.
It'll cost you.
Let's not get too greedy.
[Miriam] Anything else?
You must never
set foot in the residence again
unless you've been formally invited.
Do not contact Mariano again.
Just go on
living your miserable fucking life.
Don't forget.
[Víctor coughing]
[Rubén] What? No.
I mean, no, Grandpa,
it wasn't like that at all.
She didn't do anything she didn't want to.
We didn't force her or anything. Fuck.
[Jacobo] Well, I guess
it really depends on
what the definition of "force" is.
So are we going to jail?
No, of course you're not. [coughs]
It's almost like even looking at a girl
is some kind of crime these days.
- Just the other day
- [Jacobo] Doesn't matter.
People who end up in jail are
either stupid or don't have resources.
[Víctor] Listen carefully.
Don't say anything to anyone.
Absolutely nothing about that night.
Is that clear?
Now, can we [coughs]
Can we trust these other friends of yours?
[Rubén] Well
We can.
[Víctor] I see.
You can go.
You stay.
[Eloy] That woman won't be a problem.
And what about the Civil Guard?
They suspect four boys
from another town.
They have them on camera
harassing the victim.
Four, you said?
[Jacobo] Grandpa,
I don't know how to tell you this.
We might have a problem to deal with.
She was Bruno's girlfriend.
- [Eloy] What?
- [chair scraping]
- [Eloy] Are you serious?
- Yes. He knows and wants to report us.
Wouldn't you?
I know that I would.
I'm really sorry, Grandpa.
[Víctor] What do you think?
You just sit there
and we'll come get you, okay?
César, César, what happened?
The other night, Alba was assaulted.
- What do you mean? Is she all right?
- Don't worry.
Do you know anything?
They're investigating everyone
who was at Kevin's. Just wait here.
- Bego, have you heard from Alba?
- No. I don't think I can face her.
- What? You haven't talked?
- I just can't. It was all my fault.
What are you talking about? Bego!
[officer] Tirso Rubio.
Your turn. Let's go.
[officer] Tirso Rubio. Mother's name?
Where were you
on the night of 10th June?
That night, I was all over.
- Were you ever at Kevin's?
- Yes.
There's not much time left.
- That's not true, Víctor.
- Well
I've arranged everything.
You'll have
as much power as they have.
More, in fact.
I want you to continue my legacy.
Don't let my sons
destroy everything I've built up.
Not after so many years.
Promise me you won't.
Promise me you won't.
I promise you.
[Víctor straining to breathe]
[Víctor] You don't have to worry
about Rubén
or his missing ring.
Eloy knows what he has to do.
Ah. [chuckles]
Thank you, Víctor.
- Mmm.
- Get some rest.
[wet gurgling]
Mercedes, Mercedes!
[shouting] Who did this?
Hey, who was it?
What coward did this?
That's my sister!
- What's going on?
- Who was it?
- That's my sister!
- Take it easy. Look at me.
It's a small town. People do these things.
- [gasping]
- Just breathe. Just breathe.
That's it. Just breathe.
Just breathe. Just breathe.
- [groaning]
- That's it. Just breathe.
Just breathe.
Just breathe. Just breathe. Just breathe.
Just breathe. Breathe!
My little sister!
Your fucking little sister,
always making my life
- What did you say about Alba?
- No, no.
- Why would you say that?
- Toño, relax.
My love, just breathe with me.
Just like this. Look.
Let go of it!
Let go!
Give it to me!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
Not now, honey!
Someone call an ambulance! Toño, please!
[Víctor gasping for breath]
Just breathe!
Look at me, please! Stay with me!
[heart monitor beeping]
I'm right here.
[Alba weeping]
[Alba] This is my fault.
No. You didn't do any of this.
No wonder Miriam hates me.
Don't you say that!
How is it possible that in one day,
my entire life has turned to shit?
- I don't know what I did to deserve this.
- You don't deserve this at all.
- Alba, I
- What?
I have to go.
- Wait, now? Where are you going?
- Yeah. Yeah.
- César wants to talk to me.
- About?
Um, I-I dunno. He called.
- Are you coming back?
- Yes.
I love you.
I love you
more than I could love anything.
Just don't take too long.
- [thud]
- [Bruno grunts]
[rapists murmur menacingly]
- [Rubén] This bitch wants it.
- [Hugo chuckling]
[Jacobo] Get them off her. Come on!
[Rubén] I'm trying!
[Hugo] Come on, man. You almost done?
[Hugo grunts]
[Jacobo] Goddamn.
[Jacobo] Yeah, do it.
- [Jacobo] Do it.
- [Hugo] I'm not a pussy.
[rapists chuckling]
[Rubén] Come on, just do it!
[Rubén] Give it to her. That's it.
[Hugo] Guys, hey, look who's here.
[Hugo] Shit.
Where have you been, asshole?
[Hugo chuckles]
You're fucking high as shit.
- [Bruno] What are you doing?
- Hey, Rubén, how's it going?
- [Rubén grunts]
- [Jacobo] Harder, yeah.
[Bruno groans]
[rapists laughing]
[Jacobo] That's it. Come on. Grab her.
- Hugo, cut that out, for fuck's sake.
- [Hugo] Bruno, you okay?
[Jacobo] Hurry up. I'm next.
Alba, we got the results back
from the DNA test kit,
and we found traces of semen
from four individuals.
[Alba] They did this to me?
[Giner] They had a WhatsApp group
where it was clear
what their intentions were.
[Mercedes] I have videos of you
that would put you in prison tomorrow.
[Mariano] I don't know
what the fuck is wrong with you,
but I wouldn't test me, if I were you.
[Miriam] You should have seen his eyes
when we saw the graffiti.
[Clara] Miriam, stop.
- [Alba] He's out of the woods?
- [man] The nurse will tell you.
- [Alba sobbing]
- Alba, Alba.
[officer] Liutenant.
The local police found this phone
where the victim was assaulted.
[rapists grunting]
[Jacobo] We have to keep an eye on him.
[Alba] You like it, huh? Huh?
- [panting]
- You son of a bitch. Fuck you!
- [Rubén] Fucking pussy.
- The fuck you talking about?
[yell echoes]
[male voice] Go back to Madrid
and forget about this.
Take your girlfriend
and get the fuck out of here.
Fix it.
[overlapping shouting]
[tires screech]
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