Alba (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Chapter 2

[woman] Good morning, Mr. Entrerríos.
Your breakfast is ready.
- [dishes clatter]
- [woman gasps]
[dramatic music]
[Bruno gasps, grunts]
[man] Put some ice on your head
and calm down.
Who the fuck are you?
If you or your girlfriend
even think about going to the police,
we'll kill you both,
plus your aunt Clare
and Alba's family, including
If this is a prank,
it's not fucking funny!
This is not a prank.
You have one option. Go back to Madrid
and forget about all of this.
Listen, asshole
Take your girlfriend
and get the fuck out of here.
[opening theme song playing]
[woman singing in Spanish]
- Hey, Alba. How's Toño?
- He's still in the ICU.
[Tirso] And how are you doing?
I saw what they did to the bar.
I can paint it if you want.
- I'd appreciate that.
- Yes, thank you.
I'm going to go smoke.
Only a son of a bitch would do that
after what happened.
- I don't want to talk about it.
- Of course.
But thank you for coming.
- Toño really likes you.
- Me too.
Alba, I'm really sorry
for what I said to you.
I'm an asshole.
And I acted like a jerk,
like a selfish jerk.
I apologize.
I don't want to lose you,
even if we can only be friends.
Also, Bruno isn't a bad guy.
I mean, he's not as good as me, but
- [chuckles]
- [chuckles]
No, but seriously.
I just want what's best for you.
And don't worry because I know
Toño is gonna make it.
One thing for sure,
he's stubborn as hell.
- Very.
- Very.
Well, then, I'm, uh
I guess I'm gonna get some paint.
Thanks for everything.
[EDM playing on radio]
[snorts, grunts]
Hey! See, I told you
we'd party in Alicante, didn't I?
We've been to 3 towns
and haven't hooked up with a chick.
- Ah, come on.
- How about we try in Murcia?
Fuck Murcia. I don't wanna go there.
I wanna go home.
Hey, I can drive if you want?
- [man in passenger seat] Let him drive.
- [driver] This road's scary.
[man in passenger seat] Alicante.
Fucking amazing. Told you.
What does this guy think he's doing,
riding our ass?
- Hey, what is he doing? Is he crazy?
- Watch out! Speed up, man!
This motherfucker's trying to kill us!
[overlapping shouting]
- [tires screech]
- [loud crash]
[Giner] We've got the results
from those tests.
[officer] Lieutenant,
local police found this phone
at the location
where the victim was assaulted.
[Alba] Good. Well, they told me
we have to wait, but
- [Giner] Did he manage to rest?
- Yes, he's calm now.
- Lieutenant.
- Bruno.
- Is there any news?
- No.
And I was calling you last night.
Yeah. Uh, yeah, I'm sorry.
It's just that I fell asleep.
I wanted to come back, but
Lieutenant Giner
wants to tell us something.
Alba, we got the results back
from the DNA test kit,
and we found traces of semen
from four individuals.
[Alba] What?
There there were four?
We found a cell phone
near where you were assaulted.
It belongs to one of the boys
who were harassing you at the bar.
There's evidence they were filming
and taking pictures of you.
Looks like they were targeting you.
They did this to me?
Well, they had a WhatsApp group
where it was clear
what their intentions were.
They must have split up,
but kept sending each other messages.
[shudders] Let me see that video.
- It's not necessary, Alba.
- Please.
- You can't. It's evidence.
- [Bruno] It's evidence. You can't see it.
[emotional music]
[Alba shuddering]
I don't understand.
It was them who graffitied the bar?
And how did they know
Toño was my brother? I don't
- I don't understand.
- [Bruno] When are you gonna arrest them?
At the moment,
we're trying to locate them, all right?
But we'll keep you informed. I promise.
[sirens wailing in distance]
[Alba breathes shakily]
[shuddering breath]
[elegant classical music playing]
My father sends his deepest condolences.
He couldn't make it,
but he'll be at the funeral tomorrow.
- Thank you, Hugo.
- Thank you, dear.
- Eloy. Eloy
- Hold on.
What do you mean, "don't worry"?
You were just supposed to scare them.
Fix it.
[Eloy] Gentlemen, please.
Jacobo, Rubén, come with me.
- Sure you're okay?
- I am, serious.
- Listen, you look really pretty today.
- [chuckles]
Can you just control yourself for once?
- Fucking hell.
- Don't touch me, asshole.
[distorted laughter, overlapping chatter]
[Jacobo] You know you like it.
Fucking bitch.
[Jacobo] Yes. Come here. Come on.
[distressed breathing]
[Alba screaming]
Alba! Alba, hey, I'm here. What is it?
[Alba breathing heavily]
- Wait a minute. The notary should stay.
- For what? He already did his job.
I don't get this.
It's strange he would change his will
at the last minute, don't you think?
Dad was very stubborn.
He'd never change his will
for 40 years, and now this.
- It doesn't make sense.
- [Mariano] Calm down.
Even with Mercedes inheriting
those shares,
things don't have to change.
- What?
- [Iván] Let's get one thing straight.
Just because my father was generous to you
doesn't mean we're not
still running this company.
- No need to be nervous, Iván.
- [Mariano] No doubt, Iván.
And neither is the fact that you will
receive your share of the profits.
All this should be discussed
at the next board meeting.
We have guests to attend to.
You think you're very clever, don't you?
[Jacobo] Aunt Mercedes is right.
People came to pay their respects
and offer their condolences.
- There'll be time to discuss later.
- There's nothing to discuss.
Stop, Dad!
[Rubén] This seems like
one of Grandpa's little games.
Let's go pretend we're the perfect family.
Hold on, Mercedes.
This was also part of his last will.
Víctor never liked this painting.
But he would never get rid of it
because only Víctor knows
Knew what's inside, aside from me.
And now you will too.
[emotional music playing]
[Alba] Do you remember
when they used to tease me at school?
You were always there.
You would always fight them all
to protect me.
And then at home,
you had to take Mom yelling at you
because you'd come back from school
clothes dirty and covered with bruises
[breathing shakily] And you did it again.
But that graffiti wasn't for you, Toño.
It wasn't.
[Miriam] Why are you talking
to him like that?
Don't you see he can't hear you?
ROOM 106
If you had any sense,
you would go back to Madrid.
If you really love your brother,
that's the best thing you can do.
For him and for all of us.
[dramatic music playing]
What is this?
[man] The best steak tartare
I've had in my life.
- Now, our agreement
- [Víctor] Calm down, Andrés.
We'll talk about that.
Did your wife like her car?
[Andrés] She's crazy about it.
Thank you, Víctor.
About Emilio Solana
- Hey, how are you doing?
- Fine.
You sure?
Are you really fine?
I don't think I should leave.
Alba. Alba, hey, hey, hey.
Alba, Toño is okay.
You heard the doctors.
And he has Miriam with him.
- Yeah, yeah, but if I stay
- No, Alba, but we can't stay!
Alba, you have to get out of here.
It's what's best for you.
Do you understand?
Staying here will only hurt you more.
We have to go.
[doorbell rings]
Bruno. Hey, listen to me.
Open the door. Let me talk for a minute.
- Leave me alone. You need to get out.
- Shit.
- You leaving?
- That's what you all want, isn't it?
- What are you saying?
- Don't fuck with me.
Everything's very clear.
I've nothing else to say to you.
- Do you see yourself?
- What do you want from me?
Fuck, man, it's just me.
I'm here as your friend, okay?
I told you I'm sorry.
What else do you want me to say?
I want you to tell me I didn't rape her.
You don't want the truth?
You want me to lie,
to tell you you didn't,
- but that's not what happened.
- You're lying. No.
Shit, I was just as surprised
when you showed up and wanted to join.
But that wasn't your fault at all, Bruno.
That wasn't your fault.
You were really fucked up.
And it was dark.
I mean, you didn't even recognize Alba
- You didn't recognize her. Accept it!
- No, I don't No! I'm not a rapist!
I am? You think I go around raping women?
- You did! You all raped her!
- We didn't. No!
Get it in your fucking head.
It was consensual, okay?
Alba was just as fucked up as we were
when we started to make out.
Together, all of us.
Because we wanted to have
a fucking good time.
[sighs] I'm sorry,
but that's what happened.
Shit, man, you're
you're my brother, okay?
I don't want to see you like this.
I don't know
what I have to do to make it better.
Get out.
- Listen to me for a minute.
- Just leave. I said leave! Go!
- Bruno, hey
- Get the fuck out! Get out!
Give me your backpack.
Are you okay?
I'll be in the car.
I heard your brother is gonna be okay.
Yes, well
he's hanging in there,
but he's out of the woods.
You feel good about leaving?
You say everything you had to say
to the Civil Guard?
Yeah. They told me I could leave,
but to not go very far.
Hmm. What about the investigation?
They're looking for those guys.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have left you alone.
This is all my fault.
- I feel so guilty about everything.
- Listen to me.
No. You have nothing to feel guilty about.
Got it?
Come here.
[Bego] Promise me
you'll call me every day.
Remember, I can be very annoying.
[both chuckling]
And you'll never be alone.
I won't let you fall.
[engine turns over]
[both grunting]
- Come on.
- Show me what you got.
- Go ahead.
- [Alba grunts]
[man] Come on.
[Jacobo] Come on, come on.
[Jacobo] You want it?
[rapists grunting]
Yeah, come on. Come on.
[distorted, unsettling audio]
[echoing grunts]
[Alba grunting]
[coach] Hey, hey, hey!
Stop, stop, stop. Alba.
Are you okay?
- Leave me alone.
- What's wrong?
I just lost control. Leave me alone.
Go take a shower.
We'll call it a day.
[clattering in distance]
[indistinct, sinister voices]
[woman] I know what you mean.
Yeah! [woman laughs]
[Pablo] Alba.
- I was asking how your routines have been.
- Fine.
- Do you follow a schedule?
- Yes.
How are your boxing lessons going?
I had a panic attack in the locker room.
I was alone, and and I had to get out.
I wasn't able to go back in
until someone else came.
That's normal.
Your body is on high alert.
Look, you're making a series
of neural connections right now
that that have to do with that night,
but everything will fall into place.
How are things with Bruno?
Do you talk?
And do you talk about that night?
- No.
- Why not?
I don't know, it's it's as if
as if it was harder for him.
In what way?
It's like he's feeling guilty
or something.
I don't know.
Guilty for not protecting you, maybe.
Look, in these kind of situations,
the victim's partner
can develop their own trauma.
Aside from Bruno,
you have your brother,
your your friend Bego.
You have them to lean on.
They're not here.
What if you went back there?
[police radio squawks]
[helicopter flying overhead]
[emotional music playing]
[music swells ominously]
[music stops abruptly]
[Bruno] Stop.
[Bruno] I'm sorry.
I can't.
[phone ringing]
Answer it.
[stifled sobbing]
[Hugo] Shit, man.
Guys, hey, look who's here.
[overlapping laughter, chatter]
[distorted chatter and grunting]
[muffled, indistinct voices]
[Bruno pounds sink]
Thank you.
Who was that?
[Alba breathing shakily]
What is it, Alba? Who was that?
What happened?
- Alba.
- They
They found a car in the water.
There were bodies.
They might be the men who raped me.
They said I have to go and identify them.
I can't go back, Bruno. I can't.
I can't.
Alba. Hey, Alba.
Don't worry.
We'll go there, do what we have to do,
and come right back.
I promise.
[intense music playing]
[Bruno kisses]
We need more meat for the second courses.
Add some desserts.
The current menu isn't good enough.
How many reservations do we have today?
Mmm. And for tomorrow?
[man grunts]
[man 1] What I don't understand is that,
after having invested
so much money into this resort,
we still don't have news
about the rezoning.
Okay, calm down.
I talked to Solana,
the urban planning representative,
and he confirmed we will be approved
for the next session.
We've heard this before.
I know you two are friends,
but I think he's jerking us around.
Toni, you know those things can happen.
- If he told my father
- Jacobo.
Toni is right.
Something must have happened.
It's not the first time
Emilio has worked with us on a project.
But, anyway,
I don't think this is important.
If you agree, I'll speak with him.
- [chuckles] I'm taking care of it.
- He's right, Mercedes.
I'd like to try.
My son Rubén and his daughter
are engaged.
But if you don't think I should
Yeah, yeah, sure.
I think that's a good idea. Yeah.
Well, then, if we're all in agreement
[Mercedes] Okay, I think we're done here.
- [man 1] Should we have lunch?
- [man 2] Sure. Let's go to Arturo's.
[man 1] Okay. I'll call them.
Did you go to school
to improve your manipulation skills,
or did you have them
and we never saw who you really were?
- I warn you, don't underestimate me, Iván.
- No, neither should you.
Why wasn't Rubén here at the meeting?
No idea.
[electronic pop song playing]
[singer singing in Spanish]
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
Nothing, huh?
There's nothing's wrong?
You've been in Lebanon for two months,
and now you sit here like a piece of shit.
- We have a party waiting for us, man.
- I don't know, man.
I'm kinda dizzy. It's been a long time
since I've been on a boat.
Don't be a pussy.
Have something to drink. Enjoy this.
Take good care of him, okay?
What is that? Is that a danger alert?
[panting, grunting
[ominous chord]
[Alba] You like it, huh?
You like this, you son of a bitch? Huh?
You like it, you fucking asshole?
[Alba] Huh?
You son of a bitch! Fuck you!
[woman] What is wrong with you?
[Bruno] Miriam must have gotten
a huge loan to open this restaurant.
Come on.
[Toño] Mmm.
You okay, my little sister?
I'm good. Good.
I was dying to see you.
I was the one dying to see you.
You're really beautiful in that dress.
Are you sure it was an accident?
I give you my word.
They got nervous
and must have lost control of the car.
[Eloy] The idea was to frame them,
to plant false evidence.
But our man had to adapt
when the accident happened.
When he pushed the car off the cliff,
those boys were already dead.
- That doesn't make it any less horrible.
- I know.
DNA will prove they weren't involved,
and the Civil Guard will investigate,
- so what was the point?
- Stop worrying about that.
Víctor made sure
that everything was taken care of.
So, it was this.
When he said
he would take care of everything,
he meant you.
- Are you surprised?
- No.
But from now on,
I will be making all the decisions.
[Eloy] You don't inherit power,
you earn it.
I have videos of you that would put you
in prison by tomorrow morning.
And so do I.
[Eloy] Mmm.
How long are you planning to stay?
We want to go back to Madrid
as soon as possible, right?
Yes, as soon as possible.
[Miriam] Aren't you saying anything
about my restaurant?
Uh, it's great.
- Very nice.
- It's elegant.
Very serious.
In a good way.
Hmm, you think so? I prefer the bar,
because you have to dress up to come here.
You know everybody. You talk to people.
We're going to sell.
The sooner you accept that, the better.
[Toño] Don't start again.
Alba, Luisito told me
you'd help him make his costume later.
- I'll think of something.
- I'm sure you'll find something perfect
but please don't dress him as an insect.
Last year, he was a wasp,
and a girl [imitates spraying]
sprayed insecticide.
- Is something wrong?
- What?
Oh, nothing.
It was someone from school. He
- You can't take it away from him.
- [Toño grunts]
Our parents owned that bar.
Toño and I spent our whole lives there.
Actually, the whole town
grew up in that bar.
Kids used to play hide-and-seek there.
Mm-hmm, yeah,
Bruno was a smart little guy.
He would come in running and hiding
and hide behind the bar.
- [Clara chuckling] Right.
- He fell asleep. I didn't notice him.
- We spent all night
- You can't take it from him, Miriam.
This is not the time, Alba.
[Miriam, Clara] Cheers.
- [Toño] What's this, Miriam?
- [Miriam] It's couscous.
[Bruno] Alba.
Alba, are are you okay?
Alba. Alba.
What happened?
I don't know, Bruno, but I don't know.
It could be them, but it's just
I couldn't see tattoos, and their bodies
It's it's it's okay. It's over.
Alba, we still have to check
the DNA profiles from the four corpses
against the traces
that were found in your body.
Why don't you go rest for now, all right?
We'll need you to come back
and look at their personal items,
in case you recognize anything.
We'll call you in a few days.
- Thank you for coming, César.
- [César] No. Not at all.
Just thank the lieutenant.
You're so strong, Alba.
I can't do this, Bruno.
I can't do this anymore.
[breathing heavily]
[pounding at door]
I'm coming!
I'm coming. [clears throat]
Hey, Dad.
Why did you lock your door?
Because we agreed
that this is my space.
What's this shit
about you being on psychological leave?
Did you think I wouldn't find out?
- It's just
- You're an officer!
A Roig!
We don't have these kinds of weaknesses.
- Clean up this shit hole.
- Look, Dad
And tomorrow, first thing,
you'll request a return to your post.
And don't lock this door again.
[grunting angrily]
[breathes shakily, sobs]
[Mariano] You should de more careful
about what you say at the board meetings.
You don't want people
to work against you.
What people?
Although I admit
that I like this new side to you.
[Mariano exhales]
It's very sexy.
[gasps] Don't touch me.
You can drop the act.
You don't need it with me.
I told you to get your damn hands off me!
You like it. You can't fool me.
How do you know what I like?
You've never bothered to ask.
What's wrong with you?
I will keep up appearances
outside this room,
but from now on, I want you gone.
Look, Mercedes, I don't know
what the fuck is wrong with you,
but I wouldn't test me, if I were you.
[door opens]
[door closes]
- Hey, what's going on, Bruno?
- Nothing.
Please tell me. You haven't been the same
since you got back. What's wrong?
You can tell me anything. You know that.
I did it. I was one of them.
[foreboding music playing]
The night that Alba was raped.
I don't remember,
but they told me I was there.
How I could do that
I would rather die than allow
anything like that to happen to Alba.
To think that I
To think that I was there.
I'd kill myself!
[Alba shushes]
It's okay, it's okay. Okay.
Calm down, calm down.
Did you have a bad dream? What's wrong?
- Uh
- It's over.
Are you okay now?
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
You seem happy today.
Well, I do what I can.
- Where's Dad?
- He went out for breakfast.
Did you have fun yesterday?
There was a board meeting
and you weren't there.
I guess you had a good reason
for missing it.
Mmm, the meeting.
It, uh, slipped my mind.
It didn't slip your cousin's mind.
Hmm, well
Rubén, many things are going to happen
over the next few weeks.
I'm going to need you to be by my side.
Sure. 'Course, Mom.
You're going to have to earn
the board members' trust.
Those fucking assholes?
I want you to inherit all this one day,
and if you don't, your cousin will.
- Jacobo's an idiot.
- An idiot that comes to board meetings.
Okay, okay. I'll wear a tie
and go to the meetings.
And Sandra?
Sandra? What about Sandra?
The girl's crazy about me.
Like the girl on the boat?
What girl?
Don't do that to me. You take care of her.
So how's it going in Madrid?
I don't know. Everything is overwhelming.
It's so hard to focus on anything.
You know, I keep thinking,
what happened that night
- I mean, if only I hadn't let you leave
- Bego.
I said this isn't your fault. Hmm?
Today, I'm gonna know who did this.
[phone ringing]
- Mercedes?
- [Mercedes] Emilio.
Rubén's invited Sandra over
for dinner tonight.
But you're not calling to tell me that.
I want to see you. Just us.
No offense, Mercedes,
but I only meet with your brother-in-law.
[frustrated sigh]
[phone whooshes]
[Andrés] The best steak tartare
I've had in my life.
- Now, our agreement
- [Víctor] Calm down, Andrés.
We'll talk about that.
Did your wife like her car?
[Andrés] She's crazy about it.
Thank you, Víctor. About Emilio Solana
- [Giner] Hi.
- [Alba] Yeah?
[Giner] Come to the station
as soon as you can.
I have to tell you
about the DNA samples.
- [Alba] Is it about the tests?
- Yes.
- [Alba] Are they ready?
- Just come.
[Alba] You have the results?
We haven't been able to check
the DNA results against theirs yet.
[Giner] Well, we should have them,
but I mean, don't know what happened.
There was an error.
An error.
An error? How [breathes shakily]
[Giner] We're trying
to figure out what happened.
I'm working on it.
- [Alba] You're working on it?
- Alba, let go.
They can't do anything more.
They can't do more.
- Will this never end?
- Please, look, Alba
- Leave me alone.
- I can't leave you like this.
- [Rubén] Don't wait for me tonight, okay?
- [Jacobo] You get a date later?
No. I have to be with Sandra.
Otherwise my mom's gonna cut off my balls.
[Jacobo] Stop fucking around.
Don't fuck with me.
Shit's on me, you assholes.
You gonna party?
- [Jacobo] Hmm.
- I'm not coming.
- What do you mean?
- [Hugo] I'm not in the mood.
[laughs] Wait, wait, hold on.
Can you explain "not in the mood"?
I don't feel like going out. That's all.
Why don't you?
Let me tell you, when they send you
to Lebanon or wherever
Jacobo, I told you I'm not coming, okay?
- [Jacobo] Hugo is the boss tonight.
- [Hugo] No.
- He'll choose whichever girl he wants
- I told you I don't want to!
And what the fuck is this, huh?
Am I the only one who feels bad?
What we did to Bruno's girlfriend,
that that wasn't right.
- But you were having a great fucking time.
- No, no.
- She was super horny. Bitch wanted it.
- She said nothing.
- What?
- She didn't say a word. She said nothing.
Of course she didn't.
- Because you drugged her.
- We drugged her!
You call yourself a soldier?
You're a fucking pussy.
- What the fuck are you talking about?
- Hugo, stop it.
So what's gonna happen when we see her?
Hugo, she doesn't know who did it, okay?
- What if she recovers her memories?
- Things happen.
- They happen.
- Yes.
When a guy fucks three girls,
he's a god, the fucking best.
- Why can't it be the other way around?
- [Rubén] Guys, what are we talking about?
I'm amazed every time I watch the video.
[Jacobo] Hey! We said
we would erase everything.
- And why would I erase that?
- [Jacobo] Because I told you to.
[Jacobo] Do it.
[Hugo sighs]
- Hugo.
- Where are you going?
Shit, don't think about it anymore.
Don't worry.
Some girls are into this stuff.
Come on. Don't walk away.
[Jacobo] We have to keep an eye on him.
Think he'd say something?
No way. His father's an officer.
Let's just hope so.
- Thank you for coming so quickly.
- Where is she?
She's in there.
What happened?
The DNA samples are missing, Bego.
They couldn't check them
against those guys in the car.
- What do you mean, they're missing?
- I don't know.
I don't know. I don't understand it.
And I couldn't see a tattoo.
This is a nightmare.
Tell me what happened.
I didn't recognize
the bodies in the morgue
or see a fucking tattoo.
Bego, I needed to see it.
I needed to confirm it was real,
something I didn't make up.
And the samples, they're missing.
And they said I have to stay here.
I can't breathe.
Look, it's okay if you're confused.
It's normal.
What if I never remember?
What if I never know what happened?
That's what the Civil Guard is for.
What you have to do now is try
to get your life back, as best you can.
You gotta move on.
Do the things that make you happy.
Come out with me.
Fuck your boyfriend. Whatever.
I can imagine that's hard,
but you have to try.
[poignant music playing]
You do have to try.
Where were you?
I called you a hundred times
[Jacobo] Don't stop filming.
- Shit, I'm almost done.
- [Rubén] Grab her.
[Jacobo grunting] There you go.
[Jacobo] You like it, don't you?
You like it.
Man, I'm so fucked up.
[Jacobo] You enjoyed that,
didn't you, bitch?
- Bruno is here.
- What do you mean, he's here?
- He emailed me.
- Well, what did he say?
That we should leave him and Alba alone.
- You told the lawyer? Call him.
- Don't worry about Bruno.
- What you need to do is take care of Hugo.
- Sure, don't worry about Bruno.
Just in case he recovered his memory,
that he remembers
we were fucking some slutty townie
who happened to be his girlfriend,
that he showed up by surprise
and fell down
like a sack of shit, huh?
And he realizes we lied to him
saying that he fucked her too.
Just in that fucking case?
Should we worry
in case he decides to report us?
- Are you done, man?
- No!
Forget about Bruno.
He was fucked up.
And you and I gave him
the same shit we put into Alba's drink,
so we could get rid of him.
Don't you remember that?
We drugged him.
He's not gonna remember anything.
I mean, not today or tomorrow
or in a month or in a hundred years.
So relax.
- And take care of Hugo.
- Take care of Hugo. Fuck.
[intense music playing]
We needed this so much.
- Hey, I'm gonna go take a shower, okay?
- Okay.
Listen, why don't you cook
one of your specialties?
That pesto pasta you make
that's so delicious.
[phone chimes]
[Jacobo grunting]
[grunting continues over video]
You like that? Yeah.
[distressing music playing]
You know you can count on me, right?
Do you really mean that, Tirso?
Of course I do.
[Alba] If you knew who did this to me,
what would you do?
- [rack clangs]
- Who is that?
Put the fucking rack back!
Put the fucking rack back!
You know when I catch up,
Iván will have found a way to remove me.
- Why do you think I would help you?
- Because you're very intelligent.
[Mariano] Is there any way
we can contest the will?
We can. Many ways.
[Sandra] Rubén
I said stop.
Don't you accept no for an answer?
Rubén, no!
[Sandra] Don't do it here.
[Bruno] You know that's impossible.
I would never do that.
[Alba] I saw you were fucking there!
I saw you in the video!
[panting] Please help me. Help me.
[Tirso] Are you okay?
Did that jerk do something to you?
[club-goers clamoring]
[Bruno] Think about everything.
Graffiti in the bar, those boys,
then the DNA tests go missing.
Who knows what they're capable of?
[Alba screaming, struggling]
[Hugo] Forget about this!
There's no way to take it back.
If anyone's going down for this,
it'll be us.
[Giner] If you remember anything,
you need to tell me.
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