Alba (2021) s01e03 Episode Script

Chapter 3

[rapists grunting, chattering on video]
[Rubén] Fuck you, you whore.
- [Alba gasps]
- [overlapping chatter]
Get that camera out of my face.
[Jacobo grunting]
[grunts, gags]
[Alba panting]
[grunts] Oh, fuck.
Ah, you like it, huh?
Huh? [grunts] You like it, bitch?
Oh, you fucking like it, bitch?
[grunts] Yeah, she likes it.
Yeah, you like it, don't you?
[grunting] Fuck!
[breathing heavily]
[Jacobo] Shit.
[Hugo] Bruno
[Alba panting]
[Bruno] Alba.
There's no shampoo left.
Do you have any more?
[intense music playing]
What's wrong?
- What
- Don't touch me. Don't touch me!
- [door opening]
- Alba!
[breathing heavily]
[Bruno] Alba, are you okay?
Alba, Alba, what's going on?
Don't touch me.
- What?
- Don't touch me!
- You're having a panic attack.
- Don't touch me.
You're having a panic attack.
Remember what your psychologist said.
Breathe deep. Breathe with me.
- Come on.
- No. Please, somebody help me.
- Please, tell me what's wrong.
- Please help me.
Alba, tell me what's happening.
You were there.
You were with them that night.
You were there with them, watching.
You all raped me.
You raped me.
I didn't do it.
They told me I did,
but you know that's impossible.
I would never do anything like that.
I saw that you were fucking there!
I saw you in the video!
A video?
Show it to me.
Let me see it, please. It's not possible.
- It's not possible. Alba!
- Get away from me!
- Will you please listen?
- Don't come near me, you fucking asshole!
Alba, can we talk? I
- Will you listen to me? Please stop!
- Don't touch
I don't believe it.
Show me the video. Please.
- Go away.
- Alba, Alba, look at me.
Look at me.
No, I don't get I don't get anything.
Seriously, I don't understand.
Alba, you can't go to the police.
Listen, please. I would have
when I knew what happened,
but someone attacked me.
- What?
- I know it's hard to believe,
but someone broke into my house, hit me,
and threatened me and threatened
to kill you, kill our families. All of us.
- You're lying.
- Alba, look at me.
Think. Think about everything
that happened.
The graffiti in the bar. Those boys.
The DNA tests go missing.
- Who knows what they're capable of?
- You're making this up.
I'm not making this up.
You've seen what they can do.
Think about our families.
Toño, Luisito. Clara.
They're all in danger.
Stop it!
[siren wailing in distance]
[opening theme song playing]
[woman singing in Spanish]
Sorry for the delay.
You need to come sign some papers.
Don't worry about it.
It's a nice chair.
You know, it's Italian.
Víctor had it sent here
specifically from there.
Do you have a problem
with me being in charge too?
No. It's what Víctor wanted.
I guess my brother-in-law is doing
whatever he can
to nullify that provision in the will.
He thought he'd be
the only one running the company.
And why not Mariano?
We both know that my husband
doesn't count very much.
You've never been
that straightforward with me.
Because I never needed to be.
When I catch up with the company,
Iván will have found a way to remove me.
Why do you think I would help you?
Because you're very intelligent.
And because you've been loyal
to this company.
And to Víctor.
[phone buzzing]
Our man is going.
Everything's okay.
- What's that for?
- I'm going to stay with my brother.
If they see you leave with a suitcase,
they'll know we've broken up, and why.
How is it you're such a total asshole?
Okay, I'm an asshole.
But I'm trying to protect you. Don't go.
I didn't go to the police station
because they would hurt my family,
and I could never forgive myself for that.
But I'm not going to stay here with you
- Stop it.
- because I can't.
Look. They're watching us.
You saw that guy in the ski mask.
[Alba breathing shakily]
Why didn't you say anything?
We were together.
We were together, yeah?
We were together,
and you lied to my face!
So now I don't know what to believe.
Why didn't you just tell me?
Why couldn't you tell me, Bruno?
I thought that you were getting over it.
And I thought that
What? That I would forget it?
A group of animals,
you being one of them, raped me.
Do you really think
I forget what happened to me?
I don't know how
I don't know how long
this will last, but I have to
I have to take care of myself, so
don't talk to me.
Definitely don't touch me again.
[sobbing quietly]
[Pablo] Everything okay?
Yes. Everything's fine.
You sure?
Yup, just perfect.
I'm in the town where I was raped.
Are you doing those breathing exercises
I taught you when you're feeling anxious?
[Alba exhales]
What are you gonna do?
I want to leave.
But it looks like
I'm going to have to stay here for now.
But why?
My brother is not doing well.
I don't want to leave him alone.
And how is it with Bruno?
[tense music]
Last time you spoke with me,
you said you were making progress.
Yeah. It's still the same, though.
Alba, you need to open up to me.
But I'm opening up to you
right now, right?
Even if it's hard for you.
Alba, think about it.
You can't keep everything inside.
[Alba exhales]
Who the hell is that?
Put the fucking rack back, goddamn it!
Put the rack back!
Bruno, what the fuck are you doing?
[Hugo strains, grunts]
Someone sent a video to Alba.
A video of the night it happened.
- And I was in it.
- Wait, what do you mean?
[Bruno] Only you could have sent it.
It had to be you.
Hugo, answer me.
Was it you or not?
It wasn't me.
You have the video.
Just let me see it. I want to see it.
We deleted it, Bruno. I swear it's gone.
But I didn't do anything.
Just tell me I didn't do anything,
that I never touched her.
You don't remember?
Hugo, I would
I wouldn't do anything to hurt Alba.
It's it's impossible.
- How could they
- Look at what happened!
You're not getting it, man.
We were very high.
I'm not
Now that she knows it was us,
what's gonna happen now?
[Giner] Alba
thank you for coming.
It'll be quick. Why don't you take a seat?
Alba, I really appreciate you
coming all the way from Madrid,
and I get you want to go back,
but I need you to stay in town
for a little bit longer.
We still need you
to clarify some things about your rape
and the death of the four suspects
that were involved.
- But I thought it was an accident.
- I don't know.
We're still weighing all of the options.
[Alba exhales]
Right now, I'm asking you
for some more time.
Just until the investigation is complete.
Wait, hold on.
What were you and Bruno doing yesterday
outside our headquarters?
We went for a walk.
Is everything okay, Alba?
If you remember anything,
you need to tell me.
Any detail, no matter how insignificant
you think it may be,
could help us out a lot.
[breathes deeply] I'll do that.
I gotta go.
[breathing forcefully]
[Tirso] Alba, you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
I was just going home.
You know you can count on me, right?
You know you're my friend.
Are we friends?
Yeah, you're my best friend.
- Do you really mean that, Tirso?
- Of course I do.
[Alba breathes shakily]
if you knew who really did this to me,
what would you do?
But we already know who did it, right?
Just forget it. I gotta go.
Listen, did you want me
to walk you to your house?
No, no, not at all. Thank you.
Okay, well, if you need me,
then I'll be here.
Where there's a wave.
Where there's a wave.
[Eloy] So you're telling me the DNA
There's no problem with the tests.
We know that is true.
And Alba and Bruno,
how close were they to the Civil Guard?
Looked like they were going in,
but then Alba was
back there inside this morning, alone.
- Wait, what?
- She was there with Lieutenant Giner.
But my sources say
they didn't talk about anything important.
For the moment.
Okay, listen.
If the warnings haven't worked
we'll have to send a clearer
and more convincing message
to get them to stop.
What do you mean?
Convincing enough for them
to understand that they're in danger.
No, no. A warning is okay for me, Eloy,
but I refuse to go any further.
I'm not willing to cross the line.
For the money I pay you,
I can put the line wherever I please.
Then find someone else who's willing to.
Now you're showing your scruples?
let me remind you
that four young men are dead.
No. Their deaths were an accident.
Maybe they were
from Lieutenant Giner's perspective.
- So is that a threat?
- No.
I wouldn't do that.
We both know you need the money
to pay for your daughter's
very expensive treatment.
And now, if you'll excuse me, please.
[emotional pop song playing]
["Siempre Dueles" by Nova Caeli playing]
- [power tool whirring]
- [music bleeds out of headphones]
- Here, let me help.
- I don't need your help. Thank you.
Don't you have anything else to do?
[footsteps receding]
["Siempre Dueles" resumes]
[Alba gasps]
[Alba whimpers]
[rapists chuckling]
[Hugo] Hey! Hey, man.
Hey, come over here. [Hugo chuckles]
[Jacobo] There's no way she'll remember.
She's such a little slut.
- [voice echoing] Alba.
- [Alba gasps]
[shuddering and sniffling]
[breathes shakily]
[door unlocking]
[Clara] Good morning!
- Hey.
- Boy, you seem like you're glad to see me.
[Bruno] Should I go to the store, then?
Yeah, go to the store.
I need to deliver some orders.
- I didn't
- [shushes] Go.
I brought you some freshly baked brioches.
Alba, I'm sorry if I woke you up.
I didn't mean to.
No, don't worry about it.
- Do you want coffee?
- Yeah.
Alba, I know you don't think so,
but what you're doing is very brave.
I'm brave?
[Clara] Yeah, you are.
To go out in the street,
to keep going, to not always look down.
[Alba scoffs]
I do look down, Clara.
Everyone is always staring.
I guess I make for good gossip.
I know. I can't even imagine
what you are currently going through.
you have to
you have to look to the future.
So you want me to just forget?
No, no. I'm saying you have
your whole life ahead of you.
You can't continually feel
so much shame about it.
And how do I do that then, Clara?
living without fear,
talking about all your pain.
and knowing that you always have me.
You have me for whatever it is you need.
You know that.
[Alba inhales]
[poignant music playing]
[Alba breathing shakily]
I'm going to stay here
for a little while. For Toño.
Okay, that's all of it.
Where do I have to take it?
I know it's not my right to interfere
in a relationship, much less yours
Yeah, I would agree.
- The address?
- Bruno, just listen. You know me.
I've seen it before.
Come on.
You just have to be patient.
There are wounds that take time to heal.
I know.
Have have your feelings for her
recently changed?
Okay, because after something like this,
it's completely normal for them to.
All she needs right now is for you
to be there for her. Nothing more.
Yeah, but what if she doesn't want to?
If she sees me as part of the problem?
Why? What do you mean?
Because you think you could've
saved her from it somehow?
You know that's impossible. You
Bruno, all you have to do
is be there for her right now.
Because if you go down,
you'll drag her down with you.
And what she needs is
for you to be strong, by her side. Okay?
You're right.
[exhales] Thank you.
I'm glad that you both decided to stay.
- To stay here?
- Yeah.
Alba told me you both decided
to stay a bit longer.
Yeah, we decided that's what we should do.
Bruno, the address.
So, how's he doing?
I guess he's been better.
Well, if there's anything I can do
- My sink is clogged at the moment.
- No. I meant that if I
I know. I know.
Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.
Don't worry about it. All right, bye.
Rubén says he's not gonna get here in time
because he's with Sandra.
[Mariano] Thank you, Begoña.
[Iván] Why don't we start then?
Is there any way you know of
that we can contest the will?
We can. Many ways.
The question is
whether it's in our interest to.
It is in our interest.
My father was not in his right mind
when he decided
to leave shares to Mercedes.
And that is your strategy?
To say he lost his mind?
Well, yeah. What's the problem with that?
What Eloy wants to tell us
is that the last thing we need to do
is say the person
who ran this company didn't have a clue.
And then stocks would plummet.
[Iván] And then we would
have to forget about the resort.
[Jacobo] It would be worth less
than the model.
Have you rehearsed this?
I just don't get it at all.
It's like I never really knew
my own father.
[Eloy] And you didn't know your wife.
What makes you say that?
Because Víctor had the instinct.
All these years,
I trusted your father's instincts,
and look where that got me.
And now that he's dead,
I will not go against his wishes.
[Alba] Yeah, I could start today.
I just need to find a way
to keep busy until
[chuckling] Really? Great idea!
[Miriam] Sorry, now's not a good time.
We're opening up the restaurant,
and we have to keep an eye
on the customers,
the suppliers, and even Simón,
the chef, who we realized is a bit crazy.
And what about the bar?
[Toño] Okay, I could definitely
use some help there.
I can't think of anyone better to help
Toño, do I have to remind you every time
the bar does not have that much time left?
Okay. We'll spend it together. [laughs]
Okay, what about
your lovely life in Madrid?
Weren't you so happy there?
Because that's why you left, isn't it?
Yeah, and now your home is here.
Alba, you're here now with us.
We are your family.
- Toño.
- Yup. Here we go.
[Toño] Do do you remember
how to make the pericana sauce?
- Of course. How could I forget?
- Come with me.
I'm going to show you
some peppers and potatoes.
Okay then, how much do I owe?
[César] Come on.
You know I've never charged you.
[Clara laughs]
Uh, do you want some berries?
- Um, yeah. Okay.
- They're really fresh.
[César] Great.
- Um
- [Clara laughs]
Okay, wait. Let me take it.
Mmm. They're really very good.
Wow, they're so good.
- I'll put them in a bag for you.
- Okay.
You know what?
- I would have liked to be a plumber.
- Ah, more than a policeman?
See, at the end of it all,
botched jobs are botched jobs,
so if you screw up,
- then nothing happens, right?
- [both chuckling]
Hey, look, um
- How's Bruno holding up?
- He's been off.
That's normal.
- Yeah.
- It's normal, yeah.
Um, yeah. Did you notice anything?
Has he been different?
Like, did anything stand out
when you talked to him, or
Is this an interrogation?
No, no. No, no.
[chuckling] No, no, no. No.
Besides, I'm not
I'm not on-duty right now.
- I'm just gonna leave now, okay?
- Yeah.
- See you later, though.
- Careful with the melons.
[dog barking]
Hey, Alba. Take this.
Give the bill to that guy.
I'm gonna get some peppers from the back.
Thank you so much.
Oh, thanks to you.
You can keep the change, Alba.
- [ominous music playing]
- [Alba gasps]
I'm sorry about that night.
There are a lot of bastards loose
in this town, huh?
[panicked breathing]
[muted dialogue]
[sighs] I thought we agreed
this was my space.
Why can't you respect that?
- Come here.
- Can we talk later?
I have a headache today.
And I told you to come over here now.
So what is that?
It's the blood test you took
for your annual check-up.
That's supposed to be confidential.
Anything you wanna say?
Let's save ourselves an interrogation.
Positive for a lot of alcohol
and some drugs.
I was able to get them before anyone else.
Do you know what would happen
if your superiors saw?
- That's my problem.
- No, you're wrong!
You're putting my good name
at stake as well.
I have to look after
my family's reputation,
since you seem
so intent on destroying it
- You have no right to take those.
- [grunts]
The only thing you're going to do
is to stop taking that shit.
You're going to get serious
about your career for once,
or I'm going to bust your head open.
You understand?
Yeah, what?
Yes, sir.
You are dismissed.
[door slams shut]
[ominous music playing]
[Sandra] Why would you care if I go?
You going on about that again?
Don't fuck with me!
Rubén, it's only going to be two days.
[Rubén] Yeah, two days
of bachelorette partying in Ibiza.
Lot of things are gonna happen.
None of them are good.
[Sandra] Have I ever said anything
about you going away with your friends?
Do I ask what happens
at those crazy parties you always go to?
We're a bunch of guys.
You can't compare us to girls.
Why would I, right?
Not like we fuck the first guy we see.
Maybe the second one.
You gonna get cocky
with your future husband?
Yeah, we're getting married.
We have a good time and the sex is great,
but don't talk to me
like you're my father.
Rubén, stop that.
Rubén, what if someone sees us?
Mmm, I don't fucking care at all.
Rubén, I told you, don't do it here.
I said stop. Don't you accept no
for an answer, or what?
[Alba screaming]
[Alba continues screaming]
[Alba panting]
[Alba breathing shakily]
[Alba whimpering]
[Tirso] Alba!
- Come on, get in.
- No.
- Water feels great.
- No, really.
- No. Hey, hey!
- I'm not gonna stop!
Okay, that's enough. Stop.
- I was gonna come see you.
- Really?
I need you to help me
with my windsurfing lessons.
- Me?
- Yeah.
People are now into kitesurfing,
and I can't do everything.
And I'm having the hardest time
trying to find an instructor. A good one.
All the good ones work at the hotels.
Yeah, but I'm already
helping my brother at the bar.
Toño doesn't need you there all the time.
We're gonna have some fun.
Come on.
Just say yes.
["Bones" by Alexandra Savior plays]
In my bones, I can feel it ♪
My bones ♪
In a way ♪
That I've never felt before ♪
I just can't stop from wondering ♪
Where have you gone ♪
What are you doing home
and not at the office?
Not a great example
for your little son, huh?
I decided to take the day off
to spend it with you.
Oof, bad day for that.
Last night was rough. You get it.
It has to be now. We need to talk.
What would you like to talk about? Sandra?
We're better than ever, Mom.
No. I don't want to talk about Sandra.
It's about that girl that you all raped.
Don't make me repeat
something so horrible.
- Are you saying we
- Yes. You, Jacobo, Hugo, and Bruno.
Are you seriously out of your mind?
Is this some joke?
- You kidding me?
- Don't treat me like an idiot.
Mom, look, I don't know who told you,
but none of us raped anybody.
Yeah, it was late,
and we found her outside the pub
Stop. I don't want the details.
I just want to know
why you went to the bar to see that girl.
- And how do you know I was there?
- I'm not going to ask twice.
- Why did you go looking for her?
- Jesus, Mom, fuck! Okay!
Look, I just wanted to know
if she remembered. That's all.
What difference does it make
if you didn't rape her?
What are you saying?
She already told the police she was raped.
In everyone's eyes, if she remembered
what happened, then we'll be the rapists.
Or you think she'll just admit
that she fucked four different guys
because she felt like it?
And has it occurred to you
that seeing you might make her
remember that night?
You have to stop. You hear me?
Don't go near her ever again.
Mom, she she she
She wanted it.
[Mercedes exhales]
[Rubén] Believe me.
Alba, think you'll like your next student.
[Alba] What are you doing here?
I didn't know that neoprene
enhanced my figure so much.
Look at me.
- What?
- I look like a knockout.
[both chuckling]
Seriously, you've always hated these.
Yeah, but now, I want to know what happens
when a wave takes you for a wild ride.
- To feel the other side of it.
- Are you sure?
How are you not into him? He's so hot.
Hey, Bruno is more your style, I guess.
- Alba, we're closing early.
- [Bego] Why?
Uh, because a friend is opening a pub
and I said I'd show up.
- So invite us.
- Yeah, sure. Come with me.
- [Alba] Uh
- You should come. Come on!
[Tirso hums]
No, seriously.
You should go, just you two.
Oh, come on. Why don't you bring Bruno
so we can have two couples?
No. I think Bruno has a lot of work
he brought from Madrid, so
Come on.
Not like you're doing anything else.
I'm sure that we'll have a great time.
What'll you do? Stay at home?
Yes, I'm aware of how good the offer is,
but I can't accept it at this time.
[man] Are you serious?
What am I going to tell the rector?
Don't know. Say it's a personal matter.
Jesus. It's a great opportunity.
[sighs] I know. I'm sorry.
- See you, my friend.
- Okay, bye.
[poignant music playing]
[Alba sobbing] Do you think
we'll make it through this?
[Bruno] We can get through anything.
[poignant music continues]
[Bruno] I love you.
[Alba] You know I love you too.
[club music playing]
- [Alba] What?
- [Bego] I should go for him.
[Bego] Are you sure?
I feel like I'm so awkward.
- Bego, what? This isn't like you.
- I don't know.
- [Alba] You're never embarrassed.
- [Bego] This is totally different.
- Come on.
- I should have another drink, right?
Don't be such a pussy.
Go talk to him. Do it.
- Are you okay, though? Are you sure?
- I am.
- Go on.
- Going!
- It's not what it looks like.
- Huh?
- It's not what it looks like.
- So, what is it?
I don't know anyone here.
I couldn't help it when I saw you there.
You have a special aura to you.
- Yeah.
- Are you upset?
- Excuse me.
- You okay?
[tense music playing]
[Alba panting]
[unsettling, distorted audio]
[tense music continues]
[high-pitched ringing]
[Alba breathing heavily]
- [Bego] There she is. Alba!
- [Tirso] Alba!
[Bego] Alba.
- Are you okay? Did that jerk do something?
- No. No.
Okay. You're good.
[Alba breathing shakily]
It's just another panic attack.
But I'm getting better. I'm better now.
- I'll go get our things, okay?
- Okay.
You cold out here?
A little, yeah.
I'm here to take care of you, Alba.
["Emborracharme" by Lori Meyers playing]
[song playing through headphones]
[Giner] Know the bullet
that killed Kennedy?
[man] Impossible trajectory?
[Giner] Something like that happened
to put that car in the water.
Find out which officers
transported the samples to the lab.
[man] I remember. César.
[Bruno] Giner could be part of this.
We don't know.
She could have made it disappear herself.
You can't trust her, or anybody.
[tires screech]
[Hugo] What have you told him?
If things go bad, you and I will be
the first to fall. Watch your back.
You want some, you skinny son of a bitch?
I'm not controlling you.
I'm trying to protect you.
[Alba] Tirso was at the club. He told me
you seemed delighted to be there.
Fucking asshole! You son of a bitch!
No matter what, remember our version.
The idea was Rubén's.
[Hugo] I think extreme situations
reveal who we are.
- [grunts]
- [grunts]
[Jacobo] You know
I would never let anyone hurt you.
You're like a brother to me.
I used to be.
Bruno. Bruno!
[Alba] Tell your friends we have the video
and we can use it against them.
Tell Eloy to leave us alone.
I don't wanna lose my job because brats
can't keep it in their pants.
No one, absolutely no one, will find out.
Make sure there aren't loose ends.
[César] Clara? Clara!
Alba, be careful with this one, okay?
Whoever uses it, they'll sink right down.
Hey, what's with this one?
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