Alba (2021) s01e05 Episode Script

Chapter 5

[Bruno] I don't understand
how you could fall like that.
Well, it's because I'm so clumsy.
- And César?
- César, he
So so he didn't try to help you?
No. I don't really know.
I thought he was with you.
Well, I I went to the back room
to get some wine, and
Will you please stop interrogating me?
You're saying nobody came into the store?
You're giving me a migraine.
Can you give it a rest?
[intense music playing]
[opening theme song playing]
[woman singing in Spanish]
[Bruno] Okay, we're here.
- You'll be staying with me tonight.
- No, I'm doing just fine.
I can just sleep in my own house.
The doctor let you out on the condition
that someone looks after you.
And I'm that someone.
And where are you two going to sleep?
Uh, don't worry about us.
We'll be fine. We'll figure it out.
Hey are you okay?
And you?
What would make you ask that?
Nothing. Never mind.
It's okay.
Okay. I'm gonna go
lock up the store, okay?
Why don't you lie down? Get comfortable.
That's not necessary.
I'll be fine. I'm fine.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Okay, be back soon.
[door closes]
God help me.
- [Alba] Fucking shit!
- [Tirso] Hold on, I'll help you.
Alba, are you okay?
- Yes.
- You upset about the tanks?
Alba, that was my fault.
I should have put it somewhere else.
No. You warned me.
You even marked it for me.
Yeah, okay. So it's over now. Hmm?
What did they order?
Two espressos with milk.
Hey, Tirso, I've been thinking. You
You can do the lessons
by yourself now, right?
Summer is almost over
and there aren't many tourists left.
And Toño needs me.
I want to be with him.
Okay, sure. Family comes first.
How is she? How is she feeling?
- Better?
- Fine. Fine. She's better.
What happened yesterday?
I don't know. I was
I entered the store
and she was lying on the ground.
- Are you sure she's okay?
- She's better.
Okay. Okay.
I've asked her what happened.
She doesn't remember anything.
- She doesn't remember?
- Nothing.
Did you see anybody
in the store, or leaving?
No, but maybe they left before I got here.
[ominous music playing]
What is it?
After what happened to Alba
Someone attacked me.
What are you talking about?
Someone attacked you?
They threatened to hurt us
and our families.
They said they'd hurt us
if we told the truth.
What truth?
Promise me you won't tell anyone.
I promise.
Tomatoes, celery, carrots
Oh! The lobster.
First thing in the morning?
- Of course, ma'am.
- Thank you.
Hey. Good morning.
Did you lose your shirt
on your way down here?
Come on. It's hot out today.
What's up, Mom?
We're having a lunch
with Sandra and her father tomorrow.
I need to know if you're still
We are.
We're still the perfect couple.
I'm asking you to take care of her.
I know how important
this wedding is to you.
Yes, I do love her.
I love her.
I love her.
I think.
[Mercedes sighs]
What happened that night
How could you do something like that?
[scoffs] Please, not again.
I already told you, we we were very high.
She was into it. We were into it. Period.
Was this the first time,
or have there been others?
Why would you even ask that?
[Mercedes sighs]
Come on.
What's wrong?
In the very near future,
I want you to be running this company.
Of course, your uncle Iván
will want the same for Jacobo.
Do you think you're ready to take over?
- Of course I am.
- No.
Not even close.
I'm still your son, remember?
I'd be happy
if you just don't screw it up.
- I can take care of Jacobo.
- Oh, really? Will you take care of Jacobo?
Well, it was his idea that night.
But it will look like it was yours.
Don't you realize that?
Jacobo has been a model student.
He comes to every meeting.
He cares about the business.
But you you're an idiot, son.
He's lying to all of you, Mom.
- You don't know what he's like.
- But it'll always come down on you.
You should have a little bit more faith
in your son. Right, Mother?
- Who else knows about all this?
- Just Alba.
Okay. All right.
But whatever happened to Clara,
it was because of them.
Who, the Entrerríos? How are you so sure?
They told us
to go to Madrid, but we're here.
They would do anything
to protect Jacobo and Rubén.
You have to help us.
- Please.
- Yeah. Yes, yes, sure.
Of course.
You want me to take this down?
- No, not yet.
- Lieutenant.
I'm going to start again
from the beginning.
Whatever you say.
[knock at door]
[Giner] Come in.
- Puerta.
- César.
How are you, César?
Fine. You wanted to see me?
According to the report,
you were one of the first on the scene.
- Do you mean the
- The scene of the car accident.
Yes. I was in the area, so
Funny, isn't it?
- What's funny?
- That they drove off around there.
Well, those kids were really high,
and that bend is really dangerous.
Sure, but the tire marks
don't match the trajectory.
Hmm. I didn't I really don't know.
I didn't write the report.
Yeah. Yeah, I know.
do you think it's possible
someone moved the car?
Someone could have
pushed it off the cliff?
But why?
[chuckles] Of course.
It doesn't make any sense.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Not at all. Whatever you need.
- Oh, yeah. César?
- Yes?
You were the one
who delivered the semen samples, right?
The ones that got lost.
I-I don't remember.
Doesn't matter anyway,
so don't worry about it.
[car alarm chirps]
Mercedes, what are you doing here?
They still make the best rice
with spinach and anchovies, don't they?
Josefa never fails to impress.
You're right on time.
Ángel, one more place setting, please.
- [Ángel] Here you are, Your Honor.
- Thank you.
- Been a long time.
- Very long.
- Enjoy your meal.
- Thank you.
I came as soon as I could. How is she?
Fine. She's getting some rest.
You think it was them, don't you?
My aunt's not clumsy enough
to just fall like that.
Giner still hasn't closed the case.
It's for the best.
Maybe they'll finally make an arrest
and lock us up where we belong.
She asked me to tell her if I remember
anything else from that night.
I think that's what you should do.
Tell Clara I was here, okay?
[door closes]
You don't look good.
Is your daughter all right?
The Civil Guard
are investigating the accident.
And they also know it was me
who moved the pieces of evidence.
I don't know how
she could have found out what happened.
I left nothing, Eloy. I promise.
You were brilliant when you had the idea
to dump that car in the ocean.
- But those kids were already dead.
- Don't fuck this up now.
- I didn't kill anybody. They were dead.
- Listen, calm down right now.
- [clattering]
- [dog barking]
Anything else?
This morning, Clara,
she she told me about
Well, she overheard Jacobo and Bruno
talking about that night.
- Son of a bitch.
- She knows.
So what'd you do?
Well, uh
I got a bit nervous.
I tried to talk to her,
but she hit her head.
But she's okay, you know?
She's she's fine. She's fine.
What do you think she's going to do?
- She won't do anything to hurt Bruno. Yes.
- Keep an eye on her, got it?
This will all blow over.
But we need you
to stay strong, César, understand?
Stronger than ever.
Can I count on you?
Yes or no?
Yes, yes, yes.
That's good.
[knocking at door]
[father] You didn't wash your dishes.
I left them to soak. I'll do them later.
Any news from your unit?
Yeah, today.
I have to be back in five days.
[father] Mm-hmm.
They're going to run all kinds of tests,
and they'll know you've been partying.
I'm looking after myself.
I've been training every day, all right?
If anything pops up again
that'll be a strike on your record.
- That won't happen.
- I sure hope so.
For your sake.
[brooding pop music plays]
Bruno, I heard about your aunt.
How is she?
Better, thank you.
And how was it
hanging out with the Entrerríos?
I could ask you the same thing.
Funny you're still socializing
with those assholes.
What's funny is you saying this to me
when you're still selling shit to them.
- Did you sell to them that night?
- Which night?
Don't fuck with me.
You know what I'm talking about.
I don't know what you're talking about.
If we were still together,
this would've never happened.
But she chose me
instead of some shitty drug dealer.
Yeah, but this shitty drug dealer would've
protected her from those assholes!
Fucker. Say that shit again.
[EDM playing]
[EDM fades away]
I was starting to think
you weren't coming.
And? Everything okay?
I'm quitting for a while.
- Are you? Why?
- Because things are getting tense.
Yeah. Very tense. I bet.
That's why I can't look
for another supplier now.
Too bad. I'm gonna focus
on my other business.
Your business?
You meant that the other day?
Getting focused and all that shit?
It was you guys, wasn't it?
- It was us?
- Alba!
Shh! Quiet, okay?
Your employee?
Okay, I see now.
So she's more than that.
Stop, just stop. Stop.
Listen to me, Tirso.
Whatever happens
remember you were
an accomplice that night.
- What the fuck are you talking about?
- Shh, hey.
You know what I'm talking about.
See you later.
- I can't. I'm not doing that now.
- What the fuck? Why not?
Just because.
Also, we have to be at a lunch right now.
Yeah, so that's why I need this.
How do you expect me
to put up with Sandra's father not high?
You don't know shit.
- Why are you looking at me like that?
- Like what?
I dunno. Like that.
Rubén, he's your future father-in-law.
You have to deal with him.
Yeah, but I also happen to be
the black sheep in this goddamn family,
so I have to be
in some fucked-up arranged marriage.
What is this, the fucking Middle Ages?
I thought you liked Sandra.
[sighs] I do like her. I like her.
But I'm 25 years old,
and I want to experience the world.
- [door opens]
- You understand?
Hey, guys, listen up.
Eloy just called, and he
Are you serious?
It's not even twelve o'clock.
- Fuck. Come on, not you too.
- When the fuck are you going to grow up?
What's wrong with you?
Can't you control him?
- Do I look like a fucking babysitter?
- Hold on.
No, don't do that. Stop this immediately.
Hey, hey, I've already got a mother.
Don't talk to me like one.
Yours fucking abandoned you.
Hey. Hey.
- Don't touch me.
- Okay.
Eloy called me.
- They didn't close the case.
- What?
What do you mean, it's not closed?
Everything will continue as planned.
We just have to keep this story straight
a little longer. Do you get it?
And if you can't control this shit,
then maybe you should stop doing it.
[door closes]
Hello, María. This is Lieutenant Giner.
Thank you for speaking with me.
First of all,
I want you to know I'm really sorry
about the death of your fiancé Manuel.
Thank you.
I'm working on Alba Llorens' case,
the girl that was supposedly raped.
- I don't want to talk about that.
- Please.
- The press already declared them guilty.
- Yes, but I haven't.
[breathes shakily]
We had been together for a long time.
I knew him really well.
He wasn't capable of anything like that.
He wasn't.
And neither were his friends.
They were normal guys.
Yes. That's what everybody
who knew them told me.
But Manuel was the only one
with a girlfriend,
and I really needed
to hear it from you.
There is no real evidence
that incriminates them.
I don't get it.
Why were their names made public?
That shouldn't have happened.
We were going to get married.
Come on. What are we missing?
What the hell are we missing?
Play the video again.
[Giner] Okay, stop it there.
Go on.
[Giner] No. No, forget it.
[phone rings]
I mean, those guys were not on the hunt.
They were town-hopping,
but they weren't messing with anyone.
Yes. Thank you.
- Lieutenant.
- What's up?
In the phone we found,
we couldn't open some of the videos,
so we took them to digital forensics.
Yeah, and?
They found something.
- See you later.
- Thank you.
It suits you.
- What?
- The whole waitress thing.
It runs in the family.
Um, how's Toño doing?
Better, I guess.
That's good. He'll get over it.
I hope so.
- I'm sorry for what I said the other day.
- Don't worry.
I don't have the right to tell you
what you should or should not feel.
It's just that I'm confused.
But I need you to be honest with me.
I don't want any secrets between us.
There is something I need to tell you.
- Is it about Tirso?
- No.
The other day,
someone sent me this video.
Lieutenant? They said they just sent them.
They're probably in your email.
Thank you.
[rapists speaking faintly in video]
[Hugo] Guys, hey, look who's here.
- Alba
- [phone beeps]
You need to take this
to the Civil Guard, right away.
- No, I can't.
- You have to
- I said I can't. They've threatened us.
- Who did?
It's the Entrerríos.
You've seen everything that's happened.
They vandalized the bar,
and Clara's accident I can't risk it.
Listen to me. Giner will protect you.
That's her job.
- I can't.
- It's because of Bruno.
Because of Bruno?
If you show them the video,
they'll arrest him too.
It's just that you can't see anything,
and he says he didn't
Okay, but what if he did?
You still love him?
Never mind what I feel about him.
I just don't wanna ruin his life.
Listen to me carefully.
You either report all of them,
maybe blaming an innocent man,
or you don't
and you let three rapists walk free.
Do you understand?
[indistinct chatter]
[man in video] What are you doing?
We didn't do anything.
[Kevin] Go. You too. Come on.
[overlapping chatter]
[Rubén] The bar for poor people.
[intense music playing]
[Rubén] The bar for poor people.
[music increases in intensity]
- [Bruno] Can't complain, can you?
- [Clara] No, you've always been good.
Well-behaved. You won a scholarship.
And look at you now. A college graduate.
A college grad. [chuckles]
[sighs happily] They'd be very proud
of what you've become.
Anyway, what are your plans
for the rest of the summer?
Well, I don't know yet.
But I wanna disconnect a little,
so don't overwork me.
Life is tough.
Look, I don't know
if I told you enough times, but
mine would have been tougher
without you.
Bruno, what are you doing?
Do you wanna make your aunt cry?
Did you think I don't know
that you stayed here for me?
That you gave up your life?
[chuckles] What?
What What did I give up?
My life here is really great.
Come on, come on, get out.
Off you go, off you go.
- Okay.
- Go and have some fun.
- I'll sleep at my place tonight.
- Wherever you want.
Emilio, Montse,
we want to welcome you.
Our home is your home.
And from now on it will be,
more than ever.
[Sandra chuckles]
- Thank you, Mercedes.
- To our shared and promising futures.
And to yours as well, huh?
[Hugo sighs] Come on.
[Emilio] The Entrerríos family
has always been an example.
Entrepreneurs, fighters.
- You've created
- Bruno! What are you doing here?
What's going on?
You tell me.
I don't know
what you're talking about, man.
[Bruno] You don't know
what happened to my aunt?
- No.
- [Bruno] No?
- You don't? Then I wanna talk to your dad.
- Hey, hey! Stop! Stop!
Don't worry. I'll take care of this.
Talk to me.
Excuse me.
- Bruno, please calm down.
- I don't wanna fucking calm down!
Bruno, Bruno, what's going on? Talk to me.
Just ask him, or your son.
About what?
They threatened me.
I didn't think they were capable, but
Yesterday, my aunt had an accident.
What a coincidence.
Your aunt Clara? Is she all right?
I'm so relieved.
I hope we had nothing to do
with her accident.
This family has many enemies.
And you're one of us.
we're all in this together.
Please, don't forget that.
[phone rings]
- What was it again? Decaf, no sugar?
- Um, the other way around.
But never mind.
I'll take it anyway. Thank you.
Aren't you on duty now?
No, I'm on leave for a few days.
But I'm here if you need me.
If you need anything,
you can just give me a call.
That's not necessary.
I'm almost finished.
- What?
- Yeah.
My boss has asked me to close the case,
and I have no reason not to.
Well, then.
Do you believe in poetic justice?
I mean, maybe those boys were guilty,
and that's why they're dead.
I guess it's possible.
Or not.
I do need your help
in identifying these three men.
[César] Oh, well, uh Well
Can't really see anything in this picture.
Are you sure?
You pretty much know
everyone in this town.
Yes, but Well, this is really blurry.
And this one?
Sure. This one, yeah. I can
They're Jacobo and Rubén Entrerríos.
And the other guy
looks like mmm, Hugo Roig.
The colonel's son.
Anything wrong?
I just want to talk to those guys.
- What does she want?
- [Bego] It doesn't matter.
What you need to do
is show her that video.
- César, what's wrong?
- What's going on?
Hello, Alba. Can you come with me?
- Mmm, what is this about?
- I have new images I want to show you.
New images?
Yes, from the phone we found
where you were assaulted.
Some videos were damaged,
but we were able to finally recover them.
- Thank you, Puerta.
- Lieutenant.
Do you recognize them?
[ominous music playing]
Are you sure?
Think, Alba.
Are you sure you didn't see them?
Or talk to them that night?
Do you know who they are?
This is never going to end, is it? Hmm?
All you keep asking me is
the same thing, over and over again.
But why don't you wanna know
the truth, Alba? Tell me.
Would it change anything?
Well, yeah, it absolutely would.
It would change it all.
Well, I don't.
I don't remember anything else.
If I do, I'll tell you. Can I go now?
- I liked your speech very much. Thank you.
- [chuckles] I liked yours too.
Mercedes, I was disappointed
that you would resort to blackmail.
I thought you were above that.
You're very ambitious.
What did Clara's boy want?
He looked upset.
Just family matters.
Of course.
[César] Hey.
- Can I talk to you please?
- I don't want to talk to you.
I just want to know
if Bruno was involved that night.
- I don't know.
- Well, if you don't know, then go away.
- Let me talk to you. Please, let me talk.
- Leave.
Look, it's true, I do jobs
for the Entrerríos, but
But it isn't anything that's important.
It's not like it really affects anything.
Clara I'll do anything for my daughter.
I have to save my daughter.
I will do whatever I have to.
Are they paying
for her treatment in the States?
It's them. Who else?
And the boys they found?
Do you know anything about them?
No, you know as much as me.
The Civil Guard said that it was
that it was an accident.
That's all.
- When I saw you had bought those tickets
- Oh, the tickets. Of course, the tickets.
- You thought, "Clara's so stupid."
- No!
- "She'd help a corrupt cop."
- Please don't think that.
That's what you are, a corrupt cop.
The only thing I've done
is clear off a few fines. That's all.
What I wanted to tell you is that
when I saw you had bought those tickets
I suddenly realized how I felt about you,
and and how low I'd fallen.
I'm sorry, Clara. I'm really sorry.
I don't
I'm just so sorry.
I wish I hadn't fallen in love with you.
- I gotta go. Bye.
- What? César.
- Lt. Giner wants to talk to all of you.
- Why?
What does she want?
She wants to ask what you were doing
at the club that night.
Really? I thought you had
everything under control.
- Yes. I do.
- [Mercedes] So?
A video has surfaced
showing that you were there.
She just wants to question you,
like she did everyone else.
- Well, it makes sense.
- We can refuse to go, right?
Of course,
if you want to become a suspect.
You need to cooperate.
I'll tell you what you need to say.
We'll have witnesses to corroborate it.
- You mean you'll fucking buy them off.
- Stop it.
Stop? I'll tell that fucking dyke pig
that Alba had the best fucking night
I told you to stop.
Don't worry, Aunt Mercedes.
He'll do it right.
- Will you come with us?
- You'd better go on your own.
You boys have nothing to hide.
Okay. Fine.
Talk to Hugo.
Make sure he sticks to the script.
[Mercedes] Hello. Would you mind
coming to meet me at my office?
Yes. Now.
That's perfect.
I can't wait. See you soon.
[phone beeps]
Do you know Alba Llorens?
Sure. We all know each other in this town.
What were you doing
on the night of June 10th?
I was out partying with my friends.
Who are they?
It was just Hugo, my cousin Jacobo,
me and and some other friends.
Were you at Kevin's Pub that night?
- Were you at Kevin's Pub that night?
- Yes.
- Did you see Alba Llorens?
- Yes.
Were you with her at all?
- No.
- What exactly do you mean?
Did you talk to her?
- No.
- No.
What about outside?
We didn't speak.
We didn't.
Are you sure?
- I don't remember most of that night.
- Why?
Let's say I may have taken some stuff.
What stuff?
- Who'd you buy the drugs from?
- It appeared in someone's pocket.
These things tend to happen
at night, you know?
[Giner] Do you know these men?
No. No idea.
Did you see Alba Llorens
sometime after 2:00 that morning?
I don't remember
anything after 11:30 that night.
[Rubén] I don't remember anything.
At all?
I was wasted. Yeah.
We had too much fun that night.
There's nothing wrong with that, is there?
I mean, you were young once. Am I right?
[sighs] It's just strange that all three
of you can't remember anything.
Was whatever you took really that potent?
Because you must have been really wasted.
- Did anyone see you?
- No.
I don't know.
Where did you go after Kevin's Pub?
- I don't remember.
- Did anybody join you?
I don't remember.
You don't remember.
You're a soldier, aren't you?
Yes. I'm an officer.
You know what'll happen to you
if you lie in a statement?
Yes, ma'am.
- How'd it go?
- Fucking great.
She thinks she's smart,
but she's dumb as a rock.
[Jacobo] And you, Hugo?
Hey, Hugo, what's wrong? [echoing]
You all right?
[distorted] Let's get you out of here.
Pull it together.
- Something to drink?
- Yes, thank you.
I really appreciate your calling
your friend the major for us.
It was no problem.
That was no problem at all.
It's pretty clear that
the lieutenant has nothing.
She must like the beach very much.
[both chuckle]
Even so, if things got complicated
I will help you as much as I can.
And how much is that?
Until it starts to feel like a favor.
Why What are you doing here?
How is Clara?
Fine, fine. She's fine.
What Did something happen?
I just wanted to see you.
Alba, I
- I have to go. I'm sorry.
- Wait, wait, please.
Please, we can't go on like this.
Something inside me is telling me
I didn't touch you that night.
But I was there. And that's enough.
[sniffs] Give them the video.
I want to take responsibility.
And everybody who was there
deserves to go before a judge.
Even you?
Including me.
How do we know
they won't try to hurt us or our families?
I don't know.
But we have to do what's right.
[emotional music playing]
[Bruno] Whatever happens
can never change how I feel about you.
- [Jacobo] Yeah, that's right.
- [Rubén] You like that? Wake up.
[Jacobo] Come on, come on!
- [Rubén grunting]
- [Jacobo] Harder, man. Come on.
I wanted to show this to you
from the beginning, but
but they threatened us.
[Rubén grunting]
The Entrerríos family.
Do you have any evidence of that?
Bruno is convinced it's them.
He says he doesn't remember anything,
that he he doesn't know
why he was there.
Do you believe him?
I want to believe him.
The lab found
four different traces of sperm.
From four individuals.
That morning, Bruno and I
The email message can be traced.
We'll find out who sent this, okay?
- I'll have my people on it right away.
- What will happen to Bruno now?
The complaint is filed
against all of them.
Then we'll have to let the law
figure out the rest.
[Jacobo] We said
everything we had to say.
- Did she ask you the same questions?
- Yeah. We talked about it.
- You all said the same thing?
- We all said we didn't remember anything.
And Hugo?
Not sure he can handle it.
[Emilio] You know
I always wondered
why you finally chose Mariano.
That was a long time ago.
I would still like to know.
I don't remember.
[chuckles] Let me tell you why.
I was in law school
and I was completely broke.
Meanwhile, Mariano is
driving around in his sports car.
My family was a mess.
We didn't have money for anything.
I had to get out of there.
It was clear what your priorities were.
What if I made a mistake?
Come on. Thirty years later?
There's never a right time,
but time enough for anything.
[phone rings]
- It's Mariano.
- [phone beeps]
[phone rings]
Tell him you're busy.
I'm in a very important meeting right now.
- [siren wailing]
- Okay. I'll be right there.
And you two, don't say a word.
[knocking at door]
- Good evening.
- Good evening. What do you want?
No, listen to me.
You don't know what you're doing.
Jacobo and Rubén Entrerríos,
you're under arrest
for the suspected rape of Alba Llorens.
Anything you say can be used against you.
Come on. Is it necessary to handcuff them?
Son. The Civil Guard are here.
[Hugo's father] What did you do?
Get dressed. You have to go with them.
Today was a really bad day, yeah?
Nobody came into the store.
I guess you can tell
it's the end of the season.
Clara, wait.
- There
- [sighs]
There's something I need to tell you.
Something you need to know.
I already heard you talking to Jacobo.
[sirens wailing]
[tires screech]
- [officer 1 over megaphone] Civil Guard!
- [officer 2] Sir, please come outside.
I invoke my right to remain silent.
I invoke my right to remain silent.
I invoke my right to remain silent.
[Eloy] We are not afraid of jail time,
because these boys didn't do
anything wrong. It was a mistake.
[reporters clamoring]
- [Rubén] How'd the video get to the Guard?
- [Jacobo] I don't get it. We erased it.
I still don't understand it.
[Jacobo] Hugo, look me in the eyes.
Can I trust you?
You lost your honor.
[Eloy] Then there'll be a hearing,
and then he'll decide to set bail or not.
[man] Four rich boys,
some townie girl, and a brilliant lawyer.
Can you think of a better recipe
for a soap opera?
We're gonna be the center
of a fucking media storm.
- [Rubén] Forgive me.
- [Sandra] How can I forgive this?
For the last fucking time,
I didn't rape her!
[Mercedes] Sandra and Rubén are engaged.
If she's not at his side,
he will look guilty!
[Jacobo] It's her word against ours.
That means the first thing
we have to do is discredit her.
[Eloy] Dig up some dirt on her.
[Eloy] I hired a company
to look into Alba's past for us.
It was worth it.
You know I would never do
anything like that. I'm me.
[Eloy] Where is this boy?
He should be here already.
[Rubén] He back out?
He'll be here.
He knows he's totally fucked on his own.
[woman] You're disgusting!
You're a coward! Fuck you!
[judge] In the case of the accusation
brought by Alba Llorens
against Rubén Entrerríos,
Jacobo Entrerríos, Hugo Roig,
and Bruno Costa, I have decided
Come on, let's make a toast
to good friendship.
To the boys, gentlemen.
- Yeah!
- Come on.
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