Alba (2021) s01e06 Episode Script

Chapter 6

I invoke my right to remain silent.
I invoke my right to remain silent.
I invoke my right to remain silent.
[Eloy] Bruno?
He invokes his right to remain silent.
[Giner] What a surprise.
Take him to his cell.
[opening theme music plays]
[woman singing in Spanish]
They'll be remanded if there's a trial,
but after spending the night
at the station,
the four young men have been released.
These men are the main suspects
in a gang rape that allegedly took place
several months ago, in which
Come on. Over here. Quick.
[reporter] Mr. Duvall!
[overlapping chatter]
[reporter 1] Are you afraid of prison?
What do you have to say?
We are not afraid of jail time,
because these boys
didn't do anything wrong. It's a mistake.
I will make a statement later today.
Can you confirm that two members
of the Entrerríos family were arrested?
What did you say?
- Care to comment, Mr. Entrerríos?
- Rubén, come on.
[reporter] Answer my question, please.
[reporters clamoring]
[Mariano] How could you
allow this to happen?
[Eloy] Ever heard of a little thing
called social media?
[Iván] He is right. It takes one person
to see them let into the station.
- [Eloy] It was unavoidable.
- [Mariano] Unavoidable? Bullshit!
Has anyone called Emilio about this?
We should tell him what's going on
and see if he can do something.
- He's very influential. Maybe he can help.
- Like keeping the press away?
- That's one example.
- Please, Mariano.
I hope this doesn't
put the project in jeopardy.
[Mercedes] Will you calm down?
The only thing you should be focused on
is protecting our boys.
[Iván] What is the legal situation?
The examining judge
will take their statements,
then there'll be a hearing,
then he'll decide to set bail or not.
- Do you know him?
- The judge? Yes, of course.
- Can he be bought?
- What?
No, he can't be bought.
[Mariano] Terrific. Who is he?
[Eloy] Manuel Cruz.
[ominous music plays]
Manuel Cruz?
For now, let's focus on preparing them
for the hearing.
[reporter] The Entrerríos family
is one of the most influential,
and their real estate empire
extends far beyond Alicante.
If the judge does proceed to trial,
these four men could face
up to 15 years in prison.
They've decided
to suspend you without pay.
Why? I haven't even been charged.
You were arrested.
That's reason enough.
Why didn't you try to stop it?
Forced or not,
this never should have happened.
It's intolerable.
I can't change what we did.
As much as I want to, I can't.
please, Dad
you have to help me.
Please. I really need you.
You already lost your honor.
At least try to keep your dignity.
[door slams shut]
- [Alba] Try to relax. You're okay.
- [Miriam] Hey, look here. Look here.
- [Toño pants]
- You're all right, okay?
You're okay now.
It's okay now.
The doctor said he needs to stay calm.
That's going to be difficult
with everything going on.
- There you go.
- If anything happens to you because of me
[Toño] This isn't your fault.
Once those monsters are locked up
where they belong,
I'll be totally fine.
Tell the doctor that.
I'll be right back, okay?
[Alba] Come here.
[phone chiming]
[man] Can I speak to Alba Llorens?
My name is Darío Toledano. I'm a lawyer.
- How did you get my numbe r?
- It doesn't matter.
- But I
- I just want to see you get justice.
That's what you want, am I right?
[indistinct chatter]
[Bego] You picked a pretty swanky place.
This guy represented
that foreign tourist last year, and won.
I know, and I think it's great,
but don't get too excited.
Because nobody works for free,
especially not in a place like this.
I mean, even the toilet paper
you wipe your ass with is designer.
I'm serious. You can check for yourself.
If you're gonna be here,
I need you to support me,
not add to the noise.
Okay, but there's something
about this place I don't like.
Alba Llorens? Come with me.
You can wait here.
- [man 1] Can we make it public?
- [man 2] Of course. She's here now.
Good. Make sure she signs
as soon as possible.
Four rich boys, some townie girl,
and a brilliant lawyer.
Can you think of a better recipe
for a soap opera?
We're gonna be
the center of a fucking media storm.
- You okay? Everything okay?
- Yes.
- You need anything? Anything to drink?
- No.
- Alba, we need to go.
- What?
- We're leaving. I'll explain later.
- Excuse me, sweetheart. Who are
I'm Begoña, her best friend.
Who the fuck are you?
- Then you want what's best for her.
- That's why we're leaving.
- Please, Bego.
- Trust me. Come on.
- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry?
You're making a big mistake.
That family's going to destroy you.
- You know
- [door closes]
Stupid bitch.
Well, Jacobo
Okay, yes, yes, I admit it.
We made a mistake with Alba.
But nothing criminal. That's different.
- [Rubén] Exactly.
- What was our mistake?
Not knowing that this girl
had emotional problems
and she would lie
about what happened to her.
What if Alba regrets cheating on Bruno
and now wants to take us down?
- Then what?
- [Eloy] No, forget about that.
[Jacobo] It was consensual sex.
That's the only truth.
Is it our fault that she's looking
for attention or money or whatever?
- I don't know and don't care.
- [Eloy] What you need to understand
is that under current law, the actual law,
if there is no consent,
then it's considered rape.
- It's her word against ours.
- [Rubén] It leaves us exposed.
- That means first we have to
- [Rubén] Destroy her.
Shut the fuck up! Listen to Eloy.
You're annoying the fuck out of me.
[Eloy] Discredit her.
Prove that her past isn't squeaky clean,
but you boys are spotless.
Dig up dirt on her, if necessary.
Clean up yours.
You know exactly what I mean.
Where is this boy?
He should be here already.
- He back out?
- He'll be here.
He may be fucking poor,
but he's not stupid.
He knows he's totally fucked
on his own without us.
- I'm having dinner at Jacobo and Rubén's.
- [Clara] Again?
- [sighs] Don't start.
- What do you mean?
I'm trying to raise you to be
a certain kind of man,
and these boys are the opposite.
They're used to having everything
just given to them.
I know, but they're my friends.
I wish you would respect that.
[doorbell rings]
I was going to leave them in the mailbox,
but I saw the blinds were open.
Bruno, I want
We all saw it growing up.
That you've never
been like the Entrerríos,
that your world was not their world.
Do you know what it's like?
Have you wanted to belong?
To feel like you're part of something?
To feel protected?
Yes, I did.
That is exactly how I felt with you.
[Alba breathes shakily]
I always saw you
hang around town with them,
so arrogant, so snobby.
You all walked around
as if you owned this town.
But when I met you in Madrid, and
Which one is the real you? Huh?
You know who I am.
I'm me.
You know I would never
do anything like that.
But I can't forget
that you were there.
If that fucking video never came out, huh?
How'd the video get to the Civil Guard?
I don't get it either. I really don't.
We all erased it, didn't we?
I still don't understand it.
[Eloy] Don't worry.
If we're smart,
there's no reason to believe we won't win.
Of course, there can be no contradictions.
- Bruno.
- Mercedes.
I can understand
what you must be going through.
I don't think so.
They're preparing the statement
you'll make before the judge.
It is very important
that you all have the same story.
- I'm going in.
- You should know that I'm on your side.
I don't know what really happened,
but I have no doubt
who I'm going to believe.
I don't care what that girl
has to say. I know you all.
- I know you're not monsters.
- You don't know Alba.
Yeah. If she loves you,
why did she report you?
How could she possibly believe
you'd do this?
Is that love?
The fact that she accused you,
someone she claims to love
- It makes you wonder.
- It makes me wonder.
Makes me wonder
at what point I let myself believe
that your family's affection was free.
- Excuse me?
- I was raised with values.
- Because of you, I almost lost them.
- We've always had great affection for you,
and never tried
to take you away from your people.
I'd never consent to that.
We've treated you like one of us.
I don't think so.
[Mercedes inhales deeply]
I'm sorry to hear that.
[door opens]
- Sorry. I'm late.
- [Rubén] Excuse me?
You're already pissing me off.
Do you have any idea
how much shit we're in because of this?
Remember, you're just as guilty as us.
[Jacobo] Rubén,
give him a break, will you?
[Eloy] Okay.
We've got two days before the hearing,
and we need to get prepared.
And no bullshit, Rubén.
[Eloy] So, let's start at the beginning.
I know this is
especially difficult for you,
but we need your cooperation.
Do I need to remind you
of all the money they bring to this town?
Is there anyone in here
who doesn't do business with them
in one way or another?
What do you say, Miriam?
You're the ones affected the most.
Well I'm going to close the restaurant.
At least until this thing's over.
[man] We should write a statement
saying businesses here support the boys.
That's it, right?
Is that all that matters? Hmm?
Not losing money
and cleaning up the town's image?
If we defend the Entrerríos,
we'll be hurting Alba and her case.
You should all be ashamed.
We'll deserve it
if nobody comes again.
[Clara] Can I say
As you already know, Bruno is my nephew.
He's all that I really have.
So please, I'm asking you
that we all don't do something crazy.
Let's not point fingers
and just let the courts take care of this.
Because if there's one business
that's going to be affected, it's mine.
So, please
At times like these, the best and worst
will come out of each one of us.
Let it be the best.
I just ask for a little patience.
Let's be patient.
[emotional music plays]
Those guys? I hope they rot in jail.
They're such scumbags. They have no shame.
No means no everywhere.
How do you think she is? She's terrible.
She's a wreck. She's devastated.
But, luckily, my sister-in-law has us
by her side. Her family.
And we'll give her
all the strength she needs.
In addition to that,
the town's business owners
have all decided
to sign a written statement
against this horrible assault.
In no way do we want
such heinous and repulsive acts
to be associated with our town.
Okay. Thank you very much.
That's all I needed.
- You can cut.
- When can I see it?
We were live.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I have a beautiful restaurant
not far from here overlooking the water.
If you want, we can go there
and continue the interview.
Do you have anything else to add?
Well, no.
You see, the truth is,
we're upset about the whole situation.
Especially about the boyfriend.
What about the boyfriend?
Well he was one of them.
Stop this. What are you doing?
You should be ashamed of yourselves.
This is my business. What are you doing?
There he is!
[protester] Coward! I hope you die!
- What's going on?
- Go inside.
- Come on.
- Pig!
Wh-What's going on?
[protester] You deserve to die!
Haven't you ever
heard of innocent until proven guilty?
[protester] You hear us, you pig?
You should be ashamed
for raising such a monster.
You're disgusting.
Get out. Leave before I call the police.
- Go away!
- Coward!
[protesters chanting]
No means no! No means no! No means no!
Do you think I'm capable of doing this?
No I don't think you're capable.
But I don't understand
what you were doing there.
[Alba] An unaccompanied
foreign minor center?
[Tirso] Didn't you tell me you wanted
a lawyer who wasn't a huge asshole?
- Yes.
- Then come with me.
I've been told
she's a fucking good lawyer.
[lawyer] Yes, I understand.
How could I not?
[Tirso] There she is. Marta?
- [Tirso] You don't remember me?
- Should I?
- I'm Tirso, a friend
- Sorry. I haven't got all day.
No, of course.
But I thought our conversation was done.
- We hadn't even started.
- Ah, well then.
Let's not waste anymore time.
You know the way out, right?
[woman] We're gonna close
this center, you hear me?
[Marta] Of course, I hear you.
You've been threatening for a year,
but we're still here. Bye.
- What was all that about?
- Politicians.
According to her,
all the evil of the world is created here.
Well, Tirso, how can I help you?
[Mercedes] You're ashamed to talk with me.
You'll be more embarrassed
when journalists bring it up.
Mom, don't be so dramatic.
They aren't gonna find
anything else about us, okay?
Was Alba the first one?
- Here we go again.
- The only one, just to be clear.
[Rubén] We are not criminals.
Go. Make it right with Sandra.
Convince her
you're still good enough for her.
This is our fault. We've given you
everything you wanted, without boundaries.
- [Rubén] You may be right.
- Don't lump me in with him.
What do you mean?
Your son Rubén
has been out of control for a while.
What are you talking about?
What happened.
You want me to believe
that it was his idea,
but that you,
the smarter of the two, lost control?
- No. Mercedes, that's not
- Jacobo.
You're my nephew.
Close enough to be a son.
But you're not.
Don't underestimate me.
You know anything
about rape and abuse cases, by any chance?
Yes. They're a nightmare.
Unfortunately, there are kids here
who have been through everything.
But let's just say it's not my specialty.
I'm afraid that I wouldn't be much help.
What made you think of me?
[Tirso] I was told you were special.
That you could be trusted.
[Marta] Oh, yeah? Who said that?
Some of your boys. Ahmed, Byron
A tall Senegalese guy.
Right. For them,
anyone who doesn't insult them is special.
I want you to take my case.
You want me to take your case?
But, Alba, I just told you
that it's not my specialty.
I really need someone I can trust.
And if you fight for me
like you do for those boys
- What about your public defender?
- He doesn't have enough experience.
- A lawyer did contact me.
- Who?
- Darío Toledano.
- And how'd your case catch his interest?
Sorry, no offense, but I find it strange
that someone like him would be interested.
[Tirso] Because of who her rapists are.
- Who are they?
- [Tirso] Jacobo and Rubén Entrerríos.
I see.
[Alba] And and my boyfriend.
He was with them, too.
[Tirso] Will you take her case?
I'm sorry, Alba. I really am.
But I don't think I'm the right person
to help you with your case.
[reporter] Were these men capable of this?
[woman] The truth is that I don't know.
These guys are very nice, very normal.
And around here, in this town,
people love them.
As far as I know,
they've never been known to cause trouble.
These are people with a lot of money.
And that's what I think
that girl is after. Their money.
[reporter] You think she wants money?
That's what I think.
Alba Llorens?
- Who are you?
- I'm Mónica Robledo. I'm a reporter.
- Can I have a few minutes?
- No.
- Please. I am on your side.
- I appreciate that, but no.
- No one will know it's you.
- I said no.
There's a rumor there's a video
circulating in newsrooms.
Images of that night
where you're dancing with men at the bar.
- I didn't.
- If you let me interview you,
I could get your side out there.
It's illegal to reveal
the identity of a victim.
You'd have the opportunity
to defend yourself,
to explain why Bruno was there.
Don't come near me ever again.
[news program music playing]
[Mónica] I'm in Alicante,
where the alleged rape occurred,
and as we wait
for the oral hearing to finish,
people's opinions are very much divided.
[woman 1] Poor girl. I can't even imagine
what she's going through.
- [Mónica] Do you think they did it?
- It's not clear to me at all.
Well, we all know the laws here.
They say it was consensual,
she says it wasn't.
Seems like it's their word against hers.
We'll see if there's a trial.
[Mónica] As you can see,
the opinions vary wildly.
But what's recently come to our attention
is that one of the alleged rapists
is someone
with a close connection to the victim.
It's none other than her boyfriend.
Why do you want
to keep talking about this?
Sandra, we didn't do anything wrong!
But it did happen. Did you do it with her?
What do you mean?
You're a fucking asshole.
Sandra, we were high.
I don't remember anything.
- It was It was Jacobo!
- And you couldn't help it, as usual.
It was his idea!
He even got Bruno in there.
Fuck, she she was so horny and we
Hey, keep the details for yourself.
Sandra, forgive me, please?
You want me to forgive you?
How can I forgive something like this?
What will people think?
I don't give a fuck what people think.
What do you want, for me to say,
"This is who I am,
I'm Rubén, I'm 25, I like to party"?
That's why you raped her?
For the last fucking time,
I didn't rape her!
Come on, Sandra. Please.
Just leave me alone.
Don't touch me.
[Mercedes] Emilio, we need you
to show your unwavering support.
- I don't think so. It's not that simple.
- Well, I think it is. We had a deal.
Mercedes, my daughter
is not one of your projects.
Sandra and Rubén are engaged.
If she's not at his side,
he will look guilty.
I won't put her future
and my political career at risk.
You got this far thanks to this family.
I don't give a damn if he raped her.
If this ends up in a trial
It won't end in a trial.
But I need your help with this,
as much as you're going to need mine.
Sandra, please.
[sighs] I'm in love with you.
I really fucking love you, Sandra.
[Rubén] Please, let's just
talk about this calmly. Come on.
[Mónica] She was local.
You probably knew her.
Sentences in recent rape cases
have been very harsh.
Are you scared of ending up in prison?
No, we are not, because these boys
didn't do anything wrong.
It's all a mistake.
I will make a statement later. Thank you.
[reporters clamoring]
[Eloy] We must not forget that these boys
are innocent until proven guilty.
It's clear these boys had
a consensual encounter with this woman.
She was a willing participant.
She even led the group.
She made the decision
to have sex with these boys,
so of course, when this video surfaced,
she probably felt ashamed of herself.
Son of a bitch.
[phone chimes]
[man] You're disgusting,
you fucking cock tease.
You suck four dicks, then cry to the cops.
You're a fucking lesbian.
- Filthy piece of shit.
- [doorbell rings]
I'm gonna puke in your fucking dirty cunt.
Hello, Alba.
- What's wrong?
- Come in.
- [Alba pants]
- What's going on?
I just got a bunch
of horrible messages on my phone.
I don't know. They must have said
who I was on some TV show. I don't know.
Okay, okay, calm down.
Have you talked to the media?
If I was able to find your address,
any son of a bitch out there
will be able to do the same.
- [phone chiming]
- Okay. Don't worry.
- I'll get them to take it off the lists.
- Okay.
What are you doing here?
Well, I thought about your case,
and I'm going to represent you.
- If you still want me to, of course.
- Yes, of course.
That's good.
Your cell phone. I'm going to turn it off.
[Marta] How many drinks did you have?
I had a couple.
A couple? Two, three?
Yes, probably.
Mm-hmm. What about drugs?
Did you take anything?
Just a pill.
- It was probably more than that.
- No.
Unfortunately, this report
isn't telling us the same story.
Fine, but I'm positive
that whatever it says there,
- I didn't take voluntarily.
- [Marta] Hmm.
[Eloy] There's no evidence
of psychological or physical abuse,
except some scratches and bruising.
Nothing to prove this act was forced.
Finally, the prosecution's whole case
rests on this girl's accusations.
Her word against my four defendants.
Nothing else.
- Did you kiss Tirso that night?
- No.
There's a video.
I didn't kiss Tirso.
- He kissed me.
- Mm-hmm.
[Mónica] And t he video?
They say it's very graphic.
It's not clear enough to see.
I don't think it is conclusive.
So why would she make up
something like this?
And why did you go to Kevin's?
Were you meeting someone?
Yes, I was going to meet Bego,
and I was waiting for my my boyfriend.
If there's doubt, it benefits the accused.
It's up to the prosecution
to prove a crime really occurred
and that my defendants are guilty.
I don't understand.
I find this nightmare mind-boggling,
that I'm the one who has to justify it.
[Eloy] I've asked.
What does she have to gain?
I'll tell you what.
They're made an example of,
and a substantial settlement.
A whole lot of money.
[Marta] The defense's strategy
will be to make the rape look consensual.
But what happened
wasn't consensual. None of it was.
And just because I was dancing
or having fun at a club that night
doesn't mean I wanted
these fucking assholes to ruin my life.
She seems like a promising young woman.
Don't complicate things.
[phone beeps]
I understand you're going through
a very hard time,
and you've every right to be angry,
but what's about to come
is so much harder.
They won't show mercy or compassion.
If this goes to trial,
it'll be a bloodbath.
If it goes to trial?
Yes. The judge hasn't even decided
if there's a case worth trying.
[Alba exhales]
Shall we continue?
What's next?
- [Bruno] What do you want?
- What do I want?
- To get you out of the mess you're in.
- [door closes]
I saw you weren't focused at the meeting.
I don't know how you live with yourself.
It's very important
we go over your statement.
There can't be any contradictions.
If you don't want contradictions,
start by looking for a story that's true.
- And what is the truth?
- Don't fuck with me.
Even if I don't remember,
what happened to her was rape.
I haven't said anything
because you threatened my family
- Listen
- Don't tell me you didn't!
- I'm not an idiot!
- Bruno!
I admit that Víctor did some questionable,
maybe wrong, things before he passed away,
but I don't agree
with the methods he used.
I don't want anyone hurt. Ever.
Get out of my apartment.
Get out of my apartment!
I want to keep you out of prison,
so get in line!
[door opens]
[door closes]
We're not as young as we used to be,
but that wasn't too bad.
- You were always very good in bed.
- [chuckles]
Better than you.
- Everything in order?
- Everything's in order.
I'll see you at the hearing.
[car alarm chirps]
[emotional music plays]
[door unlocking]
Luis. What happened to you?
Did you get in a fight? Come here.
- What happened?
- It doesn't really matter.
No, it does matter. Who did this?
- Stupid fourth grader.
- Tell me.
He just came up and hit you?
No, I started it first.
Why'd you do that?
He was saying things about you.
Like really bad names.
Called you a B-word and other stuff.
Luis, I don't want you
to get in trouble because of me, okay?
But I wanted him
to stop calling you names.
Yeah, I know, honey,
but hitting is never the answer.
- Promise me you won't do that again.
- I promise.
- Want some ice on it?
- Leave it. I'll take care of it.
Come with me.
Come on, sweetheart.
[Bego] What are you doing?
Are we gonna rob a gas station?
You really gonna make me explain it?
No. But I won't accept
that you're the one who should hide.
Well, at least I'm getting out.
Come on, let's go.
We'll go together. Okay?
What, you're asking about
the girl that was raped? I dunno.
Apparently her boyfriend was there too.
We've all gone out
on a Friday night, had too many drinks.
Things get out of hand.
Yeah, it's possible.
I don't know if we can call that rape.
I'm not justifying rape,
but how can you prove it?
[woman] If she was with them,
maybe she wanted it.
- Come on, Alba!
- We support you!
[supporters chanting] No means no!
No means no! No means no!
No means no!
Do you hear that?
You hear that? They're supporting you.
- [laughing]
- You're the hero.
Look who's coming.
What gave you the right
to ruin my life?
Me, ruin your life?
I don't have the power to do that.
I trust Rubén.
I wanted you to know
that I'm staying with him.
You two deserve each other.
Where were you?
- With a friend.
- The judge?
[Mercedes] Hmm.
And what were you doing with him?
Saving your son. You okay with that?
In exchange for what?
Do you really want to know?
Is he still in love with you?
Maybe enough to get the case closed?
[phone vibrating]
Eloy, where are we?
[ominous music plays]
[phone chimes]
I hired a company
to look into Alba's past for us.
- Looks like it was worth it.
- Where were these taken?
In a photography workshop.
She was a model.
[Rubén] Jacobo,
have you seen these comments?
[Jacobo] Let me see.
[Rubén] Bitch is being dragged
through the mud.
Something tells me
there's not gonna be a trial.
We'll see.
[rock music playing]
See you later.
- There he is.
- Fuck, not again.
The fuck is wrong with you, Hugo?
Come on. Cheer the fuck up, will you?
I don't understand why we're partying.
Fuck, this isn't over yet.
We're gonna win, bro.
The hearing is the first step.
That's right. It's just the first step.
Look at them. See them?
The way they dance, the way they dress.
They're looking for one fucking thing.
That. That's what Alba
was doing that night, right?
What were we thinking?
That's not important.
We took what we wanted.
It was unforgettable.
Don't you ever feel bad about this?
You're really getting scared now?
You gotta tell me.
Hugo, look me in the eyes.
Hey, look me in the eyes.
Can I trust you?
What about you, bro? Can I trust you?
We can still trust each other, can't we?
I want to know
why it was so important to you
that we what we did.
What are you trying to prove?
And you? What did you want to prove, Hugo?
Come on, answer me.
I'm not your commanding officer
and we weren't on a mission.
Why'd you follow me?
Why'd you fuck the bitch like we did?
[Jacobo] Three shots here, please.
You, come closer.
You'll wanna hear this too.
If we want someone
to blame, it's very simple.
It was Alba. Problem solved.
- Okay.
- Everyone agree?
What about you? You agree? Good.
Come on, let's make a toast.
To good friendship.
To the boys, gentlemen!
Come on. Get those shots up.
Down the hatch.
Come on. Let's move.
Every time we go out,
your face kills the mood.
What are you doing here?
I wanted to make sure you were all right.
I'll be okay
once they're all locked up behind bars.
I'll do my best, okay?
I'll see you in court.
Fatia heard that I'm representing you
and insisted that you two talk.
I think hearing about her experience
might be helpful, okay?
- I'll leave you here. The first door.
- Okay.
It was two years ago, and I was partying.
I met those guys that night at a club.
I got into their car
and they took me to a field, then
I reported them and took them to trial
and now they're in prison.
[Alba] So everything is all right now?
I mean, it's over, right?
No. This will never be over.
I'm still seeing a psychologist.
I'm still afraid.
I don't know. Like, I still feel guilt.
Because the worst thing
is not that they humiliated you,
or that they insulted you or made you
do things you didn't want to. No.
The worst part is that
you keep asking yourself if maybe
you said or did something
that will make them think you wanted this.
That you were dancing too suggestively,
or said something
that could have been misinterpreted.
That's what hurts the most.
The fact that they made me my own enemy,
my own victim.
don't let them do that to you, okay?
And above all, don't be ashamed. Not ever.
So soon?
- What's going on?
- We just heard from the court.
The judge is going to announce
whether he'll issue an indictment or not.
I'll go tell the boys.
[indistinct chatter]
Yeah. Good to see you.
Hello, Marta.
You're here.
In the case of the accusation
brought by Alba Llorens
against Rubén Entrerríos,
Jacobo Entrerríos,
Hugo Roig, and Bruno Costa,
for the alleged crime of rape
committed on the night of June 10, 2020,
I have decided
[emotional music playing]
If there's press, don't make a statement.
Straight to the car.
Bruno, let's go. Let's go.
[Bego] What happened?
[Marta] The judge decided
to let the prosecution
bring the case to court.
- Are they going to jail?
- No, they're not going to jail yet.
But we are going to trial.
- [Tirso] We've won.
- [Bego chuckles]
Yeah. Looks like it.
[Mercedes sobs quietly]
And they're not gonna show mercy, Alba.
They're gonna claim
you wanted it or you provoked them,
and all kinds of outrageous things.
[Eloy] Hi, Marta.
Good evening. Remember me?
Of course I do. I still have your number.
[Alba] And no one from their side
has offered any money?
Yes, except they
wouldn't have to serve any jail time.
- [Mercedes] I don't want anything.
- Forget about this and help your son.
Reaching a settlement
with the judge and the prosecution.
[Mónica] A rumor has been circulating
for days that the two sides
are close to a settlement.
If this proves to be true,
that would end the legal proceedings.
[Bego] Do you think he did it?
The only way I move on
is by erasing that night from my life.
And that means I erase him as well.
[Tirso] I wanted to see how you were.
- I'm off.
- Stay.
[Clara] You sure
you don't want your own lawyer?
You would have the best chance
with your own lawyer.
It's better if I stay with them.
[Rubén] This man
just got back from Somalia.
And Jacobo's coming.
[Rubén] Y ou're the only one
who understands.
You're always on my side.
- That's what friends are for.
- You're more than a friend.
[Rubén] Fucking faggot! Get out!
[gun cocks]
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