Alba (2021) s01e07 Episode Script

Chapter 7

[Mónica] Good morning. We're live
from the courthouse in Alicante,
reporting on a case that's been
making headlines all over the country.
Once the formal complaint
against the four defendants
is accepted by the court,
then the pretrial proceedings will begin.
This will be the first time the two sides
will face off with each other
in a trial that undoubtedly will be
one of the highest-profile cases
this year.
- Manuel.
- I tried to stop her, Your Honor.
Mercedes is always welcome in this office.
Would you like a coffee?
I don't want anything,
and you're a son of a bitch.
[papers rustle]
I guess I'm a clumsy son of a bitch
on top of it.
Excuse me.
My God.
What a coincidence.
What is this?
An investigation into Víctor
and just some of his
more interesting operations.
What are you saying to me?
Víctor Entrerríos was
a great man with many flaws.
His accumulation of power,
I'm afraid, was exactly proportional
to his capacity for corruption.
I've been stalling this for a while.
Some of my colleagues
are starting to wonder why.
Who are these colleagues?
The whole world knows
you and I are friends.
The world has
a wild imagination, Mercedes.
I had to choose.
Either I have to admit this complaint
or permit an investigation
of your accounts.
There's nothing wrong with our accounts.
Have you ever wondered
why your father-in-law chose you
instead of his own son?
Did you really think
it was because of your talent?
Think about it.
What about Rubén?
I don't care what happens to my husband.
I don't doubt it.
But now you can forget about this
and help your son.
Reach a settlement
with the judge and the prosecution.
What kind of settlement?
Acknowledging what happened,
then giving up the evidence.
The trial will be a matter
of coming to an agreement.
You had this planned all along.
I was just something fun for you to do.
You never had any intention of helping me.
This is helping you.
[opening theme music playing]
[woman singing in Spanish]
- How do you say "aunt"?
- Aunt.
Very good.
[both chuckling]
[Mónica on TV] The central mystery
of that night is also most unusual.
One of the defendants
was the victim's boyfriend.
Why would he participate
in something so terrible?
Questions we hope to answer.
According to a source,
the trial may start earlier than planned.
Here in the town
where the alleged rape took place,
passions were running high
as locals grappled with the allegations.
[Mónica continues indistinctly]
- [Mariano] A settlement?
- That's what he told me.
And this is the same guy
who fucked you for nothing?
- Speak to me with respect, Mariano.
- Am I supposed to be thankful you cheated?
Eloy is saying we should consider it.
Have an opinion?
[sighs] We wouldn't take
a guilty plea, Mercedes.
A settlement is just as bad. Maybe worse.
- It can't look like we're being weak.
- Even if we are.
They're going to challenge
all the evidence.
We can expect them
to find witnesses, whoever they can.
If they have to buy them,
they'll buy them.
They'll do whatever it takes to win.
They've shown that already.
And they're not going to show any mercy.
They're gonna claim you wanted it,
or you provoked them,
and all kinds of outrageous things.
[Alba] Mm-hmm.
And the worst part?
They're gonna do it really well.
So is there any good news?
They've never seen me angry.
But we have to be strong.
The only thing that really matters,
the only thing,
is to make sure they believe you.
That, and giving the rapists
what they deserve.
All the rapists.
Yes, Alba.
As of today, all of them are rapists.
I need some air.
Of course.
It's all right. Take your time.
[Marta] There's no hurry.
So what are we gonna do until then?
- What do you mean "until then"?
- Until the trial begins.
We work. Work like hell.
We have to be ready.
And we can't afford any mistakes.
Think we can win?
Do you know the story
of David and Goliath?
That's how we want this thing to end.
And I think it will.
Okay, I'm here.
So tell me what you want,
then I'm leaving and never coming back.
[Mercedes] You'll come back
as many times as it takes.
It's not like this is some party.
We're not doing this for fun.
Considering what lies ahead,
we're going to have to lean on each other.
Because if one of us falls,
we all fall together,
and we can't allow that to happen.
Can we, Bruno?
[Bego] I saw Bruno yesterday.
He was with Clara.
I didn't say hi.
And I was thinking about this
the whole way over here,
how difficult this must be
for both of you, really.
[Bego] I've been watching you two,
ever since you got together,
until this shit blew up.
Are you sure it's not worth fighting for?
[scoffs] Easy for you to say.
Do you still love him?
- [sighs] It's complicated.
- No, it's very simple.
You know Bruno is one thing,
and all this is something else.
[Alba sighs]
How do I separate them, hmm?
- Do you know?
- [Bruno] I don't know how to help Alba.
I want to be near her,
but I know I should leave her alone.
I don't know how to talk to you either.
I can't even look you in the eye.
Bruno. Hey, look at me.
Look at me.
I know who you are,
and don't forget that.
I'm going to be there for you,
no matter what.
Do you hear me? No matter what.
Whatever happens, you have me forever.
Do you really think he did it?
The only way I move on
is by erasing that night from my life,
and that means
I have to erase him as well.
I'm going crazy.
[Bruno] There's no way
to come out of this okay.
Listen, Bruno, you sure you don't want
your own lawyer to defend you?
We can mortgage the shop.
Whatever it takes.
You would have the best chance
with your own lawyer.
It's better if I stay with them.
Know their defense.
That's how I can help Alba.
You're going against yourself.
I don't deserve to save myself.
[upbeat pop song playing]
[Bego] Excuse me,
I need your help returning an item.
- I just thought
- I don't think I can help
[both laughing]
You should have seen your face.
- But what are you doing here?
- Surprising you.
- You're just the worst!
- Did you miss me?
[Alba] What do you think? Of course I did!
[Alba and Bego chatter indistinctly]
[knocking at door]
[Bruno] Thanks for getting that.
Oh my God. Dani, you handsome man.
Emergency rescue incoming.
Oh my God. He's like a zombie.
We have to evacuate immediately.
- Rubén
- This is me saving you.
- What are you saving me from?
- From yourself. What's up, Dani?
Got, uh, anything to, uh?
[Hugo chuckles]
[Bruno] Holy shit!
My mom wants to know
if you've done any ads on TV.
She's just like my nephew.
I won't do any until I finish my degree.
- If I finish, that is.
- Seriously?
You don't like advertising?
I don't like manipulating people.
Since when do you care about that?
[chuckles] Madrid is changing you.
[Alba] Hmm.
Okay then, what are we doing tonight?
- [Hugo] We going to the Note?
- No way, dude.
I'm sick and tired of the Note, the Rally,
the Sumo, all those shitty places.
- Why can't we do something different?
- Okay, like what?
We could keep busting my balls all night.
- That's just normal.
- [Hugo] Seriously, what should we do?
You know, what if we went to this party?
Are you ready for tonight?
[winces] Shh!
The art school party.
Why are you making that face?
- Fuck no, man.
- The girls are gonna be [inhales]
- [Bruno] Smoking?
- [laughs]
No, no, no. I have an exam on Monday.
There's a party tonight? Seriously?
Look, I didn't come to see you.
I came so I could party
before having to face cruel reality.
What cruel reality?
I thought you loved it, our home town.
Yeah, but it's so boring
in the off-season.
And worst of all, there's no dick.
Just hear me out. Come on.
This man just got back from Somalia.
We all need to celebrate that.
And Jacobo's coming here.
- If nothing else, please take pity on me.
- [chuckling]
It's gonna be fun! You know it!
[Rubén] He'll park anywhere. Watch.
Grandpa hooked it up.
- I don't believe you.
- I'm telling you, it's true.
You serious? That's a handicapped spot.
I know. I didn't drive all this way
to spend my night looking for parking.
- At your service, commander.
- [chuckles]
- At ease.
- Good to see you, man.
I'm glad you're home in one piece.
- How was Somalia?
- This guy killed some jihadists.
Dude, shut up.
I hope you washed your hands.
I don't wanna catch some type of virus.
[Rubén chuckles] What's up with you, man?
[Hugo] Fuck off.
- [Hugo] No. Don't call them jihadi.
- [Rubén] What else do you call them?
How you been?
- Better now.
- I came out just for you.
I came for you.
Oh, this is great. It's your date.
- They think they're superior.
- Because we are, my friend.
Well, let's go.
What shit hole have you brought me to?
It's a mix of the best types
of freaks and potheads.
- Plenty of pussy. Sweet pussy.
- Love it. Let's start with the pussy.
[Bego] Introduce me to someone.
- What do you think of him?
- He's not bad.
- He in your class?
- No. His name is Gael. He's brilliant.
He's a graffiti artist,
a sculptor, painter, photographer.
And I modeled for him once.
Compensated, of course.
You never told me you did that.
Because it's no big deal. Who cares?
Were you naked?
- [Bego laughs]
- What do you think happens in art school?
Oh, Alba, we're gonna do
something wild tonight. I can't wait.
- You're crazy.
- Yes. I am.
Bego, there are some friends of mine
I want you to meet.
And you should grab another drink.
- What are you looking at?
- What are you doing?
You were looking
at some girl, weren't you?
- I wasn't looking at anyone.
- I'm serious, Bruno. I know that look.
- You were zoning out.
- Were you really?
- Introduce us. Maybe she'll like us too.
- I'm not telling you guys anything.
All right. Let's grab beers.
- That's what I've been missing the most.
- They don't have girls over there?
Over there you gotta
brush sand off that pussy.
Mmm, nope. Because jihadist chicks
don't let you fuck 'em.
Hey, hey, take it easy.
It's a joke.
No. No, it's not a joke.
So what if we're a little racist?
A little racism never hurt anyone.
- [Rubén scoffs]
- Hey, Bruno.
[man] What the fuck
are you doing in the men's room?
I do what you do, but sitting down.
Is that a problem?
If you've never seen
a girl in the men's bathroom before,
- then I don't know what to tell
- [footsteps approaching]
Hey. [Bruno chuckles]
Um, was that you
watching me from up there on the balcony?
Uh, um
I think it was.
[both chuckle]
Your face looked familiar.
- Yeah, so did yours.
- Hmm.
But that's not why I was looking.
Oh, no?
[Rubén] Hugo, I'm telling you,
Bruno is pissing me off.
Did you hear him? Little bitch.
I swear to God, one day,
I'm gonna punch him
right in his square face.
- Hugo, you listening?
- Yes, motherfucker. I'm listening.
- [Rubén chuckles] Wow.
- [Hugo] What is it?
[Rubén] It's Sandra.
She keeps sending pictures of her tits.
- It's hilarious.
- [Hugo] Why?
[Rubén] Because on Sundays,
she has guitar lessons at the priest's.
[upbeat Spanish pop song plays]
[Hugo and Rubén chattering indistinctly]
[Rubén] Fuck you, man! That's my fiancée.
[Hugo] No way.
[Rubén] Hey, dude, you see
that Asian girl? Goddamn, she's fine.
They're talking about my roommate.
The "Asian."
- I see.
- Yeah.
What the hell
are you doing at this party?
That's a great question.
I didn't wanna come at all.
I didn't either.
But here we are.
Exactly why are we hiding
in this bathroom stall?
Who really knows?
Wanna leave?
- Mmm.
- Yeah.
[Alba] When you first saw me there,
you really didn't recognize me?
[Bruno] Uh, I mean,
that's a complicated question.
[Alba] Why is that?
[Bruno] Because my subconscious
might have known it.
But when you saw me, you felt something?
And in that moment,
you still didn't recognize me?
You know, I don't know.
Where are you trying to go with this?
- Where?
- Yeah.
How about my place?
I don't wanna make you nervous.
What's the matter?
Am I moving too fast?
Nah. Uh-uh.
Well then, is that everything?
And the sofa? Where is it?
Uh, it was Dani's.
And there was a shelf there, right?
- There was.
- Yeah.
You Don't worry about it.
[phone chiming faintly]
- Ah, shit. It's Toño. He's calling again.
- Have you told him yet?
No. Have you?
Uh, me tell your brother? Why would I
I meant your aunt, dummy.
No, not yet.
You think this is serious, don't you?
This is how serious I am.
As soon as we get back,
I'll climb to the top of City Hall
and announce it to everyone.
- Okay?
- Sounds great.
- I should go.
- No.
I have class.
Here are your set of keys.
Make yourself at home, okay? Get comfy.
Hope you have a good day.
Think I will.
[Bego] Hey babe, what's up?
- I'm fucking terrified.
- Why?
Because I'm so happy, Bego.
- [Bego laughs]
- I really am.
[Bego] That's great.
Well then, you came back.
I can track down whoever did the graffiti.
I wouldn't worry about it.
They'll get tired eventually.
Maybe so.
Let me get that for you.
And how is Olivia?
Well, she seems to be
responding well to the treatment.
I mean, I would have liked to stay
a few more days, you know?
- They're doing their best.
- Mmm.
- And your wife is still there with her?
- She's my ex-wife.
- Well, I assumed.
- Yeah. Yeah.
You know, our relationship
is getting a little bit better.
- As parents, I'm saying.
- Ah.
Have you had your talk
with the Entrerríos?
- Y-yes, I did.
- Then it's over?
Yeah. That's over with.
It was just parking tickets?
Just seems expensive for them
to pay for your daughter's treatment
in the United States.
All for some parking tickets.
César, listen.
There's one thing you can do for me.
Would you be able to help Bruno
with your special connections?
I should get back to work.
We can't have brooding photos,
confrontations with the press,
or reckless statements.
From now on,
your image must be unimpeachable.
No more nights on the town.
- You all have to live a family life.
- [Rubén scoffs]
Live a family life? A fucking family life?
My family's already my fucking life. Huh?
- What does that mean?
- It means no more partying.
We have to lie low for a while, Rubén.
If I wanna party,
who's gonna fucking stop me?
- Clean this shit up, Eloy.
- Hmm?
What do you know about what it takes
to win these kind of cases?
Our team has
the best possible defense for you.
It better be.
Let's go, Hugo.
[Hugo] Rubén, listen to him.
If we want to convince everyone
that we're not perverts,
we have to show them we're not perverts.
Who said anything
about us being perverts?
- [Eloy] You're risking your future.
- [scoffs]
My future? This isn't about my future.
It's about your future.
Huh? Or maybe Jacobo's future?
This isn't about me.
I'm sick of Jacobo's shit.
Who the fuck does he think he is?
Hmm? I don't trust him. I don't trust him.
The only thing he thinks about is
controlling everybody, just like Grandpa.
- Ignore him. He'll learn his lesson.
- Even my mom's trying to control me.
I'll work at the company if I want to
and marry Sandra if I feel like it.
- Your mom wants the best for you.
- She wants the best for herself.
But is it that different?
- Hey, what the fuck are you doing?
- Hey, hey.
Rubén, listen.
- Your family's right.
- Oh, fuck off.
I'm with you. Hey!
I'm in this with you.
Look at me.
Blink if you can hear me. [chuckles]
Sometimes, you're the only one
who understands.
Hmm? I'm always doing these stupid things
and you're always on my side.
That's what friends are for.
You're more than a friend to me.
Thank you, man.
What the fuck are you doing?
- Sorry.
- Get out. Get the fuck out of here!
You fucking faggot!
Get out of here! Get the fuck out!
[door opens, closes]
A rumor has been circulating
for several days
that the two sides
are close to a settlement.
If this proves to be true,
that would end the legal proceedings.
- But questions remain
- [TV turns off]
Where the hell did they hear that from?
I think I have a pretty good idea.
No one from their side has offered you
any money or a settlement?
No. For the moment, they've chosen
to leak it to the press instead.
But what's in it for them to do that?
For the time being,
as we just heard, it's only a rumor.
Now they sit back
and see if we fall for their trap.
If they called,
wouldn't that be admitting they're guilty?
It would. It would also
show their good disposition.
They would achieve their main objective:
not going to trial.
It would spare them the media,
and the scandal
wouldn't impact their business.
But this way,
won't everyone know that they're guilty?
Yes. Except they wouldn't
have to serve any jail time.
And after a while,
everything will be forgotten.
They'll get a clean slate.
[phone buzzes]
- Hello?
- [Mónica] Bruno Costa?
Who is this?
Mónica Robledo, journalist.
Please, don't hang up.
- Are you there?
- Yes.
Thank you. I just need a minute.
I'm calling because
I wanted to ask about Alba's case
[bead curtain swishes]
Are you drunk?
You okay?
I thought about what you asked me earlier.
You asked me to help Bruno.
I just can't do it.
I'm so sorry.
[exhales heavily]
If I were to try
I would lose my daughter.
[Eloy] Why didn't you tell me
your plan with the judge?
Because I just assumed
it was going to work.
Huh. That son of a bitch.
He'll get what's coming to himn one day.
What are you afraid of?
I don't want to lose.
In the trial?
I'm afraid for my son.
What do you think of her lawyer?
She doesn't know
what she's gotten into.
[Mónica] We've reached out
to Marta Villar,
but she has not responded
to our request for an interview.
In the past, Marta Villar has worked
at various law firms,
successfully defending cases
much less noble than her current one.
- [phone buzzing]
- It begs the question,
what caused her
to make such a radical change?
What's even stranger is that she has
very little professional experience
in this area of the law.
- Yes?
- [Eloy] Hi, Marta. Good evening.
Remember me?
You know who I am?
Of course I do.
I still have your phone number.
I've been expecting
this call for days now.
Eloy, there's no deal.
What's wrong? You shy all of a sudden?
[ominous music playing]
[knocking at door]
- [Tirso] Hi.
- Hey there.
I'm here to drop off the, uh, tools
that Toño left me the other day.
He'll be sleeping right now.
I'll just leave the tools.
There's no need for me to come in.
Since when do you need
an excuse to see me?
I wanted to see how you were.
[Alba] Hm.
How are you?
[Alba] Hm.
All right then.
- [grunts]
- [tools clattering]
- I'm off.
- Stay.
Are you sure?
Come in.
[Mónica] From what we've been hearing,
even though the defendants were
willing to settle and admit their fault,
private prosecution, led by Marta Villar,
attorney for Alba Llorens,
has rejected
the possibility of a settlement,
guaranteeing that this case
will go to trial.
The defendants are each facing sentences
of up to 20 years in prison.
It's all going to be okay.
[doorbell rings]
- Hey, everything okay?
- Yeah. Sorry, I didn't want to worry you.
- You're fine?
- Yes.
With the trial starting tomorrow,
I didn't want you to be alone.
[sighs] It's okay.
Whatever happens, happens.
You want something to drink?
I was in bed already.
Bruno, how are you so calm about this?
Well I try not to think about it much.
It's just I don't want you
to be alone, and
I don't know. That whole family
I feel useless,
not being able to help you more.
They're giving me
the best defense I could have.
If you want to do something for me,
then please don't suffer.
I don't have anyone else
standing by my side.
It's already so much.
Well, let me stay the night then.
- What?
- You don't have to.
- Weren't you going to bed? Just go to bed.
- I'm not ten.
Listen, I'll just sit here
and watch a movie,
and when you're asleep,
I'll leave silently.
Please I'm okay.
And you need to get some sleep as well.
You go home. I'll see you tomorrow.
If you insist.
Please stay.
All right, that's enough. Go to bed.
I'll be sitting here
watching my movie. You relax.
Off you go.
- Get some rest.
- You as well.
Take this. I know how cold you get.
Oh, you know me so well, dear.
Sleep tight, okay?
Good night.
This will be over soon.
Then what?
We could
make sure you have a fresh start.
Together, maybe.
I just
I remember we loved each other.
And we could go back there again.
I don't want to go back
anywhere I've been.
No, I don't mean going back.
I'm talking about
a whole new future
for us.
The day before what happened,
Bruno and I went for a run.
In front of us, we saw this woman
who was having trouble breathing.
He stopped to help her.
And then we walked her home.
We were going so fucking slow,
I was actually getting annoyed.
But later, we were laying down
on the grass together.
I thought to myself
that this guy must be
someone special.
Someone who would never
let me down or leave me behind.
But looks like I was wrong.
Thank you for being here, Tirso.
I always will be.
[Mónica] After the two sides were unable
to reach a settlement during the pretrial,
at last the highly anticipated
and controversial trial of the four men
accused of sexually assaulting
a woman from Alicante starts today.
Wearing a tie
won't make me any less guilty.
- [Rubén] What is wrong with Bruno?
- [Jacobo] Don't worry.
- How am I supposed to not worry?
- It's normal to have doubts
- with all that bullshit. Stay calm.
- Tell me why he didn't
He didn't touch her!
The fuck do you know? You were wasted.
- Don't yell at me.
- Don't touch me.
The fuck is wrong with you two?
You've been acting crazy for weeks.
Look, I don't care
That's fucking annoying.
Whatever it is, figure it out.
- [phone ringing]
- We don't need more fucking problems.
[Jacobo] Hey.
- I said sorry. What else can I do?
- Hugo, just shut up.
How come you never told me you were queer?
Would you accept it?
That's why.
[intense music playing]
Thank you.
- [Mónica] Hey.
- [judge on TV] Good morning.
I hereby begin the oral sessions
for the trial 20/34 789
of the year 2020.
We will now proceed
with the court secretary,
who will now read
the accusation and defense statements.
Why don't we go for a walk?
No, no. It's better if I stay.
Do you understand the charges
you've been accused of today?
And how do you plead
to the alleged charges?
[Hugo speaks haltingly]
- Uh, I wanna say I wanted to say
- [judge] I can't hear you.
- I-I wanted to say
- A bit louder, please.
Not guilty.
If I'd known what was gonna happen
I wouldn't have done it.
[Jacobo] These days, it is difficult
to know where to draw the line.
But that line can be subjective.
Someone looking with a different opinion
might conclude slightly different things.
Even though I'm absolutely certain
of my innocence,
I'm sorry for what happened,
and I apologize for it.
All I want is for justice
to be done, Your Honor.
- [Alba] What's going on?
- [Toño] Yesterday, I found a letter.
- [Alba] Everything is different.
- [Marta] This doesn't change anything.
[Alba] We could leak it.
What would that get us?
Demonstrators in front of the courthouse?
Doesn't work like that, Alba.
[lawyer] The district attorney
requests 20 years in prison
for defendants Jacobo Entrerríos,
Rubén Entrerríos, and Hugo Roig.
As for defendant Bruno Costa,
the district attorney requests
an additional ten year sentence
for domestic violence.
[Marta] I'm sorry.
This is a criminal trial.
I can't defend the victim
and one of the accused at the same time.
One side wins and one side loses.
[Mercedes] Maybe it was just me,
but I didn't see
your daughter at the trial.
I know I offered all my support
until we hear the sentence,
but we're calling off
her engagement to Rubén.
[Rubén and woman panting]
[woman] Don't squeeze so tight, Rubén.
- [woman] Let go.
- [Hugo] Rubén?
[Rubén] Hugo.
- [Hugo] What do you want?
- [Marta] To talk.
I know for a fact that Bruno
didn't have anything to do with her rape.
And you're dying to tell someone.
Why don't you
tell the judge the fucking truth?
[judge] Do you swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing but?
[Hugo] I swear.
Can you tell me if Bruno Costa
had sexual intercourse with the plaintiff?
[Marta] The question
is very simple, Mr. Roig.
Yes or no?
[Bruno] After what happened to Alba,
someone attacked me.
- Really?
- They threatened to hurt all of us.
You and Alba's family. I think someone
[Clara] César.
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