Alba (2021) s01e08 Episode Script

Chapter 8

- Lieutenant Giner?
- Who am I speaking to?
This is Agent Ballester,
from cybercrimes division.
I'm calling in regards to
the Alba Llorens case.
You told me to keep tracking the servers
because you thought
we might find more videos.
Well, you hit the nail on the head.
Here we have
a family, the Entrerríos,
both socially
and professionally respected,
known for their commitment
and generosity toward their community.
And you don't get
that reputation overnight.
It has to be earned, every day.
These are the "criminals,"
whom both the district attorney
and the prosecution,
without a single shred of proof,
want to prevent from developing
their promising careers,
wrenching their youth away in the process.
Their academic records,
their civilized behavior,
and their memberships
in various humanitarian organizations
- all contradict the crimes
- Nice tennis shoes.
of which they stand accused.
And we would be remiss
- What did you say?
- No, just forget it.
Hugo Roig has a flawless military record.
What did you say, you crook?
Say something!
You're so pathetic.
- Pathetic?
- Toño
You're a heartless monster!
Toño! Sit down!
Alba! Alba!
- How did it go?
- They kicked me out.
- What?
- I told him to stop it.
He started it. It wasn't my fault.
He said it. I had to say something.
- Toño, go home and wait for me.
- No.
- Toño, go home.
- I said no.
Go away!
Okay. I-I'll go. I'll hurry.
Before we delve into the facts,
I'd like to point out
that, as I mentioned before,
the accuser was in a relationship
with one of the defendants,
which raises questions about his motives.
Why would he rape his own girlfriend?
Does that make any sense?
And if he raped her,
why did they keep living together
as if nothing had ever happened?
What kind of woman
would consciously choose
to live with a predator?
The answer is simple.
A woman with a plan.
She transformed a night of pleasure
into an opportunity for personal gain.
Undoubtedly, it was a financial one.
The defense is speculating.
- Continue, please.
- Thank you.
Your Honor, throughout this trial,
we will present you confirmed evidence
about the accuser's provocative behavior
and conduct in the past,
not only from the night in question.
but from many others.
About her passion for partying
and her flirtations with drugs.
A woman who left behind
a steady boyfriend to go to Madrid,
where she earned her living posing naked.
Objection, Your Honor!
This is inadmissible.
- My client's personal life
- Let Mr. Duvall finish.
In short, Your Honor, we have an accuser
whose conduct happens to be questionable.
And that plants a seed of doubt
in every detail
of her specious allegations.
I therefore request
the acquittal of my defendants.
I thank the court for its time.
Thank you very much, Mr. Duvall.
Now let's hear
from the district attorney.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Uh, firstly, as a representative
of the DA's office,
I want to state for the record
my total disagreement
with the argument
put forward by the defense,
particularly in its inclusion and reliance
on cheap criticism
of the victim's lifestyle.
Uh, a victim,
a victim who should never become,
nor will we allow her to become,
the defendant at any point
in these proceedings.
Therefore, the district attorney
requests a penalty of 20 years in prison
for defendants Jacobo Entrerríos,
Rubén Entrerríos, and Hugo Roig.
We also request
an additional ten years of parole
and a strict restraining order
on the victim's behalf.
As for defendant Bruno Costa,
the district attorney requests
the same 20-year prison sentence,
ten years of parole,
a restraining order,
and an additional ten-year sentence
for domestic violence.
Thank you, Your Honor.
Mr. Duvall!
Please, please.
My clients won't be making statements.
If you have any questions,
I'll try to answer. One at a time.
We're not worried.
We trust justice will be served.
- You coming?
- No. I'll go with my aunt.
Thank you. Nothing more to say.
- Miriam, what happened? Where's Alba?
- Take your medicine now.
Alba, Alba, sweetie.
I'm so sorry, sweetheart.
I should go back
and apologize to the judge.
- No, don't worry about it, okay?
- I don't want this to hurt your case.
You're not going back, Toño.
Of course.
- Look, I can go back
- Listen to me.
I don't need you to be there
to know you're here for me.
- Okay?
- Are you sure?
I'm sure.
Whatever you want.
Why don't you go down
to your room and lie down?
- You need to rest.
- Yeah. Good idea.
Since your sister pressed charges
business has taken a turn for the worse.
More than usual.
- What?
- Honey, you have to be patient.
A bar isn't the same as a restaurant.
- It's complicated. Especially when
- When what?
When you have no idea
what you're getting into.
People aren't coming
because they don't want
to choose your sister over the Entrerríos.
Don't you see?
Making enemies with those people
means bad news for anyone,
but especially for me,
now that there's
one more mouth to feed and less money.
- Shh, you might wake her.
- That's the only thing you care about.
- Right now, it is.
- Fine.
I'm sorry. I didn't want to wake you.
Holy shit. What time is it?
Don't worry about it. It's still early.
Alba, look, I've been thinking
about everything that's happened
the last few months.
I wanted you to know that I
I think we have something
really special.
And that makes me so happy.
Look, Tirso
over the past few months,
you've been so
so caring and supportive when I needed it,
and that means everything.
But I don't think my feelings for you
are the same, or as strong,
as yours are for me.
I mean, maybe I wasn't clear about that,
so I'm sorry.
We don't have to talk about this now.
But I just want you to know
that I'll always be here.
I am here.
But no, no pressure.
I'll wait outside, okay?
- See you, Toño.
- See you, Tirso.
- Did you get some sleep?
- Yeah.
Hey, I overheard you and Miriam arguing.
- Everything okay?
- Of course. It's always the same.
- More important, how are you?
- Toño.
I have plans
for the day this is all behind us,
and all of them involve you.
I need you to take care of yourself. Hmm?
- Love you.
- Bye.
"Assurance of confidentiality"?
We're suffering heavy losses.
We need to start construction
in two months or less,
because the investors
are getting cold feet.
They don't trust us?
What do you think?
We're on the news every day.
So, what can we do?
- Win this trial.
- And in the meantime?
Improve our image.
Maybe we should pour
more company money into social projects.
We need a much stronger presence
in the community.
Dad would never have gone for that.
Dad never saw
all his grandsons sitting in a court.
What do we have to lose?
For one thing, we'll look like idiots
trying to ride out the situation.
We based our entire strategy
for corporate growth on that project.
Let's keep at it. Let's close the deals
before there's even a verdict.
That's your plan?
Just keep going? And what, ignore reality?
Maybe you should
take some time to think it over.
Look at it this way.
What if you're both right?
Let's keep moving forward,
mold a more positive image,
convince all the investors
who keep doubting us.
And then let's find some
that are a little less scrupulous,
the ones who won't care
if we lose the trial.
And what about Emilio?
Do you think
he could get City Hall on-board?
Let her in.
Lieutenant Giner?
You asked for me?
We just recovered two new video clips
from the boys' cell phones.
- From that night?
- Yes. From Jacobo and Rubén.
Instead of erasing them,
they saved them to the cloud.
They tried to delete them,
but of course the server
already had a back-up copy.
Why would they risk saving those?
Could be pure narcissism, like a trophy.
Hard to say.
But then, once things got nasty
They got scared. Of course.
I assume you called me
because you found
something interesting in them, right?
- Is that Bruno?
- Mm-hmm.
It looks like he's unconscious
for most of the recording.
That doesn't mean he didn't participate,
but in that condition of his,
it seems unlikely.
And so?
- That on its own won't count as evidence.
- Yeah.
But maybe if you talk to Hugo Roig
Talk with him? Why?
Because it was Hugo Roig
who sent that video.
- Okay.
- And that tells me he feels remorse.
- Hello?
- Hi, Hugo.
This is Marta Villar,
Alba Llorens' attorney.
- What do you want?
- I just want to talk.
About what?
I think you know the answer to that.
- Hello.
- You wearing a wire? You recording this?
What do you want?
Just to talk to you.
Is this legal?
Sure, it's legal.
It's as legal as raping a young woman
and framing an innocent man.
Fair enough.
I sent the video to Alba.
I needed her to know the truth,
and I couldn't take the
What couldn't you take, Hugo?
All the guilt?
I studied every second
of that video you took,
not to mention the ones
Rubén and Jacobo uploaded to the cloud.
To the cloud? What are you saying?
I know for a fact
that your good friend Bruno
didn't have anything to do with her rape.
I think that you know that too,
and you're dying to tell someone.
Why don't you finish
what you started, Hugo?
Why don't you tell the judge
the truth once and for all?
Do you know
what you're asking me to do?
Of course I know
what I'm asking you to do.
The same thing that's expected
from anyone
with your status in the military.
I'm sorry.
It's okay, Toño.
I can take care of it. Go.
- You're sure?
- Yeah.
Thanks a lot, sweetheart.
I'm just tired.
- Don't stay too late, okay? Not too late.
- Mm-hmm.
Love you too.
- What are you doing here?
- Take it easy. I didn't mean to scare you.
I'm sorry.
You need to know
Bruno didn't rape you that night.
He was so fucked up that
he passed out.
We lied and told him he was a part of it.
There's still time, you know.
Time for what?
To get out of this with some dignity.
I'm sorry.
Hugo, Hugo, wait.
Please. Please don't.
Tell your nutjob lawyer to leave me alone,
or I'm gonna have to press charges.
It's César.
Just leave it there. Give me a hand.
I can leave
if you'd rather talk to him alone
I don't feel like talking to César.
I just don't.
Did you know he told me he did
some little favors for the Entrerríos?
What do you mean, favors?
Removing fines.
Uh nothing very important.
Uh, wait a minute.
Nothing important? He's a policeman.
Yeah, yeah, I know he's a policeman. Yeah.
But I don't know.
I guess he did some other stuff too.
I I don't really know.
Why didn't you tell me about him before?
Because I didn't want to believe it.
You know that I I always liked him.
And then you went to Madrid.
And he started
coming around to keep me company.
I got my hopes up, to be honest.
I I didn't
I didn't know he was mixed up in this.
I wanted to give him
another chance. I wanted
All right.
Don't worry. It's okay.
- I'm sorry.
- No. No. Hey, hey. It's okay.
Don't worry.
I need
There's something I didn't tell you.
After what happened to Alba
someone attacked me.
They threatened to hurt all of us.
You and Alba's family.
That's why you didn't talk.
Oh, Bruno.
My boy.
Oh, I'm so sorry, my love.
But But I think
I think someone
Why didn't you say anything?
I wanted to sound out Hugo.
- But everything is different now.
- No. This doesn't change anything.
You can't modify a charge
in the middle of a court case.
We could leak it.
People would come protesting.
What would that get us?
Demonstrators in front of the courthouse?
It doesn't work like that, Alba.
I really didn't think
Hugo would come see you.
I wanted to see
if he would reconsider his testimony.
What if he does?
What if he exonerates Bruno?
The case will continue.
The court might take it into account,
but the case will continue.
Christ. What the hell did I do?
What did I do?
You made a decision.
You can't blame yourself for that.
It's my fault. I didn't believe him.
Alba, right now we need to focus on you
and stick to the original accusation.
- I don't know.
- What don't you know?
Listen to me, Alba.
I'm really sorry,
but this is a criminal trial.
I can't defend the victim
and one of the accused at the same time.
Hmm? One side wins and one side loses.
- I got here soon as I could. What is it?
- Quiet. In there.
- What's going on?
- He didn't do it.
- Who?
- Bruno.
- He was unconscious the whole time.
- They were all stoned.
They probably left Bruno lying there.
How do you know?
- Hugo told Alba.
- Hugo?
Did he tell you anything else?
- Isn't that enough?
- I don't know.
He's a brainless son of a bitch,
like the others.
- How do you know he's telling the truth?
- What if he's being honest?
He could've just kept quiet.
Right, but he's still sticking with them.
They have the same attorney.
What if it's a strategy?
Did you tell Marta?
No, Marta was the one who told me.
We're shit out of luck
if he doesn't say this in court,
because then legally speaking
we couldn't do anything.
But what would he gain from talking?
- He'll be convicted either way.
- It would clear his name.
He's a soldier, right?
He'd have nothing to lose.
He'd lose Rubén, for example.
- Rubén?
- Oh, you don't know?
Alba, are you okay?
I just wanted to hear your voice.
Good night.
Good night.
- Good morning.
- I left some juice for you in the fridge.
- Hello?
- Mr. Antonio Llorens?
- Yes, speaking.
- Pleasure to speak with you.
I'm calling from the bank
regarding some overdue payments
from the last three months.
We'd like to know
the reason you're behind on them,
and we'd also like to inform you
that you have
two weeks to pay the balance.
Oh! Yes, mmm, I I understand.
No problem. I'll call tomorrow
and we'll sort everything out.
Thanks a lot. Thanks.
Who was that?
Nobody. Just a distributor.
The guys work hard,
but they're a pain in the ass.
- How's the juice?
- I'm ready.
You might be over-dressed for a trial.
Well, I want to make an impression.
- You coming too?
- Mm-hmm.
Today I get to watch Marta.
I gotta go. I'm driving there with Bego.
Hey, I'm sorry I can't be there today.
Don't worry, Toño. I'll be there for you.
- You don't have to go.
- I do.
We're a family, right?
- Mercedes.
- Go ahead.
I just wanted to say good luck.
You're going to need it.
Judge Salgado is one of the finest.
I guarantee you a fair trial.
Do you think you could
talk to her for me? For Rubén?
Oh, Mercedes, Mercedes.
You've always been so persistent.
- You promised me.
- I never promised you anything.
What's in it for me?
A stake in the company?
You mean the one
on the verge of bankruptcy.
Money, properties, whatever you want.
Manuel, please,
just talk to Judge Salgado for me.
It's not easy to sway a judge's verdict,
and it's a serious crime.
Do it for me.
It's never good
to speak out of desperation.
It really doesn't become you.
We need to talk.
Oh, yeah? About?
- What did she want?
- Who?
Oh, nothing, nothing.
Today, the prosecution
makes its case.
We'll find out
if the victim's attorney, Marta Villar,
can refute the arguments
put forward by the defense.
Her lack of experience in criminal trials
has been the subject of some controversy
among many legal professionals,
given that several renowned law firms
battled it out for this case.
Your Honor,
sadly these sexual predators
are just a few more names
added to this incomprehensibly long
and unfortunate list that keeps growing
day after day in this country.
But I would like to point something out.
This is the first time, as far as we know,
that some of the people on that list
live in luxury houses
and drive high-end cars.
It makes me wonder
how many sexual assaults
have been swept under the rug
by big families with deep pockets
who will pay any price
to preserve their legacy
and keep their victims quiet?
Objection, Your Honor.
Overruled. Continue.
Thank you.
Their encounter with Alba Llorens,
the victim, was anything but casual.
They were waiting for her.
You might even say they were hunting.
It was a premeditated ambush.
It wasn't impulsive.
The defense was right.
There was a plan.
But not one cooked up by the victim, no.
This was a plan
devised by the defendants.
A plan which was conceived
and executed to perfection.
Your Honor, throughout this trial,
we will offer persuasive evidence
proving their conduct was
at the very least reprehensible,
and the modus operandi
for most of the defendants
during the night in question.
With that in mind,
we the members of the prosecution
request the maximum sentence
for Rubén Entrerríos,
Jacobo Entrerríos, and Hugo Roig.
Additionally, I am modifying
the conclusions I made initially
in regards to Bruno Costa,
since it has been proven
that his awareness was seriously impaired
on the night in question,
due to the amount
of alcohol and narcotics he ingested.
Consequently, we request
the lowest possible sentence
for the aforementioned defendant.
I thank the court for its time.
That should
hopefully help Bruno a lot.
I'm so worried.
Do you think
he should change his representation?
I don't think it's too late for that.
Toño, you okay?
I can't take this.
What's going on?
Yesterday, I found a letter.
It said "assurance of confidentiality."
Miriam promised to stay quiet
in exchange for money.
Say nothing about
I don't know.
Who did she sign it for?
- The lawyer for the Entrerríos?
- Mmm.
Yeah, but it's okay. Don't worry, sweetie.
Whatever's going on, I'll figure it out.
Where's the letter?
- Hello, Clara. How are you?
- Hi, César.
- I need to ask you something.
- Yes, sure. Go on.
No, in in person, if that's okay.
Sure, no problem. It's just that
I'm about to start my shift.
Okay. Can you can drop by later?
Will do.
I'll come by tonight after I get off.
Maybe it was just me
but I didn't see
your daughter at the trial.
She didn't go.
It's just too much for her.
I know.
But if Sandra supports
her fiancé through this,
it'll help demonstrate his innocence.
Yes. I know the boys are innocent.
Mercedes, I know
you've been devoted to him all your life,
and I admire you for that.
But I'm also devoted to Sandra,
and I don't know how much more of this
I can put her through.
Do you understand?
Our children would be
having fun on their honeymoon today.
I know I offered all my support
until we hear the sentence.
And I'll stick to that.
Thank you.
But we're calling off
her engagement to Rubén.
You can't have it all, Mercedes.
Bruno, it's me.
I know I shouldn't be here.
Okay, so why are you here?
You didn't do it, Bruno.
You didn't do anything.
- What?
- You were unconscious the whole time.
How do you know?
Hugo told me.
The Civil Guard found more videos
that prove you were unconscious, Bruno.
All we need now is
for Hugo to testify in your defense.
No. That'll never happen.
Why not?
He wouldn't do that to Rubén.
He won't betray him.
I didn't do anything?
So what now?
Is that it?
Is that it for us?
- You didn't call me for a while there.
- I was going to get married.
- Really? Who backed out, you or her?
- Mm-hmm.
Would you marry me?
This is gonna cost you extra.
Don't squeeze so tight.
Shut up.
Fucking bitch. It was your fault.
Yeah, you were asking for it!
Rubén, let go!
You almost killed me, you bastard!
I'm gonna report you to the cops.
Okay, get in line.
What are you doing here?
- I need to talk to you.
- About what?
You know what.
You talked to the Civil Guard?
How did you find out?
How long have we been friends?
I need you to tell me why.
Why you left me there on the ground.
Why you'd allow all this
to happen in front of you.
It was my only option.
I had to choose, Bruno.
And you chose to make me believe
that I raped my own girlfriend.
Tell me.
You of all people know
what it's like to be in love.
So what do you want? Why are you here?
You want to hit me? Come on!
Motherfucker, hit me!
I know you.
I know you're different.
And now, with this trial,
you have one more chance to prove it.
You can choose again.
Don't do it for me,
or for Rubén.
Do it for you.
Think about the kind of person you were,
and the person you'll become
if you keep lying.
I was starting to think you wouldn't come.
I said I'd be here. It sounded important.
What kinds of favors
do you do for the Entrerríos?
I'm not proud of that,
and I don't like talking about it.
But if I had to, I'd do it again.
Was it you
who attacked Bruno in his apartment?
- What?
- Was it you?
Yes or no? Don't lie to me.
It wasn't me.
You don't know
how badly I needed to hear that.
What did you want to ask?
Clara, what's going on?
Am I important to you?
Of course you're important to me.
Very important. You know that.
Then you have to help.
We can still save Bruno.
Okay, what can I do? Tell me.
When it's your turn on the stand,
testify in his favor.
Tell them
that he's not like the other three.
Your testimony
will give him the credibility in court.
I don't know.
You've known Bruno
since he was a little baby.
You watched him grow up.
You know that that he would never
hurt anyone. He just couldn't.
Much less hurt Alba.
The only ones to blame here
are the Entrerríos.
César, I'm getting desperate here.
Please help me.
Please help me.
I'm so terrified
that Bruno will wind up in prison
for God knows how many years.
- Can you help us?
- Okay.
- I'm begging you.
- Calm down.
- We need you.
- Calm down.
- Help him.
- Listen to me.
I'll do what I can. I promise you.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Oh, thank you. Thank you.
Thank you so much.
It's okay.
It's okay.
I need help.
- Where are you?
- At the fucking hotel.
Rubén! Rubén!
Shit. You've gotta be fucking kidding me.
Hey! Hey! Come on. Hey, come here.
Okay, there we go.
There we go. There we go.
Hey. What the fuck happened to you?
Hey, you okay?
- We're going to the hospital.
- Just what we need now.
Damn it, cut it out, Rubén. Come on.
You were fucking right.
I can only trust you.
Let's go.
We need to be on time.
I hate coming down here
to this shit-hole apartment of yours.
Hey, Dad
do you ever wonder
whether you're doing the right thing?
- No, never.
- You don't?
What if by doing the right thing,
I'd ruin my career in the army?
That if I do do my duty,
I might be dishonorably discharged.
No, son.
Every man lives
in his own stronghold.
The most important thing
is to defend what's yours,
to make sure nothing and no one
gets through your walls.
That way, you command everyone's respect.
That's how you make a man.
And unfortunately
I don't think you are one.
I'll be out in the car.
I call Mr. Hugo Roig to testify.
Do you swear
to tell the truth, the whole truth,
and nothing but the truth,
so help you God?
I swear.
- The prosecution may proceed.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
Good morning, Mr. Roig.
Are you friends with Rubén Entrerríos,
Jacobo Entrerríos, and Bruno Costa?
I am.
- How long have you know them?
- Since we were children.
Would you say
they're your best friends?
- Yes.
- Do you do everything together?
What do you mean by that?
Celebrations, parties, funerals.
Would you say
you know everything about your friends?
I would say that, yes.
Can you tell me where you were
on the night of June 10th this year?
- I was out partying with them.
- Where did you go?
To Kevin's Pub.
- We also had some drinks on the street.
- Just drinks?
What else? Drugs?
- Yes.
- Could you be more specific?
We had some cocaine
and some amphetamines.
Would you say you were fully conscious
and aware of your surroundings that night?
Who were you with that night
when you encountered Alba Llorens?
With Jacobo and Rubén.
And Bruno?
He showed up later.
All right.
Let's get into the details,
if you don't mind.
Did you at any time that evening
force the plaintiff
to have sexual intercourse?
Did any of your friends force her?
Do you admit
that you penetrated her vaginally?
- Yes. Yes.
- Excuse me?
Was it just you?
Who else did?
And you mentioned
that Bruno showed up later.
Did he participate in her rape?
She's not allowed to use that term.
Rephrase the question, please.
Can you tell me if Bruno Costa
had sexual intercourse with the plaintiff?
The question is very simple, Mr. Roig.
Yes or no?
Yes or no?
Did he or didn't he, Mr. Roig?
Yes, he did it too.
Tell me what happened with you two
in the summer of 2015.
Did it ever occur to you
they might use this against us?
Yes, Alba and I We hooked up.
- Alba.
- I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
Eloy's coming. We can't be seen together.
Had you ever had
group sex before that night?
- No. I didn't.
- Really? Has anyone else?
Yes. My cousin did. Rubén.
Rubén hired an escort.
I'm sure of it.
I'd like to present
some last-minute evidence
that may testify
to the defendant's character.
Rubén made everyone hate him!
Did you see the looks on their faces?
What is this?
The fucking drama club?
No means no!
- Let's make this problem a solution.
- Mireia Salarich. I'm a psychiatrist.
You had it publicly stated
your son is mentally unfit to stand trial,
and I called
for an emergency board meeting
to prevent someone like him from getting
their grubby hands on the company.
These people are
usually repeat offenders,
especially when you have
money to cover it up.
That's two reports
of sexual assault.
The victims both worked
for the Entrerríos.
- I can't help you.
- I know the Entrerríos can be terrifying.
If there's anyone who knows
exactly how you feel, it's me.
When Alba found out
about your alleged involvement that night,
what was her initial reaction?
- To report it.
- But you opposed her doing that.
But why?
Think of your daughter before you speak.
If we prove she was drugged,
that would be a start.
It's not if we find out
who sold it to Jacobo and the others.
You really can't think
who could have done it?
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