Alba (2021) s01e09 Episode Script

Chapter 9

[Mónica] Roig's statement
seemed to confirm
Bruno Costa's involvement
in the incident.
Costa, the boyfriend
of the alleged victim, is seemingly
[TV turns off]
I just I thought that at least Hugo
might tell the truth.
I mean, he's pretty much
a member of that family.
They've got him brainwashed.
What else would you expect from a rapist?
I just don't know what I can do
to help Bruno. I don't know.
- I just don't.
- Me neither.
I don't know. I'm so sorry.
- I don't need anything.
- You have to eat, Bruno.
- I'm not hungry.
- But you should.
Really, I said I'm not hungry.
Did you really think
he would ever tell you the truth?
Hugo's not like the other two,
but I knew he wouldn't tell the truth.
But why?
[Bruno] Because he's in love with Rubén.
In the end, that's all that matters.
Seriously, dude? Listen,
we had to say that Bruno was there.
We'd be screwed otherwise.
We're not doing
twenty years for half an hour.
Doesn't make any fucking sense.
Come on, this is gonna pass. I swear.
I'm sorry for what I said.
Huh? Uh You know, I don't really
I don't really like guys,
but if I did, you'd be my first choice.
You really fucking would.
You know, I've been thinking,
when we would make out
with chicks together
You know, I mean,
like what did you feel?
[Hugo sighs]
No, seriously. I'm curious if you, like
If you felt anything,
or you were just
going along with stuff, maybe.
[door opens]
Well, I should head out.
See you tomorrow, Rubén.
Yes, sir.
- Look, what I said
- You did exactly what you had to do, son.
[breathes shakily]
[Tirso] Rubén hired an escort.
I'm sure of it.
But something must have happened there,
because Hugo had to pick him up.
Who recorded it?
A friend of mine.
He's a valet at the hotel.
And earlier,
he saw the girl run out crying.
Does he know her?
No, he's just worked there
a couple days,
and he doesn't know her
or how to contact her.
What's his name?
- Would he take the stand?
- My friend?
Would he? He'd need
to tell the court what he saw,
and imply what he didn't see.
As soon as he recognized Rubén,
he thought recording would be a good idea,
but I don't think
he wants to get involved.
Can I talk to him?
You're welcome to try.
But this guy, he's had
some trouble with the police,
so I doubt it.
Did you push him hard enough?
- I'd do anything for Alba.
- Okay.
- Can I take this?
- Of course. Yeah.
[indistinct chatter]
[opening theme music playing]
[woman singing in Spanish]
Shall we?
Um, go ahead. I'll catch up.
[Clara] Bruno!
- [Clara] Come on! We'll be late.
- Yeah.
[Jacobo] Yes, we did have sex with her.
But it was consensual.
[Marta] When you say "consensual,"
do you mean to say
that the plaintiff agreed to participate?
She was moaning the whole time.
Moaning with pleasure
from start to finish.
I imagine you've had experiences
with this type of situation in the past.
Sorry, I don't understand.
How could you make
that claim if you hadn't?
It was obvious. You can just tell.
If she didn't, I can assure you
we wouldn't have tried it.
[Marta] Had you ever had
group sex before that night?
- No, I didn't.
- You haven't?
Really? Has anyone else?
Yes, my cousin did.
[Rubén] She didn't say no.
She didn't say stop. Nothing like that.
She could have ended it at any moment.
Nothing was stopping her.
[Marta] So she didn't say anything.
And before you started,
did you ask her if she wanted to do that?
I don't know how things work at your age,
but you don't go around
asking stuff like that.
Things just happen
when everyone wants 'em to.
What's there to talk about?
So she went through with it
because she found you all very attractive?
Or because she thought doing it
under a bridge might be exciting?
I mean, I thought it was pretty exciting.
Definitely turned me on.
[Marta] is it possible
she didn't leave because she was afraid,
that she was paralyzed
after being cornered
by a group of aggressive men
much stronger than her?
That's ridiculous.
None of us threatened her.
- [Marta] I didn't say she was threatened.
- [Eloy] Objection, Your Honor.
Is this some fucking scam
to get our money or what?
We could've had
any girl we wanted that night.
Why would we rape her?
Rape her? Did you just say "rape"?
Your Honor, she is manipulating
my client's statement.
[Salgado] Overruled. Proceed, counselor.
[Marta] Tell me something.
Do you consider yourself
to be a normal person?
Of course I do.
Do you consider
your treatment of women to be normal?
Your Honor, I'd like to present
some last-minute evidence
that may testify
to the defendant's character
and what, to his perception,
counts as normal.
Your Honor, we did not have
any evidence shared with us.
- [Hugo] Let's go home.
- [Rubén] No. We're going to a fucking
[Hugo] No, Rubén, no.
What are you talking about?
- [Rubén] I'm telling you
- [Hugo] We're not going anywhere.
[Rubén] What? You came to pick me up.
[Rubén] Why am I a bastard?
I'm getting us pussy.
[Hugo] You're always
talking me into something.
[Rubén] Let's go get shitfaced.
- [Hugo] Fine. You win. Okay, man.
- [Rubén whooping on TV]
[Marta] As we all just saw,
two of the defendants can be seen here
leaving the Los Álamos hotel.
This hotel is well-known
for having a certain kind of reputation.
Can you be more specific?
[Marta] I'm saying that this hotel
is a brothel in all but name,
and that, coincidentally,
it is operated by the Entrerríos.
[Eloy] Objection, Your Honor.
In addition to being highly defamatory,
these claims have no relevance whatsoever.
Your Honor, I'm trying to characterize
the behavior of the defendant,
in particular his conduct towards women.
Mr. Entrerríos
the night you went to that hotel,
did you have contact with anyone?
[Marta] I remind you
that you are under oath.
[Eloy] Your Honor, how my client
spends his free time or his money
is not relevant to this case.
[Salgado] Let me remind you that you
do not have the floor, Mr. Duvall.
[Marta] Thank you, Your Honor.
Mr. Entrerríos,
the night you went to that hotel,
didn't you pay a woman
to have sexual relations?
[Eloy] Objection.
[Marta] Didn't you also pay her
for something else?
[Salgado] What are you referring to?
I'm referring to the fact
that inside that room,
we understand there were
acts of abuse and violence
- Can she say that?
- [Eloy] Objection.
[Marta]similar to those
suffered by the plaintiff.
- Objection.
- Can you prove what you are saying?
- Not exactly, Your Honor.
- [laughs]
- But we are trying to establish
- [Salgado] Approach the bench, please.
"Not exactly," counselor?
I expect you have a witness
to corroborate the claim you just made.
[Marta] The witness refuses to testify
and the victim
cannot be contacted, Your Honor.
I understand.
But I will not let you
turn these proceedings into a show.
If you continue to make accusations
without any evidence to support them,
solely for you to interfere
with the honest testimony
of these defendants,
I'll declare a mistrial.
I am very sorry, Your Honor.
The court is adjourned until tomorrow.
[Mariano] It should have been simple.
All he had to do was stay at home,
but no, he had to go to that hotel
to fuck a whore!
So what?
That doesn't prove he raped anyone.
You're right. It just proves
we raised a complete idiot.
Congratulations on your part in that.
Rubén made everyone
in the courtroom hate him.
Did you see the looks on their faces?
That lawyer isn't
as dumb as she looks, you know.
Let's make this problem a solution.
I'm not following.
We should call Salarich.
You can't be serious.
Think about it.
Their testimony could
keep Rubén out of prison.
Or totally destroy him.
Listen. No more surprises.
Okay then. See you tomorrow.
- All right.
- [Bruno] See you.
Why didn't you tell me about the hotel?
If you fucked a whore,
would you tell me?
I'm not being accused of rape.
Is what you told me about Alba the truth?
I swear it is.
All right then. Not a word to anyone.
- Okay. When?
- Tomorrow.
So you and the plaintiff knew each other
long before the night in question?
Yes, that's true.
I would say I've known her well
for the last 3 or 4 years, probably.
But you didn't recognize her that night?
It's been a long time
since I've seen her. I'm not sure.
At any point in the past
were you friends with her?
No. I wouldn't call us friends.
But you saw one another in town?
Yeah. I mean, we're both from here.
Everyone knows everybody here.
Tell me what happened
with you two in the summer of 2015.
[Rubén] I don't know.
It's been a while. I can't say.
[Eloy] Make an effort.
[Rubén] 2015
Yes, Alba and I, we hooked up.
[Marta] Objection, Your Honor.
What is the relevance of this?
Whether or not they dated
doesn't negate the defendant's actions.
It may help to put Alba's motives
for accusing my clients into perspective.
- [Salgado] Proceed.
- Thank you, Your Honor.
Tell me,
how did that relationship finally end?
I had to break up with her.
No real connection.
[Eloy] And how did she take it?
Not too well.
She started getting obsessed with me.
- She harassed me.
- Did she threaten you?
She said if we didn't get back together,
there would be consequences for me.
Would you say
the accusation that you raped her
may have something to do
with the break-up and her anger about it?
Objection. No, no, objection, Your Honor.
This is leading the witness.
This is absurd!
- Continue the question.
- [Eloy] Thank you, Your Honor.
[Marta] Did it ever occur to you
that they might use this against us?
No. Of course it didn't occur to me.
Why would I remember
a stupid thing like that?
It was a thousand years ago.
We were just kids.
- A couple of kisses. That was all.
- That was all? Are you sure?
We can't overlook any detail,
no matter how small.
[Alba] Bego, you were there for it.
I mean, if anything else happened,
wouldn't you have known about it?
[Bego] To be honest,
I don't remember either,
but I remember Rubén being all over her.
- He harassed her?
- [Bego] He was annoying.
Hold on. Wait a minute.
Let me get this straight.
How am I the one whose entire life
is being fucking examined?
No one is saying this is fair,
but didn't I warn you?
Day one, they'd come after you
without mercy.
I was caught by surprise.
Maybe if I'd known, I could have prepared.
I would have looked for
I don't know, messages, photos
on social media, witnesses, whatever.
You're the one who looks unstable now.
[Alba] What are you saying?
That of four defendants,
two appear to have been your boyfriend.
Seriously, Marta?
Can Rubén just claim he was my boyfriend?
- In the eyes of the court, yes.
- [Bego] I don't get it.
Nobody in their right mind would believe
this woman harassed anyone,
that lunatic least of all.
You're absolutely right, Bego.
I agree with you completely.
But in the middle of a trial,
we can't rely on opinions. Only the facts.
Eloy knows that this hurts you.
He had an ace up his sleeve,
and he played it out now
right before you take the stand.
I need you to be prepared.
["In the Pines" playing]
My girl, my girl, don't lie to me ♪
Tell me where did you sleep last night ♪
In the pines, in the pines
Where the sun don't ever shine ♪
I would shiver the whole night through ♪
My girl, my girl, where did you go ♪
[doorbell rings]
I'm going where the cold wind blows ♪
In the pines, in the pines
Where the sun don't ever shine ♪
I would shiver the whole night through ♪
I know I shouldn't be here.
I'm sorry I didn't believe you.
- Forgive me.
- Alba
Eloy's coming.
You know we can't be seen together.
My girl, my girl, don't lie to me ♪
Tell me where did you sleep last night ♪
In the pines, in the pines
Where the sun don't ever shine ♪
I would shiver the whole night through ♪
In the pines, in the pines ♪
[Bruno] Is that my bracelet?
Where the sun don't ever shine ♪
I would shiver ♪
The whole night through ♪
I would shiver ♪
[door opens]
The whole night through ♪
[door closes]
After the shocking revelations yesterday
and the end of this morning's recess,
it will be time to hear one of this case's
most important testimonies.
[DA, faintly] Mr. Costa,
please answer the question.
Mr. Costa.
I don't remember
anything about that night.
I promise I'm telling the truth.
[DA] That may be,
but the facts established by the evidence
prove beyond any doubt that you were
a co-participant in the crimes.
You appear in a video
with the rest of the defendants.
I have not seen that video,
but it seems impossible to me
that I participated.
So, you admit
that you were there and did nothing?
[Bruno] All I know is that
I woke up in my apartment
with a terrible headache
and no memory of that night.
[DA] But how do you explain
the fourth seminal sample
that was taken from the victim?
There are four of you,
and one of those samples is yours.
Alba and I were together in Madrid
before we came back home.
[DA] But that leaves the possibility
you penetrated her that night.
I consider that to be unlikely.
Just because you believe something is
unlikely doesn't mean you didn't do it.
Mr. Costa, do you regularly use drugs?
- [Bruno] Not regularly.
- [DA] But you do sometimes?
- [Bruno] I have used drugs on occasion.
- And did you use drugs that night?
Are you aware
that a person may act differently
under the influence
of particular substances?
I would never hurt someone
on any substance that I'm aware of,
I assure you.
[DA] Just one more thing.
There's something
I still don't understand.
If you don't remember anything
about what happened that night,
when were you informed
about your participation in these events?
When they told me about it.
- When you say "they," you must mean
- [Eloy] Objection.
- [Salgado] Sustained.
- [DA] So how did you react?
It didn't seem possible.
I still don't believe it.
- [DA] No further questions, Your Honor.
- [Salgado] Thank you.
The prosecution has the floor.
[Marta] May it please the court.
Mr. Costa, my client clearly trusted you.
Trusted you so much, in fact,
you continued to live together
for several months.
How could you hide the truth from her?
It's difficult to explain.
[Marta] Give it a try.
[Bruno] I just couldn't accept
things happened that way.
[Marta] You couldn't? What about her?
Both of us.
I guess
I just thought the truth
would come out on its own.
[Marta] When Alba found out about
your alleged involvement that night,
what was her initial reaction?
- To report it.
- [Marta] But you opposed her doing that.
Mr. Costa?
But why?
Were you under any pressure
by the families of the other defendants
to alter your testimony?
- Or perhaps to withhold information?
- [Eloy] Objection!
Is it not true
you received multiple threats?
Your Honor, these continued attacks
against the family are intolerable.
- [Salgado] Objection sustained.
- [Marta] No further questions, Your Honor.
[Eloy] We'll prepare a comment
when we get back to the house.
[Jacobo] And then? Huh?
What is this,
the fucking drama club or what?
[Eloy] Come on. Let's go.
[demonstrator 1] Rapists!
[demonstrator 2] We believe Alba!
Don't do anything stupid.
I don't have to put up with this shit
from a bunch of feminazis.
They're trying to provoke you.
- It's working.
- Don't play into their game.
[demonstrators clamoring]
[clamoring continues]
[demonstrators] No means no! No means no!
Alba, there's there's something that
When I first saw that video,
I had my suspicions,
but after Rubén's incident at the hotel,
I have no more doubts.
What I'm trying to say is
that it wouldn't surprise me
if they haven't done
something like this before.
These people are usually repeat offenders,
especially when you have access
to money to cover it up.
Maybe Jacobo is harder to catch
Hold on. Wait a minute.
If they've really done this already,
then why haven't they been reported?
Maybe they were.
So, what are we gonna do with this?
We search.
We search for assaults
reported in the last couple of years
that have either been closed or withdrawn.
A private detective could do it,
but it would take time
and money we don't have.
A detective or someone who has access.
[Mónica] The day ended
with testimony from Costa,
one of the accused
and boyfriend of the alleged victim.
Costa stuck to his version of the events
without providing new evidence
that might clarify what happened
on that fateful night.
I swear I thought Bruno was
going to admit he was threatened.
It would just sound too convenient.
Yeah? Do you think he made it up?
He lied to Alba.
I know I would say anything
not to lose Alba.
I'm sure you would.
When did you first know that she, uh
Doesn't love you?
I've always known.
I just thought
that this time would be different.
Because she was in a dark place?
Do you think I tried
to take advantage of Alba?
Tirso, come on. Stop fooling yourself.
How do you know that?
[Bego sighs]
Because I'm exactly the same way with you.
Hey, Toño, I could use a shot over here.
[Toño] Coming right up.
Uh, make that two.
[Mercedes] First thing tomorrow,
they'll pick you up and take you to court.
[woman] I hope it will help, Mercedes.
Just tell the story
like you told it to me,
and it'll be fine.
See you soon.
That was Salarich. She's at the hotel.
Does anyone know?
Just you.
It stays that way until she testifies.
[phone chimes]
Think of your daughter before you speak.
[Eloy] Officer Valdivieso,
you were the officer
in charge of taking Alba's statement
regarding the alleged assault.
[César] Correct. I was
the first one to speak to her, yes.
In fact, you spoke to her
several times. Is that right?
[César] Yes. That's right.
Was there anything that caught
your attention from her statements?
Officer Valdivieso, do you need me
to repeat the question for you?
[César] No. No, no, that's not necessary.
Well, there was one thing
that caught my attention.
Every time that Alba related the facts,
she did it with the same expressions,
exactly the same words, each time.
Now, in your experience,
why is that significant?
[César] In stressful situations,
someone who's upset doesn't usually repeat
what they're saying using the same words.
Alba would repeat
everything word for word.
[Eloy] As if it were a prepared statement?
[Marta] Objection, Your Honor.
He's leading the witness.
[Salgado] Overruled.
[Eloy] Thank you for giving that context.
No further questions, Your Honor.
[Marta] Your Honor, if I may.
Officer Valdivieso
what is your relationship
with the Entrerríos family?
None in particular.
Any relationship
with their representative,
Mr. Eloy Duvall?
Not at all.
[Marta] Not at all?
Have you ever worked for him before?
- [César] What do you mean?
- [Marta] Preferential treatment.
He might ask you to do things
in exchange for something else.
My only role in this town is
is to be a local police officer.
Your daughter is currently
being treated in the United States
for a serious illness, right?
[Eloy] Objection.
[Marta] Is it true
the Entrerríos family pays for that?
- [Eloy] Objection.
- [Marta] And if so, in exchange for what?
- [Eloy] Objection, Your Honor.
- [footsteps]
[Salgado] Objection sustained.
[door closes]
I didn't invite you here
to just have coffee.
Then tell me.
How can I help you?
Marta is convinced
that my rape isn't the first one
that Jacobo and Rubén committed.
I am, as well.
The problem is,
there aren't any other complaints
because they were probably covered up.
Probably were.
Is that something you can look for?
Complaints that were withdrawn later.
I didn't find anything when I looked.
The Entrerríos have a lot of power.
Giner, all we would need
is just one victim
who would be willing to testify. Just one.
[Giner exhales]
I'm afraid my hands are tied.
They have me under a microscope.
We need you to try.
Why is she here?
No idea.
Thank you for being here.
Can you tell us your name and profession?
[Salarich] Mireia Salarich.
I'm a psychiatrist.
Dr. Salarich, have you ever treated
any of the defendants present?
[Salarich] Yes. Rubén Entrerríos,
since he was six years old.
I was brought on after he almost drowned
in a swimming pool.
[Eloy] And why did they require
your services?
[Salarich] Because as a result
of that incident,
he suffered an interruption
in the flow of oxygen to his brain.
[Salgado] What does that have to do
with the present case?
Your Honor, because of this incident,
my defendant suffered
a traumatic brain injury.
[Salgado] Are you saying
Rubén is unfit to stand trial?
[Salarich] Because of the accident,
a specific part of his brain was affected.
The posterior parietal cortex.
This area of the brain is
usually associated with movement,
planning, and spatial awareness,
but it is also known to play
a fundamental, crucial role
in making decisions.
And in Rubén's brain,
this area has been impaired.
So are you telling us
that there are occasions
when Ruben Entrerríos
doesn't know what he's doing?
[Salarich] I mean
that almost all the time,
others make his decisions for him.
And in particular, there is one figure
who has a great influence on Rubén.
Another one of your defendants,
his cousin Jacobo.
Did you have
something to do with this shit?
The fuck are you talking about?
[Eloy] No further questions,
Your Honor. Thank you.
- Congratulations. That was brilliant.
- It was my only option.
I see what you're doing here.
You're trying to save your own son
by sacrificing mine.
- You have an overactive imagination.
- And don't have any foresight.
What about the damage this will cause?
What are you talking about?
You just had a doctor publicly declare,
in front of everyone,
that your son is incapacitated.
I have to convene
an emergency board meeting
to prevent someone like that
from ever running this company.
Thank you so much, dear Mercedes.
- Two more names.
- That's two reports of sexual assault.
- That were withdrawn shortly after?
- [Bego] Hmm.
And the victims
both worked for the Entrerríos.
It's all deleted, of course.
[Marta] I have a feeling
that these two women and their cases
are just the tip of the iceberg.
[Alba] This is all Giner could find.
We can work with this.
Isabel? Hello, my name is Marta Villar.
I'm a lawyer.
I'm calling because I know
you used to work for the Entrerríos,
and I wanted to talk to
- Damn it, she hung up.
- Just try again.
As if that would help.
We only have these two possibilities.
And Lucía Soler? Found anything about her?
- No good. She's not picking up.
- I found her.
[Bego] Lucía Soler, a French teacher
with a specialty in business studies.
- [Marta] Is there a phone number?
- [Bego] There it is.
I'm praying this one
doesn't hang up on us. Please.
Let's see what she has to say.
[Clara sobbing quietly]
What are you doing here?
How dare you come here?
Get out! Get out!
Okay, you're right. I'm leaving.
But let me try to fix things.
Fix things? You missed your chance.
- Now it's too late.
- No, no. Listen to me. Listen to me.
I know things
about the Entrerríos that could help.
Why didn't you tell the judge?
Why didn't you declare it?
Do you realize what you said about Alba
was terrible? How could you do that?
You've completely ruined our lives.
Don't you understand?
- There wasn't anything else I could do.
- Oh, really?
Don't you see? I could have helped you.
I could have done something to help you.
How can you not see that?
We could have done it together.
It could have been different.
- Clara. Clara.
- I would have helped you!
You can't help me now.
Then go. Just go.
Get out.
Come in. Thank you for coming.
- Do you want to sit down?
- No.
I've been gathering information
from witnesses
so I can write a story about this case.
I find it interesting
one of the defendants
is actually the partner
of the alleged victim.
There's nothing "alleged."
She was raped that night.
The defense has hinted numerous times
that Alba's a girl who likes to have fun.
So what are you saying?
Are you saying because Alba was high
that night, she was asking for it?
No, I assure you that my friend
doesn't consider being gang-raped
by maniacs fun in any way.
You're a journalist.
I thought you were
trained to be objective.
- I'm just trying to do my job.
- So your job is to manipulate facts?
No, my job is to make sure
many points of view on a story
are presented to the public.
My best friend has been raped.
Look, I don't know if Alba
will ever be the same again,
and I don't know how to help her at all.
- You okay?
- No, Tirso.
Nothing's okay.
They're gonna get away with this shit.
- Why? What happened?
- We don't have anything.
We can't prove anything.
If we could prove
she was drugged, that would be a start.
- That's impossible.
- [Bego grunts]
[Bego] It's not impossible,
not if we find out who sold it
to Jacobo and the others
and he confesses it in court.
Do you know who did it?
Why would I know that?
Because you know everybody.
You really can't think
who could have done it?
I may find someone
but I can't get anyone
to confess that they're a criminal.
Criminal or not, they have to do it.
They have to testify.
It is very important for Alba.
He would end up in jail, Bego.
I don't know
if I can convince him to do that.
Then he's just another son of a bitch.
See you at the courthouse.
Eloy, hold on.
I want to see the video.
That session won't be public.
You know that.
But you must have a copy.
It's not pleasant to watch.
The folder marked "videos."
The first one.
I'll see you later.
[Rubén in video] Hey, grab her like this.
[grunting] Yeah. Fuck.
Yeah. [grunts]
[grunting] Fuck yeah.
Oh, yeah. You like that, bitch? Fuck.
[grunts] Fuck.
[Rubén grunting]
Fuck yeah. Oh, you like that, bitch.
[Rubén grunting]
Fuck yeah.
[overlapping laughter, chatter in video]
[Hugo] Come on, man. You almost done?
- [Rubén] Do it.
- [Hugo] I'm not a pussy.
[Rubén] Come on, just do it.
[rapists grunting, chattering]
Thank you, Lucía, for coming so soon.
- No problem at all. I live next door.
- Do you?
Yeah. So, tell me, um,
were you looking to prepare
for an interview or application?
I want you to testify in court.
I'm a lawyer
and I'm representing Alba Llorens.
Maybe you've heard of her?
Wait, just a minute. Please, listen to me.
No, really. You're not interested
in my classes. There's nothing to discuss.
Lucía, I'm Alba.
I'm sure you already know me.
- I'm sorry. I can't help you.
- I know the Entrerríos can be terrifying.
Trust me.
If there's anyone who knows
exactly how you feel, it's me.
I feel like running away myself
every single day, all the time.
But once you start running
you can't stop.
But there's no safe place to hide.
We have to stop running
and stand together.
I'm nowhere near as brave as you.
Lucía, that's not what bravery is about.
It's moving forward, despite being afraid.
In the beginning,
they had hired me to teach French classes
to some of their executives.
The classes were
supposed to take 3 months,
but after three weeks,
I filed a complaint.
So why did you withdraw your complaint?
[Lucía] For money.
They paid off my mortgage
and all of my student loans.
I'm not proud of it,
but for the first time in my life,
I wasn't drowning in debt anymore.
Do you mind telling us
what happened to you?
Well, I wasn't raped.
Look, I'm really sorry
for what happened to you.
I mean compared to you,
what happened to me wasn't very important.
[Alba] No. Every survivor's story
is important.
This one time,
after one of the classes,
they invited me to stay
and have dinner with them.
We were all sitting at the table
when I suddenly noticed a hand
touching my leg under the tablecloth.
And I tried to pull away, but I couldn't.
And he whispered in my ear
n-not to say anything to anyone
if I didn't want to get fired.
Then, with his other hand
he unzipped his pants right there
and he made me touch him.
[Marta] Who was it? Jacobo or Rubén?
No, neither of them did it.
Then who did?
It was Rubén's father
Mariano Entrerríos.
[camera operator] Mónica? Mónica?
- We're ready to start. Let's go.
- [clears throat]
Three, two
After the long-awaited testimony
from the alleged victim,
the trial will enter
into its final phases.
There has been plenty of speculation
about how this crucial testimony
may influence the final ruling.
Today, for the first time,
the accuser will stand in court
and see her aggressors face-to-face,
quite literally.
Surprisingly, she has not requested
any measures to prevent her
from seeing them.
[Alba] I'm ready.
- Feel good?
- [Alba] Yes.
If you want,
we can still request a divider.
No, I'm fine. That's okay.
Alba, when you testify,
look only at who's asking
the questions, okay?
And remember, if you get nervous,
don't look at me.
Otherwise, you might look coached.
Make it clear who you are
and what they did to you.
Maintain your composure,
but watch out, understand?
Don't be too proud on the stand.
Much harder for the defense
to cross-examine a vulnerable witness
than an overconfident one.
Oh. Don't answer questions with questions.
And as much as possible,
try to keep control of your gestures.
You know, your body language
is very important.
If you can, avoid crossing your arms.
Hands should be kept out of your pockets.
And above all, don't point anywhere.
It's not always the case, but in general,
judges tend to align themselves
with the weaker party.
So you're asking me to play the victim?
No. You are the victim, Alba.
Let's go.
I call to testify
Miss Alba Llorens Vendrell.
- I'm here 'cause I wanna file a complaint.
- Against who?
Against myself.
I'd like to be able to say I forgive them,
that everyone deserves a second chance,
but I'd be lying to myself.
I don't think that's justice,
and I want justice.
I want them to rot in a cell.
[Tirso] Those bastards have to pay
for what they did, and so do I.
[César breathing heavily]
Do you know what you've done to me?
Do you know what you've done?
[Eloy] We don't need
your services anymore.
[Bego] I just found this series
of large payments made to Miriam.
Some kind of shell company.
How far back?
2010 was the first one.
How well do you know Eloy?
[Mercedes] I need you to be
absolutely honest with me,
like with Víctor.
Are we going to lose?
[Mercedes] I need your help
to arrange a mistrial.
I'll see what I can do.
I'll call in some favors.
So, Mom, what do we do
if I'm convicted tomorrow?
I promise you're not going to prison.
Hugo, Hugo, I don't know
what my mother's up to,
but she's got a plan.
[Bruno] I want you to promise,
if this doesn't work out,
don't wait for me.
[Salgado] In Alicante,
on November 27, 2020,
the Second Section
of the Provincial Court of Alicante,
in view of the aforementioned article,
we will now impose the sentences.
[demonstrators chanting]
No means no! No means no! No means no!
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