Alba (2021) s01e10 Episode Script

Chapter 10

You look tired.
Really? I did work late yesterday, but
You have a girlfriend, don't you?
Not really.
Maybe you should.
I really wouldn't mind if you did.
So how are things with Clara?
Uh, how's Clara? Good.
You like her, right?
Well, we're friends.
Very close friends, but that's it.
Okay. Fine.
- When are you coming to see me, Daddy?
- Really soon, honey.
Mom wants you to call her.
Tell your mom not to worry
about anything, hmm?
I'll call soon as I can.
It's about money, right?
That's what Mom said.
Don't worry.
Tell Mom I'll take care of all of it.
- Come on, sweetheart. Say goodbye.
- Gotta get going. I have a session.
Miss you, honey. Talk to you soon.
Love you.
And I love you too, Daddy.
Make sure you say hi
to your friend Clara for me.
there's something you should know.
- What?
- It's about your friend Tirso.
He made a statement.
- What?
- He was at headquarters.
I don't know what it was about,
but he only spoke to Lieutenant Giner.
Tell us, Miss Llorens,
what's the last thing you remember?
The last thing I remember
is leaving the bar to find Bruno,
and then I woke up on the beach.
Did you cross paths
with the defendants at any point?
I don't remember.
It's all very foggy.
And what was your relationship
to them before that day?
Excluding the connection you had
with Bruno Costa, of course.
I had none whatsoever.
Even though your boyfriend
knew these men well
and considered them to be close friends?
That's right.
But your history with Rubén Entrerríos
shows that wasn't the case.
Can you tell the court the nature
of your romantic relationship with him?
No. We didn't have one,
neither romantic nor any other kind.
Are you sure?
Your Honor, the plaintiff
has answered the question clearly.
But time has a way
of confusing our memories.
It reshapes them
to our liking or to our needs.
- Continue, counselor.
- How long were you in therapy?
- Several months.
- Did you feel guilty?
To some extent.
So if the plaintiff felt
to some extent guilty,
that she was shocked and confused,
going through some horrible torture,
how is it possible that a few days later,
she went on with her life
as if nothing had ever happened?
So, let's go back
to your life in Madrid.
How did your relationship
with defendant Bruno Costa
change after that night?
I imagine your relationship was different.
I heard most couples
don't don't get over something like that.
Well, yeah.
I didn't want him to reject me.
Tirso was the only person
I'd had a relationship with until then.
You mean a serious relationship?
Yes, I guess so.
Then after that was Bruno Costa?
How would you define your relationship?
Would you say it was stable?
We were in love with each other.
Do you still feel that way?
In love with Bruno Costa.
The man who presumably
had his way with you that evening.
- Objection, Your Honor.
- Sustained.
- Do you like posing nude?
- Objection, Your Honor!
Rephrase the question.
Why did you pose nude then?
- Because I was asked to.
- Who did?
The visual arts professors.
Were you paid to show your body?
Yes. It was a job and I needed money.
I had to pay my tuition.
We can't judge her
for wanting to move forward.
We don't have a say
in how she lives her life,
nor should we criminalize
her behavior, Your Honor.
I remind you that the one who was
left lying on a beach was the plaintiff
and not the ones on trial.
Lieutenant, worst-case scenario,
how many years am I looking at?
I'd say six years at the most,
but it all depends on the judge.
You don't have any priors.
The quantity dealt was pretty small.
Sentence could be a lot lower.
So from now on,
try to stay out of trouble, okay?
Oh, and Tirso
What made you change your mind?
Alba means the world to me.
Those bastards have to pay
for what they did.
And so do I.
Good luck to you.
When did you realize
what had happened to you?
That morning.
Dr. Bonet examined me
and then confirmed that I had been raped.
- What?
- A doctor can't confirm
that someone's been raped,
because they weren't there to see it.
But they can find signs of violence
consistent with sexual assault.
And according to
a recent statement from Dr. Bonet,
he couldn't confirm
that the marks shown on your body
weren't the result
of a consensual sexual relationship.
I know what happened. And so do you.
Miss Llorens, did you feel
that you were in any way pressured
to help identify the initial suspect?
These four men
who allegedly died in a car accident.
- Objection.
- I remind you,
we're not judging
that case today, counselor.
Isn't it true that,
according to your social media accounts,
you were quite the party animal?
- Objection, Your Honor.
- Overruled.
Answer the question.
It's all relative, right?
Who's a partier and who's a prude?
What's too much for me
and what's too much for them?
Normally, when someone goes out partying,
don't they usually wear underwear?
Mr. Duvall,
this court will no longer
have any tolerance
for these kinds of lewd insinuations.
I'll rephrase the question
according to the facts.
Can you explain why,
at the scene where this occurred,
no one found any underwear at all?
- No.
- Where are you going with this?
The defense contends that the plaintiff
exploited an atmosphere of confusion
in order to compromise
a few innocent young men
towards whom she felt extreme animosity,
and to come away
with a substantial financial settlement.
Your Honor, if I may,
if my client had wanted to get
a substantial financial settlement,
as the defense attorney argues,
we would've simply agreed to one
and we wouldn't have to be here.
Alba Llorens doesn't want money.
She wants to see justice done.
What did you tell Giner?
Get out of here.
I've looked the other way
so many times, Tirso.
- You owe me.
- I don't owe you anything.
What did you say to Giner?
- The truth.
- I don't believe you.
I don't give a fuck.
What the fuck did you say
to Giner, huh? Fucker!
- How do you know I talked to Giner?
- Don't push me, Tirso, okay?
This is the last time I'm gonna ask.
I told her I'm a dealer
and that I sold drugs to your buddies,
the ones they used on Alba.
Do you know what you've done to me?
Hm? Do you know?
What the fuck are you talking about?
Fuck you
and the fucking Entrerríos family.
Are you fucking crazy?
Coming back
to my hometown was torture for me.
I had to identify the bodies
of those guys from the bar, and
I thought I'd see that tattoo.
I needed to, honestly.
But their bodies were so mangled
that it was impossible.
Then I saw the video from that night.
And there was Bruno.
I just couldn't believe it.
I knew him,
and it didn't make any sense to me.
And what made you change your mind
about Bruno's involvement?
He didn't do it.
I don't have evidence, nobody does, but
I just know it.
There are no words for what they did.
There is a word, Alba.
That word is rape.
Objection. She's using that term again.
- Wrap it up, counselor.
- No further questions, Your Honor.
For a long time, I felt afraid.
Nothing like that
had happened to me before.
And from that night on,
I let that fear infect me,
dominate me, turn me into another person.
But being here today,
looking them in the eyes,
will help me get closure.
Objection, Your Honor.
She's making a plea, not a statement.
even though the witness is here
to explain what happened that night,
consider the possibility that her memory
is informed by pain and trauma,
and it's hard to relate that objectively.
You may continue.
I'd like
to be able to say I forgive them
that everyone deserves
a second chance, but
I'd be lying to myself.
I don't think that's justice,
and I want justice.
I want them to rot in a cell
for them to waste
the best years of their lives
looking at four walls
just like they did to me.
These men stole a part of my life from me.
I want them to feel a little
of the pain
and anguish
and the lonely helplessness,
solitude, and despair,
everything they made me feel that night.
That's what I deal with
every day and every night.
It's all I want.
They'll pay for what they did,
so no woman
ever has to go through this again.
And I hope this haunts them
the rest of their lives.
Your Honor, what is this?
Your time is up.
We can win.
I have information from the court.
- Can we trust it?
- Of course.
But how can you know for sure?
My contact in the DA's office
has assured me
that we've cleared our biggest hurdle,
creating reasonable doubt.
But you let her make that long appeal.
You let her have a moment of glory.
- We call that throwing a tantrum.
- The judge is a woman.
- Don't forget that.
- A woman that thinks like a man.
- How do you know?
- She doesn't like political feminism.
She's made that clear many times.
That's why she'll do anything
to avoid being singled out
as the corrupt judge that let off
spoiled kids from a rich family
because they didn't fit the profile
or because one of them seems stupid.
- That's not funny.
- Stop it. Enough.
- We're all in the same boat.
- I have to take this.
Some of us want to jump overboard.
I have something
from Giner's assistant,
a contact in the Civil Guard.
Corporal Puerta?
Tirso sold them the drugs,
the same drugs they used that night.
Goddamn it. Motherfucker.
Giner told the DA's office.
How could you miss something like this?
You fucking useless idiot!
Okay, I did it. What do you think?
It looks like we're in good shape.
Excuse me.
Yes, this is she.
All right.
On my way.
Who was that?
It's the judge.
She's called us back to court.
- Really?
- Tirso wants to testify.
Mr. Rubio,
can you confirm that on that night,
the defendants were in possession
of a drug called flunitrazepam,
similar to the drug known as burundanga,
which has effects that could inhibit
a person's ability
to resist a sexual assault?
- Objection.
- Your Honor,
I'm simply mentioning some side effects
that have been verified medically.
Continue, counselor, but be brief.
I repeat my question, minus the effects.
Counselor, please save
your irony for outside the courtroom.
- This is not the time or the place.
- Excuse me, Your Honor.
Mr. Rubio,
can you confirm that on that night,
the defendants had flunitrazepam?
How can you be so sure?
I sold it to them.
Mr. Tirso Rubio,
are you aware
that you're confessing to a crime?
I am.
- I am.
- All right.
I'll take your statement
into consideration.
- I request an appeal.
- You have the right to do so.
The case is ready for sentencing.
Please leave the room.
Lieutenant Giner.
We were just having lunch.
Would you like to join us?
No, no, no, I'm good. Thanks.
I just came to congratulate Alba.
Answering those questions
must have been tough,
but I heard you did really well.
Lieutenant Giner.
I don't even know your first name.
My name's Julia.
I couldn't leave without telling you.
Thank you for everything, Julia.
You're almost there.
Don't give up.
We don't need your services anymore.
Why's that?
Everything has an end.
Because of Tirso?
So that's it?
After all the favors I've done for you.
Implicating Bruno in the rape.
Those kids died because of me.
Stop complaining.
You've made plenty of money.
I talked to my ex-wife.
My daughter's going to need to
to get another round.
- I don't have the money to pay for it.
- Yeah.
I'll do whatever it takes.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I know a lot of things about you.
Are you threatening me?
If there's no other way
Be careful, César.
Your daughter's still convinced
that you're a good man.
Don't break her heart.
Don't forget to return the car.
You won't be needing it.
According to Marta,
that statement you gave might be decisive.
I hope so.
Will you forgive me someday?
You sold them the drugs, Tirso.
If I'd known that was meant for you,
I'd never have sold them.
If it hadn't gone to me,
it would have gone to some other girl.
To some other victim.
And what you did was very brave. Hmm.
And maybe your statement goes
a long way and helps put them in jail,
but even then,
it doesn't make you innocent in this.
You're right.
And I'm sorry.
I have to go.
The day the Entrerríos went scuba diving,
you gave Jacobo the tank that was broken.
It wasn't a mistake, was it?
Maybe if you hadn't gotten involved,
I'd be the one
on trial today instead of them.
All I ask is
when I get out of prison
and you see me on the street,
you won't be ashamed of me.
I hope it doesn't come to that.
I really gotta go.
I've been talking
to a few journalists to get some help.
It seems there's
a growing rejection of group thinking
and the moral superiority of feminism.
Not to mention,
it's been proven in this trial
I'll tell you what's been proven.
The victim and Bruno are still in love,
that he didn't participate in the rape,
and my son has
a mental problem that no one saw coming.
- Why are you being so negative?
- Because you're not being clear.
Is it my fault
the court was incorruptible?
That your father-in-law had
nothing in his files that was useful?
Can I change this family's genetics
or their goddamn DNA?
I'm sorry.
No. I think you're probably right.
It's their DNA.
Maybe I thought Rubén would be the one
who would finally
turn out different somehow.
Eloy, I need you
to be completely honest with me,
like you were with Víctor.
Are we going to lose this?
But what about
this inside information of yours?
Until I heard it,
all signs pointed to us winning.
Try talking to your friend, the judge.
See if he can help.
There's something else.
Alba's lawyer was about to crush us.
I thought you should know.
Eloy is incompetent.
He might have been great
at handling my father's affairs,
but I don't know about
putting our son's future in his hands.
What is this?
A present from Alba's attorney.
Don't worry.
They can't use it in the trial.
The kids' teacher?
- How could you touch that girl?
- Mercedes, I, uh
How can we blame our son for this,
especially if his own father
and probably his grandfather
are sexual predators?
She just wanted a little money.
- It didn't
- How many?
How many reports
has Eloy had to make go away?
Your son is 11 now, Toño.
He's old enough
to stay with my sister for a few days.
Yeah, but I just I can't get used to it.
I like spending my free time with Luisito.
And I can't get used to being back
at this bar, but look, here I am.
I'm sorry. But you know
this isn't enough for me, Toño.
There's no room
for a single dream in my life.
How well do you know Eloy?
Know Eloy? What Eloy?
The attorney for the Entrerríos.
Not at all.
Think a minute.
I think I was introduced to him
so he could do the paperwork
for the restaurant.
Yeah the paperwork.
How long ago?
I don't know, Toño.
I can't remember. A while ago.
Try to. Try to remember. It's important.
What's going on? Huh?
I just found this whole series
of large payments made to Miriam
in multiple installments,
on a regular basis.
It's all from the same account.
Some kind of shell company.
There are more e-mails,
but the content's gone.
How far back?
2010 was the first one.
The year they had Luisito.
We are ruined. Hmm?
Because of your sister, I'm screwed.
Stop blaming Alba.
I can't even make my husband happy.
You're the love of my life.
How could I not be happy, huh?
You gave me
the most beautiful thing in the world.
You gave me Luisito.
You're a wonderful mother.
I don't deserve you.
I thought
you wouldn't wanna see me anymore.
Just because you betrayed me?
Don't be so dramatic.
It doesn't suit you.
- You just gave up too soon.
- When you left me for Mariano?
I was crushed.
You didn't like me.
I had no reason to dismiss the allegation.
The judicial police did
a great job in this.
Why did you get my hopes up, then?
Because I thought
you'd reach a settlement before the trial.
- We tried to.
- I've always liked you.
Me too.
We're going to lose
and there's no time left.
I need your help to arrange a mistrial.
Okay. Fine.
I'll see what I can do.
I'll call in some favors.
Whatever, but do it quickly.
Will I still see you?
That depends on you.
Finally, tomorrow,
after three long weeks of deliberation
and a trial that featured
a heated showdown
between two formidable attorneys,
contradicting statements
from the defendants
and the alleged victim,
we will hear the verdict in this
controversial and high-profile case.
I brought you some tea.
Thought you'd have trouble sleeping.
So Mom, what do we do
if I'm convicted tomorrow?
Then we will appeal.
I'll do what I have to.
But I promise you
you're not going to prison.
It's not looking good, is it?
Well, Rubén,
I didn't say it would be easy.
- Do you think I'm stupid?
- Honey, I didn't say that.
The other day,
I heard you talking to that doctor.
Look, that psychiatrist
was a a last resort, but you
Sometimes you do things that scare me.
I'm not my father,
if that's what you're afraid of.
Of course you're not.
Of course you're not.
do you want to have dinner together?
I'll leave you alone.
Did you get any sleep?
No, not much.
Bruno, I don't think
I can deal with you going to prison.
Hey, try not to think about it.
I just wish we could go back.
Last night, I dreamt
we were together at your place.
Cooking, laughing together,
like nothing had ever happened.
Let's just run away.
- Run away?
- Yeah.
- Run away with me?
- Yeah.
Well, I've thought about it too,
but I don't know.
Well, it's kinda crazy.
Where would we go?
It has to be a big country.
Somewhere we can blend in.
- China's a big country.
- China. Come on.
It's really cold in Uzbekistan.
Okay, how about
the Democratic Republic of Congo?
All right, what part of blending in
didn't you understand?
The sentence will be
read out in front of the public.
- Why?
- It was the court's decision.
- They want to humiliate us.
- But we're not gonna lose.
Grandpa always said the Entrerríos family
aren't those kinds of people.
- We're winners.
- Grandpa said a lot of shit.
It doesn't matter now.
You need to be a man, Rubén.
Because we think they'll convict,
we've started working on
all the necessary appeals.
If our luck holds
and everything goes our way,
the defense will be ready to appeal.
That's for sure. Okay?
After that, it's a whole new scenario.
- If they're convicted
- What do you mean, "if"?
- They'll be convicted, right?
- Yeah. Let's hope so.
Will they go straight to prison?
- Look, I just need to say
- I want you to know
You go first.
I want you to know
that that whatever happens,
I know you're innocent,
and I think you're such an amazing person,
and that if your parents
were still around,
they'd certainly think so too.
But they're not
and I'm so lucky to have you.
You'll always be a mother to me.
Oh, don't make me cry. Come on.
And besides,
I'm a little too young to be your mom.
In Alicante,
on November 27th, 2020,
the Second Section
of the Provincial Court of Alicante,
comprised of these presiding
honorable judges and magistrates,
has listened to the full hearing
on the following crimes.
Four counts of sexual assault
from Articles 178, 180.1,
first, second, third provisions,
and Article 74 from the Penal Code.
One count criminal invasion of privacy
from Article 197.1,
and Article 5 from the Penal Code.
In view of the aforementioned articles,
we will now impose the sentences.
We hereby sentence Jacobo Entrerríos
to a penalty of 15 years in prison,
followed by a minimum
of five years probation
and complete disqualification
of his right to run for public office.
Additionally, he is ordered to pay
one-quarter of the trial's expenses.
We hereby sentence Rubén Entrerríos,
the crime's author,
to a penalty of 15 years in prison.
For Hugo Roig, we also impose
a sentence of 15 years in prison.
And as for Bruno Costa
we hereby impose the following sentence.
A penalty of 15 years in prison
and a fine equal
to one-quarter of the trial's expenses.
We hereby impose
an additional ten years in prison
for the crime
of aiding and abetting a criminal act,
with the aggravating circumstance
of his close relationship with the victim.
This session is adjourned.
Any comment
on behalf of the Entrerríos family?
No means no!
No means no! No means no! No means no!
Alba, I believe you!
Alba, I believe you! Alba, I believe you!
Alba, I believe you!
it's not over yet.
You hear me?
What am I going to do without you?
Huh? What the fuck am I supposed to do?
- I don't know.
- You don't know?
You told me you had a plan before, right?
- Answer me! What was the fucking plan?
- I don't know! I don't know!
It's over!
The only thing I want
is to be together like we used to.
And I can't even do that.
I've been an asshole.
I should have confessed right away.
But I didn't know how to do it.
I knew I was gonna let both of you down.
Since when do you sell drugs?
It's been four or five years.
I lost my job and a friend gave me
some rocks to to get by and
I'm not justifying it,
but I wanted to give it up.
I want you to know
I think you're a good friend,
- especially since
- You'd rather be with Alba?
Well, you know what people say.
The That you can't see the trees
because the forest
It's okay, Tirso. It's okay.
It'll all work out.
You'll see.
Thanks a lot, Bego.
The general wouldn't listen to me.
Apparently, he doesn't care about
all the shit we saw together.
They decided to expel you from the army.
- It's only fair.
- Yes.
It is.
- Hello, this is Mercedes Entrerríos.
- Yes.
We're going to hold a conference
in front of the courthouse.
Get all the press together
and meet us there.
I've imagined us
together again so many times.
Haven't you?
Nah. You're not that important.
Shh. No. No. Not right now.
I think about that night a lot.
The most important thing
is what we have right now.
We don't have anything.
I'm going to prison.
We have to accept it. That's it.
Hey, look at me.
Listen to me.
Marta is looking for a way to acquit you.
Don't fall apart now, okay? Look at me.
Not now.
We're going to appeal the ruling in court
and we're going to prove
that you're innocent.
We have to fight, Bruno.
I want
I want you to promise
if this doesn't work out
don't wait for me.
Promise me.
You know what I'm going to promise you?
As long as there's hope,
I'll never give up.
And I won't let you give up either.
What could you offer if you're gonna
say it in front of everyone?
- Don't worry. You'll get all the details.
- Why can't you just tell me?
You're about to find out
with your colleagues. Excuse me.
Come on. Let's go.
Mrs. Entrerríos,
why have you called us here today?
First, I want to thank
each of you for coming.
What I'm about to say
will change my family's story
and the story of this damn trial
that should never have happened at all.
Hugo, Hugo, I don't know
what my mother's up to,
but she's got a plan!
We're not going to jail.
No! Hugo! Hugo! Hugo!
What I'm about to say
will change my family's story.
Mercedes has
caused all of us enough problems.
It's high time we took
the company for ourselves.
Me and you.
Before you throw me out,
please listen to what I came here to say.
Call the Civil Guard
and make sure the EMTs get here.
I'll stay with him.
And I just need you
to keep an eye on Alba.
I want her followed
everywhere she goes.
Luisito, never accept
a gift from a stranger, okay?
- Okay.
- Come on. I wouldn't call me a stranger.
W-What's wrong with this place?
- Is everyone a liar?
- Calm down.
You better not
be pushing drugs still.
I'm telling you,
I haven't sold to anyone.
You threw them away? Fuck you!
No, man, fuck you.
Fucking stupid!
Let's go, Rubén. Let's go.
Nobody's fucking leaving.
- Hey! Hey!
- Hey! Hey! Hey!
It was something Rubén wanted. It was.
This is
all that bitch Alba's fucking fault.
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