Alba (2021) s01e11 Episode Script

Chapter 11

Hugo. Hugo, I don't know
what my mother's up to,
but she's got a plan.
We're not going to jail.
- [reporter 1] Excuse me.
- [reporters clamoring]
[Mónica] Mrs. Entrerríos,
why have you called us here today?
First, I want to thank
each of you for coming.
What I'm about to say
will change my family's story
and the story of this damn trial,
which should never have happened at all.
No! Hugo! Hugo!
- Hugo!
- [gunshot]
[phone chiming]
What's up?
[Mercedes] What I'm about to say
is not easy for me
- [Iván] What's going on?
- I'm hoping to find out.
[Mercedes] the hardest thing
I've done in my life.
Manuel Cruz and I were involved
intimately together several months ago.
[reporter 1] When did this begin?
- She has to be lying.
- [Mónica] Does the judge have any comment?
- She'll do anything for Rubén.
- I don't think she's lying.
Manuel Cruz and I ended our relationship
one week before he was selected to rule on
whether our case would go to trial.
I'm not a lawyer,
but I'm pretty sure this affair
could be grounds for a mistrial.
[Iván] That's why she's doing it.
She wants me to be grateful
she fucked the judge.
never should have gone to trial.
The whole thing was
illegitimate from the start.
To protect the integrity of the system
for all, the law must not ignore this.
[reporters clamoring]
- [reporter] What's the next step?
- [Mercedes] Let me be clear.
In the name of justice,
there must be a mistrial.
[Rubén sobbing]
[siren wailing in distance]
[opening theme music playing]
[woman singing in Spanish]
Rubén. It's me, César.
[César] It's okay.
- Let's get out of here. Come on.
- I don't want to leave. [sniffling]
You have to come with me.
Let's go. Come on.
Right when I got here, he shot him
[shushes] It's okay.
You don't need to say anything, all right?
- Okay?
- We should call his dad.
Go call the Civil Guard
and send the paramedics up here.
I'll stay here with him.
[Mónica] While we're still waiting
for new developments
following the statement
by Mercedes Entrerríos
regarding her relationship
with Judge Cruz,
we have just received breaking news
that Hugo Roig has passed away.
According to a spokesman
from the Civil Guard,
the death is
being investigated as a suicide.
- Soon after he was declared guilty
- [phone rings]
Roig, a second lieutenant in the army
- [Alba] Marta.
- was discharged.
[Marta] I'm very sorry, Alba,
but they've declared a mistrial.
[Mónica speaking in background]
[Marta] But that doesn't mean
those boys just walk away free.
There will be another trial,
I promise you.
In fact,
this poor boy's suicide
strengthens our case.
Where are you going? Alba!
[Alba breathing heavily]
[dramatic music playing]
[operator] The number you're calling
is either disconnected
Let me.
Listen, I
I've been thinking that
if I can get close to Jacobo,
I gain his confidence again,
maybe maybe we can
get something else.
But Bruno,
do you think he would
let you back in after all this?
I don't know, but we have to try.
Maybe we can find new evidence
of what they did, or something like that.
No, he wouldn't be that stupid.
Then what do we do?
What can we do?
Just sit back and do nothing,
or just hope that it takes care of itself?
We can't just do nothing.
I know I'm up for this.
I'm in it to the end.
But if you ask me
to let everything go, I will.
No, Bruno. If you're willing
to do this for us, then so am I.
And here I thought we could
just be together. Not so simple.
- No. Hey.
- Yeah?
We are together.
They just don't know about it.
Together until the end.
Until the end.
We should stop construction
of the other projects
and focus on the resort.
I don't think now is
a good time to start something new.
I think it is time, Dad.
We need to do something right now
to calm down our board members.
Mmm. Víctor Entrerríos used to say
that when things are bad,
it's even worse
if everyone knows that they are bad.
So I agree with Jacobo.
We need to restore a sense of normalcy.
So no matter what our stock price is,
we'll show them we're still the most
reliable developers on the market.
Eloy, have the new lawyers
arrived here yet?
Yes, they should've.
I have to go now.
[Iván] We'll pick it up tomorrow.
Mariano wants me
to try and get the boys out of Spain.
Get them somewhere with no extradition,
like the Seychelles, Mauritius, or Haiti.
That's an option.
Come on, Mercedes.
You're supposed to be
the one with sense in this family.
The last thing the company needs
is for two of its board members
to become fugitives.
Not to mention the high probability
they'll end up getting caught.
I don't think
this should be that difficult.
[Manuel] Get the fuck out of my way.
I'm coming in!
[receptionist] Please, sir,
I told you you can't go in.
This is what happens
when you don't pick up your phone.
[receptionist] I'm so sorry.
I just called security.
- [Eloy] Sir, I suggest you leave.
- It's all right, Eloy.
Call the media and take back
everything you told them.
You know I could bring more pain
to this family than you can imagine.
Worse than sending my son to prison,
or sleeping with me for nothing?
Keep your damn hands off me.
- Hold him until the police get here.
- No.
Just escort him to the front door
and make sure he leaves.
Is this how you want it?
I'm warning you,
I'm not going to sit back and do nothing.
Get out of my way.
I can't stand funerals.
I just needed to get out of there.
How's Rubén doing?
But you know, I thought he'd be worse.
Can't believe this happened.
Me neither.
I guess we should have talked to him more.
If we knew, maybe we could have
helped him through this.
[Bruno sighs]
So, now what?
What do you mean?
For us, after all that's happened.
Maybe if you had testified
you remembered we didn't rape Alba.
But I couldn't remember.
- Right.
- Alba was my girlfriend.
What'd you want me to say?
It feels like she still is sometimes.
She must have felt the same when she asked
to have your sentence reduced.
Yeah. Sure.
From 25 years to 15. What a favor.
If she was so important to you,
why didn't you tell me?
I understand not telling Hugo,
not telling Rubén.
Why the fuck wouldn't you tell me?
I don't want this to ruin our friendship.
You're like the brother I never had.
My parents are both dead.
Besides Clara, you're my only family.
Listen, Bruno
after everything that's happened,
we're all a bit confused, all right?
Let's just hope
with time we'll get over it.
We'll get past this.
Let's move on.
[Bego] I can't believe
they're getting away with it again.
[Tirso] They're not.
There's another trial.
[Bego] How do we know they won't find
some other excuse to postpone it?
How about we change the subject?
You know, Tirso is selling
some of the equipment from his shop.
- We're listing it on some websites.
- A good idea.
Of course it is. It was mine.
I'll keep running the shop.
By appointment only, maybe.
Then when I know I'm going to jail or not,
well, then maybe I might sell it.
[Alba] Hmm.
Time for me to go.
I have a call with Marta.
We'll talk later, okay?
- I'll call you.
- Take care.
I hate how all those sons of bitches
keep making her suffer like that.
Aren't you afraid of what they could do
to you after your testimony?
My life's a disaster, Bego.
Everything is a struggle for me.
And I'm alone.
I try to do the right thing,
but it just never works out.
You're not alone.
You're really not, Tirso.
You've got Alba
and you've got me.
[footsteps approaching]
Mom, I'm not hungry.
How did you know it was me?
The way I yelled,
Rosario won't come here for a month.
Honey, you shouldn't scare her.
This house would be a mess without her.
You should go too, Mom. Leave me alone.
- You should eat something.
- [Rubén sighs]
I'll eat later.
Sandra called me. She's worried.
You're not answering her calls.
I don't feel like talking to her.
It was very nice of her
to get back together with you.
She must love you.
- It would be a shame to lose her again.
- No. I'd never lose her.
But her father never liked me,
even from the beginning.
Just imagine him now.
Well, then, you just handle Sandra,
and I'll take care of her father.
How can I think about that right now? Huh?
I still have what Hugo did
in my fucking head.
- And you were right there when he did it.
- Yeah.
I know.
Life is nothing but shit, isn't it?
Sometimes it is.
And sometimes you just
can't see the wonderful parts.
What about you and the judge?
What part of life was that?
It was both.
I met him before I met your father.
And you know the rest of the story.
Yeah. Me and everyone in Spain.
I had to do something, Rubén.
I'll get the best law firm
I can find for the next trial.
Yes. Mom, you do realize
the only thing we won
was a little extra time
before I go to jail, right?
And for what?
I didn't do anything wrong.
So why the hell should I rot in jail?
I think Hugo did the right thing
in killing himself.
Don't talk like that.
I'd take my own life
if something happened to you.
This is all
that bitch Alba's fucking fault.
I won't go to jail.
Before you throw me out,
please listen to what I came to say.
Make it fast.
I don't like looking at your face.
I would feel the same way,
so I'll get right to it.
I came to offer you a deal.
You have a deal?
Go straight to the police station
and tell them that your testimony was
an elaborate lie you made up
to get money and take revenge on Rubén.
If you do this,
I'll take care of you and your family.
Otherwise, I'll make sure
that everyone suffers.
You really came into my house
just to threaten me?
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Now get out.
I don't doubt that it was horrible.
But your whole family?
I swear, if you don't take my offer,
I'll do whatever I can
to destroy their lives.
You have no idea
what kind of influence money can get you.
Believe me, the concept is very clear.
If you accept my offer
then you would be accused of delivering
false testimony and face a prison charge.
That's a year in prison.
But when you get out,
you'll have everything you need
for you and your loved ones.
Everyone's happy.
Your family and mine.
I know you're used to getting
whatever you want,
but there is
no amount of money in the world
that will keep Jacobo and Rubén
from rotting in prison.
I expected as much.
Only as soon as I walk out that door,
you'll start to think
about the pros and the cons.
You're a tough woman.
You're brave.
I hope you're smart as well.
I'll call you so you have my number.
That's not necessary.
Think about it.
I hope you make the right decision.
Otherwise, I'll destroy everyone you love.
[menacing music playing]
Hey, Dad.
Now that you've
finally got your life back,
don't waste it doing this.
Why are you smoking? You don't smoke.
[Iván coughs]
[Iván grunts]
Not since March 21st, 1995.
When I was born.
When you have a son,
you'll know what a father's willing to do.
So, how is Rubén?
Must be terrible to see your best friend
shoot himself in the head.
[Jacobo sighs]
Well, he's not okay.
It's been tough.
I wish it had been me instead of him.
did you do it?
Did you boys rape that girl?
Because if so,
I would like to know how I failed you.
I'd be as guilty as you.
You didn't do anything wrong at all.
You're a great dad.
It's just that sometimes
my cousin and I happen to make
some really bad decisions.
That whole night was confusing, you know?
We'd been drinking.
There were a lot of drugs involved.
Not to make excuses, but it it was
it was something Rubén wanted.
[Rosario] Good morning.
Would you like coffee?
No. I'm not having breakfast.
[Rosario] Okay.
What's with your face, son?
Don't tell me
you were out all night partying.
You probably spent the night
in the guest bedroom. Am I right?
- I'm picking up Sandra.
- How are you two doing?
Mmm. You must be happy,
now your wedding is back on.
What are you talking about?
Who's thinking about weddings right now?
Son, I'm just very worried
about how this situation is affecting you.
Really? I couldn't tell.
I've been thinking.
It's just an idea.
I was thinking it might be
a good idea if you met with Dr. Salarich.
You mean that fucking bitch who called me
mentally challenged in court?
She helped you before. Just an idea.
Great. You want me to tell her
my childhood traumas or new ones?
Don't tell me
you blame your mother and me.
Now why would I do that?
You were both such fucking model parents.
Don't even think about it!
Don't even think about blaming us
for all the shit you've got in your head.
Of course, of course,
it's never your fault.
This entire family's bullshit,
and you know it.
And I'm the one who needs help?
Fuck this bullshit!
[dish clatters]
All right, what was so urgent?
Listen, Eloy.
All that's happened since the trial
is affecting our company a great deal,
and not for the better.
Tell me something I don't know.
And the final straw was
Mercedes' affair with that judge.
An affair that, lucky for us,
caused a mistrial.
Come on, you know
as well as I do that's just temporary.
It's not the solution to our problems.
But the harm to the company
was instantaneous.
And if we don't do something,
it will be permanent.
- Iván, just say what you're trying to say.
- Mercedes has caused us enough problems.
It's high time we took the company
for ourselves. Me and you.
Look, you know I only do
what your father would have wanted.
And if he decided
that Mercedes should run the company
Fuck that, Eloy! And what would my father
think now if he were still with us?
This company, the thing he loved
more than his children and grandchildren,
is going bankrupt.
You and me, Eloy.
You and me.
- The fuck are you doing here?
- Where's Tirso?
- Not here, so go away.
- Tell me where I can find the bastard.
He's not here. He's not coming.
So you can get the fuck out, okay?
- The fuck he's not coming.
- [grunts]
I'm calling the police
if you don't get out of here right now.
[Rubén] Yeah, okay.
Do you hear me?
Get out of here, motherfucker!
You listening?
Tell him I'll see him soon, huh?
Fucking bitch!
Thank you.
- Hi, Alba.
- Hi.
How you doing?
I'm fine.
- Listen, I wanted you to
- You said you were done dealing, right?
That your life was a disaster,
everything is a struggle,
and you're so alone.
- You fucking jerk, Tirso!
- What happened?
I saw Rubén at the shop earlier today,
looking for you.
- What do you mean? Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
He turned the place upside down
and he took some of your drugs.
- I threw the rest away.
- What? You threw them away?
- Fuck you, Bego!
- No, man, fuck you!
- [Alba] You're still dealing drugs?
- I haven't sold anything to anyone.
Then why the fuck do you keep them?
I have to give them back to my dealer.
There's a way of doing these things.
So the dealer has another dealer.
[shouting] Fucking stupid!
You're fucking stupid.
I haven't sold anything in over a month.
Nothing. I swear, Alba.
I hope you fix this, Tirso.
Please go away.
César, I'm begging you.
Your daughter?
They told me she had a complication.
I didn't know where else I could go.
I'm sorry for coming here.
- It's okay.
- I'm sorry.
- What happened was incredible.
- What you looking at? Asshole.
Hey! Pour me a beer, huh?
Can I get some service? Shit.
[Bego] Two beers, please.
Hey, how you doing?
[Bego] I'll be better
when I get a drink, honestly.
[dryer whirring]
Hey there.
I have a restraining order.
- You can't be near me.
- Come on. Let's just admit it.
Both of us know know you enjoyed it.
[Alba breathing shakily]
What about our moment, huh?
Huh? When I came back
to be alone with you?
You do remember that.
I just don't understand it.
This morning she was doing so great.
Did you talk to the doctors?
[César sighs]
No, I didn't talk to them.
I talked to my ex-wife.
[Clara] Mmm.
But it seems she hasn't responded well
to the latest treatment.
[sighs] Poor girl.
- Thanks for this.
- For what?
For listening. For not kicking me out.
It was the least I could do.
Olivia's been asking about you.
Mmm. She's such an angel.
And she's convinced that we're together.
Or if we're not now,
we will be in the future.
Kids say things.
You know what I think?
When I'm with you, I feel great.
You make me feel calm.
You help me to forget
all the shit I'm going through.
I'm sorry.
[bead curtain rustles]
[door closes]
Luisito, how many times have I told you
not to play in here?
- Where'd you get that?
- A man on the street gave it to me.
A man? Who was he?
Luisito, you should never
accept a gift from a stranger, okay?
Come on. I wouldn't call me a stranger.
[Mariano chuckles]
Mom, can I keep this ball?
Uh, sure, honey.
Go play with it outside, okay?
They never stay put at that age.
Rubén was the same.
Always running off somewhere.
I'd get tired just looking at him.
I'm sorry about the trial,
but what happened
to my sister-in-law was a terrible thing.
Yeah. I should have raised him better,
spent more time with him.
Well, you know,
sometimes these kinds of things
can go bad no matter how hard you try.
- Hmm.
- [clattering]
- Mom, can I have an ice cream cone?
- What is it?
Now, which flavor is your favorite?
- Rocky road.
- [Mariano laughs]
My goodness, ha, so is mine.
Uh, sure. You can go and take one. Go.
You shouldn't be in here.
Well, it was you who sent me the text
saying you wanted to meet up.
Yes, I know. But not here.
Hmm. Okay.
Want me to call?
I'll call you.
- Hmm.
- In a bit.
[Mariano] Mm-hmm.
But you need to leave.
Toño will be back soon.
Your husband has no idea how lucky he is.
[Mariano] Mmm.
What's going on?
Any chance you've seen Rubén?
No. Why?
Because I've been all over the place today
and I can't find him.
Well, you won't find him here.
[Bruno chuckles]
May I come in?
- Of course. Come in.
- Well, I didn't know.
You weren't saying anything.
Well, I have no clue where he could be,
but he's gotta be fucked up.
Not as bad as Hugo fucked you and me over.
Shooting himself makes us look
really fucking guilty.
I can imagine
what it must look like to people.
Whatever. Any word from Alba?
Alba's said nothing.
Why are you asking me this?
I'm curious, dude. I don't know.
I told you, man.
I'm done with her.
And it sucks that it took me so long
to see her for who she is.
I know what's important now.
She can fuck herself.
Now, there's my Bruno, right there.
And now, why don't we try to find
my lunatic cousin so we can cheer him up?
Well, you don't seem enthusiastic.
I'm sure you and I can snap him out of it.
All right, where the fuck
is this guy hiding?
- Where could he be?
- Wait a sec.
I think I know where he could be.
You can't be here, Rubén.
I still have his keys.
- Why the fuck is he here?
- Hey, just chill out.
- He's worried about you, like I am.
- Hey, we shouldn't be in here.
Great. We know
what the fucking Boy Scout wants.
Well, I'm staying right here,
then I'm snorting all this coke
and having my last whiskey with Hugo.
- Rubén, let's just go.
- Nobody's fucking moving.
You should see
your fucking bitch-ass faces right now.
I just had a great fucking idea.
Hey, why don't we teach a lesson
to that motherfucker Tirso
and that bitch Alba?
Huh? For fucking up our lives.
Sounds like an awesome idea.
Only without the gun.
They fucking killed Hugo, cousin.
[Jacobo] You're not going
anywhere near Tirso or Alba.
We have to focus on our next trial.
[gun clicks]
- And Hugo killed himself.
- Rubén, just drop the gun.
You don't give a shit
about us, motherfucker.
Why are you saying that? You
That It isn't true.
You two You two
are like brothers to me.
You know that.
Where did you get that?
I have the keys to the gun cabinet.
Do you want one? There's more.
Well [chuckles]
I guess there's one missing.
The one he used.
As long as we're gonna stay here,
let's have a drink.
- [Jacobo, Bruno] Hey!
- Where's the fucking glass for Hugo?
[Jacobo] Rubén, put the gun down.
Give it to me, Rubén.
Stop playing and let me have it.
I'll go get his glass, okay? All right.
Come on.
[Rubén] All right.
We'll all have a little drink.
The four of us, together again.
- [Rubén snorts]
- [Jacobo] Thanks.
[Jacobo grunts]
[Bruno chuckles]
[Bruno snorts]
I don't understand
why you're not calling the police.
- I have my reasons. Trust me.
- Oh, really?
He's looking for Tirso.
He came after me at the shop
earlier today, and you at the bar.
Call Marta,
see what she thinks about this.
Think about it.
You have to tell the police.
I'm not gonna call anyone. Not the police,
not Marta or anybody. Goddamn it!
I need to think this through
and control myself.
I can't let them get to me. I won't.
[Alba] Shit.
there's some good news.
You have a ton of people
on your side, following your story.
They're from all over the world.
Italy and and Spain.
Now you're famous, dude.
"You are an inspiration
to me and my daughter."
"You're fighting for justice
for women everywhere.
We're fighting with you."
"Your courage makes me proud
to be a woman."
"People like you are an inspiration."
"Go for it, Alba. We're here with you."
He did that to you?
[Alba] Yes, but he was
just trying to scare me.
What are you talking about?
That psycho could have done anything.
But he didn't do anything.
It's over. I just wanted you to know.
- I'm gonna kill that asshole.
- Bruno, no.
- You can't do anything.
- I swear, next time I see him, I'm
He won't come near you again, I promise.
Bruno, you can't do anything yet, hmm?
Act like nothing happened,
because if you do something,
we may never get another opportunity.
You told me yourself how close we are.
And you know, it was hard
seeing him there,
because I didn't expect
to turn around and see him there,
but I survived, okay?
He has to try a lot harder
if he wants to scare me.
You're not even gonna report him?
You've got a restraining order.
No, we can't report this yet.
I just need to
I need to handle Mercedes.
Okay? Talk later?
[Alba sighs]
[line ringing]
[phone buzzing]
I've been expecting your call.
- Hello, Mercedes.
- Have you made a decision?
I need more time.
That's why I'm calling.
Not long, I hope.
As soon as I have an answer,
I'll call you again.
Very well.
I want someone to be following Alba,
wherever she goes.
- [Miriam] Good night, honey.
- [TV playing]
Come on. Wait, sit with me for a second.
We haven't had time
to ourselves in a while.
[TV powers down]
Look at you.
Working all day, and still beautiful.
- Stop, Toño, please.
- Huh?
We can't just pretend
we're the happy couple we were before.
What are you talking about?
Of course we're happy.
Didn't we agree the other day
that we'd start over with a clean slate?
This is it. Luisito's doing well.
He's healthy, he's happy.
You and I love each other.
What's going on?
What's worrying that little head of yours?
- Is it the restaurant?
- No, it's not, Toño.
This year has been very difficult, and
and I've done things.
Things that I'm really ashamed of.
No. You're a good woman.
You might have made a mistake,
but you would never do anything
you'd be ashamed of.
That's why I married you.
Toño, listen.
do you remember
back when you asked me how I knew Eloy?
I was lying.
They paid me a lot of money
so that I wouldn't go to the police
because I found Rubén's ring
near where they raped Alba.
- You What? You No, no, no.
- There's something else, Toño.
No, no, no. There's nothing, you hear me?
I-I don't wanna know.
He'll be right with you.
Okay, Emilio. I'll call you later.
Sorry to keep you waiting.
- How's your daughter?
- I haven't heard anything, actually.
Listen, I need you after all.
We've had something new come up.
I can't remember why we ended
the arrangement in the first place.
Something trivial, no doubt.
But first, we take care of Olivia.
You just tell me how much money
you need for her new treatments.
And I just need you
to keep an eye on Alba.
I want her followed everywhere she goes.
- [phone buzzes]
- [Eloy sighs]
Ah, excuse me, please.
I'll be right back.
- [phone beeps]
- Hello? Yeah, okay.
[César sighs]
- What's up, Toño?
- Hey.
[Tirso] Get out of here.
- This is your bar all of a sudden?
- Come on, don't play with me.
What's up? What's going on here?
This pig has been doing jobs
for the Entrerríos for years. Hmm?
Protecting their kids,
cleaning up their mistakes.
You're addressing a policeman.
Watch what you're saying, okay?
A dirty policeman.
No, no, no. Th-That can't be true.
Tell him. Tell him, César.
None of that is true.
Tell me, am I lying?
See ya.
No, no, no. That can't be the truth.
That can't be true. He's my friend.
I've known him since we were little.
I'm sorry, Toño, but that guy is crooked.
Wh-What's wrong with this place?
Is everyone a liar?
- Calm down.
- I don't understand.
How can I calm down?
How can I calm down?
No one should be calm.
- I just
- I better come back later, okay?
Okay, Tirso.
[Alba] Do you see who left it?
I-I didn't see who. I'm not really sure.
B-But I think it was César, who's a liar.
- César?
- Yeah.
[Hugo] Alba,
I hope I can help you this time.
- There's still time to stop this nonsense.
- Too late. It's already done.
- Listen. You already ruined my career.
- Leave me alone.
I did everything I could for Rubén.
Stop lying to me.
You could have stopped all this.
A man with your power,
he can do what he wants.
You made me think you would do something
just so you'd sleep with me,
you son of a bitch.
Just listen, Mercedes. Turn around.
No, you knew how important Rubén is to me.
I begged you for help
and you used me like a whore.
- I did more than you think.
- Let go of me.
Let go of me.
I said let go of me!
If you leave me,
I'll lose the only good thing I have left.
[Mariano] You're still a beautiful woman.
Absolutely stunning.
Since you got here, all I want to do
is lay you on that table and fuck you.
Look, I won't be a whore for anyone.
Listen to me, you nasty little bitch.
[Iván] This merger is
our only option to get over the crisis.
If you and I join forces,
there will be
other board members considering it.
Rubén and my son will go to prison,
and eventually,
this matter will be forgotten.
I just came here to say goodbye.
I'm going to Houston for my daughter.
Don't lose track of her, day or night.
Yeah. That's what I'm doing.
[Eloy] Got anything?
[Alba] And I'm "JavitoJabato"?
And Jacobo is "Jeycob5."
He just logged on.
- [Rubén] Aren't you afraid of jail?
- [Jacobo] Of course I'm scared.
But what should I do?
We're doing everything we can
to follow the right steps.
[Manuel] Hello, Marta.
[Marta] What is this?
This will help at the trial.
[Marta] I read the files.
Apparently, they were
all drugged and gang-raped.
I was scared and so lonely and confused,
I took back the accusation.
You think those men
who raped me were the same ones?
[Alba] How about you? You don't have
the balls to look me in the face?
[Bruno] Don't start that.
I knew they were pieces of shit,
but turns out you were the worst.
- [Bruno] Really?
- Yeah.
There's nothing worse than you,
- Fucking shit!
- Alba.
- What are you looking at? Want some too?
- Hey, hey, stay back.
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