Alba (2021) s01e12 Episode Script

Chapter 12

- 911, what's your emergency?
- Yeah, hello.
I need an ambulance right away.
It's urgent.
- Sir, what's the the address?
- Mercedes.
I hope I can help you this time.
What we did to you is unforgivable,
especially for me,
because I didn't want to hurt you
and I knew it was a horrible crime.
I can't live with the guilt.
It's over.
- I'm already dead inside.
- "already"
"Jacobo, Rubén and I
are monsters."
"Every time I try to sleep,
I see them staring back at me."
There are other girls.
"I mean to make this clear. We raped you.
Bruno's girlfriend."
"I wanted
to tell the truth so many times,
but I was too much of a coward to do it.
I don't expect you to forgive me,
but at least now
there will be absolutely no doubt
about what we did to you.
I'm sorry. Hugo."
So, that's it, right?
That's the evidence we were looking for.
What's wrong?
Well, he's admitting
there were other victims.
We need to follow up and prove
Jacobo and Rubén have done this before.
Okay, yeah, yeah, you're right.
How do you want to do this?
I don't know,
but I think I should send it to Marta.
Sure you want to go through with this now?
Yes. I'm very sure.
I just spoke to the doctor.
He said she'll need
another MRI tomorrow for the head injury.
I'll bet you wish
she'd knocked her brains out.
What the hell are you talking about?
I I really don't know
what's going on with us.
We bicker. We fight all the time.
I mean, it's like we can't stand
being in the same room.
You really have no fucking idea
why we're like this, Dad?
Because you're a disaster,
an egomaniac, a pussy.
Come on. I'm not pretending
I've been a good father, not even close,
but there are still a few good memories
we have after all these years.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Are you proud of your son?
Because I'm about to go to jail
for fucking some chick.
What if we call a truce?
We could travel together, like we used to.
- Are you serious?
- What the hell is so funny?
You're pathetic.
What did you call me?
Mom, hey. Hey, Mom.
How do you feel?
What happened to me?
Help me up. I-I want to go home.
No, no, no, no, no, no. Lie down.
Lie down. You need to rest, okay?
They have more tests they wanna get done
because you hit your head so hard.
Hey, Mom? Mom, tell me,
how did you fall down those stairs?
I tripped.
We need to end this once and for all.
No more lawsuits.
My family doesn't need another scandal.
I offered Alba a deal.
You did what?
If she changes her testimony,
she'll only get a year in jail.
And I promised to make sure
her family is well taken care of.
You're turning this into a labyrinth.
Mercedes, you need
to accept the situation.
Your son is going to be convicted,
even if there are three more trials.
- You're not thinking clearly.
- I think I am.
I'd volunteer to spend
a year in prison myself
if it meant Rubén
could go on with his life.
You weren't raped
or humiliated like that girl.
Didn't you see her during the trial?
She'll never give up.
Neither will I.
Sounds good. Thanks for waiting.
You started that restaurant with money
the Entrerríos gave you to stay quiet,
- not with a bank loan.
- I lied to you.
Do you have any idea
how much trouble you would have saved us
if you'd just told the truth, huh?
If you told the Civil Guard
you found Rubén's ring
- Toño!
- in the first place.
I signed a contract
to keep this confidential.
I did what I thought
was best for the family.
Family? How could you do that?
What family? And what about Alba?
- My family is you and our child.
- What about my sister?
- Your sister is the center of your life.
- Yeah, you all are.
But you know she doesn't deserve this,
and you helped.
That's enough. Hmm? Enough.
We're not done. We're not done.
We're not done. Do you know why?
I don't understand.
Why would you betray your family
to start that restaurant
for snobby people?
I don't get it. Huh?
We already have the bar.
We have a beautiful little home.
We live in the town where we were born.
We have friends who love us.
- Luisito's happy, I'm happy, you
- Well, I'm not happy!
No more lies.
That's what we both want, right?
Now you know.
Wh-What do you mean you're not happy?
And why didn't you say anything until now?
Miriam, I'm your husband.
We have to talk about this.
When two people love each other,
they talk everything out,
the good and the bad,
so they can work through it.
Forget it, Toño.
- Just forget it.
- No.
This matters.
This matters.
Miriam, do you love me?
Do you?
It's a simple question.
It's not that simple, Toño.
It's not that simple.
She has to stay
in the hospital for three more days.
Honestly, they should put
a padlock on the door.
- For real.
- I'm going to see her later with Bruno.
Dude, fucking forget about Bruno.
- Come on!
- Think about it.
Would you have a beer with me and Bruno
if the two of us fucked your girlfriend?
This same old shit.
We've known each other since we were kids.
- He's like our brother.
- To you.
- And to you as well.
- Whatever.
You're just taking it out on everyone
because you're angry at the world.
They were only together
for a few months.
He had a crush,
like we've all had from time to time.
Got any snow?
No, I don't have snow.
And you need to slow down.
Sandra's coming in
and I don't want you to screw up.
Stop talking to me
like my dad, 'kay? Thanks.
I'm talking to you like your cousin.
- I'm worried you won't control yourself.
- Control my
You're incredible.
How the fuck do you stay calm like that?
Aren't you afraid of jail?
Of course I'm afraid.
What else do you want me to say?
We're following all the right steps.
We have the best law firm money can buy.
If things get ugly,
we just get the fuck out of the country.
- We're not just some broke losers.
- I went to see Tirso.
You saw Tirso? Hmm? What part
of "stay away" did you not understand?
He wasn't there. He wasn't there.
But I was luckier with Alba.
Say again?
She freaked out when she saw me.
What did I tell you?
I told you not to go near her.
Stay the hell away.
She had a full-on panic attack
and fell on the floor
like when you kick a puppy, you know?
Are you fucking insane?
Insane? I don't think so.
Look who's talking.
How 'bout those panties?
- I've got it.
- What?
I ordered a copy of Hugo's SIM card.
- What?
- That's right. He didn't cancel his phone.
So I called, they asked me
three security questions,
and then they sent me his password.
Hold on. Hold on. Wait.
Why are you doing this?
To look at Hugo's social media accounts.
I'm sure he's been in touch
with these nut-jobs
who've been supporting him
the last few months.
- When does the card get here?
- Tomorrow.
If we can find our way
onto one of these forums,
we can hack the server.
We'll pretend to be him
and contact Jacobo and Rubén.
First, we'll need one of them
to be logged into the forum,
and then I'd have to decrypt the access.
And would you be able to?
Will you be able
to impersonate one of them?
- Manuel?
- Hello, Marta.
This will help at the trial.
What is this?
Can I call you?
No, I'm going on a trip.
I won't be available.
I've called all three girls.
None of them picked up,
but I left messages, so we'll see.
Two withdrew their complaints.
Alba, I read the files.
None of them remembered anything.
Apparently, they were all drugged
and gang-raped. Sound familiar?
So what do we do?
We investigate their cases
and prove that these three girls
were assaulted by those bastards too.
Three complaints in two years.
It can't be that complicated.
I'm going to talk to officers
who handled their cases.
Oh, and this is really important.
Be careful who you talk to
about that letter from Hugo.
We can't let that
get back to the Entrerríos.
So, if you can, stay even further away
from that family than you already are.
You know what's better?
Sandra's bringing some hotties.
Yeah, but I have to help out
at the store, and
Fuck me. Here we go. This wouldn't happen
if you had a real job, Bruno.
I haven't had time
to think about it, with all this.
I tell you all the time you can work
construction for us, but you don't listen.
What? What's wrong?
Hey, Rubén, what's up?
What's up? I don't trust you.
That's what's up.
Hey, don't fucking start.
The fuck are you doing here?
Besides kissing his ass.
- Like Hugo did with you?
- Yeah, but we didn't fuck his girlfriend.
Of course not. That's impossible.
Or did you forget Hugo was queer as fuck?
Why don't you shut the fuck up?
- Or what?
- Hey, easy.
I don't plan on
working construction, okay?
And I'm only here
because you guys are my friends.
And that includes you, Rubén.
Are you really gonna buy this shit? Okay.
Fifty-seven members.
You gotta pay a good amount in Bitcoin
to become a member of the forum,
and be invited by three existing members.
And they're all members?
Rubén is unsubscribed.
Jacobo is the only one on here.
Looks like he was online four days ago,
but he hasn't posted anything
in a month and a half.
- And I'm "JavitoJabato"? Very original.
- It's been a long time since he posted,
but he used to be
one of the most active.
And Jacobo is "Jeycob5."
They totally worship him.
What about me? Anything from that night?
There's something
but you shouldn't even bother with that.
They're such pricks.
It's not worth it.
Here we go.
What do we say?
A little greeting?
"Hi there,
Jabato here."
What the fuck is he doing here?
Can we talk?
- I'm out of here. Talk to you later, okay?
- Okay.
Can I come with you?
You can do whatever you want.
Jesus, okay, I'm sorry.
I know I shouldn't have said that
when you threw away the drugs, okay?
It was unfair. I'm sorry.
- You said that like 15 times.
- Because you're not saying anything.
Because I don't want to, Tirso.
Okay, then there's only one other option.
I'll put it on a T-shirt
that says "I'm an asshole."
That would be great. Yeah.
Hey, and on the back, in huge letters,
"No, really, this guy is an asshole."
Dude, I'm not mad about what you said.
I'm mad that you lied to me.
- You told me you stopped selling drugs.
- Because it's true.
Do you really think
I'd be stupid enough to sell drugs
- when I might be going to prison?
- Yeah, Tirso.
Don't give me that.
That look.
What look?
- Do you need a ride?
- I think I'm okay.
Come on.
My baby love ♪
My baby love ♪
Close your eyes ♪
Come to me ♪
Deep inside of your mind ♪
You want to ♪
Like a fire ♪
And all the words that you never say ♪
What the fuck are you doing?
I don't know. What the fuck are you doing?
Huh? We barely see each other,
and when we're together,
you're already loaded.
It doesn't seem like
you want me in your life.
And I don't know if I want you in mine.
You're leaving me?
I don't know, Rubén.
I have to think about it.
Sandra! Sandra! Sandra! Sandra!
I get it. Shit, and, uh
And all this with the trial
and Alba and Hugo, and I don't
I don't know what to do, okay?
Maybe your dad and and everyone else
is is right, that I'm not
- that I'm not all there.
- Don't say that.
Sandra, whenever I'm with you,
I feel okay. I feel good.
You're the only one who understands me.
Sandra, please forgive me.
I think you're right, that you
you do deserve a lot better than me.
No, don't say that.
if you leave me
I'll lose the only good thing I have left.
That bitch Alba took everything else.
Even Hugo.
Don't worry. I won't leave you.
It's Alba. All of this is her fault.
I wish she would just fucking die.
- This is great, right? Looks good.
- But Jacobo's never online.
Yeah. If I were you,
I wouldn't ask about him too much.
Today, Rubén told me he doesn't trust me.
That's nothing new.
Yeah, but it's different
when he says it to my face.
Anyway, I told them
I didn't want anything to do with you.
He didn't seem too convinced.
But his girlfriend's
having her friends over.
I think I have a plan
to use that to our advantage.
We need to make a scene.
This is an initial merger agreement
with BDS Continental.
All I ask is that you take a look.
Read it.
This merger is our only way
out of the current crisis.
It puts us on the path
to financial recovery.
- We'll expand the business in the east.
- Even if it were a good solution,
Mercedes made it clear
at the last board meeting
that she wouldn't entertain
the possibility of a merger.
But if it's you, Mariano, Jacobo and me,
I know we can get
the other board members to agree.
The new trial will be
a complete nightmare.
Rubén and Jacobo will be convicted.
Now, if only they'd go to prison but no.
You'll get them out of Spain,
you'll make them fugitives,
and the company will suffer because of it.
Neither Rubén nor my son will run.
I promise they'll go to prison,
and eventually,
this whole mess will be in the past.
Do you think I'm an idiot?
We both know that Mercedes
would never let Rubén wind up in prison.
She has less influence than you think.
She's not an Entrerríos.
But she's in control,
like your father wanted.
This company is going under.
That's not what my father
would have wanted.
How are you?
Feels like someone's
drilling into my skull.
Your favorites.
Leave them wherever.
I'm worried about our son.
I've tried talking to him,
but he just won't have it.
It doesn't matter what I say.
I can't get through to him.
Maybe he doesn't wanna talk to you.
You could give me a hand.
You don't think it's enough
that I haven't told Rubén
that he's got a bastard brother?
I'm gonna tell him any day now.
You're a coward, sweetheart.
You always have been.
And with you,
that's one hell of an expensive flaw.
Well, maybe I did act like a coward
after I got her pregnant,
but maybe I should have left you
and been with her.
You would never have stood up
to your father like that.
He controlled all of us.
You, your brother, me, Rubén, Jacobo,
and now look what we've become.
But my father's not around anymore.
Maybe it's time
to take control of my life again
and to make some changes for myself.
Do whatever you want.
All I care about is what happens to Rubén.
And you already know I'll do
absolutely anything to protect him.
You, on the other hand
you only care about yourself,
the company,
your whores, and that bastard.
Look at you.
Bragging about sucking off
some judge to save your only son,
and it didn't do any good.
I don't know
which one of us is more pathetic.
- You gotta go.
- I'm going. Okay.
César, I was just going to call you.
Got anything?
Don't lose track of her, day or night.
Yeah, yeah, I'm all over it.
How's Olivia? If you need me
to talk to someone at the hospital
No, that's all right. I appreciate it.
Everything okay?
Everything's okay.
Bye, Eloy.
Hey. We need to talk.
- What are you doing here?
- Just a minute, then I'll leave.
You and Alba need to be careful.
The Entrerríos are watching you.
And how do you know?
They asked me to do it.
- But if the Entrerríos are paying you
- They used to pay me. That's over now.
I just came to warn you. That's all.
Thank you.
Hi. Are you Alba?
Yes. Do I know you?
Your lawyer asked me to talk to you.
I live in Alcoy with my partner.
We've been together four years.
When they
You don't have to tell me anything
if you don't want to.
When it happened, I was already with him,
but I never told him anything
about that night.
I didn't tell my parents or anyone else.
I was scared and so lonely and confused,
I took back the accusation.
Do you think those men
who raped me were the same ones?
Do you remember
if any of them had a tattoo?
Uh honestly, I don't know.
It's like my memory had been erased.
I just woke up
in a warehouse with no underwear.
Luisito, inside voices, okay, honey?
- Okay.
- Hmm?
Mariano, what are you doing?
Get out. Toño's upstairs.
I'm here because you still haven't told me
when we can get together.
I thought it was urgent.
It's It's important, but it can wait.
- I don't really like waiting.
- Mariano, not here, okay?
Miriam, I'm not leaving
until you tell me what this is about.
- It's about the kid.
- What's wrong with him?
Nothing's wrong with him. He's fine.
It's just that
All this with the trial and everything
going on between your family and Alba
I just don't want
my son to lose that money.
Don't worry. He's my son too.
I'll always take care of him.
Thank you.
There might be some changes, though.
You do have a point.
This really isn't the proper place.
Why don't we talk about this
over lunch or dinner? What do you think?
Yeah. But please get out. Go.
- Hey! Bye, Luisito.
- Bye!
I can always kill two birds
with one stone, but
Shit, look who it is.
Should we go?
No, no. Come on. It'll be okay.
- What's she doing?
- Keep walking.
So, looks like you two
are back together again.
Shut your mouth.
- If I were you ladies, I'd be careful.
- How about you fuck off?
Hey, hey. Rubén. Rubén.
Come on, let's go.
Hey, cuz.
Let's go.
How about you? You don't have the balls
to look me in the face after what you did?
- Don't start with that.
- And what if I do?
Gonna rape me again in front of everyone?
- Will you shut the fuck up?
- You can't make me shut up, okay?
- Is fucking up my life not enough?
- Don't tell me what to do. Fuck no!
Get ready, you rapist motherfuckers.
- Are you fucking crazy?
- Hang on. Fuck off.
Don't ever talk to us again.
I knew they were pieces of shit,
but turns out you were the worst of all.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Well, there's nothing worse
than you, sweetheart.
Hey, hey! Bruno, Bruno, Bruno, Bruno.
What are you looking at, huh? What?
Want some too,
you ugly son of a bitch?
Alba, forget it. Let's go. Come on.
We're making a scene,
so let's get out of here. Go.
Come on. Let's go.
You're one fucking crazy bitch.
I almost shit my pants.
You wanted to see me?
- Mariano will be joining us.
- Not interested.
You can count me out.
Eloy, you're not our brother,
but we think of you as family.
In fact, our father loved you
as much as he loved us.
It's a family matter.
We need you on our side.
I don't understand
why you're protecting Mercedes.
You don't owe her loyalty.
She's not my father.
In his will, your father didn't
just leave her stocks and control.
He left her with power.
He gave her a flash drive
with recordings he secretly made
of politicians, businessmen,
bankers, judges,
in restaurants, brothels,
airplanes, on trains, and in this office.
- Then why didn't you tell us?
- And why'd he tell you?
Why wouldn't he? You just said he loved me
as much as he loved both of you.
You know perfectly well
what I meant by that.
And where is this flash drive?
Only Mercedes knows the combination,
as stipulated in your father's will.
And yes
your conversations are on there as well.
Very compromising ones. Mine too.
So, as long as Mercedes has
that flash drive,
she holds all the cards.
Forget about the merger.
Dude, this is amazing.
They're going crazy about your posts.
I swear to God, it makes me sick.
I can imagine.
Who do you think
wears the pants, Jacobo or Rubén?
I don't know, Bego.
Maybe it's both of those creeps.
Jacobo's a manipulator
and Rubén's a sick fuck.
- Let's get something out of them.
- I hope so.
- Jacobo.
- He just logged on.
Okay, and and what now?
- Should we write something or
- No.
All we know is he's online,
but he'll only pop up if he chats.
What do we do?
- Nothing now, 'cause he just logged off.
- Fuck!
We can always private message him
but that might make him suspicious.
Let's do it.
You got it. Okay then, go ahead.
"Hey, Jeycob5."
"To say I admire you
would be an understatement.
You don't deserve
what's happening to you."
Anything else?
Let me.
"On Wednesday,
I went out
to bag some chicks with my buddies.
We dedicated it to you.
Cheers, bro."
Now what?
Now, we wait.
I need you
to be completely honest with me.
Have you made a decision?
Not yet, to be honest.
It's just that it's a tough decision
and I really need to think about this.
- We're talking about prison time.
- You think I was born yesterday?
I know you have absolutely no intention
of accepting my offer.
By the way,
how's your brother?
How do you think he'd take it if he knew
that Miriam's little boy is
my husband's child and not his?
Think about it.
- Can we talk?
- I'm sorry, Toño. I'm really tired.
I I overheard you
and Mariano Entrerríos today
talking about Luisito.
- Toño
- Please listen to me, Miriam.
I-I don't give a shit
what Entrerríos says, okay?
Luisito has one father, and that's me.
Of course it's you. Of course.
How could you not tell me?
I wanted to.
I swear I wanted to, Toño.
But I didn't know how to tell you that,
and I thought with time
- With time what, Miriam?
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
You used me.
You used me.
How could you be so cruel?
A heartless thing to do.
I've made a lot of mistakes in my life.
I've done some bad things, you know?
Really bad.
But if there's one thing I'm proud of,
it's our son, Toño, I swear to God.
I just can't take this.
I've got lies coming out of my ears.
I-I want you to tell me everything.
You need to tell me everything,
without a-a single lie from you.
I promise. I promise.
How long have they been
working on this merger?
Two weeks.
And you didn't know about it?
Let me put it another way.
Are you with me or with Iván and Mariano?
If I do stay loyal to you,
it's because I owe it to Víctor.
I owe that man my life
and everything in it.
But I don't agree with your decision
to put your son
before the future of the company.
If Alba accepts the deal, Rubén, Jacobo,
and the company will be fine,
and our stock will go up
as fast as it came down.
If she says no?
She's not going to.
You're obsessed.
You can't make clear decisions like this.
Are you with me or not?
Honestly, I don't know whose side I'm on.
Remember, I have a flash drive
that could cause you serious problems.
You should remember I have a video
that you'd rather not make public.
If those two hyenas try to convince you
to double-cross me again,
you tell them I can destroy
every member of the board, including them.
And that's all thanks
to their beloved daddy.
Don't worry.
They already know.
Toño and I aren't at our best as a couple,
but we're doing our best
to work through it.
My marriage
has been a sham for years.
I've been sleeping
in the guestroom for a long time.
Can you imagine what might have been
if the two of us had stayed together?
Mariano, that ended years ago,
just around the time
you found out that I was pregnant,
- so I can't imagine it.
- But don't you see? I had no other choice.
At that time, under those circumstances,
there was really nothing I could do.
Forgive me.
- What were you saying about a change?
- Let's say
Mariano, my son
is the most important thing in my life.
- He shouldn't want for anything.
- You're right. You're right.
He doesn't have my name,
but he's my flesh and blood.
And so?
What if I increase your allowance?
Increase it?
Or I could rent you an apartment.
What do you say?
- I don't understand.
- I think you do.
You're still a beautiful woman.
Absolutely stunning.
Since you got here, all I want to do
is lay you on that table and fuck you.
- What the fuck are you doing, Mariano?
- You know exactly what I'm doing.
- You're dead wrong about me.
- I don't think so.
Let's try something else, shall we?
Say you get the apartment, hmm? The money.
Benidorm, Alicante, wherever you want.
Look, I won't be a whore for anyone,
least of all you.
That's not what I said. I care about you.
You just make me so horny.
I'm going.
We aren't done yet.
Yes, we are.
Sit down!
I hope I never see you again
in my fucking life.
Wait, damn it!
Didn't anyone ever tell you it's rude
to get up and walk out on someone?
Don't touch me!
Who are you kidding?
I know you love money,
and spending every day
with that idiot must be driving you crazy.
- Get the fuck off me!
- Hey!
Listen to me, you nasty little bitch.
You don't talk to me in that tone.
All right, go fuck yourself.
But you can forget about the money.
You'll never see another euro
in your fucking life.
Stay with your idiot husband
and that little bastard.
All you women are the fucking same.
I just came here to say goodbye.
I'm going to Houston for my daughter.
- Has she gotten worse?
- No, no, no, no.
I just need to be with her.
And I gotta get out of this town,
you know? It's overdue.
I totally understand.
No, you don't understand.
Those four boys
they found dead in a car accident
that were accused
of assaulting Alba. Remember?
- Yeah.
- It was my fault.
And I was the one
who did everything I could
to make the four of them look guilty.
I was the one who threatened Bruno.
Why the hell are you
telling me all this now?
Because I'm the only one to blame
for losing the person I love most,
apart from my daughter.
I know I've hurt you, Clara. I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
But I needed to tell you the truth.
And this is the truth.
When are you leaving?
Tomorrow night.
Have a good trip, César.
Maybe one day, I'll come back.
Who knows?
Could I see you then?
I don't know.
I don't I don't know.
- Bye.
- Mm-hmm.
Anything at all?
Nope. Nothing. They've been talking
about motorcycles for an hour.
- Jacobo still hasn't logged on.
- Fucking great.
I've been looking
at his past screen names,
and he keeps changing his numbers.
"JEYCOB1," "JEYCOB2," up to "JEYCOB5."
The night they raped me.
That guy's a fucking nutcase.
You know that, right?
Listen to me.
Please don't get discouraged.
What you're doing is really brave,
and you should be proud of yourself.
Want some dinner?
- I'll whip up my famous meatballs.
- Sounds good.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
- What a day.
- You're gonna love these.
Come on.
Come on.
Where are you? Jesus.
I was so scared.
I-I've been calling all day.
I-I even called the Civil Guard.
- You okay?
- I'm fine. Don't worry.
Wh-What happened?
- Nothing, honey. Nothing happened.
- Wh-What do you mean? What
- What is that? Who did this to you?
- It's nothing.
Was it Mariano?
Was it Mariano?
- Was it Mariano?
- Honey, calm down.
- Wh-What do you mean?
- Please calm down.
D-Did that son of a bitch
give you that bruise?
- I'm gonna kill him!
- No, please! Please don't go! Don't go!
What did you do to my wife?
- What the fuck are you doing here?
- What did you do to her?
Get out of here or I'll call the police.
Call whoever you want,
you fucking piece of shit!
I don't care! You hit a fucking woman?
You hit a fucking woman?
Even a dumb-ass like me knows
you never hit a fucking woman!
You stay the hell away
from Miriam,
stay away from Luisito, or kill me!
I'll fucking kill you!
I'll fucking kill you!
Hold him, Iván!
I'll shut you the fuck up
once and for all.
Stay away from my family!
It's not all yours.
You borrowed it from me.
Luisito is my son.
That boy is my son.
You can keep him for all I care.
I never want to hear from
that bastard again in my fucking life!
Give it to me!
It's done. You're out of the company.
You betrayed me.
Yes, I did.
If Grandpa were alive,
he would've fixed it already.
He had no problem getting things done.
There are plenty of solutions.
Just trust me.
- They're not here.
- Then we find them.
I didn't think
it was possible to stoop so low.
I thought maybe you'd have some humanity.
There's nothing I wouldn't do for Rubén.
It's okay.
I promised you
I'd figure it out and I have.
Tonight we're taking a plane to Barbados.
It's been arranged.
There's a party at his house.
We're not gonna get a better chance.
- Just go for it, right?
- Are you sure?
That's Jacobo's room.
I gave him that figurine myself.
Rubén, I know you.
What did you get yourself into now?
- He won't pick up for me.
- Where are you?
I'm with Tirso.
Wasn't there a thing?
We kill her, put her in a hole,
and cover it with cement.
The digger still works.
Pull the fucking trigger.
Come on. Just be a man
and fucking do it already.
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