Alcatraz s01e05 Episode Script

Guy Hastings

Previously on Alcatraz Meet the '63s.
The worst criminals this country has ever known are coming back.
Grandfather wasn't a guard.
He was an inmate.
No! He killed my partner.
Soto, this is my Uncle Ray.
Ray Archer's your Uncle? Sort of.
He raised me after my parents died.
This isn't your case, is it, Becky? No, this is about Alcatraz.
You work Damn it, Rebecca.
Let it go.
Police! So we have to find these '63s.
We need to find who took them.
Where have you been for the past 50 years? I don't know.
Hey, what are you doing? You don't belong here.
Up before the alarm, huh? Just excited, I guess.
Good morning, sunshine.
Why don't you call in sick? No, ma'am.
Not today.
Today's a training day.
- Daddy! - Whoa! Ahh! Somebody's up bright and early, huh? Mommy measured me last night.
So that's who's been drawing on the walls? - Yes, siree.
- 42 inches.
Wow, what a big girl.
What? Just never thought we'd be so happy.
Here of all places.
Gentlemen! Welcome to Alcatraz! I'm guy Hastings, your training officer! Most of you won't last the day! Those who do won't be eager about the next! Alcatraz is the most dangerous prison in the world! My job is to make sure you survive! Look to me! Trust me! 'Cause on Alcatraz, no man can do it alone! Now sound off! John Kawalski! William hutch! David O'Connor! Leonard Burntree! Aaron Lasky! Ray Archer.
This is Tommy, and that's me.
And that's where we grew up.
So you didn't meet my grandfather at Alcatraz.
You knew him before.
Did he really kill my grandmother? I didn't think so And then I did.
Why did he do it? I don't know.
I just had to let it go.
To raise me.
I knew Tommy my whole life.
He was my best friend.
Are you still ordering half the menu? No, I don't do that anymore.
Some more char siu bao.
Oh, shoot.
Um, was that it? Yeah, that's it.
Here you go.
No, no, that's yours.
Go ahead, keep it.
Hmm, thanks.
Um, whatever you don't eat, can you have them box it up? I'll eat it later.
I'd rather clothe you than feed you.
Bye, Ray.
A ranger was attacked in building 64 about an hour ago.
Fractured skull, punctured lung.
This man was seen leaving the building moments later.
He took the 9:00 A.
Ferry back to the mainland.
Is that guy Hastings? It certainly is.
What did he do to end up on the rock? He didn't do anything.
He wasn't an inmate.
He was a guard.
That's right.
Our first guard.
And he attacked a ranger? Why? The guards were good men.
If Hastings attacked a ranger, someone put him up to it.
Someone Like who? Whoever took the '63s.
Oh, right.
Those guys.
What do you think they sent him back here to do? That's what we have to figure out.
On march 21, 1963, Alcatraz officially closed.
All the prisoners were transferred off the island Only that's not what happened.
Not at all.
Talk about cramped quarters.
Guards paid 28 bucks a month to live in these apartments.
You can't beat the view.
What do you know about Hastings? Uh, Navy guy.
He served in Korea.
Came to the rock with his family in '57.
The official story was that he died in a chemical spill along with eight other guards in '63.
I wrote about it in one of my books, which I guess makes me a fraud.
Any idea why guy came here? Yeah, this was his apartment.
What is it? Blood.
Well, if he attacked the ranger over there, why is there blood here? Two clips.
He's got a gun.
Question is, what's he gonna do with it? Who knows? We're chasing a guy with no record.
No case files.
No M.
How are we supposed to find him? I know where we can start.
That was his daughter.
Look at these markings.
She couldn't have been more than seven or eight when they lived here.
Find her.
And tell her what? You know your dad, who for 50 years you thought was dead, is kind of back.
And we were, you know, wondering if maybe you've seen him.
Not that.
You're writing a new book.
I am? I'm your research assistant.
You are? Hi, can I help you? Hi.
Uh, my name is Dr.
Diego Soto.
That's me.
Are you guy Hastings' daughter Annie? Alcatraz was an amazing place to live.
My parents never even locked the doors.
That's your dad there, right? And me.
I was eight when he died.
I remember he'd come in after his shift, and he'd lie on the floor.
And I'd climb on him like he was furniture.
You remember the last time you saw him? Yeah, he walked me down to the boat to go to school, and, um, that afternoon, mama was at the pier waiting for me.
She said there had been some kind of accident A chemical spill on the island.
They wouldn't let us back, so we stayed at a motel.
And then the call came.
He died.
They sent us his things a few days later, but they never told us what happened.
Do you have any of his things from Alcatraz? Oh, I have the box the prison sent us.
Could we maybe take it with us? I mean, I promise I'll bring it back.
Scout's honor.
And I was A scout.
Welcome to the mess hall, aptly dubbed the "gas chamber.
" Comforting name.
fixed to the ceiling.
Gotta at least credit them for inspiration.
Gentlemen, you are standing in the most dangerous room in the most dangerous prison in the world.
Prisoners sit where they please, and they move freely to and from chow line.
Here, Madsen.
You gotta have eyes in the back of your head.
Archer, eyes on me, kid.
Warden James saw fit to loosen the leash as far as meals.
Felt dignity would go a way towards obedience.
Course that don't mean the men feel obligated to fall in line.
Just last week, red Stevens used a steak bone to open Billy Haskin's throat.
No, no, no! You shouldn't have come here.
Madsen, you just earned yourself a trip to the hole! I'll be right back, J.
Don't move.
No one has to get hurt here.
Shut up.
Put your hands up.
Now turn around.
Hold still, son.
It hurts.
Forgot the anesthetic on account I don't usually bother.
He gonna be okay, Doc? Right as rain By the time a cigarette burns through.
Never seen a mess tray go so deep.
Fella did this must have had a real itching for you.
He better be much worse off than he looks.
Cracked skull is all, Warden.
Someone want to tell me why I got cut short flower-picking with my little one on account of a flesh wound? I only sent for Mr.
Deputy Warden Tiller, sir, as protocol requires.
If you were bothered from your afternoon's excursion, that's entirely on someone else.
Tommy Madsen takes one look at the new screw and attacks him? That's not strange to you? We live on 22 acres of solid rock inhabited by murderers, thieves, and rapists.
Strange went out the window upon arrival.
They know each other is the point.
Archer could be here to bust Madsen out.
Plenty of lags go after new screws.
No one here's not seen that before.
Yes, Warden? Where's your courage stand post-mess-hall tussle? Ready as ever, sir.
Let him stay, and tussle could lead to escape attempt.
Up to you, Hastings.
Shall we pull Archer close to our teat or send him on his merry way? Kid's green.
There's no arguing that.
But most men beat like that make fast for the hills.
So if Archer wants to stay, I say we give him a shot.
Any further botheration, it's Hastings' rump on the line.
Usually we find makeshift sniper scopes or contraband in these boxes.
This one's full of good-guy stuff.
What exactly are we looking for? Connection to the past Anything that can tell us where he might be headed.
Anything? Nothing on the day's crime reports that point to guy Hastings.
Hey, can I call you back? - Hey, Rebecca.
- It's J.
Your Uncle Ray is missing.
What? I just saw him.
He left to take out the trash but he never came back.
All right, I'll be right there.
Ray's missing.
Missing? Yeah, I have to go.
I'll go with you.
You think this has something to do with Hastings? Um, Rebecca? It's Hastings and Ray.
They knew each other.
Looks like they were friends.
What the hell is going on? You died.
Where is he, Ray? Who? Tommy Madsen.
Tommy? Don't you lie to me.
I know you know him.
I know him same as you do.
He's a prisoner at Alcatraz.
Stop lying! You look exactly the same.
How is it possible? You got to have a whole life, didn't you, Ray? Got to raise your family.
You got to Live.
What happened to you, guy? You know Tommy Madsen same as me, huh? What the hell is that? That's you and Tommy.
Where is he, Ray? He's dead.
Died in '64.
Is that what they told you? It ain't true.
Same as I'm here, so is he.
Madsen had a son.
You can't find Tommy, take me to his son.
I can't take You can, Ray.
And you're going to.
Any word on Ray? No, it's, uh It's been almost two hours.
He left his cell on the bar.
I tried his apartment, but it was busy.
Have you seen anyone unusual hanging around this bar? No, just the regulars.
How about this man? Have you seen him? Yeah.
You know, I saw him standing across the street when I was coming in this morning.
How do you have his picture? I'm going to Ray's apartment.
Wait here in case he comes back.
Ray? Clear! They were here.
What is that? Ray's watch.
I bought it for him when I was 13.
Three months allowance.
He's worn it every day since.
He is trying to tell me something.
That he was alive when they left.
Why Ray? He wasn't even on the rock when it closed.
Well Maybe guy isn't after Ray.
Well, he came here looking for something.
Or someone.
That's Ray and my grandfather.
Tommy Madsen.
Guy's not after Ray.
He's after Tommy.
Why would the people who took the '63s be after my grandfather? I don't know.
So how you feel today, kid? If I say in confidence that I'm shook up, does that put me on the first boat out of here? No, any man gets beat like that's bound to get the shakes.
What? I put myself on the line for you yesterday, Mr.
Archer, so I'm only gonna ask once.
Do you know Tommy Madsen? No, sir.
I do not.
Well, if that is the truth, Archer, then we got a whole other conundrum, because the only currency on Alcatraz that really matters is respect.
A hundred men saw Madsen split your head open.
Blood is in the water, and by now, they all smell it.
Now you say you don't know Madsen.
Prove it.
What's going on? I need to see you.
What's the deal with the bat-phone? He picks it up, and someone's there? I need everyone in the room.
Yes, now.
The room, huh? Why is he going in there? What happened with Ray? Guy Hastings took him.
We think he's using Ray to find my grandfather.
You know, guy wasn't just any guard.
He was Ray's training officer, and training officers kept logs.
And during Ray's first week, he was attacked by an inmate.
What inmate? Your grandfather.
Does it say why? No, but, uh, guy broke it up.
Okay, how do you go from best friends to fighting at the mess hall at Alcatraz? God, I know this house.
Here's a photo Ray gave me this morning.
Same place Tommy and Ray grew up.
Okay, so a man Ray hasn't seen in 50 years shows up looking for Tommy.
Who Ray thinks is dead.
When I found out Ray was missing today, the first place I went to was his house.
So if I'm guy I have Ray take me to the place Tommy grew up.
We have the house number.
We just have to find out what street it's on.
We can build out the rest of the picture.
Based on the architecture, we could maybe figure out what neighborhood, and that'll lead us to Ray.
But for this, we need a pro.
You wanted me to take you to Tommy's son? There he is.
Everyone connected with Tommy is dead.
I'm the only one left.
I know you, guy.
You never wanted to hurt anyone.
Why are you looking for Tommy? It's what they told me.
What who told you? You were there.
You saw what they were doing to him.
All that blood.
Weeks in the infirmary.
Did Tommy tell you? Is that why you left? No.
I left to raise his son.
"Beloved husband And father.
" The blonde in the pictures She's too young to be yours.
Take it easy.
She's van's daughter.
Tommy's granddaughter? She's damn near a spitting image of him.
Leave her out of this, guy.
So maybe she knows where Tommy is.
I'll take you to Tommy.
- This is your pro? - Chet, the stock boy? Check it out.
Is that the San Mateo bridge? Mm-hmm.
All right, then that means China basin No way.
China basin doesn't have street numbers in the hundreds.
Here he goes with the maps.
Daly city.
Let's check census reports from the '50s, look for Madsen and Archer, and get their addresses.
We're looking for a connection to our existing model.
Tell me, the day the guard returned, was there an increase in seismic activity? Sir, do you think the keys, Tommy Madsen, the jump That they're all related? Humor me.
Statistically insignificant along the north Hayward fault.
Okay, let's review what we know.
The guard is looking for Madsen, which suggests that Madsen is unaccounted for.
Or lost.
Or lost.
Okay, got it.
There's a Madsen on Hayworth, but no Archer.
Ray said they grew up together, same neighborhood.
Could it be the wrong Madsen? "William, head of household.
"Laura, spouse.
Tommy, son.
"Ray Ray, son"? They were brothers.
Ray must have changed his last name to work on Alcatraz.
They never would have hired him if they knew he was related to an inmate.
Ray's my Uncle.
My real Uncle.
Inside, meat! First tier, file in! Move! You ready, Archer? One way to find out.
I mean, yes, sir.
Take your position.
At the cutoff, eyes right! These cell doors are the only thing that stands between bedlam and peace.
Put them in.
"B," step to the line! Set the control lever to "a," pull the clutch, and release the door pins.
Third lever opens the doors.
Now T's say we wanted, uh, all the gates open except for 1-1-2.
Set the control lever to 12, and pull the clutch.
Have at it.
Opening cell doors! Rack 'em! Got a captive audience, kid.
In your cell.
I'm happy to, screw, but my door ain't open.
Looks open to me.
That's come on.
Come on, come on.
That's enough.
That's enough.
You made your point.
What is this place? This is where Tommy grew up.
Tommy Madsen! Where is he? He'll be back.
You lied to me.
Tommy and I grew up here.
If there's any place Tommy'd go, it would be here.
What? Why are you in Daly city? How do you know where I am? Why are you in Daly city? He's tracking us.
I'm headed to 139 Hayworth street, but apparently you'll know that when I get there.
I'm on my way.
What are you gonna do if he's there? I just hope he's okay.
No, not Ray.
He killed my partner, Doc.
You remember my first day on the rock? Pouring rain.
I was terrified.
The only thing that kept me from jumping on the first boat home was you.
What happened to you, guy? Where have you been? Where have I been? I haven't been anywhere.
I took my little one down to the Dock and kissed her good-bye.
That night I-I was on the north tower.
And the fog Took all the stars away.
In the morning, I was in the infirmary.
They told us that there had been an accident.
Our f Our families were dead.
Most of us guards were in there, and they told us that we were sick Contaminated And that we couldn't leave.
And then It wasn't 1963 anymore.
She's here.
Who? The blonde.
Becca, behind you! Drop.
Guy, relax.
Let her go.
Shut up.
You're a good man.
A family man.
No, my family's dead.
No, Annie's still alive.
No, she's not.
They're all dead.
Listen to her, guy.
I saw her today.
I swear to you, I talked to her.
She told me She told me how she used to climb on you like you were furniture.
She's alive, guy With a husband and children Your grandchildren.
They lied to you about everything.
Shut up.
Hastings, on the count of three, I'm going to shoot you in the head.
You don't have a shot.
He will do it.
Drop the gun, guy.
Hauser, don't.
I know you don't want me here, and it doesn't matter to me that you think you deserve this, 'cause you don't.
You're my blood, and I won't leave you here alone to rot in this hellhole.
I will not.
You and me are in this together.
Is what you said true? Is Annie really alive? Alive With great memories of her daddy.
Let's go.
You see those people across the street? That's your daughter, Annie.
Those are her children and her grandchildren.
She looks so happy.
Can I see her or talk to her? No.
Then why did you bring me here? You're a casualty in this.
You don't deserve what happened to you.
I'm never gonna see them again, am I? No.
I'm not the first Madsen you've asked to be on this task force, am I? That's why Ray's not freaking out about guy Hastings showing up, because he already knew what was going on.
And you figured he'd know how to find Tommy.
I offered Ray Archer a job 16 years ago.
He turned me down.
Something about raising a precocious little girl.
You got what you wanted anyway Someone with ties to Tommy Madsen.
Oh, is that what I wanted? Where is this going? Now I know.
My grandfather is more important to you than I ever imagined, which means you need me more than I need you.
Night, Ray.
We're closed.
Last call for an old friend? I told you never to come back here.
Well, you gave up the house, Ray.
I can't stay there anymore.
What was I supposed to do? Remember when you'd do just about anything to protect me? That was before Rebecca.
Yeah, Rebecca.
What? Ah, it's just strange, you know, being a grandfather at my age.
You're nobody's grandfather.
You were always a man of strong conviction, Ray.
Glad to see that hasn't changed.
Turn around, and get the hell out of my bar.
I'm going.
This isn't over.
Every moment you're near puts her in harm's way.
If I see you again I'll kill you.