Alcatraz s01e06 Episode Script

Paxton Petty

Previously on Alcatraz Meet the '63s.
The worst criminals this country has ever known are coming back.
My grandfather wasn't a guard.
He was an inmate.
That's him.
Tommy Madsen, he killed my partner.
So we have to find these '63s? We need to find who took them.
I need you to watch them.
You know, they're not so bad.
Lucy, get down! Welcome to Alcatraz Dr.
Thank you, Warden James.
I don't know, Hauser.
Maybe the pirate life ain't for you.
All right, tie it off! Now look alive.
Petty You arrive to us with much fanfare.
I can assure you most lags don't get the benefit of a welcoming party.
But then you are a special case, aren't you? A smile.
On a child's face, it reminds us of all that's good and pure in this world.
But on yours, it's all the company of hades.
If you've left any more of your mines on the mainland, son, it will be our singular aim to find out just where they are before anyone else is blown to kingdom come.
Take him.
Felicitations to the good men and women of the San Francisco police department.
Does the lady need a ride back to the mainland? No, the lady does not.
But nice thought.
Thank you.
For your nausea.
Officer Hauser.
Emerson Hauser.
She has good taste in music, Mr.
Any improvement? I'm sorry.
And if she stays here? Did she ever talk to you about a DNR? Are you saying she's dying? Guy, ready? Oh, okay.
Hey, buddy.
How you doing? Where'd you come from? Get back! Move, move, get out of the way! What's going on? They're under the ground! Look out! They're under the ground! All units, all units, be advised.
Air support en route to pine street park.
Multiple explosions reported with severe casualties.
Bomb squad on scene.
Oh, this does not look good.
You were actually near where um, yeah, no, it was just right there.
Was it over here? - The south side.
- Okay.
It was just huge.
- You saw it yourself? - Yes.
What kind of explosive makes a crater like this? Something small.
An I.
Looks like he used the grass to hide them.
Land mines.
- Holy crap - It's Paxton Petty.
He did this before in the early '60s.
In the past, there were multiple occasions.
He's not finished yet.
So you know this case? Three bombs went off.
He claimed there was a fourth, but it was never found.
All right.
So where do we start? I'm gonna work on the locations.
You're gonna work on finding Petty.
Petty was a combat engineer in the Korean war.
Something bad happened in Wonju schoolchildren killed by U.
land mines.
Petty was the prime suspect.
Is that what sent him into Alcatraz? No.
They reassigned him to the Presidio graveyard detail while they did the investigation.
Eventually he was tried and convicted.
After five years in military prison, he came back to the city and started doing this.
All right! Everybody down! Oh, my God.
On March 21, 1963, Alcatraz officially closed.
All the prisoners were transferred off the island Only that's not what happened.
Not at all.
You're checking her for TBI, right? Concussions? Honestly, I barely bumped my head.
A guy is walking around with a backpack full of mines.
SFPD back in '60 thought he stole 'em from the Presidio while he was there.
The Presidio isn't a base anymore, so where is he getting them now? Maybe same guy who bought Cobb his rifle, Hastings and Sylvain their guns.
Someone's helping these guys.
I mean, maybe unfreezing 'em.
It's like when captain America was trapped - in the Antarctic ice - Doc.
But there's always a facilitator.
I mean, Lex Luthor.
Case in point.
Hey, psycho.
Hey, psycho.
What's up? You switch to decaf yet? Not a chance.
I got nine lives.
Haven't burned through half of 'em yet.
Oh, right.
Well, uh This is some ugly-looking shrapnel.
Ugly and old.
Like FDR old or bush 41 old? I'm thinking somewhere in between.
But this puppy's been modified.
- Who are you? - Soto.
Civilian authority.
Pulled that from a tree branch.
So he's putting something in them.
Yeah, most of these whack jobs add ball bearings, nails, whatever's handy, put 'em in the mines to maximize carnage.
This doesn't look like some random piece of metal.
You mind if I, uh - knock yourself out.
- Thanks.
You want one of me too? Recording bombing victim number six.
severe lower body trauma.
Powder burns extending to mid-torso.
- Hey.
- Hey, how's it going? I hear you went to the dark side.
Federal task force.
I'm working the pine street bombings.
I'm her partner, Dr.
Diego Soto.
Golden age.
So what are you pulling out of him? Oh, why do I have the feeling you already know the answer to that? - That one, please.
- Okay.
Is that a Laurel wreath design? It looks like some sort of badge or military medal.
Hey, did you see psycho there? Oh, yeah.
I have a comic book shop over on Columbus.
I have every issue of sandman.
Mint condition.
You know, if you're ever interested.
I thought you said that you were her partner.
Oh, I am.
It's just, well, I also kind of have, like, a day job.
- Thanks, Nikki.
- Yeah.
Or secret identity.
- Doc! - Right.
"Snow Beard Grace.
" Where are the bombs, Petty? Again.
Why don't you just hit him with a sledgehammer? If you're offended, Doctor, by all means, wait outside.
Dueling sawbones.
Toe to toe.
Old school versus the avant-garde.
If you'd like me to stop, Warden don't be sensitive, Milton.
Tell us where they are and you'll have a wool blanket with tea piping hot in a ceramic bowl waiting for your purple pruned hands.
We'll find out one way or another.
He'll break.
Never had a man in this tub that didn't.
He's already broken, Dr.
What we need to do is put him back together again.
A prescription straight from the pad of mother goose herself.
When you're ready to come into the 20th century, please let me know.
Time for the talking cure.
Step aside, Milton.
Yes, ma'am, it's a military medal, all right.
These etching lines? They symbolize rays that the Laurel wreath encircles, in the center of which would sit a silver star.
Was Petty awarded any medals in Korea? No.
He thought he deserved one, though.
Fired off a lot of angry letters to uncle Sam while he was, you know, in jail.
Got denied every time.
So maybe this is payback.
Instead of ball bearings or nails.
Where would you get a silver star if you didn't earn it? A real one? Well, you wouldn't.
What about, like, Craigslist? Hmm.
Not from a military family I take it, sir.
Silver star is the third-highest combat military decoration.
If it's not left to the family, most are buried with the soldiers.
The Presidio.
- Graveyard detail.
- Thank you, sir.
What the hell are you doing here? My suspect worked the graveyard detail here at the Presidio from 1952 to '54 during his court-martial.
You think some old guy's digging up bodies to get their medals? He'd know where they were buried, right? Silver stars, Korean war? Yeah, yeah.
Look, forgotten warriors on the east grounds near the family plot.
I got to go back inside.
I never wear the right clothes.
Thanks for meeting us.
Doesn't look like anything's been touched.
Maybe he got the medal from somewhere else.
Didn't you say that the cops suspected Petty stole his mines from Presidio back in '60? Yeah, and they never found his stash.
Searched all the tunnels and cellars.
No luck.
Or maybe he hid them where he knew no one would look.
W-w-warm in here.
It's nice.
What's next? Crumpets? Shh.
How's that? Feel like a new man.
Now that's how you treat someone you want something from, Warden.
Glad you approve, son.
But I've heard about the mind games in here.
What have you heard? I'm not taking these pills.
They're not pills, Mr.
Those are mints.
I drugged your tea.
Just a mild sedative to help you relax.
An anesthetic.
You were only 18 when you joined the marines.
Is that right? I'm not talking to you.
You served for the fighting 15th, were part of the Chosin Reservoir battle, the bloodiest of the war.
to the veterans of the Chosin Reservoir battle.
But not you.
Despite clearing several frozen minefields by yourself, under heavy fire, providing safe passage for our troops to advance.
Hypocrites, the lot of 'em.
It's for your safety.
Were you scared, Mr.
Petty? No, ma'am.
Any reasonable person would be scared.
Not me.
And they punished you for it.
Made you feel like a traitor for doing your job.
I just did what I was trained to do.
I know, Mr.
The cold and the fear And the wave after wave of enemy soldiers coming across those frozen fields.
You never knew who the enemy might be.
Even women and children.
Children? Tossing land mines everywhere? Little soldiers.
And so you did what you had to do.
You went to the village of Wonju, put the mines where they got their water, where they played in the fields.
Trying 55 volts at 2/10 of a second.
That's right, Mr.
It's okay.
It's all going to be okay.
You were in the 45th division in Korea, Mr.
Madsen? If you know, why are you asking? You got your degree in medical doctoring, right? I did my residency in internal medicine.
Then you explain to me why a perfectly healthy man spends most of his time in infirmary and not on work detail.
I assumed you were ill.
Well, you'd think I was after all the blood they're taking.
I know all about the new lag, the one who likes to blow things up.
Is that his voice on the tape? If you want to know what the song is, then you find out why I am in here all the time.
The song? It's a Korean lullaby.
The thing about land mines is You got to remember where you put 'em.
Otherwise, you blow up your own men.
The lullaby was the enemy's way of communicating that information.
One word in each line indicated a different location.
We did the same thing.
Crosby and Sinatra.
" "Snow "Beard Grace.
" Where are you putting them now? "Little brook In the woods.
" There's more.
A second verse.
"Among the pines you flow.
" Pine street.
It matches.
Broke the lock and put a new one on.
Yeah, and the kicker is, it looks like he broke it from the inside.
He broke out, not in? This is where he came back.
Well, let's find out.
Looks like somebody was painting.
There's paint over here too.
Doc, give me a hand with this.
You're right.
This is where he hid his stash in 1954.
It's been waiting for him.
What are these guys thinking when they come back? Were they all asleep? Paint's still wet.
We just missed him.
Mines are the exact same size.
Why is he painting them? Sandstone paint, rubber tiles oh, my God.
Playground turf.
They use it all over the city.
So the next target Could be any elementary school or park in San Francisco.
Whoever killed the security guard has got to be the same nut job planting land mines.
City gets a ransom note.
Some crazy Korean poem in it.
Guys says give him $651,000 and change, and he'll tell us where the rest of the mines are.
Pretty specific number.
How is it that you caught up with this guy, but everybody else seems to be clueless? I got a secret weapon.
Who are you again? Surprise me.
We found where Paxton Petty's been hiding his bombs.
And Petty? He left a dead security man in his wake.
And we found playground turf and spray-paint.
Now we don't know what the spray-paint means, but the turf what color was the paint? The turf means he's gonna hit up a school or a park.
We don't have enough information to narrow down the search 'cause there's too many of 'em.
What color was the paint? It was tan.
That's two different colors.
- Look - Listen, cross-reference Your locations with the word "Windward.
" - Excuse me? - "Windward.
" Why do you have to be so cryptic? - What are you working on? - Stop! Listen.
" Pull up the list of parks, would you? And check for "Windward.
" "Sunset.
" "Sunset Sandstone.
" There's only one Windward park or school.
Oh, man, Windward elementary.
That's close to my shop.
I know those kids.
Hey, Tanner.
You bored of me yet? We've got a park to check out.
We got nothing.
We're all clear.
Damn it.
The park's clear! Swept both playgrounds and the field.
Park's clear.
Looks like your intel was off.
Any place that has this turf needs to be closed and searched.
Yes, mom.
We're all over it.
Watch your step out there.
Yeah, you too, Tanner.
Hauser was so sure of himself.
He was even more of a jerk than usual.
You gonna rub it in? Tell me that you're still at the park.
Oh, yeah, I am, but Petty's not.
Stay there.
He could still show up.
Where the hell are you? Till you hear back from me, do not move.
You know me? A friend of mine did.
Give me your hands.
You probably won't want to move now.
Now give me your gun and your phone.
I've never been on a stakeout before.
This isn't a stakeout.
It's a waste of time.
Hauser say why he thought Petty was coming here? Well, transparency isn't one of Hauser's strong suits.
I just pictured him in a transparent suit.
It's pretty gross.
Drop the knife.
Get on the ground, face down.
You with the guy in the suit? You are.
Aren't you just a peach? There you go.
Where is he? Tick-tick-tick.
How about we just cut the cop to psychopath chitchat and you tell me what you want? I want my bombs back.
The one in the bags or the one in the cemetery? Your friend is dead.
What do you want? I want to know what happened to me.
A week ago I went to sleep a stone's throw from where we're standing now.
The next thing I know, it's what, 2012? And I wake up lying on the floor of a tomb.
Tell me how that's possible, and I'll tell you anything you want to know.
Hey, don't walk away from me.
All right.
Stay here and talk to him.
About what? About what happened.
I don't know what happened.
You have, like, 50 theories.
Just pick one.
"Emerson Hauser.
" This was his case.
I think it's a quantum thing.
Imagine a water bug on the surface of a pond.
And he sees this twig sticking out of the water.
When it rains, the water level rises.
He thinks the twig is moving, when, in reality, the one dimension he's capable of perceiving is moving.
Not the twig.
You don't know what happened, do you? No.
Does anybody? Probably.
Pine street.
Windward elementary.
" Where the hell is "Sunset"? Sandstone paint.
That's what, the government never gave you? They owe me.
They stole my star.
They took my pension.
Who are you? I wrote a book about Alcatraz, and pretty much everything in it is wrong.
You write about me? - No.
- Why not? I was there.
I was important.
The Warden said so himself.
Gave me the royal treatment, him and his lady head-shrinker.
There were no female doctors on Alcatraz.
Let's go.
Both of you.
Where? Sunset beach.
The location of the land mines are hidden in the lyrics of the song.
He painted the mines to blend in with the sand.
That's where we'll find Hauser.
Or what's left of him.
They tell me you've broken the code, Dr.
The words in each verse of Paxton Petty's lullaby correspond to the locations of his bombs.
"Snow" for the union square snow festival, "Beard" for beard beach, and "Grace" Was grace cathedral.
There's a fourth verse.
Which means there's a fourth bomb.
"Twin tree.
" What's that? I don't know, but I'm sure the good men of the San Francisco police department will.
I've already made a call on your behalf.
Lives will be saved.
Alcatraz proving itself to be once again the crown jewel of American penal sciences.
Milton, don't skulk out there like a common ferret.
It wouldn't kill you to give a compliment to a colleague.
I've been meaning to have a word with you about one of your patients.
Tommy Madsen's medical records There's no history of illness recorded.
Illnesses come in many shapes and sizes.
You of all people should know that.
Yes, but why would you have a perfectly healthy man spend so much time in the infirmary? And what do you want with his blood? A word of advice, my dear: Don't overstep.
Rebecca, there he is.
Walk me to him.
Doc, stay here.
Call Tanner.
You got it.
Don't come any closer.
Hauser, just hang on.
We're gonna get you off that thing.
No, you're not.
Let me help you.
You need anything? - Water? - A cigarette.
You don't smoke.
I should never have quit.
- You don't need to be here.
- Oh, I know.
Just can't see from up there.
So what I told you on the phone, that help you catch him? Windward elementary.
So I was right.
And just this once I will apologize for doubting you.
Not just 'cause you're standing on a bomb.
About another minute down here.
Found the lyrics to that song.
Last 1960s bomb, "Twin Tree" clue, you ever find the place? No.
Have you been looking for it this whole time? I made a promise to a friend.
Gotta go grab something from my pack.
I'll be right back.
When he tells you the bad news, just give it to me straight.
He modified it.
I'm gonna have to improvise.
Modified it how? Not in a good way.
Said he's a vet, right? Afghanistan? Maybe we crossed paths.
I don't think so.
I wonder what he saw out there that made him like this.
You get to the good part? You made it a loop.
What do you mean? Can we unloop it? The detonator and booster can't be separated from the main charge without triggering the fuse.
Designed it special for hotshots like youAnd me.
Anything that's put together can be taken apart.
And we ain't got nothing in common.
We'll see.
- Can you do this? - Yeah.
He's a punk.
I got this.
All right.
Here's the plan.
On three, you're stepping off that mine.
Got to do it cleanly.
Then get behind that blast wall.
- I can do that.
- No, he's gonna need help.
He's been standing here for hours.
His legs are dead.
I don't need you.
As soon as he's off the plunger, I can find the back door to this thing and defuse the mine.
Let's go.
All right, on three, you're hauling ass.
One, twoThree! Okay, this way! Move, move, move! Okay, behind the barricade.
Get down, get down.
All right.
Okay, steady, steady, steady, steady.
All right, come to daddy.
All right, there you go.
All right.
Got it.
Tanner! All right, get in there now! We're coming, we're coming! Tanner.
Tanner, come on, buddy.
Couple of things: You just killed a good man And my legs hurt.
We translated your song.
We dug up every mine you planted.
Not every one.
"Twin Tree"? That one went off 20 years ago.
How many people went with it? Not a soul hurt.
- You're lying.
- Okay.
I planted that mine on mount Sutro, right on the trail everyone took to the top.
That land was already sold to the state when you planted your mine.
No one's taken that trail in 50 years.
But thanks for telling me where to dig.
So have you found the twin tree? It's you.
You're here.
And so are you.
Officer Hauser, the twin tree any leads? Not yet.
But I'm working on it.
- Day and night.
- Well, I'm here to help.
In those shoes? Well, I thought we could start with you asking me to dinner.
I found the twin tree.
And Petty's last bomb.
So much death from something so small.
You know her methods? Fix her.