Alcatraz s01e08 Episode Script

The Ames Brothers

Previously on Alcatraz Meet the '63s The worst criminal this country has every known are coming back.
My grandfather wasn't a guardian, he was an inmate.
That's him.
Tommy Madsen, he killed my partner.
Trying 55 volts at Explain me why.
Perfectly healthy man spends most of his time in infirmary.
I assumed you were ill.
Tommy Madsen's medical records Why would a perfectly healthy man spend so much time in infirmary and what do you want with his blood? Word of advice, my dear.
Don't overstep.
Excuse me.
You bid on anything? - Bid? - Silent auction? Oh, no, ma'am, not yet.
You got your eyes on anything? Yes, you bet.
Well, you better do something quick.
Bidding doesn't stay open forever.
Lovely night for a walk.
How about something a little more adventurous? - Oh! - Whoo! (laughs) I got us a house.
Excuse me? Not much to look at, but it's got a yard and a kitchen with a window.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
But, um, you sure are cute.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
What happened.
Oh my God.
You stay here.
Oh my God.
Who did this? Who did it to you? Who did this to you? (heavy breathing) Come on, keep it tight.
Move along.
Come on, keep the line moving.
Nice and tight.
Colored boy, you're next.
Hands! C Block, move! You! Kitchen! Now! - Me? - Move it! Come on! Move! Warden wants to see you.
Move! Come on.
Keep moving.
In the back.
Go on.
You don't mind if I call you Clarence, do you? Try this.
Try it.
And? Couldn't taste it, sir.
Give it another whirl.
Keep it in mind that character is the trait I cherish most in a man.
A little more butter to keep the flour from seizing, and softer touch with the whisk.
(chuckles) That's a gift, son.
(chuckles) The kind you're born to.
Not what's developed with practice.
The next chef's meal is in two days.
I'd like you to prepare the menu and supervise the kitchen.
This for negros only? No son, it's gonna be for everyone.
Last time I cooked for white folks, I ended up in here.
I'd say the last time you took your chef's knife to a pretty white girl's throat, it ended you up in here.
See this as a chance for redemption.
And if I say no? Redemption it is.
Homicide at a Gas & Go.
Could be AZ 2445.
Or just a local tweaker, that's a negative match on a '63.
Megan Palmer, found dead on a golf course three hours ago.
Interesting Brunette, early twenties (tap keys) (opens drawer) Ellen Casey, 1958.
Is that you, Clarence? (knocks on door) Yeah, who is it? Emmet, it's me.
Clarence Montgomery from Alcatraz.
Clarence? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God! I didn't know where else to go.
I'm sorry, I I didn't mean to bring my troubles like this in here.
They told me that you had died at Lompoc.
Lompoc? How can you still be the same? I'm not the same.
What's happening with you? I think I killed a girl.
What do you mean, you killed a girl? You're not making any sense, you never killed anyone.
You were innocent.
You were there with me.
You remember, right? What, Alcatraz? That was fifty years ago.
Not for me.
They took me from my cell night after night, they took my blood, messed with my hair.
Who did? What the hell are you talking about, man? You think you know who you are? Well, they push you and they twist 'till something in you just snaps.
I'm not the same.
You were innocent, Clarence.
I'm not innocent.
Not no more.
On March 21st 1963, Alcatraz officially closed.
All the prisoners were transferred off the island.
Only that's not what happened.
Not at all.
(boat horn) I understand you are the very first man to work in an all-white country club.
See what that ended me up? You think you're here in Alcatraz solely because of the color of your skin? I'm here, ma'am, because white folks do what white folks wanna do.
When people like me and you spend enough time around them, we end up getting the pointy end of the stick.
You see my situation is similar to yours? You ain't white.
Your girlfriend was white, and you murdered her.
Slit her throat on a golf course.
Isn't that why you're here? You already know.
Why are you asking? No need for hostility, Mr.
I can only be what the world wants me to be.
Ain't that right, Doctor? (indistinct radio) (indistinct chatter) What do we got? (indistinct chatter) Possible match for one of our '63s.
Ellen Casey, 1958.
Clarence Montgomery.
First African-American head cheaf at a fancy Tallahassee country club.
Spent six years there.
His home away from home.
The problem was he fell in love with the owner's daughter.
She wound up dead.
Just like her.
Victim's name is Megan Palmer.
Grad student at Berkeley.
She wasn't killed here.
The wound should have left the ground soaked with blood, but the soil's dry.
He moved her to the 13th hole, just like his girlfriend in '58.
You in charge here? How soon do we move this body? Nothing moves until we're done! Recognize this man? Maybe a chef in your kitchen? - Never seen him.
- What about the victim? - Did you know her? - No.
But you can talk to her friend.
(birds chipping) I'm sorry about your friend.
Did you see who she left with? Megan's so pretty I mean (sniffs) A lot of guys would try and talk to her.
Was this one of those men? I didn't see Megan's kinda crazy.
I didn't think anything of it when I couldn't find her.
Thank you.
Did she ID him? No.
But it is the exact same body positioning as in '58.
We need a positive ID from a witness.
We can't be wrong about this.
- It's him.
- Prove it! Just saying I got a bad feeling about this, Emmet.
Warden wants you to cook.
It's what you've done all your life.
Cooking ain't the problem.
It's whose gonna be doing the eating.
And what about everybody else? There's a movement coming, Clarence! And the warden giving you a chance to be a part of it.
A negro? Taking over meals at the world's most famous federal prison? That's an inspiration and a symbol of progress to a lot of folks.
I don't want to be no symbol, Emmet.
Just want to serve my time.
You're here because wĄthe white man says you're a killer! But in that kitchen, you get to stand up and be a man.
You don't have to be what they tell you to be.
That's where you're wrong, Emmet.
I can only be what they tell me to be.
You fellas hear about Clarence's big promotion? He's to commandeer the cooking for the whole prison, coloreds and whites alike.
What do you think about that? See, our good warden thinks he can convert you all.
Convert and rehabilitate you.
Thieves, rapists, murderers The warden thinks you can change.
Myself? I'll admit to doubt, but I am itching to see the results.
How's that? I eagerly await the festivities.
Think cooking's gonna change that, Emmet? We think the person who killed Megan killed the woman in this photo.
They're similar.
Same time of heavy gauge kitchen knife is used in both cases.
But this guy didn't know his way around a blade.
- This is rough and erratic.
- But not this one.
Precise and decisive.
No hesitation at all.
Not the same person.
Maybe he improved? Could he have changed his chirality? Chirality? Whether he is right-handed or left-handed.
Excuse me.
Okay? This cut was made by a facing slice, from right to left.
The wound in the other photo opens on the right.
Meaning that killer was a lefty.
The person who killed your first victim, Ellen Casey, is not the same person who killed Megan Palmer.
So, if Clarence isn't our killer, are we looking at a copycat? Who copycats a guy Someone who works at the country club and knows his way around? - Is that Montgomery's box? - Yeah.
I thought you said the ME was certain it wasn't the same doer as in '58.
- That's right.
- So Clarence didn't kill Megan Palmer on that golf course, which means it isn't our case.
Whoever killed her knows everything about Clarence's case.
From the location to the age and appearance of the victims.
Do you knw the crime scene photos were never released to the public? Either Clarence killed these women or someone who knows him did.
or it goes back to Homicide.
Color is persuasive.
Yeah, you heard the part about the 12 hours? Penicillyn, vitamin B6.
Any idea why he'd need these? I can think of 12 things you can treat with that combo, and I'm not even a doctor.
I mean, you know Recipes! Annie Mays Smoked Pork Ribs.
Man, that sounds good.
All right, we got one name circled in eas of the articles, Emmet Little.
AZ 2410.
Smalltime Harlem gangster, released in '61.
A big player in the Black Panther Party.
Clarence must have known him.
You think he's still alive? Alive and well, living in Oakland.
(knocks on door) Something I can help you with? Emmet Little? Detective Madsen.
We'd like to ask you a few questions about an old homicide.
- Sure.
Come on in.
- Thank you.
(loud TV) Okay, well (sirens, traffic) Were you in the war, Mr.
Little? Sure I was.
The war right here at home.
Got off the Rock in '61.
Stayed here in Oakland.
Lot of young brothers doing good things.
Bobby Seale and so forth.
I wanted part of that.
But, the local authorities, they did not.
Got into a disagreement with some of yours.
No respect for my Second Amendment rights.
Took a bullet in the back.
Hard to stand on the front-lines after that.
Was Clarence Montgomery political too? Clarence? Why are you asking about Clarence? Huh? Brother's been dead 50 years.
- We're looking into his case.
- His case? Clarence Montgomery was innocent.
Innocent? Clarence loved that girl.
The night she died he was planning to skip town with her.
Run up to a house he bought somewhere up north.
Instead, she got cut to death and he got sent to the Rock.
You ever see Clarence after you left Alcatraz? We kept in touch a speck.
Then he got sent down to Lompoc.
Word is he died in prison.
Not that any of us ever really gets out.
Just move from one cell to another.
One more thing.
You remember if Clarence was right-handed or left-handed? I'm sorry, ma'am.
My memory just ain't what it used to be.
Thanks for your time, Mr.
Do you think Emmet is right? Clarence is innocent? Well, Emmet certainly thinks so.
(phone ringing) Nikky, what have you got? I found a hair sample in Megan Palmer's body, from an afroamerican male.
DNA came back positive for Wilson's disease.
Wilson's disease? What's that? A genetic condition.
Causes the body to retain copper.
Patients can't move or even think coherently without proper treatment.
So, how do you treat it? With regular doses of penicillamine and vitamin B6.
And 50 years ago? How would you treat it then? The same way, only they'd have used penicillin, since penicillamine hand't been developed yet.
Okay, thanks.
So, solving cold cases.
That's what your super fancy task force is doing? I'll talk to you later, Nikky.
Clarence may have been innocent in the past, but he sure as hell isn't now.
(birds chipping) (brakes) - 20 minutes at 350.
- You got it.
Put the seamstress on alert.
My waistline is in future jeopardy.
Mean you liked it? Never have a for and knife seem so obstrusive.
If we were in private, you would see my true intentions with this bone.
Just want to say my appreciation.
You realized how much I missed it.
Mark the day, son.
Your new future has begun.
(stepping away) Yeah, Clarence did good.
(indistinct chatter) "Parley".
A discussion or a conference between enemies over terms of truce.
Gentlemen, consider this feast your parley.
A wise man once proclaimed that breaking bad with an enemy was a true mark of a civilized man.
Let you be civilized today.
Whether you arrived that way, or have been made such through our considerable labors.
Bon appetit! (indistinct chatter) I said, bon appetit, you sons of bitches! We're not eating this garbage! (Inmates shouting disapprovingly) Rome wasn't built in a day.
You enjoy a good drama, EB.
I'll leave you to act in this one.
There he is.
(Clarence groans) Think you're good enough to cook for us, huh? Return where you belong, son! (groans) Hey! (whistle) (yelling, coughs) (music plays) Beer, please.
Scotch, please.
- Excuse me.
- White wine, please.
(indistinct chatter) So, did you congratulate the happy couple? No, ma'am, I did not.
Dull, party, huh? (chuckles) It sure is.
Lovely night for a walk.
(indistinct chatter) Different golf course, same crime scene.
Clarence Montgomery.
- Who was innocent in '58.
- Yeah, but he is our killer now.
But, why? Why would he start killing people now when he was innocent in the past? What's the chief of police doing here? Give me a minute.
(indistinct radio) - Morning! - Agent Hauser.
Do we have a problem? Not the kind we can discuss here.
Usual place.
The club hosted a big engagement party last night.
Thinking he passed himself off as a guest? Or a cook.
Second course, Annie May's Smoked Pork Ribes.
Goldie's Carolina tea cakes.
They were both in his recipes.
That's how he got in.
Open the 131! This ain't my work time.
Shut your hole! Be strong, brother.
You'll be all right, Clarence.
Be strong, brother.
Hey, looks like screw's taking out the garbage! Hey, looks like screw's got two shadows! You don't belong here, son! (innmates yelling) Where are we? What's going on? I ain't do nothing wrong.
(mumbling) Relax.
Has the jury reached a decision? Your Honor, we, the jury, find the defendant Clarence Montgomery guilty in the first degree of the murder of Ellen Casey.
If it works in one direction, I don't see why it can't work in the reverse.
Let's try 60 volts for two seconds.
(heavy breathing) Enjoy the movie.
Guilty! Hi, I'm Detective Madsen.
Have you seen this man? Clarence, yeah, he's here.
I'd have fired his ass by now, but he's the best cook I got.
Police, don't move! Clarence Hey, wh Hey! Ohh! Wooh, wooh! Hey! Call security! Watch him! Are you crazy? Can't say I didn't warn you.
This prison isn't ready for a cook like you.
It's not your fault.
You people just don't realize what you are.
You people.
Oh, no, you thought I meant coloreds? No, criminals.
Even the warden's best intentions can't change you into men.
A dog can't wear a suit.
You think you know me, Mr.
? You think I'm a killer? I know you took your girlfriend out on that golf course.
You slit her beautiful throat.
You watched her bleed out in the moonlight and now you're here.
That is what I know.
Now get back to work, son.
William Gant, should be three bundles fresh laundry for me.
Oh, hey, I know you.
You the cook, right? Mhm.
Yeah, 'nuf of nothing, but when fists were flying I snuck a little liquor on them ribs.
You got some kitchen skills.
I never tasted so many spices all put together just like that, you know.
And I'd told them how good it was.
In fact, I was begging for another bite But you know, you can't mess Maybe if you let dust settle long enough, maybe the warden will let you cook.
Next time you see him you should tell him (whistle) Back up! Let's go! I lost him.
You think he'll run? He's gonna need his medicine, thats how we'll track him, through his prescriptions.
I know who we can talk to.
If I didn't know any better I'd say you guys actually like coming here.
We need to track a prescription.
You can do that, right? Yeah, no sweat, I can track every script filled at any drugstore in the city.
Check for doses of penicillamine filled in the last week.
(tap keys) I got twelve.
Emmet Little.
Thanks, Nikky.
I owe you a drink.
Yeah, me too.
I mean You know whatever.
How about tomorrow? M-me or? - Oh, my God - You.
Right, sure.
Tomorrow's great.
(car alarm) Apartment is on the second floor.
You were here yesterday? No sign of Clarence.
But Mr.
Little's getting his medicine for him, he'll have to show up sooner or later.
We go in quietly.
(knocks on door) Mr.
Little, it's Detective Madsen.
(gun clicks) Doc, get back! (gun clicks) That man does not go back to prison! Put down the gun, Emmet, we don't want to hurt anyone! Hell you don't That's all you people do.
We know Clarence was innocent in '58, we know you were telling the truth! The Lord gave Clarence a second chance, sent him back the same as he was before! You ain't taking that chance from him! (gun clicks) (gun clicks) (gun clicks) Do you know why we're here, Emmet? Clarence is killing people! It's not a lie, Mr.
Little, he's killed women just like his girlfriend was killed in '58.
You people did this to him! You stuck him on that Rock! If he's killing people, it's your own damn fault! His mag holds eight, one more and I'm taking him down.
Clarence, I want to talk.
- Get rid of the gun.
- Can't do that Then you ain't coming in.
Well, we can talk or I can shoot you.
All the same to me I know what happened in '58, you never killed that girl.
What the hell good does that do me now? You were innocent.
Not anymore.
I killed those girls on the golf course.
I know that.
That's why this has to end.
I killed those girls, Emmet.
I am who they say.
That's Clarence.
I can't stop myself.
Help me, please.
I ain't going back in it.
Don't let them take me back, man.
Help me, please.
Drop it! (sirens) (thunder) - Black SUV.
- Yes, sir.
(seagulls) My boys are getting ruffled, they don't take kindly to all these assertions.
I've got cops sitting on their thumbs instead of closing cases.
We're closing cases, and since when are you so concerned with morale? A man runs for office, everyone's mood becomes his business.
Well, that should balm the wound.
A cold case you just solved.
A mug shot? Fingerprints from 1958? What the hell is this? The man who actually killed Ellen Casey.
Not only have we arrested a murderer too long gone free, we cleared the name of an innocent man.
Clarence Montgomery has been exonerated fro the muder of Ellen Casey in 1958.
Montgomery passed away in Lompoc Federal Prison in 1965.
We only hope that his complete exoneration will give his family some much needed peace.
This is so messed up.
Clarence is finally innocent And two girls are dead, yeah.
What turned him into a killer? There were a lot of weird experiments going on in the prison system in the '50s.
Syphillis, dioxin, LSD, the CIA with their MK-ULTRA thing Inmates in Utah in 1961 had blood samples taken from them, mixed with radioactive stuff and put back in their bodies.
That's crazy.
Alcatraz? I didn't think so.
'Till now.
The warden was kind enough to wrap me a plate of your Caroline ribs and tea cakes.
Those are a rare treat, Mr.
You are a very gifted cook.
This (sighs) is the body of William Gant.
When the guards arrived, you were positioning his body.
I assume you wanted it to look like this.
Ellen Casey, your girlfriend.
Look at it.
- No.
- Look at it.
Guilty! Guilty! Trauma is a road block inside our psyche.
We want to move on, to move forward, but the trauma blocks us.
So we repeat it, like a skipping record.
Your record is stuck at the moment you killed Ellen Casey.
I didn't kill her.
- You didn't? - No.
But you did kill William Gant? Yes.
So you came to Alcatraz innocent and became a killer.
Guilty! Guilty! If you let me in, I can help you, Clarence.
I can take that memory away.
All those memories.
No, ma'am.
You can't.
You can't stop me now.
No one can.
Clarence Montgomery, the only innocent lamb on our great pasture.
Not anymore.
Not anymore.
You've turned her methods into madness.
You asked if it could be done.
What Clarence did to William Gant, no more definitive proof than that.
The result lacks a certain lab elegance.
Not that I want to pat mayself on the back, knowing you're pleased is just reward, of course, but, I was hoping you might be able to tell me now, what you're doing to their blood between the time I take it out of them and put it back in.
I don't do anything to it, Milton.
What kind of warden would I be if I kept secrets from my staff?