Alcatraz s01e09 Episode Script

Sonny Burnett

1 (Man) Unfortunately, we're going to have to cut the tour short, folks.
It looks like that storm's moving in ahead of schedule.
And we wouldn't want you people to have to spend the night in one of these cells.
Because it is just 5 by 9, the prisoners were able to spread their arms and touch the walls, so you can imagine that escape was forefront in most of their minds.
But in the 29 years of operation, there were no successful escapes from Alcatraz.
A wake-up bell would rouse them every morning.
And lights-out was promptly at 9:30 each night.
And this is what it would sound like to get tucked in at night on The Rock.
Rack 'em! [Cell doors sliding shut] [Slamming] (Man #1) Rack 'em! Toes on the line! [Whistle blows] Toes on the line! Eyes to the left! Move! Move! Move! 2nd tier, let's go! [Indistinct chatter] The babe was the greatest hitter.
Hey, the Thumper was the greatest hitter of all time.
Ain't that right, Pinky? See? My brother concurs.
How do you know? Because I know.
Now beat it.
[Groans] Leave your spoon.
What? That's right.
We need your spoon.
Herman, you know they count the silver.
I don't turn in my spoon, I go straight to the hole.
[Groans] Better than the infirmary.
Ain't that right, Pinky? Much.
[Grunts] No one believes you're twins.
Fraternal, you moron.
Can you believe this guy? Donovan says we're all set.
This Sunday, during the warden's homily, we make our move.
All right, d-block will be empty.
You trust him? Donovan? Of course not.
But I have to admit, everything he's told us so far checks out.
You sure it's worth the risk? Big risk, big reward, right, pally? We pull this off, we know that the moment we walk out of here, we walk out of here as rich men.
There's no one the wiser.
File for count! All right, let's move it.
(Man) Finish, boys.
Let's go.
Line up for count.
[Thunder crashing] [Footsteps approaching] How is it that I've lived in San Francisco my entire life and never left home with an umbrella? Coast guard says it could reach a 9 or a 10 on the beaufort scale in a few hours.
I'm waiting for dandruff guy to show up.
Dandruff guy? Hauser's think tank dudes behind the door.
He doesn't tell me their names, so there's dandruff guy, two shirts, glasses, and the whistler.
Oh, my God.
Did you hear him last week? He did the entire score of Les Miz.
Tell me about it.
After the last boat leaves, he sneaks up to the main cell block to conduct these weird experiments.
It's been going on for three weeks now.
Hauser's not here.
Now's my chance to see what he's doing.
Okay, but hurry back.
Ten minutes.
I'll be back.
All right.
[Electricity buzzes, powers down] Ugh, just what this place needed Creepy lighting.
[Disco music playing in headphones] ♪ [Beeping] [Metal clanks] ♪ [Grunting] [Groans] [Thud, splatter] Pinky Ames.
And who might you be? (Hauser) On March 21, 1963, Alcatraz officially closed.
All the prisoners were transferred off the island.
Only that's not what happened.
Not at all.
Alcatraz S01 Ep 09 - The Ames Brothers [Cell phone keypad tones] (Doc voicemail) You've reached Doc, Dr.
Soto, Doc's comics, your Doc in shining armor.
Take your pick.
[Voicemail beeps] Hey, I just finished Petty's files, so I wanted to get back home before, um Wow, I have nothing to do.
But still.
Uh, you said ten minutes, so Get back or I'm going to use your coat as an umbrella.
[Phone beeps off] [Grunts] Hey, how do you know my brother's name? Like I told you, I'm kind of an expert on Alcatraz.
So what do you know about us, Mr.
Expert? Your escape attempt in '61 was legendary.
- Though - What? I just never understood, once you were in the tunnels, how you were planning to escape off the island.
It always bugged me.
I even got my hands on a copy of your escape map to retrace your steps, but So much has changed around here, and the map's pretty antiquated at this point.
What do you mean, "antiquated"? Outdated.
What are we gonna do now? Huh? A lot of these places were restricted.
How did you The original was made by someone else.
I drew that one by memory.
A third accomplice.
I knew it.
Can you update it? Get us down into the tunnels? Update a 50-year-old escape map? Sure.
It's no problem.
But Why do you Oh, my God.
You weren't in the tunnels trying to escape.
The gold.
It's not a myth.
You guys know where it is, don't you? Trying to save these inmates is a waste of time.
It's not a waste of time, E.
Nothing we do here is a waste of time.
(Gordon) Warden James, always a pleasure.
Father Gordon.
Deputy, we'd love to see you on Sunday.
Your words never fail to inspire the inmates to attend.
As does the chance to leave their cells for an extra hour, no doubt.
Ames Is that the reason you attend Sunday services? For the scenery? No, sir.
Glad to see you're still on the path.
You wouldn't be the first to rediscover his religious beliefs behind these walls.
It's one of the reasons I like to give the homily once a month.
I consider myself more spiritual than religious, warden.
Care to clarify the difference? Go on, son.
Speak freely.
Spirituality is for those seeking understanding.
Religion is for those seeking reward.
An endeavor of your purview, if I'm not mistaken.
May I take your coat, sir? Stop.
Almost forgot.
Wouldn't want you to try and sneak a peek before Sunday.
Bathroom break, officer Donovan? Sure.
You bring what I asked you for? Five minutes.
Watch the door.
[Whispering] Doc? What am I whispering for? Doc! Anybody here? [Thunder cracks] [Electricity powers down] [Typing on keyboard] [Electronic whirring] [Typing on keyboard] Wait, the hole? I can't have you tagging along.
I can't let you go.
You see my conundrum? But I'm not a big fan of small, dark places.
I'm willing to risk it.
Wait, the third accomplice Was it Stroud? Nicky Morgan? I really want to kill him.
-Cal Sweeney? - Come on.
Our map was off and we run into an expert on Alcatraz? Talk about Karma.
Besides, we might need him.
(Doc) Wait, wait, wait, was it Sonny Burnett? [Saw buzzing] All right, Pinky, we don't have a lot of time.
Hurry up.
They already know too much.
Come here.
Come on.
- Hurry up.
- Don't rush me.
[Indistinct chatter] [Metal scraping] All right, hurry.
Go, come on.
Oh, that looks good.
[Hisses] Aah! Go.
Go! [Metal scraping] (Man #1) All right, shift change! Move it, lags! (Man #2) Let's go.
Wrap it up.
(Man #1) Come on, let's go! Let's go! I need more time.
(Man #1) Let's go.
Come on, boys.
Move it in.
It's not that bad The Pinky finger.
Huh? What? It was an accident.
You understand? [Whimpers] [Screaming] We need the doctor! Kitchen accident.
- What happened? - Band saw got away from him.
Not talking to you, Ames.
[Whimpers, grunts] It slipped and I I cut it off.
You heard him, show's over.
Clean it up, move it out.
Let's go.
Move it, move it.
Just take me to the infirmary, please! - Officer Donovan.
- Archer.
Sorry about the mess.
[Thunder crashes] Doc! [Whispering] Oh, come on, Doc.
[Yells, grunts] Who are you? Please don't kill me.
What are you doing down here? Two guys stayed behind after the last tour.
I confronted them and they chased me down here with guns.
I was hiding.
Turn around slowly.
What's your name? Donovan.
Ranger Donovan.
How long have you been in Park services? [Sighs] Less than a month.
Are you a cop? S.
Those two men, can you tell me where they're headed? I can call the mainland from the Ranger Station, so you wa you just wait here for a second and I'll just I think you need to stick with me, okay? Yeah, of course.
You're right, yeah.
They were headed back toward the lighthouse.
Does that help? Let's go.
Come on.
Go ahead.
[Thunder crashing] Where the hell is Donovan? He was supposed to meet us on Broadway.
I'm thinking we should cut him out.
What? So after everything that's happened to us, being here in 2012, you think it was just a coincidence we ran into him on the tour last month? No, of course not.
He was there for the same reasons we were.
That's not coincidence or Karma.
That's greed, pally.
What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? This is the word of the Lord.
(All) Thanks be to God.
Warden James will now give the homily.
Too often the power of scripture can be overdressed with oratory, like a store front mannequin, postured under the bright lights of explanation, as if redemption was something that needed to be sold on a window-lined boulevard, rather than simply offered.
[Stifled laugh] I doubt it will surprise anyone that, when it comes to inspiration, I'm more of an old testament sort of a bloke.
[Herman laughing] But I think Paul's letter to the Galatians [Herman giggling] Excuse me, son.
You have a comment on the Scripture? Who, me? No, I was just wondering if the Galatians were on Paul's list to receive letters like we have to, you know? I mean, could you imagine if Paul was on The Rock? [Giggling] No letters to the Galatians Unless they're family.
[Laughing hysterically] Think I'm in trouble.
On your feet, Ames.
[Grunts] You're drunk.
[Herman continues laughing] Toss his cell, find his hooch.
No, no, no hooch.
No hooch.
No hooch.
Where'd you get the wine, son? From God's own table, warden.
Shut up, Herman.
[Giggles] You'll find plenty of time to seek understanding in the hole.
[Giggling] Let's go, Pinky.
- No, no, not the hole.
- Let's go, Pinky.
[Grunts] - Arm's up, Pinky.
- All right, stand still.
[Handcuffs clinking] Give me your hands.
Let's go.
- Yeah, I'll take it from here.
- It's no problem.
They're cuffed, Herman's gassed, they won't be giving you more trouble today.
I apologize for coming to you directly, sir.
Herman and Pinky Ames are slipperier than two snakes in a butter churn.
But they never struck me as stupid enough to try what you're suggesting.
I don't know about that.
The brothers can be violent, but they're usually calculating about it.
But causing a commotion like that, it's like they wanted to get sent to the hole.
They'd be the first.
No harm in asking.
Shall we? Ames.
Ames! [Panting] Donovan! Lock it down! [Whistle blowing] Guard attack! Two prisoners loose.
Officer Donovan, do explain yourself.
They got the jump on me, sir.
I heard them talk about escape before they beat me up and threw me in there.
(Archer) They can't have gone off the island, not in broad daylight.
I have an idea where our two bank robbers might be headed.
Or, at least, where they think they're headed.
You two, come with me.
Okay, just take it easy.
[Phone beeps, dials] Just take it easy.
[Sighs] (Rebecca over voicemail) You've reached detective Madsen.
Please leave a message.
Ugh, damn it.
[Panting] Okay.
[Phone beeps, dials] All right, pick up.
Pick up.
Come on, pick up.
Pick up, pick up, pick up.
(Chet) Doc's comics, go for Chet Chet! Oh, thank God.
Listen, I need you to pull the Alcatraz Park Rangers rules and procedure manual from the file drawer.
I need to know if the cells at Alcatraz were ever retrofitted with release locks in case a tourist ever locked himself in.
Now what kind of idiot would lock himself into a prison cell? Chet, either you pull the manual in the next ten seconds or I'm telling Rebecca you own the Twilight movies on blu-ray.
All right, all right, hold on.
You said there's an emergency office in the Ranger Station, right? Uh, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah, that's right.
- Okay, good.
Lead the way.
Uh What about the other two guys? No offense, but I can't be responsible for you.
You're going to need backup.
You got a spare gun? No offense, but you're a ranger.
I can handle myself, honey.
I didn't show up at Sally Port yesterday.
"Sally Port" that's an interesting choice of words.
You want to tell me where you got that uniform? On your knees.
Take it easy, honey.
On your knees, now.
[Metal clangs, Donovan gasps] [Grunts] [Grunting] [Choking, gasping] [Groaning] [Screaming] With me.
[Gunfire] Madsen, I'm out.
[Groaning] Go! [Guns clicking] [Screaming] [Screaming, gunshots] Come on! Come on! [Grunting, screaming] Come on! Open! [Screaming] Hauser, come on.
[Screaming] Hold on a second, Pinky! Pinky! Take it easy.
Take it easy, Pinky.
Take it easy.
We ain't getting behind that door.
We need to stick to the plan.
They're gonna pay.
All of them Starting with the man in the hole.
Pinky? Wait! Hold on! You really need to let me take a look at that.
I'm fine.
The bullet went right through.
- Hauser - Have you ever been shot? - No, but I know - What are we up against? Three men, at least one of them's a '63.
Then we should assume they all are.
All of them back together? What does that mean? You know what? Doesn't matter.
They have Doc.
No, don't.
You're not hearing me.
They have Doc.
They could have killed him in the cell house.
They didn't.
That means there's a good chance that he's alive, but if you go in there with your guns blazing They will kill him.
What's the plan? We have them on video surveillance.
Facial recognition will I.
We need to know what they're doing here.
Then we can work out how to go after them.
(Chet) Okay, Doc, I found it.
The manual says the doors were modified with a safety release mechanism at the top of the sliding door.
Chet, remind me to give you a raise.
[Doc yells] Because of you, my brother's dead! Wait! Stop, Pinky! [Grunting] [Grunts] Bolt cutters.
Pick a hand.
I said, "wait"! If he's with them, we can use him as bait.
Get the little blondie to come to us, clear the way to the tunnels.
That door your friends escaped behind Does it connect with the dungeons? How many people are down there? A dozen.
Maybe more.
Your only chance is to run.
If that were true, we'd already be dead.
Stand up.
[Grunting] There's no box for officer Donovan, but I have gone through the boxes of Edward "Pinky" Ames and his brother Herman.
Now, the files indicate that they were famous for pulling high risk, high reward bank jobs, including coming close to robbing the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago.
[Hauser groaning] Hauser? I'll stop.
[Scoffs] Other than that, there's nothing in these boxes that say why they're with a guard or what the hell they're doing here.
At least nothing I can see.
You said they hit a Federal Reserve Bank? Yeah, why? The 12 banks in the Federal Reserve hold a majority of the country's gold.
I think I know what the brothers are doing back here.
What? Same thing they were doing 50 years ago when they got caught in the tunnels.
They're looking for gold.
From the Civil War? I read that in Doc's book, but I thought it was an urban legend.
It is, isn't it? Oh, my God.
To the little blonde who killed my brother, I'm about to return the favor.
You have three minutes to deliver yourself before I start delivering your friend Piece by piece.
All right, that's it.
Let's go.
It's two against one.
Yeah, but only one of them wants me dead.
The other one just wants gold.
I can split them.
But by using yourself as bait? Yeah, and making sure Donovan brings Doc directly to you.
Hauser Are you up for this? No problem.
[Groaning] [Gun clicks] Ah, ah, ah.
This is it, pally.
[Laughs] These keys don't fit.
They're padlocks.
Remember? [Frustrated grunting] Hey, we need to get back to the hole, now.
[Guns clicking] I have to hand it to you boys.
Most men draw plans of relative pencil-sketched simplicity.
But you two? You dipped your pens into the inkwell of daring and creativity.
Only one problem.
You stole the wrong keys.
This one opens the door you're standing in front of.
You never let these two keys out of your sight.
Everyone knows that.
If they don't open the door to the gold, what on Earth do they open? None of your damn business.
Tiller, take our two gophers back to the hole.
Let's go.
Come on.
Let's go! By the way You two owe me a spoon.
Congratulations, officer.
You just stopped one of Alcatraz's most daring escape attempts.
Escape? Sir, it's obvious they were only interested in getting behind that door.
You're mistaken, son.
To avoid any further misunderstanding, I'm going to make sure you receive a commendation worthy of your efforts here today, something that will put you in the history books.
Unless you have further questions? No, sir.
No questions.
Why don't you join me for dinner in my private quarters? I'm in.
Warden James.
He invited me to his residence.
He trusts you? Do you? You're my brother.
Do you trust me? Then you hang in there.
I'm gonna find out what they're doing to you.
You okay, Doc? All right, listen up.
We know where the gold is.
My partner will open the dungeon for you, but only if you let him go.
Behind you! [Grunts] [Screaming in pain] I'll do it.
I'll do it.
You are so dead.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Pinky, Pinky.
It's what she wants.
Let's go.
Let's go! Come on.
Open it.
I don't have a key.
I-I mean, I have one, but it's inside.
Then I suggest you knock.
Please Mr.
Come on in.
[Electricity powering down] [Gun rattling against cell bars] [Laughs] You know, you left your gun back there.
I'll tell you what.
I won't use mine either.
That way, we'll get to spend more time together.
Stop! Officer Officer Come out, come out Wherever you are.
(Rebecca) Pinky! [Gunshots] [Metal crashing] Move it.
Where is he? Huh? - Where's the old man? - Uh um There's a back exit in the file room.
- I guess he took off.
- Which way? Which way? Go, go.
Look, the guy's middle management.
I mean, he's scared of his own shadow.
Shut up.
Which way? This'll take you to the dungeon.
I'll stay here.
I won't tell a soul.
You won't tell a soul.
Promise? [Grunts] Oh, my God.
Doc! Doc, come on.
Come on, Doc.
Please, no yelling.
Okay, all right, okay.
Doc, where's Hauser? [Groans] I have no idea.
Donovan walked me down here.
Place was empty.
No Hauser.
Then he slammed me in the window and took off down the tunnels.
It's all right.
Hey, Doc Thanks for saving my life tonight.
What are partners for? Okay.
That'll be enough of that.
Where'd you come from? Just curious where you thought it was.
Oh, I know where it is.
Behind that door.
Tell you what.
Split it with you, You really don't strike me as a man of your word.
Don't! [Explosion rings out in distance] Hauser.
[Groans] Hauser.
What are you waiting for? No! Drop it.
This This place.
This is the place! This is the place! I know.
I have had a really bad night, so I am not gonna tell you again.
Drop it! A Hmong tribesman I watched die in the jungles of Laos told me a story About a giant eagle who agrees to fly two men to a moon made of gold.
The men get greedy, one kills the other, and then the eagle eats the survivor in disgust.
All Hmong fables are about the futility of being human.
I know about the keys.
What I didn't know is that they belonged to the warden.
If you're gonna wiggle, it's gonna hurt.
Which brings me to some questions.
And I'm hoping you'll answer.
There, see? Why was everyone so interested in Tommy Madsen? The guard, Ray Archer, what did he know? And Warden James.
Has he come back? Is he the one that's willing to kill for these keys? Take your time.
[Footsteps approaching] [Sighs] [Chuckles] Hello, ladies.