Alcatraz s01e10 Episode Script

Clarence Montgomery

1 [Thunder crashes] Hello, Ray.
Thanks for coming.
You got 60 seconds.
I want Rebecca out.
I'm not the one keeping her in.
She deserves a real life, Hauser.
[Laughs] Chasing a pension for 20 years and then hiding out in a bar? I'm glad you said no to me back then, Raymond.
You didn't have the stomach for it.
But she does.
She's my only family.
Cut her loose.
Why now? What do you mean? She's been on the task force for months.
Why call me now? You've seen him, haven't you? Tommy Madsen.
You've seen him.
♪ [Gun cocks] [Breathes heavily] Do you want one? Look at that guy.
Roll down the window, Simon.
You ever hotbox with $100 cohibas? It's like swimming through a cloud.
You ever sleep on the couch 'cause your wife thinks you smell like a backroom poker game? Love her too much to let that happen.
After the deal you just negotiated, I don't think Helen's throwing anybody out of bed tonight.
Whoa! [Tires screech] What the hell was that? There was a man in the road.
Damn it.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
A man your age.
[Gun racks] Anything you want.
Just take it.
[Gunshot] I'll be taking you, Mr.
[Footsteps] Sonny Burnett.
Your 30 days of solitary isolation for new inmate arrivals is over.
Time to enter the jungle.
[Distant shouting] Mr.
Hicks, Mr.
Hicks, I heard you provide protection? Protection? Look around you, fish.
Ain't no one protected here.
What I provide is more of a deterrent.
I have money.
My last job was a real estate tycoon.
The family paid 100 grand to get him back.
You're the kidnapper.
I heard about you.
Snatch and grabs for big money ransom.
Shotgun Sonny Burnett.
You got enemies in here or something? Not yet.
But I'm a businessman.
And I know a good investment when I see one.
I'd like to buy full protection for the entire time I'm here.
And I'm supposed to believe they just let you keep 100 thou when they caught up to you? They caught up to me, not the money.
You sure it's still there? I bet my life on it.
Looks like you just did.
Bad night? I keep having those dreams about my partner and Tommy.
I wish there was a way you could make it stop.
There is.
I can catch him.
Simon Moore, 42.
And there's this.
Sonny Burnett, kidnap and ransom.
- Who'd he kidnap? - Well, the car is registered to David Pierce, CFO of Helen Campbell Cosmetics.
That's a multimillion-dollar company.
Pierce is married to its founder.
So Burnett was waiting for him, but why leave his uniform behind? Send a message.
Sonny preyed on some pretty wealthy people back in the '50s.
Careful, well-planned.
He ran it like a business.
Kidnapping and murder, nice business.
Except he didn't kill anybody back then.
If the ransom was paid, he returned the victims unharmed.
CSU found some tire tracks Hauser, you should really take some time off.
We're on this.
You were shot.
You're only human.
Keep me informed.
I'll be educating the SFPD.
You have confirmation Hauser's human? I've met a lot of humans.
I got to say, I don't see it.
I can't believe Simon is dead.
He he just got engaged.
Can you tell us where your husband and Simon went last night? Uh, uh, they were at a business dinner.
David was gonna finalize a deal.
A Brazilian distributor for Campbell Cosmetics.
We have reason to believe this is about money.
If it's true, this is good for David.
For you.
A ransom.
Does Does that mean something to you? The same thing happened to me when I was a girl.
You were kidnapped? Yes.
His name was Sonny Burnett.
Hauser: On march 21, 1963, Alcatraz officially closed.
All the prisoners were transferred off the island Only that's not what happened.
Not at all.
[Tearing sound] Alcatraz s01 ep10 - Sonny Burnett [tearing sound] Ugh! What on God's green earth did you put on this bullet wound? You remember when you brought in Mr.
Cobb? The injury he sustained to his hand? I shot him.
Well, an injury of that nature should take months to fully heal.
Cobb's took weeks.
What are you saying? The '63s you've been rounding up, they're all in perfect health.
And I mean straight from God's own factory floor.
Any ailments they used to have are now gone.
How? In addition to plasma and platelets, their blood contains a third interloper Colloidal silver, which has been known to have healing properties going back to Hippocrates.
Is that what you were doing on Alcatraz? Well, I merely decanted the vital fluid from the prisoners, sir.
What became of it after God and the warden only know.
But here they are.
With blood that seems to keep their murderous bodies in tip-top shape.
Blood that, well, could be transfused into a less-than-healthy body.
Si, senor.
What are the risks? I wish I knew.
Right now, none of the inmates share the good doctor's blood type.
Not yet.
I've taken the Alcatraz tour a few times, and I've read about Sonny, but I don't remember you being connected to him.
Well, I was a minor.
They didn't mention me in the newspapers, so It could be very helpful if you tell us exactly what happened.
Why? Why would my kidnapping have anything to do with this? Mrs.
Campbell, Emerson Hauser, FBI.
I understand your frustration.
Occasionally we get copycats who base their M.
on previous crimes.
So you think that whoever took David knows what happened to me? I think we should cover all our bases so we can move forward.
I was I was on my own at 14.
And Sonny was, you know, drove a muscle car, always had a lot of cash.
One night, he parks off the road, says that there's a little something I can help him with.
He has a shotgun.
He says it's time to get to work.
So he wanted you to help him kidnap someone.
Tells me to go and stand out on the highway.
Tells me which car I should flag down.
That I should I should act like I'm in trouble.
And after that he starts talking like we're partners.
Took me almost three months to get up the nerve to try and escape.
Then I went to the police, and, three days later, he was arrested.
Where did he keep you? Where did he keep me? It's fine.
It's not relevant.
Three months.
You said you were kidnapped.
So where did he keep you? Were you locked in a closet? Were you handcuffed in the basement? No.
So you lived with him.
Detective, a word.
We've all been under a lot of pressure lately.
She knows more than she's letting on.
No kidding.
If you press her, we will lose her, which will make finding Burnett that much harder.
Okay, so what? We're just supposed to sit around and wait for Burnett's ransom call? No, I will wait for the ransom call.
And when it comes, I will summon you back.
[Knock at door] Hey.
Is this a bad time? What's going on? Your nutcase Fed boss has got people watching me.
The bar, my apartment.
He must think you know where Tommy is.
Do you? Of course not.
What is this? I thought you let this go.
The night my partner died, we were on a routine b&e.
We saw a guy, chased him, it was Tommy.
He jumped off the roof, will followed him, missed the jump.
Tommy could have gotten away if all he wanted to do was escape, but he came back to kill him, like it was personal.
Why? I don't know.
Oh, I wish I could believe you.
God, what is it about Alcatraz that makes everybody into a liar? He's a bad guy, Rebecca.
Is? You've seen him, haven't you? Did you find it? Are you stupid or crazy, Burnett? What are you talking about? I sent one of my guys on the outside, to get your cash.
There was nothing there.
He must have went to the wrong place.
No, the box was there, all right.
Exactly where you said it would be.
But there was nothing inside it.
No, no, no, no, no.
No one else knew.
Yeah, well, either way.
A bet's a bet.
[Whimpers] Helen.
[Knocks] Please.
I have money.
Call my wife.
She'll give you anything you want.
[Laughs] He wakes.
Who's Helen? Beauregard: You kept mumbling the name.
I'd ask about the Elysian fields, but I doubt you saw them.
What's your meaning? You died.
Did I not mention that? No pulse for a full 30 seconds.
How long can I stay in this place? You're out day after tomorrow.
Third day in general population, you got stuck.
I must say, that is a record, son.
I just want to do my time in peace.
They're so cute when they're young.
Give him another 30 in his cell.
Let a few new fish chum the water before we toss him back overboard.
I think that's a mistake.
Look, what after that? Another 30? The man has to adapt.
There's no adaptation here.
Only survival.
Natural selection is predetermined.
You arrive with it stamped right in your file.
Knowing your place on the food chain.
You of all people should understand that.
I can't go back into general population.
Let me give you a little advice.
There is no such thing as just doing time, 2088.
You're either predator or prey.
The sooner you accept that fact, the sooner you can make a choice.
Which do you want to be? Doc: Call came in 20 minutes ago.
Here's the recording.
Burnett: Who is this? Hauser: I'm a personal friend of the family.
My only role here is to facilitate the safe return of David Pierce.
Burnett: You're a Fed, but, if you keep your word, you'll see his face again.
Berkeley downs.
West Barn, stall 23.
In the hay bin will be a saddlebag.
Put the money in and walk away.
All goes well, and I'll call with his location.
Campbell has informed us that Berkeley downs is the same place she was held as a girl by Sonny Burnett.
The place where you escaped from? Yes.
And $100,000 is the same sum that he asked for on his last job, the one he got caught on.
So you were right.
Whoever is doing this must know about what happened to me.
What kind of sick person would do something like this? Hauser: How soon can you get the money? You there? Loud and clear.
SFPD are in place.
Backup only.
It's our op.
Okay, good, let's do this.
This 100 grand in my backpack is making me nervous.
[Gunshot] Hello, Helen.
[Exclaims] This is kind of a weird place for a ransom drop.
There's only one way in or out.
Y-y-you died.
They told me.
You betrayed me.
I loved you.
I was 14 years old.
You told me you loved me too.
I-I-I did whatever you told me to do.
Do you know what it's like having everything taken away from you? No.
[Sobs] You will know, Helen.
Plea [Stammering] Where is he? He's in the stable.
Where I sent the police.
At least part of him.
Pierce is dead.
This is not about the money.
Call the police at Helen's house now.
That was SFPD.
Burnett was at Helen's house.
What? He killed the two officers who were there watching her.
Helen? She's unharmed.
What'd he go there for? Apparently to tell her that he killed her husband.
He must have wanted to see her face when she found out.
He's tormenting her.
No other reason to kill David in such a gruesome way.
He wanted her to suffer.
We need to send full protection out on everyone that might be important to her, starting with her family.
She has a daughter in Colorado.
Neighbours, friends, employees.
Anyone that might be important in her life that he can hurt.
I don't get it.
All this 'cause she got away.
She was 14.
There is something she's not telling us.
From eye discoloration and the clotting inside the carotid and jugular, I'd say he was killed at least four, five hours ago.
Before our guy made the call.
We never had a shot at saving him.
You know what kind of tool he could have used? Looks like a power saw.
Blade marks on the duct tape.
Whoever this guy is, catch him.
Or shoot him.
Well, he didn't walk here.
Have the race track upload security footage to us.
We can cross-reference it with cars stolen in the last three weeks and cars in the lot today.
I gotta say, I'm with Nikki on this.
This is one guy who may not deserve a cell.
I want him alive.
From now on, I want 'em all alive.
He does realize he's the only one who shoots them, right? He looked exactly the same as when I knew him.
Like he hadn't gotten any older.
There's no rational explanation.
You knew.
You knew.
You knew it was him.
Who are you people? Why is he doing this, Helen? Because this is personal.
And it seems like revenge against you.
He thinks I betrayed him.
Did you? I did what I had to do to survive.
By pretending to be on his side, to be his partner? The night before I escaped, Sonny got drunk.
He was bragging about the money from the last ransom.
He said that I was the only person that he trusted.
Then he told me where he hid it.
And, after he went to prison, I went and found it.
He had buried it in a field in Danville.
It took me two weeks to find it.
But, after what he'd done to me, I This is all my fault, isn't it? What happened to David.
What What if he's always gonna be out there? Waiting.
My Uncle Ray thinks you're having him watched.
And you're gonna ask me to back off? No, I want to be your first call if Tommy shows up.
Anything? Got the surveillance footage from Berkeley downs.
Couple dozen hits from cars matching makes and models stolen around San Francisco.
That's a lot.
Then I remembered CSU found a tire track from the road he snatched Mr.
Pierce from.
Tell me they made a plaster mould.
Tread marks make it a 235-55r 18.
Big wheels.
Muscle car.
I've narrowed it down to two.
Did you happen to pull up the DMV registrations for the last known addresses? Sure did.
You've been busy.
I also checked Sig alert.
There's a car fire on the 580, and the bay bridge is a parking lot.
All right, let's go.
Calling to confirm my town car pickup.
Jefferson street.
I'm ready now.
[Grunting] [Breathing deeply] Hey.
Give it back.
Fight! Get him! Finish him! [Men shouting] Give it to him! [Shouting continues] Come on! Get him now! Come on, finish it off.
Come on.
Hicks: All the fish on the yard, and you attack one of mine.
You think that proves anything? You think you're tough now? Enjoy your month in the hole.
You won't live to see another.
All right, the car's been here at least a few hours.
Excuse me, ma'am? Hi.
Do you know who drives this car? This guy maybe? You guys are cops? Mostly.
Guy just moved in with Willie.
Right there.
He's staying there? Yeah, bringing in groceries, helping out around the house.
Willie doesn't get around too well.
Thank you.
All right, Doc, I need you to keep a lookout from the car.
If Burnett is not in there, give me a honk if he comes back.
A honk? A honk.
God, he's got her daughter's flight number.
- I'm Danielle.
- Hi.
Your mom asked us to pick you up.
Finding everything all right, sir? Hey.
Welcome back.
How'd that saw work out for you? Cut like butter.
I told ya.
A 40-inch spade, that'll get the job done.
Nice blade volume.
Heat-treated carbon steel.
Last you a lifetime.
I'll only be using it the once.
How tall are you? [Stammers] I need this plywood cut to your height.
Um, anything else? Flashlight.
Small one.
Yeah, I'll be right back.
What's that? What's it look like? Dinner.
You want to move up the food chain? You need a lion's share.
I have to say, you have a fire in your belly.
A fuel that's driving you, motivating you to change.
Most men don't.
Helen, right? No need to tell me.
A man's dying words carry the weight of either love or loss.
Usually both.
What do you care? A chicken can do as many pushups as it wants, the fox is still gonna eat it.
Your little beat down in the yard.
Poor Artie Yanowski, all balled up on the ground, helpless.
You stopped.
What did you expect me to do? Kill him? Door.
Resolution's too funky on that.
I can't get a plate or a car number.
Do we know how Burnett pulled it off? Denver pd spoke with a co-worker of Danielle's.
The reason police protection couldn't find her was she was already on her way here to San Francisco.
He had her flight number before he even made the ransom call.
Any limos reported missing today? We've called all the companies.
They're on alert.
Has Burnett contacted Helen about having Danielle? No, not yet.
Okay, good.
So whatever he's planning on doing, he hasn't done it yet.
What about the saw? Uh Model and partial serial.
Should be good.
Bought the saw at Lunski's hardware.
That's six blocks away from his safe house.
We got a lead.
Yeah, yeah, that's him.
He came in today.
What'd he buy? Plywood, hammer, nails, shovel.
He's building a kind of box.
Doc: He told you he was building a box? The guy sort of freaked me out.
He wanted us to cut the plywood to my height.
- Thank you.
- He's gonna bury her.
Where? He used the stables for the ransom drop, the place Helen escaped from.
And then she dug up his money from that field in Danville.
Oh, man.
She said it took her two weeks to find it.
[Screaming] Help! [Continues screaming] Help! Help! Help me! [Crying] [Crying] Call Rebecca Madsen on cell.
Computerized female voice: Calling Rebecca Madsen on cell.
[Cell phone ringing] Yeah.
Limo company reports it's a black town car.
Lojack puts it somewhere near the field in Danville.
That's him.
Right on mile marker 1034.
Send everyone there.
That's a pretty big field.
That's why Burnett's gonna narrow it down for us.
Hey, boss.
Well, well, well.
If it isn't Rocky Marciano.
Remember what I told you? That I wouldn't live to see another day.
That's it.
Neither will you.
[Grunting] [Yells] [Grunting and yelling continue] [Screams] [Screams] What the heck's going on here? It looks like a fight.
It doesn't look like much of a fight to me.
If the boy wanted revenge, why didn't he just kill him? What he did was worse.
Come on.
Quite the transformation.
You'd be surprised what a man's capable of if he's pushed too far.
I would have thought you of all people should understand that.
The strength of the pack is the wolf.
And the strength of the wolf is the pack.
Let me guess.
Rudyard Kipling.
Just remember whose pack it is, E.
Or you might find out what a true predator's really capable of.
[Gunfire] I need him alive.
Stay where you are! [Shouts indistinctly] Show me your hands! Get him down on the ground! Stop.
This man is wanted for federal crimes.
This man killed two of my men.
I understand, believe me, but this man has buried a woman alive in Danville field, mile marker 1034.
Call county.
We need every cop, fireman, and EMT out here.
I mean like it's yesterday.
Come on.
Get lost.
Let's go.
Move it.
You'll never find her.
We found you.
Eyes up! Eyes up! I got something! Outstanding, guys, outstanding! [Applause] Watch it! Watch her! [Applause] You're gonna be okay.
[Sighs] One decision 50 years ago.
And all of this.
I really thought he was out of my life forever.
He is.
He is, I promise.
Hauser put surveillance on Ray.
Why am I not surprised? He thinks Ray will lead him to Tommy.
Wait, you okay with this? Yeah, I am.
Okay but One day, this is gonna end.
And, when it does, we you, me, Hauser We're gonna have to live with whatever we've done.
[Door slides open] It's it's no good.
It won't work.
Right blood type, but no colloidal silver.
Burnett's blood is as normal as yours or mine.
You told me this would work.
Well, there were 300 prisoners on Alcatraz.
Not all of them were taken an interest in.
Walk away.
Yes, sir.