Alcatraz s01e11 Episode Script

Webb Porter

1 [Overlapping chatter] [Distant alarm] [Doorbell buzzes] [Door lock buzzes] [Door closes] The blue.
That's new.
You seemed better the last time I saw you.
Define "better.
" [Sighs] I wasn't always like this, you know.
Breathe [Neck cracks] All that's needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.
Friedrich Nietzsche.
Edmund Burke.
He was an Englishman.
Well, actually an Irishman who moved to England.
Do any of the people you work with know you studied philosophy at Yale? [Laughs] It hasn't really come up.
It's mostly the giants and Cassius Clay.
[Boat horn blows] (Hauser) I guess your ride's here.
When will I see you again? How 'bout tonight? (Warden) Bombers and poisoners, sharp shooters, and every ignoble variation of lag, I have put you to the test.
But if you're able to infiltrate this madman's gray matter, free up our infirmary where he has taken up permanent residence, mark my words, Dr.
Sengupta, I will take you to the moon and back.
Why isn't Mr.
Porter in general population? I had no choice but to separate the tormentor from his tormentees.
Imagine the agony of living on this rocky atoll.
The lunatic howling at all hours of every night, depriving you of the joy of nocturnal wool gathering.
For whatever reason, this is the only room that calms him.
Porter's IQ is 162.
That's well above genius.
Intellect aside, it's time to get him back where he belongs.
(Warden) Mr.
Porter, I brought you a special guest.
Cat's had his tongue coming up on a year now.
What are those marks? His bed should be there, but he keeps pushing it to the other wall.
File says his mother tried to drown him in the bathtub when he was only six.
No-doubtedly the reason he butchered her.
Four other women suffering the full magnitude of his fatal blows that very night.
How long have you heard the ringing in your ears, Mr.
Porter? I believe he suffers from tinnitus, a perpetual ringing in his ears, most likely caused by the drowning incident as a child.
He's manageable in this room because the humming from Dr.
Beauregard's refrigerator on the other side of this wall helps mask the noise.
Can he be cured of this malady? Well, I wouldn't say "cured.
" But there's a new brand of therapy I've been studying.
I'd like to try it.
I knew you'd have something in your bag of tricks.
Tell me, Mr.
Porter, do you like music? [Playing violin] ♪ [Playing hastens] [Whimpering] I'm not ready.
I'm miss I'm missing something.
[Sobbing, whimpering] Your hair.
I wish there was more of it.
[Whimpers] [Sobbing] I'm sorry.
[Sobbing] I'm really, really sorry.
[Sobbing] [Playing] [Echoing scream] [Echoing crash] [Echoing thud] ♪ [Echoing scream] ♪ [Scratches] [Echoing scream] Oh, nice.
[Laughs] - Here you go, ladies.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
(Rebecca) Oh, my God, you're shameless.
I know, I know.
[Glasses clink] Glad to finally get you out of your apartment.
Me too.
So, what've you been working on? Task force stuff? Um, no.
I mean, mostly.
But family stuff too.
You mean with Ray? You want to talk about it? It's like I'm living someone else's life.
And I I just want to press "stop.
" Go back to the way things were.
Before the new job.
But I can't.
[Clears throat] [Cell phone rings] Ah, sorry.
[Rebecca's cell phone rings] Could you not read the schedule written in large, red marker? I'm off tonight.
Stop following him, just go home.
I was gonna after he came out of that brick building again.
But then I thought, I haven't visited Lucy in a while.
And Hauser's the one who always says, "don't visit her, let her rest," so I came anyway, and guess what, she's gone.
He took her.
What do you mean he took her? The nurse is gonna tell me the whole story.
Here she comes.
I gotta go.
(Nikki) [Sighs] Homicide in Daly City.
College student drowned in her tub with all her hair cut off.
I gotta go.
Mind if I tag along? Sure.
[Siren] The vic's name is Karen Feiner.
A student at sf state.
There's no sign of forced entry.
Her mom came by, found her in the tub.
Anyone see anything? Neighbor heard someone playing violin.
Well, she's a music student.
Ligature bruises on her wrists and ankles.
And color distortion's advanced.
Could've been tied up as long as three days.
What did he do with her hair? There's not a strand of it anywhere.
Could be a souvenir, maybe.
One of her fingernails broke.
Maybe she got a piece of him.
I'm taking a bag here.
] No problem.
What do you got? Glad she put up a fight.
(Doc) These are the '63s who were sent to Alcatraz for murdering women.
Did any of them target musicians? Not specifically.
Some of them went after coeds.
Huh maybe this isn't a '63.
Hey, so, what's the deal with Hauser? He's right behind you.
Now, if you ever follow me again, I may decide to shoot you after all.
Well, maybe if you told us things like the fact that, I don't know, you took Lucy out of the hospital.
That would be none of your business.
Who's the girl? (Rebecca) It's a homicide I came across.
Nikki found blood under her fingernail, but the sample was tainted.
Tainted? There was a high level of colloidal silver.
Does this mean something to you? He's one of ours.
Would would you like to share with us how you know that? We did some tests on the '63s that we've captured.
Tests? Where? I thought you were taking them to prison.
Some of the inmates tested positive for colloidal silver.
Before you ask, I don't know why.
So, we're chasing a '63, and we don't know who he is.
Well, that's a first.
(Hauser) On march 21, 1963, Alcatraz officially closed.
All the prisoners were transferred off the island Only that's not what happened.
Not at all.
Alcatraz S01E11 Webb Porter No, I don't recognize any of these guys.
Pictures look a little dated.
Budget cuts.
You know.
Was Karen in class on Monday? Definitely.
She was one of my best students.
What instrument did Karen play? Uh, cello mostly.
But she was good with any string instrument.
Were there any other female students missing from your class today? No, she was the only one.
[Taps] Am I supposed to talk into the television? Does this transmit sound frequencies? (Hauser) Look into the monitor.
Oh, there you are.
A blood sample is being sent to you now.
Has the colloidal silver in it.
Who's the lucky lag? Don't know yet.
I'll see if it matches Dr.
Sengupta's blood type.
Listen, Beauregard are you certain of the healing properties of the silver? As cerin as the sky is blue.
Not that I've seen it in some time.
She's slipping away from us.
I don't know how much time we have.
Your mind is in turmoil, Mr.
A tangle of disconnected thoughts and urges.
That ringing in your ear is no doubt a painful reminder of what your mother did to you.
I can take that memory away.
[Refrigerator humming] [Hum slows, stops] [Ringing heightens] [Moans] T-turn it back on.
[Soothing orchestral music] No no.
- No.
- Take it in.
Each note one after the other.
Logical, reliable, a pattern.
Let it untangle you, Mr.
Take it in.
You can carry it with you in your head.
Even when it's not playing.
[Groans, sighs] ♪ Can you tell me what you remember about the night your mother tried to drown you? The water was so cold.
I tried to hold my breath as long as I could.
And the screaming in my head and her face over me.
So beautiful.
And her hair was fl was floating on the water.
And it it it started to spread out like cracks on the surface.
Uh [Sniffles] Now I can help you.
[Playing violin] ♪ Hey.
You're the guy from that party last week.
Yeah, I was there with Mr.
Did he get you the audition? Yeah, he did.
Still getting ready for it.
On my porch? Well, you said you'd love to hear me play, so That's brave.
Well, you play beautifully.
What was that? Stravinsky? No, it's me.
Just, you know, things in my head.
Just, uh Thing you know, what I see.
It just comes out like that.
I like your hair.
[Gasps] What is it? I've run the mystery '63's blood, sir.
We've got ourselves a match.
Now, all you have to do is catch him, I suppose.
[Porter playing violin] ♪ That was excellent.
Your bow makes the sweetest sound.
Well, I string it myself.
Think it makes a difference.
Could you play this next? I I haven't prepared this.
It's just to gauge your sight-reading.
We get so many musicians who can't read a lick.
I don't think he can.
Thank you for coming.
Didn't work.
I wasn't good enough.
[Muffled whimpering] You You weren't good enough.
[Screams] I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry! [Screaming] [Playing jazz music] ♪ [Playing stops] All right, boys.
That's it for today.
Let's go.
You can't just come in here with him.
Well, didn't the warden tell you? We were hoping to borrow an instrument.
You got a lot of nerve showing your face around here, Porter.
(Inmate) The warden should keep you where you belong, freak.
Let's move it.
Your band is very good, Mr.
In another life, I would've been a music man.
[Door slams] But unfortunately, my father discouraged it in the home, so I came to it late.
Porter is a recent convert to music.
With parent issues of his own, so Dr.
Beauregard tells me.
I'm told he speaks now.
I can already hear the music in my head.
Just like she said I would.
There are two phases to Mr.
Porter's therapy.
Listening and playing.
[Laughs] There are no openings in the band.
We'd just like to borrow an instrument, if that's okay.
Borrow away.
I've been reading about the violin.
(Tiller) Perfect match.
Screams like you used to.
It's okay.
Go ahead.
[Scoffs] [Screeches] Maybe he should start with a triangle.
Play what's in your head.
[Breathes deeply] [Playing disjointedly] ♪ [Plays odd scales] [Arpeggios] [Hurried, slower] I think we've got ourselves a sandbagger.
No, I think we've got ourselves a savant.
[Camera shutter clicks] Where the hell have you been? Well, Karen was a musician.
We tried to track down I call you into an active crime scene, and you waddle in here So, while this woman was being murdered, you were off talking to more boring people for information that is getting us nowhere.
Talking to these boring people that's my job.
We think he's targeting musicians, so we went to her school.
Guys I was just talking to the landlord.
He did come by earlier to check the sprinklers, and he said he heard violin music.
Like at Karen's.
Not just, like, someone scratching the strings.
He said it was someone good.
I mean, really, really good.
But get this, our new victim she didn't play the violin or any instrument.
She thought he was targeting musicians.
It's the other way around.
The violin music, I think it's him.
The music room was pretty popular.
Even Al Capone even played a little banjo while he was here.
Rock islander band reels.
Everyone I interviewed told me these were lost.
Well, who played violin in the band? No one.
Strictly brass.
Jazz, horns, saxophone.
There's no violin music here.
There's a violin.
Webb Porter.
So, Webb Porter's a pattern killer now.
There's a connection between his two victims.
We just gotta find it.
Karen Feiner's a music student, Susan Lee a lawyer.
Check credit card transactions, emails, cell phone records.
[Typing] So much for the privacy act.
[Playing piano] ♪ Elmore.
Yo, Emerson.
(Hauser) You know every musician in town.
There's a violinist I need to find.
Oh, that's too bad.
You know the difference between a violinist and a pizza? Pizza can feed a family of five.
He's very good, this guy.
He's, uh he's been here a month, maybe two.
He's 29 years old, kinda odd.
What's he play? I don't know, what's in his head.
You know, Deke, uh he sold, uh, some recent arrival his old brownback last week.
Now, he said this kid had some serious chops.
Where's Deke? He took the cash and went to Houston.
But your kid told Deke he got a gig at the, uh, the philharmonic.
Playing? [Laughs] No.
No, no, no.
He's stacking chairs.
He's a violinist, like I said.
You up on Friday? Till I'm dead.
[Plays piano] ♪ [Saxophone music] ♪ I've been sneaking in here since I was 15.
It's a long walk from Pacific heights.
[Laughs] Who says I walked? I wish I could bottle this.
You can.
They do live recordings here all the time.
Well, my new patient would love it.
[Laughs] What? I Okay, I love how you can call a stone-cold killer a "patient.
" You're making fun of me.
No, no, not at all.
Well, you won't believe the transformation of this violinist, Emerson.
It's only been a few months.
I mean, I've studied music therapy.
I knew it had potential, but the results I'm getting is Is there something in my teeth? No.
No, you I've never met anyone like you before.
Man, Hauser went off on you today.
What's his deal? I don't know.
He's freaked out about the case.
What's that? (Doc) Uh, both victims had credit card transactions last Friday night at the San Francisco philharmonic.
Parking and gift shop.
There was a fundraiser there that night.
[Phone rings] That was three days before his first killing.
Porter's been working as a stagehand at the philharmonic.
That's where we think he met his first victims.
I'm gonna text you his home address.
Don't make me wait.
[Electricity buzzing] [Knocks] They're renting apartments now? (Rebecca) Landlord says he's been here for months.
They're getting comfortable in our world.
Which means they'll be harder to catch.
I know why he takes their hair.
The violin.
He strings his bows with it.
Blonde, black Yeah, it's frayed.
All used up.
This one's red.
Just the one.
He's got another girl.
(Porter) I just wanted to play for people.
Isn't that the point? If a violin gets played and no one hears it, is that music or futility? [Muffled groans] Please Please - Please - Don't worry.
[Whimpering] Don't worry, look.
There's just enough left.
I have some good news.
The warden will be transferring you back to general population.
Will I be able to keep my violin? And you'll be able to play in your cell at the end of each day.
Why are you doing all of this for me? Because I believe a man can change.
Has the right to change.
Thank you, Dr.
Maybe one day, I'll be able to to repay the favor.
Okay, here are the DMV photos of women who were guests at the philharmonic fundraiser, where Porter met his first two victims.
Can you eliminate the blondes and brunettes? [Typing] Only two redheads.
It's gotta be this one, right? The one with the long hair.
DMV pictures aren't necessarily recent or accurate.
We don't have time for this.
We'll go to both places.
The woman on the right just checked in on friendsquare, a social website, from a bar in Lomo.
Which leaves her.
[Lock clattering] [Muffled moaning] [Muffled sobbing] [Screaming] It's okay.
It's okay.
We're the police.
You're all right.
He's not gonna hurt you anymore.
Oh, my God.
[Rapid breathing] Where is he? We were hoping you could tell us.
Where'd he go? Do you know? No.
It's tonight.
What? He's playing.
He said he auditioned, and they said yes.
Tonight's his first performance.
[Playing violin] ♪ [Cheers and applause] [Applause stops] [Door buzzes] (Inmate) Hey, look, it's the screamer! (Inmate) Look the hell who's here! (Inmate) Hey, warden, he's gonna keep us up all night! [Overlapping shouts] (Inmate) We don't want him around! [Overlapping shouts] (Inmate) Hey, warden, don't do this to us! (Inmate) Get the creep on out of here! What are you doing? I'm gonna kill ya.
(Inmate) Forgive me, warden, please! (Inmate) He's gonna keep us up all night, warden! [Overlapping shouts] Close it up.
(Inmate) Get him out of here! [Overlapping shouts] (Inmate) Warden! Warden, don't leave him with us! [Overlapping shouting] [Plays] ♪ [Shouting fades] Well, I'll be damned.
Listen to that little fella fiddle.
(Tiller) You can teach an old dog a new trick but it's still an old dog.
Well, I'm not gonna raise my white flag in surrender just yet.
But I will tell you this The warden's got himself a new toy.
Porter is not a toy.
[Laughs] No argument here.
I was talking about you.
[Cheers and applause] [Door opens] I want him alive and unharmed.
[Metallic clicks, footsteps] [Groans] That's it, Porter.
[Cocks gun] Nowhere to run.
[Panting] All All I wanted was to play.
Don't even think about it.
[Grunting] [Monitor beeping] She's here too.
Ernest Cobb shot her.
Is she gonna live? With your help.
Have a seat, 2-0-1-2.
And roll up your left sleeve.
[Projector whirring] Those the reels you found in the music room? Yeah.
I'm digitizing them.
Figured I might be able to use some stuff for my next book.
There's no sound? Yeah, it was recorded separate back then.
I've only got picture.
Any word from Hauser? No.
We're never gonna find out what's really going on here, are we? Lucy.
Or what he did with her.
No, Doc.
She's right there.
She's one of them.
Lucy's a '63.
Hauser's known the whole time.
Maybe that's where he's hiding her.
Where he's got the other '63s.
(Rebecca) Lucy was there when it was all happening.
She could be the key to everything.
[Porter playing violin] ♪