Alcatraz s01e12 Episode Script

Garrett Stillman

(Rebecca) Previously on Alcatraz The worst criminals this country has ever known are coming back.
Grandfather wasn't a guard.
He was an inmate.
Aah! (Rebecca) That's him.
He killed my partner.
(Ray) I thought you let this go.
But he came back to kill him like it was personal.
Why? We have another one.
I want thermal imaging of all the car doors and tunnels on the island.
Need to find out what the hell these things open.
Don't be shy.
Do any of the people you work with know you studied philosophy at Yale? (Doc) Ernest Cobb.
Wichita sniper.
Lucy, get down! She's one of them.
Lucy's a '63.
She could be the key to everything.
[Overlapping talking] Alcatraz, they do what they want with you.
[Overlapping talking] Why is that? [Overlapping talking] Rumors about Alcatraz closing.
Make sure I wasn't dead.
Every Monday morning [Overlapping talking stops] I heard the thresher start Which scared the crows.
They were shrieking.
I could see wheat fly.
(Man) What else do you remember? A dead pig.
His skull was ca [Beep] [Door opens] Emerson.
When they said take it easy, this is not what they meant.
I was just catching up.
Well, I need to go check in with Soto and Madsen.
I'll join you.
Beauregard said not yet.
You haven't spoken to him about me, have you? Well, the opportunity never really presented itself.
Well, there's no time except now.
That's what you used to say.
Well, aren't you the vision of radiance? Mr.
Porter's blood must agree with you.
I'm ready to join the team.
But I haven't identified the potential side effects.
Of a serial killer's blood? It's a little late for that, isn't it? Apparently, I need your stamp of approval.
Well, what kind of doctor would I be letting a patient into the world under a cloud of such uncertainty? I will go by myself.
Hmm, she's a pistol.
[Pounding] Howard using the can again? [Beeping] [Beeping] [Guns click] Get in the truck.
Get the boxes inside now.
Come on! Hurry up! Let's go! Hurry up! Get in there! "Move it," I said! All right.
Let's go.
Hurry up.
Let's go.
(Man) Get those uniforms off now! GPS transmitter disengaged.
We're good.
[Beeping] [Groans] All right, you two, let's go.
Knight to D-6.
Always been partial to knights.
Only piece that plays well in complex and locked positions.
You have a favorite piece, Mr.
Stillman? Bishop.
Far be it for me to comment on the game of kings, but for a man of your I.
, they seem a bit limited.
Bishops are about the end game.
The long diagonal that lies in wait.
I suppose that's how you see yourself.
Hit a dozen armored trucks in under two years.
Always one step ahead of your pursuers.
Police are always on a back foot.
A disadvantage.
What might that be? Predictability.
You know a player's moves, the game's won by a long chalk.
Parole review board's come to the island to tease your fellow lags with the notion of freedom.
I'd like you to attend.
With all due respect, warden, I'm a thief.
What could I possibly steal from a parole board hearing? Hearing starts She's not gonna check my browser history, is she? Relax, Doc, it's a good thing.
A good thing? Is that your angle on Lucy coming back to work? Of course.
Why wouldn't it be? Because she was on Alcatraz in 1963 with all the bad guys we're trying to catch.
And she made the jump, and no one bothered to tell us.
Well, we never bothered to ask.
(Doc) Okay, um Hey, hi.
Welcome back, Lucy.
Hello, Dr.
Easy, Soto.
Put this together for you.
It's all the '63s we've caught since, um, you know.
Thank you.
I think we owe you an apology.
Okay, I'm, uh We thought it was best to keep things a secret.
But it was a mistake to lie to you.
To both of you.
I've read everything about Alcatraz.
I mean, everything.
And there's never any mention of a female doctor at the prison.
The warden kept his share of secrets.
I suppose I was one of them.
So you knew these guys we're chasing firsthand? Including your grandfather, yes.
I tried to help them.
It was my job.
Or so I thought.
But now you can help us.
I mean, you interviewed these guys, got into their heads.
I performed psychological evaluations on many of these inmates, yes.
It was my goal to understand the way they thought, to get to the root of their deviant behavior.
So we've been calling it a jump You know, moving from What's it like? You'd be surprised how fast you can adapt to what a record player on a phone looks like.
What you start to miss is who you used to listen to records with and waited to hear from on the phone.
And when those people, those people you loved, have lived an entirely different life without you You begin to realize that even though you're in their world, you're not of their world.
I'm sorry.
Thank you.
You're made some real improvements to our search engine, Dr.
Crime reports, Police chatter? It's sort of a built-in police scanner.
I attached it to your word recognition software.
[Beeping] Armored car heist.
In broad daylight? Intricate timings.
Guards unharmed.
Police with no leads.
(Both) Garrett Stillman.
(Rebecca) Who's Garrett Stillman? He was a military strategist for the British S.
Until he immigrated to the U.
after the war.
He hit armored cars pretty much at will.
If I remember, his I.
was off the charts.
Can you tell us about his psychology? Garrett Stillman was a real gamesman.
He enjoyed moving pieces around.
His heists were always elaborate and involved multiple steps.
So whatever this was, it's most likely not the end game.
Let's go.
Here, rest of the cash.
Give me that bag.
It's just the uniforms.
Nice work.
See you down at the pub.
[Engine turns] [Dramatic music] (Hauser) On March 21st, 1963, Alcatraz officially closed.
All the prisoners were transferred off the island.
Only that's not what happened.
Not at all.
ALCATRAZ S01 Ep12 - Garrett Stillman [Chatter] (Doc) So Lucy knowing Tommy, that's it, right? That's it, what? The reason you're being so nice.
I'm always nice.
You know that.
So what, just gonna sit back and watch? I'm a cop.
It's what we do.
Is he gonna be okay? The blast shot him clear of the fire, but it doesn't look good.
So Stillman takes the guards' uniforms but leaves them alive.
And then he torches his accomplices and over 100 grand in cash? But keeps the armored car.
What's his game? If Lucy's right about him Maybe the truck is what he's after.
I feel like an idiot.
They trained us to stay on our toes.
But I should have expected this.
This wasn't the first truck that was robbed.
Not robbed, stolen.
How many have you lost? Two in the last month.
Was this the guy wearing the fake Bynum security uniform? Yeah, that's him.
And he wasn't wearing a fake uniform.
Badge cleared my scanner.
I wouldn't have opened the door if it didn't.
What kind of scanner is it? Bynum uniforms have scannable badge codes.
They're impossible to counterfeit.
How often do you update the codes? First of every month.
[Cell phone rings] Madsen.
Got it, thanks.
Third accomplice survived.
I'm gonna need you to send me a list of everyone on your payroll, clients, and delivery schedules.
Change those badge codes today, all of them.
(Hauser) Ernest Cobb.
You can speak with him anytime you want.
Maybe you'll get further with him than I did.
Detective Madsen has certainly proven her worth, just like I knew she would.
She makes everything personal.
You mean she doesn't shoot first and ask questions later.
It's a flaw.
A flaw that our fugitives could exploit.
Or a strength they can't overcome.
You don't see it, do you? You were just like her once.
[Door opens] Our scans found something, sir.
Hello, Dr.
Welcome back.
The team and I have missed you.
Thank you, Warren.
A hollow area beneath the lighthouse.
There's nothing under the lighthouse.
There was a bulkhead that led underground.
From the Civil War just North of the lighthouse.
Can you pull up the floor plans from 1963? There's no bulkhead, ma'am.
I didn't say there is.
I said there was.
It was always locked, but it's there.
Find it.
That's him.
Son of a bitch tried to kill me.
Where'd he get the Bynum uniform? He have someone on the inside? He made up a contest.
Gave one of their guards two weeks in Cabo as some sort of a prize.
Then he broke into his apartment.
Huh, Mook's probably sitting on a beach right now.
What about the guns, where'd he get those? He didn't.
He had a guy.
A boss or something who took care of that.
You ever meet this guy? Nah, he'd only deal with Stillman.
This guy helping Stillman, you think he's another '63 or just a regular person? I don't know, but maybe it's the same guy that gave Jack Sylvane his gun, Ernest Cobb his rifle.
Cal Sweeney, the number of the safety deposit box with the key in it.
So if we catch Stillman, maybe we'll catch his handler.
Maybe we'll get answers.
Let's get started.
Please remember our decision will remain sealed and confidential till delivered to the Governor.
First up, AZ-2173, Simmons, Harlan.
Simmons, we've reviewed your file.
Is there anything you'd like to add? Yes, sir.
Since arriving here, I haven't had any altercations with any of my fellow prisoners or guards.
And recently, i was promoted to shift manager in the laundry.
I promise you, I'd be a model parolee.
Thank you.
Anyone else on Mr.
Simmons' behalf? Gentleman, the disciplinary report in front of you includes repeated offenses of possession and distribution of prison contraband.
As such, I think it would be premature to grant parole at this time.
(Cline) Thank you.
Next case.
(Man) AZ-2095, Irving Sunday.
Step forward and take a seat, Mr.
Well, what did you think? Bloke stood no chance.
There's no way Mr.
Tiller is gonna let him leave when he's getting 50% of his business.
Which is why I'd like you to pry open the eyes of justice for me.
Simmons won't be eligible for parole again until 1965, and I'd prefer him off my island before that time.
You'd like me to steal the board's recommendation? And replace it with a more favorable outcome.
Why me? On your last job, a member of your crew got nabbed, ratted you out.
You're a man who doesn't trust people, which means you're a man who can be trusted.
Simmons' lucrative contraband distribution network will be yours upon completion, and at the cut rate of 20%.
I'd be happy to oblige.
But it seems the parole board is long gone.
Just so happens they'll be my guests for lunch before sailing back to the mainland Which gives you three hours to figure out how to correct Mr.
Simmons' injustice.
(Man) It's open.
You get me the crew I asked for? Ready and waiting.
Eh, your big score better be worth it.
I just torched 100 grand.
You worry about the chess pieces.
Let me worry about the board.
Anything helpful? Sometimes it's just stuff in a box.
Ask me anything you want.
If I know the answer, I'll tell you.
What was he like? Tommy Madsen? Charming when he wanted something.
Ruthless if he didn't get it.
Most of the inmates were like that.
Smart? I would say relentless.
He could peel apples in a single strip.
What about my partner? I don't know why he killed him.
You know, a guard came back Guy Hastings.
He went after Uncle Ray to try to get to Tommy.
Hauser thinks your grandfather's important, but he doesn't know why.
Do you? I know they took a lot of blood from him.
My first year working on the island, I tried to look into it, but every time I inquired I got my hand slapped.
Finally Emerson advised me to back off.
You knew Hauser at Alcatraz? Back when he was a rookie cop.
You and him? That's just impossible to imagine.
Um What was he like? He was kind of romantic.
He loved music and philosophy.
We used to stay up all night.
Talking? Hauser? He wouldn't shut up.
I'm not kidding.
It just seems like he You're not talking about the same guy.
I know.
So what happened to him? The night everyone on Alcatraz disappeared was the night we lost each other too.
(Lucy) It wasn't the inmates he was worried about.
It was you.
So for the past 50 years He's been trying to find me.
And I'm still trying to find him.
(Doc) Hey, guys? Broadway mutual.
One of Bynum security's biggest clients.
This cannot be a coincidence.
Broadway mutual was founded by Harlan Simmons.
Harlan Simmons, the billionaire? No one's seen him in public since the '70s.
He's a total recluse.
And a financial genius.
Was Harlan Simmons on Alcatraz at the same time as Stillman? Yeah.
And imagine how much of Harlan's cash Stillman can fit in three armored trucks.
(Stillman) I've asked around.
The three of you possess unique abilities I require.
For each of us? Upon our endeavor's success, yes.
First things first.
Can you forge a parole board hearing form? I've seen plenty.
Form's easy.
It's matching the individual signature that's hard.
Then here's the plan.
(Stillman) The forms the parole board uses are set on carbon paper and discarded after each hearing.
Once the carbon copy's obtained, you pass it to Felix here.
That's how you'll get your signature.
Your artistic eye should be able to do the rest.
I'll also need a steward's uniform.
(Sam) What about me? What's my job? Your job's simple but essential.
You'll be working lunchtime steward's duty at the warden's house.
Once inside, you'll let me in.
I'll locate the briefcase with the documents and swap them out.
Just like that? Just like that.
I really don't think there's anything at Broadway mutual the armored car robbers want, detective.
Simmons' money is a bunch of ones and zeros on secure computers around the world.
This vault is basically a storage closet.
Okay, but if you don't have anything valuable to protect, then why do you need such a big contract with Bynum security? I guess I'm just wondering if they're not moving money for you, what are they moving? I don't know.
Maybe we should ask Mr.
You'd have a better chance of getting an audience with God.
I'd be happy to get a subpoena.
And feel free to drop it off on the 29th floor.
That's where Mr.
Simmons' legal department works.
I'd bring a snack.
See how scared he got when you mentioned Bynum security? Yeah.
It might not be money, but there's definitely something Harlan has that Stillman wants.
He is sending an email now.
"From: Chief of security Clay Jeffries.
"Immediate pickup.
Pacific Bank and Trust.
"Package 2284.
Security concerns.
" We have the location.
You still haven't told us the score.
What are we after? Something worthy of an emergency pickup.
[Gunshot] Whoa! What the Let's get the truck.
We couldn't see under the lighthouse until we overlaid the thermal, magnetic, and sonic images together.
Well, someone wanted to hide this entire passageway.
Best guess, sir.
[Beeping] Here, I think.
Looks like a cavity, behind this wall.
And I want to know what it is.
So get the team together, get a sledgehammer, and start swinging.
[Beeping] Okay, you're in.
Got it.
I just need to find Broadway mutual's secure email traffic.
According to the schedule Bynum security sent over, they move an undisclosed package for Harlan's company once a month.
Whatever it is, Mr.
Simmons doesn't want it in the same location long enough for anyone to find it.
What's in the package? Doesn't say.
Only the time and location of the next drop.
Which isn't until next week.
But if Stillman was planning to hit next week's move, would he really steal armored trucks so far in advance? Of course not.
It'd give the cops too much time to get onto him.
Unless that's why he did it.
So after the bank job, he knew a smart cop would go to Harlan's company and tell them they were a target.
So they'd panic and move the package immediately instead of next week.
Which Jeffries did.
He's moving the package now.
From where? Pacific Bank and Trust.
We think Stillman's working with someone, a handler maybe.
I'll go with you.
I'm ready to resume my interviews with the captured inmates.
With Cobb? He'll be my first, yes.
I really should be there for that.
No, I'd rather do it myself.
Try not to shoot anyone if you can possibly help it.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Lunch is almost over.
The warden knows who the stewards are.
But his guests don't.
While it's true that our little island was never intended as a rehabilitation facility, I'd like to think we're doing our small part to push back the tide of criminal recidivism.
Did you know that the world's most expensive coffee comes from beans that have passed through the digestive system of the Asian palm civet? A cat.
[Laughter] Hand to God.
[Laughter] A cat.
The pork chops were perfect, warden James.
Far superior to Marion, I hope.
And they don't have our ocean front views now, do they? No.
I made the switch.
You! When did you join steward's duty? He stole the parole ruling on Harlan Simmons right out of the briefcase.
I tried to stop him, Mr.
Tiller, but he's good at his trade, I'll give him that.
[Beeping] Your badge is invalid.
Change of plans.
[Sirens blaring] [Grunting] They went that way.
[Tires squeal] [Cell phone rings] Madsen.
(Hauser) They just left.
Any sign of them out front? (Rebecca) They're going South on Pickard.
Just took a left on greene.
Call S.
We need a perimeter.
I assume you didn't summon me here to wave in revelry at our guests' departure.
Their mile and a half journey is hardly worthy of pomp and circumstance.
No, but worthy of the proper verdict.
For reasons unknown at the moment, after lunch, I caught 2109 switching Harlan Simmons' parole review with a fake.
Rest assured, the correct ruling is safely headed back to the mainland.
Here's the envelope I retrieved from cline, the one Stillman planted.
A great injustice was prevented today, E.
Allow me to show Mr.
Stillman to his new home in D-block.
You disappoint me.
I offered you the opportunity to seize your place atop this rock and you failed.
You sure about that, warden? Check the envelope.
You set up E.
to make the switch.
I knew I'd never get in their briefcase.
Special locks.
Take me half a day to Jimmy them.
That was a mighty risk, son.
How'd you know deputy warden would catch on to your little ruse and offer himself as a pawn? Predictability.
Tiller saw us talking in the yard this morning and again at the parole hearing.
He tends to be a man whose suspicions are easily aroused.
And your steward Sam is a well-known snitch.
Type of man who'd turn on you.
That's why I recruited him.
Did you really think I'd let you down? A man of your I.
, no.
But you had me going, Mr.
Yes, you did.
See you in 30 days.
Wait here, stay low.
[Car door closes] [Gun clicks] Stay low.
I don't think so.
What's the move here, Stillman? Trying to dump the truck? Too easy to find.
Unless Hot-wiring a car, Mr.
Stillman? Nice play.
But not enough to fake out the grand master, Dr.
[Engine starts] All three of them? [Vehicle door closes, engine turns] Madsen! You see Stillman? He stole the two other armored trucks as decoys! Do we know which truck he's in? (Doc) He's not.
Stillman had a getaway car parked and ready.
He just left.
Why didn't you call me? I would've, but then he wouldn't be driving around with a GPS tracker in his backseat.
You put your cell phone in his car? [Metal clanging] [Ship horn blares] I trust your stay on our little island has allowed for reflection, that past mistakes won't be repeated.
They won't, warden.
Well, good luck, son.
What's this? The number of a friend.
Someone to help you find your feet on the outside.
He'll know how to get us in touch when the time arrives.
[Door opens, closes] Ghost, what are you doing here? You weren't supposed to open that.
Give me the key.
I didn't steal it for you.
So I'm not giving it to you.
I guess I'll have to take it.
[Gunshot] He's gotta be in there.
He hasn't moved in 13 minutes.
All right, this time stay in the car and keep the lights off.
Garrett Stillman, dead.
Whatever he stole from Pacific Bank and Trust Was worth killing for.
(Rebecca) Yeah, guess his handler didn't want him talking.
Oh, boy.
Oh, man.
Rebecca! Rebecca! Rebecca! That might have been him, the handler.
I tried to see his face, but he turned on his high-beams, like he didn't want me to see him.
[Beeping] I'll send someone for the body.
You were right about the cavity behind the wall, sir.
It's a room.
We found a door.
The warden's door.
A third keyhole.
You shot me, Mr.
You shot me, and I'd like to know why.
A target.
You were a target.
Because my team was tracking you? So you're planning to kill all of us then? No.
Just you.
Why me? As long as you're alive, you'll always be a target.
Always? Yes.
All right, the car had to cross the intersection.
It's the only road out.
I linked us to the traffic cam at bayshore and lagoon.
That's the car I saw.
Oh, my God.
That's your grandfather.
Tommy Madsen.
He's the handler.