Alcatraz s01e13 Episode Script

Tommy Madsen

1 [Birds singing] [Siren] [Gasping from pain] It all keeps circling back to my partner's murder.
These special fugitives that your task force has been chasing? Some sort of organized crime syndicate.
And the guy that killed my partner seems to be a central part of it.
Captain, I think he knew will.
Okay, kicking him off that ledge was Personal.
What am I missing? What am I not seeing in Will's file? What's your Uncle think of all this? What do you think? Detective Will Peters was the subject of an I.
Investigation at the time of his death.
Suspicious payments from Broadway mutual.
Harlan Simmons' company.
The billionaire ex-con.
A bribe? Never determined.
called the dogs off after will died.
Be very careful with this, detective.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
[Buzzer] I'm here to check in.
Sir, this is a private psychiatric hospital.
If I could just get your physician's name and number.
No, no, no, no doctors.
Listen to me, I'm an Alcatraz inmate from 1963.
Listen, lady, there's some bad, bad people chasing me.
I need a quiet place to lay low.
Limerick, Joe.
Then it was just, wake up, and poof, here I was.
Alcatraz prison, yeah.
I was a short-timer but [Breathing deeply] Limerick.
Hey, Joe.
Is it true? You try to escape? Try? I did.
It doesn't look like it to me.
Well, the riptide kept tossing me back.
Even the damn ocean hates us.
Do you know why they won't let me out of my cell? Well, official word is that you died trying to make it to shore.
The way I hear, warden filled out a death certificate and everything.
Guess that makes you a ghost.
[Footsteps approaching] Open 2-0-0-2.
Where are you taking me? Warden, sir, any idea when I can get my number back? Sorry, son.
According to your paperwork, you're dead.
You taking more blood? Not today, son.
Today we're giving back.
Who are you? Transfusion.
I'm not sick.
What's happening? What have you done to it? Lots.
[Breathing heavily, groaning] Am I gonna die? Possible.
I can taste metal.
[Groans] [Shattering glass] [Tv on] [Grunts] [Groans] Hey, shh-shh-shh-shh.
Where's your wife? Not here.
When will she be back? - When? - I don't know! - Who else is here? - No one.
- Where's your kid? - She's at a sleepover.
Please, just, just Shh.
Okay, this is what we're gonna do.
You're gonna text your wife, tell her to come back now.
We're gonna wait for her.
Turn around.
♪ (Hauser) On March 21st, 1963, Alcatraz officially closed.
All the prisoners were transferred off the island.
Only that's not what happened.
Not at all.
ALCATRAZ Season finale - Tommy Madsen Do you think, now that I have Webb Porter's blood, I can learn to play the violin? Hmm, God help us, no.
Why are they putting so much silver into the blood? And why do only some of the inmates have the silver and not all of them? I do not know.
You were the warden's prize poodle.
I always assumed that you knew.
Poodle? Well, I mean that in the most complimentary sense of the word.
Is that electric? It may be the only thing about this century that I have found bearable.
Can we isolate the silver from the blood? We are of a single mind on the subject, doctor.
I will apprise you of my progress.
Just you.
You're my only one.
(Lucy on video) Why me? As long as you're alive, you'll always be a target.
(Lucy) No one is safe as long as these men keep coming back.
Still We need to limit your exposure.
You're okay here, maybe at the op center Why don't you just put me in one of those cells? [Beeps] Wait.
We have a possible I.
of Tommy Madsen.
Tommy Madsen A samaritan picked her up on the parkway Brought her into the precinct.
She's in shock.
Hasn't said a word.
(Hauser) Something happened at her house tonight.
She ran away from this man.
Is that Tommy Madsen? (Rebecca) Where does she live? And why aren't we there? She's so scared and upset, she can't remember the address or her last name.
If she's not talking, how'd they get that? A sketch artist uses an FBI catalogue of common faces.
Doc, do you have your drawing stuff in your bag? Doc draws the best cats.
Hey, would you mind helping me color it? I'm not very good at staying in the lines.
Maybe have Dr.
Soto leave something off the drawing.
Are you a cat person or a dog person? Bet your mommy likes cats.
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
There's something missing.
Two ears, four legs, a tail.
- What was that? - Eyes.
Eyes? Eyes.
I always forget.
Cats can see in the dark.
What does this cat see? Daddy and a man fighting.
Was this the man? [Soft knock] Not bad.
Breakfast? Am I dead? Is this heaven? 'Fraid not.
Is it Wrong again.
Though in any faustian tale, a devil is often needed.
However misunderstood.
I survived.
Whatever you did to me with that blood, I survived.
Son, you should be a nickel, amount of silver that is now coursing through your veins.
I feel great.
What's it for? Potential.
The great things I can do for you.
The great things you can do for me.
Change of clothes in the bathroom.
Let's take a walk.
It's a heck of a day.
[Grunting] [Beeps] [Car door shuts] [Car alarm chirps] [Keys jangle] Michael? No, ma'am.
Georgia, get down! I think this house needs a number.
Is that a street? I live there.
El Camino del Mar.
Sea cliff.
El Camino del Mar? I'm gonna go find your mommy and daddy.
It's clear.
He's shot.
Get an E.
up here.
He came for my wife.
How long ago? Ten minutes.
I don't know.
My daughter? We found her.
She's safe.
They went out the back door.
I think I shot him.
Take care of this man.
[Whimpers] How old are you? How old do you think I am? You're gonna have to see a real doctor.
This is gonna get infected.
Ah, just stitch it up.
Trust me, it'll heal.
Wow, look at this.
You used to drive a jeep.
Used to do a lot of things.
I need you to get me face to face with Harlan Simmons.
I can't do that.
Tommy Madsen is active again.
And he seems to have taken a peculiar interest in Simmons, and I need to know why.
Does this mean the warden is back? Well, that is the first question I'll be asking Madsen, after I catch him.
Getting you to Simmons is above my pay grade, you know that.
The only person above your pay grade is the President.
Yeah, well, potus can't get you a face-to-face with Simmons either.
The documents you requested.
We're headed to Paraguay to deal with that aquifer the Chinese are so worked up about.
Lucille can hitch a ride with us.
Paraguay is, uh, complicated for me, given the last time.
And I need to go with her, just long enough to get her settled.
Brief your team.
That's a direct order.
(Lucy) Everything there is to know about Georgia Bradley.
33 years old.
Grew up in Rye, New York.
Works at MacAlister Psychiatric Hospital.
I've tagged her cell phone, credit card, all forms of electronic I.
If anyone uses them, we'll know.
So what does Tommy Madsen want with her? Well, we know that Tommy Madsen was Garrett Stillman's handler.
And Stillman stole something from Harlan Simmons, something that Tommy wants.
Wait, so you think if Tommy went after Georgia, she must be connected to Harlan Simmons.
I don't know, but everything seems to keep coming back to him.
My partner, will, I just found out he might have been on the take, from Broadway mutual.
Maybe that's why Tommy killed him.
It's like a drug war.
These '63s fighting against each other.
I just don't know why.
Well, I might.
That's the closest you'll get to an invitation.
The batcave behind the batcave.
There are two keys.
The one you retrieved from Cal Sweeney.
The other Jack Sylvane took from Barclay Flynn before he killed him.
So you think these are what Tommy and Harlan are after.
What do they open? A door here on Alcatraz in the old Civil War dungeons.
Can't cut it open or get around it.
What's behind it? There's a third key we have not yet recovered.
Nothing else will work.
The keys belonged to the warden.
Warden James? We have a strong suspicion that Tommy Madsen works for him and that the warden is behind all of this.
What's that? That measures thermal and seismic activities.
There's a theory That the jump was caused by a geothermal event.
Possibly a tectonic plate slippage.
You call it a jump too? Sometimes.
Sometimes time dilation.
Unless it's quantum tunneling or cryogenics.
Why are you showing us this now? It's a necessary precaution.
I have to go away for a few days, a week at the most.
I need to take her somewhere safe.
Does she know that? (Lucy) She didn't.
Until just now.
I found a Harlan connection.
The hospital where Georgia Bradley works is owned by Broadway mutual.
Her retinal I.
scan has just been activated.
She's at the hospital now.
Hi, Mrs.
What are you doing here so late? Special admission, his wife.
Ah, sorry to hear it.
She's in good hands here.
Move, move.
I feel like I've been painted into a Norman Rockwell tableau.
You don't like this place? I asked you to name your price, and you request a cannoli and a glass of Italian red.
It's the best in the city.
You've forgotten what it's like.
The simple pleasures.
The gesture is equal to the task.
I encourage to think a tad bigger.
I met my wife here.
She was waiting tables.
I came back every day for a week, working up the courage to ask her on a date.
The simple pleasures.
Consider me a genie.
The power to grant you one perfect day, right here, right now.
What do you want most in the world? Where is he? All right.
[Grunts] [Beeps] Hey, ghost.
Where's the key? Come on.
The silver emits a frequency.
A homing signal.
Something like that.
Problem is, I can't separate it.
The silver attaches itself to the platelets and becomes one and the same.
I'll always have it inside me? I wish I had better news.
Will you go with him? He's waited for me for 50 years.
You feel obligated.
I feel a lot of things.
He's not the same man I fell in love with.
Part of him is missing.
I haven't seen him in almost three years.
Look at him, he's He's so big.
They grow like weeds at this age.
Can I talk to him? He's your son.
I assumed that why we're here.
Hey, little buddy.
That's a neat truck.
Van? It's me.
[Hinges on door squeak] [Door closes] I know what I want from you.
I I don't have it.
Come on.
You know I don't believe that.
He'll kill me.
You give me the key, and I'll help you, ghost.
I can protect you from Harlan.
That's impossible.
I'm not gonna ask again.
I know.
[Shattering glass] [Alarm] [Siren] Seal all the exits now.
[Buzzer] Are you hurt? I'm okay.
Um, I'm okay.
He went down the chute.
Where does it go? The garage.
[Shattering glass] [Car alarm sounds] Come on.
Come on.
[Engine starts] [Tires squealing] [Horns honk] Police.
Get out.
You kidding me? I just bought this.
I'll bring it back in one piece.
[Tires squeal] What's going on? They told me the warden wanted to talk to me.
I need you to leave Alcatraz, Ray.
What are you talking about? I practically just got here.
Does the warden know we're in here together? Adoption papers.
For van.
Everything's been cleared.
No, Tommy, we've got a plan to get you back to him.
No more plans.
You can't give up.
Hey, I'm in with the warden pretty good now.
You saw what he did for Harlan Simmons.
He can help us.
I killed her, Ray.
I waited for her to come home, and I stuck the gun in her mouth, and I pulled the trigger.
Kid got sprayed with her blood.
I'm not gonna leave you here.
Your termination papers are in there as well.
Last boat's being held.
Get outta here, Ray.
I can't look at your face any more.
Go! You'll never see your son again.
[Door opens] [Door hinges squeak] [Door bangs shut] [Trolley bell clangs] [Horns honk] [Brakes screech] [Horn honks] [Tires squealing] [Horn honks] (Georgia) He was looking for a key.
He thought that Mr.
Limerick had it.
Did he have it? I I think so.
[Laughs] Oh.
You shouldn't be here.
Tommy was looking for a patient? Named Joe Limerick.
Joe Limerick's dead.
That's an excellent observation, Soto.
No, I mean he died in 1960.
He was an Alcatraz inmate who drowned in an escape attempt.
I've seen his death certificate.
He can't be a '63.
And that's him.
Madsen came here looking for a key.
The key? As in the warden's third key? It's not there.
Madsen went through a lot of trouble to be wrong about it.
You know, Alcatraz inmates would always find ways to hide things from guards.
Some of them would sew things into the cuffs of their pants.
Easy to overlook in a routine pat down.
Nice work.
Give it to me.
I'm gonna find Rebecca, and then we'll all go.
Wait, Soto.
Stop right there, Soto.
[Engine starts] [Car door slams] [Tires squeal] [Tires squealing] [Horn honks] [Horn honks] [Horn honks] [Horn honks] [Grunts] [Explosion] Get up.
You don't need that.
Your father was my son.
You're my granddaughter, Rebecca.
We're blood.
And you think that makes us family? I don't know you.
But you saved me.
Your partner, you wanna know why I killed your partner? He was being paid to keep eyes on you.
Harlan Simmons' company, Broadway mutual, why? To get to me.
To get to all of us.
Why does he care what you do? 'Cause Harlan broke a promise.
To who? To warden James.
So he's behind all of this? Rebecca, come on, just put the gun down and we can talk.
Turn around.
What if I say no? Then I'll shoot you.
Tell me something, Rebecca, what were your parents like? Was your father a good man? Was he a kind man? Shut up.
Did Ray tell you what happened to them? How they really died? [Groaning] Shh-shh.
[Gasping from pain] [Siren] [Gasps] [Gasping from pain] Rebecca! Rebecca! Rebecca! Female patient with penetrating trauma to lateral left lower abdominal.
Hiper bleeding.
Let's get her on a monitor, get her set of vitals.
Cbc and chem panel.
Add a chest X-Ray.
I've got an arterial bleed.
Give me one milligram EPI on an IV push.
Get that crash cart over here! This is why I need to take you away.
And exactly why I can't leave.
- As soon as she's stabilized.
- What? Your friends can fly us to some unmapped wireless Cambodian village? Where I'll be safer, yes.
But you'll come back here to finish your life's work without me? No.
We will do this together.
I lost you twice already.
Won't happen again.
We can survive half a century's time slippage and a bullet to the heart.
What could possibly come between us? Who did this? Your brother, Ray.
I told you this would happen.
I told you to let it go.
This is not about you and me.
All right, get out! Get out! Now! I remember you.
You were there.
You're one of them.
You can come if you want.
Whatever's behind that door isn't as important as I'm staying.
[Grunts] [Hinges groan] [Electrical buzzing] Inmates' numbers.
It's a map for tracking them? The silver in their blood.
Looks like the projected return locations.
And it's not just San Francisco.
They're everywhere.
Mason Street.
12:22 P.
Corner of Balboa and Funston.
Prospect Avenue, Oakland, California.
I'll be damned.
Every place we visited today.
We can track them.
You can track them.
Me without you and your science, all my best intentions carry no water.
Elixir of life.
He looks well.
Better than well.
How did you know I would survive? I've had my eye on you since 1952.
You were in Korea too? What is this place? This is your future.
You're gonna be our advance man, Mr.
In the army, that usually means the first guy to get shot.
We have an agreement then.
Of course we do.
I'm serving a life sentence.
And what if I told you, three years from now you'd be out in the world? Free? [Scoffs] [Clatter] [Mumbling] [Grunts] Is someone there? [Groans] [Grunts] Madsen? No, I'm I'm Hauser.
What year is it? It's 2012.
[Laughing] [Monitor beeps] V-fib arrest.
Charging, 360.
50 milligrams lidocaine.
She's flatline.
Asystole confirmed on all leads.
Call it.
Note the time.
[Flatline tone]