Alex Rider (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode Four

1 [MUSIC.]
Come on.
No phones allowed.
You've got good taste in vodka.
Seriously? What, you think we've not met a teenager before? Or do you think you can outsmart us? You've gotta be kidding me.
Not in the least.
You're one of us now.
Set our eyes west Chase the sunset ♪ Hint of wine on my breath ♪ And you got Your hand on my hand ♪ Lips to my ear ♪ Whisper "Switch to 5th gear" I will.
Aye look ♪ Cosa Nostra In a Tesstarossa ♪ Pull me closer Baby, don't let go ♪ Get away from Where we came from ♪ Where we'll end up I don't know ♪ We got the whole world ahead And the old world behind ♪ Nothing in the rear view But wasted time ♪ Steal my heart I promise I won't tell ♪ And if I steal your kisses Baby, pay my bail ♪ We got the whole world ahead And the old world behind ♪ Whole world ahead And the old world behind ♪ Whole world ahead And the old world behind ♪ You're the whole world And the world is mine ♪ [MUSIC.]
YASSEN: What is it? Yeah, we need to meet.
What's with all the guards? Our students are our most precious resource.
We take your safety very seriously.
You wouldn't want us getting out you mean.
Oh, Alex.
Do you want to escape? To run away? Be my guest.
It's 20 miles to the nearest town and the temperature here never gets above freezing.
You would be dead of exposure within the hour.
Do you know, in Siberia, the Russians didn't even bother putting fences around their labor camps? Because to run away was to die.
And we don't want anything like that to happen to you.
The importance of a healthy diet is not just to Excuse us, Dr.
Of course.
Our new arrival.
Everyone, this is Alex.
Please welcome him to Point Blanc.
- Hey.
- LAURA: Hi.
Perhaps you could all introduce yourselves? Hi, Alex.
I'm Sasha.
Good to meet you, Alex.
Kyra, say hello to Alex.
Hello to Alex.
Where are the others? Oh, there are no others.
This is everyone.
What, like six of us? DR.
BAXTER: Quality not quantity, my boy.
Greif's program relies on a very focused approach.
It's not for everyone.
Now that you've met everyone, would you like to tell us something about yourself? My name's Alex Friend.
You've probably heard of the Friend Foundation? Well, that's me.
Actually, that's my dad.
What did you do to get sent here then? Nothing.
I like smoke-bombed the chapel a little bit.
That's kind of funny.
Oh, I'm sure Alex thought so at the time as well.
Although possibly now, with the benefit of hindsight, he's realizing that was not the best life choice to make.
How does that sound, Alex? Sounds like you and my dad should get a room.
EVA: All right, we will pick this up later.
James, Laura, show Alex to his room? [MUSIC.]
What is it? Good news.
They bought it.
North Korea.
Ian being targeted, they bought all of it.
What about the school? You can relax, okay? They went for Korea and they got nowhere.
In fact, they're suspending the file.
What? They are suspending the investigation into Ian Rider's death.
As of now, it is shut down.
So? They've given up? Thought you'd like to know.
Martin? You sure they're letting it go? You're clear.
Go home.
SCORPIA: What is the situation? We may have a problem.
Not what you're used to, right? Two hundred grand for this? LAURA: Yeah, and it gets worse.
Basically, we do our own laundry, we clean our own rooms, we cook the food, we wash the dishes.
- It totally sucks.
- So, what did you do? JAMES: Oh, my parents got me a new personal tutor.
This totally up-himself guy.
I couldn't stand him.
He was so serious.
- So I shot him.
- What? [CHUCKLES.]
Only with an air rifle, in the ass.
It was soft tissue.
He was fine.
You know, but apparently that was one step too far.
How long have you guys been here? Eight weeks.
Three months.
Yeah, three months.
- Do you wanna see my place? - ALEX: Yeah, sure.
- Did you do that? - JAMES: Yeah.
I thought, you know, "You're a precious flower, James.
You should express your individuality.
Stellenbitch had a category one shitfit when she saw it.
- It was totally worth it.
- That's actually sick.
So Arrash and Sasha are around the corner, Kyra's over there, and I'm in there.
So how long do you have to stay here? Like, when do you get to go home? Pfft.
When they think you're ready, I guess.
I bet that Arrash and Sasha are going home very soon.
I mean, they're like perfect.
- What do you think of him? - Arrogant.
Of course.
But apart from that? Physically he looks good, wouldn't you say? Good? He's athletic.
He seems clever.
He's not unattractive.
That's disgusting.
You shouldn't be so jealous.
It's to all of our advantage if he's capable.
ALEX: So, what's up there? - Why is there a wall? - JAMES: No one knows.
- Seriously? - Yeah, seriously.
It's totally blocked off.
The official line is it's inconvenient to heat the whole building.
So when they turned it into a school, they blocked that part off.
Me, I think Stellenbitch keeps the husks of her used-up lovers up there.
You're so gross, James.
Anyway, that's not true.
Baxter told me before this place was a school, they used to store hazardous chemicals or some crap like that up there.
And it's in the walls.
So even if you, like, just breathe it in, it's instant cancer.
He was yanking your chain.
I don't know.
I don't like it.
JAMES: Well, let's finish the tour.
I've been saving the best till last.
ALEX: So, what about this Dr Greif? He's in charge, right? JAMES: Yeah.
In charge of crawling into our heads.
What does that mean? He does these group therapy sessions so we can get in touch with our true selves.
And twice a week, he gets everyone in the common room here, sits us all down, tries to get us in touch with our feelings.
He's having a tough time with Kyra.
She does not have feelings.
LAURA: I think she prefers machines to people.
Don't take it personally, though.
She is a machine.
ALEX: Hey.
What are you up to? Playing Donkey Kong.
Kind of prefer Space Invaders myself.
BAXTER: Any past illnesses? Long-term hospitalization? No.
Chicken pox, when I was a kid.
Have you ever undergone general anesthesia? Why does that matter? Well, if anything should happen and I had to operate on you, wouldn't you rather you were anaesthetized? We have storms up here.
Getting to a hospital isn't an option.
I'm sure you understand.
Right, uh So never had general anesthesia? No.
Right, 1-4-5, you're in good shape.
- So I'm okay? - Oh, yes.
Better than okay.
Very good indeed.
Keep going.
JAMES: Get your tires kicked and your oil changed? - Yeah, that was fun.
- JAMES: At least it got you out of European Colonial History.
Give me the choice, I'd probably take the medical.
Look at that.
What's wrong with them? - James.
- Dipshit.
ALEX: Have those two always been like that? JAMES: Not sure, but they're getting weirder by the day.
Cut it out.
Freak shows To the left of me ♪ Weirdoes to the right ♪ Here I am Stuck in the middle with you ♪ - So, what does that make us? - JAMES: Survivors.
Catch you later, man? What's this? Oh, didn't they tell you? Washing up's on the rota.
Me and Laura were yesterday.
Don't let her eat the soap.
See you.
What, all of it? It builds character.
And what if we don't do it? What are the guards gonna do? You really want to find out? Come on, we'd better get started.
Yeah, well, if we're gonna do it, we might as well liven it up a bit.
When me and Jack do the washing up, we always do this, like, stupid party thing.
Who's Jack? [MUSIC.]
No one.
Why were you washing up? Look.
Do you wanna have fun with this or not? Fun is not possible with this.
I bet you it is.
Welcome to the party.
Come on.
Yo, check this out.
If you want that real Ibiza vibe.
- Who is responsible for this music? - Spektre.
Who is responsible? Me.
And all of this? [ALL LAUGH.]
Yeah, I got that.
EVA: And what did you do, Kyra? JAMES: Conspicuously failed to dance.
EVA: So, you weren't involved.
Go upstairs and get ready for bed.
You two are going to clean this mess up.
All of it.
And you, Alex, are going to come with me.
I think it's time you met Dr.
So this is Alex.
Why do you think you're here? Because of the music? No.
Why do you think you're here in my academy at Point Blanc? - What brought you here? - A helicopter? EVA: Alex.
GREIF: Very funny.
Eva told me you had a sense of humor.
Well let me explain.
You are here to change the person you are.
This should be your only concern, your ultimate aim.
You are what this is all about.
The only subject we teach is you.
The only teacher we need is you.
- Sounds like hippie bullshit.
- Alex.
Do not speak like that to Dr.
GREIF: We are not your parents, Alex.
You need to show us some respect.
- You're not allowed to hit me.
The sooner you realize that here we are allowed to do exactly what we like, the sooner you'll begin to make some progress.
First day's the worst, they say.
Here's your MP3.
I nabbed it before anyone else could.
Thanks, man.
Ah, shit.
Who did that? Stellenbosch.
Oh, man, that's out of order.
That totally sucks.
Oh, it's nothing.
Have you seen anything weird? Anything strange, like someone else.
Mate, look at this place.
- What's not strange about it? - [CHUCKLES.]
Why'd you ask? Seen a ghost? Oh, I don't know.
I'm probably just tired.
Well, whatever's lurking in the shadows, it's probably better-off than we are.
At least they don't have Stellenbitch smacking them about.
EVA: What was that, James? You should hurry along now.
Hang tough, man.
Yeah, you too.
I think after closedown you should really take some time to consider your attitude, Alex.
You might find things a lot easier if you do.
- Closedown? - Bedtime.
Everyone in their rooms for a proper night's rest.
You can't learn if you're tired, and you have a lot to learn.
Good night, Alex.
New Kids on the Block.
Awesome, Smithers.
Miss Starbright.
What you doing here? - I need information.
- Come on.
JACK: I know he's at some sort of school, but where is it and what's it called? I can't tell you.
Look if I have any news, I'll be in touch.
I'm going crazy sitting at home on my own.
I understand, but there's nothing I can do.
Miss Starbright, you were there the evening when Ian went out.
You mean when Ian got killed.
He made a phone call just after 8:00.
How do you even know tha Of course you do.
I don't suppose you heard what was said on the call? No.
Not much.
I don't know who he was talking to.
He wanted them to call someone in Moscow, a friend.
In Moscow? You're absolutely sure of that? Yeah.
I was wondering what he was doing, banking in Russia, but, you know Okay.
Thank you.
I'll be in touch soon.
JONES: Crawley.
Excuse me.
So the phone call Ian made the night of his death had nothing to do with Varna.
Nothing to do with Korea either.
He'd made the connection between Serenkov and Roscoe and he was chasing down Point Blanc and he told Wilby.
Wilby called his contact and they authorized Ian's death.
Shall we detain him? No.
Wilby's nothing.
Watch him.
We need to find out who he's working for.
GREIF: Climate change, resource exhaustion, polarization of society.
What's brought us to this? Too many people? Exactly.
Too many people crammed into one small world.
Just imagine that we could have a wand and remove 99 percent of those people.
GREIF: Hmm? What happens now? A fresh beginning for those who remain.
Who would get to choose that 1 percent? You? It's just a thought experiment, Alex.
And I know it's not an easy one.
Change is never easy.
Change hurts.
But it can be for the better.
It seems you need some medical attention.
Why don't you pay Dr.
Baxter a visit down in the infirmary? Um Uh, no.
I I'll be fine.
Of course you will.
Off you go.
And this is not a new idea, by any means.
In the past, some great men thought exactly the same way.
Mao, Stalin, the Führer.
But history has condemned them.
And unfortunately it is only now that we begin to realize, perhaps they were right all along.
ALEX: Your family sell weapons? JAMES: Hell, yeah.
In it for generations, man.
My great-grandfather invented this, like, jacketed water-cooling system for machine guns.
Made a fortune of getting other people shot.
Since then we just carry on the grand tradition.
Tanks, jets, drones, all sorts of cool shit.
Which is what I tried to tell my tutor when I shot him in the ass, but no one was listening.
So that's arms dealers, Internet, telecoms, semiconductors, shipping, banking, and I'm food and farming, I guess.
- That's kind of odd, right? - What is? Well, like, where are the pop star kids? The royalty kids? Instead, we're all global industries of some kind, and we're all different.
What's that got to do with anything? Nothing, it's just weird.
Do you know what's really weird? The freak twins, in perfect harmony.
AGENT 1: Yeah, we're good to go.
He's on the move.
: Make sure you bug Wilby's entrance hall too.
I want everything covered.
We haven't met.
I'm Martin Wilby.
I worked with Ian.
He mentioned you.
Well, I know it's very late, - but I wondered if I could come in? - Sure.
Thank you.
I should have come here sooner.
I just wanted to say how sorry I am about Ian and about what happened.
And what did happen, Martin? - Milk? - Yeah.
I'm sorry? You're talking about the car accident? I know the truth.
What you really do.
And it's not a bank.
They told you? They didn't have much choice.
I should've guessed years ago.
Ian hated lying to the two of you.
It is the worst part of the job.
Why are you here now? You've never been here before.
I, uh I wanted to see you.
Why? Well I feel bad.
I wasn't able to save him.
And I need to know that you're okay.
Did Ian tell you where he was going that night? Oh, Mrs.
Jones asked the same thing.
Did she? There wasn't much to tell.
What did you tell her? Nothing really.
Just that he had a call and he went out.
Look, Martin.
Nobody will tell me anything.
Jones just says everything's all fine, and I should sit and wait.
- But you were Ian's friend, right? - Right.
- So you'll tell me the truth.
- All right.
Is Alex okay? - Alex? - Yeah.
Because I know you're not allowed to talk about your work and all, but I need to know where he is.
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, Ian Ian mentioned him.
A lot.
He showed me photos sometimes.
He's a good-looking boy.
I'm worried sick, Martin.
I just need the name of the school.
When did this happen? What? I thought you knew? [PHONE RINGING.]
- Hello? - MRS.
JONES: Jack.
Is Martin Wilby with you? Yeah.
Right, listen to me.
You do not tell him anything.
And do not mention Alex.
Jones, what's going on? I thought he was one of you.
This is Jones.
I want Wilby brought in right now.
Well, then find him.
You had him a moment ago.
: Hyah! Hyah! Hyah! Let's go! [MEN YELLING INDISTINCTLY.]
- Where's Laura? - Faking flu to get out of this horror show is my guess.
Greif shows us his dumb films every week.
: Get those sacks, boys! [SIGHS.]
There's something weird about you.
Not bad weird, exactly, just weird.
Like you don't really belong here.
Whoa, what are you doing? Do you think I'm pretty? [CHUCKLES.]
I do.
I'm lucky.
I think I'm much prettier than Laura.
It's an asset.
- Do you wanna kiss me? - No.
Why not? What are you doing? What? Don't you like kissing? No, I just don't like kissing you.
You should have enjoyed it while you had the chance.
WOMAN: We're closing.
I've left something in my locker.
I'll be two minutes.
A bit late to be taking exercise.
You're making a mistake.
They don't know anything.
They're nowhere near me.
I really wish that was true, Martin.
I have information.
You're in danger.
I came here to call you.
All right.
- Tell me.
- It's true, I swear.
Come on.
Excuse me? Is this my room or can anyone just walk in? No, I just came to wish you good night.
And see how you're settling in.
I'll be fine when I'm on my own.
Sleep well, then.
GREIF: He's ready.

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