Alex Rider (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode Five

1 Set our eyes west Chase the sunset ♪ Hint of wine on my breath ♪ And you got Your hand on my hand ♪ Lips to my ear ♪ Whisper "Switch to 5th gear" I will.
Aye look ♪ Cosa Nostra In a Tesstarossa ♪ Pull me closer Baby, don't let go ♪ Get away from Where we came from ♪ Where we'll end up I don't know ♪ We got the whole world ahead And the old world behind ♪ Nothing in the rear view But wasted time ♪ Steal my heart I promise I won't tell ♪ And if I steal your kisses Baby, pay my bail ♪ We got the whole world ahead And the old world behind ♪ Whole world ahead And the old world behind ♪ Whole world ahead And the old world behind ♪ You're the whole world And the world is mine ♪ You look rough.
Yeah, I didn't sleep well.
I had this dream.
You know, when you're becoming a grown-up, those dreams are perfectly normal.
No, no, like Like a nightmare.
Like I was floating down the corridor.
And there were these people standing over me, only they didn't have any faces.
Or, like, maybe they were wearing masks and And then I was in this room, and there was this hissing noise.
Like this piercing, hissing noise and - I can't remember.
- Everything was white.
And there were bright lights shining over you, getting closer, you couldn't move.
And you were naked and scared.
How do you know that? I had that dream.
People don't share dreams.
It doesn't happen.
You had it too, didn't you? Ah, finally, she's returned.
Did you get over your fake flu then? Mm-hm.
I'm much better now, if that's what you mean.
Oh, your recovery time's perfect.
Back in time for breakfast.
I thought you said that stuff was rank.
Well, today I'm going to try it.
People are allowed to change, you know.
Yeah, whatever.
We're just swapping psych-out dream stories.
Wanna play? I don't really find dreams all that interesting.
- How are you feeling? - Very good.
Thank you.
It's good to be back.
It's good to have you back.
Cut it out! Cut what out? Whatever this is.
All of you! Nobody's doing anything, James.
Why don't you calm down? You always overreact.
You really need to learn to control your impulses.
You'll be a lot happier.
Serenkov and Roscoe both sent their sons to Point Blanc.
That's what Ian spots.
That's what he mentions to Martin Wilby.
And that's what gets him killed? Why would the school go to the bother of turning Wilby? It's someone else then.
The school being the point of connection? Let's find out.
I interviewed him myself.
Did the background checks myself.
He was clean.
I approved him.
Ian thought the world of him.
Whatever's in your head now, John, does us no good at all.
You can't just change someone like that.
It's not possible.
It's like they flipped a switch, and now she's different.
But that's the whole point.
That's Greif's process.
We need to get out of here.
Before they do that to us.
Outside we'd be dead in an hour.
Besides, all the doors have keypads.
Can't we just keep plugging in numbers - till we get the right code? - No, we got one chance.
The alarm sounds and the guards are all over us.
I've tried it before.
What about hacking it? You could hack it, couldn't you? And why would you think I could do that? Could you do it or not? I'd need to get into Greif's office to access the system through his computer.
Greif's office has a keypad.
There's a chicken-and-egg logic issue.
Okay, but if I could get you in, could you do it? Okay, then that's what we'll do.
We'll get the code to Greif's office, and then use the computer to hack all the keypads.
Then we'll work out what to do next.
Deal? Yeah, deal.
At some point, you're going to have to start telling me the truth.
About what? And there you go again.
One sec.
- I know you? - Tom.
It's, uh, at Kellie's party.
Oh, right.
- I threw up on your shoes.
- That you did.
- Well, not so cool.
- Sorry.
No, don't be daft.
They were shit shoes anyway.
You know, just getting kind of sick of them.
So convict or criminal? Aren't they the same thing? Well, technically no.
One got caught and the other not yet.
- Ah.
- You going? - No I mean it's a bit - Yeah, school prom.
Yeah, you know what I mean? A little bit lame.
- Still, could be a laugh? - Yeah, could be.
Could be a laugh.
You're right.
Have you asked anyone yet? - Me? No, not yet.
- Me neither.
Well, see ya.
Yeah, see ya? - That's everything.
- Okay, okay.
And our contact details are just on the back.
- Careful, Tom.
- Oh, don't worry.
- That's all right.
- I'm so sorry.
Harris, you douche.
The year tens are supposed to be in charge of the dance.
Your children would be coming into year? Year nine, yeah.
- Tom Harris, right? - Yeah.
Do you know him? Well, uh Uh I have a message from work, I'm afraid, so we'll have to reschedule.
Thanks a lot.
- You've got my details.
- Really appreciate it, thank you.
- Take care, bye.
- Bye.
All right.
Laptop from Wilby's home, phone from a concealed compartment in his gym locker.
On the laptop, we have a surveillance virus hijacking the webcam.
Whoever was watching Wilby would've seen our chaps go in and cover the flat.
The code self-erased, so that pipeline is dead.
No joy there.
The phone? Far more interesting.
The whole thing is clean and empty.
There are only two user-installed items.
Now this is a cryptocurrency wallet.
It took us a while to find, but the balance is just over £700,000.
Couldn't be simpler.
What's the other one? This.
- What is that? - That's the mystery.
We're not sure.
The wrong structure for an IBAN or a bank identifier.
Wrong set length for Social Security in pretty much any country.
Wrong bit-depth for computer-generated code.
Improper sequencing for a digital digitalized log.
You could be overthinking this.
It's a number in a phone.
Maybe it's a phone number.
It's the wrong format in any country, I'm afraid.
Well, there's one way to find out.
You mean, just call it and see? You are so Scooby Doo.
Yeah, well, I'm open to better ideas here, okay.
Where did they take Laura yesterday? - Infirmary.
- Where's the infirmary? In the basement.
You know the stairs past the guard post? - Anything else there? - I don't know.
I've never been.
They took Sasha there on my first day here.
Well, we should go down, we should take a look.
Why do you care so much? Do you not wanna find out what they did to her? Not as much as I wanna get out of here.
That is what we're doing, right? Yeah.
So stick to the plan.
- Hey.
- James.
Amazing lecture this morning.
It was inspirational.
And I thought you were sleeping.
No, not at all.
I was just concentrating, man.
And it gave me a lot to think about, believe me.
I'll see you later, man.
- All right.
- It's not all right.
Are you sure? Yeah, it's just the three.
He's repeated one.
- That makes it easier, right? - Wrong.
Between the numerals zero and nine, there are 10,000 possible combinations.
If we narrow that down to four numbers, we have factorial four solutions.
Four times, three times, two times, one, equals 24 possible combinations, except we don't know which number he repeated.
So things are worse.
And we only get one chance to make a mistake.
You mean we're still screwed? No.
All that stuff Greif said about getting rid of 99 percent of the population and leaving 1 percent in charge? What did that sound like to you? It sounded like bullshit.
It sounded like one person deciding the fate of millions of people, who lives and who dies.
Make sense faster.
It's the year Hitler was born.
That's his code.
I promise you.
All right, the voice print's set up.
It can say whatever we like.
This is Martin Wilby speaking.
State your identity.
Martin Wilby.
We're disconnected.
Four point three seconds, no trace.
The number you have dialed has not been recognized.
Please check and try again.
We've just been played? No, there's only a handful of organizations in the world with this kind of capability.
We just narrowed the field.
Forty-nine minutes to deliver a pizza.
There has been a security breach.
We need you to update everyone's security protocols.
I understand.
We will need to act quickly.
I'll leave immediately.
State your identity.
Zulu, nine, four, delta, six, six, three.
Why are you contacting me? The assignments were completed.
I've made the transfers.
As of today, this number will no longer function.
We are altering our security protocols.
Why? Did something go wrong? New security protocols will be assigned to you.
Find out if Dr.
Baxter has finished his procedures.
Something's happened.
We may need to accelerate things.
They're in the basement.
Come on, come on, come on.
Okay, I have privileges and root access.
Security's on a subsystem, so Yeah, there we go.
Key codes are stored as text files.
I can add ours on top of the existing codes.
- What do you want it to be? - Something simple, just zeroes.
- Done.
- Okay.
- Can you do something for me? - What? Just search a name? Ian Rider.
- Who is that? - Just do it, please.
Not on system.
- Okay, let's go.
- No.
- Not yet.
- What do you mean? James is an idiot.
No one is getting down the mountain.
- We need our brains, not muscles.
- The plan was the keypad.
- We've got the keypad.
Let's go.
- I get online, I get us proper help.
Blow this place open.
Game over.
Come on, come on - Kyra, we need to go.
- Why isn't this working? Kyra, come on, we gotta go.
Oh, shit, shit, shit.
- What? - This is a military spec.
You put a physical card in a physical slot to get the line to connect.
Who is that paranoid? It really is excellent work, doctor.
It's more than excellent.
It's somewhat ironic that my greatest achievement will go very literally unnoticed.
So the money and the opportunity are not enough? You also want recognition for what you've accomplished? Wouldn't you? Finish up your notes, doctor.
We'll speak again tonight.
It is excellent work.
But also now he's finished.
Wouldn't you say? Oh, yes.
We can deal with him this evening.
Uh Alex! Okay, go.
My bad.
Thought I was alone.
Won't happen again.
My father built a global empire, but always remained dedicated to one thing: bringing the news to the people who needed to hear it.
Now more than ever, that is an ideal worth fighting for.
Now you shift gear, pave the way, tell them what's coming.
Now, there will be changes.
And change is never easy.
Change hurts.
But this is going to be change for the better.
It certainly is.
I'm flying to London today to begin our European restructure.
Now, we have a lot of work ahead of us, but I believe that, with your help, we will succeed.
Any word from Alex? No.
We're listening, nothing yet.
You seen this? Parker's assumed control of the board.
It's a power grab.
He's after a controlling interest in four separate media companies spanning Europe, and it's looking like he's going to get it.
- And he just buried his dad.
- Yes.
This coming from a boy who used to throw cakes in peoples' faces for a laugh.
Whatever this school does, it works.
This is why Michael called me.
This is what was driving him out of his mind? Perhaps it's time I paid Parker Roscoe a visit.
How the hell? How did you? Your new security protocol.
You shouldn't be here.
Not ever.
Is everything under control? Of course everything's under control.
That's all I needed to hear.
One more thing.
I took this from the hand of a dead man.
It's an uncomfortable coincidence, don't you think? Him having a photograph of one of your billionaire students.
Then look into it.
Find out what it means.
But we're not partners, Dr.
One of the services my employer and I provide is to make people disappear.
If you decide that is what is needed in this case, then you know what to do.
Although seeing as he's here, I imagine you could handle it yourself.
After all, everything is under control.
Right? Uh-huh.
Goodbye, doctor.
I hope we don't need to see each other again.
Can I help you? Alex Friend? Who are you? Just visiting.
Another time, maybe.
There's a man here to see you.
Get rid of him.
He knows you.
A friend of your father's.
You'll have to deal with this sort of thing eventually.
- Parker.
- Hi.
My name's Alan Blunt.
- Does that name mean anything to you? - I'm afraid not.
- My father knew a lot of people.
- Sure.
I was a very close friend of your father's, before you were born.
I just wanted to offer you - my condolences.
- Thank you.
Can I get you a drink? No, no.
Thank you for taking the time to see me.
I, uh I know that you're busy taking over half of Europe.
You don't miss much, Mr.
Oh, well, it's common knowledge.
Look, I wanted to tell you something.
I got a phone call from your father, quite out of the blue, actually on the day that he died.
I don't know why he called me particularly.
But I do know that he was concerned about you.
- Really? - Yes.
- Why? - Well, I don't know.
Because to my eternal regret I missed the call.
Well, I don't know why he would have been concerned.
I'm fine.
And I see that.
Point Blanc obviously worked wonders.
How do you know about Point Blanc? He mentioned it in his message.
Must've been pretty tough, getting sent away like that.
But necessary.
Well, I'll let you get on.
You have a lot of hard work to do.
As my father said: "He who would live, must fight.
" Ah.
Well, indeed.
- Sir? - Something's not right.
Put a watch on him.
From what Stellen-bitch has said, our chances of getting down the mountain on foot are less than zero.
Which means we're gonna need to borrow a snowmobile.
Now, the keys aren't locked away, but if we wanna grab a set without being seen, then we're gonna need a distraction.
A pretty big one.
I'll handle that.
We maximize our chances that way.
Get out, get to a phone, tell people.
Alex? I'll stay and help Kyra.
She said it herself, she can handle it.
I just - I think I should stay.
- Why? Maybe we should ask Ian Rider? Whoever that is? Right, well, it's now or never.
Let's do this.
I got that Go.
Forgive my crippled head ♪ Our revolution's dead ♪ They gambled All our pride ♪ They want money instead ♪ Wait up ♪ Shut that noise off.
Wait up ♪ Wait up ♪ Wait up ♪ Wait up ♪ Wait up ♪ Well, hello, James? And where are you going? There's a There's a fire alarm.
You're supposed to go outside.
Well, you can't get out here.
And it's a false alarm anyway.
But I'm really glad I caught you.
I wanted a quick word.
It won't take long.
Come with me.
You seem to have a habit of trying to get in places you're not supposed to.
No one escapes from this school.
I was hoping you'd have learned that by now.
Although to be quite honest, James, I struggle to see you've learned anything since you first arrived.
Here at Point Blanc, we are dedicated to making you all better people.
I think it's time I showed you exactly what that means.
Hello? Miss Stellenbosch, sorry to bother you "He who would live, must fight.
" It's Mein Kampf.
Why would Parker pass it off as something his father said? Michael Roscoe would never quote Hitler.
I also mentioned Point Blanc.
His friend shut me down immediately.
So who is he? His name is Langham.
He joined Roscorp Media as Parker's personal assistant immediately after Michael Roscoe's death.
Before that, someone's worked very hard to cover his tracks.
But he turns up in Cape Town, armed forces originally, then a dishonorable discharge, then private security after that.
His last contract before he drops off the radar is at the same research institute where Eva Stellenbosch worked.
Why would a school provide a minder for one of its graduates? Whatever this program is, maybe it doesn't stop at the school gates.
So they just vanished into thin air? Yeah, I know it sounds stupid.
No, not stupid.
Scary and strange.
- What are you doing? - I wanna find out what happened to James, don't you? Is your plan to dismantle the whole building one piece at a time? What's this? Put your coin in the slot and you get to play, right? I'm betting there's another way out of Stellenbosch's office, and it either leads down to the basement or up to the second floor.
Either way, it'll lead us to James.
You're like a ninja.
A really, really bad one.
- So this is the second floor? - Shh.
Alex, I don't like this.
This is my photo.
What is this? Alex.
Look at this.
This isn't my room.
That's my room.
Who's in your bed? I put pillows.
They're watching us.
Not watching.
Everything we do.
They've copied his graffiti.
Let's get out of here.
So, what do you think of Kyra? I think we've got as much out of that one - as we're ever going to.
- I agree.
So we can start tidying up our loose ends, starting now.
- Ah, Doctor.
- As I said, a lifetime's work.
These are my completed notes on the process.
And this is the only copy? Of course, as you insisted.
Doctor, I just wanna tell you that your work here has been astonishing.
I can honestly say that I couldn't have done this without you.
What you've accomplished here at Point Blanc will help to shape a better world.
Well, that's very kind of you Be proud of yourself.
You have achieved miracles.
Tomorrow will be brighter because of you.
It's a shame.
But change is never easy.
Have this taken away and disposed of.
Of course, doctor.
And take care of Kyra tomorrow.

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