Alexa & Katie (2018) s01e11 Episode Script

Secret Sleepover

1 [ALEXA] My parents were taking Lucas on a weekend college visit, which meant I would have the entire house to myself, which meant no rules, no parents no curfews, no naps.
No doing anything bad.
I thought I could sneak that in there.
No, this weekend is gonna be out of control at Casa Fundoza! No, it's not! Because Casa Fundoza is cloza.
You're staying next door.
Come on, Mom.
You can trust us.
Oh, sweetheart, you know, you can tell your lies to Jennifer for the next 24 hours.
[DAVE HUMMING TUNE] [YELLS] Lucas, we have to be at the airport at 17:00 hours! - Can you just say five o'clock? - You know I can't.
- Dad, you're in a good mood.
- Why wouldn't I be? We are going to the United States Air Force Academy, where Lucas will soon spend the happiest days of his life, just like I did.
Except for the day I married your mom.
And the days my kids were born, and No, that's it.
- Hey.
- Oh, hey, Jen.
Did you get Alexa's list of reminders I emailed you? I know you're swamped with studying.
I've got everything under control.
Just go and enjoy your anniversary trip.
It's a college trip.
Oh, thank God.
I don't have to buy you a present.
Don't worry.
I am on top of this.
Uh "Healthy food, math tutor, not going out at night.
" What? "Not going out at night"? Come on, it's one night, and Jennifer doesn't need to be worried about where you are.
She's gonna be studying really, really hard if she has a prayer of passing these classes.
Lori! No, no.
That's exactly what I told her.
OK, Mendoza.
Ready for inspection? Ten-hut! Definitely Academy material.
I understand your dad was one of our finest.
So he tells me, sir! At ease, Mendoza.
Hey, w-where's your hoodie? Yeah, don't you want to be twinsies with Dad? Yeah, don't you? It's in my bag.
I'm keeping it fresh for when I meet the colonel.
- Kissing up to authority.
- Mm-hm.
- I've taught you well.
Ha-ha! - Mm-hm.
- [HORN TOOTS OUTSIDE] - All right.
Well, have a good weekend.
Honey, don't do anything that I know you're thinking about doing.
- Be good for Jennifer, all right? - OK.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Have fun! I got this.
Don't you give it a second thought.
[JENNIFER CHUCKLES] [TV BLARES] Ha-ha! I didn't forget you guys.
Come on.
Hey, hold up.
I'm inviting Hannah and Reagan to sleep over tonight.
Oh, uh, my mom has to study.
I didn't say your house.
It's started, hasn't it? I've got you When I can't take it any longer You make me feel stronger I've got you When I can't take it You make it so much better We'll do this together Oh-oh-oh-oh, we'll do this together I've got you Oh-oh-oh We'll do this together Uh But your house is off limits.
Uh OK, I'll go as far as the tree, but that is it.
[KATIE GRUNTS] OK, but I am definitely not going past here.
[GROANS] All right, this is where I draw the line.
OK, I am stepping over the line, but that does not mean that the line is not there.
OK, what are we doing? Whatever we want.
For the last six months, all I've had is rules.
So tonight we're going to break out the Ouija board, play truth or dare, do makeovers and stay up all night and watch the sun come up.
Come on, I really need this.
And this.
- Are you in? - OK.
[MUMBLES] I'm in.
What about when Dylan comes over for tutoring? I canceled it.
Really? Oh, because you've been avoiding him since you said no to the dance? No.
Because tonight is girls' night, and Dylan didn't make the cut.
Besides, you, me, Hannah and Reagan are all going together.
Oh, yeah! OK, when they come over, we can talk about what we're going to wear.
Whose house we're gonna meet at.
Practice our moves.
OK, not that one.
What do we do tonight if my mom looks for us? [JACK] Not a problem.
Alexa gave me a candy bar to stand guard by your room, so when Mom calls for you I can let you know.
Copy that? Copy that.
[BOY OVER WALKIE-TALKIE] Jack? I can't play now.
My grandma's here.
Copy that, Kyle.
These are my friend Kyle's.
Do not break them.
- OK, Jack, back to your post.
- Copy that! Well, that's not gonna get annoying.
[STAMMERS] When did you get Jack on board? Last night.
I wasn't gonna let anything get in the way of tonight.
I have backup plans for my backup plans.
Girls' night starts now! Oh, yeah! And one Are you ready? And three! And four! And five! [JACK] Dylan's here.
What? No, I canceled! OK, but there's a guy with glasses and a math book heading to Katie's room with Mom.
[JENNIFER] Alexa, Dylan's here! [KATIE GRUNTS] - So, you didn't get my text? - No, I did.
- So, you didn't read my text? - No, I did.
Just your mom told me to ignore it if you canceled this, so Well, tonight's not really a good night.
She said to ignore that, too.
[KATIE CLEARS THROAT] Well, I love an awkward silence as much as anybody but I've got to Yeah.
- So, do you want to talk about it? - Algebra? Yeah, sure.
So, last week we were working on quadratic equations, and this week we're climbing out the window.
[TV BLARES] OK, so, now that I know how to break in to both of your houses are we going to do this? I just didn't want to deal with this this weekend.
I mean algebra.
Algebra can be confusing.
I mean, not for me.
I know how I feel about algebra.
Obviously, you struggle with it.
[KATIE SLURPS] [KNOCKING AT DOOR] - Secret sleepover! - Hey, guys.
Oh, hey, Dylan! We haven't seen you since Ow! since Alexa said no to you in Ow! in detention in front of everybody.
What do you want, Reagan? I was trying to talk to Dylan.
And you did.
There are a lot of people here.
You're not letting them play with the walkie-talkies, are you? - No.
What's up? - Dylan forgot his cell phone.
He got a text from somebody named Cyndi.
What? I-I mean, you you shouldn't read people's texts.
"Meet you at Wired at eight.
" Oh, plus two winky faces.
I-I see.
You forgot your phone, Winky-Winky.
- Did you read my texts? - Did you read my texts? - So you did.
- You did.
- What? - What? I'm going.
[SCOFFS] Yeah, you are.
Read his texts? Please! [MUTTERS] Cyndi.
[DAVE SIGHS] Not a bad flight.
I get applause on my landings, but still, not a bad flight.
[GROANS] Oh, great! Connection's been delayed 45 minutes.
Forty-five minutes? Bonus shopping time.
Oh, yeah, Terminal 3, I'm about to rough you up! Stand by.
This might not be a legit 45.
I'll get the inside scoop.
Dave Mendoza.
So what's really going on with Flight 27? There's a delay Dave Mendoza.
Seriously, you can tell me.
- I'm a pilot.
- Oh, you're a pilot? Why didn't you say so? Pilots don't have to wait.
We'll get you your very own plane for you and your whole pilot family.
I don't have any updates.
Uh She has no info yet, but as soon as she does, I will be the first to [OVER PA] Flight 27 has engine trouble and is delayed three hours.
It's engine problems.
Now I can tell you.
Three hours? Oh.
Three hours? I can get some gossip magazines, hit the day spa, do a little Christmas shopping.
Aw, yeah.
I'm disappointed, too, honey.
See ya! Hey, this gives us time to go over the Academy questionnaire.
Is the first question still, "Why do you want to fly?" Yeah.
That's a big one.
I know, right? I mean, how do you put your life's purpose in 300 words or less? I liked your answer when you were five.
Remember? Say it.
Say it! Say what you said.
I want to be just like my dad.
And now I'm tearing up again.
Good, good.
OK, now now highlight with triangles.
Dinner is served.
Nachos and nuggets.
Ooh, yum! Hey, what are these red things on the nachos? - Starbursts.
- Hm.
I told you there are no rules tonight.
So uh do you guys send uh winky faces in your texts? I mean, what kind of a person sends a winky face? I know some people who do, but only when they really like someone.
Why? Just having fun, asking questions.
Questions are fun.
[HANNAH] Let me see! I love it! - Hey, let's play truth or dare.
- Mm, yeah! All right.
Um Katie, truth or dare? Uh Truth.
- Do you like Ryan? - Yeah.
Ooh! As a friend.
Boo! You know, I heard he's gonna ask you to the Winter Formal.
[HANNAH AND REAGAN] Ooh! OK, OK, OK, OK! Uh Alexa, truth or dare? - Uh Truth.
- Do you like Dylan? That's easy.
That's why you won't go to Winter Formal with him? Look, he only asked me because he felt sorry for me.
Now, why are we talking about Dylan? This is girls' night.
OK, but I'm getting someone to admit they like someone before the sun comes up.
Dylan likes Cyndi.
What? Jack, you don't know what you're talking about.
Yes, I do.
I saw the text.
He's meeting Cyndi at Wired at eight.
Who's Cyndi? Oh, do you think it's Cyndi Greenburg? She's a second-year senior.
Let's go to Wired to find out who she is.
Let's! I'm not gonna spy on Dylan.
Yeah, she's not gonna spy on Dylan.
If you guys keep bugging me about it, let's just go to Wired.
Yes! Let's go! - I'll blend your make-up on the way.
- You mean it gets better? All right, Jack, we need you to make sure your mom doesn't go in Katie's room while we go to Wired.
I'll throw myself down the stairs and she'll have to take me to the emergency room! Something like that.
But nothing like that.
Copy that.
He's in the corner.
He obviously wants some privacy.
And there's two cups.
Hey, Barry.
Have you served anyone named Cyndi? And did it end with an "I" or a "Y"? Oh, yeah, I remember.
It ended with an I don't care.
Oh, my gosh! Dylan sees us.
He's still seeing us.
- He's still - All right, Katie! Are you stalking me? You wish! Where's Winky-Winky? - Why do you care? - I don't.
Why do you care? - What? - What? [DOOR OPENS] Oh, hey, Cyndi.
This is Alexa.
She is also one of my students.
Dylan is helping me with my accounting class.
- Mm-hm.
- [CYNDI CHUCKLES] He's a sweetheart.
Oh, Cyndi.
I wish all my students felt that way.
Nice Nice to meet you Cyndi.
OK, we should go right now, please.
[KATIE] Oh, no! My mom! Hide! Jack, what the heck? I know! I got her to go out for ice cream, but then she had to get coffee.
- I'll think of something.
- OK.
For here or to go? I know I said this at the ice cream place, but I deserve a study break.
I'll have it here.
OK, we just have to wait her out and we're all good.
[CELL PHONE RINGING] - Oh, no! Now it's my mom! - OK.
Uh - Hold the phone close to your face.
- OK.
Hi, Mom! How's it going? Well, our flight's delayed.
How are you? I'm great.
You know, just having a nice, quiet night.
[BARRY] Espresso for Max, soy latte for Jill.
Are you at Wired? - Wired? - Hey, I got it.
Yes, Lori.
We're at Wired with my mom.
Oh, let me say hi! Yeah, that's what everyone says.
You know, think of something else and call back.
Bye! Nice.
Attention, everyone! Um I'm running for mayor! Jack, what are you doing? Run! Run! Running for mayor! Eh, I changed my mind.
This is why we don't go out.
There you are.
Hey, let's uh let's prep for your interview with Colonel Mclntyre.
Sure, sure.
- I'll be the colonel.
- Mm-hm.
Here are the kinds of questions you can expect.
Are you saying that, or is the colonel saying that? That's me.
But in my defense, the colonel looks a lot like you.
Come on, Lucas.
Now I'm the colonel.
[AS COLONEL MCINTYRE] Tell me, son, why do you want to serve? Is that what he sounds like? Dead on.
So, then, young man, what do you have to offer the Air Force Academy? Half a Cinnabon.
Lucas, are you gonna take this seriously? Don't you realize this is the opportunity of a lifetime? I know.
You keep telling me that.
Yeah, but it's not getting through.
I-I've got to wash my hands.
Look, Dad! A pilot! Hi.
What's your name, son? Locked! [KATIE] OK.
Oh, locked! - [CAR APPROACHING] - Oh, that's my mom's car! What do we do? Climb up the tree! Give me a boost! [KATIE] I got it, I got it.
[ALEXA] One, two, three - Quick, split up.
- OK.
[ALL GRUNTING] Wait! No, no! Other way! Other way! [KATIE] Oh, oh, oh! [ALL GRUNTING] OK, OK, OK.
These things are really pretty.
[BOTH PANTING] - Hey, Mom! - Study break! How did we beat her here? Hi.
Sorry we took so long.
Jack was sure I had a flat tire, and then he was sure I took a wrong turn, then he ran around the yard for ten minutes.
[MOUTHS] Nice.
Good night, Jack.
I'm exhausted from all that studying.
Good night, Mom.
Lucky you.
I still have two more hours.
[MARCHING BAND PLAYING] [YELLS] Good night, you two! [BAND CONTINUES PLAYING] What is happening? We might have summoned a ghost band! [DOORBELL RINGS] [ALEXA YELLS] R-Ryan, no! No, no, no! - Shh! Shh! - Please stop! Shh! Please! [TUBA PLAYING] Hi, Katie.
Katie hi.
Can you please stop that? [PLAYING STOPS] Sorry.
Um Um OK.
Here it is.
Um Katie Cooper will you go to the Winter Formal with me? [JACK OVER WALKIE-TALKIE] Guys, Mom's coming over there! Everybody, hide! [ALEXA GROANS] I-I'm sorry, Ryan, but I can't.
[CYMBALS CRASHING] [JENNIFER PANTING] Hello? I am a woman with a bat.
I have a full-time job, finals this week, and I just had two cups of coffee! Let's dance! - Hey! - Mom, we were just studying.
In Katie's room.
So, w-what's going on, Mom? It sounds like a marching band or something? Oh, yeah, nothing in here.
Well, there's nothing in here, either.
Oh, yeah.
Everything's safe and sound.
[ALEXA MUTTERS] [TUBA HONKS] What was that? Excuse me.
Well, I got some Christmas shopping done.
I hope your mom and dad heart Dallas.
Where's Lucas? I don't know.
He's not taking this seriously.
I don't know what's going on with him.
I'd look at his questionnaire if it wasn't wrong to snoop on his computer.
Honey, that's a breach of privacy.
I call it "good parenting.
" And a weak password.
Here's his questionnaire.
He never even filled it out! I can't believe it.
I can't believe his password is "Lucas"! OK.
That was way too close.
I don't know, maybe we should text Hannah and Reagan and just tell them the sleepover's over.
But we want to see the sunrise.
Katie, tomorrow, everything goes back to normal.
Back to, "Did you take a nap?" "Don't forget to take your medicine.
" "Oh, sorry.
No, you can't do that, or that, or that.
" Look, as long as we stay up, we're free.
It's our time.
- OK, let's do it.
- Yes! Jack, we're going over to Alexa's.
Good night.
Ouija, why did Katie say no to Ryan? He's so cute.
"Poor Katie was embarrassed and didn't know what to say.
And he was wearing a drum.
" Wow.
Ouija's a little defensive tonight.
How did Ryan know Katie was here? - Oh, I've been Instagramming all night.
- Hannah! I know! Apparently SecretSleepover isn't so secret to some people.
Oh, I've got another one! Ouija, is there a ghost in this house? Oh, it's moving! Did somebody call me? Oh, Mom! Uh W-We can explain.
- Alexa? - Yeah.
Uh So, I forgot my book and I need Don't embarrass yourself.
Kyle's mom called me on my way back from Wired.
Then I turned Jack and he spied on you while you all thought he was spying on me, so I could keep an eye on you while I studied.
You're good! Well, he's eight.
So Jack was a double agent? I'm not even really asleep.
OK, so, you girls clean up here.
You'll all come sleep over at Katie's.
Um Are you going to tell my mom? Not if you don't tell her I forgot to feed you dinner.
There you are.
When were you gonna fill out your questionnaire? I was gonna Wait.
Did you look through my computer? Of course not! Your mother did.
And don't change the subject.
Look, if you don't want to go to the Air Force Academy, just say that.
I don't want to go.
Don't say that! Oh, boy.
[LUCAS SIGHS] Listen, Dad, I didn't want to tell you because I don't want to let you down.
So what are you gonna do instead? Go to a party school and major in good times? Oncology.
What? When Alexa got sick I saw everything the doctors were doing, and it made me want to go somewhere that has a really good med school.
I want to help people, like they helped Alexa.
I am so proud of you, son.
[SOBS] Our son's going to be a doctor.
I know.
If he gets his grades up.
[INSECTS CHIRPING] Where's the sun? We were so close.
Yeah, why doesn't Wired deliver to trees? Trees don't drink coffee.
Hey, do you like Dylan? I think he really likes you.
Maybe I like him.
Yeah, you do.
I'm glad we did this sleepy up-all-night thing.
We made it! Thank you.
[BIRDS SINGING] [SNIFFS, CLEARS THROAT] Hey! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh I've got you Oh-oh-oh-oh We'll do this together