Alexa & Katie (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

Winter Formal, Part 1

1 [ALEXA] I really wanted to send Dylan the text, but I was also nervous.
So I waited and waited.
Then ate dinner, slept, woke up, ate breakfast and waited some more.
Send it! You said you liked him.
I do! I But I-I'm just gonna wait to send it.
- Sent.
- [MESSAGE-SENT TONE] Your children will thank me.
Oh, it went through! It went through! [BOTH SQUEALING] [LAUGHTER] [BOTH GASP] Why hasn't he gotten back to me? - I see dots! He's writing back! - There's dots! [BOTH SQUEALING] [BOTH GASP] And they went away.
You know what? Who cares? I put myself out there.
If he doesn't text back, then that's totally [YELLS] The dots are back! [BOTH SQUEALING] Hey, what's going on, huh? Alexa texted Dylan to ask if he still wants to go to the dance with her.
Ooh! What did he say? Still waiting.
Oh, wait.
I see dots! Ah, don't get too excited.
We've seen dots before.
- Oh, he's gonna say yes! - Of course he'll say yes! If this is about getting surround sound, I am doing the research.
Winter Formal.
Waiting for a response.
Ooh! - [CELL PHONE CHIMES] - He said yes! [ALL CHEER] Oh, yes! Whoo! Awesome! Yeah! What are we talking about? Dylan said yes to going to Winter Formal with your sister.
Dylan? My Dylan? I've got you When I can't take it any longer You make me feel stronger I've got you When I can't take it You make it so much better We'll do this together Oh-oh-oh-oh, we'll do this together I've got you Oh-oh-oh We'll do this together And I also told Santa I wanted Legos, new ice skates and a Dalmatian.
- A Dalmatian? - Santa said he couldn't promise that.
Well, Santa can't always bring you everything you want.
Yeah, he just said it would be some kind of puppy.
Oh, Santa.
[JENNIFER SIGHS] Well, you know how Santa and I always talk on the phone before Christmas Eve every year? I'm just gonna have to let him know that it won't be this year.
Why not? I love dogs, but puppies need full-time care.
Who's gonna watch a dog while you're at school? I understand.
I'll quit school.
Oh, I'm sorry, buddy.
One day, I promise.
Why do you take her phone calls, Santa? [CAT PURRING] Whoa! Are you for me? You are.
Thanks, Santa! It's not a dog, but close enough.
I'm not allowed to have you, so we need to keep you secret from my mom.
I'll hide you next door.
You're gonna like it here, Secret Kitty.
They keep their heat running the whole night.
I'll keep you in here while I go find some food.
Do you like Fruit Roll-Ups? [CAT GROWLS] Well, that's all I have.
[KNOCKING] Hi, Dylan.
Um Hi.
Hey, man! What's up? I was just about to text you.
You want to play Overwatch? I can totally play because I cleaned my room.
[MOUTHS] No, I didn't.
Oh, actually I'm here for Alexa.
Alexa? Why? We realized we don't hang out besides our tutoring sessions.
- Hey.
- Hi.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- Oh.
You want to go to Wired? - Sure.
Dylan, you read my mind.
I was just thinking of going to Wired.
We'll all go together.
So, how is your dancing? Incredible.
And if you don't believe me, you can ask my Aunt Nancy.
Has she seen you dance? No, but she'll lie for me.
Boring! You know what's not boring? Laser tag! Pew! Pew! Pew! I'll be right back.
You know I mean with me? Alexa doesn't even like laser tag.
- Thank God you're here.
- Yeah, I got your text.
Ten frowny faces and a coffee cup? What's so urgent? I need you to distract Lucas.
I'm trying to get to know Dylan, but so far all I've learned is that he has a really clingy friend named Lucas.
- Can you please sit with him? - Sure.
- Thanks, Katie.
- Yeah.
Hey! Look who's here - Katie.
Lucas, Katie has a question for you.
Katie, sit.
Dylan? Here we are.
Poor Dylan.
I should go save him.
Wait! I have a question for you.
Yeah? Uh Do you Do you know the Muffin Man? - No.
- No? I have another question.
Do you know So, this is my dress for the dance.
- You can't wear that dress.
- Why not? Because that's the dress I'm wearing.
[DYLAN GROANS] Must be such a relief you don't have to pretend I'm not funny any more.
OK, I just have to ask.
Why did you say no at first? I-I was worried that Nothing.
Never mind.
You know, we're going and it's gonna be great.
It's nice we finally get to spend time together, not thinking about math.
But, come on, you're thinking about math.
Maybe a little.
But in my defense, I have a mathlete competition tomorrow night.
Also, in my defense, that sounded cooler in my head.
Hey, dude.
Let's go bowling.
Uh Actually, I was thinking we could kind of stay here and talk.
All right.
Oh, hey, I've got a question for you guys.
Could I pull off boat shoes? I met this guy in the mall and he told me I could wear boat shoes on land Bless you.
Oh, hey, sweetie.
Hi, guys.
- Do you need something? - No.
Um Um Honey, I-I think you're getting sick.
It's got to be allergies.
I only get like this when I'm around a cat.
Right, right.
You never get sick.
It has to be a cat.
[DAVE LAUGHS] It has to be.
I know my bod OK.
Honey, we can't risk Alexa's health.
You know she can't get sick.
I'll see if I can stay at the Coopers', but I am not sick.
Thank you.
I'll bring over some soup.
And I'll bring over your stuff.
And you're leaving.
Oh, honey, I feel so bad for you.
I'm not si OK.
I love you! Thanks for letting me stay here, Jen.
Four years of stealing your Wi-Fi I think you've earned it.
So, I brought our patient some food and a little medication.
How's he doing? Looks good to me.
He should go home.
I'm not sick.
It's that darn invisible cat? It followed you over here? All right.
Thanks, Jen.
Feel better.
Come on, invisible kitty.
[CHUCKLES] Ooh! You're heavy.
[DOOR CLOSES] Dinner's ready, Jack.
- Isn't that Dave's? - Oh, he's half asleep.
- Plus, you never get brie.
- Ooh! I'm not asleep.
Rest now.
He texted me "good night" last night.
- N-I-T-E? - N-I-G-H-T.
Whoa! What? What does it mean? What doesn't it mean? It's so romantic! Oh, well, speaking of romantic, there's Ryan.
Oh, I'm so glad you're here.
I still feel bad about the other night.
What should I say? Alexa? [RYAN CHUCKLES] Oh, um Hi, Ryan.
So, look, about the other night.
I Yeah, I heard some guy showed up at your door with a marching band.
- That's random.
- [LAUGHS] No.
No, it was um It was random.
It was random.
I'm sorry.
My friend said I had to do something crazy to ask you to the dance.
I'm just glad the fireworks never went off.
Oh! Yeah, well, you know, that's OK, because I'm more of a skywriting kind of girl.
Oh, that was my biggest mistake.
Anyway, I just I just wanted to say I'm sorry.
Don't be sorry.
It was um It was really sweet.
Uh I should go.
But I'll see you later, Coopie Katie.
Katie Cooper.
Yeah, I got it right.
Um Bye.
[SIGHS] This is great.
Just you and me, a couple of bros, sitting around, eating lunch.
[LUCAS SIGHS] I've missed us.
Dude, it's been one day.
One long day.
Oh, hey, check this YouTube out.
[BOTH LAUGH] - That's so stupid! - So stupid.
- Let's watch it again.
- Yeah.
Alexa! Hey, catch you later, man.
Oh, but you'll miss the part where he pukes into the fan! Seriously? Hey, Alexa.
So, are we seeing each other after school today? Yeah.
I'm just wondering, is it a tutoring session or are we hanging out? Because your mother pays me either way.
Well, since we didn't really get to hang out yesterday, let's hang out.
Let's hang out.
- All right? - [CHUCKLES] Yeah.
- Alexa! - What? Dylan and I were in the middle of watching a super-cool video.
So? So, you took him away! Bookmark it and show him later, weirdo.
This makes me wish Lizzie Delmonico had said yes.
What? Dylan asked her to the dance after he asked you.
- You didn't know? - No.
Well, I did.
I'm his best friend, and I know everything about him.
Whose Dylan is he now? My Dylan.
Not you, Dylan.
[CONGESTED] Lori, I'm not sick.
I can fly this plane.
Who let you in the cockpit? [DAVE GROANS] Lori! - Cat! - It's not a cat! - You are dreaming.
- I am? Yes.
[WHISPERS] Go back to sleep.
What were you thinking, Secret Kitty? Ladies and gentlemen we are now starting our descent into Memphis.
I mean, Lizzie's in his grade a-and she has two classes with him.
It makes sense.
I knew he didn't really like me.
I mean, how long did he wait after he ran out and asked Lizzie Delmonico, huh? - Or it could be - Exactly! - Honey, I don't think - Yes! I mean, I-I knew he asked me out of sympathy.
I mean, when I said no, he was off the hook to ask the girl he really wanted to, right? - No, I don't think so.
- Right.
Honey, I just don't think you're being very rational right now.
Mom, no offense, but you don't know what it's like to be a girl! [KNOCKING] Oh! That's his phony knock now.
Hi, Dylan.
Hi, Mrs.
What's up, Katie? - What's up? - Hi.
Oh, I can't watch this.
Yeah, me neither.
I was practicing with the team for tonight's competition.
- But I'm ready to hang.
- Actually, this is a tutoring session.
Oh! You got an A-minus on your exam? Have you actually been learning from me? - Want something to drink? - Sure.
Oh, but if I don't have lemonade, I'm sure you have a backup choice ready to go? Uh Water's fine.
I see.
So you asked for lemonade because you thought it was the right thing to do, but really, you wanted water.
What's going on? Lizzie Delmonico.
- What? - You asked her to the Winter Formal.
- So? - You asked me to the Winter Formal.
Yeah, and you said no.
So you have a problem with me asking Lizzie after you rejected me? Yes.
Alexa, that makes no sense.
I'm not a math problem, OK? I don't have to make sense.
But I do.
You clearly don't like me if you were ready to go and ask somebody else.
That's not true.
And she said no, by the way.
Smart girl.
Really? Well you know what, Alexa? If you don't want to go to the Winter Formal with me, you don't have to.
Well, maybe I shouldn't.
- Now, can we please get to work? - Fine.
Just uh do those first ten problems and I'll check them.
- I will.
- Good.
So, how's it going in here? Great.
So, now I'm gonna see how it's going upstairs.
[SIGHS] Alexa and Dylan are done? Finally! They're making everything so awkward for me.
- Mom? - Oh, sorry.
Alexa's in the tree with Katie.
I was just making sure she was OK.
- OK about what? - Well, she and Dylan had a fight.
Someone told her that he had asked another girl to the dance.
Now they're not going.
Really? Yeah.
What jerk would say that? I don't know.
Maybe this jerk had his reasons.
Or her reasons.
Lucas! Why would you say such a thing? There are so many guys she could go with.
I just don't understand why she has to go with my best friend.
Yeah? Well, they are.
Or, they were.
Look, the point is your sister is upset.
Come on.
I'm sure it's not that bad.
And no offense, Mom - you don't know what it's like to be a girl.
Lucas, Alexa is really upset.
Well, now I feel bad.
Well, that's a good start.
I can't see anything! Oh, what the heck? I'm getting in the sink! [GRUNTS] So you're not going to the dance? H-He really called it off? Or I did.
I can't even remember.
Dylan! With your stupid, cute, stupid face.
I don't I don't want to side with Stupid, Cute, Stupid Face but you did say no.
He should have known how I was feeling.
Well, you didn't know how you were feeling.
He was being a total jerk with his, "Hi, Mrs.
Mendoza," and drinking his water, and leaving his arm there when our arms touched and telling me I didn't make sense.
Wait, wait, wait, wait! There was arm-touching? Yeah.
Show me! Look, I have watched 22 Christmas Hallmark movies since Thanksgiving, so I think I know what this means.
Show me.
- OK, Alexa, that - There's more.
Then my mom walked in.
So So after you chewed him out, he still stayed, and you had this electric arm-touch moment? Alexa, who cares about Lizzie Delmonico? He doesn't feel sorry for you.
Just accept the fact that he likes you.
- He does, doesn't he? - Yes! I know and I like him, too! Did I totally screw this up? Yes.
But if I learned anything from the ending of Christmas In Your Arms, it's that it is never too late to fix it.
Especially if you're trying to make a go of it on your grandpa's ranch.
[STAMMERS] Let's do this! Now! But he's at his mathlete competition.
Maybe I should just wait No! Now! Go big! - I'm going big! - Yeah! And I'm bringing tissues! - Alexa - Can you drive us to school? No.
I need to tell you something.
I'm sorry for what I said.
I was just thinking about losing a friend and not about you.
Yeah, we're good.
Drive us to school.
Giving you a ride to school isn't enough.
I want to help you find Dylan.
Dylan's at school! Drive us to school! Then why are you standing there? Let's go! This is just like the ending of Mistletoe For Margaret.
I love that one! Junk.
Ooh! All-day breakfast sandwiches? I'll see you all day tomorrow.
"Lost cat"? Jack! Yeah, Mom? Why did you put these "lost cat" fliers in our recycling? Because they're made of paper and you taught me to recycle.
Are you hiding a cat in our house? That's crazy.
- Are you hiding a cat in this house? - That's crazy.
If you don't tell me, I'm gonna find it myself.
- Dave, wake up.
- I'm not sick! What are you doing? Jack is hiding a cat and we're gonna find it.
A cat? I knew it! Ooh, warmer.
Ooh, warm.
Oh, red hot! My eyes are burning and my throat's closing up! Yes! That can only mean one thing.
- [CAT MEOWS] - [DAVE GROANS] - Jack! - I'm sorry, Mom.
I just wanted a pet so bad and the cat came along.
I thought it was an early gift from Santa.
Why would Santa give you the Murphys' cat? I was confused, too.
We're taking this cat back and you're apologizing to the Murphys.
Not yet! I've got to show Lori! Lori, I'm not sick! I told you! A cat! [SNEEZES] [GROANS] Kennedy, you're out of time.
I need an answer.
Uh - Forty-two-point-seven? - I'm sorry, that is incorrect.
The point goes to Crawford.
[APPLAUSE] Come on, Dylan.
That was an easy one.
I know.
I'm sorry.
It's just, Alexa, she Again with Alexa? This is like pi - it never ends.
Oh, he's a mess.
I'm doing this.
Go big.
The next question is a toss-up for both teams.
Excuse me, Mr.
Bradford? I'd like to offer up the next question for the competition.
That's not how this works.
Um My question is for Kennedy High.
Specifically, for the cute one in the glasses.
My question is for Dylan.
Student A and Student D have spent 11 weeks studying math together but Student A has been a total jerk to Student D because she was scared Student D only asked her to the Winter Formal because he felt sorry for her.
Knowing this information what's the probability Student D accepts Student A's apology and also accepts her invitation to be her date to the Winter Formal? [BELL DINGS] Trick question.
There isn't enough information to [BELL DINGS] One hundred percent.
The probability is 100%.
And I can prove it.
Student D would never pity Student A.
She's the toughest, funniest coolest, sometimes scariest girl he knows.
And Student D really likes Student A for exactly who she is.
This has been so romantic but we should really get back to the competition.
Thank you.
Yeah, I-I'm done.
Math away.
I guess we can share him.
Merry Christmas, everybody! OK.
OK, let's go.
But it felt like it needed an ending.
Hey! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh I've got you Oh-oh-oh-oh We'll do this together