Alexa & Katie (2018) s02e01 Episode Script

Second First Day

1 [ALEXA] My first year of high school was a lot different than I pictured.
But cancer didn't stop me from going to the Winter Formal.
After Katie and I let our hair down for the dance, we spent the rest of freshman year being ourselves.
All versions of ourselves! It was fun having a boyfriend on Valentine's Day.
Katie thought so too.
Katie and Ryan decided to just be friends after they played Von Trapp siblings in the spring musical.
But if you ask me, there's still a chance for something special between Liesl and Friedrich.
And just like that it was summer! After everything that happened this year, it was nice to spend time with my family.
Don't tell them I said that.
And before we knew it, it was the first day of school again.
- Bam! - Bam! Bam? Now I'm not so sure about the shirt.
I I thought it was cute.
- Not yours, mine! - Oh! [CHUCKLES] Oh, I'm so excited for school! Oh, and this year we will not miss releasing the wish lanterns.
Like we did last year, when you got us suspended.
Hey, at least we got to see them on Lucas's Instagram.
Until he dropped his phone off the top of the bleachers.
Yeah, he gets really excited around fire.
Oh, what about this? - Ooh, I like it - Yeah, me neither.
[ALEXA] I'm so ready for this year.
Now that I've been taking medicine, things are going back to normal.
Hmm, I know! Now, I almost forgot you had that checkup last week.
Stupid checkups.
They're not stupid.
They're how the doctor knows you're not getting sick again.
- It's just annoying.
- Yeah.
Yeah, I know but you'll get your results on Wednesday, and they will be fine like always.
So don't worry.
[SCOFFS] My mom is the one who worries.
She obsesses over random stuff, so she won't think about my results.
Remember her knitting craze during my February checkup? This time she's all over my Sweet 16.
Which I don't really care about.
Since when? Okay, we've talked about our Sweet 16 since since our awkward 10s.
It's four months away.
But until my checkup results come back, I gotta get her to focus on my dad or Lucas.
And you should wear these.
Hey, I hope she focuses on baking.
Ooh, I'll work the word "fudge" into conversation.
Hey! So, I've been working on some ideas for your Sweet 16.
Woo-hoo! [CHUCKLES] Uh, it's 7:20.
[CHUCKLES] When did you do that? 3:15.
That's this morning.
[GRUNTS] Wait.
Aha, perfect! No! Yes, done! [CHUCKLES] Hey, Mom, so has Lucas started his applications for college yet? Tick-tock.
Probably not.
I should get on that.
Aww! Dylan's first day as a senior outfit! Aww! Looks a lot like his last day of summer outfit.
This is it! Perfect! No.
Yes! Done.
I've got you When I can't take it any longer You make me feel stronger I've got you When I can't take it You make it so much better We'll do this together Oh-oh-oh-oh We'll do this together I've got you Oh-oh-oh We'll do this together Dad, check out my schedule.
Four blow off classes this year.
It's my last year to enjoy life before I'm a boring adult like, you know.
- You know you're gesturing to me.
- Yeah, I meant you.
Lucas, have you started your college applications yet? You haven't.
I knew it.
We're gonna start with your essay, okay? Come straight home from school.
We'll do it together! Mwah! [CHUCKLES] What just happened? Thirty seconds ago, I was happy.
You know how your mom and Alexa get when we're waiting for Alexa's results.
Yeah, but every time she's had this checkup, she's been fine.
That's why you're so chill about it.
Well, I'm not chill, I'm exhausted.
I can never sleep during a checkup week.
[SIGHS] I'm so tired right now I'm seeing two of you.
Wow! How do we look? I don't need to worry about Alexa, do I? No! Since her initial treatment, every follow-up has been good.
No, we have no reason to think otherwise.
I'm just glad I'm off your mom's radar.
Last checkup, she made me read four books on jelly making.
Then she gave me a test.
- Morning! - [DAVE] Hey! [SIGHS] I love second breakfast.
See? That's why I told you not to fill up at home.
Hey, Lucas.
[SIGHS] Uh, Mom, weren't you going to clean the garage with Dad? [MOUTHING] Yeah, you know, Dave, we should clean out the garage.
It's full of all your jelly jars.
Uh Oh, Potato needs a walk.
I'll do it.
- Oh great.
I'll go get his leash.
- Ah, don't.
No time.
I'll just hold his collar.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Hey, Lori, how's it going? A little stressful this week, huh? Oh, no! [CHUCKLES] I'm not worried.
C'mon, Alexa will be fine.
Have you ever thought about solar panels? Nope? I bet you and I can put them up in one day.
You're not afraid of heights, are you? Girls, let's go if you want a ride to school.
Oh, hey, listen, honey, after your dad and I clean out the garage, I'm gonna go look at venues for your Sweet 16! Thanks, Mom, but you know I don't care about that.
Are you kidding? Listen, you're gonna turn 35 many times.
But you're only gonna have one 16th birthday! C'mon, Katie! I'm coming! Nothing's going to keep me from my first day of school! Aah! [STUDENTS CHATTERING] - Clear a path! - It's just a little ankle twist.
You don't have to do that.
This time last year, you shaved your head for me.
The least I can do is carry your things and clear a Melissa, pick a side! It's a a cute shirt, Melissa! - I'm really glad you got hurt.
- Huh? It's just nice to help you for a change.
Like before cancer when we supported each other.
- Good thing I'm so klutzy! - Ha-ha.
Ooh! Sophomore hall, sophomore lockers! Sophomore stranger! Cody? Seriously, guys, we've gone to school together since kindergarten.
- I'm just kidding.
I just moved here.
- Oh.
- Hi, I'm Alexa.
- Katie.
Oh! Hey, I've I've got her! [ALEXA] All right.
Here's you.
[LOCKER DOOR OPENS] And here's me! Oh, right by each other! [GIGGLES] Notebook.
Maybe I should just switch lockers with one of you guys? No, you're not bothering us.
Oh, good.
Super cute photo of us.
- Oh! How could I not put this up? - I know! Look how long our hair is.
I like your short hair.
So, I'll see you guys around? Or, after every class when I go to my locker? Maybe I'll just get, like, a really big backpack.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Did you hear that? He doesn't realize that this is a hair grow, not a hair cut.
I love that there's a person at school who doesn't know about the cancer.
- See? More normal already.
- Hmm.
- Hey, guys! - Hey! Cool crutches.
I almost wore an eyepatch.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Why are you in a cheerleading uniform? Oh, her mom told her she had to go out for something this year.
'Cause she was getting lazy.
I picked cheerleading because tryouts were next to my house.
I am lazy.
I'm just glad you guys are here on the first day this year.
I know! Last year, you missed the wish lanterns.
My wish was that you guys had been at school that day.
I wished for an iPad.
[BELL RINGS] I'm helping Katie! Save us a seat in class? [CHUCKLES] That was really nice of them, but it's pretty clear that I got this.
Wait, watch out! - Not - Uh Whoa! [THUD] I'm coming for you, Katie! Was it me, or was that nurse judgy? She kept putting air quotes around the words "accident" and "friend.
" Yeah, well two can play that game, nurse! - Hey, I can hold my stuff.
- No, I've got this.
Your recovery is my number-one priority.
[PHONE CHIMES] [SCOFFS] Hey, now my mom is texting me ideas for my Sweet 16.
Man, the stress must really be getting to her.
- Alexa! - Hey! Hey, I was afraid I wasn't gonna see you all day.
I know.
I've been helping Katie.
I like the outfit, senior.
Thanks! I picked it out myself.
[CHUCKLES] Hey, if you want me to go to the doctor's with you It's fine.
Yeah, everyone's making such a big deal out of it, but I'm fine.
Okay, well, I'm not tutoring, so I can just easily - [BELL RINGS] - Oh, sorry, gotta get Katie to class! - She hates being late! - [KATIE WHIMPERS] College essay, complete.
[CHUCKLES] All right.
"To further myself " "Part of a college community " "Game room looks dope " "I'm hungry"? I am hungry.
You know, honey, I think your charm is being wasted on the page.
No, let's do a video essay.
You don't need me for that, do you? Mom! What were some of your ideas for Alexa's Sweet 16? I don't want a party.
Oh, honey, everybody wants a Sweet 16 party.
And yet Alexa doesn't.
You two need to talk this out.
Don't be afraid to dig deep.
I'll be in my room.
Yeah, you're not going anywhere until this video essay is done.
[DAVE YAWNS] Oh good, Dad's here.
What's that, Jen? I sure can walk Potato.
[SIGHS] Can I play a game on your phone? No.
Give it to me.
I will roll over your toes! [JACK GRUNTS] Mom, help me! Jack, go play upstairs.
I know I'm a busy mom, but I'm pretty sure the last time I saw you, you just had crutches.
Oh, no, it's actually feeling better.
Oh, and Alexa's been really helpful.
Really, really helpful.
Intensely scary helpful.
Well, maybe helping you is taking Alexa's mind off waiting for her checkup results.
Well, but, she told me she's not worried about it.
You know how hard this week always is for the Mendozas.
Lori weeded our front yard, and Dave kidnapped Potato! [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Maybe we should eat out tonight.
Wait, how could I not see this? This totally explains why she's been acting this way.
The subconscious mind is a powerful and mysterious thing.
I've been studying this exact thing in class.
You know, I could let you read it, but it might be a little over your head.
[CHUCKLES] Mom, that's a Nicholas Sparks romance novel.
Yuck, I don't That's not mine.
Someone must have stuck it in here, like a joke.
and that's when I knew humans couldn't fly.
This leads me to a list of my personal favorite traits.
Good with lists.
Okay, try doing it again, but without moving your hands so much.
- People don't talk without their hands.
- Yes, they do.
Every day.
All day.
Well, not me.
I'm Italian.
No, you're not.
[CLEARS THROAT] I have an idea.
Stay there.
[DAVE PANTING] I'm too tired to tag in.
Hang in there, Alexa.
- I'm Lucas.
- That's my girl.
Hey, look at you, honey! Yeah, yeah, it really was just a twist.
[PHONE DINGS] Ha! Alexa.
Says she's gonna push you to school.
Push? Oy, but school's three miles away! - Hey, what should I do? - Tell her you're better! No, but if helping me, is helping her not think about it, then - [GRUNTS] Ugh, okay, I can't be better.
- I'll re-hurt you! [BOTH] No! You have to be honest with Alexa.
Nothing good comes from lying.
It was my Nicholas Sparks book.
Look, just, c'mon, talk to her.
Yeah, you're right.
I need to be honest.
But not now.
Here she comes! [GRUNTS] - Katie! - Hey, did you get my text? I don't want you to deal with people on the bus.
And good news: I found a shortcut through the woods! The woods? [MOUTHING] Um, Mom, Mom, can't you give us a ride? I would, but the Today Show is running a segment on honesty in friendship.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Sorry, I forgot all the bushes would be at your face level.
It's it's fine.
[GIGGLES] Not all of them had thorns.
- Hey! - Hey, Ryan.
Katie! - I'm fine.
No big deal.
- Yeah.
I'm taking care of her, Ryan.
[MOUTHING] - What? - What? No, I didn't say anything.
Okay, well, I'm glad I found you.
Um I just heard that the drama club is picking students to go to London this spring.
- Wait, wait, London? - Yeah.
It's a week long study abroad trip all about theater.
Oh, yeah.
"Scene studies, theater history, going to plays"? - Yeah, it sounds awesome, right? - Uh, yes! - Okay, I need to go sign up.
- I'm on it.
Wait, I already put you on the consideration list.
Oh, thanks.
- Yeah, you're welcome.
- Bye.
Bye! - Bye.
Okay, we all said goodbye.
[SIGHS] This looks amazing.
Oops! So, I'm thinking that I'll skip all of my classes today, so I can just be with you 24/7.
That's the mistake I made yesterday.
Um, Alexa? I know you said you're not stressed about your appointment tomorrow Yeah, because I'm not.
Um, and I I wanted to say that that you not being worried has really been great because you've been so helpful to me - when I needed you.
- Good.
Is this a bad time for me to get to my locker? 'Cause I could do like two more laps.
Too bad you can't go to that lantern wishing thing tonight.
Oh, wow, right, that's that's tonight.
Why can't she? Because it's at the top of the bleachers? She's doing it! Or she she could set hers off from the ground.
Where she can't get hurt.
Setting off the lanterns from the top of the bleachers is the tradition! And Katie is my best friend.
So, I don't care if it's the top of the bleachers, or the top of a mountain, I'm getting her there no matter what! You know, I'm just going to grab everything I need for the rest of the day.
- [CODY] Ooh.
- [KATIE] Uh.
She needs this, Cody.
She needs this.
Hey! [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] This seems healthy.
I think it's going well.
Okay, well, this should do it.
All right.
[SIGHS] Okay.
I'm Lucas Mendoza.
Honey, it should be much easier than that.
Dad? Jennifer? A little help? Oh, yeah.
When I get back.
I'm just on my way to walk Potato.
- I'm on my way to walk Potato.
- When did you get here? [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] - Look, he's my dog, so, yeah - Oh, now he's your dog! Stop trying to wiggle free! [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] [KATIE WHIMPERS] Uh! Okay, right here is good! You've been saying that since the first step! We're almost to the top.
Whoa! Hey! Hold on, we'll help! - I've got it! - Okay.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] - I'm really glad we're doing this! - [KATIE WHIMPERS] Ugh! In the way.
- All right.
- [WHIMPERS] Okay.
Whoa! Yeah, right right here is good - Whoa, whoa - Okay, I can't do it! I can't do it! [IN A PLEADING TONE] I wanna live! What? You're okay? Look, I'm sorry, I just I just wanted you to have something to focus on, other than your checkup results.
So you were faking this whole time.
No Yeah, most of the time.
Seriously? I'm supposed to be taking care of you.
You're not supposed to be taking care of me.
This year was going to be different.
I'm I'm sorry.
[PEOPLE CHATTERING] [KATIE BREATHES HEAVILY] Maybe these stupid checkups still make me nervous.
It's not like I'm expecting to hear bad news.
But I wasn't expecting to hear bad news the day that I found out I had cancer.
[HUFFS] How are things supposed to go back to normal when I still have two more years of this? Hmm.
Then I treat you like you need to be taken care of, by letting you take care of me, even though I'm taking care of you, taking care of me.
[SIGHS] I guess it was a crazy idea? Yeah, maybe I was a little crazy too.
[BOTH SIGH] You just have to be there.
That's all.
- Always.
- [ALEXA CHUCKLES] All right, let's go light our lanterns.
[KIDS] Three, two, one.
Woo! Yeah, so, um next year? Yeah, let's not promise ourselves anything.
Everything looks great.
[ALEXA GASPS THEN CHUCKLES] - Just like I thought.
- Me too.
[BOTH] She gets a little crazy.
Well, I know how happy you'll be to hear, you can even go out for basketball this year.
Oh? Really? But what if at my next checkup My job is to think about your next checkup.
Your job is to live your life.
- Got it.
- [DOCTOR] Okay, Mendozas and Katie I'll see you at the next checkup.
She's good.
She's good.
I wasn't worried either.
Whatcha working on? I was thinking of something like this for my Sweet 16.
Oh, I like that.
- Oh, I love that.
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah, just to warn you I've decided I'm gonna have the best Sweet 16 ever! - Lucas can pay for his own college.
- Aww.
He must be really happy about your appointment.
- Pretty happy.
- [KATIE] Alexa! Ooh! Gotta go.
"I wish for Katie to get picked to go to London with the drama club"? You're supposed to make a wish for yourself.
But you used your wish on me.
- No! - Uh-huh.
"I wish for Alexa to have the best Sweet 16 party ever.
" Mmm! 'Cause I wanna go! Oh! [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I'm going in.
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