Alexa & Katie (2018) s02e02 Episode Script


Since getting the good results for my latest checkup, I was super excited about planning my Sweet 16 party, but poor Katie was a wreck waiting for the drama club to announce who'd they chosen for the London trip in the spring.
She really wanted to go.
Oh, I'm so nervous! Okay, talk about something else.
- Ummm - Oh, okay! So, um, I've narrowed down my Sweet 16 to, uh, masquerade ball or paintball party or disco night.
I'm sure whatever you pick will be great, but I don't like that last one.
Ah! They just sent the e-mail.
This could determine our college careers.
Our futures as actors.
Really? Our whole reason for being.
- Read it! - Oh.
I'm going to London! My wish plans worked! Oh, wow, um Brian, I'm I'm so sorry.
No, don't, don't worry about me.
I'll be okay.
I'll 'Cause I also got picked! Ha-ha! I was acting.
We got picked for the Royal Theater Arts program! I know! I gotta call my dad, and you know what? I'll see you in London, and you know, next period in Bio.
"One week in London learning from the world's greatest actors.
Oh, yeah! Huge accomplishment.
Now, well, you know Two thousand dollar fee is due at the beginning of next semester.
" Say what? You guys I can't ask my mom for $2,000.
You have to ask her.
This is your dream.
You know, you're right! Okay, um I'll do it.
As soon as she comes home from work tonight, - I'm going to ask her.
- Woo! We're going to London.
Woo! Possibly going to London.
Hey, where's Mom? Okay.
Well, I have to ask her for some money.
So be nice when she walks in.
I have to ask her for some money, so you be nice! I'm going first.
I'm going first.
- Oh, oh, I gotta ask you something - I gotta ask you! No, I go first! "Mom, you're late! We were worried.
" It's okay.
Car broke down, but I'm safe.
"Is that grease on you?" Yeah, I tried to fix it myself.
"That's amazing, Mom.
You're so cool.
" I am so cool.
I had to buy a new transmission.
Yeah, go ahead, Jack.
I need $10 to get a milkshake with Tao tomorrow.
Really? You're asking me for $10 for a milkshake? Yes.
You know what? I'd like a $10 milkshake too.
This is just us guys.
But you and I can go another time.
Oh, this has been some day.
I just want to sit down, with a coffee, and those chocolate almonds that I snatched from Gretchen's retirement party.
I saved you the almond part.
Jack you've been eating so many sweets lately.
So, was that a yes on the milkshake? Hmm let me think.
After I charged what's left on my credit cards to pay for the transmission, do I have enough money for a $10 milkshake? - Do you? - No, Jack! Fine.
Gotta call Kyle and tell him I can't afford a milkshake.
Oh You know, it's hard always saying no to you and Jack.
Hey, you are a great mom.
Thank you, honey.
I'm so sorry, what was it that you wanted to ask me? If you knew how much I love you.
I - Oh, oh sorry.
- That's gross.
So what did your mom say? - I couldn't ask her.
- Why not? We don't have the money, and it'll just make her feel bad, having to say no.
Did you even tell her you got into the program? That's huge! I couldn't.
Okay? It would just make her feel worse.
Wait, what if we figure out a way for you to pay for it yourself? How? The only job I have is babysitting, and my mom pays me in smiles and hugs.
Sometimes not even that.
Hold on.
I have an idea.
Okay, a few weeks ago my dad hired a guy to clean out the gutters, and he found him on this website called Chore Cats.
You can sign up for a bunch of small jobs and errands.
This is a great idea.
Look at look at all these jobs.
Okay, I'm signing up.
Uh, wait.
What if your dad sees my name on here? So make up a cool name! Tamsin Hammersmith.
Or that.
Oooh! I can pick up dry cleaning.
Yeah, you can.
Oh, who's a good boy? Oh! Yeah, now, that's a walk.
Oh, look at that happy face.
There's my mashed Potato.
Booga booga booga! Jet lag? Yeah, let's go with that.
Katie? You got your first chore! You're picking up dry cleaning! Yes! Before you know it, I'll be breaking into Buckingham Palace to hug the Queen.
I am learning so much about you, Tamsin.
Oh good.
Jack's walking Potato.
Wait! He turned around at the mailbox.
Potato deserves a real walk.
And I can't do his next one if we're going to be out all day running errands.
Okay, Dave, for the millionth time - he's not your dog - He's all of our dog! Lucas, you wanna walk Potato? Dad, it's Saturday, and I have no homework.
It's a free day, and I'm not going to waste it.
You know what you could do, Dad? You could hire somebody from Chore Cats to walk him.
That's a great idea.
You used them to clean out the gutters last week, remember? What? No, I cleaned out the gutters! I did it all b by myself alone.
Uh, Chore Cats you say? How'd it go? I went to the lady's house.
Got the ticket.
Then went to the dry cleaners, showed them the ticket, picked up the dry cleaning, and then delivered it back to the lady.
Bam! Sweet! Oh, so easy, and I figured it out.
If I do four more chores today, I'll make $100, and if I do that every weekend, I'll make all the money I need by January.
So I signed up for four more.
Wait, what are all these extra jobs? I did the same math, and I signed you up for more chores too.
That's nine chores.
Ten! Um, okay.
How do I unsign up for some of these? You can't.
Once you've committed to a job, if you don't do it, they kick you off the site.
Stop that! Um Wait, stand in line all day for concert tickets? How are we going to do that and ten other jobs? Who do we know that's really good at just standing around? Lucas! How would you like to wait in line all day? What do I get for it? Um A smile.
No, seriously.
Five bucks.
I'm not doing anything for five bucks.
- Ten.
- Seven.
- Twenty.
- Two.
- Five.
- Done! Done! Yes! Come on, machine.
You only got one job.
- Oh, morning! - Hey! Hey! So, here's your coffee that you asked for.
- Oh.
- I thought you were out! Oh, I only had enough for my morning pot.
I did not know what I was going to do this afternoon, so Jack, the cereal already has sugar on it.
No it doesn't.
It's called "Sugar Squares.
" Mmm.
You're eating way too much sugar.
You know what? Your mom's right.
Having too much of anything is not good for you.
So my sugar's like my mom's coffee? Exactly! Not exactly.
Tell him why, Jennifer.
Fine! I like coffee, but I don't need it.
And you don't need sugar.
I'm going to show you just how easy this is.
You're gonna give up sugar, and I'm gonna give up coffee.
That's not fun for either of us.
Yes, it is, because you guys are going to be doing it together.
And I'm going to help.
So, I'm gonna take back the coffee and these mmm Oy, I can feel a cavity starting right now.
At the last Boy Pocalypse concert, Darren lifted up his arms, - and I saw his belly button! - Eeee! Dudes! Keep it down.
I'm trying to listen to my music.
- Ooh, what song? "Maybe It's Love"? - "Girl, This is Love"? - "I Lost My Love"? - I'm not listening to Boy Pocalypse.
What does that name even mean? Is that like a future where no boys are alive, or only boys are alive? Either way, la-ame! Hey guys, he doesn't like the band! What's wrong with you? Woo! Okay! - Four chores down.
- And two mailboxes! I was in the zone.
Oh, okay! Eight more chores to go.
Make that nine.
Oy your dad booked Tamsin to walk Potato! - He can't know that I'm Tamsin! - Just as I planned.
Oh, sure, Tamsin! Let me just grab Potato for you.
Oh, good.
I want to tell her a few things about my little tater tot.
Um Mom, don't you and Dad have to get going on your errands? Yeah, I really wanna get to the health foods store to get the herbs, to make the tea for Jennifer before she cracks? You know, some people just have no willpower.
Make sure she knows he likes the park and the ducks.
But not the green one.
He's a bully.
Next we gotta go to the grocery store and the office supply store.
But what about walking Potato? We are.
All the way to your house.
Nothing, what are you doing? Uh, nothing.
Well, um see we're going to We're gonna see, and then we're gonna If it's not illegal, go for it.
Just be back at 2:30 to watch Jack.
Meeting my study group at the library.
Maybe I'll get the chair with the exposed screw.
That'll keep me awake.
Two thirty? I'm babysitting Madison at three.
Tell Madison's mom to drop her off here at 2:45.
Right, my mom will be gone by then, and I can babysit her here.
Ooh, this is for London.
Straight from me own office self! Can't tell if that's cute or annoying.
Bip bip! Annoying.
Please get my mom to drink coffee, so I can eat candy again! Honey, I know this is tough right now, but this is good for both of you.
Hmm, you want a piece of fruit? Good one.
I just got your text.
Now, where's this thing that's just like coffee but isn't coffee? Just have the coffee, Mom! Mmm.
Dark roast, full body, balanced acidity, with steamed almond milk and and one pump of mocha.
It is.
Smell it, Mom.
- Jennifer, you don't need it.
- Oh, no, no.
It's okay.
I can smell it and not drink it.
'Cause I don't need it.
Oh I don't need it, I don't want it, and I don't need it.
- I smell chocolate! - Yeah, that's the mocha.
Ahh! - Yummy.
- Oh, so yummy.
Okay, why don't you guys just keep that? Will you knock, next time you come downstairs? - There's no door here.
- Then knock on the wall.
- That makes no sense.
- You make no sense.
Hey, Mom.
I'm here, just in time to watch Jack, so you can go to the library, just like you planned.
Why aren't you moving? I have a pounding headache, so I decided not to go.
Well, I just read something that said libraries are great for headaches! Yes, yes, she did! They say it is the soothing whispering.
See what I mean? Isn't this nice? Yeah! Just make sure Jack doesn't have any sugar.
Oh, Madison and her mom.
Ho ho, that was close.
I'm Mary.
This is Madison.
She's a monkey.
- I said she was a monkey.
- Right, but, um I thought you were calling your daughter a monkey.
You know, like, um "My little Madison.
She's such a monkey.
" Now, don't let her watch game shows, and hold her hand when she goes potty.
Bye, sweetie! What kind of person leaves her monkey with a stranger? It's fine.
We got this.
Where did she go? Madison? Little Maddie! Ee-ee hoo-hoo ha-ha! Hoo-ha! What? I don't know how to call a monkey! This monkey's so fun, I'm not even thinking about sugar! Ugggh, now I am thinking about sugar! Hey, I just folded that! Bad monkey, bad! Bad monkey's mom too.
She's been held up 'til eight, and we still have Costco and that kid's school project.
Madison, we're gonna go on a little field trip.
Can you be a good girl? I'm sorry I asked.
Girls, please! We don't all have to like the band.
And who's kicking me in the shin? You haven't given them a chance.
This is Tyler.
Look how long his eyelashes are.
- They're not that long.
- Check out Ashton's new tattoo.
It says "Ashton"! That's stupid.
Is that a Tesla he's leaning on? He has 19 cars.
That's why he's "Happy Ashton.
" And this is "Emo Ashton.
" He has a pool shaped like his face.
The waterfall represents his tears! I want a face-shaped pool! I can look emo.
That's good.
But can you do wistful? Now, do lovesick.
Aaahhh! So tell me more about these cars.
Ugh! This is so not a school project.
If I put "go into dumpster to find my retainer," no one would have responded.
Anyway, text me when you find it.
I've got karate.
Ooh, dumpster candy! - Do not eat that, Jack.
- I have to! Oh, sugar, I've missed you.
What are we doing here anyway? Nothing.
And if you never tell Mom, there is ten bucks in it for you.
This day just keeps on getting better and better! Eeeww I just stepped in something hard and squishy! And I'm standing in a foot of gravy! Oh, but with every squish, I just remind myself, I'm making the money I need to get to London.
Right, and we're doing this together.
Thanks for everything.
Okay? There is no one I would rather be in a dumpster with than you.
Yuk! This is gross! Okay, we're just 200 sausage samples away from the finish line.
Hello, London! Yeah, and thanks to me for signing you up for extra chores, you made two weekends worth of money in one day.
Madison, cut it out! - But - Jack! Don't let her have that! Monkeys are not supposed to eat licorice.
All right, let's move these sausages.
Bronson Farms Sausages! Come try a tasty Bronson Farms sausage.
You guys, you're just smelling the dumpster we were in.
Yeah, we smell like garbage, not the sausages! Jack, why don't you go look cute and try to get some people to taste some sausages.
Jack? - Oh, no.
- So much candy! I think I have a sugar problem.
B Bronson Farms sausage? Mmmm.
Hey, guys.
You're having coffee.
Yes, I am, because I remembered something.
I'm the mom, and I make the rules.
Well, I guess I'm better at this 'cause I didn't have any sugar today.
I'm impressed.
No sugar at all? None.
Well, since I've decided that a little bit of coffee is okay, you get to have a little bit of sugar.
How about some chocolate? I don't like it anymore.
You sure? Delicious, rich, yummy chocolate.
I'm nailing this mom thing.
So How much did you make? Okay, after 11 chores, then paying back Bronson Farm sausages for the display, and Costco for what Madison did to their dairy aisle I made ten dollars.
Is that before or after the ten you owe Jack to stay quiet? I made $0.
Uh, well, I'm I mean, at least I didn't lose any money.
Hey, guys, don't forget you owe me five bucks.
I'm starting a band! Make that negative $5.
Ooh, another job? - No, no, Chore Cats just banned me.
- For how long? For life.
"All nine of them.
" It is so cruel to use a pun to fire somebody! Are you okay? Yeah.
Yeah, Alexa, I mean, I got picked to go to London.
To study theatre.
Yeah, you did.
And I wanna go! I mean, I really, really wanna go.
So, no.
I'm not giving up.
'Cause you never do.
We are not giving up.
- Thanks.
- Hmm.
Oh, you still have something stuck in your hair.
Oh, and it's sticky.
Eww! - Okay, now check mine.
- All right.
It's so cool that we can get stuff stuck in our hair again.
Madison definitely rubbed off on us.
Ee-ee hoo-hoo ha-ha!