Alexa & Katie (2018) s02e03 Episode Script


Since Katie had been kicked off Chore Cats, she had to find a new job to raise the money for London.
Luckily, I know all of Katie's personal information.
So the two of us can fill out twice as many applications in half the time.
You're okay handling hot metals, right? I once took a spoon out of the dishwasher mid-cycle.
So, yes.
All right.
Well, then let's make this happen.
We are going to visualize you getting a job.
I learned this in my support group.
Close your eyes.
Picture the perfect job.
Imagine yourself getting hired.
See yourself working there.
Open your eyes.
How did you do that? I don't know.
How perfect would this be? So perfect.
Oh! Um, Barry Mr.
I am officially applying for the job.
Write your name and number on here.
Now, I'll be in touch never.
No, I'm serious.
Pretty please.
Yeah, give her a chance! Yeah, please! I'm really great.
You'll love her.
Everyone loves her.
She's the best.
If I say yes, will you stop talking? Friday.
Five o'clock.
Come in for an interview.
What are you doing? Visualizing you giving me your cookie.
It worked! - Hey! - Hey! - Wait - Nope.
Is that the picture you took yesterday? How often do you change these out? I don't know.
Not that often.
Probably, like, every single day.
Well, it's super dorky and super cute.
Strawberries! Brand new shirt! Ugh! Another Mendoza.
What did I ever do to deserve being stuck with your brother as my cooking class partner? Well, a lot of not-so-great things.
You call people names.
- You gossip.
- You're a snob.
I saw you yell at that puppy once Every day, Lucas pretends to cut his thumb off, then spray something right across the room.
Not some days, not once in a while.
Every day.
Jerks! This is ridiculous! I can't believe Lucas is tormenting Gwenny.
It's nice when families can do things together.
Ugh! Jelly-spraying, annoying, overgrown gorilla child! No, he's not.
Lucas is sweet and cute, and generous and cute, and loyal and cute, and wonderful.
Lucas Mendoza? - Really? - Yes.
Yes, so quit calling him names and give him a chance.
Hey, Gwenny, you forgot your notebook.
Oh no, I didn't know you were in the spray zone.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah.
He's also kind.
That's what I'm talking about.
Up top! I don't know what's happening, but it's fun.
See, Gwenny? He's awesome.
Oh, God I think I made my point.
- Hey, hon.
- Hey, Mom, big news.
Remember how you said I was too smart to be spending all my free time in front of screens? I said a lot of that sentence, yeah.
Well, I found something that doesn't use a computer, won't cost you any money, and I'll get exercise.
I love all of that sentence.
I'm gonna learn how to tap dance! Cal gave me his old shoes.
Jack, that's great! This is gonna be fun.
I just learned this step online.
Check it out! - Good job! - Wait, I'm not done.
- That is fanta - I'm still not done.
Look how much sound your little feet can make.
To conclude our interview, Miss Cooper, what is your greatest weakness? I sometimes make coffee too fast and too delicious.
Katie That is the perfect answer.
I'd totally order a macchiato from you.
Ooh, what's that? You're gonna do great.
I was just thinking how I wanted a cupcake! Am I making things happen? Am I a witch? Hey, kids! - Dylan, my man! What's up? - Hey.
I don't think we should be doing this.
Mom, these cupcakes are the best thing you have ever made.
I didn't make them.
"Gourmet cooking for students.
Lucas Mendoza and " No! These were made by Hashtag #Gwenny! Game over.
You're going to get all weird now, aren't you? Yes.
- I'm gonna go.
- Good idea.
She's in my house.
Alexa, hi! Super cute house.
I always assumed you lived in a place that's smaller, darker, and covered in bats.
That was a lot of fun.
Great jump shot, or should I say Pogo! I don't get it.
Why is that funny? That's not funny.
Inside joke.
I thought you couldn't stand him.
So did I, but I decided to give him a chance.
We came here to do our cooking assignment, took some super cute selfies.
It turns out we both love the same filters.
Thank you for making me woke to his charms.
What have I done? Did someone rearrange my spice drawer? I made it a little more intuitive.
It was almost there.
It just needed a little help over the finish line.
- I should get going.
- Oh, darn it.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Lucas, what are you doing? You can't hang out with Gwenny Thompson! I'll hang out with whomever I want.
It's whomever Wait, you said it right.
Gwenny kept correcting me.
She, like knows stuff.
- It's pretty cool.
- It's not cool! Sorry! Forgot my stevia.
It's a great way to bake without all that refined sugar.
Bye! Wait up, Gwenny.
Do you, like, wanna hang out after school, tomorrow? Like, not for class, but for, like hanging out? Most def.
And don't say "like" so much.
I bake with agave nectar.
I will not be sugar shamed.
It's gonna be okay, babe.
How did Gwenny already post six photos from my house? "#mendozahang, #thecoolmendoza, #notalexa"? This is all my fault.
Don't blame yourself.
I told Gwenny how great Lucas is.
This is all your fault! Why would you do that? She was being mean and calling him names! And I didn't expect her to do that! Okay, okay.
I can fix this.
You know, if there's one thing I know, it's how to get to Gwenny.
Yeah, after tomorrow, she will never want to #mendozahang again! She won't last ten minutes.
No, let's make it five.
Jack! I have a test tomorrow.
Is there somewhere else you could do that? I gotta go wherever the dance takes me.
Well, I need the dance to take you outside.
Sorry, I had to tie my shoe.
Gwenny's going to be here any minute.
It's like watching a dog play the piano.
I think Gwenny's a good influence on him.
Plus these cupcakes.
Enough with the cupcakes already.
Oh, what is the big deal? Wow, these are fantastic.
What are you guys doing down here? Gwenny's coming over.
As exciting as that sounds, the last thing we care about is what you and Gwenny Thompson do.
- Hey, Gwenny.
- Hi, Lucas.
Gwenny, listen, I just have to know what you put in these cupcakes.
A pinch of freshly ground nutmeg and amaranth flour.
Wow, you're kidding! It's what I expected.
I realize I may have overstepped with your spice drawer yesterday.
I'm sorry.
I'm a little nutty when it comes to organization.
Yeah, that must be hard.
I will say, your cookie sheet drawer perfection.
Oh, well, I don't know about perfection.
Really? Oh.
Thank you! You like her.
I do! But she's a controlling perfectionist know-it-all.
I have no idea what I see in her.
That's an unsolvable mystery.
Check this out.
We have bunny ears.
We look so cute.
Let's do this.
This is a selfie of me at the zoo.
Oh! Sorry, just having a little snack.
- Is that - Guacamole? Oh, yeah.
I hate guacamole.
It makes me gag.
That's right! I completely forgot you threw up on Taco Day in the third grade.
Just ignore her.
This is one of me in the mirror.
Dude, I have a guest over.
Oh, but Katie told me I told him you didn't want to hurt his feelings by telling him you didn't want to see him dance? Oh! I can tell him.
I don't mind hurting kids' feelings.
Kyle calls this stuff elephant snot.
Ugh! I'm out of here.
Enjoy your gua Guac I need some fresh air.
Wait, I'll come with you.
We can walk through the park.
That sounds nice.
It's kind of cold out.
Wear my sweatshirt.
The sun will be setting.
You know what they say about sunset selfies? It's the most flattering light! What just happened? You made it bad, but I made it worse.
Okay, we've gotta stop her.
Because first, it starts with cupcakes and basketball.
Now, it's sunset selfies, and before you know, they'll be married.
Married? She's out of control.
She's the worst.
I like her.
Jack, I got a surprise for you.
Hmm! I stopped on my way home from work and rented that new video game you've been wanting.
You said that was too scary for me.
That was last week.
Live in the now, man.
We only have it for a day.
So better get to chopping off heads.
Maybe later.
I'm trying to master this new step.
Okay, Jack? Jack? Jack! Come over here.
We need to talk.
Honey, I love that you've found a new interest, but I just can't have you dancing around the house all the time.
You need to find something quieter to enjoy.
Ooh, like doing a puzzle of a dancer.
Jack, wait.
Bring me the shoes.
I've tried everything in my arsenal to drive Lucas and Gwenny apart.
But they've hung out every day this week.
We've hung out every day this week.
But you guys are adorable and fun.
They're upsetting and barfy.
Okay, eventually the excitement will wear off, and Lucas will move on.
It's like that time he got that green hoodie.
He wore it every day for a month.
And one day, he left it in the woods, and a raccoon had her babies on it.
So, we should drop Gwenny in the woods and let nature take its course? Please, tell me you guys are hanging out just to annoy me.
I actually like Lucas.
Annoying you is just a bonus.
See you tonight.
- Tonight? - Yup.
We're going on our first date.
Oh, sorry Hashtag #firstdate.
Oh, come on! I just got so tired! All right.
We've tried to sabotage them the old-fashioned way.
It's time to kick it up a notch.
Mmm, I love everything you're saying.
How do we do it? Okay, I feel like you missed the point of the green hoodie story.
We are going to give them the worst date advice.
But Gwenny will never take bad advice from us.
She'd just do the exact opposite of what we say.
Oh, so we give her good advice, and she'll do the exact opposite.
Reverse psychology date sabotaged! Gwen and I have been at this for years.
She'll anticipate reverse psychology.
Which is why we're going to use reverse reverse psychology.
I'll give Gwenny bad advice.
She'll assume I'm hoping she'll do the exact opposite, and do exactly what I say.
- Perfect.
- What? Or just stop meddling in their business.
It'll fizzle out, and we can have our own date.
That's really sweet.
We're doing this.
If anyone asks you never heard anything.
Yeah, you end a lot of our conversations that way! Gwenny, hi.
If you're here to talk me out of going to dinner with Lucas, you're wasting your time.
I've already picked out the accessories for my outfit, and they sparkle.
They sparkle hard.
I've accepted it.
But if you're going to be seeing Lucas, I might as well help you.
You want to help me? - Really? - Really.
Really? Advice would be great.
And don't mention his hair.
Never talk about it.
Even if he brings it up.
So don't open doors or pull out the chair for her.
But she does love when you order for her.
So don't even let her touch the menu.
The only thing he loves more than books, is talking about books.
And she doesn't hear well in crowded places, so be sure to talk loudly.
He's always making jokes, but no one ever realizes it.
So laugh.
A lot.
So laugh.
A lot.
That is so helpful.
That is so helpful.
As if I'd fall for that.
She thinks I'll do the opposite of everything she said.
So I'm going to do the opposite of the opposite of what she said.
She's so basic.
This relationship's going to be over before they order dessert.
Let's make it appetizers.
Gwenny's been at the house all week.
I think Lucas really likes her.
She's so organized, and she corrects everybody, and she's a great cook.
Sounds like somebody I went to high school with.
You're right.
She's totally Debbie Williams.
Found this bag of heads.
What's going on over there? I just couldn't take the noise anymore.
I think I broke him.
My tiny dancer.
Can't believe I'm about to do this.
Jack? Honey, you don't have to play that video game.
You can tap dance.
Said no parent ever.
- Really? - Your shoes are in the closet.
They're behind the vacuum, under the winter coats, in a box.
Labeled "Goodwill.
" You're a good mom.
I'm about to be an insane mom.
I have no idea how I'm going to deal with the noise.
I may have a solution.
This is amazing! Tell Dave to thank his friends at the airport! Oh, I'm so glad you noticed! I just got it cut! Oh, it's not new! I just haven't worn it in a while.
I've missed this! Merlot! I guess I can manage, like I did with the car door, and the restaurant door.
I like your outfit.
Thanks for sending me a photo of it first.
Thanks for approving it.
Oh, no, you don't! That's my job.
I'm so glad we're here to witness this.
We're like conductors in a symphony.
Breakup in G minor.
Have we made any decisions yet? Um, yes! Could I please have some more free bread? - You look great tonight.
- Thanks.
So do you.
And your hair Never mind.
What about my hair? Let's change the subject.
Read anything interesting lately? Uh The "Please Wait To Be Seated" sign? What? Oh, you're being funny! Seriously, though.
What book are you reading right now? Huh? You're the funny one.
I don't know why people don't laugh at you more.
- What? - Oh, right! I don't know why people don't laugh at you more! My manager says you have to order something to get more bread.
What do you recommend that is under three dollars? The vending machine at the gas station? I'm not reading any books! - Why are you yelling at me? - Why aren't you talking about my hair? Because Alexa told me not to, and that you love books and a bunch of other stuff.
Katie told me to laugh a lot, and you can't hear well Ohhhh I should have known.
Alexa conspired against us.
She used reverse reverse psychology on me.
Katie used psychology on me! They thought they could ruin us.
They're here! They don't know we saw them.
- Want to get even? - Always.
She wants to see us fighting, so Let's show her we're having the best date ever.
- What did we miss? I can't hear them.
- Why are they smiling? This is the best date ever.
You have really pretty eyes.
- Ew.
- Ugh.
- Another breadstick? - I'd love one.
Oh, I can't breathe.
Am I sinking into the floor? You really do have pretty eyes.
Your hair looks beautiful tonight.
That means a lot.
You know what would make Alexa really mad? Way ahead of you.
No! Stop! This isn't happening! Shut it down! Health code violation! And I think you've had enough breadsticks! What are you doing? You guys were just fighting.
Your little sabotage worked for a minute.
But now I like Gwenny more than ever.
She's pretty dope.
Whatever! You're the dope one.
Let me just be clear.
All the butting in and meddling we did to keep you guys apart has only driven you closer together? - Pretty much.
- Thanks.
And I already came up with our couples name.
Hashtag #Gwencas.
And I'm posting it.
No! We know, we're leaving.
Thank you.
You've been super fun.
Definitely let me know where you work, so I can stop by sometime.
I don't have anywhere to work yet.
I'm trying to get a job.
Oh, no, I'm trying to get a job.
My interview! Just so you know, I left my wallet at home because Katie said you love to pay.
Too late.
I am so sorry.
There's no excuse.
Please just give me another chance.
I blew it.
No, this is not how this day ends.
I'm saying something.
Didn't we just learn that meddling only makes things worse? You're right.
But I can't help myself.
Hey, you've got to give Katie a chance.
She deserves her interview.
Isn't this the face you want welcoming people here? I mean, Katie, say welcome to Wired.
We welcome to Wired.
See? That's the most welcome I've ever felt.
And you don't even know how she makes her coffee.
- Katie, how do you make your coffee? - Too fast and too delicious! Wow, I want someone like that making my coffee.
If I give her the job, will you please stop talking? You start next week.
Whoa! Don't do that.
Thank you so much.
I cannot believe that worked! So, meddling doesn't always make things worse? Exactly.
That's what we learned today.
We should always meddle, except for when we shouldn't.
Either way, I have a job.
Which means I'll be able to pay to go to London and you are getting all the free mochas you want.
No free mochas! Right! Got it.
SDH created by: Chiranjib Sahoo