Alexa & Katie (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Tryouts and Latte Doubts

1 [ALEXA] It had been a week and Gwenny and Lucas were still Gwencas.
Which was as gross as it sounds.
Luckily, I had the best distraction.
Basketball tryouts.
''After a year on injury reserve, Alexa Mendoza has been cleared to return to the court, and she's taking it by storm! She cuts left, she spins right, Mendoza shoots!'' ''And Mendoza road checks!'' But Mendoza was fouled! What? No way.
Dad, was that a foul? Ah, don't look at me.
I just want to sit courtside and enjoy my nachos.
Hot hot hot! Hey, listen, I'm penciling things into the family calendar, who's got stuff? Oh, I'm auditioning guys for my band this afternoon.
Oh, Dave, that makes me miss your band.
Bup bup bup bup.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Still not over the "incident"? What are you guys talking about? Uh, documentaries, car insurance Boring! Works every time.
Hey, my first shift volunteering at the hospital's tomorrow.
Wanna come by after tryouts? They'd be happy to see you.
Sorry, Mom, but I don't think I'll have time.
I'll be too busy doing this.
''Hoowah! Mendoza steals the ball.
'' I had the ball? - It's a fast break.
- Give that back! [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] [SERIES THEME SONG PLAYING] Today's my first shift at Wired.
What if a customer asks about the elevation levels of our Arabica beans and I can't say it's between four and six thousand feet above sea level? I mean I'll look like a fool.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] You'll be great.
And I really want to be there to support you.
And score a free Rice Krispie treat.
[CHUCKLES] I really wanted to be there for your basketball tryouts.
I know.
But this is what it'll look like.
Dribble, dribble.
Alley-oop and dunk! [GRUNTS] Nice! Check out these latte moves.
Gonna tamp the espresso.
Lock it in! You let it fly Uh This is never gonna be easy, is it? [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Why does he always walk up when we're being weird? I like it! Cody's the only one who doesn't know I was sick.
It's nice that there's someone who thinks that I'm weird, just because I'm weird.
[CHUCKLES] - Hey, guys! - Hey.
The student I was tutoring canceled on me.
Wanna hang? Are you kidding? I could be.
You think it's funny? [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Dylan.
I have basketball tryouts.
Right! Which is why I canceled the tutoring session, 'cause I'm totally going to come cheer you on.
Nice save.
Oi! Hey, I had to bus table nine, big job, kid threw up everywhere.
It's just I can't.
Post-it reminders, check.
Checking off the Post-it reminders "reminder Post-it," check.
Here you go.
Oh, wow! My very first used apron.
With the name Ted R.
on it.
You don't get a new apron 'til you've earned it.
Then I will be the best Ted R.
you've ever had.
Good! 'Cause the real Ted R.
electrocuted himself.
I'm kidding.
Ted R.
's my dad.
I fired him because he was terrible.
Wait, wait! Before you go I just have one or two or 17 quick questions.
Just pour coffee.
If anyone says it's cold in here, tell 'em to put on a sweater, Gerald! [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Pretty basic stuff.
Yeah, but you're a pro.
It's like you were born to do this.
That's the meanest thing, anyone has ever said to me.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Hey, Alexa! I'm sups glad you get to tryout this year.
What's your angle? Just looking out for my biffle sis.
Your what? Biffle sis.
Boyfriend's little sis.
No hard feelings on trying to ruin Lucas and me.
Hashtag #Strongerthanever.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] - We're back! - [GIRLS GIGGLE] [BLOWS WHISTLE] Line it up! All right, ladies if you wanna make varsity, you have got the next two days to prove you can play with the big dogs.
And if you can't, there's always JV.
Where there's much less pressure because Well, it's JV.
White Fang! I work alone.
All right.
[BLOWS WHISTLE] Let's form two lines.
One on each wing.
I wanted to tell you Please, don't.
I appreciate you checking in, but just treat me like everybody else.
Your shoe's untied.
Hah! Just like that! Glad we had this talk.
Thanks for your interest in the band, Steve.
But you look a little like me.
Now, do I want someone in the band who could be my cousin? [HISSES] I think not.
But you could always be the slightly better looking cousin.
I'll be in touch.
Oh, this is so wrong! - Don't ask, don't ask.
- What's going on, honey? Kyle's bedtime got moved to 10, and my mom said that's not a reason to move mine.
Let it go, Jack.
The last time I let you stay up past 9:30, you had a meltdown about wearing green pajamas, then tried to crawl up the chimney.
Man, putting together a band is so hard.
People are so many different heights! [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] - Hey, did you tell him we had a grunge - Uh bup-bup-bup.
You what? We had a grunge band in high school.
I said bup-bup.
Ah, and you looked adorable with your ripped jeans and your long, messy hair.
[CHUCKLES] You looked cute too, Dave.
Oh, it was so fun! I loved being creative and artsy.
- What if I stay up 'til ten? - We're on me now.
I want to hear more about this band.
We called ourselves Nobody's Puppets.
We knew the only thing that mattered was the music.
- Let's hear a song! - Great idea! No! You're not still embarrassed about the No, I'm not.
[SCOFFS] I don't even know what you're talking about.
So let's stop talking about it.
I get all the creative stimulation I need from working in HR anyway.
Just yesterday, I had to figure out if Rhonda White's bunion shaving, counted as a sick day or personal day, so I'm complete.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Oh no! Where's my machiatto Post-it? I'll be in the back.
Wait, now? But it's the evening rush! [EXHALES] Welcome to Wired.
The usual.
Could you be more specific? See it's my first day, so my usual is not being here.
[CHUCKLES] Spare me the life story, Ted R.
Coffee black.
With a pump of hazelnut.
Lock it in.
With a pump of hazelnut.
No tears, no tears, no tears.
[SIGHS] Enjoy.
Sorry I spilled your last coffee, but now [GASPS] Now, I know not to hold it by the lid.
[LAUGHS AWKWARDLY] Third time's a charm.
Sure is.
[SIGHS] - Oh.
- Where's my food? I am so sorry.
I Wait, you didn't order food.
I'll have my usual.
Of course.
[WHIMPERS] No tears, no tears, no tears.
[ALEXA PANTING] [WHISTLE BLOWS] Did the court get longer? - Hey, you're doing great! - I was terrible.
Well, just remember: Basketball is all about the three Hs.
Head, heart and having fun out there.
You just read that off the wall.
Well, it was either that or Bake Sale this Monday.
Don't stress out too much, okay? It's just basketball.
Just basketball? I'm sorry.
Maybe me being here is making you nervous? I don't want to be a jinx.
I don't believe in jinxes.
- [SIGHS] Today was the worst.
- The worst.
[SIGHS] I was terrible out there.
I was a horrible barista.
[SIGHS] I couldn't hit a shot! I couldn't barrist anything.
Look, at least, if I get fired, I don't have to keep the job a secret from my mom anymore.
Yeah, that's the spirit.
Think positive.
I should have used word associations to remember the drinks! God, it was a disaster.
And a customer yelled at me.
What? Well, next time, tell 'em to back off.
And be patient with yourself.
You don't have to be perfect.
It takes time.
You know what? You are right.
I mean, who is perfect on their first day? [LAUGHS] I'll be perfect tomorrow.
- No, that's not quite what I - [SLAMS DOOR] [GRUNTS] Ehh whyyyyyyyy? Hey, listen, I'm volunteering tomorrow, but I want to hear how tryouts go.
So make sure you text me.
Well, I hope they go better than today.
It's so annoying.
Breitwieser said I was back to normal again.
Well, he said you were healthy enough to try out for basketball again.
Do you know how lucky you are, that he even cleared you to try out? Lucky? If I hadn't gotten sick, I would have been on the team last year, and now, I'd make varsity easy.
So, no.
I'm not feeling lucky right now.
I just want things to be back to the way they were.
And with more practice, you're gonna be great again! All right? You need to be patient with yourself.
You don't have to be perfect.
It takes time.
You're right.
I just need more practice.
I'll be perfect tomorrow.
Yes! All right, ladies, here it is.
Read it and weep somewhere else.
I wanted to tell you myself.
I am going to give you a shot.
- Really? - Yeah, but you'll be on the bench until you get more practice with the team.
I don't care.
I'm just so happy to make the team.
Oh, that's a great attitude! I wish all my girls got this excited about JV.
JV? But [GIRLS CHUCKLE] I can't decide between these guys for my band.
Jack, who looks the most like the bad boy? I need to start penciling more flights into my schedule.
I've been thinking about it all day.
We're getting the band back together.
I am not taking no for an answer.
- I don't think he'll ever get over it.
- Over what? Well, there was an incident at a talent show.
It involved cargo pants that may or may not have ripped on an amp.
Just before an enthusiastic stage dive, which then led to some very awkward crowd surfing.
And the nickname Grunge Buns.
Then your dad quit the band.
Oh, I loved it when he played.
We've to think of a way to convince him.
You should do a concert right here! Great idea! And it should start at 9:30.
You'll already be in bed.
Too bad you're gonna miss it.
- All right, let's do this! - Yes! - Yeah! - [SHOUTS] Who cares! [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Cappuccino.
Got it! [CHUCKLES] The usual.
Coffee, black.
Pump of hazelnut.
Everyone knows Fridays are the day I loosen up and go crazy.
Get me a caramel Americano.
Okay Americano.
Avocado, doh, doh bird.
Extinct, no milk.
Pick up the pace.
Barry, boss, a bitter but great! Uh, here you go.
It's spilling all over the place.
Oh, wow, sorry.
It's just one drop.
[CHUCKLES] So you're proud of mediocrity.
You know what, back off! What did you say? Back off, I think.
You are the rudest, most incompetent person I've ever met.
It's only my second day.
Yesterday, I spilled four coffees, so one drop isn't so bad.
Look, I'm still learning, like like what's in a latte, and how second degree burns do not always require hospital visits.
So, yes, I made a mistake.
Let it go, lady.
Hey, that's enough.
You're out of here.
Not you.
No one's rude to my employees, but me.
[KATIE CHUCKLES] That's right! You don't mess with Ted R.
! [SCOFFS] [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Hey thanks, Barry.
You're abrasive and unprofessional.
You remind me of a young me.
[CHUCKLES] You know, that's the meanest thing anyone's ever said to me.
Yes! Dave, come down here! Lucas, mic me.
- [MUSIC PLAYING ON KEYBOARD] - Is that my guitar? Fans were calling for an encore.
Of the song.
Not the you know.
[SIGHS] Well, I'm not interested.
Ugh! Come on, honey, I've to leave for the hospital soon.
Play something! Please? You think you see You don't see! That keyboard beat's not enough.
Kingdom crumbling Down around you! The time is done! It's our turn to be free! Nah, you need the guitar if you really want Fine, I'll just do it.
We are Nobody's Puppets! [ALL YELLING] Yeah! We won't do what you say We'll be what we want to be! Moms and Dads! Dads say bads They hold us back! Yeah, they hold us back! Like caged packs of rats! I am a caged pack of rats! I don't remember this being so angry.
It's not angry.
It's art, man! Okay.
[CHUCKLES] Get out of my room! Get out of my room! Get out of my room! You don't control me! Yeah, you don't control me! I'm never going to bed again! Yes, you are! [SIGHS] These lyrics are horrible.
Parents are awesome, and rules are in place to keep kids from doing dumb things.
But you crumbled their kingdom! Show's over, Jack.
Let's go home and floss, huh? That was awesome! [SIGHS] You've inspired me.
We're definitely not wearing flannel.
Wait, wait, wait! We have aspirational stuff too! What about our song "Let's Burn it All Down"? Hey! Grunge Buns.
You're back.
Yeah, I am.
Rough day? - I don't wanna talk about it.
- Let me tell you about my day.
It was horrible! I got pushed around.
Whoever did that is a jerk! You're the mascot? I'm sorry.
Hey, when you're dressed like a giant dog, you know the risks.
It has been a rough day.
[SIGHS] [CHUCKLES] Yeah, I was there.
I was good! [HUFFS] I just couldn't play last year because I got Well, this thing happened, and everything got really weird, and I thought things were back to normal, but they're not.
I'm really not following.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I wanted to play basketball so bad.
But I'm not riding bench on JV.
You're only a sophomore.
You can play varsity next year.
I'm supposed to be varsity now.
I was told I could play.
[SIGHS] Why did this have to happen? Why does anything have to happen? I mean, no one really knows.
Should I know? Someone does.
- Hey, where you going? - To get answers, thanks.
She still makes more sense than the blond one.
Alexa, how's it going? I need to talk to Dr.
Breitwieser about when I'm gonna be good at basketball again.
That is very specific, um - Sorry, he's out for a couple of - I'll wait.
So, feel free to wait.
Sasha, aren't you supposed to be in the game room? That volunteer is super competitive.
Does she have brown hair and told you to pick any game you want, over and over again until you pick the game she wanted? - Yeah! - That's my mom.
She once took a hammer to the Trouble Bubble.
Are we talking about how scary your mom is? Do you think she heard that? I meant she's lovely! She's lovely! Sour gummies, huh? Is the chemo messing with your taste buds? Totally.
Only things I can really taste right now are spicy and sour.
But if you have a brother, you can challenge him to a jalapeno eating contest.
You'll get a little flavor, and he'll cry so hard.
[CHUCKLES] [SASHA LAUGHING] I am definitely doing that.
How do you know all this? I had leukemia.
I'm in maintenance.
Whoa! You look so normal.
Yeah Well, I'm not that normal.
[LAUGHS] I know cancer changes things.
Some things are still different for me.
Like, today, I thought I'd jump right back in and make varsity basketball, but I'm stuck on JV.
You get to play sports? You're so lucky! Yeah, well Oh, I can't wait! Just knowing that you can Maybe next year I can.
And Oh, I can't wait! Yeah.
I am pretty lucky.
Sasha, I thought you were getting water.
Oh, hey, honey, is everything okay? Yeah, everything's fine.
I just went for a walk to plan how I'm gonna take Park Place from you.
Heh! No one takes Park Place from me.
When I'm better, I'm taking you, one on one.
You got it.
How were tryouts? Well, things are definitely not back to normal.
But you know what? - That's okay.
- Yeah.
Can I hang out here for a while? Yeah, I think the kids would like that.
Plus, Sasha told me you guys are playing games.
And I know all your weaknesses.
[LAUGHS] I will crush you.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I have something to show you.
I already told you, that bruise does not look like a rabbit.
No, it only took me two weeks to earn my apron.
[CHUCKLES] Well, I'm not surprised.
You're amazing.
I still think foamy milk is hard, and I'm not sure how dirty chai isn't an insult, but you know, I'm getting better and better.
[BUZZER RINGS] [COACH] Mendoza! You're in.
[SIGHS] Time to be the best JV backup player that ever came off the bench.
Whoo! Let the legend begin! That's my kid! Yeah, go, Alexa! [ALEXA] Playing JV might not have brought the crowds or the glory I always dreamed of.
But that's okay.
I finally realized getting to play basketball, at all, was proof that some dreams really do come true.
SDH created by: Chiranjib Sahoo