Alexa & Katie (2018) s02e07 Episode Script

Katie's Beautiful Mind

1 [ALEXA] It had been six weeks since the breakup, and my mom was right.
Time did help, and I was starting to feel better.
I didn't look it, but not because I was post breakup.
Because I was pre-midterms.
Hey, honey.
Um Why don't you, uh, let me wash the pajamas? I can see every meal you've had since yesterday's breakfast.
Mom, I'm studying.
Who cares what I look like? I kinda do.
[EXCITEDLY] Hey, everybody! I'm home.
I'm happy to see you.
Hi! They're happy too.
Uh, they're just busy.
Yeah, look at how hard Alexa's studying for her midterms.
How hard Lucas is eating.
All I have left to study for is cooking class.
And I'm doing that right now.
I helped Mom make breakfast.
He got the eggs out of the fridge.
Hey, Lex, just to give you a heads up, Dylan's coming over later.
Seriously? Okay, I've been going out of my way to avoid him at school, and now you bring him here? Sorry, he's my best friend and I've kept away from him as long as I can.
All right.
Just tell me when he's gonna be here, so I can be somewhere else.
Dylan! What a fun surprise! Excuse me.
[SIGHS] - That wasn't weird, was it? - No, I'm good.
Anyway, I'm glad that you came over 'cause this is big.
I'm picking guys for my band and I need an answer today.
Are you in? I'm not in.
You sound unsure.
Let's talk about it.
Do we say "hi" or shun him? Well, technically she broke up with him.
Only 'cause he hadn't thought about what would happen to them - when he leaves for college.
- Which is bad.
So we shun.
I'm gonna walk right past him, not say a word.
I'm going to give him the stink eye from here.
[SNIFFS] - Uh, hi, Mr.
Mendoza - Hey, Dylan! How are you? Bring it in! [DYLAN] Ah, I'm great.
- How are you? - Very well, thank you.
Show him how to shun.
Hi, Mrs.
Mendoza! Hey, sweetie! Help yourself to some breakfast.
At least I didn't hug him.
I've got you When I can't take it any longer You make me feel stronger I've got you When I can't take it You make it so much better We'll do this together Oh-oh-oh-oh We'll do this together I've got you Oh-oh-oh We'll do this together Woo! Are you solving a crime or did you commit one? Yeah, I know this looks crazy.
But I added more shifts at Wired for the money I need to make the London deadline, and with midterms this week, I need to cram in studying.
So this covers school work chores and spontaneously hanging with friends.
I'll tell you more about it when we hang out at 2:15.
So, uh yeah, not crazy.
Potato disagrees.
Potato barks at the oven.
Oh, hmm.
This is totally working.
Okay, and my mom still doesn't know that I work at Wired because all of my shifts are listed as study groups.
I think it's time you tell your mom.
I was going to, but then she got jury duty.
Then Jack broke his arm, then she made the final cut for a mouthwash focus group.
You know, it was like the universe was saying, "She's distracted.
Why tell her now?" Katie, you can't keep this up.
Sure I can! In fact, I am 35 seconds ahead.
So, let's relax and catch up.
[CHUCKLES] So tell me about you.
Well, Dylan came over to see Lucas.
It's the first time I'd seen him since we broke up.
Oh my gosh.
That must've been so weird.
Yeah, really weird.
- [JENNIFER] Katie! - Oh, help me lie to my Mom.
[CHUCKLES] Hi, I'm heading out to do some shopping.
Can you keep an eye on Jack? He's trying to scratch under his cast with a shish kebab skewer.
Uh, sure.
Wow! So many study groups.
Somebody's acing her midterms.
- Yeah, you bet I am.
- You always do.
I don't know why this time would be any different.
[CHUCKLES] [KATIE CHUCKLES] Why would it? Getting straight A's means everything to me.
And she knows it means everything to me.
[GROANS THEN SIGHS] It's okay! Breathe.
Because you just said you'd watch Jack and you've a shift at Wired in 20 minutes.
Oh! Yes, yes, I do! Okay.
It's gonna be okay, it's gonna be fine.
You're putting pants on your pants.
Yes I am.
Oh, you didn't rinse it.
I can't keep having this conversation.
So when I'm gone, you're just don't rinse.
That's right.
I wish I could pick all of you guys to be in the band.
And I could, but I'm only going to pick two of you.
So tell me, what instruments do you guys play? I play guitar, bass keys and drums.
I play all that, plus alto sax.
Steve plays guitar and I just downloaded a piano app.
But does it matter? With you as our front man it's gonna be awesome.
Awesome! The choice is pretty clear.
You two need to leave.
You two are in the band! I'm psyched! This has been my lifelong dream since I saw your flyer posted last week.
- Thank you so much.
You rule! - Rule! So what instruments do you play? Let's go back to how I rule.
[JACK LAUGHS HYSTERICALLY] Oh, it's so awesome.
Oh no, pachow! Oh, ha-ha! Oh, awesome! Where's that kid's owner? Oh, I'll take care of it.
- I'm great with kids.
Oh! Hey, what are you guys doing here? Well, we have to study anyway, so why not study here with you? Yeah, no, I can't study at work.
That's why we're just normal paying customers who happen to be busy studying, and may want to talk to their barrista about it occasionally.
Regan's covering history, I have English, Ryan will run lines with you for acting class, and Hannah's babysitting Jack.
A cast? Bold choice.
I almost wore an eyepatch.
Ha-ha! Awesome! Thank you.
For helping.
"Hark! She speaks.
I'll set down what comes from her to satisfy my remembrance the more strongly.
" Umm Okay, um "Out, damn spot.
Out I say! One, two " or three pumps of mocha, sir? Uh, two please, miss.
And then I say "One, two.
Why? Then 'tis time to do it.
" Is that right? 'Tis, fair lady.
[CLEARS THROAT] - Can I get you anything else? - Oh, I'd love some more How may I help you? Yeah, I was just looking at my coffee and I was wondering if you knew who organized the Seneca Falls Convention.
- Um - [CLEARS THROAT] - Elllizzz - Elizabeth Cady Stanton! Yes! I'd still love a Can you show me where the cinnamon is and the grammatical error in this sentence? Yeah, well I have no idea where the cinnamon is, and the grammatical error is right there! - Bam! Woo! - Yeah! [KATIE CHUCKLES] Oh, I'm just high-fiving Katie because the lattes here are so dang good.
Yelp it or shut it.
[BOTH] See? Dave, Lori, I need your help.
What did you just call us? Just trying something out.
I can't have my fans know I have parents.
- Fans.
- Hmm.
Hook me up! - Why are your jeans so tight? - Ah! These are my show pants.
Why? Because they show everything? [KNOCK ON DOOR] That's the guys.
Dad, pick up the pace.
- Mom, can you grab my shades? - I'm not gonna grab your shades! That's the last time I pick up the pace for you, pal.
When did our sweet boy become so full of himself? You think those guys are feeding his ego? No, Lucas wouldn't buy into that.
Dude, this too tight jean look is dope! - You're a genius.
- Genius! Let's go talk band stuff in my room.
That's right.
You get to see my room.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] - Yeah, that's definitely those two.
- Yeah.
Especially the one that talks.
We've done a commendable job with Lucas for 17 years.
A couple hours and it gets undone by those two goobers.
Ugh! You know he's almost an adult! We only have a little bit of time to mold our son into a respectable human.
The Jell-O isn't solid yet.
Did you just call Lucas "Jell-O"? I'm not the enemy, Lori.
- The Anglo-Zanzibar War of 1896.
- [SOFTLY] Yes.
- That sentence requires a semicolon.
- Perfect! "I'll gild the faces of the grooms withal.
For it must seem their guilt.
" - And scene! - Haha, thank you! Thank you.
You do not know what it means to me to serve you and wipe down your tables.
Thank you.
The service was delightful.
Hannah! We're done.
I don't want to ruin anything.
You're going to love it when they save the Galaxy! It's pretty slow.
Take a break.
A break? At last, a chance to do some studying! Just one subject left.
- Oh, which one? How can I help? - Oy.
[SIGHS] - Precalculus.
- I'm out.
I know, I know it's so complicated, but I just need to focus, and I'm out.
C'mon, you're great at math! You tell me all the time.
- [SOFTLY] All the time.
- [KATIE SIGHS] No, I've just been so busy that I've fallen behind.
Which is so unlike me because I'm great at math.
I do say that all the time.
What am I going to do? - [KATIE SIGHS] - Well there is someone I know who could help you.
No, I can't ask you to ask Dylan.
You need help.
Straight A's, remember? It would be too awkward.
I'm already searching for his number.
Yeah, I changed his contact name after we broke up.
Yeah, here it is.
Yikes! Yeah I was mad that day.
Hey, thank you.
Okay, if Dylan can teach me pre-calc, then I'll be totally ready for midterms! [CHUCKLES] Man, this week is starting to really look up.
I don't know who did it, but the toilet's clogged.
Also, uh, your phone's missing.
Jack said you guys really had fun today.
I can't believe you got him to spend that much time at the library.
Oh, yeah, that's right.
The library.
[GIGGLES] We had a great time.
Yeah, I love to read.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I love to read twice that much.
Let's go, Jack.
The senior center tap show starts in 10 minutes.
Oh! I hope I'm still tapping when I'm old.
Or, taking a long break and then picking it up again when you're old.
[DOOR CLOSES] Yeah, I lied to my mom, Potato.
You drink out of the toilet.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Hey! Just thought I'd stop by.
You know, just to make sure Dylan shows up.
[CLEARS THROAT] Oh, thanks! Got my book out and ready to go.
[GASPS] Oh! Are you wearing lipstick? Yeah, my lips are chapped.
And makeup.
Chapped face.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Hey, Dylan.
Thank you so much for helping me out.
Of course! Alexa texted it was important.
I mean, I think it was Alexa.
I changed her name in my phone.
Oh! Hi.
Dylan! I forgot you were coming.
Yeah, I'm just stopping by before I go out.
To my plans.
I have plans.
[CLEARS THROAT] Well, Katie, we should get started.
Because I also - have plans.
- Oh.
That are planned.
Ah, good.
Um Okay.
The derivative equations are sort of complicated here.
Here's a glass of water, Katie.
Oh, Dylan, I forgot that you were here.
[CHUCKLES] It's okay! I won't be here long.
You know, my plans.
That are big.
[CHUCKLES] Precalculus, huh? And I mean "huh," because I don't understand it.
I knew you'd come around.
Well, you made a good point.
From now on kids are doing the dishes.
[CLINK] Yo, D-Dog! Low rider! - [LUCAS] Ha-ha.
- OK, that's it.
Hey, honey, um - Listen, we need to talk.
- Oh, yeah, we do.
I'm going to get my teeth whitened, so if you can stop serving red stuff, that'd be lit.
Okay, wait, wait.
Lucas! Come here.
Um I don't know how to say this, um The guys are sucking up to you.
Everything they say is a lie.
Yeah, honey.
They're just excited to be in a band, so they tell you what you wanna hear.
You let it all go to your head.
Hey, guys, come on down.
The guys wouldn't lie to me.
I'll show you.
Okay, so my parents think you're telling me what I want to hear just 'cause you're excited to be in my band.
What? No way! We tell you you're awesome because you are awes I can't do this anymore! These stupid pants are killing me! Oh, wow.
Steve, can you believe this guy? I can.
I mean, I don't like your songs, or the band name or these pants.
I actually have a lot of creative concerns about the direction you're taking us.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] But I like your shoes.
Me too.
Just not the ones you're wearing right now.
Yeah, I get it, uh Band hangout's over.
You guys should go.
[SIGHS] You were right.
Honey, it's tough.
But, you know, you learned your lesson.
Hmph, I totally did.
My ideas are terrible and I'm nothing special.
Where are you going? To freeze to death.
- I think we parented too hard.
- [HUFFS] Dancing and then a midnight breakfast, that sounds amazing! - Dylan's gone.
- Thank God! [AUDIENCE LAUGHING] See? I told you it wouldn't be awkward.
No, no.
Not awkward at all.
Hey, I'm I'm sorry.
When I saw him this morning, he was wearing that cute shirt and I was wearing my last three meals.
I overheard him tell my dad he was doing great.
Great? Who says "great"? It's so braggy.
I know.
So when he agreed to tutor you, I took the opportunity to show him that I'm great too.
Well, it totally worked.
Okay, you looked amazing.
I used, like, 17 different products.
I don't know how Lucas does this everyday.
Thank you for asking Dylan.
I can't believe it, but I'm actually ready for all of my midterms.
And I'm ready to change Dylan's name in my phone.
Yow! That is still not his name.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] Use a spoon, shoop doo doop Stir in some tomato soup Honey, come inside.
Come on.
It's cold! [SHIVERS] I made you some tomato soup.
I guess I can eat red stuff now that my teeth have no future.
Honey, it's not true.
Your teeth have a great future.
All of you does.
[SIGHS] I believed everything the guys said.
How could I've been so stupid? [FORK CLINKS] It's not a trash can.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] One thing at a time, honey.
Listen, everybody likes hearing nice things about themselves, Lucas.
And there are plenty of them to say about you.
But you can't let it go to your head.
You're almost an adult.
We just want to make sure you're not [TAKES A DEEP BREATH] one of those people who parks in two spaces.
Or uses a cell phone in an elevator.
Or takes a full cart into the "8 items or less" line.
[SHOUTS] Yeah, can they not count? Is their time so valuable? One thing at a time, honey.
You're a cool kid, Lucas.
Just remember to be cool about it.
You're right.
I love you, guys.
- I promise I'll make you proud.
- [LUCAS'S PANT TEARS] After I change my pants.
Katie, midterm grades are in.
- Oh, I know, I was waiting for you.
- You ready? I got all A's and B's.
I'm got all A's, including precalc.
See, I told you you were great at math.
And I get to keep saying it: ''I am great at math!'' Oh, my mom.
Um, okay.
What do we do? Sit.
- Hi! - Hi, Mom.
Uh, just, just, having coffee with Alexa.
We already drank it, so it's gone, so that explains that.
I'm grabbing coffee before I pick up Jack from Kyle's.
Where's the barrista? I, uh Service is bad today.
You should just go.
I really want a coffee, though.
Oh, there he is.
May I have a coffee, please? Can't she? Can't she? Can't she? Yes.
That was weird.
- Uh, excuse me - Uh, Mom, wait.
Argh! Yeah, you know what, we'll get you one.
You'll be waiting here forever.
We'll just bring one home for you.
Yeah, that.
[GIGGLES] Okay, thank you.
[KATIE SIGHS] Oh, that was close.
I am so glad this week is over.
- But [CHUCKLES] - [ALEXA SIGHS] I actually got through midterms without my mom, ever, finding out I have a job.
Okay, I am a straight-A gettin' coffee makin' rock star.
I forgot to grab sugar packets.
We are out at home.
- Can I get you anything else? - How about the truth? You know, I have a feeling this can all be resolved with a hug.
[LAUGHS AWKWARDLY] I'm gonna go.
So you work here? Um yes.
For how long? Uh, not long Just [QUAVERS] three months.
And you were just never going to tell me? What's going on? I didn't say you could take a break.
Yeah, I'm her mom.
She's on break.
I'm not scared of you.
Just have somehwere else to be.
Let me hear it.
[CELL-PHONE RINGS] Um [CLEARS THROAT] Okay, I, uh, I got accepted into a drama program in London.
Uh, but it cost $2,000 and I didn't want to ask you for the money.
Because I knew you'd feel bad that you can't afford it.
See, that's that's why I didn't want to tell you because I knew you'd feel bad about it.
Listen you're not responsible for my feelings.
I'm the mom and you're the kid.
It's my job to look out for you.
If you had told me about this, I could have helped you.
You you have the money? I meant emotionally help you.
I don't have $2,000.
[HUFFS] You know I have always trusted you.
And now, I don't know what to think.
I'm sorry, Mom.
You should be.
I'm disappointed.
Yeah, you should be.
[WHIMPERS] I'm also proud of you.
You figured out a way to make this work instead of giving up.
That's what you do every day.
Don't make me cry! I'm still mad at you.
[CHUCKLES] [SNIFFLES] [SIGHS] I'll see if I can find a little money somewhere to help.
[SNIFFS] Maybe we can sell Potato.
So you're not going to punish me? Oh, I'm gonna punish you.
But, it's been a while, so, I need to come up with something really good.
- I believe in you.
- [BOTH CHUCKLE] [IN BRITISH ACCENT] So, Governor, draw me more about this trip to London Town.
That is why Alexa doesn't like when I do that! Oh my [IN BRITISH ACCENT] Why not join in some gibberish with me, good mom? Why not, you big cup of tea? - Big cup of tea? I can get you one now.
- That'd be SDH created by: Chiranjib Sahoo