Alexa & Katie (2018) s02e06 Episode Script

Shop 'Til You Cry

1 Any sign of Alexa yet? No, she's still upstairs.
Ahh, poor thing.
Her first breakup.
She's gonna be upset, so I made her comfort food.
[DAVE] Looks amazing, honey! Alexa might be sad, but at least she'll be uncomfortably full.
Waffles, bacon and lasagna? [SNIFFLES] This is for me.
- Wow, this has been really hard on you! - [SIGHS] You're usually such a rock for Alexa.
Yeah, but her first breakup is regular mom crying with her daughter stuff.
You know, so when Alexa comes down, she and I will have a good cry.
And it'll be nice.
And sad.
[CRIES] Well, you look beautiful when you cry.
Really? [SIGHS] Sure.
I I'm gonna miss Dylan.
But, but I am definitely Team Alexa.
Honey, we're her parents.
Of course we're Team Alexa.
Yeah, but I'm the captain.
When I talked to Dylan, he was a wreck.
I'd be a wreck if Gwenny broke up with me.
I guess I'm Team Lucas.
Good morning.
How's it going? [EXCITEDLY] Ooh, waffles! [SOMBERLY] Ooh waffles.
- Waffle? - Oh, I'm too upset.
Uh, when Alexa does come down, I brought this for her.
Oh, the sad sweater! I haven't seen that in a while.
I brought Alexa the Halloween candy that I don't want.
Oh, wait a minute, Twizzlers? You're not going anywhere.
Oh, poor Alexa.
I guess we're not going shopping for dresses for her Sweet 16 today.
I know she was really looking forward to a girls' day out.
I know I was.
Me too, but who can enjoy dress shopping after what happened? - Oh, hon.
- Oh, thanks.
[SNIFFLES] But this is not about me.
[CHUCKLES] [SHOUTS] Dave, will you hug me or not? It's gonna be okay.
We're all here for her.
No matter how bad it is.
I mean, she could be in her room all day.
I wonder what she's thinking, right now.
She's wondering where the syrup is.
[AUDIENCE LAUGHING] I've got you When I can't take it any longer You make me feel stronger I've got you When I can't take it You make it so much better We'll do this together Oh-oh-oh-oh We'll do this together I've got you Oh-oh-oh We'll do this together Hey! So, um, honey, is that waffle enough for you? Or do you need lasagna? No, thanks.
Is there a hole in the table? Wow! There is.
I like it.
[CHUCKLES] So, how how are you doing? - I'm actually fine.
- Wait, what? I know.
Last night I was upset, but when I woke up this morning, I was fine.
I was so worried about you.
You're sure you're not upset? I'm not.
Okay, okay, well that's great! [CHUCKLES] Hey, when are we going dress shopping? - You still wanna go? - Yes! My Sweet 16 is only a couple months away.
I'm focusing on what's ahead.
I won't let some breakup get in the way of finding the perfect dress.
Yes! We are going dress shopping.
[CHUCKLES] Uh, but first, I should get out of these pajamas.
Guess you won't be needing this.
Or this.
[GIGGLES] Honey, are you sure you're not upset? I guess, with everything I've been through the past two years, a breakup is just a breakup.
I'm okay, Mom.
I mean it.
All right.
Well if you don't need to cry, then I don't need to cry.
[CHUCKLES] I'm just gonna look in the fridge for a moment.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] - Gwenny! - Move! [SIGHS] Heartbroken bifflsis.
[SIGHS] Last night must have been so awful for you.
It's one thing to break up, but at a party? - Yeah, no need to - And that costume horrible.
I mean, the breakup.
So devastating and unflattering.
I mean the costume.
[CHUCKLES] - Lucas, can you take her somewhere? - Gwenny, you wanna Shh! The women are talking! I get it.
Guys do dumb things.
[SCOFFS] Been there.
Most of the time they don't even know what they did wrong, then they're all surprised when you end it.
I lost my appetite.
Now, what dress says "Sweet 16"? This one says, "Distant auntie with something to prove.
" Alexa is really acting okay.
Well, that's how we Mendoza women roll.
We are strong! [CHUCKLES] And full of it.
On the way here you claimed to have allergies.
Thought there was an onion nearby, and I didn't hear the third excuse because you dove into the bushes.
I'm fine.
Okay? Just like Alexa.
It takes more than a breakup from a sweet boy who also brought flowers on my birthday to bring us down.
[QUAVERS] I'm gonna go try on this tiara.
This is turning out to be a nice day.
- [KATIE CHUCKLES] - This is a train wreck.
Alexa is in denial about her feelings, and it is not healthy.
She doesn't deal with it, it's all gonna blow up.
That's all I'm gonna say.
You are not helping matters by encouraging Alexa to deny her feelings just because you want her to be okay.
Yeah, yeah.
I do want her to be okay.
And she is.
She thinks she is.
She's just tucked her sadness away.
When she gets triggered, grab the Kleenex.
I'm telling you she's miserable.
Hahaha! This place is fun! Kaboom.
Since dress shopping didn't get canceled, looks like we can still play the video game I picked up.
[VIDEO GAME TONE] "Flight Simulator"? But you're a real pilot, you're gonna crush me.
Not true.
You play video games all day.
You can just as easily crush me.
[GIGGLES] Ah, I'm glad Alexa's okay.
I thought today might get pretty emotional.
Yet here we are.
[SIGHS] Wheels up in three, two I'm so emotional! [SIGHS] - We have to talk about Gwenny.
- Uh, right now? It's just [GRUNTS] Ugh! Never mind.
[DAVE] Could you "never mind" somewhere else? Ugh! I can't stop thinking about what Gwenny said, about breaking up with guys who do dumb things and don't know it.
I do dumb things all day, and I don't know it.
Well, we know it.
She could break up with me at any moment.
Dad, what do I do? [SIGHS] Well, for starters, when she's here, don't talk to your dad.
Dude, you are bringing the wisdom! Lucas, we should go if we're gonna make the movie.
I need an extra ten minutes to Febreze our seats.
- What? - I'm breaking up with you.
- What? - Oh boy! Excuse me? - I'm breaking up with you.
- Seriously? I'm the after photo at my dad's dental office.
Your loss.
[GWENNY HUFFS] What was that? That was me not getting broken up with.
Team Lucas.
[MALE VOICE ON TV] Welcome to Singapore, Captain.
Perfect landing.
I didn't know flying was so easy.
[VIDEO GAME BEEPS] Oh, love it.
It's perfect.
I wish it were less pink and didn't have this weird extra fabric.
- It's terrible.
- I hate it.
[''THIS TOWN'' BY NIALL HORAN PLAYING] [SIGHS] This is Alexa and Dylan's song.
They danced to this at the Winter formal.
But that's old news.
I'm gonna go check the meter.
- [SIGHS] You know, this song was - A song? [CHUCKLES] I don't hear a song! I but I, you know, I love sharing happy time with my best friend.
[CHUCKLES] Katie, I told you, I'm fine.
Yeah, yeah, I know.
You know, it was just a simple, impulsive hug.
I'm gonna try this one on.
Hi! How's it going in here, huh? Everybody okay? Did you see the free bottles of water, Mom? [CHUCKLES] - I already nabbed a bunch.
- Uh-huh.
[SIGHS] Sorry about my mom.
She just doesn't know when to quit.
[BOTH SIGH] You know sometimes you have to take Sad Street in order to get to Happy Town.
Thanks, Jennifer, but I'm already hanging out and doing just Fineville.
Doing just Fineville.
Population: two.
Go find your own town, Mom.
[MALE VOICE FROM VIDEO GAME] Turn left heading 230, over.
Roger that, tower.
I'm coming Fog.
How is there suddenly fog? You're flying into Newfoundland.
The North Atlantic Drift must be coming up from the south.
I know where I am, Jack.
I've actually flown into Newfoundland in real [GRUNTS] Whoa! - Head for left! - I don't need help! [RAPID BEEPING FROM VIDEO GAME] Dad, I made a big mistake! [GRUNTS] Urgh, why did I break up with Gwenny? [BEEPING STOPS] You quit the game right before you crashed.
My son needs me.
What if she already found somebody else, and is telling him that his shoes are stupid and he smells like ham? - I'm going to get her back.
- Yeah, you should.
[SIGHS] Big mistake.
So sorry.
You need to show her how you feel! A text isn't enough.
[NOTIFICATION TONE] She says a text isn't enough.
I wonder what she wants.
Do something big that shows how much she means to you.
What does she like? Um, basketball, uh, abbreviating words herself.
Uh, cooking.
A cooking class! I'll bake her something.
[MALE VOICE FROM VIDEO GAME] Another perfect landing, Captain.
A courageous descent into Courchevel.
Courchevel? You landed on a mountain? [EXCITED] With zero visibility! Hmm.
What about this one? Yas Queen! [CHUCKLES] Sorry, I just I've always wanted to say that.
How was it? A little embarrassing.
I wonder where my mom went.
I've had to be strong all day.
So I appreciate being able to be vulnerable with you.
It's what I'm here for.
He just was so great, you know? I can't help but think it was something that I did.
Or something I didn't do.
You are a lovely, kind, talkative woman.
If your husband couldn't see that, that is his loss.
Oh, I was talking about my daughter and her boyfriend.
[CHOKING UP] Ex-boyfriend.
I'm gonna take my lunch break.
I thought you just came from your lunch break! None of these are right.
Alexa, sweetie, uh, maybe it's not the dresses that aren't turning out the way you hoped.
Um, uh, what about this dress, Alexa? [CHUCKLES] It's a garment bag.
But I was talking to Alexa.
You look so beautiful.
Aww, thanks.
Let's go look for jewelry.
Well, I wish I could pull off that color.
Um, okay.
I'm just gonna run this up the old flagpole.
Um [CLEARS THROAT] Feelings are like fruit at the bottom of the yogurt.
You have to stir up that fruit.
Or else, one day, when you finish the yogurt, all that's left is just a sad bottom of Boysenberry globs.
Or, yeah, you just eat plain yogurt.
No stirring required.
Something to think about.
I know what your mom's trying to do.
But I'm not upset.
Huh! What do you think of this one? [ALEXA] Or, how about those? - [LORI] Those are, um - Wow! [CHUCKLES] I know, right? Let's try 'em on.
It'll be hilarious.
[EMPLOYEE CLEARS THROAT] And something we'll seriously consider buying.
Ha-ha! Check it out, Jack.
A real captain is about to show you how it's done.
Throttle back [CELL-PHONE BEEPING] Oh, no, Gwenny's gonna be here in less than an hour! Dad, I need help! - Uh, in a minute.
- [TREMBLES] Dad! I'm so close! Your son needs you.
[MALE VOICE FROM VIDEO GAME] Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! [EXPLOSION] - What do you think of the cake? - Impressive! Yet oddly unsettling.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] - That's her.
How do I look? - You look good.
Oh, can you change your shirt? - Answer the door.
- Grab the cake.
- Hi, Gwenny.
- I just came by to drop these off.
You printed out our selfies? I was gonna delete them from my phone, then I thought, tearing you out of each one would feel more satisfying.
It did.
I don't want pictures without you.
Oh, maybe this one.
Don't go.
Not until you've seen what I've done for you.
It's something to show you how sorry I am for breaking up with you.
Is that me? [LUCAS] It's your head.
I messed up and I shouldn't have said those dumb things.
You'll have to be more specific.
I was so scared you'd break up with me, I broke up with you first.
- I'm sorry.
- You're scared of me? - No, I was scared that - No, I love that you're scared of me! - It was more about - Oh, boyfriend! [SIGHS] - I'm petrified.
- [GWENNY LAUGHS] Wanna go take some new selfies? - Great idea! I'll bring the cake.
- No.
What, you only fed me lunch! [ALEXA] Okay, ready! - [ALL GIGGLE] - Wait.
[ALEXA CHORTLES] Mom, you look like a parade float! [LAUGHTER] You look like Grandma's toilet paper cover.
[LAUGHTER] Let's go see, let's go see.
- [ALEXA] Oh! Haha.
- [LORI] Oh! Don't make me laugh! I had a lot of free waters.
It's gonna take me 10 minutes to get out of this dress.
Okay, let's take a selfie before your mom has to buy that dress.
- Okay.
Say - [LORI] Girls' day out! Okay, uh, I'm playing with fire.
Gotta go.
[ALEXA CHUCKLES] Oh, it's even worse in a picture.
I've gotta text these to Dylan.
Oh, right.
I guess I don't have to do that anymore.
[MUSIC PLAYING] Let's go try something else on.
[SIGHS] You got to stop pretending you're okay.
But I am okay.
My mom is right.
You are never going to get past it unless you feel it.
I can't feel something I'm not feeling.
[ALEXA SIGHS] - Come on, let's go find you a tiara.
- No! Look, I know how much Dylan meant to you.
How big you smiled when he left notes in your locker.
Or made that silly face that you pretended to hate.
Or how he always texted you, "good night.
" [ALEXA GULPS] And now it's over.
And there is no way that, that does not hurt.
[KATIE SIGHS] [ALEXA TAKES A DEEP BREATH] I need to get out of this dress.
Stupid zipper, this is really annoying.
[QUAVERS] Let me help you.
[YELLS] What is wrong with this stupid, stupid zipper? [ALEXA CRYING] Okay, okay.
[LORY] It's okay, it's okay.
I don't wanna be sad, Mom.
I can't believe it's really over.
Sweetie, I know.
It's okay to be sad.
[ALL WHIMPERING] [CRYING] I knew I was right.
Extra pillow.
Playlist of your favorite fail videos.
Box of Kleenex.
Backup box of Kleenex.
Thanks, Katie.
Hey, I'm sorry I made you exit onto Sad Street.
Oh! Forgot the sad socks.
You know, you're going to be really mad you missed dinner.
Lucas dropped his chicken through the hole.
[SIGHS] How long am I going to feel like this? For a while.
But then it's going to get better.
I promise.
But you know it makes me remember that you're one of the strongest people I know.
Anybody in here want some cake? No, thanks.
This one's going to cheer you up.
- Maybe I do want cake.
- [DAVE CHUCKLES] [SIGHS] We love you, kiddo.
I love you guys too.
[LORI INHALES THEN CLEARS THROAT] [FORKS CLINKING] Mmm, Gwenny's sweet! That's ironic.
[DAVE CHUCKLES] Umm, can we turn her this way? Kind of having a hard time enjoying her when she's looking at me.
I don't mind it.
SDH created by: Chiranjib Sahoo