Alias J.J. (2017) s01e31 Episode Script

Episode 31

PROSECUTOR INTERROGATION ROOM Look, let me tell you one thing.
The people I used to buy drugs from are capable of anything.
You don't know.
I'm not safe here or outside.
In there, they'll link me to all the drug networks.
You must understand that I am not safe.
See, they'll start looking for me sooner or later.
Sooner or later, they'll kill me.
Precisely, Harry, that's why you must keep talking, helping.
You have come so far.
There's already a composite sketch of Caspa.
You must have more information.
I don't know, a phone number maybe? Anything that may help us find Caspa.
- Don't you? - I don't know anything else.
Either you help or you end up in prison, waiting to be killed.
Do you see that, with the right attitude, everything goes well? My mom? - She's on her way to the house.
- Are you sure? Don't you trust me? Look, Parrita.
You need to show me your loyalty.
That way, nothing will happen to your elderly mother.
Furthermore, I can put you on my payroll.
You would get good pay for the work.
Think about it.
Doña Lydia, I've asked around, like I promised.
Tell me.
Not here.
Come on, follow me.
Your husband was transferred to a prison in Putumayo due to bad behavior.
Why didn't anyone tell me anything? Well, what's important is I've told you now, and I'm not authorized to do so.
But that's weird.
Ramiro doesn't get in trouble.
Look, ma'am, if your husband was a saint, he wouldn't be in jail, would he? For now, just don't think about it.
He'll be back in about two or three months, depending on how he behaves.
I have to see him.
Doña Lydia, you can't go there.
It's too far away, in Putumayo, in the jungle.
Besides, he'll be in solitary confinement as punishment.
I have to talk to him.
I understand, Doña Lydia.
I'll do whatever I can to arrange a phone call in two or three weeks, okay? Will I be able to talk to him? Leave it to me.
As soon as I arrange the phone call, I'll let you know.
But for now, you must be patient.
Look, nothing's gonna happen.
He's all right.
Really? Relax.
I have to go because I had to sneak away from my post, okay? Relax, ma'am.
- Are we going or what? - No.
No, we have to speak with the captain.
We can't leave.
- Who said "stubborn"? - I am not stubborn, Janeth.
It's a very important case and I won't mess it up.
- Wait here.
- Where are you going? To do some investigating.
In the meantime, you No, that's not him.
Shout if you see Captain Moreno.
Remember him? What is the complaint? JOURNALIS - Missing person.
- Missing person.
I went to the prison and, besides the guard who told me nothing but lies, no one else gave me any information.
Captain Moreno.
I need to speak with you.
I don't have time right now.
I have a meeting with the general.
I know how to find Caspa.
Can you really help me? I promise you that I'll do everything in my power to help you, okay? Nevertheless here is my card.
If you learn anything, don't hesitate to call me, okay? Thank you.
- Let's go.
- Wait.
- I spoke with that guy.
- Did you see him? - Yes.
- What happened? Nothing.
He threatened me.
He said he'll find out how I managed to meet with a drug dealer, and that the ones who helped me will be suspended.
That I have no power, that I'm a nobody, and that I must obey regulations.
It didn't go well.
Come on.
Janeth, do you realize what you're asking me? Yes.
For the chance to start doing my job.
But you just graduated from university.
You're part of this country's best news network, and we're training you to become a true journalist.
- What else can you ask for? - Answering the phone, making calls, and helping other journalists.
That's clerical work, Tito.
We all started at the bottom, sweetheart.
Besides, you always say when a story slaps you in the face, you have to take it seriously.
Yes, but you don't have enough experience to handle such important research.
Give it - to Hernandez.
- No.
I'm not going to give my research to another journalist.
I beg your pardon? Look, Janeth, this isn't your research.
This story belongs to the network.
- Tito - Don't "Tito" me.
I'm not going to argue with you.
What's going on? Huh? Miss, no one has gone missing here.
How do you explain that the man's wife knows nothing about him, then? I don't know.
He might be in solitary due to bad conduct.
They might've transferred him to another place.
Look The families get confused because they don't know our internal procedures.
Something strange is going on here, Warden.
Torres, one of your guards, assured me that the inmate had been transferred to a prison in Putumayo.
And this can only be done if you authorize it.
I only need to know if Ramiro Méndez is missing.
Let's do this.
If you give me the information about this man, I'll agree to solve this situation ASAP.
What do you think? ASAP? When would that be? Is tomorrow okay? Tomorrow.
Are you sure it's there? Absolutely.
And who will you send there? Everybody.
Just as the Pepes did when they found the Boss.
Alliances with their enemies.
We'll do the same, all right? - All right.
- Excuse me.
What the fuck is this? This shit is cold.
Warm it up.
Don't let him bait you.
What can I do for you, my friend? - Commander, how are you? - I'm well.
What is this? The exact location of Castañeda.
And how do I eat this? You can eat it with your steak if you like.
I served it to you on a plate.
I have my reasons to kill that dog.
I also have my reasons to think this shit isn't serious.
This is serious, Commander.
We aren't joking.
Do you think if he had the chance to kill you, he'd hesitate? We need that snake dead.
Understood? You better make this work.
Carry on.
Pass me the mirror, please.
Clara, tell Hernandez I want this story on tonight's news broadcast.
Don't forget, okay? Janeth, where were you? I was at the library.
- Looking for some data - What for? For Ana's investigation.
I called you, like, a hundred times.
I needed you when we were on the air.
Yes, sorry, my phone was off.
Go figure.
Besides, I was doing what you asked me to.
What is that? Helping other journalists in their investigations.
Excuse me.
Ana, here is what you requested.
Oh, I requested - Yes.
- Right.
Well, thank you for the Capital Prison's information.
Well, we're still missing What the heck? Please tell me you're not still working on the missing prisoner's research.
- What did Tito say? Didn't he say no? - Yes, he did.
But guess what? I've learned from the best.
Good, how are you? - I'm well.
- Don't tell me you decided to stop your research just because the captain told you to stop.
- What do you think? - I think not.
I have something to show you.
What? Look.
What is this? Caspa's phone number.
- Don't tell me you're gonna call him.
- No, well, no.
The truth is I don't know what to do.
Maybe call him to ask for a meeting and offer to work as a dealer.
But he might recognize me from the news network.
He knows what I look like.
I can't blow this call.
- Give me that.
- Not mine.
Not yours, what? The guy doesn't know my face.
He's never heard me or seen me.
Mmm No.
Ana, I insist.
Let me do it.
I know I can do it.
The guy doesn't know me.
The inmates are all accounted for, sir.
Are you sure? There wasn't any transfer to Putumayo without me knowing about it? Putumayo, sir? They said that's what you told the missing inmate's wife.
Therefore, since there has been no transfer, and no one has disappeared, do me a favor and bring Ramiro Méndez here.
I need to talk to him.
Excuse me, sir.
I need to speak with you.
What do you want? Abel, the director is asking for Ramiro Méndez.
So? The prisoner you made disappear, sir.
And what does that have to do with me? You gave the order.
Did I give the order? No, sir.
That's your problem.
No, Abel, this is tricky.
If they find out that we and And what? What, Torres? Get out of here.
Don't bother me with that.
And be very careful what you say.
- Yes? - Come on, let's go.
COLOMBIAN MOUNTAINS Who gave you that phone number? Negro.
And what did he say? He said to tell you that I'm an excellent salesman.
Have you worked on the streets before? - I'll do whatever you want me to.
- Answer the question.
Yes or no? No, I haven't worked on the streets before.
You look too fragile.
- But I'm a good worker.
- No.
The streets aren't for baby girls.
I know I can do it.
If you give me a chance, I know that I can do well.
No, child.
You aren't fit for this job.
Get out.
Let me speak with Caspa.
Slow down, Janeth.
Caspa? What for? To convince him.
If I can speak with him, I'm sure he'll hire me.
Now we'll see why you're so eager to enter the business.
Hop in! Now, now.
Help! Shit.
Sir, sir, stop.
Please, they kidnapped my friend in a red car.
- Follow them.
Come on.
- Turn the corner.
They will kill her.
- They'll kill her! - Miss, please calm down.
That's the car.
Where's your friend? - Yes, that's the car.
- Do you know who took her? Drug dealers.
And they are going to kill her.
Attention to all units.
Attention, attention.
We are in pursuit of a red car.
Open up, it's Sanabria.
Open up.
Open up.
Go on! Carry on.
- Keep going.
- Who's after us? It doesn't matter.
Keep going.
Who are these guys? They don't have a badge or any kind of identification.
I don't know if they're guerrillas or just crooks.
I just know that I barely escaped.
These are Victor Urrego's people, I'm sure.
Ivan's nephew.
They're after you because you're helping me.
Get your things, we're leaving.
Get the trucks.
Quickly, come on.
And take these weapons.
Son of a bitch.
In a televised chase, the police rescued a journalist who had been kidnapped by drug dealers.
During the operation, the police killed one of the criminals.
The police are tracking down the criminal that escaped.
They expect to capture him in the next few hours.
Where were you? I was in Cellblock 2, sir.
And where's the guy I asked you to find? I've been looking for him everywhere.
So? Nothing.
No one knows anything.
What does that mean? What does that mean? PARAMILITARY CELLBLOCK I have a question.
Is there a possibility to find Ramiro Méndez's body somewhere? Why are you asking me that? Is there a possibility, yes or no? - No.
- Are you sure? Okay.
CAPITAL PRISON We searched the cells, the cellblocks, and the bathrooms.
We even look inside the sewer pipes, but we couldn't find the prisoner.
We don't know if he fled or got killed.
You're dismissed, gentlemen.
- Excuse us.
- Except you, Torres.
You stay.
Tell me, Torres.
Do you know what this is? A missing person report.
Do you know how much time went by before the inmate's family stopped searching and decided to go to the police? You don't, do you? Do you want to know the worst part? It isn't the complaint.
It's the journalist that is investigating.
In other words, everyone knew but me! Why, when I asked you if the inmates were all accounted for, did you said yes? - Because I wasn't in charge of that, sir.
- I see.
I delegated this job to Parra, the new guy.
And he said all inmates were accounted for.
I admit that I made a mistake by trusting him.
- It happens when we get novices.
- Let's see.
Why did you tell the inmate's wife that he was transferred to Putumayo? Answer me! Is that also the new guy's fault, Parra? Mr.
Parra, you are under arrest for Ramiro Méndez's disappearance.
What? - Why? - You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used against you.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you can't afford one, one will be appointed for you.
Do you understand your rights? Warden, I had nothing to do with this disappearance.
Believe me, I'm innocent.
- Do you understand your rights? - I'm innocent.
Don't you care if I'm doing well or not? Since you're calling, I assume you're fine.
Now explain to me how you let that journalist fool you.
What journalist? That whore you let into your car.
She is Ana María's friend.
J, it wasn't my fault.
Oh, wasn't it? And didn't they almost catch you? - Yes, but - You screwed up.
Admit that you screwed up, big time.
You not only ruined the business, but now, everyone is looking for you.
J, forgive me.
Forgive me, I didn't want to Listen to me, stop crying.
Don't cry and don't ask for forgiveness.
That solves nothing.
I didn't mean for this to happen.
Galeno is looking for you.
No, not now.
He says he's got info about the business with the pigs.
- I've got to go.
- J.
Fix what you did.
How do I do that? Whatever you do, please, don't fuck it up again.
What is it? Good news? I knew it! Those idiot guerrillas can't get anything done! They were able to get past his security, but they couldn't kill him.
Even if we had brought them Castañeda on a platter, they would have screwed it up.
Son of a bitch.
Look, the biggest loser in this business is me.
Do you know why? Because Castañeda is free, and nobody can touch him now.
I know.
I know, but this operation wasn't a complete failure.
- How so? - Listen.
Castañeda ran like crazy and must be hiding somewhere.
He isn't used to that.
He thought his castle would stand forever.
If you want to get rid of him, now is the time to do it.
We have him cornered and on the run.
Do you know what I mean? - Hello.
- Hello.
Close it.
Wait for this one to close, then you close the other one.
There it is.
- What floor? - Fourth.
Excuse me.
- There, otherwise, it won't close.
- Okay.
Ana, thanks for letting me stay at your apartment today.
It's the least I can do.
After all, this is my fault.
Ah, Ana.
Stop it.
Yes, it is my fault.
I shouldn't have put you in danger.
I practically forced you to do it, okay? You didn't force me.
I agreed.
And both of us knew that you were in danger.
- Okay? At risk.
- Well Risk is part of our job, isn't it? Yes and no.
What can I say? Besides, the risk was worth it.
- Yes, it was worth it.
- You see? Too much.
Let's see.
- Come in.
- Thank you, excuse me.
- Hi, sweetie.
- Hello.
They destroyed everything, Captain.
I told you that you were messing with things you shouldn't mess with.
So am I to blame now? You ignored my warnings.
And took a risk you shouldn't have taken.
I did what I had to do, Captain.
Like interfering in a police investigation? Interrogating detainees without authorization? Passing yourself off as a criminal? - Risking your life and your friend's? - Excuse me, Captain, things aren't like that.
Sometimes this job requires us to do what we must.
That's nice, very nice.
And it would be much easier if we could get help from the police.
Right? Look, the police's job isn't to help journalists with their investigations.
But it is your duty to protect the lives of citizens who are in danger.
You have an obligation to protect us.
Give me a break.
My friend was kidnapped, right? Almost murdered, my house was destroyed.
It is clear that we need protection, Captain.
Now, you have two options.
Either you show your generosity by assigning a couple of men to protect us.
Or we make this request through the media.
And for obvious reasons, the media option would be better for us.
I'm arming my men to take over the prison this weekend.
Very well.
I'll be waiting for your news.
Don't worry, we'll finish Galeno and the vermin that surround him.
One more thing, Commander.
I heard about the attack.
If you need to change your security staff, I have a few men that can go with you.
Trustworthy men.
Say the word, and I'll send them right away.
Thank you, Abel.
Then write down the following coordinates.
Or the Correct.
GUERRILLAS CELLBLOCK How are you, my friend? Let's hope this time it doesn't fail.
Castañeda just got lucky.
Ah, okay, good.
Then pray that luck is on our side this time.
Because if not, you and I will end up in black bags, understood? - Of course, my friend.
- All right.
Capital Prison has been recognized for its success in rehabilitating inmates.
Among the prisoners, we have paramilitary groups, drug trafficking, and guerrillas, obviously.
All coexist in perfect harmony, due to the organization and the pedagogical approach taken by this administration.
And I guess this good organization helps you to know how many inmates you have in your prison at all times.
The counts are done every day, miss.
If that's true, how do you explain that one of the prisoners disappeared just like that? Inmates do not just disappear.
Oh, really? So what happened with inmate Ramiro Méndez then? Méndez's case was an isolated incident.
We are investigating.
Does that mean you're confirming he's missing? I already told you.
We are investigating.
Very well.
Let me rephrase the question.
Do you know the whereabouts of Ramiro Méndez? I already told you Yes, you already told us that you are investigating.
May I give you a word of advice, sir? This interview will be broadcast on the news.
If your only answer is that you're investigating I don't know.
I'm afraid you'll look bad.
Don't you think? I wonder what other events may be happening in this prison without your knowledge? This institution, like any other, has problems we cannot control.
We do our best to address them immediately, and that's what we are doing right now.
Why then, the first time I asked you about Ramiro Méndez, did you vehemently deny that he was missing? Miss, I agreed to this interview in good faith.
I will not be put on the spot.
- Calm down, Warden.
- I'm not here for your amusement.
- I'm a busy man.
- Answer the question.
- Excuse me.
- Warden, answer the question.
Oh, my God.
What? Didn't you like it? I think it's good.
It isn't that, Ana María.
What then? Janeth, the orders were clear.
- I expressly forbid you - Yes, I know, Tito.
You told me not to get involved in this.
Now, tell me, how do I let this kind of information pass? We're about to uncover something really important.
You know it.
Tito, we can't ignore a story like this just because of network policy.
Yes, but Janeth has no experience, she is new.
It's true that she is new, but she has the instincts.
Ana María, instincts aren't enough, and you know it.
Stepping on people's toes is easy.
The difficult part is dealing with the consequences after you step on them.
Tito, if you give me a chance, I promise you I can handle the situation.
- Seriously.
- I'll help her.
Very well.
But you keep me informed at all times.
And if I think the story is getting out of hand, I'll give it to someone more experienced.
Deal? Okay.
Show me the part again where you challenge him, because he keeps giving you the same answer.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR In that house, they couldn't find any of the guard's relatives.
It's to be expected.
After they kidnapped the guard's mother, the logical thing to do was to hide all his relatives.
The problem, Abel, is that if we don't find someone we can use to blackmail the guard, he might become a real problem.
What about Torres? Torres? He is furious, sir.
He said that if you don't get him out of this mess immediately, he will show proof of the jobs he did for you.
Just what I needed.
Me, Abel Mahecha, at the mercy of a couple of miserable guards.
Let me know what you want me to do.
Me? Right now, I have neither the time nor the mindset to think about this.
- Sir, if those two talk - Tell me one thing.
What do I pay you for? - Well - I pay you really well, don't I? Sir.
Don't give me that "sir" bullshit.
You're here to solve problems, not to cause more trouble.
If you don't get me results I'll put you in a coffin.
After the attack on one of our journalists as she investigated the networks for trafficking LSD in the city, the police have announced they will step up their efforts in the fight against that scourge.
A few minutes ago, the authorities revealed to this news network the composite sketch of a woman who allegedly holds a high position in the criminal hierarchy.
And whom they could charge with kidnapping and assault.
I had trouble with Immigration.
Why? They say that I'm visiting too often.
And that I don't look like the picture on my passport.
Are you already at the house? Yes.
Ah, very good.
I need you to focus.
You must finish the job.
Otherwise, we will have money problems.
Yes, I know.
Do you really? I'm not going to fail.
Well, I hope so.
Because if you fuck up, you better not show up here again.
You know I love you, baby doll.
We'll be in touch.
One doesn't involve the people one loves in this shit.
You have to be careful.
CAPITAL PRISON What about the coordinates that J.
gave us? GUERRILLAS CELLBLOCK They were correct, sir.
Are you sure? Yes, Commander.
Good, very good.
We didn't leave anyone alive.
They were all dead.
Did you identify Castañeda's body? Working on it, sir.
It's a priority, Guevara.
I need immediate confirmation that you disposed of that miserable dog.
Yes, sir.
COLOMBIAN MOUNTAINS How many men are down, Sanabria? Seventeen, sir.
All the men we had.
But guess what? We can't go near that place.
It was good to put out the bait to know where the attacks will come from.
Potro warned you that Abel Mahecha was dealing with the guerrillas.
PARAMILITARY CELLBLOCK What's up, son? No way.
We got the whole gang.
What? Everybody suddenly decided to take a piss together? Whoa, I'm so scared.
What happened, Abel? What the fuck? What is going on here? You can't touch me.
Remember, I'm Castañeda's partner.
Come on, don't fuck with me.
You can't touch me.
You know what? Listen, I know what I'm talking about.
Shoot this man.
Here's why I'm saying this.
Eventually he will betray you.
Shoot him already! I'm not a sellout, son.
Abel, listen to me.
Come on, get going.
So, that's how it's going to be, right, Mahecha? You finally showed your true colors, traitorous dog.
So, now we're even, Commander.
So, you joined those dirty terrorists.
There are times in life when one has to do what one has to do.
You have no idea whom you are dealing with.
Of course I do.
With a rat that answers to the highest bidder.
What did you think, Commander? That this dog Potro was going to lead my men? That dog has bigger balls than you.
He had.
Because I just killed him.
What happened to Potro? Son of a bitch.
Are you aware that you just signed your death sentence? We'll see which of us dies first Commander.
This is the guy who's offered to carry out Potro's death, sir.
Very well.
I already told this man that one more, one less, makes no difference to me, sir.
Anyway, I'm going to die in this hole.
You give me some money to leave my family and I'll take care of that man.
Parra, did you really think moving your mother from her house would save her from the wrath of such a powerful man? Look, I'm going to show you.
It took just a couple of calls to find her.
You bastards.
And guess what? I'm going to kill you.
I'm gonna kill you all, starting with you! Calm down.
Calm down, this attitude will solve nothing, sir.
Do you know what? We have a couple of drug dealers who were able to locate and hold your mom, your brother-in-law, your sister, and your two nephews.
Such an attitude won't solve anything.
So, relax.
Calm down, and you'll see we'll reach an understanding.
I Jeison Parra testify, that I took advantage of being a prison officer to help prisoner Ramiro escape Enough, enough.
It's not easy knowing that stupid mistakes put you behind bars for life.
You understand, Counselor.
In this document, you can read the sworn declaration.
Here, the defendant confirms he did what he did for money.
It's always about money.
He also confirms that he doesn't have any information about the destination, or the reasons that prompted the prisoner to escape.
And that he's cooperating in order to lighten his sentence.
So, Counselor, it's up to you to tell us what needs to be done in order to move through the process as soon as possible.
Everything's gone to hell.