Alias J.J. (2017) s01e32 Episode Script

Episode 32

Next time don’t give me so much trouble, okay? I'm gonna count it, just like you counted my money.
What happened? - You’re being transferred.
- What do you mean? I wasn’t notified.
On your feet! Come on.
You’re ignoring protocol.
According to the Prosecutor's office guard Jeison Parra helped prisoner Ramiro Méndez to escape.
After being arrested by the Police, he took his own life in the cell where he was held captive.
CAPITAL PRISON GUARD DIES What a tragic death this man had.
I got the results of your investigation.
You’re a mature and seasoned man.
How could you let this man fool you? He's too clever, Lieutenant.
With his innocent face he deceived us all.
Who could imagine that he was a liar and a thug? Do you really believe that they sent Méndez to Putumayo? Who could believe it? I never should’ve believed that stupid story.
They planned it so well.
They had the alibi and paperwork.
If I'd had any suspicion, I would’ve reported it.
- But you didn’t.
- Yes, I know.
That was a mistake.
When I finally figured it out, I was neck-deep.
- I hope you learned your lesson.
- I did, sir.
Next time I see a new recruit doing something odd, I’ll tell you right away.
- You better.
- Remember, fool me once… I hope so.
You may leave.
Excuse me, sir.
"Bad choices.
" "Decisions.
" "Bad decisions can lead us to hell.
" "Bad decisions can lead us to hell.
" Janet.
"Bad decisions can lead us to hell.
" What? It is a saying.
I don't know, did you read it in a book? Does it sound familiar? "Bad decisions can lead us to hell.
" No.
I don’t think so.
Why? It’s okay.
- It’s nothing.
- I’ll get your tea.
- Thank you.
- Good.
"Bad decisions can lead us to hell.
" "Bad decisions can lead us to hell.
" "Bad decisions can lead us to hell.
" John.
Your new look works.
Really? So does the old one.
But I like this one better.
When do you go back to Colombia? If you're proposing the same thing as last time No, thank you.
No, nothing like that.
It’s a business matter.
I’ve heard that story before.
I want you to be my partner.
You shouldn’t be anybody’s minion.
Okay? You have a lot a lot more to offer.
Miss, I was told you were the journalist that spoke about Méndez, the man who disappeared from Capital Prison.
Yes, sir.
Are you related to him? No, miss.
I didn’t even know the man.
Well, then? My cousin also disappeared from Capital Prison.
- It was a while ago.
- What do you mean disappeared? Yes, we’ve been looking for him for sixteen months so far, and no one knows anything.
Miss, please help me.
I just want to find his body and give him the Christian burial that he deserves.
- Of course, how do I - Excuse me.
- Would you excuse me? - Yes? - Thank you.
- I won’t be long.
Just a minute.
What happened? - Did you see that man? - Yes.
One of his relatives also disappeared from jail.
Which means that what they're saying about the guy who escaped is not an isolated case.
Don’t you see? - Read here.
- Let’s see.
It’s underlined.
"Bad decisions can lead us to hell.
" This is the phrase? TRUTH BEHIND BARS The book of John Jairo? Ana! "Bad decisions can lead us to hell.
" Yes.
It is the same phrase.
- It’s from this book.
- Are you sure? Look, Tito, look closely.
The typography is the same.
Exactly the same.
They do look alike.
No, they are identical.
Tito, please! Okay, Ana Maria.
In any case, that only proves that someone used this book to transport acid, nothing more.
And who do you think did it? J.
He told me that this book was printed - by the prisoners in jail.
- Let's say that’s true.
Our job is to inform, nothing more.
We also must share all our discoveries with the authorities, right? - Then, speak with Captain Moreno.
- No.
No, Captain Moreno only interferes with my research.
Talk it over with whoever you think should know, but make the authorities aware of this.
Watch out, all right? I know you.
Watch out, Ana Maria.
I warned you.
CAPITAL PRISON Let's get back to work.
With the acid? You guessed it.
It's about time, old man.
I want to work.
But they keep confiscating the goods in this city.
It’s getting difficult.
Bogota isn’t the only place to do drug trafficking.
We have to find new options.
What options are those, pal? Enano.
You must think big, okay? It’s of good quality.
I only sell the best.
Why are you offering it to me? - Don’t you only do business with Dean? - Yes.
But Dean can no longer afford my merchandise.
We’re looking for a person with more purchasing capacity.
Guess what, Jennifer? I don't like people that change partners like changing clothes.
They aren’t reliable.
The merchandise is good quality, and at a good price.
You can buy it if you want.
If not, there’s no problem.
I’ll look for another buyer.
I get nervous when things get too quiet.
PARAMILITARY CELLBLOCK Because what usually comes next isn’t good.
How could we leave that snake alive? Yes, I know.
Castañeda is no fucker.
He won’t forgive us for trying to kill him twice.
And for killing Potro.
He must be up to something.
The important thing is that we're safe in this prison for now.
For now, as you said, but it’s only a matter of time.
Why? What do you think we should do? We must strike first.
Don’t let him think.
Commander, I know the pay is good, ask me anything else, but not that.
I've told you what I need done.
To get to Commander Castañeda.
After all the time I've been in prison You know that I’m about to finish my sentence.
Well, then, imagine that your sentence just ended.
And that this is your first job outside the prison.
Besides, after all that's happened, Castañeda will be on his guard.
Especially with someone about to get out.
Has all this prison time turned you into a coward? No.
I have a family and I want to protect them.
I promised them.
Well What’s wrong, then? Look, with all the money I'm offering you, you’ll have enough to be safe and keep your family safe.
It’s not a small task, betraying the highest commander of the paramilitary forces.
You won’t betray the commander of the paramilitary groups.
You will be just doing justice.
Follow me.
I’ll explain.
- Hello.
- Hello.
I have a meeting with the Warden.
- Do you have an appointment? - No, but With no appointment, I can't let you in.
Tell him it’s Janet Ferro.
The journalist who interviewed him.
It's an important matter.
What is this about? I can only tell the Warden.
Please tell him that I am here.
Miss, if you want to see the boss, you have to request it in writing.
Do you need pen and paper? No, thank you.
Go get Dominguez.
- Yes, boss.
- It’s all good.
Come on.
We got a visitor.
I'm going to introduce you.
He has something to tell you.
Listen to him.
- What are your orders? - Tell him.
Commander Castañeda killed your brother a few days ago.
He charged him with treason.
This witch can’t get near Clemente.
Is that clear? Yes, sir.
Look, I'm offering you the chance to take justice into your own hands.
What did Castañeda do while you were rotting in jail? He just killed your brother, that’s all.
Castañeda doesn’t have a strong position within the organization right now.
It is time to get him.
You can take justice into your own hands.
And also earn some money for your family.
CAPITAL PRISON He placed an order 30 times larger than what we sold in Bogotá.
How did you do it? I worked hard.
This is proof that I can do things right.
I have never doubted you.
I think this new partner will help us expand the business in Florida.
And then to the rest of Gringoland.
That’s the way I like it.
We scored this time.
Yes, of course.
And from now on the sky is the limit.
I knew you were going to make things right, love.
Do you forgive me for the issue with the journalist? Ah, anybody can make mistakes.
I’d forgive you anything.
Too bad you're not here so I can show you.
- I miss you.
- Really? Do you miss me? A lot, baby doll.
I wish you were here with me.
So we could do the kinky things we like.
What things? Ah, you know.
I don't know.
To have sex, doll.
We’ll talk after you’re done after lunch? Perfect.
I need a favor, sir.
I need your authorization to access the materials seized from the acid trafficking.
Bring the agent to Miriam so she can give him access.
I’ll call you from the office.
- Keep me informed, all right? - Yes.
I assure you that we’re after something big, sir.
Gentlemen you’ve been chosen to work with me on this investigation.
Your first task is to determine if the seized acid came from the pages of these books.
Each of you grab a book and a pack of acid and start comparing.
Look for phrases.
Do what you have to do.
But I want results.
Get me results, now! Get to work.
CAPITAL PRISON Carnicero hasn't returned from his temporary release, sir.
How late is he? Two hours, and he’s always on time.
- Did you try to reach him? - Yes, sir.
His wife says he didn’t go see her.
If he didn’t go to see his family, he isn’t coming back.
Or he fooled us, sir, and his family helped him.
When did this get out of control? Report the escape right now.
We must find that criminal.
Yes, sir.
Excuse me.
COLOMBIAN MOUNTAINS I escaped while on a temporary release from prison, and came here right away.
Why did you come? Do you want me to kill you? Because that's what I do to Abel Mahecha’s men.
I’m not one of that rat’s men, sir.
Besides, that man put a price on my head after I said he was a sellout and I wouldn’t work for him.
Since I had nothing else to do there I came here.
And, do you really expect me to believe that story? If you don't believe me then I’m fucked.
Are you here for your brother, the traitor? He did wrong, and you had to punish him.
It’s none of my business.
Commander, you know me.
You know I like to work, and that's why I'm here.
Do you trust that man? I don’t trust him.
Why did you spare his life, then? I'm going to watch him.
I might be able to use him.
All right.
Let’s use him, then.
Send him to jail to kill J.
and Abel.
- We’ll settle that score soon.
- When? All in good time.
That thug was heaven-sent to avenge Potro.
We can’t let go.
Those guys must learn respect.
Those dogs are going to pay for what they’ve done.
But I decide when and how.
Nobody tells me what to do.
Much less a woman.
Did all the acid come from the book? Exactly.
It isn’t a coincidence or an isolated occurrence.
All the seized acid came from Popeye’s book.
Does any other journalist have this information? Only you, so far.
Since I was the one who helped you with this affair, I want the exclusive.
Fair enough.
But on one condition.
You won’t be able to broadcast anything before I authorize it.
Is that clear? Potato chips, snacks.
Potato chips, snacks.
Look, these are good.
- Here.
- Thanks.
Here you go.
Potato chips, snacks.
Potato chips, snacks Potato chips, snacks.
The suspect came out.
I repeat: the suspect has come out.
Potato chips, snacks.
Potato chips, snacks.
Hello, hello.
Good morning, miss.
How are you? I want to buy all copies of John Jairo Velasquez Vasquez's book.
Come on.
Ah, Caspa.
Hey, dude.
Look, the order arrived.
You’re one of mine, pal.
Right, pal? I need help to carry them.
Boys, come on, move them! They’ll bring the rest.
I’ll be back tonight.
- Sure, pal.
- Move it, move it.
You heard him.
Santa Claus brought gifts.
Move it, let’s go.
You’re far behind.
As soon as he showed up everyone slowed down.
Cobra 3 to Nido, do you copy? Copy, Cobra 3.
Nido here.
The Police are here.
What do we do? Hey, do me a favor.
Shoot the hell out of those pigs.
That'll buy us some time.
Let’s go.
Let’s burn all that shit.
Let’s get out of here! Let’s go! Get moving, bro! Run, man! Run! Don't leave any clues, bro.
I’ll take care of everything.
Don’t leave anything behind.
Burn all that shit.
Come on.
Freeze! Police! Police.
Freeze, freeze.
Freeze, everyone! Put your hands on your neck! Come on.
On your neck! Back off.
Son of a bitch.
Hey, bro.
We got busted.
What? Again? Again, man.
The worst part is that we couldn’t burn everything.
You really are stupid.
How could you leave everything ready for those dogs to find? Bro, there wasn’t time for anything, dude.
We’re fucked.
Watch out! The warden! Open the door.
Open that door, didn’t you hear? John Jairo Velasquez, on your feet, we’re going to handcuff you.
We have a court order to transfer you to a Prosecution bunker.
You’ll be in solitary confinement for the duration of the investigation.
Come with us, please.
Please take care of my stuff.
Of course, pal.
Destroy the acid.
Dean has the acid.
Well, you’ll have to get it back.
And how I'm supposed to make him return it.
He paid for it.
It’s impossible.
Figure it out, all right? Zurcido, Dean might not have it any more.
If this acid is sold to the public the boss will be extradited.
Why? What happened? The business went all to hell when they discovered the lab.
Did they find the workshop? Yes, they discovered the acid hidden in the boss’s books.
Torres! Hello? Zurcido? PROSECUTOR INTERROGATION ROOM Welcome, have a seat.
What a shame, but the party is over.
Party? What are you talking about? We discovered how your acid network operates.
No way.
You're going to blame me for a crime I didn’t commit? I got your books and your acid.
You can't get out of this one.
Look, agent, I I'm a writer now.
I tell people that I’m a writer and they laugh at me just like you do.
I haven’t done anything.
With the evidence I have and what I'm gonna get, this time you won’t escape.
Do what you must.
I hope your wonderful literature has already entered the States.
Then I'll be able to take you back to my country.
Excuse me.
Apparently, Vasquez’ book was the perfect front to manufacture acid in this house that were sold and distributed all over the city.
Authorities found a workshop exclusively designed to turn the pages of the book into acid.
Gentlemen, starting today the businesses of this cellblock will be closed because you could not behave.
You made a commitment, gentlemen.
That’s right.
And that is why you’ll lose all your benefits.
You’ll have to eat in the cafeteria again.
You won’t be allowed to leave your cellblocks.
The workshops are closed.
Temporary release permits have been suspended.
What were you thinking? You revealed that you'd bite the hand that feeds you.
No, gentlemen.
Come on, gentlemen! And don’t make me repeat it, please.
A journalist? Yes, sir.
Her name is Janet Ferro.
What the hell does she want? She is asking about a missing person.
Did she speak with Clemente? No, we’ve kept her at bay, but she keeps sending letters asking for the prisoner.
Just what I needed.
Now everyone is sticking their noses in our affairs.
As if I don’t have enough problems already.
What should we do? Sooner or later, that witch will speak with Clemente.
I recruited ten men, Commander.
Are they reliable? One hundred percent.
They’ll pay allegiance only to you.
What about the rest? I’m speaking to them.
I’m trying to convince them.
But don't worry, Commander.
I’ll have them ready in no time.
We’ll deliver the final blow to that rat Abel.
Be careful, Ancizar.
Take it easy.
Slow and steady wins the race.
That miserable dog can’t suspect anything.
Relax, sir.
I know what I’m doing.
I hope so.
Beware of Popeye.
Remember that he’s next on the list.
Speaking of which.
you don’t have to worry about J.
The gringos took care of him.
- How so? - You heard me well.
A short while ago a DEA agent arrested him on charges of acid trafficking.
It seems that the man had a whole laboratory in here.
Hey, Ancizar.
Do me a favor.
Find out the name of the gringo.
I think his name is Ramos or something like that, but if you want, boss, I’ll confirm that information later.
I thought you were in Colombia.
What do you need? I need to talk to you.
I was thinking about what you told me.
And you're absolutely right.
I need a change.
And what does that mean? It means that I am going to leave my partner.
I want to start over with you.
John Jairo, you have a visitor.
Thanks, baby doll.
What's up? ATTORNEY You made it.
- Brother.
- You almost didn’t make it.
I apologize, but I got a call from the publishing company.
Look what they sent you.
A notice of cancellation of contract.
So, Johnny, you don’t have a book anymore.
You really are an idiot! And, after the scandal you made, you won’t get any publishing contracts.
I don’t give a fuck about the books right now.
I didn’t call you to hear your nonsense, but to tell me how things look.
Tricky, Johnny.
Don't worry, I'm trying to delay the process until the terms are due.
Are you stupid or what? I don't need you to delay anything.
I need you to convince the judge that I had nothing to do with the acid.
If you have to bribe half of the country, do it.
Do what Lawyers do.
Bribe, lie.
Plant false evidence.
Do anything, but get me out of this crap.
Let’s see Johnny, I I’m no sister of mercy, right? But what you're asking is complicated.
Are you going to let me die, then? You won’t let me die.
Relax, fucker, we’ll escape unscathed.
We have a problem.
The merchandise I gave you is damaged.
I need you to give it back to me.
What about the money? There’s no problem.
I’ll give you your money back.
I don't believe you.
Do you want the acid back to sell them to Alicia? No.
I met with Alicia to speak of an alliance between you, me, and her.
I’ll give you the acid.
But I want my share.
And I want ten kilos of cocaine.
Okay? Okay? Okay.
I was informed that there was a raid in a cocaine laboratory in Magdalena Medio.
Apparently, the owner is your friend Popeye.
It’s valuable information, isn’t it? And where is the lab? In Yondo.
It’s important that you go there to see what you can find.
Of course.
I’ll find you helicopter.
You'll leave in half an hour.
- Great.
- Very well.
- What is it? - A road block.
- Stop and let’s go back.
- Calm down.
- Stop! - Holster that weapon, you won’t need it.
Nothing will happen.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
The gun.
The gun.
The radio.
Let’s go, let’s go.
Let’s go.
Let’s go.
I'm sorry about Popeye’s lab.
But it was the only way to get you out of your office.
I wanted to meet you.
I have heard good things about you.
And I wanted to apologize for all the discomfort you went through to get here.
It’s okay.
What do you want? I’d like to negotiate the terms of my surrender.
Under what conditions? A sentence reduction.
Legal benefits and security.
All the bullshit you offer to everyone.
But I want it fast.
Well, I could help you with that, but it’s not only up to me.
It takes time.
- How long? - I don't know.
One or two months.
If you want me alive, you’ll have to do it fast.
In that case, a gesture of good will on your part would help.
Like what? I don't know.
Something that says you're willing to work with the authorities.
You must understand that actions speak louder than words.
I’ll see what I can come up with.
Anyway, good luck at the hearing.
I hope that dog Popeye gets six consecutive life sentences.
Let’s hope we get rid of him once and for all.
Be on the lookout.
Because you’ll hear from me very soon.
How’s it going? Come on, it’s getting late, let’s go.
Let’s go.
Jennifer, who would’ve thought that the dirty gringo ended up being so smart? Right? What's worse is that we must comply with his demands.
And give some bags of cocaine to that fucker.
Cocaine is the least of my worries.
What worries me is not getting the acid back.
I don't think he’s that stupid.
You think he’ll dare to? He tried to kill me.
We have to put a stop to that fag, then.
We have to get that acid back.
It can’t hit the market, otherwise, that's the end of this.
It’ll be over.
For Popeye and for everybody.