Alias J.J. (2017) s01e33 Episode Script

Episode 33

CAPITAL PRISON What do you say? Well, bro I won't deny that it's a lot.
It's good money.
Brother, it's more than you could fit under your mattress.
- It’s just that - What do I tell J.
? Yes, or no? What you're asking me It's tricky, bro.
The minimum is five years.
Five years! In this dumpster.
Look, just imagine what that kind of money can get you.
You'd be set for life.
Tell me, Zurcido.
What will you do after they extradite Velásquez to the U.
? You'll stay here, facing the storm alone with your boss's enemies breathing down your neck.
And what are you going to do when you run out of money? Tell me.
Popeye is neck-deep, but you can still be saved, bro.
You just have to tell me what you know about the acid business.
And what's in it for me? What we give you depends on how much you give us.
We'll keep you safe.
Because, believe me you'll need us.
If you accept, we promise to protect you inside Capital Prison.
But if you don't, the other prisoners will find out, and they'll make you pay.
So, then it's up to you, alright? NATIONAL PROSECUTOR Mr.
Velásquez, a question.
My client won't answer any questions at this time.
What is your relationship with Caspa? What's your involvement in your colleague's kidnapping? Mr.
Popeye, show accountability and confess your crime.
Will the accused please stand up? - How do you plead? - Innocent.
I owe nothing to the justice system.
I stand before you to learn my fate.
Gomez, do you admit to your participation in the printing of the books used to smuggle acid? Yes, sir, I do.
Besides yourself, who also took part in this activity? Mr.
Roberto Cornejo, alias, The Chemist.
Answer my question, Mr.
Did you participate in the manufacturing of the acid? Oh, yes, Your Honor.
But it wasn't my idea.
I only followed the orders of John Jairo Velásquez.
If what you say is true, Mr.
Cornejo, then how do you explain the absence of evidence against my client? The Chemist called me one day and told me his idea.
He needed a contact outside the prison.
He was offering good money.
After that, my friend and I got to work.
Yes, it was his idea.
He hired me to add acid to the pages.
He said it was a solid business.
Did John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez have anything to do with this process? No, no, sir.
I never saw him in the lab.
In fact, I think he's clean.
I never saw him there.
Each individual who has admitted to participating in this process accuses you.
Those sons of bitches are lying.
They don't have the balls to tell the truth.
- Order! - I’ll kill you all.
I just wrote the book while locked up in my cell.
Other people took care of publishing it.
I didn't have anything to do with that.
Very good.
One last question, Mr.
Do you know who was in charge of ordering and storing the chemicals that came into the prison? It's me, Your Honor, but that doesn’t mean No further questions, Your Honor.
Thank you.
Let me explain.
- Thank you.
Dean will be with you soon.
I've been waiting for an hour.
I'm sorry, Dean.
I was taking care of some pending issues.
The important thing is that I'm here.
Not so fast.
First the acid.
I'm not in the mood for your stupid games.
I want my cocaine right now.
It's in the car.
I want to say that I’ve been declared innocent.
I had nothing to do with the acid network.
Are you joking? We all know that you were behind the operation.
That's not what the judge thought.
Ask him yourself.
I will relax the day you're extradited.
That's not going to happen.
They made a mistake.
They kicked the hornets' nest, and they hurt me.
My contract was canceled, and I spent a lot of money on my defense.
- Don't be cynical.
- Cynical? Calm down.
Don’t be angry.
I just want to finish my sentence.
I don't want to be linked to these sorts of things.
They only told lies.
Do you understand? Excuse me, gentlemen.
- Are you close to a TV? - Yes, why? Turn it on.
The police just delivered another big blow to the Valle Cartel in a clash that occurred early this morning, north of the valley.
The police killed Lorenza Penagos, the widow of drug lord Iván Urrego, who was also involved with the now deceased Potro and linked to drug trafficking What is this about? The police were never there.
This is my gift to you.
He is being examined by the paramedics.
- Soldier.
- Welcome.
- Welcome, boss.
- How are you? - How did it go, pal? - It went surprisingly well.
- Really? - Yes.
Standing ovation for this man's success in court.
You should’ve seen their faces when the judge declared me innocent.
- They wanted to die.
- Really? Glad you’re in a good mood because things here aren’t going well.
I hate to give you bad news, but Clemente ruined everything we had going in the cellblock.
Even fucked up the legal side.
What do we do without the acid money? It doesn’t look good, dude.
Calm down, friend.
Enough drama.
Everything's fine.
As long as the Miami route is still open, we can forget about the acid.
We’ll go back to our traditional business.
- The cocaine, okay? - That’s great.
Very good, pal.
- What do you know about Jennifer? - She’s trying to recover the acid, pal.
You know she’s a smart cookie.
She must have them by now.
Let's hope.
He’s calling.
Pick it up.
Hello, uncle.
Hello, can you hear me? Hello, can you hear me? Hello.
What’s up, pal? Wait a minute.
Let's call him back.
Call him back.
Hello, uncle.
Speak up.
I can’t hear anything.
Sorry, sir, we lost him.
Couldn't trace him back.
Fuck! Give me the other phone.
Take the SIM card out, and break it.
Do me a favor, my friend.
Don’t answer any phone calls from Jennifer.
What do you mean, dude? Why? What happened? I don't know if she's captured, or what the fuck happened.
I just called her and no one answered.
I think they're spying on us.
Well, it’s up to you, bro.
What would you like us to do? As soon as I hang up, I’ll trash this phone and all the other ones, too.
Let them try to call.
Yes, dude, break them all, burn them if you like.
Okay? Let me know if you learn anything about her.
This one, too.
Take the SIM card out, and break it.
At least we know from where they made the call in Colombia? No way we can tell.
Okay, guys, listen up Follow each of the numbers that appear on the phone.
I want the call log and a detailed report on Imelda Solano.
We have to get as much data as possible about this woman before it reaches the news that she was killed.
Okay? Go! Move! I received this with a note.
What does the note say? See for yourself.
"Shut up and get out of the way, or your bones will end up like this.
" Enough, Tito.
Let's press charges.
We must do something.
Calm down.
Before pressing charges, we have to do our own investigation.
What do you mean? To get to the heart of the matter, we must change our strategy.
It’s obvious that no one in that prison will tell us anything.
And they’re hiding something.
Otherwise, why would they refuse to talk? Who knows how many of them are involved with these missing persons? Precisely.
We can’t trust anyone, including the prison warden.
Girls, we have to knock on other doors.
CAPITAL PRISON I’ve been forced to adopt drastic measures with regard to the regulations of this prison.
One of the inmates requested a permit to leave the prison, but broke the trust and good faith of this institution.
He didn’t return.
He escaped.
From now on, it is strictly prohibited to leave this prison.
Do I make myself clear, gentlemen? Imagine that.
We all pay for what one motherfucker did.
That motherfucker has a name, Duván.
- Have you heard anything from Carnicero? - Nothing, sir.
He hasn’t been in touch since he got out.
Why, Commander? Do you think he was the one who escaped? It is possible.
If so, he must be having a hard time finding a place to hide, right? I don’t understand why he hasn’t contacted us.
- Give him time, sir.
- You think Castañeda is a dumbass? By now, he must be plotting my death with all his contacts.
It is either him or me.
Sir, I won’t pretend to speak for Castañeda, but please consider his offer to surrender.
We all know the war in Colombia and the paramilitary groups are being funded by drug money.
It’s obvious that paramilitary groups play an important role in it.
And what is this famous criminal demanding in payment for his surrender? Well Excuse me.
Sir, I have to take this call.
It’s important.
- Excuse me.
- Go ahead.
Yes, sir, of course.
I’m on my way right now.
Sir, please excuse me.
I must pick up some confidential documents.
I’ll send you an email with the information you requested, okay? - I’ll be waiting.
- Excuse me.
I’ve been thinking, Lucy, and I believe it’s time to show the government and the international community that the armed guerrilla forces are alive and more powerful than ever.
We have to do something that puts us on the cover of newspapers all over the world.
And what would that be? It has to be something big, strong, and forceful.
Like hijacking an airplane.
Sorry, Commander, but with all due respect, don’t you think it's too risky to hijack an airplane? No one asked your opinion, Horacio.
It's an order, and it will be done.
Coordinate the intelligence work.
Ask Lucy to help you with that.
She’ll assist you.
Pass me to Lucy, please.
- Yes, sir.
- Lucy.
I’ll see you at the next conjugal visit.
And I expect you to bring me an updated progress report.
Yes, sir.
Did you get that? The woman’s name on the passport was Imelda Solano.
She was found murdered inside a car full of cocaine.
Well, show me a passport.
Yes, I will give it to you.
We checked the immigration database and discovered that her address here in Miami is fake.
This is as far as we go, Agent Ramos.
Drug cases are under the DEA’s jurisdiction.
Here's everything we have at the moment.
I wish you luck.
I hope that your experience with Colombian drug dealers helps you to solve this one.
- Good luck.
- Yeah.
Got it.
Thank you very much.
DRUG TRAFFICKERS CELLBLOCK Are you certain about this? Yeah, dude.
They found the girl dead inside the car, bro.
I’m very sorry, bro.
Is there a possibility that - we're linked to her? - Not at all, bro.
We only communicated with her through a cell phone.
So, don’t worry, Pope.
I’m not worried.
It’s just that we were counting on her to open the route in the U.
Yes, bro.
That sucks.
Let me tell you something, Pope.
You don’t need to ask.
Just say the word, bro.
I’m at your service.
You know me.
We need to fill her position.
Someone who can do business in the U.
We'll need it to survive in here.
Sure, say the word.
If you say "go now," I’ll take the goods there myself, pal.
Are you stupid, man? If you set foot in the airport, the CIA, DEA, and everybody and their brother will capture you.
I need you here, not in prison.
Alright, dude.
Girls, I called you because a friend of mine who works in forensics sent me the lab results of the bones.
And? - They belong to a dog.
- Bastards.
Those jerks know how to intimidate their victims.
Yes, and they’ll keep doing it if we don’t act fast.
- Did you find anything? - Here’s the list of promotions and appointments in Capital Prison for the past six months.
And the guard, Parra, doesn’t show up anywhere.
Which proves he had nothing to do with the missing prisoner six months ago.
Something is wrong.
Let's look at the report they did on the suicide again.
- I want to confirm something.
- Sure.
GUERRILLA CELLBLOCK What is it? After looking into it, we concluded that we can’t hijack a plane.
Why? Because, after Escobar’s bombing the airport's security was reinforced.
We can’t cross.
Fuck, Lucy.
We can’t cancel the operation.
We need something to threaten the peace agreement.
I understand, but it would be a waste if we get caught at the airport.
Perhaps we can do something else.
It doesn’t have to be a hijacking.
We’ll go on with the hijacking.
- 15 it’s not here.
- Must be further down.
Further down.
Is it this one? - 15 B South.
- Across 2 East.
2, close to 15 C.
15 B.
- B.
- 2 - 15 That's it.
Come on.
- Yes.
15 B, 2.
- Hi.
- Hello, how are you, ma’am? - What do you want? - We're journalists.
- We just want to ask you a few questions.
- I don't want to answer any.
Ma’am, how are you? My name is Ana María Solozábal.
I work for the Eight O’Clock Newscast.
This is Janeth Ferro, and we’d like to talk to you about your son.
What do you want to know? We’d like to know what happened to him.
Let’s start with your mother.
Who killed your mother? JEISON PARRA'S MOTHER The same ones who kidnapped me.
I don't know why.
We have nothing.
Why did they release you? I don't know.
They kidnapped me, then returned me without a word.
I I think it was for something Jeison did in jail.
Why do you say that, Mrs.
Esperanza? Did your son Jeison say anything? No, he He didn’t talk about it.
My son was a good man.
After the kidnapping, he He moved us out of here to protect us.
And what happened after that? They killed my mother.
Miss, I’m sure that my son was innocent.
They tricked him because he was naive.
Because he was new.
He ended up like that because he was stupid.
I‘m sure those bastard prisoners trapped him.
They have a lot of people eating out of their hands.
They were involved in my Jeison’s death.
What’s up, son? What are you doing here? - Just chillin'.
- What’s that? New bike? It’s for you.
Get out of here! - Who else? - Come on! Seriously, that J.
? This is too much.
Is there an important person in Medellín that doesn’t own a bike? No.
And I know you’ve always loved them.
That’s why I gave it to you.
Six hundred Cubic Centimeters Awesome, right? - It’s awesome.
- Good.
- You didn’t have to do that.
- Why not, my friend.
Why not? Thanks to you, I’m not on a plane headed for North America.
What I did for you, bro It’s just what friends do.
You did it for a friend.
Do you know how many friends I have? Real friends.
The ones who are with you through thick and thin.
Only two, not even three.
And you’re one of them.
Brother I don't know what to say.
- It’s an honor.
- Honor, my ass.
This isn’t about honor.
It’s about friendship.
It’s about loyalty.
And you know it.
That’s why I want to make a proposal.
You've known me since childhood.
You know my strengths and weaknesses.
I’m sure you’ll never let me down.
- Right? - Sure, bro.
- Never.
- I’m sure of that.
That’s what I need.
A person I can trust.
I want you to be my partner in my business outside of prison.
John Are you offering me a smuggling job? No, brother, no.
Look, I have a few boundaries and that's one I’m not willing to cross, bro.
Look, if you gave me that bike so I would agree to this, I wouldn’t do it for all the bikes in the world, bro.
Who said anything about smuggling? No one.
I gave you this bike because we're friends.
It has nothing to do with what I'm proposing to you.
What I need is a partner.
To represent me outside.
We’ll do business together.
We’ll earn some money.
I like the fact that you refused.
You set your boundaries.
That’s good.
It shows character and willpower.
And that’s the person I need by my side.
Relax, nothing is going to happen.
It’s strictly business.
Go on vacation.
Think about it.
Let me know after that.
No rush.
Agent Ramos.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR I’m glad you’re here.
I have what you requested.
Imelda Solano.
A native of Zipaquirá.
60 years old, 1.
62 meters tall.
What’s interesting is that she lost her ID several months ago.
Well, obviously Imelda Solano wasn’t the one killed in Miami.
We’re back to square one, Detective.
We still don’t know who this woman is.
CAPITAL PRISON My friend, you don’t have to explain anything.
What The Chemist does or doesn't do with his life that’s his problem.
Who told him to make decisions without my authorization? Well, Commander, you just took a weight off my shoulders.
- No hard feelings, then.
- Don't worry.
And to show you that our alliance is still on, I came to propose a deal.
I mean an exchange.
Tell me.
Well, right now you’re going through a rough time.
So I’ll give you a nice, hot meal in exchange for the pilot that’s serving time in your cellblock.
What do you say? Mr.
Serrano, welcome.
- Thanks.
- Come in, please.
Thank you.
Can I get you something to drink? No, I'm fine.
This way.
Something to eat? We have a chef at your disposal for whatever you need.
That’s good.
I'm fine, bro.
Thank you very much.
Yes, sir.
He’s here.
I’ll pass you over to him.
- Sir.
- Okay, thank you.
What did you think of the ranch? What's up, Johnny? Of course, bro.
The house is very nice.
- Have they treated you well? - Yes, they have.
Thank you.
I'm glad you like it because, from now on, that house is yours.
Johnny, in regard to what we discussed, I’ve been thinking, and I believe that Don’t start with that again, man.
Remember how many times I protected you in school? How could I forget about that? The problem, Johnny, is that my neck is on the line.
You’ll earn a ton of money and, yet, you complain.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Thank you.
Ah, Johnny, you never change, do you, bro? Did the girls arrive? Yes, they’re here And you should see them.
They even match the house, bro.
- They were forcing him.
- Who was forcing him? - We think it was someone from the prison.
- Why do you think that? Let’s see.
The kidnapping of Parra’s mom happened just a few weeks after he began working at the prison.
Before that, nobody threatened him or his family.
He didn't have enemies outside the prison? Parra didn’t go out.
No girlfriend, lived with his mom, and there aren’t any demerits on his file.
His mom said that he was a quiet man, dedicated to his job.
He changed after the kidnapping.
He refused to go back to work.
- Perhaps he couldn’t handle the stress.
- There’s something wrong, Tito.
Do you really think that someone with Parra’s personality, who has been working in a prison for less than a month, is going to help a prisoner escape? Also, they confirmed that he was in charge of the prisoner count.
Why would they give such a responsibility to a rookie? - I have no idea.
You tell me.
- Because they needed a scapegoat.
He was arrested and that same day, before he could get a lawyer or make a statement, he commits suicide in his cell.
How convenient.
He was accused of a serious crime.
Nobody knows how anyone would react to those circumstances.
Parra didn’t have a record of attempted suicide.
And even if he actually considered taking his own life, he would’ve at least left a note for his family.
Tito, isn’t it a little too convenient for him to commit suicide in a holding cell? Someone important wanted to silence him.
Before that, they killed his grandmother.
An elderly woman who had nothing to do with this and never bothered anyone.
That has to be related to this case.
Parra knew something, and that's why they killed him.
It’s possible that you are right, girls.
Does anyone else know about this? - No.
- No one.
Keep digging, then.
But be careful.
Don’t tell anyone until we know who is involved.
Understood, Ana María? No one, not even the authorities Excuse me.
Ana María, someone is here to see you.
- Understood.
If you'll excuse me.
- And don't tell the prisoners, either.
- Hello, how are you? - I’m fine.
We got new leads on the investigation.
Is it something that would link J.
to the acid? - Not yet.
- What do you mean "not yet"? That’s precisely why I’m here.
I need to ask you a favor.
Think about it, my friend.
You'll be here for a long time, and they're offering you a good job outside.
It's just - too good to be true.
- Believe me, they are extremely serious.
Think about yourself.
What’s the benefit of being here? None.
But I have a quiet life here.
Forget about a quiet life right now.
It’s time to produce.
And how are you planning to get me out? I can’t see the future.
The guerrillas know.
Just tell them you want out, and wait until they get you out.
The body of a woman was found inside a vehicle by a bystander who immediately notified the authorities.
The woman came from Colombia and entered the U.
using a false ID.
Because her identity has not been confirmed, the authorities haven’t been able to repatriate the remains.
If anyone has information about her or the whereabouts of her relatives, please contact the authorities.
- I hope this works.
- I’m sure it will.
Thank you.
- I need to ask you a favor, Agent.
- You want to charge me for this lead? Let's call it bartering between investigators.
- That’s okay.
How may I help you? - I need your contacts in the Prosecutor's office.
What do you need? It's about a man who recently got out of Capital Prison.
I need his location.
The guests are arriving.
I don't want any mistakes.
Keep me up to date on who goes in and out.
Over and out.
Commander, I see that you're having a cookout.
I’m an expert in cookouts.
That’s why they call me "Butcher".
Keep bringing chairs, bro.
Come on, boys, hurry up.
Get it done, fast.
Anyway, think about it.
You won’t find a better cook than me here.
The court proceedings will be held next week.
- Has it been confirmed? - According to Galen, it has.
However, we must be prepared in case the date or time changes.
How many people do we need? Just us.
Maybe a couple more men.
Just us? Will that be enough? Sure, Oliver Correa will go in a van with a police officer and two prison guards.
- And there’ll be two motorcycle officers.
- What? Only two men will be guarding the guy? Well, Correa isn’t considered a highly dangerous criminal.
This will put us all in danger.
I’m the one who has to surrender.
That’s the issue here.
You have nothing to do with this.
You must speak with the other commanders.
This could destroy the organization.
I don't give a fuck what they think.
DAYS LATER - Inmate Oliver Correa? - Yes, sir.
Prisoner Oliver Correa is leaving Capital Prison.
He’s about to be transferred to the Prosecutor’s facilities.
He’s being escorted by prison guards García and Espejo.
Why are we stopping? - Good morning.
- Good morning.
We’re here to escort Oliver Correa to the Prosecutor's Office.
- But the prisoner just left.
- What? Just a minute.
García, how’s the transfer going? Over.
García, do you copy? García.
I am the warden of Capital Prison.