Alias J.J. (2017) s01e34 Episode Script

Episode 34

COLOMBIAN MOUNTAINS Well, did you do it? Not yet, Commander.
Then why are you calling me if it's not good news? I have some important information for you.
Okay, let's hear it.
Castañeda is talking to the gringos.
What? He's negotiating.
I think it's to turn himself in.
All right, it's here.
- Who gave you the contact? - Smith's pal in the Prosecutor's Office.
Let's go.
- Arigato.
- Good.
Yes, that's him.
- Yes, all right.
- Hello, how are you? I'm Tian, the owner of the restaurant.
- Pleased to meet you.
Ana María Solozábal.
- Janeth Ferro.
Pleased to meet you.
- Problem with order? - No.
No, we just need to speak with you.
We're reporters.
We wanted to ask you a few questions.
- We won't take up much of your time.
- What questions? It's about the Capital Prison.
I'll ask you nicely, please leave.
All right, but if you ask us nicely to leave, then tomorrow we'll nicely be asking you questions publicly.
What questions? I already served my time.
- I don't have anything to hide.
- Are you sure? Because, at that time, you were earning more than a five-star chef.
Who said that? You worked in the guerrillas' cellblock, didn't you? What favors did you do for them? You don't have anything.
Just hearsay.
It's possible we only have hearsay.
You know what, Tian? You're right.
Watch the news tomorrow.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR I'll be right back.
What's up? There's a lady here with information about the woman murdered in Miami.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Agent Ramos, nice to meet you.
- My name is Gloria.
Right this way.
I hear you have information about the woman who was killed in Miami.
Yes, sir.
I'm her mother.
I will speak.
- But I have conditions.
- What conditions? Hey, what are you doing? We need that.
I don't want any of this.
None of it.
Second, I don't exist.
Not for you, not for enemies, not for authorities.
I'm nobody.
You can't mention who I am or where you got this information.
The last thing we want is to put your life in danger, Tian.
Today is last time.
After this, I don't want to see you again.
- Agreed? - Agreed.
Let's begin.
I said What? You don't expect us to memorize all this, do you? Look, the notes we're going to write down here, Tian, are important notes so that the information we publish is precise.
Information that won't compromise you, understand? If you want, you can read everything we write.
If you're okay with it, good, and if not, we'll erase it.
- Ana - We'll erase it.
All right? Shall we begin? Where do you want to start? What happened in the Capital Prison? How are things run inside there? Alicia, how are you? Please, come in.
I'm the new connection for the organization in the United States.
Wait there.
I don't understand why they killed my daughter.
Do you know if she spoke with anyone who would want to harm her? Well, she started to change some time ago.
To change, how? Well, she was going around with people I didn't like and sometimes she came home with money.
She would never say where she got it.
And how long ago did that start, more or less? It all had to do with someone she met about five years ago.
Who? I don't know what his name was, but I do know where she met him.
He was an inmate in the Capital Prison.
Don't worry, everything will move like clockwork.
We'll keep the same deals, the price, the routes that we always used, - the quality of the product - Yes, that's all great.
Everything is exactly the same, except for you.
So what if everything's the same, if the person I did business with is gone? - The thing with Jennifer got out of hand.
- Exactly.
And that was nothing more and nothing less than a death.
No, not a death, a murder.
And a murder gets police attention, and the police investigate, ask questions, questions which I'm in no position to answer.
Let's see if you understand me, Serrano.
I do my job perfectly well, and all I ask is that the people who work with me do the same.
Don't worry, I won't let you down.
How long have you been in this business? Because you're Popeye's lawyer.
Popeye, and a whole lot more people.
That's true.
I was Popeye's lawyer.
But as a lawyer, I realized that no matter who I represented, I would never get what you can get on this side.
I imagine that your situation was similar to mine.
I suppose you had other paths to choose, and when you realized that there was so much money this way, you quickly chose this, right? I like ambitious people.
- Hello.
- What's up, bro? - How did it go with the flowers? - Flowers? - Yes, bro.
How did it go? - What flowers? What are you talking about? Oh, right, yes.
The flowers, of course.
You idiot! The flowers! The fucking flowers you were gonna deliver! What happened with that? Good, all good with the flowers.
- Are you sure? - Yes, sure.
Look, let's talk later, I'm busy.
okay? What an idiot! Thank you.
Yes, I used to ask her who she was visiting in that place.
But she would tell me not to interfere in her life, that she was already too grown up for me to be watching her.
She never told you what his name was, what he looked like? No, sir.
Gloria, would you give us permission to search the house, to see if we can find anything? You won't find anything there.
She hasn't lived with me for more than three years.
And where did she live? I don't know.
The few times we saw each other, it was because she stopped by to see me.
I have to say she wasn't a bad daughter.
She came by and gave me some money and and if I ever needed anything, all I had to do was call her, and she would come running to bring it to me.
Any friends, acquaintances? Someone close to her that we could talk to? I don't think so.
The person closest to my daughter, besides that prisoner, was me.
Look, sir, I I want to ask you a favor, and forgive me, but Help me bring her here.
Help me bring my daughter home.
No matter what she might have done, she deserves to be mourned.
To have flowers brought to her.
Jinita can't just be left there in the United States.
- Help me, please? - Don't worry.
Oh, here they come.
Oh, oh.
Guess what it is.
It's a girl, right? Yes.
And she's so beautiful, look at those little pink cheeks.
Oh, no.
And how are you both? Are you okay? Yes, we're both fine.
Missing you.
It's a girl, bro.
It's a girl.
Soldier, hurry.
Go to the guerrillas' cellblock.
Tell Galeno to do what he promised, to prepare for ten lunches, got it? - Okay, Popeye.
- And tell him to get some booze.
Tell him it's a party.
We'll settle up later.
What's up, soldier? That's great, friend.
What's that look for? - No, it's nothing.
- What do you mean nothing? We're celebrating, our family has grown.
- Or is it that you wanted a boy? - No, it's not that, bro.
Then what? It's mixed feelings, bro.
Happiness for a daughter, you know, and it's sad, too.
Being locked up in here, they took away our leaves, and I should be with her at the hospital, you know? Yes, I know.
But don't get too down.
The situation here will calm down soon and we'll work something out so you can visit them.
- I hope you're right.
- Don't worry.
And what's my goddaughter's name? - 'Cause she'll be my goddaughter, right? - Of course, bro.
For me, it's a great honor.
You're already a godfather, bro.
Don't name her Alexandra.
She could become a thief and abandon you.
This guy isn't shooting blanks.
That's it, my friend, it's all good, you hear? Check this out, you might be interested.
All right, come on.
Until a few days ago, the Capital Prison enjoyed the recognition that it has earned, thanks to its high level of organization.
Nevertheless, our investigation into every disappearance and murder has taken the lid off a rotting stew in the penitentiary.
One of the most notorious cases is the guard Jeison Parra.
His mother was kidnapped, his grandmother killed, and he, Parra, ended up taking his own life while in federal custody after having been involved in the disappearance of Ramiro Méndez, one of the inmates in the penitentiary.
But this case of the guard and his victim is not an isolated case.
Disappearances inside the Capital Prison are a systemized form of punishment imposed by the chiefs of each cellblock.
Gangsters who, using power they have from money and from the positions they held before being sentenced, continue to order and to commit every kind of crime from their cells.
And what does the warden do about all this? Nothing.
He's not even aware of the number of criminal acts that are being plotted right under his nose.
Come in, come in.
Come on, boys.
I thought getting me out would be too hard for you.
Look, if we told you we could, it's because we could.
Go on, this food is for you, to make you forget about that hole you were in.
Thank you.
Here, these are the coordinates where you have to take the helicopter.
- And you're sure of this? - Why? You're not? Because if you have doubts, you should tell us.
Look, we chose you because you can do this.
And if not, then we'll find someone else.
Look, relax.
As soon as this operation is over, you can leave and do whatever you want with your life.
And what helicopter is it? It's you, it's you, Horacio, with your damn pride or your stubbornness, you could fuck up this operation.
You think so? Because you had doubts about rescuing that two-bit pilot.
And the operation was a success.
- Are you saying it wasn't? - I'm not.
It went fine.
- Then what's the fucking problem? - Oh, Horacio, bro! Who's flying that thing? That asshole back there! Tell me something.
What if he can't pull it off? - If he screws up, what happens? - He has everything he needs.
Yes, but we could use a little more time.
This could all turn out perfect, or it could all turn to shit.
You know it.
Look, one thing, Lucy.
Since when do you question all my decisions? What, bro? I'm not questioning anything.
Are you sure? Because Look, it's one thing to sleep with the Commander.
And something else to think that because you do, you have more power than you really have.
Hold it.
My relationship with Commander Galeno has nothing to do with this, got it? Are you sure? Yes, I only want what's best for the operation.
Then close your goddamn mouth and follow orders.
Because if the Commander says "jump," you don't ask why.
You just say, "How high?" Got it? - Got it, Lucy? - Yes, got it, sir.
Then go get everything ready for the operation.
Where have you been? - Why did you disappear? - Carrying out intelligence, sir.
- Intelligence on what? - About an attack being organized.
They want to kill you, Commander.
- Sanabria.
- Your orders, Commander? Send an advance team to Ramirez's tent.
And leave no stone unturned, because I'm not gonna let anyone fuck me over.
Mono says it's a safe place, but at this point I don't even trust my own shadow.
Go on, go.
At your service, sir.
Excuse me.
I don't know why you're surprised.
In the report, I only talked about things you already know.
- But you have no proof.
- Are you sure I don't have proof? - All you have are just rumors.
- So, an inmate escaping from jail, leaving a guard dead in a van is a rumor, Warden? That happened, but outside the jail.
And yes, there was one What's this? The list of all the people who've been reported missing in the jail that you yourself oversee.
Let's do this.
Pick a name.
Any name.
Investigate, and I'm sure you'll find the proof you're asking for.
Before doing that news report, you should have spoken with me first.
I did.
I tried to, not just once, but several times.
- What are you talking about? - I came to see you at the jail, - and your guards refused to let me enter.
- No, no one told me that.
I also called, I left messages, and I never got any response.
And why didn't I hear about this? If it's true that you didn't receive any of my calls if what you're saying is true, then who's in charge of your prison? Let's go, let's go! This lady's patience won't last forever.
Look, sir.
"Every night, I go to sleep thinking of you.
Your beauty illuminates me and I am moved by the love you say you feel for me.
I want to think that it's all true, but sometimes fear makes me doubt.
" Is that from that guy? I don't know.
You tell me.
Who else could've written her a letter like this? No, well I don't know, no.
She didn't have many boyfriends.
But if that was where you said it was, it must have been very important to her.
In other news.
What will your office do on the case that our colleague has just presented to the media, Mr.
Prosecutor? I've already ordered an exhaustive investigation to determine the extent of the irregularities inside the prison.
And that means It means that if there really were disappearances, murders, or other crimes, we will thoroughly investigate those involved.
- This is the warden! - It's the warden! - You have to give us answers! - Where is my husband? Where are you keeping my family? - Hurry.
- You're the warden, you have to know what's happening.
What's happened to my family? Murderers! - Murderers, accomplices.
- Where is he? Where is our family? Where are our family members? - Look, this isn't a good time.
- I only need a few minutes.
Not now, please, all right? Look, I need the visitors' logs from the last few years.
There's a criminal I've been chasing in my country whom we suspect has been visiting a prisoner here.
What criminal? Sorry, that's confidential information.
I'm the warden of this jail.
If an investigation is coming, I need to know about it.
Talk to your superiors, and when you can tell me the identity of the criminal, I will cooperate with your investigation, got it? Well, it appears that we have two ways to do this.
One way, I go to the media and tell them everything, or the other, where I am absolutely discreet.
Is this blackmail? No, let's say that I'm trying to do my job the best I can.
So it's up to you.
We'll set up the checkpoint right here at 0900.
There's a military base just a few kilometers beyond that point.
We should, I don't know, take over a less risky road.
The mass kidnapping must happen there, it's where the prime targets will go.
If there's a military base there, there'll be at least two or three checkpoints.
You can do a mass kidnapping on any highway in Colombia.
We have a helicopter, and that's our advantage.
Indeed, there is a military base.
I know it.
We have even more reason to be effective.
We are synchronized, entering and leaving with no problem.
I can't guarantee you anything.
I'll try, but - I don't know.
- "I don't know"? Why did we rescue you? Is this job too big for you? I'll try to do the best I can.
Look, Mr.
Reporter, as I've been telling you, my men and I are trying to do everything possible to maintain order in the prison.
Excuse me? No, no.
One moment.
It's one thing for you to accuse me of taking money to cover up the disappearances.
We have problems here, no question.
But to accuse us of something so serious, sir.
No, no, what you're saying is something very serious.
That has criminal consequences, no? All yours.
Give him the money.
- Aren't you going to count it? - No.
It isn't necessary.
I trust you.
- I brought you a gift.
- Oh, really? - Look, it's the very latest.
- Let's see.
The complete kit.
This is the latest technology.
You open it here, you put it in here, you close it up.
- Okay.
- You load it and There you go.
I'll leave it with you.
When you want to try it out, invite me over.
Of course.
- Don't doubt it.
- Bye.
- Let's go.
- Bye.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR CAPITAL PRISON VISITOR'S REGISTER These are the copies of the visitor's log from the last few months in the Capital Prison.
The name Jennifer Casas doesn't appear anywhere.
That means she has no connection to any prisoner.
No, you're wrong, sir.
Jennifer entered Capital Prison several times, but under the name Imelda Solano.
The same name that she used in her forged passport to get into the U.
And she happened to always visit the same prisoner.
- Who? - Leónidas Caicedo, alias Zurcido.
Who's that? Let's say this guy is like one of Velásquez's henchmen.
A man who lacks the ability or the intelligence to run a drug cartel in the U.
What proof do we have? Honestly, Popeye is very skillful, he doesn't leave loose ends, but we think Zurcido could be covering up a possible relationship - between him and Jennifer.
- Even if that were true, it's not enough for an extradition.
No, but if we can prove that Jennifer had a relationship with Popeye, that would be the proof we need to extradite him.
Agent, you can count on my support and that of the Prosecutor's Office.
And follow that proof.
Yes, sir.
Excuse me.
Where to? I don't have to go anywhere with you.
For the DEA guys to come looking for you you must've fucked up big time.
I don't have any debt with the DEA.
- Guards.
- Hey, wait a moment, hey.
No, no, no.
This is fantastic! You smell delicious.
- Hello.
- Pay attention.
Jotica, bro, we're kicking it out of the stadium, bro, you don't know! No, idiot, shut up and listen to what I'm going to tell you.
They screwed us.
What are you talking about? Who screwed us? The three-letter dogs.
Wait, what happened? They connected Jennifer with the dwarf Zurcido.
No, no.
Are you sure about that? I'm sure.
A guard told me Detective Ramos is interrogating him and asking about the visits that she made to him.
What do you want me to do? We have to secure him.
Secure him how? Talk to him.
He's going to spill everything he knows.
Even more so, now that he has a family.
I know these guys.
So talk to him, grab him by the balls.
Otherwise, we're fucked, got it? Falcon, continue for Alpha.
- How is the weather there? Over.
- All clear, Commander.
There are no clouds in the sky.
- You can go on.
- Go on, go.
- Sanabria, bro.
- Sir.
- You good? - A pleasure.
- How's everything? - Fine.
You? - I'm very well, bro.
- Sorry, this toy can't go in.
That's how you take care of the Commander.
Right, welcome.
- And you? How have you been? - How are you, sir? - Well, Mono? - Commander.
- How are you? - Good, Commander.
- Go in.
- Thank you.
You had me worried with that alarm you gave me, bro.
Don't kill me, Mono.
Don't kill me.
Orders from your brother, Commander.
I'm going to give you some news that will upset some of you.
For others, it will be good.
And for others, it will be excellent.
I have just been told that Commander Castañeda was killed a few hours ago.
So those who revered him or those who ever had any thought of an attempt on my life had better stay still and not do anything.
And listen to me well.
If I detect any attempt at insubordination against me that act will be punished severely and without mercy.
- Understood? - Yes, Commander! Dismissed.
That's really excellent news, Commander.
We can finally breathe easy.
Didn't I tell you so, Duván? Every dog has its day.
- Yes, you told me, sir.
- Let's have a beer.
This is the toy.
- You've flown one of these before? - I did once.
And? How do you think it will go this time? Do I have a choice? - Is the tank full? - What do you think? And where's the pilot? The one who brought this here.
- He's not with us anymore.
- You killed him? Look, here's a little advice.
Concentrate on the operation, got it? You're one of us now.
If it all works out, nothing will happen to you.
Understood? We're all ready, right? So everyone be very alert.
I want no mistakes and we can't let any of them get away, okay? No, I'll make sure to review everyone's identification.
All right, it's time.
- Close the road.
- Let's do it.
- Hey, get another one.
- Get in position, boys, in position.
Bring it out.
There, put that there.
Good, inside.
I see you, Mono.
Get in.
Falcon Five to Falcon One.
Falcon Five to Falcon One.
All right, what is it? I brought you here because we've got an in-house problem.
- No, we don't.
- Yes, we do.
The Prosecutor's Office has started to investigate the missing prisoners.
This could make a big mess for us.
- That's your problem.
- No.
And yours, too.
The Prosecutor's Office will hit us hard.
And what do you think they're gonna find in your cellblock when they do? What information do you have? Look, the Prosecutor's Office will start transferring people to Valledupar.
And you don't have to be a genius to know who will be first to go.
That would definitely be jumping out of the frying pan right into the fire.
I'm not willing to do that.
Well, that's why we're here, to find solutions.
So what are you thinking? We need to deliver a scapegoat to the government and the police.
They'll only let up if we give them a big fish.
And if it's not you, and it's not me, who do you think? Your friend.
He's not my friend.
But yes, let's give them that joke of a drug trafficker.
Nobody loves J.
Well? Are you with me or not? All right, Helguita, thanks for the messages.
Talk to you later.
Any news? I got a call from the Capital Prison.
Clemente, the warden? Popeye.
Popeye? Yeah, right.
He says he has important information about the missing persons.
- And you believe him? - You don't? Look, when you get the information, everyone knows about it, everyone's talking about it, and he appears.
- He's crazy and an opportunist, Janeth.
- Maybe so, but what if he has something important to say? And if he has something to say, have you considered the price of his information? I don't know, but would you pass up an opportunity like this? No, but I'd think about it a long time before seeking help from a man like him.
All right, investigate it fully, and I'll support you.
But, please, that guy should be the absolute last resort.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Thank you, excuse me.
- Hello.
- Yes? Thank you.
I'm Janeth Ferro, reporter with N News.
- Yes.
- I'm looking for Guard Torres.
Can you tell him that I'm here? - One moment, I'll call him.
- Thank you.
Torres, Torres.
Miss Ferro is asking for you at Entrance Number One.
Please come.
I have an appointment with John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez.
- He asked me to come.
- Of course, my pleasure.
Thank you.
- Come with me, please.
- Through here? Yes, a new route.
- This way.
- Why this way? Because this way is quicker, miss.
Don't move, don't move.
Get out of the car, identification.
- Let's go, hurry.
- Everyone have your ID ready.
Let's go, hurry.
- You there.
Don't move, slow down.
- Go on.
- Who are you? - ID, dude.
There, don't move.
Show your identification nice and slowly.
- Check her ID card.
- ID.
Hurry up, let's go! Search this here, Mono.
- Your hands.
- Here.
Let's go, make it quick! Johncito.
- How are you? - Fine.
How did it go? Did you do the job? As soon as I got off the airplane, I went to Zurcido's house.
Neither his wife nor his daughter were there.
They're nowhere to be found.
Those dogs from the DEA took them away.
They already knew we were coming.
Don't waste your time.
I told you.
I don't know any Jennifer, or ever met her.
I have no idea why she got killed.
I don't know why her name's in the visitor's book either.
Nobody has come to see me.
- Let's go.
- Where? Let's go.
It will be good for you.
Tell me one thing.
Why are they here? Why did you bring them? Why are you getting my family involved? We went to get them.
Just as we arrived, a group of armed men were entering your house.
If we hadn't gotten there first, they wouldn't be here right now.
That's bullshit! This is a set-up.
I have people who watch out for me, who protect me, who wouldn't let anything happen to them.
Don't talk such bullshit.
You know how it is.
If you think your wife and daughter will be safer at home, I'll send them there now and you can go back to your cell.
Wait, wait just a minute.
They don't have anything to do with this.
They shouldn't pay for my fuck-ups.
Look, Zurcido, I'm going to make it very easy for you.
You only have two choices.
Either you confirm that the woman who was killed in the United States was Popeye's contact in the drug trafficking network, or your wife and daughter will be left to those men who are looking for them.
You decide.