Alias J.J. (2017) s01e40 Episode Script

Episode 40

CAPITAL PRISON PRISONER REGISTRY Should we move onto the other file? Let's finish with this one.
What do you think? - Ángel Rojas.
- Alias La Rata.
They spent the entire time reviewing files, sir.
Did they find anything? PARAMILITARY CELLBLOCK They were on La Rata's trail.
Son of a bitch.
What did you find? A face that I need you to identify.
No, no.
Let me go.
- Stop struggling, relax.
- No, no.
Let me go, son of a bitch.
Janeth, have you seen him? - Yes, he's one of the men who attacked me.
- Are you sure? - What's wrong? No, Janeth.
- I have to go the bathroom.
- I'll get a nurse.
- Call a nurse, please.
Let's go, okay.
Don't worry.
La Rata was already out of jail a few months prior.
That means he wasn't there when they kidnapped Janeth.
- No.
- Then, how did he get into the jail? The guards had to have authorized his entry.
What do we know about Castillo? Ana María, I think Castillo has nothing to do with this guy.
- What? - Castillo was a guerrilla member.
And La Rata is a paramilitary.
DRUG TRAFFICKERS CELLBLOCK Pope, guess who's here? All right, soldier.
Hello, doll.
- And the team? - Why did you lie to me? Why did you tell me Cristian Castillo attacked Janeth? Because he did, doll.
I showed the photo to Janeth, and she didn't recognize him.
So? He deliberately hid his face.
His men attacked your friend.
Paramilitary, huh? Cristian Castillo is a guerrilla.
One of Janeth's attackers is a paramilitary.
How do you know that? I'm paid well for the work I do as an investigator.
Now are you going to tell me why you lied? Why? What game are you playing with me, Popeye? I didn't trick you.
The one who's been played here is me.
- No.
- How do you think I heard Castillos's name? Someone obviously lied to me.
They know I'm helping you.
You'd better go.
- Leave.
They'll see us.
- Don't lie.
- Don't touch me.
- They'll hurt us both.
Cool it.
All right? Calm down.
Camacho! Get out of here.
That's what's best.
Tell the prosecutor to protect you.
I want you to be safe, okay? - Hey, get her out of here.
- Let's go.
Come with me, miss.
- Get her out of here.
- All good.
Let's go.
Urrego, it's important that from now on you follow each and every recommendation that I have given you.
It's necessary that we perform the surgery on the date we've set.
- Are you pressuring me, Doctor? - No, no.
Pressure's only for cooking beans, but I'll do everything you say.
As usual, right? The boys will leave you at your door.
As for the rest Don't worry, sir.
All right, be well.
How are you, Uncle? I didn't know you were receiving visitors.
Plastic surgeon if you must know.
Surgeon? Are you You're going to change yourself, Uncle? Yes, sir.
A plastic surgeon.
So take advantage of looking at this face, because it's the last time you'll see it.
So, you're serious? I'm serious.
I need to get out of here.
And with this face, I can't.
So I'm going to fix that.
Besides, I need to personally get back in the business, so that all responsibility doesn't fall on your shoulders.
Oh, no, Uncle.
I don't have a problem with that.
I do.
- Hey, bro.
- What, kid? Come here.
- What happened? What did he say? - Don Pablo said "yes".
- Don Pablo really said "yes"? - Yes, he liked what I said about you.
Holy Mary, kid, didn't I tell you I was going to come through? Oh, that's amazing, brother.
I'm so glad.
You better not act like an idiot - because if I hear, I'll find you - Wait, what, bro? - You know you can count on me.
- That's the spirit, kid.
What do I need to do? - Who is that guy? - Your first patient.
Bro, if you really want to be one of don Pablo's trusted men, find this guy and shoot his head off.
You have to prove you're the right fit for this position.
We're working for the boss of Colombia.
What? Do I look bad? - Do I look like I'm not well off? - Oh, no, bro.
I'm on it.
- You know how it is.
- That's the spirit.
Here you go, son of a bitch snitch.
How old were you when you first killed someone? I don't remember that well.
Around… 16, 17 years old.
What did that man do to wind up on your hit list? He was the driver of a bus, a minibus.
And he didn't wait for a woman to get off.
He just drove off.
The woman fell and was killed.
And she was the mother of one of the Boss's partners.
That was my first contract.
And that was enough of a reason for murder? In those days in Medellin, you only needed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Or look the wrong person in the eye.
- Was it hard for you? - No.
- Not at all? - Not at all.
That day I realized I had the stomach of a hitman.
Because I wasn't scared or upset afterwards.
I went home and ate lunch.
Later, I had dinner as usual.
I went to bed like normal.
How many more did you kill, Velásquez? Approximately 250 people.
And I'm involved in around 3,000 deaths.
And to affect the Constitution, specifically Article 35 that permits the extradition of Colombians to the United States of America, we had to really wreak havoc and kill a lot of people.
That was our flag.
Turn the camera off, Bernardo.
We're done.
All right? Do you like me? The way I'm doing with this interview Ana María, we do things my way, and nothing will happen to you or me.
The guy who gave me information about your friend doesn't think he was wrong.
All evidence pointed to that guerrilla.
So let's play dumb for now.
Let the people watching us think the only thing you and I have are these interviews.
When the camera turns off, that's it.
This is a farce, Velásquez.
I helped you.
I'm taking a risk, interviewing you, and all you've done is feed me stories and lies.
How am I any closer to the truth about Janeth? You think that was my fault? All I wanted from the beginning was to help you.
This time it didn't work, but that's always been my goal.
I shouldn't have trusted you.
You can't operate on him.
I don't understand why I can't operate on Mr.
He's been very willing, and he's followed all Because he doesn't make the decisions.
- How much to not operate on him? - No, no, Mr.
At this point, I can't do that to Mr.
Of course you can.
Just tell him he has some allergy or something.
Look, Mr.
Urrego, I simply can't do that to your uncle, and I won't do that because he won't believe me, sir.
Of course he'll believe you.
Don't you see that that's your job? To convince him? No, I mean, please understand, okay? I don't want any trouble with Mr.
Iván, Mr.
I'm the one you should be wary of.
More sugar? No, it's fine as is.
You think what's happening is a good thing? I already closed that issue.
I thought by giving the guerrilla's name to the reporter, she and everyone else would stop looking into it.
They already have the name of one of my men.
I know, but that wasn't me.
I assure you I didn't share that.
I know how it is with you and me, and I don't want to make things worse.
With all due respect, the prosecution knows, one of the men who was with Janeth fucked up, - or someone wants to fuck you up.
- Who? You? It's not me.
I'm the least of your troubles.
Why would I start a fight with the paramilitary? It could be anyone.
The guerrillas, one of their victims Even one of your men.
Right, gentlemen, we're searching every cell, every door, every wall, every hole in this cellblock.
Whatever isn't authorized goes.
Quickly, gentlemen, quickly.
- Move, gentlemen.
You hear? - Clemente, what is going on here? I should have done this a long time ago, sir.
Take Mr.
Abel outside as well.
Right now.
- This is an abuse of authority.
- Get moving.
We have two more cellblocks to search.
Quickly, gentlemen, quickly.
We stashed everything, but if they keep searching the way they are, we're fucked, Commander.
Those paramilitaries fucked up, messing with that reporter.
They fucked us all.
- Hi.
- What are you doing? - I'm reviewing topics, Tito.
- Why? Because it's what I need to do.
And what happened with Popeye? I'm putting an end to that.
It's over.
- Are you serious? - Yes, I'm serious.
I've had it with this guy, his lies, his extortions no more.
I'm tired of the perverse and cynical way he sees the world.
Today, in our last interview, I asked him well, he told me about the crimes he confessed to, the 300 people he killed, and the 3,000 other deaths he had a hand in.
And I asked him a question: if he felt any kind of remorse.
- Yes.
- And he said "no".
- Well, obviously.
- That no, it was a job.
For me it wasn't obvious.
"It's a job like any other.
" - Like yours, like mine.
- Is that what he said? These interviews are giving voice to a psychopath.
That's what we're doing, and I'm the one responsible.
I understand how you feel, but do you know how many family members of the 300 people that this criminal supposedly murdered know that he's the one behind them? One hundred? Two hundred, 500? And how many of them would really like to know exactly what happened? You sought to find out what happened to Janeth, and since you weren't able to, you're frustrated, and I get it.
That doesn't mean you can't take advantage of this opportunity to help other people.
If you want to give up and work on something else, do it.
But if I were in your shoes, I would investigate this situation until the bitter end.
Think about it.
I have more on the kidnappings.
Cool, let's go.
Let's see.
We've proven our good will.
My men have had impeccable behavior.
Zero vices, zero fights.
We've respected our schedules.
We've treated the guards and other staff with deference and courtesy.
Yes, sir.
I congratulate you.
But let me ask you one question.
You know what happened to the reporter Janeth Ferro, right? Ay, brother.
Neither my men nor I had anything to do with that.
- We shouldn't pay for the sins of others.
- Look, sir.
This is a jail.
Some fucked up, but everyone will pay the price.
The one who's fucking up, here, is you, Clemente.
I'm sorry if you don't agree, sir.
I can't do anything more.
Accompany this gentleman to his cell, now.
Yes, sir.
Let's go.
She said "no".
Her account could change the tone of the whole story.
Look, we already have all the kidnap victims' responses, but I don't know.
We need something more intimate, something with their families.
- Understand? - Sure, Tito.
I'll ask her again.
- Please.
- Okay.
- Okay? - Okay.
Excuse me.
Sorry to interrupt.
- Look.
- And, what's this? Information.
Everything on Popeye.
The material I recorded, raw, unedited material.
The latest is in the editing room.
There are also scripts I used and a synopsis to use for the next investigations.
- So you've decided then.
- Give this to Rubén - because I know he'll do a good - Ana.
Calm down, come here.
- Come here a second, Ana.
Would you? - Yes, sir.
Do you know what you're doing? Yes, I'm aware, Tito.
I lost it, understand? I lost my way.
I stopped being objective.
- What I'm doing is the right thing.
- To leave us in the lurch? - That's not what this is.
- But Ana No, here's the whole investigation.
Look, what more do you want me to say? That this guy blackmailed me? - That I let him rope me in? - No, that's not true.
- You're doing an excellent job.
- But at what cost? Doing whatever that guy wants? No.
What I did was give him everything he wanted.
I lost my way, and that's something a good journalist would never do.
Understand? - The only person who can - Look.
You're right about all the victims.
We have to do this, fine.
I would have done it.
That's why all the material that you need is there, okay? But without you, we won't get anywhere.
- You know this subject from top to bottom.
- Yes, you'll get somewhere.
Right now, I detest that man.
Any report that I give on him - will be biased.
- All right, all right, Ana.
- I won't insist.
Look at you.
- I need time, that's it.
I need time.
To think about why I got into this profession.
All right.
I hope you don't regret it.
I'm sorry.
That was one of the most difficult moments of my life.
I knew I had crossed the line, that fine line between professional and personal.
Why it happened to me, I don't know.
But in that moment, if I wanted to get back what I had lost in myself, I had to distance myself from that story forever.
We've tried to accomplish a successful re-socialization of you men.
But due to recent events, it's clear that criminal activity lives on inside the prison.
And not just any crimes.
That's why we are obligated to take more drastic measures, gentlemen.
Velásquez, the reporters are waiting for you.
- Pleasure.
Rubén Díaz.
- John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez.
- Call me Popeye.
- Right.
I'm going to do this interview with you.
- And Ana María? - No, she can't come.
And we can start whenever you want.
- Good day, friend.
- But John Jairo.
- Good afternoon.
- How can I help you? I'm here to see Janeth Ferro.
Room - 302.
Okay, thank you.
- Yes, go on in.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Please let me know when you find something.
- You're welcome.
- Thank you.
- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.
- Who's he? - My lawyer.
What? Do I look bad? No, just the opposite.
I'm so happy to see you like this again.
I don't get the problem here.
Rubén Díaz is one of our best reporters.
I don't care about that, my friend.
The deal I made is with Ana María.
She's the one who interviews me, understand? Yes, look.
The thing is Ana María The psychologist should be here soon.
I want him to see that I'm doing well.
I don't want to be in this place anymore, Ana.
Did they say when they'll release you? - That depends.
- On what? It depends on how the psychologist thinks I am.
If he decides I'm not ready yet, I'll have to wait till next time, - and I don't want that.
- It'll be fine.
You'll see.
- Oh, I hope so.
- Here.
A little color.
- Am I pale? - No, you look fine.
Where's that lawyer from? Did Cifuentes recommend him? No, he's a friend of the family.
You know that I prefer to have people I know around me.
This is very private, and I can't talk about it with just anyone.
- Do you trust him? - Yes.
Yes, a lot.
In fact, he's going to the prosecution to request all info about my case.
Ana, I want to take down everyone who did this to me.
Better? Very pretty.
Go on, sir.
- What is this shit? - Food, sir.
- This is pure slop.
- You don't like the food? Write the Ministry and ask them to change the menu in all the jails in the country, how's that? You know that this is an outrage, right? There are no more perks, sir.
Enjoy your meal.
Let's go.
That's pure slop.
- How many hours of sleep? - Five.
- Sometimes six or seven.
It depends.
- It depends on what? On the day, on my mood, on how many pills.
I have a high medication dosage, and sometimes it knocks me out, - and other times, it keeps me awake.
- Do you dream? I mean, while you're sleeping, do you have any visions or memories? No, no! I used to but not anymore.
- You used to? - Every time I closed my eyes, the movie would come back.
I started to remember every word, every face.
All that fear and pain.
But not anymore.
Since when? Since I started talking about this.
Since I decided to accept it all with a different mindset.
Are we talking about forgiveness? There's less resentment, less anger.
But as far as forgiveness, no.
I don't think I can ever forgive them.
- How did it go? - Sorry, miss, - but what happens with the patient - I know that you can't tell me, but what I want you to understand is all this has been very difficult for her.
- No one said it hasn't been.
- And she's a brave woman.
She's a woman who, in spite of everything, is stronger.
- Yes, but this isn't the right time.
- You're going to keep her in here? She can be my charge.
I can take care of her.
She's ready.
If I release her now, she'll be right back in here in less than two weeks' time.
We have to wait a little longer.
Excuse me, miss.
One thing.
What did you find out about the reporter? Already located her, Commander.
In the North Clinic.
- And? - We have our people there.
The order is to keep her under watch 24 hours a day, sir.
This won't beat you and it won't beat us, Janeth.
All right? Look at me, Ana.
They ruined my life.
Scream, yell at them, hate them, do whatever you need to do to get it all out.
You have to do it, okay? But don't say they ruined you because that's not true.
Do you know what it takes for someone to be here the way you are? Courage.
Listen, I need Janeth Ferro, the amazing reporter, here.
Your family needs you, the newscast needs you, I need you.
We all need you.
My name is Ana María Solozábal.
I gave you my info for the patient Janeth Ferro, but you need my cell number.
Please, can you take it, just in case? Thank you.
You can call me anytime, whenever you need, - if the patient becomes ill, please.
- We'll call you if anything happens.
Ana María Solozábal.
Thank you.
Miss Santander.
All right, Miss Santander, here's your question.
You find a house on fire, and you have to choose between saving a painting by a famous artist or saving a dog, what would you do? CAPITAL PRISON GUERRILLA CELLBLOCK Good evening, everyone.
I'd like to take this opportunity to propose a change to the questions that the contestants are asked.
I feel that we're getting away from what's really important and these aren't questions to measure our intelligence, our abilities, or what we can contribute to our country.
These questions are making fun of us.
- She's hot.
- Can you imagine her dancing in here? - Shut up.
Let me listen.
- Which deserve a prompt solution or at least other alternatives.
Let's focus on what really matters: on helping children, the elderly, the poor.
I think it's irrelevant to know whether I would save a painting or a dog from a fire.
Thank you.
Torres! - What the fuck? - It's 8 p.
, sir.
Those are the new rules.
Don't tell me a commander like you likes beauty pageants.
Fool, idiot.
He's one of the guys who's involved in what happened to the reporter.
CAPITAL PRISON My people tell me that he's after Janeth and even Ana.
These women are important to you, and I know you'd prefer them alive.
So my people have an express order to watch them and protect them.
You turning soft in your old age, or what? It's not that, my friend.
The thing is we have a lot of issues in this jail, and I'm sick and tired of so many problems.
And if anything happens again to those two women, we'll have the prosecutor, the attorney general, all of them up in here, and it'll be bad.
So I need you to take action.
How? You know exactly the one who got us into this sticky mess, don't you? I could take care of Abel Mahecha.
I could easily get in there and take him out.
But to do it, I'd have to make a big scene, and right now, that wouldn't be good for us.
So you need to take advantage of one of the many meetings that you have with Abel Mahecha and take him out.
At least, think about it because if we get that guy off our backs, it'll smooth the path for us.
Problem solved.
Did you get the information? Too bad she didn't win because she's definitely bright.
- Was it easy to find her? - Yes, it was easy.
Excuse me.
Let's go.
Take care.
I hope to see you all better when I get back.
We're going to improve all the equipment and medical staff too.
- Thank you.
- Take good care.
- So kind.
Thank you so much.
- I promise you: as queen, and a woman, that I will be your voice and hands and feet out there.
Don Ernesto, get well soon.
RUNNER-UP Get me an appointment with the Ministry of Health please.
- Of health? - I also want you to tell Alex to organize a press conference for us.
Something to make some waves.
We need to help the sick.
That's a great idea.
We need you on camera.
- Let's go.
We're late.
- You're crazy if you think I'm going to lunch with a businessman I don't know.
What? This isn't just any lunch.
It's "the lunch" with "the businessman".
He can be the president of Colombia, of Russia.
I'm not interested.
What? Xime, it's a protocol lunch.
Not a big deal.
- It's just lunch.
- Do you not understand? - What don't I understand? - A queen's duties don't include indulging businessmen and millionaires.
- At least, those aren't my duties.
- Xime, it's important for your career.
- He's "the businessman".
- I won't waste my time on things that aren't important.
- Cancel that lunch.
- You're sure? - Yes, I'm sure.
- Canceling that lunch.
What a shame.
- Congratulations, Queen.
- Thank you.
This is from a friend.
Thank you.
Xime, come on, we're in a hurry.
CAPITAL PRISON This is one of your guys, isn't it? - Where'd you get this? - Does it matter? He's the one following Janeth and Ana María.
- Who told you? - Are you going to deny it? You're turning into a pain in the ass.
And if this guy raped Janeth, it's because you told him to, no? Be very careful with what you're saying.
I didn't want any problems, but if you keep fucking up, I'll fight you and won't give a shit what happens.
So choose.
Either you tell this son of a bitch to stop following them, or I'll fuck you up.
Have you forgotten who you're threatening? I didn't forget.
I'm threatening a guy whose son-in-law is in my cellblock.
I'm threatening a guy about to get out, and the last thing he needs is to be framed.
So think about what you want to do… because I'll fuck up your release.
I don't give a shit what happens.
Don't tell me you're in love, J! Don't tell me that for a pair of tits, you're going to lose your head.
Idiot! Hello.
- Where the hell are you? - Look, Uncle.
- Don't make a scene, tone it down a bit.
- No, you stop the bullshit.
What is going on, Víctor? I find out from a third party you're completely fucking up my business and that you told one of my best clients to fuck off.
Hey, listen, Uncle.
I didn't tell anyone to fuck off.
I'm simply explaining how they have to do things.
You told him you wouldn't give him a single gram until you got a higher price.
Look, Uncle.
All I wanted was to send them a message, - so they could see that - You don't make anybody see anything.
You must do what you're told.
Since when do you call the shots? Look, Uncle.
I can make decisions too.
If the situation merits it, I'm going to.
No, you follow orders, idiot! You only follow orders! I need you to come here and give me a detailed report of all those wonderful ideas that are coming into your head.
- Don't start getting creative, boy.
- Look, Uncle.
Right now, I'm finishing a deal.
- What are you saying? - That right now, I can't.
I'll finish the deal, and then I'll go.
You have 24 hours to get here and give me a report.
Don't make me come out of this hole because I'll bring you back by your balls.
How are you, Jairo? Good? Good morning.
I'm losing my patience.
Where the hell did that little asshole Víctor get to? Well, bro.
I'll see your bet.
- Let's see what you have there.
- Bro, you're paying.
Full house! Here, take this.
I need to leave.
- All right, I'm going.
- Come on, luck is on my side.
Well? I'm doing what you asked.
- Next time, don't disappear.
- No, next time, you need to have more patience, Uncle.
What? You think you're a race horse when you're not even a pack donkey, bro.
But I did what you asked.
I haven't let you down, Uncle.
But don't leave me waiting.
Remember this: I'm in this place because my uncle - put me here.
- No, I know.
I know you're the one in charge.
I'm very clear on that.
But if I take certain liberties, it's because I think the situation merits it, not because I'm trying to go over your head.
If I see things, do things a certain way, organize things a certain way, I take my time, but I'm doing them well.
All I need is for you to trust me.
Did you get the photos? - Who is this? - A friend, a very good friend.
So Boss, what you're trying to say is - you suspect your nephew? - He has a lot of power.
But it's power you gave him, Boss.
That's true, I admit it.
- He turned out to be too clever.
- What are you saying? The kid is a good businessman, you know? That's the problem.
He's not going to need me anymore.
All right, Boss, one question then.
If not him, then who? Me.
Boss, you don't get it.
You cause too much chaos out in the open.
I spoke with the plastic surgeon.
The idea is to make some changes and take back what's mine.
That's what needs to be done.
Boss, they found us! Boss, they found us! They found us! Let's go.
Let's go.
- Everyone freeze.
- Relax, boys.
- Don't move.
- Relax, don't shoot! Relax, lower your guns.
No worries.
- You move, you're dead.
On the ground now.
- Relax.
Relax, boy.
We're not doing anything.
Urrego, you're under arrest.
We have him, sir.
We have Urrego.
Are you sure it's him? Confirmed? Perfect.
Vice Minister, Iván Urrego We have him.
- Is it a done deal? - Absolutely confirmed.
We just revived a dead man.