Alias J.J. (2017) s01e39 Episode Script

Episode 39

- Hello? - Good evening, doll.
Do you have news for me about Janeth? Did you find out who attacked her? No, I'm not calling you to talk about that.
I wanted to talk about the topics for our next interviews.
Oh, John Jairo, I'm really tired.
We can talk about it tomorrow, or some other time.
- Yes, I know.
I'm sorry, but at least let me thank you.
Thank me for what? Well, for everything you've done for me.
- And what have I done for you? - What do you mean, "what"? You're giving me a second chance in society.
Really? How? I don't understand.
With the interviews, doll.
In them, I can reflect.
I can get out all the shit I have inside.
Really? I mean it.
It's the only time when I can be myself when I can say what I think without worrying, without a problem.
I don't know what to say.
I'm happy for you.
No, you don't have to say anything.
Listen to me, that's all.
I do listen to you.
Look, it's very difficult for me to relive all of my past and to understand that everything I did was a huge mistake.
At least now you recognize it.
That's what's important, right? Yes, and with our talks, I've been able to reflect on that.
And I've realized that, despite all the bad things, there's always a second chance.
Because of you, I have hope again.
So you can see why I'm grateful to you.
Yes, all right.
I don't know what to say.
That's something that's very personal for you.
I know, but I wanted you to know.
That's all.
And how about you? What about me? Well, I've told you a lot about me, tell me something about you.
Look, John Jairo, I don't talk about my private life with anyone.
You don't even give an inch.
You're harder than a doll's ass, it's incredible.
- You're made of iron, woman.
- Yes I am, and don't ever doubt it.
And that's what someone thinks when they meet you, that you're a steamroller.
Like when I met you in the court.
- Do you remember that day? - How could I forget? You came at me with your caustic comments, you got right in my face, you were so damned irritating.
That was the least of it, no? Why did you throw yourself out of the window that day? That was an incredibly difficult day for me.
But it wasn't the worst.
I've hard harder.
- Oh, really? - Really, doll.
So you'd like to go back to being a kid again, too? I'd love to be born again and do things the right way.
My battery is running out, John Jairo.
No, it lasted last time.
We've been bullshitting here for a while.
I'm going to give you what you asked me for.
It's a story that's very, very personal, something that very few people know.
I'm listening.
I lost a child, too.
I was the happiest woman in the world.
Oh, this is really hard for me.
Well The doctors said that it had a complication, and that was it.
And, well, his heart stopped beating.
John Jairo, my battery is dead.
I have to hang up, all right? Take care, bye.
- Hello.
Good morning.
Good morning.
GUERRILLA COMMANDER Did you get lost along the way? Yes, a bit.
- Let's see.
Is it all there? - Yes, of course.
Count it.
And my sister? Don't worry.
Bring the woman.
You see, my queen? Where there's a will, there's a way.
- To one more job.
- And may there be many more.
- I'll drink to that.
- Open your mouth.
Open your mouth.
Good afternoon.
- Hello, how's it going? - Fine.
Well, we gave them the woman, he gave us the money.
- Are you sure no one followed him? - No, there wasn't anyone there.
Do you really think it's all there? Well, I didn't have time to count it, but let's look.
Let's see.
Check this.
All right, I have the coordinates.
Write them down.
PROSECUTOR INTERROGATION ROOM All right, I already fulfilled my part of the deal.
I served you Commander Horacio on a silver platter, along with the rest of the people responsible for the mass kidnapping.
So let's sign the agreement for a reduction of sentence.
No, Mr.
As long as the kidnap victims still aren't safe and we still haven't captured all of your ex-colleagues, your cooperation cannot be taken into account for an eventual negotiation.
That's not the deal we made.
We were very clear from the beginning.
Without results, there is no deal.
And I wouldn't be the man that I am the murderer, the hitman, the suspect.
Because no matter what happens and no matter what I say, I will always be the guilty one.
I'm sentenced to live under social rejection.
But it's what I deserve.
- Hello.
- I have the information for you.
I'm listening.
I know who fucked up your friend.
Move! - Move! - Move it! Horacio! Move! Come on! Come on, the briefcase.
The briefcase.
The hostages, Horacio.
Freeze! - Follow them! - Here are the kidnap victims.
Don't move! Secure them.
The guns! Come on! We're the kidnap victims.
Here we are.
Hands up.
Drop the gun.
Drop the gun! Drop the gun.
Now! Drop it! On the ground! CAPITAL PRISON - Doll.
You got here very fast.
- I want the names.
Don't worry, I'm going to tell you.
But first, I need to know what you will do with that information.
What do you think? Report it.
And you really think that reporting it is going to stop a guy like this? The guy who did this to your friend isn't just anybody.
The son of a bitch is a bloodthirsty murderer.
I already found out about him.
His name is Cristian Castillo a crook who just got released.
It looks like he was involved with the disappearances.
That's why I'm worried about whatever you're thinking of doing.
If you're going to go stir up a shitstorm, I'll tell you right now, you can forget about your life, and then I'll start forgetting about mine.
Why yours? Who's the only one who talks to you in this joint? So if you run out like a crazy person shouting that you just found out the name, who do you think will be made to pay for that? If you think that the best option is to report it, go ahead and do it.
But I'm warning you.
You could die, plain and simple.
GUERRILLA CELLBLOCK - Let's go, we're leaving.
- All right.
These are the first images of the kidnap victims liberated by the National Army.
This is going to have consequences.
The Secretariat won't stop until they find out who's responsible for this fuck-up.
And when they find him, they will make him pay with his life, Commander.
The guy who did this to your friend isn't just anybody.
The son of a bitch is a bloodthirsty murderer.
I already found out about him.
His name is Cristian Castillo a crook who just got released.
If you're going to go stir up a shitstorm, I'll tell you right now You can forget about your life, and then I'll start forgetting about mine.
How are you? Look at me, please.
First of all, I want you to know that everything's going to be all right, okay? You're safe now, and it's all over.
And what I'm about to do is for your own good.
It's because we need to know the truth.
Do you recognize him? As you can see, the appeal that I lodged has worked.
- And what does this mean? - It means that, faster than it takes a rooster to crow, you're going to get out of this jail, to finish out your sentence in your house, in the comfort of your home.
Very good.
I'm finally getting out of this pigsty.
Don't thank me until you're on the outside.
Why? You have to act like a saint from now until the day of the hearing.
You can't get into any trouble, no matter how small.
If not, your freedom will stop there, understand? GUERRILLA CELLBLOCK - What's wrong? Let's go.
- No, wait a moment.
- Where are you taking me? - What do you think this is, a hotel? You can't request a room here.
You stay whether you like it or not.
Wait a minute, brother.
I can't go in there.
My life will be in danger.
That's not my problem.
Come on.
Hello, comrades.
I'm Commander Horacio.
Welcome, Commander.
We've been waiting for you.
Everyone ready, comrades, we're going to start the court martial.
Look, I have to call the leadership of the Secre Shut up! Commander Horacio is being charged with insubordination, for having shot, without just cause and at point blank, comrade Lucy, and for allowing a hostage to escape, putting the revolutionary cause in danger.
If the operation failed, it was her fault.
That's why I executed her.
I was able to escape thanks to the fact that the guerrilla they called Horacio started to argue with the female guerrilla I think her name was Lucy, or something like that.
And what happened? Well, suddenly the man took out a gun and he shot Lucy point blank, and in the midst of all the confusion and distraction, I was able to escape.
What do you have to say about that? Because in your statements, you said that the person responsible for the hostage's escape was her.
Stand up.
Commander Horacio, for the reasons previously stated, this court martial condemns you to death.
Galeno, you're committing an injustice.
You know it.
Sooner or later, the leadership of the Secretariat is going to find out about this.
Negro! - Negro, son of a bitch! - I don't give a damn what you think.
- Bastard, son of a bitch.
- Proceed.
- No, let me go! - Stay still.
No more, I don't want any more.
Please, no.
I don't want to.
Relax, I'm not going to do anything do you.
No more.
Calm down, I'm not going to hurt you.
Attention, all units.
Red alert, possible escape attempt.
Attention, all units.
Red alert, over.
I sounded the alarm at around 11:00 p.
, but he was already dead.
You have to be really desperate to want to escape over that wall.
Or really stupid, don Clemente.
At the same time, you have to look at the positive side.
Thank goodness he didn't escape, because this jail can't take one more scandal, let alone an escape.
Don't you think so, Sir? GUERRILLA CELLBLOCK Did Clemente buy it? Maybe not, Commander, but he won't start investigating anything.
He knows that this jail is in the eye of a storm, and any inquiry will only lead to more problems he can't handle right now.
I hope I won't have any problems with this.
You won't, Commander.
As always, a pleasure doing business with you.
If you need anything, call.
- Hello.
- How are you, John Jairo? Hi, doll.
I was thinking about you.
I wanted to call you to ask how it went with the information I gave you.
Well, that information wasn't of any use at all, John Jairo.
What do you mean? Aren't your cop friends helping you out? Well, I didn't talk, right? The Prosecutor's office doesn't know anything.
No one knows anything.
Oh, good.
You listened to me.
I didn't listen to you, John Jairo.
Look, just like you gave me clues to find out what was happening with Carrillo, I know that you can help me get more clues to find him.
And you're willing to do whatever it takes to get that information? Remember, this isn't even for you, or for the newscast.
It's for your friend.
She's the one whose life was ruined.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Did you bring it? Did you bring the money? Excuse me.
Come on, don't you want a coffee? - Grant him, O Lord, eternal rest.
- And let perpetual light shine on him.
- Grant him, O Lord, eternal rest.
- And let perpetual light shine on him.
- Grant him, O Lord, eternal rest.
- And let perpetual light shine on him.
- Grant him, O Lord, eternal rest.
- And let perpetual light shine on him.
Well, how did it go? The guy is dead, John Jairo.
- What do you mean? - Just what I said.
According to what I found out, he didn't even last a week outside and they were already looking for him to kill him.
I didn't know.
I had no idea.
Yes, he left without facing justice.
What do you think? Tell me what I should do now.
The guy who was guilty isn't here anymore.
How will he pay for what he did? Look, doll, I understand your anger.
But you also have to understand, divine justice does exist.
If this happened, it's for a reason.
The worst punishment that can happen to scum like that is death.
So he did pay, and you can breathe easy, all right? - It seems very odd.
- What? That he's dead? I don't know, those criminals have a lot of enemies.
Maybe they killed him when he got out of jail.
No, I'm not sure that he's the one who attacked Janeth, understand? So you think that J.
is lying to you.
Look, I went to the clinic and I showed the photo to Janeth.
And she had absolutely no idea who he was.
Well, the poor woman is traumatized after what happened.
Tito, look.
I would think that she'd have some sort of reaction, no? Maybe she didn't see her attackers' faces.
Doesn't it seem very suspicious to you that the guy that John Jairo accuses of having attacked Janeth turns up dead a few hours before I go to visit him? Yes.
John Jairo is covering for someone else.
And I have an idea who can help us find out.
Witnesses identify Cristian Castillo as the person responsible for the disappearances inside the Capital Prison.
Castillo, who served more than ten years in the prison for rebellion, kidnapping, and homicide, was killed shortly after he was released.
The authorities indicate that this act was due to a settling of accounts.
In other news, rain increases throughout the country and the authorities are watching for eventual No.
- No.
Let me go.
- Stay still.
- No.
No, please.
- Janeth, relax.
Easy, Janeth, I'm here.
Janeth, don't worry.
I'm here, stop.
I'm here.
I'm here.
Don't worry, everything is all right.
I'm here.
To our partnership.
I wanted to talk to you about that, Serrano.
I want to talk about the conditions under which we're doing business.
What about the conditions? They're no longer favorable for me.
Why not? Let's just say that I'm getting a much better offer.
Alicia, we're partners.
And we're going to have to stop if you don't improve your offer.
You know perfectly well that I can't do that.
What do you mean, you can't? If the person who contacted me can, why can't you? Who contacted you? Really? You really think I'm going to answer that? Oh, Counselor Serrano, it would be very naïve on your part if you think I'm going to tell you that.
Instead, I'm going to give you till tomorrow to think it over, and I hope that the conditions improve.
Because if not, you're going to have to find another client.
Are you sure you're calling from a new telephone? Yes, Johncito, I'm calling from a new telephone, brother.
Stop with the paranoia.
I'm following all your instructions to the letter.
Look, here's the situation, John.
I tried to find out from this woman who it was, and she didn't tell me anything.
That stupid old lady is no fool.
- But she didn't give you any clue? - Nothing, she didn't say anything.
Look, all I'm telling you is that it has to be someone really tough, because he's giving her a much cheaper price than what we're giving her.
And not only that, brother, he's also contacted all of our people here in the United States.
-Son of a bitch, man, what shit.
Look, John, I've been thinking, could it be someone from El Valle? No, it couldn't be those bastards.
Any of them who aren't dead, are in jail.
So what do we do, then? What we're going to do is a trip with three mules.
You're going to get the job done, period.
Or are you going to let yourself get elbowed out? - No, but Johncito - Fuck that "Johncito" shit.
You're all man when it comes to doing coke, but when it comes to solving a problem, you're scared shitless.
Keep me informed.
Get another one, break it.
I need to make a call.
Right away, Pope.
- Hello.
How did it go? - Don Víctor.
Pretty well.
Here is everything I could get for you.
What do you mean, "pretty well"? Well, Sir.
That woman knows how to protect herself very well.
She constantly changes her cell phone, and she has a lot of fake accounts on social media.
No, I don't care if she has accounts on social media, if she takes selfies, if she's a liar, if she's a saint.
What I need to know is, is this the information I asked you for? Yes, Sir, on the CD there are several lists of bank transactions from seven different accounts, and information on the associates.
Very good.
But it was harder than I thought.
This woman has all her documents well-encrypted.
I had to work double-time to get them.
And? Well, when someone uses tools like the ones the gringo security agencies use to protect themselves, the price of my work goes up.
And how much do you want? Forty percent more than what we agreed.
I'll give you ten percent.
And that's only if the information is here.
Yes, everything about this Alicia is there.
Her routes, the quantity of drugs she moves, and how much she pays.
Oh, good.
Because if that information isn't here, and you're changing the price, you're going to have a problem with me.
Understand? Thank you.
There's the door.
Janeth, you're a key part of our team and you know it.
We're waiting for you and we're pulling for you.
I'm not going back.
And where are we going to get a reporter as brilliant as you? With that nose for discovering and developing important news.
You can't let what happened to you rob you of your future and your present.
Oh, Tito.
Those are just nice words, that's all.
It's the truth.
The truth is, I've lost my curiosity.
And what good is a reporter without curiosity? Look, let's do this Take all the time you want, that you need and when you feel ready, come back.
Look, you can't stop fighting, for anything in the world.
I'll tell you again You are very important to us.
And we'll be waiting for you.
Your job at the newscast will be waiting for you.
Think about it, please, I beg you.
Think about it.
Ana María, I thought you were sure that it was Castillo.
I was.
- What changed? - Well, I thought about it, and it seems very convenient that they'd blame someone who's dead.
And who's blaming the dead guy? I'm not going to reveal my source.
In this case, you should make an exception, Ana María.
Especially when that person is trying to trick you.
I can't, Cifuentes, I can't.
Your principles are making my investigation very difficult.
This isn't a question of principles, it's a question of safety.
- Whose? - Mine, the newscast's, my family's.
Look, you have all the resources of the Prosecutor's office to help me, to find out about Castillo's life.
Help me out.
Do you know who can help us? - Janeth.
- Exactly.
Her testimony.
Do you think she's ready? I don't think that she's ready for that, but we have to help her.
Shall we try? Nobody deserves what happened to me.
Pain brings confusion, Detective.
And I had started to think that I deserved it.
That's when I wanted to bury myself.
To disappear.
To die.
Every day, I started to relive what had happened to me.
I remembered every moment.
And I couldn't sleep.
I couldn't even rest, because In my dreams, those men kept coming to attack me.
But I'm tired.
I decided to share with Ana what I was feeling.
And Ana made me decide to call you.
She made me understand that I only have two choices.
And what are they? Either I talk and let all this go or I bury myself in my memories and live in this damn state.
Where do we start? NATIONAL PROSECUTOR Cifuentes, none of these guys look like Castillo to me.
Look, Mancipe, I don't want to rule it out, but I don't think Castillo had anything to do with what happened.
They showed Castillo's photo to Janeth? Yes.
She didn't recognize it.
What else did she say? That she was kidnapped inside the jail.
- So the guards know that she entered.
- Exactly.
- But exactly when did she disappear? - She only remembers entering the jail - and nothing else.
- They drugged her.
- There's a toxicology exam, I imagine.
- No, not yet.
What is certain is that she was blindfolded most of the time.
She hears voices, but doesn't recognize any of them.
She has images of the place where they raped and beat her before she lost consciousness.
Who gave Castillo's name to Ana María? She wouldn't tell me.
She said that for her own safety, she wanted to keep her source secret.
But Popeye is the one who asked Janeth to come.
Janeth isn't sure.
She doesn't know if it was Popeye she was speaking with on the phone.
I think that Castillo, who doesn't have anything to do with this, is probably being used as a scapegoat.
And what Ana María is doing is covering up the source.
The question is who is she protecting? Or what people? Because everything points to Abel Mahecha as the one who was behind the disappearances in the jail.
I heard that Clemente was seen with an agent from the Prosecutor's office.
All right, and how's that going for us? I need you to find out for me.
According to the investigation, these two men were here in the jail.
Well, I'd have to search the files, because at first glance, they don't look familiar.
Are you sure that they're inmates? If they are or they were, we're not sure.
What we do know is that the reporter who was investigating the disappearances was kidnapped inside the jail.
- That's impossible.
- Impossible? Disappearances, tortures, murders Does it really seem impossible to you that someone could be kidnapped inside your jail? The reporter's visit wasn't even registered.
And it's so hard to get rid of a piece of paper and for two assholes to lie.
- Look, my men are prepared to - Your men.
According to the information we have, your men are involved.
- That's an assumption, Sir.
- Clemente, - we're not accusing you of anything.
- Yet.
Look, Clemente, if we're here, it's because we are investigating something very serious which, according to the reporter Janeth Ferro, happened to her inside here, your jail.
And believe me, we have no reason to suspect that she isn't telling the truth.
I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but she could be making all this up to bolster her investigation, don't you think? Are you serious? The rape of this reporter is a proven fact, and you think she's making all this up to strengthen her investigation? Look, gentlemen, I won't allow you to come here and try to ruin the good name of the employees of this penitentiary.
Listen, Clemente.
Do you really think that we're the ones who are ruining the good name of your employees? We need to find these two men.
Perfect, I'll tell my men right away to start searching for them.
Not your men, Clemente.
The Prosecutor's office will be in charge of this and everything else.
Sorry, but we can't keep allowing evidence to be hidden or covered up, Clemente.