Alias J.J. (2017) s01e38 Episode Script

Episode 38

Rafael Bautista, sir.
It's a pleasure to meet you, Mr.
Abel Mahecha.
So, you're Emma's boyfriend.
Yes, sir.
What did you think? That I'd accept my daughter's involvement with an insignificant drug dealer like you? I love your daughter, Mr.
I love her.
I sent my daughter to England to study, to learn to keep her away from men like you.
I'm serious, Mr.
Abel, I respect her.
Do you? If you were serious, you wouldn't be dating her.
- You know what to do.
- No, wait, Mr.
I admire you.
You're one of the few men in this country that has guts.
That's what I like about being part of your family.
What family? What family? You aren't part of my family.
You're right.
I'm not part of your family, but your grandson is.
What grandson? - What grandson? - Didn't Emma tell you, sir? You'll be a grandfather, Mr.
You'll be a grandfather.
- Take him away.
- Mr.
You'll regret this, Mr.
Think about it.
That's it, let's kill that little prick once and for all.
I'm sure he made up the story about your grandson to save his ass, sir.
Emma needs to tell me if what that good-for-nothing said is true.
It's bullshit.
No problem.
I'll get her.
Meanwhile, what would you like us to do with the kid? Make him suffer.
Take away his bed sheets, mattress and food.
Make him understand that he picked the wrong woman.
- Commander - Son of a bitch.
The problem is that the kid was assigned to the drug traffickers cellblock.
- What? - Yes.
I spoke with Torres.
He said he'd tell me as soon as he's transferred.
But, Commander, as soon as they find out that the kid is related to you they'll put a price on his head, sir.
And I don't think you'll be willing to pay that price.
Will you, sir? Find Emma, quickly.
I need to speak with her now.
Sure, I'll get her, sir.
Today is a sad day, a day that this country will never forget.
Javier Garcés was a brave journalist who took it upon himself to tell the truth, even at the risk of his own life.
Javier faced the mafias that rule this country and blamed the government directly for its complicity in the armed conflict.
And he only used one weapon, his word.
Our colleague gave his life in exchange for peace, and all of us should be willing to do the same.
Commander, I was told that there was no security assigned to him.
Also, he was offered two security guards as escorts, but he refused them.
He knew that the government was incapable of protecting his life, as it has been incapable of protecting anyone in this country.
Commander, what are we going to do with Horacio? For now, nothing.
We'll focus on the problem we're having with the other cellblock.
Is it true that Abel and his men were the ones that killed him? No doubt, comrade.
We should do something, Commander, because that journalist was helping us to pressure the government.
This was a tough loss for us, very tough.
Ignacio, this is the newscaster, Ana María Solozábal.
- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
She has information regarding Javier Garcés.
What information? I saw him with John Jairo Velásquez in jail.
Are you suggesting that Velásquez had something to do with it? We're not sure, but it just seemed strange.
That's why we're here.
Velásquez, follow me to the visiting room.
Why would I know anything about Garcés's death? You met with Javier Garcés one day before his death.
No, we didn't meet.
Witnesses saw you speaking with him.
Yes, we spoke, but just for a little bit.
We met by chance.
He wanted to ask me something.
- What did he ask you? - He wanted to interview me.
Interview you? Yes, interview me.
He wanted to talk about the Medellín cartel, about the boss, about what I know.
Strange that Garcés would ask about an old subject when there are more important things such as the mass kidnapping, and the negotiations with the guerrillas.
That's what he was most interested in, right? I don't know.
Maybe he wanted to talk about something else.
Velásquez, what was your relationship with the journalist? I told you, there wasn't any.
I saw him, we exchanged a few words, and I didn't speak with him again.
Do you know anyone who wanted to kill him? Surely someone like him had a lot of enemies.
It's no secret that he was linked directly to the guerrillas, and he was helping them with the peace negotiations.
That surely bothered someone.
I don't know.
Do you know who Garcés came here to see before he met with you? How would I know? I'm locked up in here.
I'm not free to walk around.
You figure it out.
That's what they pay you for.
It was that friend of Ana María's.
How do you know? Because she saw me speaking with Javier Garcés.
Wait, John, why did you meet with Garcés? I didn't meet with him.
I just ran into him.
She came to interview me, and saw me talking to the guy.
And then he was murdered.
Of course, my friend, that's why the bitch threw you under the bus with the Prosecutor.
She's a pain in the ass.
After helping her with her friend, look at how she repays me.
No, wait, you haven't been helping her.
You've been blackmailing her.
That's different.
Fuck you.
Are you going to give me lessons in morality now? Look, Johncito, what I'm trying to say is that to avoid getting in trouble, you must win that woman's trust.
That's what I was doing.
I was trying to be nice to her.
You must understand, bro, the appeal is at stake here.
What do you want me to do? Do you want me to do what the boss did to Vallejo? Of course.
Don't you remember how Vallejo helped Escobar? What did you talk about, Galeno? He wanted to help with the peace negotiations between the government and the guerrillas.
Did he mention any threats against him? He told me about the bomb they used to try to kill him.
Did you talk about that? He mentioned it.
Did Garcés know who tried to kill him the first time? Everybody knew that.
Abel Mahecha admitted a long time ago that Garcés was his military target.
How do you know that? Because he was risking his life by helping to mediate the conflict between the government and guerrillas.
Do you have evidence? If you expect me to give you the weapon they used to kill him, you have another thing coming.
Look, Galeno.
You just said that Garcés came to talk to you about a possible deal.
Did you discuss the people taken during the mass kidnapping? The ones taken away in a helicopter? Look that man only wanted to help release the hostages.
GUERRILLA-CONTROLLED ZONE Okay, guys, it's been confirmed.
Let's go.
- Mr.
Ramón Poveda.
- Yes.
Release him.
On your knees.
This is what you get for being a murderer.
According to the witnesses, Mr.
Mahecha you declared that Javier Garcés was your military target.
I saw him once or twice on TV.
I never met him in person.
Besides what he said or did was of no importance to me.
You didn't care about the meetings he had here with the guerrilla leaders? I didn't know that he met with the guerrilla leaders.
But you did know that he was mediating between the government and the guerrillas to negotiate a peace agreement, didn't you? So I've heard, but I didn't know it for a fact.
See, Mr.
Mahecha, for such a powerful man, both inside and outside this prison, you're terribly uninformed.
Powerful? Do you think that I'm a powerful man? Don't you see? I'm just trying to survive day to day in this prison.
Everything else is on the outside.
Look, Mahecha, we know that from this prison, direct orders are being sent to the right-wing armed forces.
If you have proof of this, then show it.
It's your prerogative.
But if you don't? Go do your job and leave me alone.
They're showing breaking news about the hostages.
Alright, we'll talk later.
The body was found by a military command.
It is assumed to be one of the hostages from the mass kidnapping, but the victim has yet to be identified.
That's Ramón Poveda.
Sir, those rats shot him.
This was done in retaliation for Javier Garcés.
They want war, sir.
Say the word, give me the order.
What do we need to do? Find J.
He has to resolve this.
I fulfilled my part of the deal.
Call me when you decide to tell me what happened to Janeth.
- Where did you get that recording? - I ask the questions here, asshole.
You told me that when you met with that bitch, it was only to talk about your life.
That's right, Commander.
What you heard there was just me manipulating her.
I need her because my attorney is planning an appeal, and if the media says good things about me, that will help me.
Are you stupid or what, J.
? Who would speak well of the worst scum that ever walked the earth? I have my charms.
The point is that I haven't said anything.
I'm not so stupid as to start volunteering names knowing that it would get me in trouble.
What about Javier Garcés? - What about him? - What do you mean what about him? The Prosecutor came to question me right after speaking to you.
- Did you tell them anything? - Yes, to leave me alone, that I had nothing to do with it.
- Did you mention me? - No.
If they're looking for you, it's because everybody knows that the paramilitary groups threatened the journalist.
With all due respect, I told you so.
I told you that you were going to get us all in trouble.
Are you threatening me? Not me.
The enemies you have in here will take advantage of the situation.
I need you to stop talking to that journalist.
That bitch will get me in trouble, she won't let go.
- I'll handle her.
- No, you won't.
Either you send her to hell or I will.
Don't try to fool me.
Come on.
DRUG TRAFFICKERS CELLBLOCK - Turn that off, please.
- What happened? - Is everything okay? - No, it isn't.
Those shitty phones are incriminating me.
From now on, I want a new line after each call, a new phone, alright? Alright, Pope, I'll take care of it.
I'll call our contact outside and have him send us a new box weekly.
I keep him on a short leash, so he doesn't get lazy.
- Don't worry about it.
- Good, soldier.
Also, call Serrano.
Tell him that if he wants to talk to me, he must call you first to give you the phone number and then we'll call him back, alright? Alright.
Bring me a phone, I have to make a call.
- Sure, Pope.
- Right away.
I won't answer because I'm with you.
Freeze, open the doors.
Don't scream.
Start the car, nothing will happen to you.
Okay, just a moment, okay.
Please, take the car, take whatever you want, but don't hurt me.
- Ana María, calm down.
- Please, let me go.
Ana María, I told you to calm down.
We don't want to hurt you.
Believe me.
On the contrary, we want to help you.
Look, Ana, you are in danger.
There are people that want you dead.
We only want to protect you, that's all.
I'm gonna call someone who'll explain what's going on.
Wait a minute.
Yes, she's with me.
I'll put her on.
- Speak.
- What's this? Speak, don't worry.
Ana María.
- Velásquez? - Tell me one thing.
- Tell me why you betrayed me.
- What? Why do my enemies know about our deal? What do you mean? What're you talking about? They have recordings of the conversations we've had, and they incriminate both of us.
Do you think I'm stupid? That I'm a crook like you? If they have them, as you claim, I don't know shit about it.
Why the fuck did you bring me here? Why are you doing this? I'm buying you time.
Find help.
Don't trust anyone.
What are you trying to do, Velásquez? Believe it or not, I'm one of the few people interested in your well-being.
Come on.
Let's go.
The coast is clear.
You have five minutes.
Any longer, I'll leave you there.
- No problem.
- Come on, let's go.
Cover everything.
CAPITAL PRISON It caught fire last night.
It caught fire or it was set on fire? It looks like a short circuit, sir.
"Looks like"? Did any guards notice? - No, sir.
- Is anyone hurt? No.
No one.
What makes you think it was caused by a short circuit? Because the cellblocks are closed at that time.
This is your responsibility.
Find out what happened.
Understood? Door.
- It wasn't a short circuit, sir.
- What was it, then? Galeno's men paid one of the guards to let them in.
How do you know that? Galeno asked me to tell you, sir.
Of course, and you ran to tell me.
I'm just the messenger.
Would you like to send him a message? Tell him to not be an asshole, and stop lighting matches like a fag, or I'll fuck him up.
If it's a war he wants, it's a war he'll get.
Come on, get moving.
You knew you were pregnant, didn't you? You knew it when you came here.
Why didn't you tell me? Because I was afraid of your reaction, daddy.
You're disappointed, aren't you? You wanted me to graduate, get a job, travel the world.
Of course.
I wanted you to become a career woman.
To study, to meet other people.
Raising a kid is very difficult nowadays.
It doesn't matter.
I'll take care of everything.
Alright? I want you to search for a good physician and get a checkup tomorrow.
- Okay? Come on, don't cry.
- What's going to happen to Rafael, daddy? Daddy, I love him.
I want a family with him.
I want my child to grow up with his father.
Promise me that nothing will happen to him, daddy.
Promise me.
- So? Nothing is missing.
- There's nothing out of place.
But the door was open.
That means they're after you.
I advise you to do as we say, leave the country.
At least for a while.
That's the only way for you to relax and be free of danger.
That's all we can do.
I'm only asking you to spare her life.
- I was very clear to you.
- I know what you said.
But the truth is that I need her.
That's what you get for messing with people you shouldn't mess with.
Let's make a deal.
What would that be? You leave Ana María alone and I promise that my men and I will keep quiet.
We won't make any trouble.
Are you threatening me? J.
, you don't have anything on me.
Do you really think that you're the only one who can gather intelligence? Who knows how to tap phones, or install microphones? Anybody can do that.
And I have excellent information.
Like the time you told someone to do whatever he wanted with Janeth.
And don't worry about your son-in-law, because, out of respect to you, I'll treat him very well.
John Jairo, I won't lie to you.
I've followed you since I was a child.
You've been my hero ever since you started working with Pablo.
I never lost track of you.
Alright, my friend.
This, from now on, will be your cell.
Seriously? Thank you so much.
John Jairo, thank you so much.
Truly, this is a luxury.
You didn't have to do this.
It's my pleasure.
You come highly recommended.
Consider it a welcome gift.
But who recommended me? You came recommended.
Does it matter who did it? - Alright.
- Alright.
- Get settled.
We'll talk later.
- Alright.
John Jairo, whatever you need, I'm at your service, 24/7, okay? Don't hesitate.
Good, my friend, very good.
- Thanks.
- And call me Popeye, alright? Sure, Mr.
This motherfucker was heaven sent.
This is fucking good luck.
- Give me one.
- Sure, Pope.
- Is she on the phone? - Yes, sir.
Did you tell her what to do when she wants to speak with me? What's up, baby doll? How are you? I'm calling to thank you for what you did for me last night.
And why's that? If you hadn't sent your people How could you think that I'd let anything happen to you? How did you know those men were coming to my house? Oh, come on.
You asked me to find out what happened to Janeth.
What does that have to do with me? I was doing precisely that when I came across a person whose toes you stepped on that wanted to get rid of you.
Wanted? Yes, wanted.
What did you do to convince them to stop? I have my methods.
I talked to the guy and told him to tread carefully.
He'd be wise to listen, huh? You already know who ordered the attack on Janeth.
No, but I'm close.
How close? Well, very close.
I saved your life.
That speaks well of me, doesn't it? I want names.
And I want a vacation in Yarumal, Antioquia, but we have to be content with what we have.
Are you joking with me? No.
The day I have the name of the person who hurt your friend, I will tell you.
How do I know that you will? Because I'm a man of my word, my word has worth.
But I can't say the same about you.
- What do you mean? - You incriminated me.
I know you went to the Prosecutor and told him that I had something to do with the murder of Javier Garcés.
Look, it's one thing for us to have a deal, and another for me to be your accomplice.
Why makes you say that? When I was at the prison I saw you speaking with Javier Garcés and then he was found dead.
And you think that makes me guilty? That made you think I killed him? It was a coincidence.
I didn't have anything to do with it.
I didn't kill him, nor did I order anyone to die.
How can I convince you that I had nothing to do with it? I'm not the killer I used to be.
Really, John Jairo? You won't convince me that you're suddenly the Sister of Mercy.
I know very well who you are.
We have an agreement.
Nothing more.
That's all that links us together, okay? Will you continue with the interviews? As long as you give me the names of the men who attacked Janeth.
Count on it, baby doll.
- Ana María.
- How are you, Velásquez? - How are you? - Fine.
Please ask him to turn the camera off.
I would like to tell you something private.
Bernardo, can you give me a minute? Thanks.
Turn off the microphones too.
It's okay.
When the camera is off everything else turns off, too.
Tell me.
Do you know why you should believe me? Because I'm risking my neck by being a snitch.
I'm not getting anything out of these interviews anymore.
- Don't say that.
- Think what you want.
It's the truth.
These interviews are of no benefit to me.
But here I am, doing them.
Why? Because of you.
I'm putting myself at risk of being shot, just for you.
Do you think I'm stupid? I know that you're completely safe in this jail.
No one is safe in here.
If someone wants to kill you, you die.
Did you really think that I'd believe that? Velásquez, you and I have a deal.
Just a couple of interviews.
Nothing else.
You understand? I know.
But let's be clear, my life has more value than a TV interview, alright? Alright.
So, why are you still here? Why do you keep doing these interviews? I told you, baby doll.
- Hey, that's enough.
- Because of you.
Because I admire you.
I think you're brave, smart.
You're a warrior.
You always keep your promises.
In that regard we are alike.
Look, Popeye, you're crazy if you really believe that.
We're not alike.
Do you understand? Is that clear? Bernardo.
Shall we begin? I love your perfume, what's it called? Let's begin.
That's why, from the moment I turned myself in I decided to help the law.
And I have helped.
I helped to rescue the ex-president's brother, I helped to capture one of the most important leaders of the guerrillas.
And I've also offered to help with some of the cases here at the prison.
What cases? Drugs, kidnapping, and extortion.
He thinks he's a national hero now.
Like he's Mother Teresa of Calcutta.
Yes, but don't complain.
You knew that could happen.
What did he say about Janeth's attackers? He just gave me clues.
No, Ana María.
You must push him.
Let's see, look He's using these interviews to clear his name, right? Tell him that, while they can help him, they can also ruin him.
You must make him think that you have the advantage, alright? I have her eating out of my hand.
After what happened to her friend, Ana María's calmed down.
She's becoming softer, we even started the interviews again.
Johncito, that's great.
With the journalist on your side, things will get much easier.
Don't worry about the other issue.
I'll cover that.
- What other issue? - Try to remember, John.
Remember our money problems? But don't worry about it.
I found a new way to launder money, bro.
- I've been researching - Wait a minute.
Careful with that.
It isn't as easy as it seems.
- You better know what you're doing.
- I know.
I know.
That's why I'm telling you about it, because I know how it works.
- Look - You won't betray me, will you? How can you think that? Your name won't be mentioned anywhere, bro.
I know these people, I worked with them a while ago.
In this business, you're not allowed mistakes.
If everything is as good as you say, then prove it.
- Of course.
- Don't fuck up.
No, bro.
How can you think that? Trust me, Johncito.
How was the coke? Don't play dumb.
You've looked strung out since you arrived.
If you're going to play with my money, do it when you get clean.
I don't like drug addicts.
Relax, man.
I just do it socially, I can control it.
You can't control shit.
I don't like drug addicts.
Clean the snot off your nose, dude.
- Excuse me.
- I've confirmed it.
- Your daughter arrived a while ago.
- Alright, and where is she? Do me a favor, Torres.
Find her and bring her here immediately.
Come over here.
What would you do without me? I can't do it either.
Junior? No.
When will we be able to feel you? When, mommy? I don't know.
Soon, I guess.
- Isn't it strange? - Is what strange? To have a little body inside you.
Are you afraid? Yes, I am.
But the fear stops when I remember that someone is looking after me, that I'm not alone.
You're the most important thing in my life.
Did you know that? - Hey, what are you doing? - Get dressed now, miss.
This is my conjugal visit, I need more time.
- Get dressed, quickly.
- Quickly.
Hey, what are you doing? Where are you taking her? Are you complaining? My love.
GUERRILLA CELLBLOCK Thanks for coming.
The reason for this meeting is to express the profound sorrow felt by our entire organization for the death of journalist Javier Garcés.
This was a hard blow to our organization.
But it doesn't mean that we will stop our efforts to reach a peace agreement with the government.
Therefore, I want you to know that, going forward, The new link between your families and our organization will be me.
- You? - Yes, ma'am.
I appreciate your trust in me.
Believe me, I'm the person most interested in returning the hostages to their homes as soon as possible.
What needs to be done to make it happen? We need your help.
Your help.
GUERRILLA-CONTROLLED ZONE We were just informed that your families are willing to pay for your release, and that my superiors have approved the negotiations.
What does that mean? It means that, for some of you, your days in captivity are numbered.
We hope that your families know what is at stake here, because the slightest mistake will cost you your lives.
This is my cell.
As you can see, it's very humble, there are no luxuries.
This is where I'm serving my sentence.
I spend most of my time here, thinking and reflecting.
Right where you're sitting, I sometimes think about how everything began.
Once, there were three friends hanging out in a corner.
Another friend came by named destiny.
He offered us jobs as chauffeurs and security guards for one of El Poblado's rich girls.
The first friend didn't accept, the second said he wasn't going to protect anyone.
I accepted.
They told me that I needed a gun.
I showed them the one I always carried with me.
It turned out that the girl was one of the boss's mistresses.
What would've happened if I didn't accept the job? None of this would've happened.
Alexandra, my wife She wouldn't have been chased, she wouldn't have been tortured.
We wouldn't have lost the baby we were expecting.
I wouldn't be the man I am.
The murderer, the hitman.
The suspect.
Because, no matter what happens or what anybody says, I will always be guilty.
I'm condemned to be ostracized by society for the rest of my life.
But it's what I deserve.