Alias J.J. (2017) s01e42 Episode Script

Episode 42

Did you already interview Danilo Reigoso? - Who? - Danilo Reigoso.
- Danilo Reigoso? I don't know who that is.
- He's in charge of the money.
Although there's someone else I just thought of who might be able to help, and that's Gloria Granados.
- Gloria.
- Yes, she's My orders were clear.
They told me, "Don't show up without her.
" - Welcome.
- Thank you.
- So the special - Let's call it an "idea".
I'm sorry.
Well, thank you.
Really, thank you so much for all of this.
I knew I had to move on, but I didn't know how.
I went through moments of desperation, and I felt very alone, like I'd lost everything.
Even my own sense of myself.
When I felt that way, the first thing I did was grab ahold of the one thing that encouraged me and gave me the strength to move forward.
And that was my passion: journalism.
And seeing all of you here, doing all of this for me, I truly thank you because it's clearer to me more than ever this is what I need to stand on my own two feet.
My work is the only thing I need to keep going.
Thank you so much, really.
Thank you.
We're very proud of you.
I've been thinking about something ever since I left the clinic.
What? I want to expose the people who turned me into a victim.
We already know who they are.
We only need to provide proof, - so that they'll be convicted.
- Janeth, I applaud your courage, - but this is not the time.
- Then when, Tito? It's dangerous.
Right now, those guys will react - to anything we do.
- I think the worst that could happen to me has already happened, hasn't it? What more can they do? Kill me? Tito, you said that the doors of the newscast would always be open.
Yes, but it's one thing to work in the editing room and another thing entirely to do something so dangerous.
Let the authorities do their job.
How long do you think it will take them to accomplish anything? - I don't know.
- A year? Two, five? It's possible.
Tito, you know better than anyone how justice is in this country.
And you know that to them, I'm just one more case, one more number.
One victim among many.
Nobody will put more heart, time, and dedication into this case than I will.
I know, but it still seems very risky to me.
Can I count on the newscast, or not? All right, look, I don't have much say here.
- Oh, I don't believe this.
- But you can count on me.
Oh, my God.
One of these days, you two are going to give me a heart attack.
Is that a "yes"? Gentlemen CAPITAL PRISON PARAMILITARY CELLBLOCK Just because I won't be in this jail anymore doesn't mean I will ignore you.
Commander Duván will be in charge of this cellblock.
I want you to understand, gentlemen, you are my troops inside and outside of this jail.
- Paramilitary united for Colombia.
- Present, Commander.
At ease.
From now on, I will be coordinating everything.
The plan is that you will take control of the jail.
Once we've gained control, the first thing we'll do is shoot those guerrilla dogs.
- Yes, sir.
- Let that scum that we hate so much and who've damaged our country feel the only thing they're good for: - taking bullets from us.
- We have to kill all - those bastards right away.
- A captured guerrilla is a dead guerrilla.
Of course, Commander.
Abel Mahecha.
That's the name of the paramilitary who ordered my kidnapping.
He did it to conceal the various deaths and disappearances - he himself had ordered.
- Disappearances that you - were investigating.
- Commander Abel tried to silence me, to intimidate me.
But he failed.
And now, he's not only going to have to answer for what he did to the inmates, but also for what he did to me.
- Have charges been filed? - Already filed at the Prosecutor's, and I must stress I'm not going to allow the case to stay closed.
He has to pay for everything he did.
I'm not stopping, and I won't stop until justice has been served.
What that man did to me killed a piece of my body and soul, but it motivated the pieces of me that are still alive.
And I'm going to fight.
We both know there's nothing worse or more dangerous than a reporter with a strong motivation.
Turn that shit off! Torres! Torres! - What's wrong? - I need to speak with my lawyer now.
- I'll see what I can do.
- Hurry up.
They're fucking us over.
Commander, remember what the lawyer said.
What did he say? He didn't say shit.
First, we must go get copies of the trial records from the Prosecutor's.
- All right? - No, Ana, I think I need to go further with this.
What does "going further" mean to you? Interview the prosecutor.
Ask why he's done nothing at all when there are so many charges filed.
And we could interview the families of the missing people.
- Do we have their info? - I have… yes.
- Yes, in fact, here they are.
- Look at them.
They have bigger balls than most men.
- Including me.
- No, including me too.
- Listen, we have to call the Prosecutor's.
- What for? So they reinforce their security.
I don't want another tragedy.
If this wasn't happening, I'd have ordered that bitch to be killed.
Ordering her kidnapping set it all off.
That was a mistake.
You're not here to give me advice.
You're here to get me out of this pigsty.
I told you to not cause problems, to keep a low profile, but not only did you ignore me, you created enormous chaos.
But you told me the prosecutor was about to sign the release order.
Sure, but after the reporter said what she did, do you think that's still an option? No, the guy's not an idiot.
He knows if he lets you out, the press'll be all over him.
If he defends you, he'll be eaten alive.
- But something can be done.
- What? I don't know.
You're the lawyer.
You studied this shit.
A bullet through the skull appeals to you? Legally, I should be out of here.
Legally, you were applying for a "principle of opportunity," which you wrecked when you added kidnapping, attempted murder, and rape to your case.
But it's the reporter's word against mine.
You think so? I imagine you know who this is.
He was parked in front of the reporter's house.
Let me ask a different question.
Does he have anything to do with what happened to Janeth? - Where do they have him? - Prosecution.
And they're pressuring him.
Sooner or later, he's going to talk, and the question is: will that affect us? Huh? I meant it when I said I'd get you out of here, but with all this - Counselor, you can't do this to me.
- Look, I'm a lawyer, not a saint.
To get you out, I don't have to know the law, I have to perform a miracle.
And I can't do that, so excuse me.
Bring me a glass of water, so I can take this.
What do you want? J.
, I need you to talk to those two women.
- They'll listen to you.
- And what do I tell them? Well, to shut them up.
They're fucking things up.
With all due respect, you fucked up the moment you decided to mess with them.
Talking with them won't do any good.
- Why? Do you know something? - The charges have already been filed.
Even if she withdraws them, the investigation will still continue.
If you manage to talk to them and get them to shut their traps, it could work in your favor.
Name your price.
It's not about money.
It's a bad idea for me.
If I become a snitch and intercede for you, I'll be the one who's fucked.
I already have enough problems.
Thank you, doll.
One is fine.
This jail was built in 1959 by order of General Rojas Pinilla.
In the beginning, it was one of the model jails of Latin America.
If it was at the start, why isn't it anymore? I'm asking because of all the kidnappings, the disappearances, the escapes.
That's correct to a certain point.
A lot of that isn't true.
In any case, Clemente, how can it be a model prison if the inmates leave in worse condition than when they arrive? And that's if they leave at all, right? Look, miss, the criminals who came here when this began were very different from the ones today.
PARAMILITARY CELLBLOCK - What's wrong, Commander? - He didn't want to help.
I knew that idiot wouldn't help us, sir.
We'll find a way to pressure him.
You need to find J.
's weak spot right now.
As you wish, Commander.
And the overcrowding is another issue.
We need to talk about that because this jail was originally built for 800 people.
But with the war in this country we surpassed that number a while ago, miss.
How long have you been in charge of the jail? A few years.
I know you hear a lot about the escapes, the riots, and everything, but people don't realize what it takes to keep order inside a jail, miss.
Yes, I know.
I don't think you do.
I'll show you more with your permission.
- This way.
- Thank you.
- I need you to find Ana María.
- Right away, sir.
Lay the groundwork.
They can't catch me with my pants down.
When you find her, let me know.
Right, Popeye.
As you wish, Boss.
It's all good, soldier.
[Clemente] As I was telling you, we do a lot for the inmates.
Not just with workshops, where they spend their free time, but we also have an infirmary with excellent profess Clemente.
What bad manners.
Aren't you going to introduce us? Doll John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez.
Call me Popeye, okay? - Just an inmate, miss.
- Yes, I know who he is.
So we both know each other then.
I know who you are, too.
Oh, really? You're the most beautiful woman who's ever set foot in this hole.
Watch it.
Chief Clemente, may I have a moment, please? Excuse me a minute.
Watch it.
She's in good hands.
Don't worry.
Is your injury very serious? It's nothing.
Lunch is ready for you at the cafeteria.
- Cafeteria? - Yes, sir.
Already checked the menu, - and it looks very elegant.
- Elegant? You think I'll sit with her - here in the middle of everyone? - No? Set up the lunch somewhere else immediately.
Yes, sir.
Excuse me.
Come closer, doll.
I want to tell you something.
- Tell me.
- No, come here.
Come closer.
Don't worry.
- I don't bite.
- No, I'm not worried.
Well, I am.
You make me nervous.
I'm losing my mind over those eyes.
Where did you get them? From your father or your mother? From my grandmother.
And when are we going to go visit her? How about when you get out? - Forgive me.
We can continue if you want.
- Yes, of course.
- Excuse me.
- Don't forget our plans.
Get better soon.
Clemente, that's my girlfriend.
She doesn't know it yet.
I never imagined he would be so charming.
Don't trust him.
He's a thug.
You can't trust him.
Would you like to eat now? No, I'm really not hungry.
Why don't we continue with the tour? Why don't you show me the cellblocks? Well, we have the guerrillas' cellblock… - Yes, that one.
Let's start with that one.
- All right, follow me, please.
The guy we had following the reporter was grabbed by the police, and our informant says he's being held at the Prosecutor's.
I don't want to get ahead of myself, but if that guy talks, Abel Mahecha will never set foot on the streets again.
Ooh, baby! - Told you this was a bad idea.
- And I told you that I don't care.
Why don't you come with me to my office? I'm not here to see your office.
I want to talk with them to see if I can help them.
- Commander Galeno, pleasure to meet you.
- Nena Ximena.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
That's all we needed: to be treated like maids too.
But it suits you, doesn't it? Gentlemen, thank you.
You can leave.
Sir, what about the queen? You can leave, please.
Excuse me, sir.
Do you like it? It's delicious.
I have to tell you, Galeno, that your letter struck me.
I agree with so much of it.
I also dream of this country changing.
We need deep, lasting changes with structural foundations.
I mean, look: “Open schools, and the jails will close.
" Education is the most important.
And the system that we have here is completely obsolete.
Don't you agree? The way I see it, you treat children like sponges.
You fill them with information, and in the end, it ends up useless.
Instead of focusing on what's really important, on creating human beings who want to better themselves.
And who don't end up here.
I see you read the letter very carefully.
Well, you meant what you wrote, didn't you? Exactly.
The part I'm not quite clear on is you said we could help each other.
It's true.
I understand that I'm a public figure, and I can use that to promote some of your ideas, but I don't understand how you can help me.
You're answering your own question.
You're a public figure.
And you have charisma, and recognition from very important people.
And with that, you can clearly do many, many things.
What you need to learn is how to take advantage of the social capital that you have and turn it into political capital.
Do you understand? Yes.
You can bring all this to a place where you can make decisions that will make it possible to transform this country.
You are an intelligent, charismatic woman.
You could be in the Congress, the Senate, and from there, you could really do some good.
And you can count on our help, of course.
- What do you mean "clean"? The routes? What Urrego told us? Right, but nothing incriminates him.
Clean bank accounts.
Legal companies.
They pay taxes.
The guy has justified every one - of his economic transactions.
- Impossible.
There are two options here: either he has nothing to do with his uncle's businesses, or we're facing a new generation of drug traffickers who fix it all with papers and diplomacy, instead of money and bullets.
- Yes, of course.
- We don't have any other choice.
Good afternoon.
I'm Camilo Uribe, don Víctor Urrego's lawyer.
How did it go? Well, very well.
Look, sign this and you're free.
You see? Give me a hug.
That's it.
All right, but you were in there more than half a day.
Yes, it was a very extensive visit.
I spent time with the warden.
He gave me a complete tour of the jail.
I saw all the cellblocks, - and also spent time with the prisoners.
- With the prisoners? Yes.
As I said before, my intention was to come to Capital Prison to learn about the people, prisoners and staff alike, in one of the most crowded jails, and the problems facing them.
And please tell us what you found.
I absolutely must.
I know that the issues of the prison and prisoners are directly related to difficult living conditions, but in there, you find things - that you shouldn't.
- And why do you think this is happening - in our country? - The government has turned its back.
They left everything to one person: a warden who, every day, must face situations that are impossible to resolve.
What did the prisoners say? - What did you talk about with them? - We spoke about their needs, their lives, and my reign.
This visit made me realize that Colombia doesn't need any more beauty queens.
It needs leaders: people who are willing to fight to change the realities that we face every day.
Every day, the rich become richer, and every day, the poor become poorer, and that's not right.
You're speaking like a political candidate.
I am one.
I want to take this opportunity to make public my official resignation from my reign.
And to tell you it is my firm intention to run for Congress of the Republic of Colombia.
If I really want to help my country, I can't do it with a crown.
- Thank you.
- Thank you very much.
Well, ladies and gentlemen, that's all from Capital Prison.
Can you tell me why you did a crazy thing like that? Are you really surprised? I already told you I was tired of this whole circus.
Don't you think you should've thought of that before you put on the crown? Better to know it now than to keep screaming from the frustration - of not being heard.
- Yes, of course.
You know the lawsuits will come, right? So let them bring on the lawsuits.
And not only lawsuits.
They're going to destroy you, your career.
I imagine you're aware of that, right? All right.
Weren't things good before? CAPITAL PRISON DRUG TRAFFICKERS CELLBLOCK Well, look at us now: eating badly, sleeping badly.
Even getting a little coke is a huge problem.
So get going.
Talk with Torres to see if he'll help us out.
No, we can't do that anymore.
What do you mean "we can't," boy? God gives us money, and we buy the rest, bro.
So go find out how he's gonna help us.
The problem isn't money, don Iván.
What the fuck? He's honest now? The investigation of the missing was getting him in trouble.
At least until things calm down, he's made it clear he won't help.
Yeah? Since when does he decide? Since this place turned into a hellhole, and Torres is the one cracking down.
So, Popeye, they helped you out, boy.
One thing, bro.
The thing in the cell wasn't personal.
It was a matter of convenience.
So, forgive me.
You can go on your nice and straight path.
Nice, galloping trot.
All right, gonorrhea.
Now you'll need eyes in your ass, bastard son of a bitch.
I tell you, boy, I'd have given so much money - to see that faggot's face.
- Popeye won't take this sitting down.
Well, he has to, bro.
He knows he can't mess with me because I can fuck him over.
If he starts making noise, you know what? I'll take that recording I have, and I'll give it right to the gringos.
Don Urrego, you have a visitor, sir.
Stay there.
I have bad news.
We had to release your nephew.
You're not serious.
There's nothing that implicates him from the info you gave us.
What are you talking about? You really think that my nephew is a young entrepreneur? A young businessman? No, bro.
He's the one managing my business.
Yes, but it's one thing to know that and another to prove it.
I'll make this very clear.
Either you get me real proof, so I can show it, or I'll have them extradite you.
You… you can't do that, bro.
You and I have a deal, and if you break it, so will I.
Don't worry.
I'm going to help you with those two women, got it? Oh, really? In exchange for what? I need you to kill Iván Urrego.
Get that son of a bitch off my back.
I have good news about J.
We know how to pressure him.
I have info on one of his girlfriends, Alexandra.
I told Ortiz to find her.
Good, but that's no longer necessary.
is going to help us.
In exchange for what? He'll take a mile before thinking about giving an inch.
Look, what he wants isn't that difficult.
But thank you very much.
Hey, Popeye.
DRUG TRAFFICKERS CELLBLOCK Do you think it's a good idea to be talking to Abel? It's just that when Urrego finds out you and the paramilitary plan to kill him, the shit will hit the fan.
Are you afraid? Urrego has me by the balls with those recordings.
If I don't do something, I'll be fucked deep.
And I've eaten too much shit here to bow my head to that son of a bitch again.
So let's find his weak point.
That asshole needs to give in.
Yes, and until we find it, what then? Today, it was my cell.
Tomorrow, it'll be my food, my people, my businesses.
I can't sit here, waiting for him to do whatever he wants to me.
I'm going to leave here walking, not limping, got it? - What did you find out about the reporter? - Nothing yet.
We've been calling her at the office, home, even the bakery.
She's nowhere.
What I did find out is why she hasn't come to see you.
I'm not from the CCB, but I'm a reporter too.
A good one? MUNICIPAL PRISON You didn't bring any cameras or anything, so… I'll tell you something.
A guy like me only gives interviews to important reporters.
All right.
Shall we begin? - And the soda? - You think What can I say? I'm thirsty.
How about if after we finish, I give you the soda? The thing is when you're thirsty, it's harder to concentrate on the facts.
To remember.
All right, do you think this is enough to help you remember? What do you want to talk about? Do you know this man? Ana María, don't move! What I don't get is why she's talking to El Loco.
I'd imagine it's about you.
Since you and Loco are friends, she must be getting info from him for the documentary she's making.
No, we're not friends.
We only did a couple contracts together.
If she wants know about my life, she could've asked anyone else.
Even you could tell her better stuff.
If you want, I'll find out what they discussed.
Do that.
It'd be even better if you got the recording.
She's plotting something, but I'm one step ahead of her.
Right away.
No, no.
I don't want money, okay? What I want is merchandise.
Merchandise? All right, but what kind of merchandise? Shoes, jeans, clothes, jackets, Christmas toys.
Anything legal, that I only have to sign for, - and that won't get me into trouble.
- Look, Víctor, I think that What do you think? That it's hard? No, sir.
It's not hard.
It can be done.
- Yes.
- There, let's not go over this again.
Look, all I need is for you get some containers in the port of Buenaventura, and I'll get you the stuff.
And if we can't do business that way, I'll have to go to someone else.
Understand? Hello? No, I couldn't do anything.
The guy insists on his conditions.
Either we do the deal his way, or we have to find someone else to sell us the merchandise.
- What's wrong? Problems? - No, it's just that I'm a little worried because he looked so… He just didn't look very convinced, you know what I mean? Whatever, if this deal doesn't work, we'll find another.
- Are you sure? - I'm sure.
There's always someone else.
- I'm a bit worried about your Uncle Iván.
- No, no.
We should be happy.
We have more than enough of a reason to be happy, right? We should be celebrating, huh? - Yes, but knowing Iván - Yes, but we don't have to worry about my uncle or prosecution or anybody because we're doing everything legally, like we're supposed to.
Are you worried? Are you just a little worried, Rorito? - No, stop.
- Don't worry.
I'll protect you.
You're the most beautiful thing in my life.
You too.
- Tickles? - Tickles.
CAPITAL PRISON That faggot will turn and start working with someone else.
DRUG TRAFFICKERS CELLBLOCK He'd better not push me, huh? Because in this line of work, no one is indispensable.
They can easily be replaced.
Is that clear? Sir.
- Did you call? - Yes, I did.
They found him.
It's up to you, Boss.
What do we do? Just let me know.
We're going to teach my nephew how much it hurts and what happens when you betray the family.
That's it.
Let the faggot have it.
- Call him.
- Your nephew? Are you an idiot? I'm talking about the man we need to do the job.
He took his sweet time figuring out how to betray me, so I'm going to take my sweet time to get even.
- Yes? What happened? The cop says that the cellblock is completely blocked off.
There are men everywhere.
They even test his food.
Of course, you think Urrego is an idiot? He knows that in this jail, everyone is after his head.
Look, Boss.
The way I see it, we have two options: either we pressure J.
on the Alexandra issue, or we take care of the reporters ourselves.
- I know it's risky - Are you crazy? No, no.
After what Janeth said, if anything happens to that hag or her friend, all eyes will be on me.
No, no, no! For now, we need to stick to the plan.
We have to continue with Urrego.
Yes, sir.
Commander, what are we going to do about La Rata? If he opens his mouth, then what? What happened with the lawyer? No, Boss.
That fell through.
What? He already has someone representing him.
- Who? - Sir, we don't know, but we're finding out.
We don't know his name.
Look, brother, I don't have the money to pay you right now.
Bro, no one is asking you for money.
Our only interest is to help you get out of this mess, nothing more.
Since when is anyone here interested in what happens to me? You have people outside who care about you.
I'd like to see that.
- I don't believe it.
Who is it? - A friend.
Like a mouse is friends with his cheese.
Look, man, this person is very interested in everything you know.
Abel? No, sir.
We don't give a shit about him, just so you know.
- Then who is it? - What's going on, bro? You surprise me.
- I'm not naming names.
- In that case Look, man, maybe this will interest you.
Right now, there's a plan in motion to kill you.
As I said, we want to help you.
But only you can let us.
The thing is in this world, nobody does anything for free.
Everybody wants something.
As I said, we're very interested in everything you know.
If you're dead, you're not worth a peso.
But alive? You could be a great asset to us.
What do you say? Or do you have a better option? There you go, great.
Sit down and we'll get to work because there's a lot to do.
Look at this.
CAPITAL PRISON DRUG TRAFFICKERS CELLBLOCK Abel is very dangerous and crafty.
You have to be one step ahead of him to beat him, understand? - But, Popeye, we have the son-in-law.
- That kid doesn't matter.
- Look how he's ignored him.
- Yes, that's true.
Popeye We spoke directly with El Loco to find out the reporter wanted.
Turns out she wanted information on this guy.
The Boss gave us one of those mini-Uzis, those little machine guns that you see in the gringo movies.
A beauty, a really pretty thing.
We went on a motorcycle to his house.
It was Laureles, I'm almost sure it was Laureles, one of those houses near the stadium.
I remember quite well that he was telling someone not to come out of the house.
I imagine he was protecting them or something, and well He already knew that his time had come.
He already knew and… he was trying to protect his family, but at that moment, we arrive, and… we did what we were there to do.
I would have gone into the house and killed them all.
The death of a loved one is the most painful thing that can happen to anyone.
You feel enraged, powerless, so much pain.
And those feelings can lead you down paths you'd never have imagined you'd take.
It wasn't because I was a bad person, which I am.
I just didn't want to leave any loose ends, understand? I didn't want to leave anyone who could recognize us in the street and call the police.
I wanted things done well, the right way.
And to tell you the truth, let's stop bullshitting.
It would have been better for the family.
I say that from experience.
I watched one of my loved ones get killed, and I couldn't do anything.
I had to watch my baby girl die, yes.
I went through that pain.