Alias J.J. (2017) s01e43 Episode Script

Episode 43

I need a favor and you are the only one who can help me.
Where and when can we meet? Boss, can you do me a favor? Can I use your phone? - Yes, of course.
Go right ahead.
- Thanks.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Wash me with the strawberry, okay? - No, come on, get out.
Look what time it is.
No, Miss.
- Let's watch a movie.
- Okay, but come back in for a little bit.
I'm going to make popcorn.
- Want some? - All right.
Nice and quiet.
Nice and quiet.
- Rubén, thanks for coming with me.
- I'm here for whatever you need.
And again, I'm so sorry about what happened this morning at the newscast.
- Really, I'm sorry.
- No, it's nothing, no.
You have no reason to be sorry.
I don't like people to see me like that: sick, weak, depressed.
Look, Janeth, cheer up, everything's going to be fine, okay? Now go and rest.
Tomorrow I'll come get you early and we'll go to the Prosecutor's office.
Because when the saint shows up, miracles happen.
- Good bye.
- Sleep well.
- Bye.
- Bye.
Ana? Ana.
Ana? Are you there? Ana.
My love? [J.
on TV] My best friend in the cartel was Pinilla.
- My love.
- A great soldier, I respected him a lot.
And among all of you who worked for Pablo Escobar, - was there any friction? - No, in general, no.
- All right.
- There was the occasional guy - who was an alcoholic, would get drunk… - Whatever you say.
- What a clown.
- …and start causing problems.
- But they always respected me very much.
- My love? Because I was very disciplined and I did my job well.
- Cami.
- …and that was to take care of the Boss.
Oh, Cami, I'm not in the mood to play, man.
Son of a bitch.
All done, Boss.
Just like you asked.
Excellent, boy.
Are you clear about what you need to do tomorrow? Everyone needs to know what things are going to be like from now on with me.
Don't worry, Boss, I'll make sure they get the message very clearly.
- Good boy.
- Very clearly.
No one sells or buys a single gram from that faggot nephew of mine.
Because I want him here, humiliated, dragging himself like a rat.
So he learns, the son of a bitch.
Do me a favor, tell them not to make any more noise outside.
Have a good rest, Boss.
Shut up, you sons of bitches! No, she's not in editing, either.
If she's not there, I don't know where else she could be.
I already looked everywhere for her, and no one knows where she is.
- Where could she be, huh? - Tell me, what do I do? Do I go out to look for her? I don't know.
Wait, I think she just got back… yes, she's here.
I'll call you later.
Miss Ana María.
Can I ask where you were? - I went out to eat.
- Out to eat? Look, Ana, you disappeared for the entire day.
You didn't go to the news station, nobody knows anything.
You could've told me, no? I stayed late in the archives because I was reviewing things from the Popeye material, and, well, I didn't look at my phone.
- Are you all right? - Yes.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
- Anything at the Prosecutor's office? - No, nothing.
The guy there won't tell me anything.
Tomorrow I'm going there directly to see what's going on.
Rubén's going to go with me.
Want some coffee? - No, I'm going to sleep.
- Okay.
- Thanks.
- Sleep well.
- I'm sorry I didn't call.
- All right.
Well? No one saw it? They slipped right under your noses and nobody saw a thing! - No, sir, no one saw anything.
- Oh, it's a good thing you said that, otherwise I wouldn't have realized.
- Sir, calm down.
- No, fuck that.
That's what I pay you for, bro.
Sir, if you want, we'll check again.
Go look.
Go look in hell, asshole.
- Get me out of this shit.
- Let's go.
No, don't touch him.
Leave him there.
No one touches him.
Sons of bitches.
CAPITAL PRISON If La Rata isn't going to cooperate, find out how much he wants - and we'll pay him off, okay? - Don't worry, he's going to say that Abel is the one who hired him for the job.
Does he have proof? That's like having the mother, but she's dead.
All right, but the difference is that if this guy tells it like it is, then it will reopen the investigation and all the evidence leads to Abel.
I hope you're right.
I'm right.
You'll see.
What I don't understand, John, is your need to get involved in all this, brother.
My need? Remember that all this is your fault.
If you hadn't let that fucking call get tapped, I wouldn't be in this shit.
What are you going to say? Don't let any more calls get tapped, understand? - Did you understand, idiot? - Velásquez, I have some info for you.
Wait here.
Oh, son of a bitch.
How are you, Javier? This is Víctor Urrego, Camilo's friend.
I'm calling because I need a lawyer.
Camilo is gone.
Don't worry.
I'll pay you all the money that you need.
You have to help me.
You're going to get a call explaining the situation.
And I'm going to ask you for a favor.
I need to get locked up in the Capital Prison.
Thank you, Javier.
Talk to you later.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.
You also have the right to a lawyer.
Suárez, the door.
I found out what you asked me to.
I know why that reporter was asking El Loco about the prosecutor.
I sent those kids, the ones who gather intelligence for us, the best ones.
And they found out the prosecutor happens to be her father.
- Are you serious? - It's strange, Popeye.
The kid is absolutely sure.
He brought me the birth certificate and everything.
- Popeye.
- No, Popeye, bro.
Get out of here.
In fact, you know what? If El Loco is remembering correctly, you killed that guy.
Ana María, don't move! I need to get this gun into the Capital Prison inside a video camera.
- Is that possible? - Well, we'll see if it fits.
- And what about my money? - You'll get it when you finish the job.
All right.
No, I don't know who this prosecutor is.
Look, brother.
The press says that you had to have killed him right when you started working with Escobar.
And you never forget your first, no? Yes, supposedly.
Well, don't you at least remember why Pablo ordered him killed? Always the same reason: for snitching, for not being on the same side, or for not cooperating.
I don't remember, I don't remember.
You have to understand that we were in a war, it was crazy.
A lot of people died.
You know what worries me, John? That you didn't mention that murder when you made your deals with the law.
And if Ana María finds out about this, brother, you're fucked.
- Yes, don't you think I know that? - Oh, good.
It's good that you know.
So that you think about what to do, because if you don't, you're going to spend a long time locked up in here.
So think.
Remember, brother, in case we have to get rid of evidence or anything like that, but think fast, because we have to start work now, okay? MUNICIPAL PRISON Brother, it's simple.
You spoke with the reporter.
How much did you tell her? "CRAZY" HITMAN FOR THE MEDELLIN CARTEL Not much.
How much is not much? The usual, just nonsense.
Nothing serious, all nonsense.
Hey, and my old friend Popeye, how is he? I bet he's living like a prince, huh? - Like the great guy he is - Don't fuck around, bro.
You told that reporter that you and Popeye were responsible for that attack.
Oh, man.
I'm not feeling very well.
I'm going to the infirmary.
Guard! Tell me, asshole.
Look, whatever that woman is saying, whatever she's making up, it isn't true, I didn't tell her that.
You know how reporters are.
They make things up, they bullshit.
You shouldn't pay so much attention to that.
We're done.
Hey, tell Popeye I said hi.
What's your game, J? The two of us have a deal, and what? You're waiting for me to turn my back to stick a knife in it and fuck me over? - I don't know what you're talking about.
- I'm talking about Serrano, - La Rata's new lawyer.
- Oh, yes, of course.
That's a guarantee.
I need to make sure that you're going to fulfill your part of the deal, that you'll get Urrego off my back.
- Well, of course we have a deal.
- That's exactly it.
I've been working on the reporters.
Whereas you, what have you done? Urrego is still in the cellblock, giving orders right and left.
Look, if La Rata talks, we're both fucked.
Don't worry, he's not going to talk.
Serrano isn't going to let that happen.
Unless I tell him to.
You do your part of the deal, like we agreed, and we won't have any problems, got it? Let's go.
Bad news, John.
El Loco talked.
- Are you sure? - Bro, he didn't say so, but it's obvious that he opened his mouth.
Son of a bitch, man.
I need you to take care of that.
Don't worry, he won't live through the night.
Be careful with what you do.
Ana María can't suspect that something happened to that idiot because of the inquiries she's making.
If that happens, we're going to have a huge problem.
- She'll suspect.
- Then don't do it.
Alive, that idiot is a problem, but dead, he could be worse.
I'm depending on you, bro, please.
Popeye is going to have me killed.
I know it, it's you're fault.
No, listen to me.
You'll be fine.
I guarantee it.
How can I calm down? He doesn't want anyone to link him to that death.
- Of the prosecutor? - Yes, with that one.
I don't understand how Popeye found out that you and I had spoken.
I've been getting calls and they've been asking me about the same thing.
Today a man came to ask me about the same thing.
Who? A lawyer.
- And what did you tell him? - Nothing.
Nothing, but those people aren't stupid.
They know that for a bit of money, I fucked up, that I opened my mouth, that I threw them under the bus.
Yes, they're going to make me pay.
I won't live through the night if you don't do something.
You have to do something.
PARAMILITARY CELLBLOCK I shouldn't have trusted him, Duván.
With that lawyer defending La Rata, J.
has the pan by the handle.
- He's going to fuck me.
I'm done for.
- So what do we do, sir? We have to cut off this problem at the roots.
- Get La Rata? - Of course we have to get La Rata.
- The problem, sir, will be - No! We go to the Prosecutor's office, we go wherever, but we finish it or we are finished! What you're asking me to do is very difficult.
That's why the Commander thought of you.
The pay is proportionate to the risk.
And how much are we talking about? Don Abel will pay whatever it takes in order for La Rata to disappear.
And what if what we want isn't money? DEPARTMENT OF SECURITY AGEN No? We can do an exchange of favors.
I'm listening.
All right, we take care of that guy.
And you guys get rid of the board of an NGO that we have out there.
"THE RAT" Those dogs came for me.
Don't open it, bro, don't open it! - They're going to kill us! - Open the door.
Open the door, you want to get killed? They're going to kill us! Guard! They're going to kill us! Don't open it, bro, don't open it! - Open it, I'm telling you.
- Come on, we're busted.
Don't open it! Guard, help! NATIONAL PROSECUTOR - We reviewed all the videos.
- And? There's nothing.
- Nothing? - For some reason, there are no recordings in any of the cameras.
- What? - We don't have anything.
How can we believe what you're telling us is true? What do you mean, bro? I saw them, there were two of them.
They came through the hallway, - they came to kill me.
- What makes you so sure? Because I had seen them before.
One of them had a scar on his face.
Doesn't it seem strange to you that there's no recording of anything? Where had you seen them? Look, bro, those guys do business with Bernal.
All right, so you're telling me that an official of the Department of Security has links with the paramilitary? Oh, yes.
They do favors for each other.
Do you have proof of that? Look, what I'm saying is that… Abel, the one who ordered me killed, doesn't want me to talk.
- Abel Mahecha.
- Yes.
He's the one who has the most to lose from me being here.
I will speak to the prosecutor so they beef up your security.
You don't understand, bro.
Even if you put me in a bunker, I'm not going to be safe.
- There's nothing more I can offer - Wait, yes, there is.
Why don't you do me a favor and take me to live with the gringos? Take me out of the country.
Look, I swear on my mother, may she rest in peace, that I'll confess everything: I'll give you the papers, the documents, the dates, the places for Abel Mahecha and all the officials who have been doing business with him, but get me out of here, because if not, they're going to kill me.
Does that dog have a pact with the devil, or what? CAPITAL PRISON PARAMILITARY CELLBLOCK How is it possible that not even Ricardo Álvarez's people could do it? The thing is, sir, that he saw them before they got there, okay? So he started shouting like a crazy woman in the cells.
Then, sir, they had to stop the job right there because obviously the guards appeared, so there was no way.
He's going to rat us out.
He's going to rat us out.
He's gonna rat us out.
That son of a bitch is gonna rat us out! Call Popeye.
- Call Popeye, sir, what for? - What do you mean, what for? He said his lawyer had everything under control.
Let's see if that's true.
Find him.
Yes, I'll bring him right away, sir.
What is it? Look what I have for you.
I don't know what it is, but it was in Ramón's stash and if it was there, it's because it's good.
- Are you interested? - Yes.
How much do you have? - How much is it worth? - What? You're not going to tell me that reporter didn't give you some good money for the interview you gave her? - Such a gossip.
- What? Isn't that what you did with the gringos the first time they interviewed you? Oh, don't fuck around, boy.
You know what? I'm not going to beg you.
- I have more than enough clients for this.
- What are you going to sell, idiot? - Listen, come here.
- How much is there? Idiot.
MUNICIPAL PRISON Get up, princesses.
Everyone out, we're going to do a count.
- Move it.
- Now.
Díaz! Díaz! Paramedic! Good afternoon, ma'am.
El Loco is dead.
- How did he die? - An overdose.
Excuse me.
The El Loco job is already done.
- How did he do it? - Overdose.
That asshole is good for that type of job.
He'd be better off if he gave up that vice, what a son of a bitch.
Right? - Who's that? - That's Iván Urrego's nephew.
And you know what, Popeye? They're saying that he's the guy who turned him in.
What do you think? What's this faggot doing here? Did he come here to get into it, or what? I couldn't put the gun inside the camera.
- So then? - Relax, don't worry.
I told you I'd help you, and that's what I'm going to do.
- How? - As soon as you get to the jail.
They'll give it to you.
- Who? - They know who you are, and as soon as they see the right moment, they'll give it to you.
Trust me.
I don't have any choice, I have to trust you.
This is the rest of the money, okay? I only have one recommendation.
Whatever you do with that gun is your problem, but if things don't work out the way you planned, you don't know me, you've never seen me, we've never spoken, understood? Hi, Janeth.
- Ana, they just called me from the court.
- What did they say? That the guy they caught is going to appear.
And then? They want me to go to the hearing.
- When? - Today.
Today? Yes, and honestly, I'm… kind of afraid.
I don't… I don't think I can look that guy in the face - and relive everything that happened.
- Well, I'm sure that's what it'll be like.
Yes, I know.
I don't think I can go alone.
I couldn't handle it.
- Where are you? - At the newscast.
Where do you want to meet? DRUG TRAFFICKERS CELLBLOCK - What? What's wrong? - Relax, friend, we only came to welcome you.
- John Jairo Velásquez Vás - I know who you are.
Oh, good, then you also know about the war between Cali and Medellín.
And look at how life is, now we have to share the same cellblock.
And even the same enemy.
- What do you mean? - I'm talking about your uncle, idiot.
That pain in the ass I've been trying to get rid of and have failed to do so.
So then we're speaking the same language? I want to make you an offer.
My soldiers will protect you, and you and I will join forces.
We'll go up against him, we'll fuck that son of a bitch with everything we've got.
It's really the only option you have.
- Done.
- Good, bro.
Let's do it, okay? All right, come here, one question.
Do you know how to get contraband into the jail? Talk with this guy.
- All good, I'll find you later.
- Oh, good.
All right, Sombra, get a soda.
- Mr.
Urrego, your package.
- Good, boy, keep this.
Here, bro.
Enjoy your money in life, it doesn't look good on a dead man.
Bro, are you sure this will work? I know my uncle.
I know what he's like.
- Move back, move back.
- I'm here with you.
All right? No, stop.
Listen to me.
I need you to tell me you'll be all right.
- I'm here with you, okay? - Okay.
Shall we go in? Okay? Excuse me.
Téllez, in this document, which is an agreement with the Prosecutor's office, you state that you received orders from Mr.
Abel Mahecha.
Is that true? - Yes, Your Honor.
- And he's the one who ordered you to kidnap and attack the reporter Janeth Ferro? Is that true? - Yes, sir.
He gave the order.
- All right, can you be more specific and tell us exactly what happened, please? Mrs.
Abel Mahecha called me and told me to get in touch with Miss Ferro.
I pretended I was John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez and I told her that we could have an interview in the Capital Prison.
Under what pretext? I was going to give her information about some disappearances that she was investigating.
And she entered the jail? Yes, sir.
That's where we kidnapped her, because it was much easier there than outside.
- Everything's in order, sir.
- We kept her a few hours there and then we let her go.
All of this was with the complicity of Guard Torres.
After all the commotion, Mr.
Mahecha called me and ordered me to let her go.
And the part about raping her? That was his idea.
He told me he wanted to teach her a lesson.
And well, we did.
Then I took her to the train tracks and left her there and I called Miss Solozábal to go get her.
Let's go back to when you were arrested.
What were you doing in front of Miss Solozábal's house? I was waiting for the right moment to attack the two of them.
And with what motive? Because Mr.
Abel Mahecha had ordered me to follow them, to watch them, to kidnap them, - to rape them and to kill them.
- I hope you rot in jail! Rot, die! Wasn't what you did to me enough? Ana.
Miss, please.
You mention in the agreement other crimes that were masterminded - by Mr.
Abel Mahecha, is this true? - Yes, Your Honor.
Can you repeat what you said regarding the murder of reporter Javier Garcés? Well, Mr.
Mahecha called me and told me we had to get rid of Mr.
Garcés to stop the peace process and the dialogues with the guerrillas.
That's when we decided to put a bomb in the station.
What do you mean nothing can be done? - Then what am I paying you for? - I'll tell you again.
The statements by La Rata were very hard-hitting.
Look, the only hard-hitting thing in life is death.
How much money do I have to give you for them to change those statements? No, there's nothing that can be done, absolutely nothing.
So you're saying that because of that criminal, I'm fucked? That criminal gave them everything: emails, contacts, addresses.
Who do we need to grease? Who do we need to kill? Tell me.
Tell me and we'll do it.
I'm very sorry, Abel, but as your friend I'm telling you, you're done for.
I've already used up all the judicial appeals, the legal appeals, and because of that guy's statements, unfortunately, you're going to stay here for the rest of your life.
So I wish you much luck.
- Thank you.
- Would you like something to drink? - No, I'm fine, thank you.
- I do.
A nice, hot herbal tea.
Ana, I wanted to ask you if I could keep staying in your apartment.
- I know I had told you that - What kind of question is that? Janeth, you can stay here as long as you want, it's your home.
- Whatever you need.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
- How do you feel? - Oh, I don't know.
I don't know.
What do you mean, you don't know? Do you realize what you've achieved? As much as I try to see it that way, I can't see anything good in it.
- You don't see the good? - No.
Ana, he's never going to pay for what he did to me.
Well, look, he's not going to pay for what he did to you, but he'll be in jail for a long time.
And the most important thing is what you accomplished with Abel Mahecha.
You unmasked him.
You managed to show that he's not a god.
Sooner or later, he's going to pay for everything he did.
You showed that Abel Mahecha isn't untouchable.