Alias J.J. (2017) s01e44 Episode Script

Episode 44

Popeye and I killed him.
The boss had given us one of those mini-Uzis, those little machine guns that you see in the gringo movies.
A beauty, a really pretty thing.
We Not even 100 years in jail can repair the damage caused by a rape, or the death of a family member.
Ever since I learned that Popeye was my father's killer, all those feelings of rage, of pain, of frustration that I had kept inside for years came to the surface.
The only thing I wanted was to get revenge.
I had to get justice, even if it was by my own means.
No matter what the cost.
The die was already cast, and I didn't care if that decision led me to jail or to death.
Pope, the reporter.
All right, soldier.
- Hello.
- How are you? It's Ana María.
- Are you busy? - A little, but go ahead.
I need us to come to some sort of conclusion for the interviews.
We have to finish it, Popeye.
I thought that after what happened, you wouldn't want to come back.
There has to be a conclusion for the interviews.
When can we meet? Doll, I'm locked up in here.
You can come whenever.
- Tomorrow? - First thing tomorrow.
DRUG TRAFFICKERS CELLBLOCK She sounded fine, like nothing was going on.
- She didn't say anything about her father? - No, no.
She's not a fool.
She's not going to do anything stupid like that.
Two coffees.
If she were a criminal, she'd have me killed by now.
But she's a smart woman.
What she wants to do is use the interviews to corner me and get me to make a confession, understand? Let's kill her.
Right now.
If she's as smart as you say, she's going to be a problem.
This way we kill two birds with one stone.
We cut it off at the root.
And all the rumors that Mahecha is spreading around about you getting La Rata to team up against him.
Let's wait for her to interview me, then we'll decide what to do.
I don't know.
Isn't that playing with fire? I've always liked adrenaline, soldier.
PARAMILITARY CELLBLOCK How is the commander? How do you think the commander is? Feeling bored, shitty.
How else would he be feeling, idiot? Think about it.
He was about to get out of here.
And now, who knows how many years they're going to give him? Gotta be rough, bro.
- A lot, Duván.
- Sir.
And I don't intend to serve a single one of the years I've been sentenced.
Come with me.
I'm not going to die as an old man in this pigsty.
So we're going to go with plan B.
Duván, find out about the guerrillas' tunnel.
Ancízar, find out how many guards we can buy off.
If we want to escape, we need a lot of people, a lot of allies.
Understand? We'll take care of it, Commander.
- Let's do it.
- Yes, of course, sir.
All right, explain it one more time.
- Your nephew killed his bodyguard.
- We already know that, boy.
And that's his ticket to prison.
But why, out of all the holes, did he have to end up in this one? - It doesn't take much to guess.
- No shit.
Tell all the boys to stay alert.
I don't want them to take their eyes off of anything or anyone.
Because, if that faggot is here, he only wants one thing, and that's revenge.
It won't be that easy, boss.
He already has someone watching his back.
- Oh, really? - Popeye is helping him.
He's been protecting his little ass since he got here.
Well, he'd better hold on tight, boy.
He'd better hold on tight.
- Hey, Pope, that's 25.
- Oh, so you know how to count, gonorrhea.
Open it.
Urrego wants to talk with Pope.
Urrego wants to come in.
Have him come in.
Don Iván, how are you? What will you have? Thank you, my friend.
What's your game, Popeye? Huh? Family business is kept within the family, brother.
- I don't know what you mean.
- You do, asshole.
You're supporting my nephew? The faggot? Are you helping him? I don't know what you're talking about.
Look, boy.
Don't start fucking around.
Don't get into battles with me because you always lose.
And you're going to keep losing.
Do you understand me, bro? Door.
Is the plan with the bottle all set? Yes, Pope, for awhile now.
Do me a favor.
Leave this dog's nephew alone.
Take away his protection.
- What, Pope? But we had agreed - Do what I say.
Leave him alone.
We're going to give this bastard a reason to celebrate.
I have my reasons.
Right away.
Stop sleeping, bro.
- What's wrong? - What's wrong, boy? - You look pale.
See a ghost? - What do you want? - We need to settle accounts.
- I have nothing to settle with you.
- Oh, no? - No.
You're a bastard.
You don't whip a horse on the way up or a friend on the way down.
I made you what you are.
I gave you the opportunity to rise to get ahead.
I made you in my own image.
I only learned what you taught me.
You didn't learn shit.
You're nothing but a powerless fool.
You know who the king is? Look at me.
I'm the king.
A king who doesn't like to lose battles.
Not a single one, bro, look at me.
I always win my battles, including this one, boy.
Including this one.
For being a traitor.
Because I can.
So you can truly learn, bro.
Now go tell Popeye to help bury you.
All the way in.
Just how you like it.
Finish off that bastard.
Sit down.
Sit down, idiot.
We're going to celebrate.
All done.
All right, boy.
Let's let them do the job.
You know what? I need you to get everyone together later because we're going to plan a strategy.
Have this.
Like a man, boy, like a man.
I want you to find out what's going on.
Talk with the others.
Boss, are you all right? Boss? Boss.
- The infirmary.
- Infirmary.
The same scene we saw five years ago.
Don't remind me.
I just hope this time he's really dead.
It's why I told them to stay with the bodies, even during the autopsy.
- I don't want any little surprises.
- Yes, that's perfect.
Well, Clemente, I think that with all this, and Urrego's death, my work in this country is finished.
- Thank you for everything.
- Thank you.
Commander, that asshole Urrego had it coming.
PARAMILITARY CELLBLOCK That's not the problem.
The problem is that all of us leaders in this pigsty are at risk.
If they killed Urrego, imagine what can happen to the rest.
And that includes me.
Look, don't worry about that.
Nothing will happen to you.
- I'll make sure of it.
- They killed Urrego.
- What? What's wrong? - Nothing, sir.
We have to forget about the guerrillas's tunnel.
It's not going to work.
The only option I see is leaving with the guards.
Well, sir maybe if we grease their palms, they'll help us arrange a nice escape.
No, Duván.
They won't risk their hides for us.
They're scared shitless after what happened to Torres.
What are your orders, sir? It's up to you, sir.
I have a meeting with the warden.
Yes, of course, go in.
All right.
- Good morning.
- Morning.
I'm here to interview an inmate.
- Of course, yes.
This way, ma'am.
- Thank you.
I'll let you know.
If we have to move, we'll move.
Velásquez, the reporter Ana María Solozábal just arrived and is looking for you.
All right, my friend.
Once I finish, I'll see her.
Let's finish this right away, okay? Right away, Pope.
R3, go to R5.
R1 wants to see you, over.
I'm on my way.
You know the way.
Velásquez is waiting for you.
Delta 1 in position, Commander.
Delta 2 in position, Commander.
Delta 3 in position, Commander.
Commander, Delta 4 in position.
Position yourselves where I told you, is that clear? - Duván.
- Commander.
- The men are all ready.
- Yes? How many? Four.
Each one is positioned where you ordered, sir.
It's now or never.
Let's go.
The inmates in the paramilitary cellblock don't want to follow orders.
- Make them, sir.
You're the guard.
- We already tried to force them, sir.
- And what happened? - They stood together as a block.
They said if we struck one of them, we'd be striking them all.
Benítez told us to use the gas, but I said no.
I wanted to tell you first.
Nothing's working with them.
- Come with me.
- Yes, sir.
Door, please.
Vanegas, the vice minister is going to call.
Tell my secretary that I won't be long, please.
All right? Yes, sir.
Abel Mahecha! Abel Mahecha! What's going on here, huh? I hear you don't want to follow the guards' orders.
Someone explain to me what's going on here, gentlemen.
Look, Clemente, the only thing going on is us getting out of here.
Let go, let him go.
Let him go, faggot.
Don't move.
Inside! Don't move.
I'm happy that dog is getting his.
CAPITAL PRISON DRUG TRAFFICKERS CELLBLOCK Now your friend won't have to worry, since Abel is facing justice, right? - Shall we go to your cell? - Let's go.
You didn't bring the cameraman to help you? They're busy at the newscast.
I have people here who can help us out.
I can handle this camera myself.
- It's not a problem.
- Wait.
- Soldier, do me a favor.
- Sir.
- Help the lady with that.
- My pleasure.
- But it's better if I carry it.
- Let him help you.
- Allow me to help you.
- Okay, but be careful.
- The camera is very delicate.
- Let's go this way.
Thank you.
Careful with the Thank you.
Close that, okay? What's with your belt? Carrasco.
This is Abel Mahecha.
Why are you talking on a radio, bro? PARAMILITARY CELLBLOCK Because I'm the new warden of this jail.
What are you talking about? You heard me.
I'm the new warden of this jail, and I'm holding Clemente hostage.
- What are you talking about? - Listen carefully to what I say.
If you inform the authorities or try any bullshit I haven't ordered, - Clemente dies.
- Ardila.
- Sir.
- Call the warden.
- Yes, sir.
- Did you hear me? - I'm listening.
- Mr.
Warden, Ardila calling.
Put him on.
I want to talk to him.
Go on, talk.
There's no one here - Shut up, faggot, shut up.
- Quiet.
You heard.
I need you to open the doors that lead to the exit because we're getting out of this shithole.
You know that I can't and won't do that.
Either you follow my orders, or you'll all be responsible for Clemente's death.
You're naïve if you think you're going to get your way.
Your boss will lead you to certain death.
Listen to me, Clemente.
I'm the warden now, and you are going to obey me.
Understood? Boys, are we ready for when the guards get here? Yes, Commander.
Everything is ready.
- Good.
- All ready, sir.
You're going to obey me, Clemente.
Did you hear that, faggot? Look, what we need to do is save Clemente's life.
That's what we have to do.
But we have to follow security protocol.
In case of insurrection, the doors stay closed, no matter what.
Clemente's very clear on this.
Boys, pay attention to what we're going to do.
There's another problem.
The reporter Ana María Solozábal is in the narcos' cellblock, interviewing Popeye.
We have to get her out of there.
- Rodríguez and Suárez.
- No, Rosas.
What we need to do is take back control of the jail.
That's what we have to do.
DRUG TRAFFICKERS CELLBLOCK - What's wrong? Too much for you? - I need an extension cord.
I'll go look for one.
Doll I'm going to miss doing these interviews.
How will I see you? We should find an excuse to stay in contact, don't you think? How about we talk about that another time? And what's the topic for this interview? What are we going to talk about? Something that greatly impacted justice in this country.
The assassination of several judges.
All right.
- Ready? - Ready.
Go ahead and shoot.
How many did you kill? None.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
Among the hundreds of people that you confessed to killing, there wasn't a single judge? No.
Does the name Bernardo Solozábal sound familiar? No, it doesn't.
Why? Was he a relative of yours? You have the same last name.
It's very hard to remember all the victims because in the craziness of the war, a lot of people died, and everyone was just killing and killing.
And there were a lot of feuds and mafias, too.
So it could have been me.
It could have been anyone.
It wasn't just anyone.
It wasn't just anyone.
It was you, Velásquez.
You shot my father.
I didn't know what happened to me in that moment.
I wasn't thinking.
All I wanted to do was shoot.
What's it like to be on the other side of the gun? Ana María, lower the gun.
You're not a killer.
- Maybe I am.
- No, you're not.
Believe me, I know a lot of them, and you're not a killer.
Lower the gun.
Did you look your victims in the eye when you Pope.
I didn't find any.
What do I do? Leave, don't worry.
Nothing's going on.
The doll's nervous, that's all.
Do as I say.
Careful, you're nervous.
You're shaking.
The trigger could go off.
What are you feeling? - Fear? - No.
Why did you kill my father? - I didn't kill your father.
- You did kill my father.
You shot him.
Calm down.
I understand why you're upset.
You don't understand shit.
You destroyed my life.
You destroyed my family's life.
Yes, but you have to understand.
I was doing a job.
They gave me an order, and it was what I had to do.
- What I have to do is kill you.
- No, you won't kill me.
You're not a killer.
You're going to fuck up your life.
Look where you are.
You're in a jail.
You shoot me, and what happens next? You don't think I have people here? They'll tear you apart.
- I don't care.
- And if you do get out alive, what then? They'll put you in jail.
You'll rot in jail.
Look, this is recording.
I also have a witness.
They already saw you with the gun.
- You deserve to die.
- Yes, but not at your hands.
Let life take care of me.
Don't fuck it up.
There are other ways to avenge your father's death.
Calm down, okay.
Calm down, don't worry.
Nothing's going to happen to you, doll.
I'm not going to do anything to you.
Put the gun away.
Go away quietly.
Nothing happened here, okay? What's going on, Carrasco? Why's the door not open? PARAMILITARY CELLBLOCK Carrasco! I told you it wouldn't be that easy.
Shut up, you son of a bitch.
Sir, what do we do if they don't open the doors? We're not giving them any more time.
We'll open this fucking door ourselves.
Open up there.
Move, faggot.
No, how could you think that I'd regret my beauty queen role? On the contrary.
I enjoyed the process.
I met wonderful people.
But I realized a position in Congress would enable me to make the changes I envision for my country.
- What changes? - Many changes.
For example, I dream of universal healthcare.
I don't get how we can live in peace in a place where the health system is completely inoperative.
There are no hospitals.
And people with the privilege of having access to one receive terrible treatment.
They're not properly treated.
They aren't given priority.
They're not given medicine.
Well, while you have many supporters for your ideals, they're a little worried about the questionable allies aiding your Congressional campaign.
What allies? We all know that when you were the runner-up you visited Capital Prison several times.
And orphanages, nursing homes, and hospitals.
I concentrated on visiting people who needed encouragement, nothing more.
And in Capital Prison, you met with a guerrilla commander, is that true? Yes, of course.
And you're not worried about being associated with those people? If I want to be a Congresswoman, if I want to help create peace in my country, I must be willing to speak with everyone perpetrating our current conflict.
I feel that this is the only way to achieve a true understanding among the parties involved.
But you're associated with the guerrillas.
For now, yes.
But I hope, in future visits, that I can meet with the paramilitaries and, if necessary, the drug traffickers.
I want to make it clear that my only objective is to change the face of this country.
Commander, something's happening in the paramilitary cellblock.
I saw Clemente go in with two guards.
Something suspicious is going on.
Mobilize everyone.
We don't want them to catch us off guard.
Comrades, attention.
Have some water.
Go on and take it.
What's going on? What's that noise outside? The paramilitaries, Pope.
They're getting rowdy.
Tell the boys to go to the cellblock entrance and get guns, but wait.
Got it? They shouldn't do anything, because, with those dogs, you have to be very careful.
Got it? Yes, sir.
Don't worry, I'll take care of it.
Why don't you use that gun to kill me? Finish me off, please.
I'm not going to kill you.
Get that through your head.
It would look bad if the reporter who came to see me wound up dead.
I'm not an idiot.
Let it all out.
I know this isn't easy.
- What's going on, Commander? - I don't like this at all.
- This shit is suspicious.
- I don't see a single guard.
What do we do? Those sons of bitches are going to screw us over.
We have to be very alert.
If you do anything to me or my men, I'll kill Clemente, understand? Abel! Abel! Don't leave me here.
Get me out.
- It's your son-in-law, Commander.
- Think of your daughter! Get me out! - Let's get him.
Let's go.
- Abel! Let's get him out.
Abel! Open up there.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Bring that son of a bitch.
GUERRILLA CELLBLOCK We're going to sit tight.
We're not going to do anything.
If we start fighting now, they'll think this is a fight between cellblocks.
And that's not good for us.
Let's let Abel Mahecha do the dirty work.
Let him fight the guards and police, and if they accomplish anything, we'll follow their lead and get out of here.
We need to end this party.
Sharpshooters, to the terraces.
Gutiérrez, I want communication with the inside, now.
I don't want reporters or onlookers.
Be alert, gentlemen.
Be alert.
No one shoots unless I give the order.
Understood? - Commander! - What's wrong? The exit is fucked up.
We can't get out.
- Shit.
- Sir, listen.
Let's go back.
It must be crawling with cops out there.
They're going to kill us.
Let's go back, sir.
We're fucked, Commander.
I told you you wouldn't be able to get out.
Shut up, son of a bitch.
No, Commander, no! No, Commander! You'll get us all killed.
- What? Scared, asshole? - Of course not.
I'm with you till the end.
I'll take a bullet for you.
But if we take this guy, we'll be charged with escape and kidnapping, sir.
Yes, think about it, Abel.
What's wrong with you? Think about your family.
What about Emma and your grandson? You know what? I'm leaving.
Do whatever.
No fucking way, bastards! Are you scared? You'll be killed.
You're going to get us killed! I don't plan on dying an old man in this fucking pigsty! - Calm down.
- Shut your trap, son of a bitch.
- You're going to die.
- Sir, think this through.
No, I already told you.
What? Are you scared? - Of course not, Commander.
- Sons of bitches, cowards! - Son of a bitch, you're scared.
- Commander.
I'll die, then! - Bastards! - Pick him up.
Let's go.
- Move it, son of a bitch.
Move it.
- Commander! Commander! Son of a bitch! Ana María, please.
Ana María.
- Janeth.
- Sir.
Do you know where Ana María is? She's not answering her phone.
Yes, she's in Capital Prison.
She was filming something for the report.
- I don't believe this.
- What? The paramilitaries took over the jail.
And it looks like there are hostages.
DRUG TRAFFICKERS CELLBLOCK Why did you kill El Loco? Who? My father was just one of the many people you killed, right? The problem is that each person you killed meant the world to their families.
You destroyed my family.
You destroyed my life.
You don't understand, do you? I promise you, when we get out of here, I'm going to help you find the person who killed your father.
- It wasn't me.
- Liar.
Yes, I'm a liar.
I'm whatever you want.
You should call things by their rightful name.
But anyone could have killed your father.
Your investigation threw you off from finding the truth.
I'm not lying.
It wasn't me.
I had nothing to do with it.
Now the important thing is for you to contact your people because they must be worried about you.
Please tell him it's me calling, okay? I know it's not a good time, but I need to share important information about what's happening inside Capital Prison, please.
Vice Minister Molina.
Hello, Tito.
This better be important, because, believe me, I don't have time to give you a stupid quote right now.
I didn't call for an interview.
I need to share important information about a woman who's a potential hostage in Capital Prison.
I know that.
But the hostage isn't a woman.
- They're holding the warden.
- No.
- There's someone else.
- Who? One of my reporters.
She was inside when the riot started.
And what was a reporter doing in Capital Prison? A report on a prisoner.
We've been calling her, and the truth is we don't know what kind of situation she's in.
Please help me.
Go with Alvarado.
I need those shots now.
- Okay, sir.
Right away.
- Okay, I'm going with you.
No, Janeth, wait.
- Why are you going? - I'm a reporter for this newscast, no? Yes, but Alvarado can take care of this.
- Well, I can help him.
- Janeth, please.
Oh, Tito.
You know I know that place better than anyone.
Yes, but I don't think it's a good idea.
I came back here to do my job.
But if you don't let me Please.
The people need brave souls to defend themselves against the tyranny of the powerful.
You're one of those souls, my sweetheart.
I cannot stop admiring your intelligence, your courage, and your beauty.
"G" We interrupt this program with breaking news.
Authorities are reporting a riot with hostages at Capital Prison in Bogotá.
The army and police are addressing the situation.
Reports indicate the paramilitary group led by Abel Mahecha is behind this revolt.
Get back! Get back, I said! Out! Get out, gentlemen.
Out! Now! Close the door.
Out! Lower your weapons! You heard, gentlemen.
Lower your weapons.
Turn the table over now.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Abel Mahecha.
If you move, I'll kill you.
If you move, I'll kill you, Clemente.
Abel Mahecha, respond.
This is Colonel Tello.
I'm in charge of the police operation.
Go on, Colonel.
I will sit and listen to your demands, as long as there are no other bullets fired or attacks against the hostages.
No, you won't sit and listen to anything.
What you will do is clear the exit so that I can get out of here.
Don't move.
It's not that easy.
Look, I have Clemente, the warden of the jail.
That's all I need to say.
You know what, Colonel? I want two trucks at the entrance door.
Safe transport, a pair of helicopters.
And I want them in less than three hours.
Understood? If not, I kill Clemente.
I'm sure we can reach an agreement, Mr.
I already told you.
I gave you my demands.
I will kill him if they are not met.
Put your hostage on.
I need to know that he's all right.
He's alive and kicking.
I want to hear him, Mr.
Go ahead and talk, dog.
- There's nothing to negotiate here.
- Shut up.
You heard him.
He's alive and kicking.
Either you fulfill my demands, or I kill him.
I told you not to move, dog.
We can go in through here.
And if the information the guards are providing is correct, this is a blind spot for them.
How much can we trust that information? Sir, if we don't go in, they'll be killed.
And if the intel isn't correct, even more will die.
Prepare your men.
- Colonel, it's for you.
- Who is it? The Prosecutor.
Colonel, did you speak with them? Did they confirm the number of hostages? They say they have the warden.
No, listen, my source tells me that there's also a reporter inside, Ana María Solozábal.
He didn't mention her.
I'm told that during the takeover, she was in another cellblock.
Then he doesn't know, because, otherwise, he would have used her.
Colonel, you must take control of this because if something happens to the reporter, the media will crucify us.
Yes, sir.