Alias J.J. (2017) s01e45 Episode Script

Episode 45

Hi, excuse me.
Can you tell me who's in charge of this operation? I need a name, any information.
We aren't allowed to tell you anything.
What do we do now? Let's get some shots of the prison entrance.
- Okay.
- Excuse me.
Hello, please call the officer in charge.
That's impossible.
Ximena, would you grant me an interview? - Yes, of course.
- Thanks.
Please, may I have a moment? Whenever you're ready.
Let's go.
DRUG TRAFFICKERS CELLBLOCK - Just shoot me, John Jairo.
- Here we go again, woman.
Why don't you quiet down instead? You're too agitated.
If you don't shoot me, I promise I will gather the evidence to get you extradited.
Don't broadcast your plan.
Just do it.
If you try to attack me, I will respond because I can defend myself too, you know? Hey, Popeye.
Turn on the TV.
I am in favor of resolving the conflict in a peaceful manner through dialogue and agreements, not violence.
Is that what prompted you to come here? Exactly.
As a beauty pageant winner, I've had the chance to visit prisons across the country, including Capital Prison.
I daresay that I know more than most about the real needs of the inmates.
I am sure that I can help resolve this situation in the best way possible.
Considering what you've said, should we assume you're volunteering to be a mediator? Yes, if the authorities believe I can be of assistance, I am willing to help.
With regard to this situation, would you be willing to enter the prison right now? I am willing to do whatever is necessary.
Thank you.
This was the message that Miss I need to get in touch with that woman, immediately.
It doesn't benefit her, or our movement, if she gets in.
She has no business coming here.
Bring me a phone.
All right.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR Emma, I asked you to come because your father is in serious trouble.
And we need your help.
- How so? - We need you to talk to him.
Look, Vice Minister, if you asked me here in an attempt to trick my father, - you're wasting your time.
- No.
No tricks.
We just need him to understand that he's wrong.
That it's better to find a peaceful resolution without violence.
Otherwise, things will get worse for him, as well as for you and for the father of the baby you're expecting.
The guards confirmed that your boyfriend belongs to the group of inmates who planned the escape.
That's impossible, he's in a different cellblock.
I have evidence that proves I'm telling the truth.
Vice Minister, I know my father well.
He won't surrender.
The problem is, Emma, that if your father doesn't surrender, the police have orders to take the prison by force.
They'll shoot anyone in their way.
Help me ensure that this problem doesn't become a tragedy.
Attention, nobody shoots until I give the order! Understood? All right, on your feet.
Time's up, let's go.
I told you that you couldn't escape that easily.
If I can't, then I'll kill you, Clemente.
Kill me.
If you kill me, they'll kill you too.
So, we'll both die.
Right? Dad, do you hear me? My daughter? - Emma? - Daddy, they've asked me to talk to you.
Emma, we have nothing to talk about.
Dad, for God's sake, surrender.
Who asked you to talk to me? Whose idea was this? Answer me, Emma! The Vice Minister.
He told me that if you release the prison warden, nothing will happen to you.
Emma, they're using you.
They're using you, honey! Get out of here! Dad, please.
I couldn't go on living if anything happened to you or Rafael.
Do it for your grandchild.
I want my baby to know his grandfather, please.
Honey, go home now! That's an order! Listen to your daughter, man.
Do you hear me? Mr.
Mahecha, can you hear me? Listen to your child.
You heard her.
I'm not buying it, Clemente.
We're both gonna die here.
Colonel, I'm leaving! I hope the truck and the helicopter are ready.
I'm coming out! Everyone back off! Open the door! Back off! Put the guns down, or I'll kill him! Carlos, record this.
I told you! Put the guns down! Put the guns down, now! Let me out.
Please, let me out.
PARAMILITARY CELLBLOCK Put the guns down! Put the guns down, now! You put the gun down.
Stop this nonsense, man.
Colonel, where's the truck and the helicopter? I'll kill him.
Daddy! Emma! Daddy! Daddy! GUERRILLAS CELLBLOCK Yeah! Yeah! - Silence.
- Gentlemen.
Gentlemen, as you have just witnessed here today, justice has been served in this country.
From now on, we will take control of this prison.
Now, let's celebrate.
I do feel a bit better now that those two dogs are dead.
DRUG TRAFFICKERS CELLBLOCK Don't you feel better, too? After what that jerk did to your friend? That's the difference between you and me.
I don't feel anything.
Yeah, sure.
Doesn't it seem crazy that after everything that's happened today you'll be arrested on charges of attempted murder? The gun has your fingerprints.
And I will hold this little tape.
Everything is on this tape.
Imagine the news headline: "Reporter Attempts To Kill Popeye in Capital Prison.
" It's nuts.
They could even turn it into a series if they wanted.
You're a son of a bitch.
I'm not that bad.
Take it.
Now we're even.
Police! Get down.
Against the wall.
- Freeze! - Here's the reporter! - Here's the reporter! - It's okay.
It's okay.
Are you all right? - How are you? - I'm fine.
It's so good to see you.
It's over, at last.
Clemente knew things would end up this way.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR He took a chance by carrying out reforms for the prisoners, and, well, these are the consequences.
Letting the inmates socialize and get organized to improve the prison was pointless.
What do you propose? The press and the public are crucifying us.
We must resolve this matter immediately.
There's a solution.
Let's end their party.
We have to re-organize the prison in a radical way.
DRUG TRAFFICKERS CELLBLOCK They're here to screw us, bro! Here they come.
Those men came to screw us.
Attention all inmates! You have five minutes to pack, because everybody has to leave.
CAPITAL PRISON Listen, hey, have a whiskey, baby! Show me how it's done! - Manuel! - What's the matter? A man is here with two officers.
They want us to turn the music down.
Tell them that we will.
Why are they telling us to We're just having a delicious whiskey.
Mmm, yummy.
Do you have any idea of the noise you're making? You have to teach this guy to dance salsa.
Hey sir, listen up.
Step up.
Hey, hey.
The neighbors are complaining.
Why don't you have a whiskey so you relax? It's a 25-year-old whiskey.
Listen, sir.
- A little whiskey, sir.
- Do not disrespect me.
- Put that over there, put it there.
- No, no.
Wait a minute.
Don't order me around in my own house.
If this is how it's going to be, leave - Sir, you are under arrest.
- Don't fuck with me.
- Wait, wait.
- You're under arrest.
What did I do? Why are you arresting me? - You have the right to remain silent.
- Please.
Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.
- You have the right to an attorney.
- I didn't do anything.
If you can't afford one, we can afford one for you.
- This is a civil rights violation, sir.
- What can I do? Why are you taking me? I did nothing.
We were just dancing and having some drinks.
I really don't agree with this, gentlemen.
Good evening, gentlemen.
I'm Colonel Mario Tello, and I am here on behalf of the government to take control of this prison.
When you hear your name, raise your hand.
González, Juan Carlos.
Hernández, Roberto.
Listen up, gentlemen, I want you to understand one thing.
It will be in your best interest to follow my orders.
If I say raise your hand, you raise your hand! Don't make the situation more difficult.
I repeat.
González, Juan Carlos.
Hernández, Roberto.
Cote, Andrés.
Zapata, Duván.
Quintero, Ancízar.
Galeno, Tulio.
Bautista, Rafael.
Velásquez Vásquez, John Jairo.
Colonel, the trucks for the transfers just arrived.
Take care of this.
Valdéz, Jorge.
When did the siege start? As I said, I was interviewing Popeye in another cellblock, Tito.
Are you sure that mobster had nothing to do with it? I'm sure.
He was with me the whole time.
- Was he talking to you? - Yes, he was.
I still think you blew the chance of a lifetime.
You had your camera.
It wasn't as if you were in the middle of the crossfire, - but, can you imagine - Tito! Enough.
You don't know what it's like in there, you don't know.
I know, but, what if you'd captured, I don't know, a scream? What part of "I was in another cellblock interviewing Popeye" don't you understand? I didn't record anything.
Relax, you know the editors.
They're magicians when it comes to hearing things that nobody else can hear.
And if you could've recorded some of it, we'd have hit the jackpot.
Right, Janeth? You've gone and done it this time, huh? Thanks to you, we're in this shithole.
At least we had the balls to attempt an escape.
What good is it to have the balls if you don't have the brains to draw up a good plan? I always thought that the paramilitary was stupid, but you've exceeded my expectations, morons.
- Listen - What is it, you son of a bitch? Don't screw with us.
Look who's talking.
Protect him while you can, because next time we're alone, it'll be different, okay? Two-bit hitman.
- Don't worry, shithead.
- I'm not, motherfucker.
- Easy, faggot.
- Go back to your post, sir.
Who gave you permission to break formation? Listen, my friend.
Could you take care of my stuff? - You and I will settle later, okay? - All your stuff has been confiscated, sir.
Sure, no problem.
I can't believe it.
Now what? They must be looking for our stashes.
We're fucked, aren't we? People need brave souls to fight the tyranny of the powerful.
You're one, my lovely comrade.
I admire your intelligence, courage and beauty.
"G" Keep looking in every corner, in the walls, in the ceiling! Rip open mattresses! Don't leave a single space unchecked! Let's go, let's go! Let's go, gentlemen! Hurry! Hurry! - Hello.
- Hello.
Hello, who's this? Oh, no.
- Orduz.
- Yes, Colonel? I want a report of all calls to and from these phones.
- Start with this one.
- Yes, Colonel.
Let's go, guys.
As you can see, miss, in this operation, we seized several kinds of liquor, knives, drugs, money, cell phones, short and long-range weapons, ammunition, grenades.
A little of everything.
Why do you think the late warden overlooked all this? Well, in some cases, we think the inmates just did a good job of hiding contraband.
But in others, they had help from the guards.
No doubt about it.
Corruption? It's very possible.
What are all these weapons used for? We believe they were used to keep control among cellblocks, to settle scores among inmates, revenge and robberies.
Kidnappings? According to their families, some visitors that entered the prison - went missing.
- Well, ma'am, I don't have any information about that.
It was on the news for a long time.
- Didn't you hear about it? - Yes, I did.
Other than what I've already told you, I have no more information.
But you must have found clues after such a thorough, intensive search.
You must've found something.
Well, miss, besides the information How does it feel to be on the receiving end of the bullets? Ana María, put the gun down.
You aren't a murderer.
- Maybe I am.
- No, you are not.
I know many, believe me, and you aren't one.
Put the gun down.
You liked to look your victims in the eye before you shot them, didn't you? How does it feel? Frightening? It was only then that I understood the magnitude of what I was about to do.
Attempting to kill a man.
That wasn't the type of justice I wanted for the man who'd killed my father.
Popeye and I killed him.
NATIONAL PROSECUTOR We arrived on a motorcycle at the man's house, which was in Laureles, yes, I'm sure that it was in Laureles, one of the houses located near the stadium.
I remember very well that he was John Jairo Velásquez received a sentence reduction for helping the law.
However, he never confessed to this crime.
I suppose this changes the situation somehow? Where's the assassin that's on the recording? - He died.
- How? From an overdose.
Right after John Jairo's attorney went to see him, sir.
Was he murdered? Ana María, I promise you that I will oversee this investigation personally.
Thank you, sir.
I'm convinced that John Jairo Velásquez ordered El Loco's death to avoid being linked to my father's murder.
CAPITAL PRISON They found drugs, cash and weapons in your cellblock.
My cellblock? Did you also find a receipt in my name? We know that nothing gets done there without your approval, and that you're in charge.
I'm not saying it.
It was confirmed by your people.
They've started talking.
They're scared.
You said it yourself.
They're scared.
When people are scared they make up stories.
I'm nobody's boss.
No one is under my command here.
I'm just serving my sentence, okay? I'm blamed for everything.
Someone gets murdered or something happens, blame Popeye.
Inflation, Popeye.
A bitch is pregnant, Popeye.
- Aren't there other inmates here? - Yes, there are.
But not like you.
- I'm done talking to you.
- You shouldn't do that.
Because the deal I have for you is very good.
What deal? I confess that it's all mine just to please you? Fuck off.
- Watch your language.
- And you watch your ass.
I may only be a prisoner, but I have an attorney.
And he'll make you pay for these accusations, okay? Oh, yeah? Before or after we find him? We've been looking for your attorney everywhere.
But we can't find him.
You think something happened to him? This is the report from your neighbors.
You've been charged with several misdemeanors.
Yes, officer.
Absolutely, I I have been inconsiderate toward my neighbors.
I've been noisy, and I know it was wrong.
I assure you it won't happen again.
All right, then I'll give you a $5,000 fine.
But I warn you If you come back here for any reason, I'll be sure to send this to a judge and get you deported.
You'd never set foot in this country again.
- Is that clear? - Yes, sir, clear.
Relax, boss.
I'll clean this up in no time.
Don't worry, sir.
You got a call from Bogotá.
They're looking for you everywhere, sir.
- You didn't tell them about this, did you? - No, of course not.
- Because this never happened.
- I know, sir.
They also sent you this, sir.
VELÁSQUEZ OF HER FATHER'S MURDER - Book me a flight to Bogotá.
- As you wish, sir.
- What's up, Johncito? - Motherfucker, where have you been? Working, bro.
Going from place to place, looking for contacts, talking to people.
You know how it is.
Did you know the Prosecutor has me by the balls? They have nothing on you.
The men have started telling them everything.
- That's not true, bro.
- Cifuentes told me so.
Cifuentes wants to mess with your life.
Your people won't betray you.
They're loyal to you.
When people get scared, they fuck up.
Relax, bro.
I'll make sure they understand that it's better to shit their pants in fear than to end up with a gut full of bullets.
Do you understand that I'm in deep shit? I thought the worst was over.
- But look where they've got me.
- That's the problem, bro.
Your problems are far from over.
- What's this? - Ana María filed charges against you for her father's murder.
John, we've done everything right so far.
We have made people and evidence completely disappear.
However, if these charges are brought to trial, we're fucked, bro.
Because all the money and lawyers in the world can't save us from this.
NEW PRISON FOR MIDDLE-RANKING PRISONERS Who is it? The man who's wearing the red sweatshirt, that's him.
You know what, Mayerly? Go sit down for a while.
You really keep bad company.
What's up? Why didn't your girlfriend come to see you? What girlfriend? I was waiting for you, love.
Really? Then, today is your lucky day.
Do you know why? I just broke up with my boyfriend.
- You two broke up? - It's okay.
It doesn't matter.
- I'm already looking for his replacement.
- Guess what, love? Stop looking.
You've found him.
Is that so? Would you like to be my boyfriend for a little while? What do you mean for a little while? I'm long-term relationship material.
Come on, get serious.
How much is it going to be? Are you expensive? I'll give you all the discounts you like just to look at those lovely eyes.
Don't move.
Your boss sent me.
You know who your boss is, yes? J.
? Are you sure, Camacho? Yes, I am.
I work for him.
That's good, because you know what? He wanted me to tell you that he's like God.
Although you can't see him, he follows you everywhere.
He's keeping an eye on you, all right? Camacho, he knows what you say and also what you don't say.
Do you understand? Don't worry, J.
will keep sending money to your family as long as you behave yourself, okay? Now, tell me, boy, are you behaving? Are you? You better.
Otherwise, your entire family will die, got it? Make sure you understand.
- Would you like a glass of water? - No, thanks.
- I made lemonade.
You'll like it.
- No, thanks, ma'am.
I apologize, I'm not used to having a detective in my living room.
I understand.
Since you are famous for your social work, and especially now that you're interested in politics, I suppose you've gotten sponsorship offers from some organizations.
Not many, but some.
And do the organizations or people who've approached you operate outside of the law? No.
And if I'd received those types of offers, I wouldn't accept them.
Okay, I understand that your social work has you visiting Capital Prison.
What type of work do you with the inmates? I like talking to people who have problems.
It gives me a clearer view of this country's reality.
What inmates do you visit when you go there? I meet with anyone who wants to talk to me.
Is there someone in particular with whom you've met more than once? No, I just meet with those who want to speak with me.
I told you.
Look, Ximena, the Prosecution is aware that you communicate frequently with the prison.
In fact, we know that, last night, when the search and raids were conducted, you called.
I got a missed call on my cell phone.
All I did was return it.
You hung up.
Of course I didn't recognize the voice of the person who answered.
Do you know why they were calling you? No, I don't.
You will have to ask the owner of the cell phone.
- Right.
- Yes.
Ximena the Prosecution is worried about you.
Really? Very serious things are happening inside the prison, things that you can't begin to imagine.
I still have one more project pending there, so I'll have to go back as often as is necessary.
I'm just suggesting that you watch who you get involved with.
You might be getting in trouble.
You're entering the lion's den.
Here is fine.
How much do I owe you? Ana María? How's it going? What do you want? I want to talk to you about some charges filed against my client.
He knew that I was going to do it, Serrano.
I warned him.
Do you know he might do the same to you? He can press charges for attempted murder.
Let him do it.
He doesn't want to do it.
I've tried to convince him, but he refuses because he trusts you.
He thinks that you, sooner or later, will come to your senses and stop blaming him for a crime he didn't commit.
Never, Serrano.
He killed my father and I have the evidence.
You don't have any evidence.
How about the testimony of a person who worked for him? A person who's dead.
A very convenient death.
Right, Serrano? The medical examiner said it was an overdose.
Why don't we resolve this some other way? Let's look for options.
You might be right.
Why don't you tell your client to confess? Or to kill me? Isn't that what you do when someone gets in your way? The police know everything, Serrano.
If anything happens to me, they'll blame you both.
Have a nice day, Ana María.
I am Ana María Solozábal and, with this video, I want to leave proof of the constant threats that I've received from John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez.
He's responsible for the murder of my father, the anonymous judge, Bernardo Solozábal.
If anything should happen to me, John Jairo Velásquez Vásquez must be held accountable.
CAPITAL PRISON Nena Ximena Escobar, this is Ricardo Rivas.
He's with the People's Defense.
Nice to meet you.
Mario Tello.
Have a seat.
- Thanks.
- Ximena.
You're the beauty pageant winner who's been visiting the inmates, right? I'm a candidate for Congress.
I've been doing social work with them.
That's precisely why I'm here.
Because I need to keep doing it.
Several inmates' relatives have contacted me, asking me to speak to the prisoners, find out what they need.
I have medicine, books, letters, and food for them.
Miss Ximena, I regret to inform you that your social work in this institution has been suspended from this moment forward.
Why? Because we're conducting an investigation.
We are putting important changes in place.
Therefore, the inmates have been isolated.
Don't worry about that.
I assure you that my work won't interfere with yours.
I already told you that visits are forbidden.
You know better than I do that the prisoners have rights.
And, if you do this, you'd be violating those rights.
That's why Mr.
Ricardo is here, to make sure that doesn't happen.
I repeat that my work won't interfere with your investigation.
Look, Miss Ximena.
Whether or not your work interferes with my investigation is for me to decide.
Ricardo, take note that Colonel Tello denied us entrance to bring humanitarian aid to the prison.
Write down the date, and all the information.
We want it on the report we are sending to the Department of Prisons.
Gentlemen, please make two lines one here and another there.
- Can you help me distribute this? - Excuse me, miss, but - We're just distributing these.
- Hi, baby doll.
Let me be the first.
How are you? Remember me? - How are you, John Jairo? - Been thinking about you.
See you later.
- Thanks.
- Enjoy.
I loved the flowers.
- Really? - Enjoy.
Yes, a lot.
I was dying to see you.
Me too.
I'm glad you're here.
But I think that your visit is a tactical error right now.
- Why? - Because you're putting yourself at risk.
They saw you on TV during the prison siege speaking with families.
They're aware that you visit the prison, that you have been calling here, and now they see you here again.
Let them think what they want.
I'm a candidate for Congress and I'm doing my job.
Here, nobody trusts anybody.
And, of course, they can think as they like.
I said I was going to do social work, that's what I'm doing.
We should stop all communication until things calm down here.
How are we going to keep working, then? I'll give you the names of our contacts outside.
The country needs you.
You should also know that I am not here just for that.
I was dying to see you.
To know that you are well.
- Enjoy.
- I'm speechless.
- Enjoy.
- Thanks.
Gentlemen, whoever got one Commander, you're needed in the visitors' area.
The commanders have decided that you will be the new chief of the organization.
I spoke with Ancízar, he'll be your second in command.
Is that clear? Tell the commanders that I'm grateful for their trust.
Tell them not to fret.
I won't let them down.
I will make sure we regain control of this prison, by force if necessary.
Tell them that.
I'll visit you if there's anything new.
Speak to the guards.
Tell them you need to talk to your attorney.
That's it.
For now, until this place settles down, let's avoid any contact, okay? I understand, listen I need you to get a message to someone.
- To whom? - It isn't anyone from the organization.
Who, then? It's for Ricardo Álvarez, from the Department of Security.
Son of a bitch.
What's up, Richi? Come on, bring it to me.
Don't delay, all right? Fabio, has anybody come looking for me? - Ximena.
- Get him out of here.
I come on behalf of our mutual friend.
"My lovely comrade.