Alice (2020) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

"Any sufficiently advanced technology" "is indistinguishable from magic.
" (Arthur Clarke) We're time travellers.
In 2050, our Alice finally succeeded in travelling through time.
At the thought that we can meet our dead loved ones soon, and the thought that we could live a new life by going back in time, people became overjoyed.
And so, time became fluid, and so did the world, and people's lives became that much richer.
That is, until the book was discovered.
The rumours say that the book contains a tragic ending to time travelling that had just started.
People called the book, "The Book of Prophecy".
I must find the book in order to keep time travelling going.
And that is why I've arrived in 1992 today, to find the book.
(1992) Baby, why are you crying? Because the sky just roared.
What a terrible sky that is.
Dad, what are you looking at? Dad? Do you want to play hide and seek? Hide and seek? Are you the seeker? This time, we'll both hide.
That sounds fun.
You can go hide now.
Don't you come out until I tell you to, okay? Hold on.
You can't lose this, okay? Hold onto it tight, okay? Pinky swear.
Jang Dong Shik.
I'm here for the book.
So it begins.
Did you come from 2050? Shut it and hand over the book.
You can't handle it.
Drop the knife.
I found it.
I will not read it.
I'll bring it right over.
It's okay.
Give me the book.
Who sent you? I'm Yoo Min Hyuk from Alice.
We'll take this book.
Just what is this book, that you're all obsessed with it? Let's go.
Hold on.
(Alice in Wonderland) I think someone's here.
Check upstairs.
I'll check down here.
Where is it? Where's the rest? Tell me.
Where's the rest? Tell me! I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It's okay now.
What's your name? I don't know! What is it? What are you doing? Let the people of this world punish you for your crimes here.
The police are coming.
Let's go.
She's in shock.
- We can't just leave her.
- But we can't take her.
The police here will take good care of her.
I get it.
But at least until they arrive.
- Check over there.
- Okay.
It's okay.
I don't know You can't check the contents.
That's the rule.
("World-renowned Physician Dr.
Jang Dong Shik Murdered") Did it mention the kid? Yes.
She's recovering in the hospital.
She is? That's good.
Let's get ready to go back.
I still feel sick.
It must be from the radiation from the wormhole.
(Wormhole: gateway to different time and space) I couldn't eat anything and have been vomiting since yesterday.
If it's that bad, you should take something for it.
At least pretend to care.
I wanted to finish the job perfectly, that's why.
The wormhole will be active until midnight tonight.
Let's go out.
If it's the radiation, fresh air will help.
Don't mind me.
How could I not? You're the person I love more than anyone in the world.
Okay? Should we shower and then go? Okay.
"Where should I begin?" "The tragedy" "began when she opened the door of time.
" "If the baby had not entered through the door of time," "would none of it have happened?" "If the baby had never been born, would things have been different?" What's wrong? Do you still feel sick? Yes, I feel sick.
You're 12 weeks pregnant.
Didn't you know? Get a prenatal examination and come back.
(Prenatal Examination: Examination of mother and fetus) Ma'am? You went through a wormhole filled with radiation while you were pregnant.
Be rational.
We can't get back without going through the wormhole again.
If we do that, something horrible may happen to the baby.
What happens if I give birth here? Don't be absurd.
We have things to do back home.
Get an abortion.
Things to do? Tae Yi, what I mean is I'm hungry.
I'll get an abortion.
I will.
But before that, let me feed the baby some good food first.
Yes? Police.
Step out of the car, please.
Requesting backup! (Jungang Traditional Market) The suspects are surrounded.
- Oh, no! - What? (Underground Shopping Center) I'll ditch them.
Wait for me at the hotel.
Be careful.
(Seoul Station) Tae Yi.
Tae Yi.
Tae Yi.
(Dear Min Hyuk) Dear Min Hyuk.
I have another heart inside me now.
It's smaller and weaker than mine, but I can feel it beating.
My baby's heart.
So how could I get rid of it? It's my baby.
It's living and breathing inside me.
This is my choice.
Just like you chose Alice, I choose my baby's future.
So don't worry about me or feel sorry.
I'm not Yoon Tae Yi anymore.
(Park Sun Young) (Dear Min Hyuk) (Park Sun Young, 25) Push harder.
It's almost over.
I'll do my best.
I'm a mom now.
(1997) Jin Gyeom.
Jin Gyeom, what are you doing? I'm playing with a dragonfly.
- A dragonfly? - Yes.
Can I join you? Sure.
Hello, ma'am.
I don't understand what you mean.
Yesterday, the boys were playing with the rabbits.
After a while, Jin Gyeom must have been bored.
He cut off a rabbit's ears.
When we tell someone not to tear a piece of paper, it's because it'd be a waste, not because we feel sorry for the paper.
But Jin Gyeom can't tell the difference.
He definitely lacks pro-social emotions.
But fortunately, he is highly intelligent.
He'll certainly get better through repeated training.
What could be the cause? Please have a look at this.
His left frontal lobe, which controls emotions, appears to be noticeably smaller than normal.
One possibility is that it's a genetic problem.
Another possibility is that he's been exposed to excessive stress during pregnancy, birth, and growth.
But we can't know for sure.
You went through a wormhole filled with radiation while you were pregnant.
You need to stay strong.
I'm not the only one responsible for Jin Gyeom's treatment.
You're part of it too.
I don't need your help.
I can take care of it myself.
Trust me.
I can do anything for you, Jin Gyeom.
(2004) Jin Gyeom, an appendectomy is nothing.
The doctor says that I can be out of the hospital by next week.
Could you go home and bring some books and clothes for tomorrow? Why? How can you stay the night alone at home? Stay with me here.
Just get outpatient care.
If an appendectomy is nothing.
It's loud and uncomfortable here.
Jin Gyeom, let's eat.
What are you doing? You have to come with us.
Go and grab your jacket.
I have to go to school tomorrow.
Let's go.
1, 2.
(2010) Did you find anything? What is there to find? It's probably bad grades or some relationship issues.
I thought a suicide note wasn't been found.
Kids don't write suicide notes these days.
They usually blog about it or something.
Keep up with the trend.
Let's go.
Sung Eun didn't commit suicide.
What's your name? - I'm Kim Do Yeon.
- Do Yeon, I'll call you if I need to.
Until then, go and study.
Sung Eun wasn't the only one at the rooftop! He pushed her off.
Who? Jin Gyeom.
(Student Record) You know the student that committed suicide, don't you? Yes, we were in the same acting class.
Acting class? You want to become an actor? No, my mom forced me to take it.
She said that it'd help.
With what? I wouldn't know because it hasn't helped me with anything yet.
You played a lot of sports ever since you were young.
My mom made me do sports, too.
Why were you on the rooftop? Because the classroom was too loud.
You were close to the student that committed suicide, yes? Close enough to say hi to each other.
Then why did you push her off? I never did such a thing.
Then you must've seen her fall.
You should be clearer with your questions.
I don't understand why seeing her fall and pushing her off are the same things to you.
Where did you go after leaving the rooftop? To my classroom.
Why? You should've gone to the office and let the teachers know.
I thought that'd be unnecessary because I saw a police car coming.
Or, were you just trying to hide the fact that you were there? A bunch of other students saw me come down from the rooftop.
I couldn't hide it even if I wanted to.
That's why I'm here, isn't it? (Seoul Nambu Police Station) Jin Gyeom.
I won't trust what anyone says.
I'll only trust your words.
Did you do it? What difference does it make if you trust my words? That's the most important thing to me here because you're my son.
If you're guilty, we'll get punished together, and if not, then I'll make sure to clear your name.
Did you do it? No.
I knew it.
I'll make sure that you get out of here.
Looking for witnesses! Looking for witnesses! Please contact me if you were present on the rooftop at Sejeong High School on October 5.
Looking for witnesses! Please contact me if you were present on the rooftop at Sejeong High School on October 5.
Looking for witnesses! Please contact me if you were present on the rooftop Your son killed my Sung Eun.
How dare you? How could you do this? Have you no shame? How can you do this? (Looking for witnesses! A student jumped off from the rooftop) Hello? I'm on my way.
(Looking for witnesses) (Looking for witnesses) - I'm leaving now! - Wait! Have some of this.
Who's this woman? She's the mother of the psycho kid.
Be careful.
(Looking for witnesses) Lady! You're the one who keeps sticking these flyers, aren't you? I told you not to.
Why do you keep doing this? Goodness! I'm sorry.
I'm on my way.
I'll be there soon.
Hold up.
Excuse me, I saw.
Over there.
From what I saw, the guy didn't push her.
It seemed like he was trying to stop her from jumping.
It's our job to suspect people.
Be good to your mom.
She went through a lot.
He's a total psychopath.
What are you doing in front of our home? Hey, run! It's the psycho! Hurry! Why are you doing this? Jin Gyeom isn't like that! (Psychopath, Monster, Murderer) I'll erase it.
Go inside.
(Psychopath, Monster, Murderer) (Psychopath, Monster, Murderer) (Psychopath, Monster, Murderer) Why did you come out? It won't come out.
I'll paint over it later.
I can do it.
Go back in.
I don't care what people think about me.
I said to go inside.
But not you.
You get hurt.
I don't want you to get hurt, but I keep failing.
Sorry, Mom.
My son is all grown up.
You even worry about your mom.
I was the one who reported you to the police.
So? I'm here to apologize.
I'm sorry for suspecting you.
It's fine.
I understand why you could've thought that.
Why did she kill herself? Why are you asking me? Because you apparently talked to her before she jumped.
She didn't tell me anything.
- Sung Eun.
- Let me go! Let go! - Let me go! - Don't do this.
Let me go! (Washroom) Where are you going? That's so funny.
Give me a light.
Give me a break.
What's that kid doing here? Is this the only washroom? Go to a different one, you punk.
Did you not hear what I just said? What are you doing? - Give me your phone.
- Why? You want my number? That psycho kid must be in love with you.
Shut up.
That's disgusting.
I hear that you filmed Sung Eun.
Did you hear it from her? You guys got rid of her suicide note in her backpack, didn't you? Are you insane? Hey.
Hey, you want to die? - What's happening? - What are they doing? Is he really fighting them? - Is he crazy? - Hey! He's outnumbered.
Did he win? What just happened? Did he beat them all? How is he perfectly fine? What happened? Pass this onto the police.
This will explain Sung Eun's suicide.
What just happened? How do we believe him? He's crazy.
I hear Jin Gyeom is doing so well at school.
You just feel so full without even eating.
But I have been gaining weight, indeed.
Is today a special day? Why are you buying so much meat? I'm just craving for some.
- Here you go.
- Bye now.
Take care! Happy birthday, Mom.
You're home? You can't just go like that.
You have to light the candles for me.
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday - Just blow them out already.
- Come on.
This is nice.
My son celebrated my birthday with me and sang for me.
I'm in a great mood today.
Why are you drinking something that's bad for you? Are you curious? Do you want to try some? - No.
- Try just one shot.
You should learn how to drink from your parents.
I have to study later.
It's your mom's birthday.
Does studying come first? You finished it anyway.
You're right.
I wanted to drink while watching the lunar eclipse.
Lunar eclipse? Why would you watch that? This is a super blood moon which happens once every few decades.
It's very special.
If I miss this year's, in 2010, I'll probably never see another one before I die.
I'll go out and get some.
You'll drink with me then, right? Have just one drink with your mom, okay? - Okay.
- You mean it, right? Do you want to go with me? It'll be like a date.
Go with me, son.
I don't want to.
Go by yourself.
I'll be right back.
The person you have reached (Im Mart) Mom.
What happened? Who did this? Get up.
Hang on.
I'll call an ambulance.
He left My son is okay.
How is this okay? Jin Gyeom.
My son.
It's all my fault.
You need to know.
Don't talk.
If you see me Don't talk! Listen carefully.
One day, if you see me again, You can't act like you know me.
You must avoid me at all costs.
What are you talking about? Why? My son.
When did you grow up? Thank you for being born as my son.
You have to be born as my son again.
Okay? No.
You need a better son than me.
Have a son who worries about you when you're sick and can comfort you when you're sad.
But even if you're not my mom, I will protect you.
I'll protect you.
Mom! Mom.
Mom! You said it was a gunshot wound.
It was.
There was a laceration, and organs were destroyed as the bullet became deformed.
But the thing is, it was not an ordinary gun.
It was so small that it's difficult to locate the entry and exit wound with the naked eye.
Some cases get solved after many, many years.
You just have to not give up.
Trust me, will you? I hear you're a good student.
Study hard for your mom's sake and enter a good university.
What's your goal? The Police Academy.
(2020) Listen, hostage-taker.
I'm Captain Ko Hyeong Seok from the Seoul Nambu Police Station.
If you don't come down now, you'll regret it forever.
Let the hostage go and come down now, and your sentence will be reduced.
If you hurt the hostage even a bit, you're doomed.
Shut it! - What is he doing? - Look at that.
Darn it.
What about the door to the rooftop? They're trying to open it now.
We need to unlock it.
Captain, it won't open.
Gosh, this is bad.
What should we do? Where's Jin Gyeom anyway? Look! He's up there.
What is he doing there? Darn it.
Who are you? What is he doing? Stay away! Do you want this woman to die? Save me.
Save me.
Do you realize that you're aiming at her carotid artery? What? Stick the knife in even 1mm, and one litre of blood will gush out per minute.
She'll die within a few minutes from low blood pressure.
If she's unlucky, it'll take even less.
Please, let me go.
So stay away! Hey, do you want to see her die so badly? You've already killed three people.
And no one knows how many more you'll kill.
Do you think I'll let you get away just to save this woman? What? Are you okay? Hey, you almost gave me a heart attack.
Are you all right? Yes.
What about the hostage? Captain.
We're on the rooftop now.
The hostage is fine.
That's a relief.
She's fine.
Gosh, that was close.
Come with me.
My wife made some chicken soup, and you're invited.
I have plans.
Thank her for me anyway.
Are you meeting Do Yeon? How did you know? Who else could it be? See you tomorrow.
(Kim Do Yeon) Mr.
Kim! Hey, I'm sorry, but let's talk tomorrow.
I'm not feeling so well.
You do look unwell.
I suggest you go get an autopsy soon.
Or should I do it for you? Hey, he may not work with us, but he's still a fellow journalist.
Do you really want to stab him in the back? I can even chop him up and make him into a stew.
So publish my article.
My goodness.
Everyone must store their conscience in an external drive and access it only when they need to.
He's a fellow journalist, so what? Everyone knows he takes interns to hotels.
How can they all keep quiet about it? I'll get this out by all means.
If they don't publish my article, I'll post it on the Internet.
Why are you so quiet? I'm sure you'll do well.
That means you worry about, care for, and support me, right? Yes.
Let's drink more somewhere else.
Where do you want to go? Your place? Your parents would worry.
They know we're friends, but a grown woman shouldn't visit a man's place alone.
Jin Gyeom, have you finally realized what happens when a grown man and woman are left alone? You're all grown up now.
I'm so proud of you.
Do you even watch adult videos now? I told you it's boring.
How can you say adult videos are boring? Gosh.
Are you intending to become a priest? Or do you have any health problems? I'm just not interested.
So how can you not be interested? At your age, you should be wanting to do it, not watching some adult movie.
Gosh, you frustrate me.
Hello, Sergeant.
I'll be right there.
I have to go.
(Seoul Nambu Police Station) Hong Eun Soo, seven years old.
She went missing two days ago when her kindergarten class visited a farm.
Her dad was ready to pay a ransom, but he hasn't heard anything yet.
That's why he made a report today.
Her mom is on a business trip abroad at the moment.
She's coming back tomorrow afternoon.
In terms of wealth, they're in the top five percent.
It's highly likely that the kidnapper is after their money.
- Apple.
- "Apple".
- Apple.
- "Apple".
Very good.
When did you first notice that the child was missing? When the kids gathered after lunch, so that must have been around 12:30pm.
Did everyone have lunch together? No.
Different classes had lunch at different places.
Did the teachers have lunch at a different place yesterday? Yes, but we were watching our kids the whole time.
Please send these photos to the email address on my business card.
Well Could Eun Soo's mom have taken her? Didn't you hear that she's on a business trip abroad? I did, but she's in one of the photos.
We've analysed the photo, and it is Eun Soo's mom.
I thought she was in Europe on a business trip.
We've checked her arrival and departure record, and it is certain than she is on a business trip.
What are you talking about? If she is in Europe now, how can she be in the photo? Have you checked the surveillance cameras? The farm doesn't have any cameras.
And she wasn't caught on any of the cameras on the road.
Where's Jin Gyeom? He wants to interrogate her as soon as she gets back, so he's at the airport.
Are you implying that I kidnapped my own daughter? Is that why you brought me here instead of searching for Eun Soo? How could this happen? Why aren't you searching for her already? Ma'am.
Crying like that won't bring Eun Soo back.
Stop wasting time if you want to find her.
How many people knew the dates for your work trip and Eun Soo's field trip? Two.
My husband and the housemaid.
None of the parents from Eun Soo's kindergarten? I got out of the parents' group chat because I'm busy.
Did Eun Soo like the housemaid? No.
She's new, so Eun Soo was scared of her.
Did you ever feel like somebody was pretending to be you? No.
Hold up! The kid is back.
Sorry? Your daughter came back home.
I'm so sorry.
It's all my fault.
What happened? The girl just walked back home.
Who was she with for the past three days? She says that she was with her mom.
Were you really with your mom? Did you not know that your mom went abroad on a work trip? I knew.
So, you were still with your mom? Mom said that it's a secret, but she came back on a time machine to see me.
Mom? Jin Gyeom.
One day, if you see me again, you must act like you don't know me.
You must avoid me at all costs.
Mom! (Alice) I saw Mom.
I guess your brain got injured, too.
You think I wouldn't recognize my own mother? Did Eun Soo really mention a time machine? She said that the woman who took her was her mom from the future.
Odd crimes have been happening in the country since last year, and they all have one thing in common.
I have no idea where he's coming from.
What have you done to Do Yeon? He killed her! Seems like it's in the hands of the police.
Find out everything about Park Jin Gyeom.
I don't care who you are and where you're from.
I'm going to kill you.

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