Alice (2020) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

"Science is like a sharp tool," "for if you play with it like a child would," "you might cut yourself.
" Jin Gyeom.
One day, if you see me again, you must act like you don't know me.
You must avoid me at all costs.
Mom! Are you okay? What's wrong? Someone call an ambulance! Call an ambulance! Anyone? Someone just call 911! - Is he okay? - What happened? He's conscious.
What happened? My goodness! Are you really a lieutenant? How could a cop violate traffic laws and run into the street without looking? From now on, raise your hand when you cross the street.
You have a fractured rib.
Lie back down.
What are you doing? Hey, Jin Gyeom.
Hey! What is it? I saw Mom.
Whose mom? My mom.
I have to check the videos and find her.
You must have hit your head.
Go back and lie down.
It really was my mom.
Lie down! Do you think I can't recognize my own mom? Fine, go look for her! I guess the living takes a backseat to the dead.
I love to drink, but I get nauseated just looking at a soju bottle or anything green when I'm hungover.
I don't want to see you for a while, so don't contact me.
(Hong Eun Soo, Female, 7 years old) (Claims she was with her mom.
Mom was away on business.
) (Han Sun Hee - Eun Soo's mom) Okay.
Let's think about this again realistically.
On the day of the kidnapping, the mom was out of the country on a business trip.
You punk.
You're distracting me! I'm sorry.
I've been losing muscle lately, so I need to exercise.
Take a look.
My arm Focus.
Yes, sir.
Did Eun Soo really say it was a time machine? - Yes.
- It must be a defense mechanism.
You know how kids react in two ways after a traumatic incident.
Either they don't talk at all or they deny what happened to them.
Do you think she imagined that her kidnapper was her mom from the future? Did you check the surveillance videos of the places Eun Soo said she went to while she was abducted? I think she lied about that too.
I checked them all, but she wasn't in any of them.
Where are you going? Gosh.
Keep your husband in check.
I think he's cheating.
I never ask for favors like this, but may I hit Lieutenant Park just once? I can kill him in one blow so that doesn't know it's me.
(Seoul Nambu Police Station) You're going to see Eun Soo, right? Don't antagonize the kid and her parents.
Regardless of the situation, they're the victim and the victim's family.
Can you at least pretend to listen when I talk to you? Hey, you.
I know you rank higher than I do, but I'm older, kid.
I need to take this call.
I'll be back.
Hello, sir.
Eun Soo.
Did you change? I need to go now.
I wanted to see you so much just one last time.
Where are you going? On a business trip? Far away.
Somewhere you're not.
Don't go.
Please process my resignation.
I think I need to stay with Eun Soo.
You didn't forget the promise you made me, right? You can't go to the US, okay? You have to remember this.
Don't forget.
Thank you.
I'll come by sometime.
Eun Soo.
I'm sorry.
I mistook you for someone else.
Look up a license plate for me.
124L 5025.
Thank you.
Why did Mommy come see you? What did she say? Not to forget my promise.
What promise? I promised I wouldn't go to the US.
- The US? - She said when I turn 17, I go to the US to study.
10 years later? Yes.
She said I absolutely can't go, and that I'll get sick if I do.
Eun Soo.
Eun Soo.
Eun Soo, it's Mom.
Why are you so cold? I'm so sorry.
Can you hear me? It was wrong of me to talk down to you earlier.
But you shouldn't do that to a person Let's be real men and apologize.
What do you keep looking at? Do you know a lot about drones? Drones? That's my specialty.
I'm a drone master.
What's his problem? When we talk about drones, we mean RC multi-copters.
They literally have multiple propellers.
Of course, there are some single-rotors, but I've never seen one without any.
Maybe the propellers were rotating too quickly that you didn't see them? Were they popularized in 2010 as they are now? No.
RC multi-copters were popularized in 2015.
("Famous News Anchor's Disgusting Secret") Hey, do you think they'll even bat an eye? Declaring war on them won't make them change their commander.
Even if you want to start a big fire, you start with a small one.
But the wind will blow toward you.
If you publish this, you'll burn up.
They said they'd discipline him.
Just wait a little longer.
I didn't realize it before, but you must think the world is full of dreams and hopes.
They're putting on an act to cover this up.
The stew is going to boil over.
Lower the heat just a little bit.
I'll give you this.
So put that on hold.
What is this? A seven-year-old girl got kidnapped.
Who do you think did it? You.
Why did you do it? Gosh.
Her mom.
Isn't that surprising? But it just doesn't make sense.
When the kid got kidnapped, her mom was in Europe on a business trip.
What do you say? Isn't it intriguing? Yes.
So she really was out of the country.
All right.
Oh, I didn't know my daughter-in-law was here.
Please stop calling me that.
So why don't you ask him out already? You're wasting your youth.
Jin Gyeom won't be able to date any other girl than you anyway.
I know that.
Are you here to see him? No.
I'm here to see you, Father.
Gosh, that feels nice.
Is the Hong Eun Soo kidnapping case giving you a hard time? Why are you doing this, Ms.
Kim? Don't be like that, Father.
Who's your father? It won't work this time.
Also, I have nothing to tell you anyway.
We're lost here.
When you're lost, you should ask for directions.
Let me help you.
I can even carry your load.
- You don't trust me? - Why would I? The last time you said you'd help me, you stabbed me in the back instead.
Please leave.
When did you come? (Park Jin Gyeom) (Enter the correct password.
) You set a password on your laptop? Because you kept spying on it.
I see.
I was so devastated that I almost smashed your laptop.
- Yesterday - Forget it.
What's your password? Just ask me.
I'll answer.
The Hong Eun Soo kidnapping case.
That's off-limits for now.
Nothing in the world is off-limits.
Have you ever heard this quote before? "No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars," "or sailed to an uncharted land," "or opened a new doorway for the human spirit.
" Be positive, Jin Gyeom.
Only then will a new doorway open.
Got it? I guess you have no new beer anyway.
We're out of beer.
Don't you know I don't drink? I do.
Go get some.
Can you leave now? I'm a bit tired today.
Answer these three questions honestly, and I'll leave you alone.
Eun Soo's whereabouts during the three days she was missing.
Whether you have the footage from the hotel where her mom stayed.
Lastly, whether Eun Soo witnessed a drone.
Drone? Did she see one? (A drone witnessed near the scene) Can I trust this? What do you take me for? I'm not the same person who used to throw rocks at your window.
Odd crimes have been happening in the country since last year, and they're all as absurd as this kidnapping case.
But they all have one thing in common.
A drone was witnessed near the scene.
Isn't that strange? (A drone witnessed near the scene) Can you email this file to me? Tell me what you think is the most important clue in this kidnapping case.
Then I'll send you the file.
Eun Soo's statement.
What did she say? That she was kidnapped by her time traveler mom.
What? Let me go.
Please let me go.
What? Are you already giving in? I was beaten by you every single day.
When did I beat you? You don't recognize me? Look at my face.
I said, look at my face! You really don't recognize me? I don't.
I'm your little brother, who is older than you now.
Chapter One.
"The Door of Time Opens," "and the Hands of the Vindictive" "Become Stained with Blood.
" Has the victim been identified? We're looking into it.
Was he staying alone? Who booked the room? The booking was made online, so it's unclear.
By the way, how did Lieutenant Park find him? I really don't understand.
None of the cameras in the hallway and elevators were working.
Has this happened before? No, never.
The cameras were inspected this week too.
- How could this happen? - There was a murder? - Oh, my.
A student died? - I heard so.
- Unbelievable.
- Someone was murdered here? - My goodness.
- That's terrible.
- He looked pretty young.
- What happened? (124L 5025) Is that recorded? No.
I'm a cop.
Is this your vehicle? Why should I answer? I will ask you one last time.
Is this your vehicle? No, it's our tour guide's car.
I believe he went up to get me, so he should be coming soon.
Could you show me your ID? I don't have such a thing.
What's your name and personal identification number? Yang Hong Seob.
- You think this is funny? - Why? Do I not look like I'm five? I look a little old for my age, yes? Tell me.
Who are you? You're dead when my tour guide comes! What tour guide? Please get in.
Let go! I told you that I'll kill you when my tour guide comes.
Does it hurt? Does it hurt? You prick! Client 1012's car is being chased by the police.
Please send help.
Target confirmed.
Seung Pyo and Hae Su, please get the target.
Yes, will do.
Where are you? Right behind you.
Faster! Yes, sir.
Mission accomplished.
Recover the response system and Watch Team, please continue monitoring.
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.
This way.
Client 1012 has returned.
I'll escort him to his room.
Yes, sir.
(Agent Yoo Min Hyuk, Alice Guide Team) Are you all right? Do I look all right to you? What will you do about that cop? The officer simply performed his duty.
He did nothing wrong.
He hit your client! How is that "nothing wrong"? Why must I be hit by a barbarian from the past? You broke the rule first, sir.
What rule? No matter what the reason, murder is not permitted.
I'm sure I told you that.
I didn't mean to kill him! It was a mistake! It wasn't that big a mistake anyway.
It has nothing to do with the future.
Just bury it Upon violating any rule regarding time traveling, you may be liable to pay a penalty, expelled, and banned from all future time travel.
You were notified of the terms.
I will request your expulsion from headquarters as per the rule.
So punish that cop.
It isn't that hard to punish someone from the past.
Shut it and listen.
Alice was created to heal wounds from the past.
Every staff member works here with pride and fulfillment.
We don't work for louses like you.
So shut your trap and get lost.
Great work today.
Our screening process is too lax.
We never should've accepted someone who could cause trouble.
I've reported the problem to headquarters, so it'll be okay in the future.
Reporting it is insufficient.
It must be completely changed.
Some people made big sacrifices for Alice.
Do you mean you? Did you give up on Tae Yi for Alice? Let's not talk about that.
If not, why don't you look for her? Didn't you hear what Ms.
Oh said? I know.
I heard she was happily married.
Then? You went your separate ways in 92, which was 29 years ago for her, but it was only a year ago for you.
Plus, your child A year is a very long time.
Dear Min Hyuk.
I have another heart inside me now.
It's smaller and weaker than mine, but I can feel it beating.
My baby's heart.
Just like you chose Alice, I choose my baby's future.
I'll do my best.
I'm a mom now.
Tae Yi.
Min Sung! No Min Sung What time did your son leave home? He left at 7:30am as usual.
We only found out that he didn't go to school when his teacher called.
Does he have a close friend who lives near the apartment? No.
I've never heard.
Excuse me.
She isn't his biological mom.
She married the dad last year.
She has her own son too.
- Min Sung - He's still her son on paper.
Can't she at least pretend to be sad? Hong Seob.
Let's go home soon, okay? Okay.
Yang Hong Seob.
Why? Do I not look like I'm five? I look a little old for my age, yes? The youngest son's name is Yang Hong Seob.
His ID number is (Yang Min Sung) Who did this? I'm a police officer, so you can tell me.
My brother.
The one who died? Yes.
I'm happy he's dead.
What about Yang Hong Seob's expulsion request? It has been approved.
Then proceed.
What is it? Do you have something to say? I wonder if this is necessary.
It won't look good if word gets out that a client was expelled.
It's better than word getting out that we covered for a client who committed murder.
That's the best for Alice.
Yes, sir.
The preparations are complete for your departure.
Where does that cop Park Jin Gyeom work? I want to meet him when I go back.
I heard he was with Seoul Nambu Police Station.
Let's go.
Are you okay? I heard you were attacked.
Were you hurt? Why didn't you tell me? Why would I tell you? Because I'm your friend.
And why weren't you picking up? If you screen my calls again, I'll plant a bug on you.
I'm not just saying this.
I mean it.
Where are you going? I need to investigate something.
I thought your car was wrecked.
I'll drive you.
It's okay.
What a good boy.
When did he get this? What is it? Did you forget something? May I help you? (Kim Do Yeon) Hello? Did you meet the five-year-old me? You shouldn't have messed with me.
Whatever you do, you can't beat me.
Do you know why? Because whatever you do, you can't catch up with us.
Nothing is more fair and unfair than time.
Stop the nonsense.
What did you do to Do Yeon? I killed her.
How dare you shoot me? I can't really figure out who you are yet.
But if you're here to kill me, you should have known better.
I don't treat everyone like a human being.
You crazy jerk! I just knocked her out, that's all.
She's at home.
Believe me, it's true.
Please let me go.
I don't care who you are or where you're from.
If I find Do Yeon with even a small wound, I'll kill you with my own hands by all means.
Do Yeon.
Do Yeon.
Hello, Sergeant.
Can you send an ambulance over to my place? The suspect has been arrested.
I heard police officers' families sometimes receive threats.
But I didn't expect something like this to happen.
What are you smiling about? What? Nothing.
I just can't believe it.
Weren't you scared? If I was scared of these things, I wouldn't be your friend.
Are you okay? I'm fine.
The cut is not deep.
Why did that guy say he was five years old? I guess he's just crazy.
Even if he was holding a knife, you didn't have to shoot him twice.
What if he died? Was it because of Ms.
Kim? You like her, don't you? It's not like that.
We're just friends.
Why are you laughing? What is it? Can't I even laugh? When will we be allowed to talk to him? Tomorrow at the earliest.
Do you want to drink something? I'm fine.
You go ahead.
I want to drink a Coke, but I get sikhye every time.
I've already had three cans of sikhye.
Try pushing a button for sikhye then.
Then you'll get a Coke.
Why didn't I think of that? (In operation) (Sikhye) (Sikhye) Do you want some sikhye? No, thanks.
This is my fourth can.
Oh, right.
This was found on the suspect's person.
There's quite a bit of cash and a few cards.
Nothing special.
What's this? Have you seen it before? Wait.
Where are you going? I'm going in.
Get the car ready.
Yes, sir.
- Eat one more.
- I'm full.
Come on.
Eat just one more.
Jin Gyeom.
Jin Gyeom.
Oh, my.
Why haven't you been here for so long? I'm sorry.
Have you been well? Of course.
Did you eat? I did.
Come over more often.
Since you moved out, she's been giving me a hard time.
At least call her.
Be quiet.
What brings you here? I heard the suspect was arrested.
I'm looking for something.
Why are you looking at your mom's stuff? Yes? What? Dong Ho got shot? You didn't have to shoot him.
Besides, he's a police officer.
Cheol Am.
Once a precedent is set, things become harder for those who work out in the field.
While you'll go back to your top position at the headquarters, I made the best choice I could for Alice.
Our client's time card disappeared.
I think a police officer took it.
A police officer? Who? His name is Park Jin Gyeom.
He's a lieutenant at the police station here.
Sort things out quietly.
The people in the past are the same people as we are.
I can take care of it.
Listen up.
Find out everything about Park Jin Gyeom.
We're already on it.
We'll submit the files to you once they're ready.
Good job.
Hye Su, bring Yang Hong Seob back.
Yes, sir.
Are you okay? Of course.
My nickname is Man of Steel.
It suits you.
Did you see his face? No, that's the one thing I didn't see.
My eyes suddenly went blind.
It must be the same man.
The same man? Yes.
Did you check the surveillance cameras? I did, but none of them were recording.
Again? You didn't see the gun? The doctor said it might not be a regular gun.
What do you mean? The bullet is so small, it can't even be seen with eyes.
You think you're in a movie or something? You guys used a gun to get him, but you got shot instead and missed him? Stop it.
We're not happy about this, either.
So, arrest the man already! Who is he? I have no idea.
The suspect was at the hospital.
You didn't even check his identification? His fingerprints are not in the database.
What did you just say? We have no idea where he's from at all.
Just give us a few more days.
We'll sort things out.
(Site Photo 1) (Site Photo 2) I thought you said that she was wounded by gunshots.
They're not just regular bullets.
All the bullets are so small, we can't even identify them with eyes.
(Site Photo 2) (Park Jin Gyeom) Where are you? I don't think he's actually in pain.
You weren't shot, were you? It hurts, okay? Hello! You get meat when you get shot? - One more soju glass, please.
- Coming right up.
- Are you okay? - Yes, I'm good.
He wasn't shot.
He's faking it.
Let's do a toast.
Great work, everyone.
Jin Gyeom, I don't even expect you to join in.
How come you're not raising your glass? I don't want to lose my muscles.
It'd be fine if you lost some.
You look like a freak.
Why? I think he looks great.
Cheers! (Molmokji Barbecue) I think he got shot by the same gun that your mother was shot with.
I think so, too.
What are you going to do? I'm going to get him.
Do you have any evidence? (National Forensic Service) Do you have nothing better to do? I told you I'd give you a call.
Did you find anything? We looked into it, and there's nothing peculiar.
These two cards are just ordinary cards.
Are you sure you're not mistaken? Is there an expert that I can talk to on this? I don't know.
I'm not too familiar with that field.
I'll look into that myself.
Thank you.
The time card is gone.
Where's Park Jin Gyeom right now? He's at a university.
I don't know why he's here.
Please hold on.
There's one professor, but she's teaching right now.
Where is her lecture hall? How can you not understand this? How can you be majoring in Physics when you don't even get this? Are you all idiots? Who are you? What are you doing? Who are you? (Alice) Yoon Tae Yi and your mother are completely irrelevant.
Have you mistaken me for someone else? Are you a time traveler? Why do you keep asking me about time traveling? There's a man I must get.
What is it this time? I came to ask a few questions.
Get out.
That's my place! Could you look into what this card is? It belonged to my dead mother.
Are you saying that your mother has something to do with time traveling? Let's retrieve the time card by the end of tonight.
Where's Park Jin Gyeom right now? That's called the time card? Seems like I shouldn't leave you alive.
Who are you people?
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