Alice (2020) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

"There is no coincidence in fate.
" "A man makes fate itself" "before he meets it.
" (Episode 3) The notion of space-time is like a series of snapshots that record the changes in space as time progresses.
That is why speed is defined by distance over time, and in order for the speed of light to be consistent, time has to slow down.
In 1908, Minkowski, in his famous lecture This diagram was made 100 years ago.
It was made when there was no internet or cellphones.
But you're struggling to understand something that's a century old.
As students who study physics and aspire to become scientists, doesn't this embarrass you? Do you really want to be learning a 100-year-old theory? How can you not understand this? How can you be majoring in Physics when you don't even get this? Are you all idiots? Who are you? What are you doing? Who are you? No way.
- He's so handsome.
- How romantic.
You pervert! How dare you come in here? Lock the doors.
Call the police! You picked the wrong person to mess with.
How dare you try to assault me in this day and age? In public, in my lecture room, too! Hello? Is this the police? Keep taking photos! (Park Jin Gyeom) Are you really a police officer? Or is this a fake ID? No, it's not.
Did you mistake me for someone else? No, I didn't.
Then why did you do that? Do you know who I am, and what my name is? You're Park Jin Gyeom.
How did you know? (Park Jin Gyeom) I guess anybody can become a police officer nowadays.
Don't you guys have to take exams? How old are you? Why do you ask? Are you more than 50 years old? What are you talking about? Were you born in 1968? Can't you tell? Have you ever had a son? Seriously? If you're the police, then you should know that I could punch you right now and still be innocent.
Get out if you don't want me to punch you.
Right now! She graduated high school when she was 15 and entered as the top of her class in Physics at Hanguk University.
She got her Doctorate degree when she was 23 and worked at the Advanced Science Research Center as a researcher.
She even published a book, but she quit after having a big argument with the chief.
What research did she do? I wanted to look into that as well, but nobody knows what she did her research on, not even her own parents.
What about her family? She has parents and a younger sister.
Her parents run a Chinese restaurant, which just happens to be right across the street from here.
Thank you.
Should we have dinner now? I told you that it's a misunderstanding.
I really only sang.
I didn't grab anything except for the microphone.
Come on.
Would you like some more pickled radish? No, I'm fine.
Why are you back again? Mom, just hear me out this one more time.
I have to send in my deposit by tomorrow.
I don't have any money.
Mom! Why don't you just help her out? That's right.
We have no money.
Sorry, we have no money.
Dad, you stay out of it.
Please let me be independent.
Are you an independence fighter? Why are you so obsessed with being independent? I can't live with Tae Yi.
She's trying to kill me.
If you find my dead body one day, Tae Yi is the killer.
Listen to this girl talk.
What are you wearing? If I were your boss, I'd fire you.
I wear a uniform at the bank.
Plus, our branch can't function without me.
If you can't live with your sister, come home.
You always show favoritism.
You do everything she asks for.
Why won't you do anything for me? What have you done for me? You haven't done anything either.
You spent all the money you made on your trips.
What kind of a mom are you? What kind of a daughter are you? Oh dear.
Why did you stop eating? I'm done.
Thank you.
Come again.
He's hot.
Is he a regular? (Crime Squad) What? Why is the police investigating my sister? Did she do something? Or is she in danger? It's nothing big, so don't worry.
I have a few questions about the professor.
Didn't something special happen to her in 2010? She would've been 22 in 2010.
She was in grad school.
Nothing special happened.
Did she act like a completely different person? No.
She has been consistently and unchangingly annoying.
What do you You said you've met her.
You can tell how annoying she is even if you met her only once.
From what I've heard, she's mild-tempered and kind.
- Is that not right? - That is not right.
She's patient, sentimental, and loves children.
Is that not right? My sister? Tae Yun! Beer! Don't you think you're a bit much? Am I your maid? Do you think you own me? So? So, I plan to go grocery shopping.
Do you want some food to eat with the beer? Go.
That's right.
A cop came to see me.
Who is he? He was hot.
Do you think that's the right question? You're the one who met that cop.
Why are you asking me who he is? How could a brainless moron like you work at a bank? That's more mysterious than the mysteries of outer space.
Park Jin Gyeom from Seoul Nambu Police Station.
Don't you know him? Why did that pervert come to see you? Is he a pervert? Wait.
How do you know he's a pervert? Right? That is an unknown for me as well.
An unknown value.
Is Kaprekar's constant the answer? Hold on.
1981 is 98 plus 01.
That cop knew you very well.
He said all these things about you, and they were all true.
Except for your personality.
Like what? That you won't eat instant noodles, that you drink a lot of water when you eat, and that you like jjamppong and spicy nengmyeon.
He knew all of that.
How? (Park Sun Young) Mom.
Please explain what's going on.
The time card wasn't submitted to the police as evidence.
Thankfully, it appears Park Jin Gyeom has it.
Did you look into him? Yes.
According to the data received, they were unable to find out who his father is, and his mother died in 2010.
He entered the Police Academy and is currently a detective at Seoul Nambu Police Station.
One thing stands out.
He was diagnosed with alexithymia when he was six.
Alexithymia? The inability to feel emotions? Yes, that's correct.
Who are these people? That's the captain of his team and his wife.
Park Jin Gyeom has lived with them since he was 20 until last year.
- Are they related? - No, sir.
His mother was an orphan, so he had no relatives.
Then why did they live together? It was a very long time ago, so we're still investigating.
Okay, that's enough.
Let's retrieve the time card tonight.
Can we? He's a police officer.
It doesn't matter what he is.
So? Where is Park Jin Gyeom now? ("Physics for Geniuses") (Yoon Tae Yi) Mr.
Park Jin Gyeom.
Please return the card.
What card? We know you have it.
This? That's right.
You can't have that.
Try to take it.
Who are you people? Get the time card first.
Wait in the car.
So that's called a time card.
I don't think I can leave you alive.
I think he got shot by the same gun that your mother was shot with.
The police heard the gunshots and are on their way here.
We need to leave immediately.
Don't even try to look for us.
You won't always get this lucky.
Professor Yoon, welcome.
How was your weekend? Why are you asking that? Have a seat, please.
I just want to make sure everything is all right with you.
If there's a problem, will you solve it for me? That's not what I meant.
Well I have a favor to ask you.
I heard that a student dropped out of your joint research.
And? The thing is, the president has a nephew, and he happens to have a related major.
Do you see where I'm getting at? No, not at all.
I do hear your words, but I don't understand what you're saying.
What I'm trying to say is Could you include the president's nephew's name in your paper? Oh, I see.
So that's what you were talking about.
Do that for me, okay? I don't want to.
My goodness.
Why not? When I vacuum my office, do you know what I find more of than dust? Hair.
My students have been losing their hair over this research for the past three years.
Please don't discourage them like this.
You've lost enough hair yourself.
What? Wait.
My goodness.
- Excuse me.
- Yes? You can drink this.
Oh, you don't have to.
It's from the department chair.
Thank you, ma'am.
Do you have a crush on me? Are you a stalker? That's not it.
Then why do you even spy on my family? I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable.
I have a favor to ask.
Isn't this just an ordinary card? It's not ordinary at all.
It does have a peculiar appearance, but it looks like an ordinary card to me.
I'd like to ask you to find out what this is for me.
There's someone I must catch.
Do you see that over there? Those are papers I need to go through by the end of this week.
Do you know what the bigger problem is? They're written in many different languages.
And you expect me to look into this stupid card? It's not like you're paying me.
Do you believe in time travel? Is that really where this conversation is going? Don't you think that's just too random? When I grabbed this card, the objects around me floated up.
Obviously, you were drunk.
It's true.
Recently, I witnessed a drone that had no propellers.
It's hard to believe, isn't it? What you're saying is just as ridiculous.
What? That day, were you chasing that drone? I witnessed the same drone that day.
And I saw you too.
Be extra careful for the time being.
Park Jin Gyeom must remember your faces.
I don't care about the police here.
They may be from 30 years ago, but they're still police officers.
There's no need to cause trouble.
Then you shouldn't have built Alice here in the first place.
Having Alice here was bound to cause trouble.
And that's why you called me here.
You wanted me to solve the problems.
I know what you're after, but to achieve that, you have to push forward harder.
You have to become stronger to protect the ones you care about.
Were you able to protect them? Were you strong enough to protect the ones you care about? There are three ways to have enough lift force to oppose the weight force.
Rotation, thrust, and anti-gravity.
But the drone I witnessed that day involved neither rotation nor thrust.
That's why I ran after it.
Do you think that kind of drone can't be developed with today's technology? To be honest, that's not an easy question to answer.
Throughout history, human progress has been led by a few geniuses.
Those people are capable of making things that we can't even imagine.
I'm sure they're hiding somewhere, making something incredible even as we speak.
Do you mean they could even develop a time machine? Of course.
Look how far the geniuses in the past advanced science until today.
Developing a time machine is the least the future geniuses can do to show respect.
Anyway, why do keep asking me about time travel? I believe this card has something to do with time travelers.
There's no such thing as time travelers.
You're the most imaginative cop I've ever seen in my life.
- But you were just saying - I only said that because I'm a physics professor.
To be honest, who knows whether time travel is possible? Still, please have a look at it.
Where did you find it anyway? I can't tell you right now.
If you can't tell me, I can't work on it either.
Ask me again when you can tell me.
It was left by my mother.
Oh, then are you saying your mother has something to do with time travel? Not exactly.
But someone who has the same card is presumed to be a time traveler.
What makes you think that person is a time traveler? I'm asking you to analyze the card to find evidence.
Are you kidding me? This is probably a stupid idea, but fine, I'll give it a try.
Thank you.
By the way, you don't drink? Do you have to drive? Just call a chauffeur.
I'm fine.
You can go ahead.
Suit yourself then.
I learned it from my colleagues.
It's more fun this way.
Can you stop staring at me? You're embarrassing me.
Can you pour me one? You do want to drink, after all? Here.
Are you good at drinking? No, this is my first time drinking.
Why? Were you ill? No.
Then why are you drinking today? I wanted to try once.
Another glass? Have another glass.
You're a good drinker.
It's not bad.
And it's making me very happy.
Are you sure you're happy? Yes.
It's you, Professor Yoon! I wasn't sure if it was.
You never drank with me when I always asked you.
Who are you here with? Why do you care, whoever I came with? That's why I like you.
I love the tension between us.
Are you out of your mind? Who are you to say such a thing to her? She's over 50! What? Stop it! He's drunk.
Just go.
Let's at least hear it.
Why do you keep saying that I'm over 50? Do you have some vision issues? Had my mother been alive, she would be that old today.
What do I have anything to do with your mother? Do you really not know who I am? I know! You're Lieutenant Park Jin Gyeom of Seoul Nambu Police Station! Are you a time traveler? Seriously? I'm not a patient woman, so stop with the nonsense.
Can you tell me why you're here with me right now? I don't know.
I don't know why I'm here with you.
I'm leaving now.
What do you think you're doing? Seriously? ("A Strange Case of Kidnapping") (My precious girl disappeared, then came back three days later.
) (Jin Gyeom) (Jin Gyeom) Hello? Isn't this Park Jin Gyeom's phone? Yes, it is! Are you close to him by any chance? I'm his friend.
Who is this? You don't need to know.
We're at the restaurant street in Haengwoon-dong.
Could you come and pick him up? He passed out drunk.
Jin Gyeom is drunk? - Yes.
It's called - Who are you? What have you done to Jin Gyeom? Why are you yelling at me? Do you know who I am? What have you done to him? He never drinks! I didn't force him! I'll be right over.
You stay there, okay? What? How annoying.
Park Jin Gyeom! Did you really drink? Seriously? I stayed right here.
All right? I can leave now, right? Excuse me, what's your name? What was that? I can't stop thinking about it now.
I never thought I'd be cooking you hangover soup.
How did I get home last night? What a mess you are.
Eat up.
Why? Are you feeling queasy? It's too bland.
Would you like for me to throw it at you? They look very much alike.
I can see why you drank last night.
It might not just be her face that's similar.
I can't quite explain, because I know it doesn't make any sense.
That's why it's so frustrating.
What are you thinking right now? Mr.
Park Jin Gyeom, son of Park Sun Young, please get it together.
Professor Yoon Tae Yi has nothing to do with your mother.
They just look alike, which is very much possible because they're both Asians.
Sure, let's say that they're doppelgangers.
(A doppelganger is someone who looks identical to another.
) Even then, she's still not your mother.
If what I said was on paper, it'd be in Times New Roman.
I'm that serious.
Are you developing feelings for her because she looks like your mother? Don't take it the wrong way.
You're the one who's taking it the wrong way.
I'm sorry I'm saying this, but she's a Physics professor.
Your mother was just an ordinary woman.
And that woman is rude! Watch your mouth.
What are you doing? - Leave.
- Jin Gyeom.
Do you know the secret to taking good photos? It's love toward the subject.
Because you try hard to make them look even slightly better and you know what angles they look pretty in.
You'd probably take terrible photos of me.
He's so annoying.
I wasn't talking about you.
I was talking to myself.
I don't know about that.
Who speaks that clearly when talking to themselves? The police in our country must have nothing to do.
What's the secret to keeping our streets safe? Did you get home safely yesterday? I would've gotten home even more safely if it weren't for you.
Your girlfriend has a fiery temper.
I thought she was going to hit me.
She worries a lot about me.
Please don't think badly of her.
I wondered if you found out anything about the card.
I said I was busy until the end of this week.
I'll call you, so wait.
When solving problems like this, you have to compare the values.
R1, T2, and M1 are the starting values.
R2, T2, and M2 are the changed values.
What? Is it weird that I can solve this? I bet I did better in school than you do.
Go with me, son.
I don't want to.
Go by yourself.
I'll be right back.
Why is a cop eating at a school cafeteria? If you're not fit to be a cop, find a new job.
I heard the food here was good.
Then why didn't you eat any of it? I don't have an appetite.
You are creative in finding ways to annoy a person.
I just have to analyze the card, correct? - And - And what? May I see the back of your neck? I'm about to break your neck, so stay clear of me.
(Seoul Nambu Police Station) - Hi.
- Hello.
Where's Jin Gyeom? I haven't seen him yet.
What has he been up to? He's investigating some professor.
What professor? Yoon Tae Yi.
She's a physics professor.
Yoon Tae Yi? It looks like a simple card.
Can I use your lab? It's still daytime.
You're drinking too much.
Are you okay? What about you? Is something wrong? I feel like I shouldn't have let you get your own place.
I felt more at ease when you lived with us.
You told me to move out.
I didn't want to.
I didn't want to either.
But Do Yeon kept nagging me to make you live on your own.
So I did, but that fool still hasn't jumped you.
What do you mean? You're the bigger problem.
Pour me some more.
If you need to consult someone on something, come to me first.
I always have.
Do that this time too, kid.
I will.
Also, don't dig into Eun Soo's kidnapping case anymore.
The parents want the case closed.
Yes, sir.
When did this start? While I was away on a business trip.
Is it eczema? I don't think so.
It looks like a rash or a skin infection.
Since it isn't all over the body, it'll get better quickly if she takes medicine.
You're afraid I'll give you a shot, aren't you? Do I need a shot? I'm not sure.
Let me think about it.
It's all better now, Eun Soo.
You look pretty now.
Why is client 1011 still here? 1011? Do you mean Eun Soo's mother? Wasn't she scheduled to leave last week? She postponed it because she isn't feeling well.
She's making an excuse because she doesn't want to leave her child.
It's not your first time with clients like that.
You can't keep letting them manipulate you.
She wants to stay a little longer by her daughter who died.
Is that so hard to understand? I understand.
I do, but But she needs to learn how to cut things off.
It must be easy for you.
It was hard for me.
Uncontrolled emotions are the most dangerous.
I'll handle it.
Eun Soo.
Eun Soo, it's Mom.
Why are you so cold? I'm Yoo Min Hyuk, the guide team supervisor.
The preparations are complete for you to return.
Let's go.
I told Ms.
Oh that I need I apologize, but we cannot postpone your return any longer.
Take her to the departure gate.
We'll arrive at the departure gate shortly.
Get ready.
Ma'am? I'm sorry.
What? Are you all right? You're safe now.
Let me escort you to your destination.
Yes, please.
Thank you.
I'll bring that punk in right now.
Just find out where she is and watch her closely for now.
She hired a broker to stay here illegally.
She must be arrested immediately.
That's all the more reason to just watch him.
"The mother who went through the door of time" "to prevent her daughter's death" "turned the past upside down" "and is about to shake the future.
" - Do you have your passport? - Of course.
When are you coming back? I'm not sure.
In a couple of days, I think.
I won't know for sure until I'm there.
- I'll call you when I arrive.
- Have a safe trip.
See you.
Am I seeing things? My girl.
How adorable.
She looks like an angel when she's asleep.
But you failed to save my girl.
Get out.
I'm the one who should be here.
Move! Higher.
Okay, stop.
That's enough.
Hey, stop! Jin Gyeom.
My goodness.
What should I tell them? You do it.
I can't Hey, can't you do it? Hello.
What's the matter? Mommy! What Who are they, Mommy? They're police officers.
What is going on? - How - My gosh.
(Fingerprint scanner) (Fingerprint) You're done.
Do you need anything else? No.
Thank you for your cooperation.
- There you are.
- Mommy.
- Are you done? - Yes.
Should we get something to eat on our way home? What do you want to eat? - Meat.
- Meat? - Let's eat meat.
- Sure, let's do that.
We've compared the fingerprints, and hers completely matches the dead body's.
What was the cause of her death? She was first strangled with hands, then stabbed in the neck.
But the thing is, there are multiple cuts around the stab wound.
It means the killer hesitated before stabbing her.
Are there any clues about where she was killed? No.
That's a sign that the victim struggled.
Usually, the culprit's DNA is found under the victim's nails.
But in this case, only the victim's DNA was found, which is strange.
Eun Soo.
Eun Soo.
Eun Soo, let's eat.
You already took my fingerprints and blood samples yesterday.
I don't know what this is about, but I have nothing to do with it.
I need to wake up my kid.
If you have nothing else to tell me, could you please leave now? Whoever kidnapped Eun Soo hasn't been arrested yet.
We don't care anymore, since Eun Soo is safe.
But we do.
Let me ask you a few questions.
You said that your husband was the only one who knew that the dates for her field trip and your work trip coincided, right? Two.
My husband and the housemaid.
I can't really remember.
I was quite thrown off.
I'm asking because I'm wondering if your housemaid knew as well.
Now that I think about it, she must've known.
And she's not here today? She quit as I applied for time off of work.
I heard that Eun Soo really liked the housemaid.
She must've been sad.
She's new, so Eun Soo was scared of her.
Yes, Eun Soo and I were both very sad to have her leave because she has been with us for a very long time.
So, based on what justification do we follow Eun Soo's mother for 24 hours? She's not the same Eun Soo's mom.
What do you mean? Do you know something that I don't? Not yet.
But if I look into her more, I'll be able to find something.
I'll meet her first, then.
We can decide on following her after that.
Please just listen to me.
Yes? Eun Soo! Would you like to go on a trip with Mom? Wake up, Eun Soo.
Eun Soo? Eun Soo? Eun Soo! My Eun Soo! What do I do? May I come in? Why are you here? I have a few questions to ask.
Eun Soo isn't well right now.
Could you come back another time? It'll just be a minute.
Are you going somewhere? That's none of your business.
If you're here to ask a question, please just ask and leave.
I don't have any questions for you.
I have questions for Eun Soo.
Where is Eun Soo? She's at kindergarten.
Didn't you say that she isn't feeling well? Eun Soo! I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Ji Gyeom! How is he doing? Jin Gyeom, he is Gauze.
Hello? Yes, I'll be hiding somewhere quiet.
Could you please get her medicine? I think she got it from me.
What is this? Did you make this? I wish I did.
What could it be? I have no idea.
Hey, do you believe in time travel? Why do you ask? Do you? I want to.
I'm a scientist.
But theory and reality are two different things.
Jin Gyeom, he'll be fine.
Don't think of anything bad.
He's a healthy man.
He'll be awake soon.
There must be something wrong with me.
Even the man who took care of me like his own son is in serious condition, but I still don't know what emotion I'm feeling.
I don't know if I'm feeling sad or agonized.
Perhaps, I don't even feel anything.
That happens when you're shocked.
Everyone is like that.
You're not weird.
Don't worry.
You haven't eaten, have you? There's a food court downstairs.
I'm fine.
I'm not feeling hungry.
You should eat something.
Would you like me to get you food from the convenience store? Wait here.
I'll be back soon.
Why didn't you pick up? Do you know how many times I've called? I even went to the police station to find you.
I have a lot to say to you.
Do you have time? Why do you cry every time you look at me? (Yesung Hospital) (Alice) You're Detective Park Jin Gyeom, is that right? Do you research drones here, too? You look like you still think that I'm a criminal.
There's a witness who saw him with your mother.
Whether it be a ghost or a monster, I'm going to get him.
Just stop.
"When a child becomes a time traveler," "that is when the prophesying will begin.
" Your mother was not just an ordinary housewife.
Professor, I don't think you should get involved in this anymore.
You think I have no emotions, don't you? There's a drone flying by your car.

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