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Episode 4

"Time unexpected" "will leave you with more time than you had anticipated.
" (Episode 4) (Sejeong High School Class of 2011 Graduation Ceremony) (Congratulations on graduating!) (Congratulations on graduating, class of 2011!) (Great work, seniors.
) (Sejeong High School Graduation Ceremony) See you later.
Mom! You got it all over you.
You look like rice cake covered in flour.
I'm starving.
What's that? Look at you.
Are you worried that he's alone? What are you talking about? You're letting your imagination run wild again.
Why? Does someone not have any family here? - It's nothing.
- Yes, there is.
He's the most handsome boy ever with the saddest personal story, who's also very chic.
Mom! I knew that you'd be here all alone.
What brings you here? I'm not here to congratulate you on graduation.
I'm here to congratulate you for getting accepted.
I had no idea that flowers are so expensive, which is why I didn't bring any.
But what I'll buy you is some pork belly and soju.
Let's go, my junior.
(2010) Jin Gyeom, just try one shot.
You graduated high school! I don't know why I should drink it when it's not good for my health.
Fine, don't.
I hope you live a long and healthy life.
We don't drink because it's tasty.
I guess you don't get it yet.
Thank you.
This is bad.
My wife is calling.
I'm not scared of any gangsters, but I'm terrified of my wife.
Do you have any children? I had a son.
So you're going to stay in a dorm? What are you going to do about your house? It's a pity to leave the whole house empty.
You should either sell it or put it up for rent.
Why did your son die? He had a heart abnormality when he was born.
I'm going to leave the house as it is.
Jin Gyeom, I'm going to say this because I know you so well, but you can't ask such questions so nonchalantly.
And once you've heard the answer, you say, "I see.
I'm sorry.
" Okay? It's not like I forced you to tell me.
Why must I apologize? Because you made me remember something I didn't want to.
But you should remember even if you don't want to.
He's family.
Let's go.
Get home safely.
Thank you for coming today.
Thank you for the food.
Excuse me.
- Did you enjoy the food? - Yes.
- Thank you.
- Have a nice day.
Detective Ko.
How have you been? Do I know you? Oh.
Are you insane? Of course, I am.
How could I not be? I went to the slammer because of you.
Are you okay? Mr.
(Police Academy Graduation and Appointment) "Police Academy Award for Top Excellence.
Park Jin Gyeom.
" "The above has graduated the Police Academy with a Bachelor of Law" "with the highest grades and is thus presented with this award.
" "Police Academy Director, Jung Eun Il.
" (Police Academy Graduation and Appointment) Hey.
Smile a little.
That's right, kid.
You'll make the photos look depressing.
It's your fault they look depressing, not Jin Gyeom.
He's so handsome even if he doesn't smile.
I'm going to just take it whether or not it comes out nice.
Okay, 1, 2, 3.
Hey, Jin Gyeom.
I must really be a weirdo.
Even the man who took care of me like his own son is in serious condition, but I still don't know what emotion I'm feeling.
I don't know if I'm feeling sad or agonized.
Perhaps, I don't even feel anything.
That happens when you're shocked.
Everyone is like that.
You're not weird.
Don't worry.
You haven't eaten, have you? There's a food court downstairs.
I'm fine.
I'm not feeling hungry.
You should eat something.
Would you like me to get you food from the convenience store? Wait here.
I'll be back soon.
Why didn't you pick up? Do you know how many times I've called? I even went to the police station to find you.
I have a lot to say to you.
Do you have time? Why do you cry every time you look at me? (Yesung Hospital) You must be very sensitive.
Do you cry while watching movies? How did someone like that become a cop? I had never seen a man cry before, but I saw you cry twice.
I apologize for showing you only strange sides of me.
But why are you expressionless normally? Were you always like that? - Yes.
- What was your nickname in school? I didn't have any.
Some kids called me a psychopath.
Did your friends call you that because it had a dual meaning? No.
Was it because you were expressionless? Never mind.
I'm not interested.
Did this really belong to your late mother? Yes.
In what year was she born? She was born in 1968.
What was her job? She was a simple housewife.
You weren't close to your mother, were you? You hardly spoke with her, right? Your mother was definitely not a simple housewife.
What do you mean? To be honest, I don't know exactly what this card is.
However, this is for certain.
It cannot be made with the current technology.
I've never seen a chip made like this anywhere before.
But she's a housewife? Someone who had something 10 years ago that can't be produced using 2020 technology? How did your mother pass away? Don't tell me if it's too hard to talk about it.
She was murdered.
Oh dear.
I'm sorry.
You shouldn't have told me then.
It's fine.
By any chance, may I see some of your mother's other items? There may be more clues about your mother.
Did you live here since you were 20? Yes.
You're totally a family.
This way, please.
That's enough.
- What? - I must have lost my mind briefly.
I knew it wasn't true, but I must have wanted it to be.
What do you mean? My mother may not have been a simple housewife.
However, she wasn't this rude either.
I'll ask someone else to analyze the card.
Why are you suddenly acting this way? You don't know because your mother is still alive.
- Get out.
- Detective.
Is this another bad day? Did you have another fight? Why do you both say, "another"? What do you take your daughter for? Yes, I did have another fight, but that guy is a weirdo.
He kicked me out after making me do a ton of work! Do you want to start going to church with me? It might give you peace of mind.
Or maybe start dating or something.
Are you seeing anyone? I'm here for jjamppong, not your nagging.
I've only had two bites, and I'm already full.
(Crime Squad) Can't you stay for the night? I want to visit my orphanage mom.
It's been a while.
Sister? Why? Just because.
I miss her.
- See you, Dad.
- See you.
Go inside.
(Man Wanted for Shooting Housewife to Death) (Man Wanted for Shooting Housewife to Death) - Sister! - Sister! Shall we play together? - Have a seat.
- Okay.
Let's play rock-paper-scissors.
What? You want to fall off it again? Mom! Goodness, is everything okay? Yes.
All right.
You still remember it? How would I ever forget 2-2-3? How's your health? Are any of the kids giving you a hard time? No one is a bigger troublemaker than you were.
Of course not.
Have any of your kids entered Hanguk University apart from me? I definitely raised the status of Hope Orphanage a few notches.
I'm honored, Dr.
And I have you to thank for that.
Hello, Lieutenant Ha.
We found Eun Soo's mom.
She entered a serviced apartment in Jamsil 20 minutes ago.
Eun Soo.
Hello? I'm in Room 712.
When will you be here? No.
I haven't met anyone from Alice yet.
My kid is very sick.
Please hurry.
Eun Soo.
Eun Soo.
I need an ambulance.
Eun Soo is breaking out in a rash and unconscious.
If we hadn't arrived in time, you would've been arrested by the police.
Don't worry about your kid.
We gave her medicine.
She'll feel better soon.
Eun Soo.
Are you okay? Why didn't you come for me earlier? We wanted to catch the one at the core.
Did you contact the broker to stay here illegally? He's on his way here, right? Where's your cell phone? (Call History) Excuse me.
(Eun Soo's Mom) Excuse me.
I'm with the police.
Can I check your phone for a second? Can you at least tell me why? Please hand it over.
Where's Eun Soo's mom now? Mommy.
Eun Soo.
It's okay.
Mommy will be here soon.
He's here.
The emergency stairs.
Return to Alice with the client.
Yes, sir.
It's you again, you little rat? Tell me where your boss is.
Tell me.
Who are you? What are you doing here? Are those your dying words? Hey.
That was easy.
Work out with me sometime.
Are you okay? When did you get out of the hospital? How can I stay still when I've heard the news? Who's that? Is he pestering you? Don't do anything you'll regret.
Don't say anything nonsense and just stay still.
Please keep an eye on him.
I'll go and find Eun Soo's mother.
I'll go with you.
He can't run away.
He's important.
Stay with him.
Come on.
Why are you up here? Well He just disappeared with the handcuffs still locked.
- Are you all better now? - Yes.
There's something funny about time traveling.
That is that we can travel for as long as we'd like.
Meaning, spending 10 years in 2020 can just be a single day here in 2050.
In other words, I have the authority to lock you here for 10, no, 100 years and more.
Are you threatening me? I'm telling you so that we don't see any more tragedy.
Please tell me everything you know about the broker.
You're safe now.
I'll take you to your destination.
Thank you.
If by any chance you get caught, you must never speak of me.
I have a bad temper, so I don't know what I might do to your daughter.
You love your daughter so much that you broke rules for her, but now, thanks to you, she'll grow up without a mother.
Honey! Honey! Honey! Hello.
Is my mother in there? When will she come out? I made sure that the handcuffs were locked.
The handcuffs didn't even come undone, so how did he escape? It's like he's a ghost.
Whether it be a ghost or a monster, we can get him again.
Eun Soo's mother won't speak.
I guess she must be terrified.
I'll talk to her.
She killed herself so that her daughter would live.
We lost one of our team and Alice has been exposed to the police.
Don't mess with her.
Just let her go.
She's our client, after all.
You think I have no emotions, don't you? Because I never even tried to find Tae Yi, and I was never sad about the baby dying.
I'll follow your decision for now.
But if you really want to protect Alice, think again.
Why don't you leave it to someone else and get some rest? I like it here.
What brings you here? Let Eun Soo's mother go.
Okay, sir.
Just so you know, Lee Se Hoon will be released from prison soon.
Who? The man whose ankle got cut by Supervisor Yoo.
I'll bring him over.
We have to find the "Book of Prophecy".
That's Supervisor Yoo's business.
Every time Supervisor Yoo looks at him, he's reminded of Tae Yi, so it must be hard for him.
That's 000 And 8,500 Did you not get any sleep? I got some three days ago.
Your skin is going to get bad.
Go and get some sleep.
Who cares about my skin? My skin is just feeling a little dry.
Are you publishing an article again? Why are you staying up for days? It's because of the card.
I really think that I need the card.
Why? Did your card get declined? You think I'm you? The more I think about it, the more frustrating I get.
Who is he to kick me out? How can there be someone so weird and rude? - Are you talking about yourself? - I'm talking about Park Jin Gyeom.
What? You've been seeing him? I thought you said that he is a pervert.
Yes, and he's also a crybaby.
I'm just going to forget about all this.
What's wrong with her? I don't know anymore.
I have no clue.
I don't get any of this.
I need the card! Give me the card! The doctor said that he's fine.
He was getting old and in need of a tune-up, anyway.
It's a good chance for him to check on his health and all.
Can you learn to speak with some more empathy? Okay! Where's Jin Gyeom? Mr.
Ko, how come you're always only looking for Jin Gyeom? I'm the one who's there for all the holidays and birthdays.
Jin Gyeom doesn't do any of that.
Look at you.
He's one of the suspects who was seen with Eun Soo.
Are you sure? Yes.
What happened? A guard working at the parking lot found him and reported to us.
We'll have to wait for his time of death and why he died.
His last location was tracked on his cellphone before his death.
I'll go and see.
So, any updates on the card? They're going to ask another organization to examine it.
- Why? - I don't know.
Did you mess with the man who has the card? What's wrong with you? Would you like to come to the cathedral with me? Why do people keep pressuring me to have a religion? There must be a reason there.
We can't do any further analysis without the card.
You know that front side of the card? I really think that it's a screen.
That's nonsense.
Look there.
Doesn't it look like an intermediate part? Even then, how would it light up? There's no light source.
(A light source is something that emits light.
) We must've missed something.
We'd only be able to check that if we had the card.
Try asking the card owner for the card.
Are you crazy? Why would I do that? He's the one who should be coming to me.
Should I just steal it? He's the police.
What can we do, then? Didn't you say that he's a crybaby? Maybe get in touch with his emotional side.
What would I say to him? I don't know.
You may head inside.
Detective! Wait, what brings you here? I'm here to investigate something.
Humans are odd.
Don't you think we've missed something in our conversation? Wouldn't it be the normal thing for you to also ask me why I'm here? I'm not curious.
How are you not have any curiosity? I'm curious.
What brings you here? I told you that I'm here to investigate something.
What are you investigating? Are you here to ask them to analyze the card? No.
Where's the card? In my wallet.
Why are you taking it around if you're not here for an analysis? That's none of your business.
Hey! You can stay here and the director will come and meet you.
You're hard to beat.
What are you doing? Just leave the card analysis with me.
I never ask anyone for anything, but I'm going crazy over what that card could be.
Didn't you say that you were busy with writing your research paper? I am! Then why aren't you leaving? I'm not here because of you.
I'm here to say hello to the director.
Did you work here? I thought you weren't interested.
Is everyone who works here also scientists like you? Who else would work at a research center? Wait, are you mad at me? No.
That's good.
Talking to you can be so frustrating.
Are you still mad about your mother's keepsake? Let's not talk about that.
I'm sorry about that.
I thought that it could help you know your mother better.
I'm really fine.
Don't feel bad about it.
What about the murderer? We're still investigating.
I hope they get caught soon.
Director! How have you been? Dr.
Yoon, it has been so long.
What brings you here? I came here to take care of something personal, and I came to see you to take care of something even more personal.
You're Detective Park Jin Gyeom, right? My name is Seok Oh Won.
What are you doing? (Man Wanted for Shooting Housewife to Death) My goodness! What's wrong with you? (Man Wanted for Shooting Housewife to Death) Right before she died, someone saw her with him.
What nonsense is that? Why would he kill a person? Sir, call a lawyer and press charges for assault.
No, it was attempted murder.
How could you choke someone based on a 10-year-old sketch? That's enough, Professor Yoon.
I saw the sketch too.
It looked just like me.
I can see why he was confused.
The law presumes innocence, but people presume guilt when it's personal.
The detention warrant request was dismissed.
They say a composite sketch is insufficient for a case from 10 years ago.
I understand.
Has the misunderstanding been cleared now? You can't just let this slide.
It was his mother.
If you end it here, I'll understand and let it go.
How do you two know each other? Are you seriously asking that after choking him? I would've done the same if I were you.
I probably would've shot him first.
But I don't think it's him.
He may be connected to Jung Gi Hoon's death, but I don't think he's connected to your mother's murder.
Why do so many strange things keep happening? How were they together? You've heard of the butterfly effect, haven't you? Yes.
The term "butterfly effect" became widely known because of meteorologist Lorenz's assertion.
That a small change that occurs on the other side of Earth could change the entire weather system.
However, why was it called the "butterfly" effect? There are plenty of flying beings.
Like eagles and mosquitoes.
It was because of a sci-fi novel.
It was "A Sound of Thunder", a novel published in 1952.
Because of a butterfly in the Mesozoic Era, the results of the presidential election in the future changed.
That a radical totalitarian like Hitler ends up being elected.
That's what it's about.
But have you ever thought this? If the past changes, will the future really change as well? Let's say the 2020 me, in the present, gets into an accident and hurts my leg.
So, I take a time machine 10 years into the past and tell me in the past, "You'll be hit by a car in 2020," "so be careful.
" Thanks to that, I, from the past, avoid the accident in 2020.
Then how about me, the person who took the time machine to 10 years ago? What about my leg? In what state would it be? The person who avoided the accident in 2020 was not me in the present, but me in the past.
So I believe I'd be split between the one who got into the accident and the one who avoided it.
That's what you call parallel universes.
It's similar to the multiverse you speak about.
(Multiverse: the existence of multiple universes) Any questions? Are you here to apologize? Do you know someone by the name of Jung Gi Hoon? I expected an apology.
I'm disappointed.
No, I've never heard the name before.
Jung Gi Hoon, the suspect that I was chasing, came here before.
That can't be.
Why don't you check with him again? He's dead.
That's a shame.
I'll check.
Do we have an employee or researcher by the name of Jung Gi Hoon? Please check the visitors log as well.
Thank you.
There's no one by that name in our system.
I have a feeling Jung Gi Hoon was an excuse, and that you came to see me.
Does this lab conduct research on drones as well? I can't divulge that information.
It is classified.
I see from your eyes that you still think of me as a criminal.
I let it slide because you said it was about your mother, but you need to stop.
I'll ask you one last thing.
What do you think about time travel? What do you think? I think it's impossible.
Why is that? Because I haven't seen it myself.
Do you mean you will believe if you see it? I'd like to hear your thoughts.
Naturally, I think it's possible.
However, I believe human beings must not do it.
What do you mean by then? Just because you can, doesn't mean you should.
Same goes for cloning humans.
Because all of them are in the deities' domain.
I don't understand the point of your question.
Has Seok Oh Won ever said that you resemble someone or spoken of someone else? Exactly.
I don't understand what you mean.
What do you want to know? You.
I don't know who you are.
Do you have amnesia? How could you not now? We met several times already.
Just in case, don't see Seok Oh Won for the time being.
Why not? Do you still think the director is a murderer? He'd never do that.
Anyway, what does that have to do with me? Fine.
I'll do as you say, so give me the card.
It would be best if you don't get involved in this anymore.
Give me the card.
Darn it.
Then sell it to me.
I'll pay for it.
It belonged to my mother.
Then rent it to me.
I'll pay a rental fee.
That's enough.
Don't be like that.
Let's think of a way over lunch.
My treat.
Okay? Oh my gosh.
What is it? What is this woman doing here? Isn't it rude to refer to someone as "this woman" in front of her? My apologies.
I didn't know you understood what rudeness was.
Why are you treating me this way? What did I ever do to you? You did something, obviously.
- What? - Your looks.
Are you starting a fight? Why would I fight a professor? How did someone this immature ever become a professor? - Hey! - What? I may cause trouble if I'm in the same room with her, so let's go eat.
I'm hungry.
Why are you cutting in? I'm eating with him.
Why would Jin Gyeom eat with you? Let's go.
Detective, we're having lunch together, right? You'd better not.
You said we were.
I don't have much of an appetite.
Meanwhile, you two seem to be very hungry, so how about you two go have lunch together? How do you know Detective Park? Can't you tell? Obviously not.
I'm not psychic.
How could I tell that just by looking? We're friends, but we're not ordinary friends.
What was I expecting? "What was I expecting?" Calm down.
That door is fixed.
(Pull) Gosh, this is annoying.
Why is this world so unfair? I finally understand why I dislike Lieutenant Park.
Darn it.
What's the point of working out? (Director Seok Oh Won) We didn't even get to say hi last time.
Pardon? Oh, right.
You mean at the police station.
How do you know Detective Park? It's a long story.
Anyway, he came to me asking about a card.
A card? What kind of card? It looks like an ordinary card.
It seems to contain both intermediates and liquid crystals, but no fluorescent materials.
Anyway, I couldn't guess what purposes it's supposed to serve.
I have no idea where it was made either.
I'd love to have a look.
It's not with me anymore.
He took it back.
I see.
(Professor Yoon Tae Yi) Detective Park, it's me.
You're more persistent than I expected.
And you're just as peculiar as I expected.
What is it that you want? What can I do to make you give me back the card? I'm never going to.
Just forget it.
How could I forget it when I've already seen it? What? What's wrong? There's a drone flying outside my window.
Hello? (Nambu Police Station will continue to work for the citizens in 2020.
) Professor? I'll be right over.
Don't hang up.
Stay on campus until I come.
Hello? Professor? Detective? Detective! Hey, there's an accident.
My gosh.
What happened? What? What happened? - Unbelievable.
- Should we call the police? - Call an ambulance.
- Hurry up.
There's no one in the car.
- Really? - Let's call the police.
- I'll call the police.
- Is there no one in the back seat? - Did the driver fall out? - There's no one.
"The moment the child becomes a time traveler," "the prophecy will begin to be fulfilled.
" "But the moment of fate" "has not arrived yet.
" (But the moment of fate has not arrived yet.
) (The 2010 Hanguk University Information Session) (The 2010 Hanguk University Fall Festival) (The 2010 Hanguk University Fall Festival) (No service.
Emergency calls only.
) (Vertical tunneling phenomenon) "The moment she reunites with her child," "her child will gain control over time.
" Professor.
(Alice) Why are you looking for your father, all of a sudden? He is the only person who knows about my mother's past that I don't know about.
They'll suspect us even more and dig even deeper.
You knew my mom would be killed on the night of a red moon.
- Father.
- This time, let me ask you.
Is time travel possible? What year is this? It's 2010.
Hello? Where are you? Jin Gyeom.
I'm coming home.
Stay inside no matter what.

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