Alice (2020) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

"Today" "only comes once.
" (Episode 5) What's that? What's wrong? There's a drone flying outside my window.
(Nambu Police Station will continue to work for the citizens in 2020.
) Professor? I'll be right over.
Don't hang up.
Stay on campus until I come.
Hello? Professor? Detective? Detective! Hey, there's an accident.
My gosh.
What happened? What? What happened? - Unbelievable.
- Should we call the police? - Call an ambulance.
- Hurry up.
There's no one in the car.
- Really? - Let's call the police.
- I'll call the police.
- Is there no one in the back seat? - Did the driver fall out? - There's no one.
"The moment the child becomes a time traveler," "the prophecy will begin to be fulfilled.
" "But the moment of fate" "has not come yet.
(But the moment of fate has not arrived yet.
) (The 2010 Hanguk University Information Session) (The 2010 Hanguk University Fall Festival) (No service.
Emergency calls only.
) Excuse me, where is the professor? She just started her class.
Where's the lecture hall? Lecture Hall 7 at Room 318 in the Second Building.
(Freshman Welcome Party, October 8, 2010) (2010 Term 2 Mathematics Freshman Welcome Party) What brings you here? Sorry, I seem to have gotten the wrong lecture hall.
(Lecture Hall 7) Excuse me, do you know where Professor Yoon Tae Yi is? - Sorry? - Professor Yoon in Physics.
We don't have a professor with that name in Physics.
Are you looking for Yoon Tae Yi, the student? Are you okay? What happened to the drone? Sorry? Why are you sitting here? Do you know me? Why don't you take your love quarrel outside? Professor, let's just let them fight right here.
Keep going! You two look great together.
Tae Yi? (2010 Term 2 Mathematics Freshman Welcome Party) What if someone who looks exactly like me walks through that door? Who could explain precisely what happened? Me.
The theory on parallel universes based on wave functions found using Schrodinger's equation.
- Wrong.
- Me.
The endless repetition and replication by the universe as a result of the Big Bang Theory.
Thus, the possibility of a doppelganger.
- Wrong again.
- Me.
Ant-Man and the Wasp? Get out.
As he said, according to the Big Bang Theory states that the universe is so big, that there are several of them.
According to quantum mechanics, more than one of the same object can exist in the same space.
However, none of them, quantum mechanics, the Big Bang Theory, or the parallel universe theory is the answer to my question.
The answer is, it cannot be answered yet.
That is why we must learn the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.
Why must we learn a principle that is so uncertain? - I agree! - Right.
Of course, we must.
We must prove that it's uncertain.
For your reference, Heisenberg published that principle when he was 26 years old.
So all of you, get out there and discover a new principle.
- That's all for today.
- Thank you! - Yes! - All right! Why can't I reach you? I'm worried.
Did you travel through time or something? (Did you travel through time) Call me.
(Call me.
) (Perverted Detective) - Professor.
- What is wrong with you? Don't you know me? Are you famous? - No.
- Then how would I know you? How old are you? I'm 22.
Why? Aren't you 32? Are you saying I look old? Are you blind? Darn it.
What's up? Of course, I know it's a super blue moon tonight.
So? I wanted to drink while watching the lunar eclipse.
Lunar eclipse? Why would you watch that? This is a super blood moon which happens once every few decades.
It's very special.
If I miss this year's, in 2010, I'll probably never see another one before I die.
No, it's okay.
I want to watch alone.
No What's wrong with you? What year is it? It's 2010.
What's his problem? He looks normal enough.
(Hanguk University Astronomy Club) Hello? Who is this? Mom? Son? Aren't you in class? Is it really you, Mom? Jin Gyeom, what's wrong? Is something the matter? Where are you? I'm home, of course.
Jin Gyeom.
Listen to me, Mom.
I'll come to you now.
I'll come home, so lock all the doors and windows, and don't step foot outside.
You have to stay home, okay? Mom? Mom.
(The 2010 Hanguk University Fall Festival) (Hanguk University) Are you sure you didn't call? How? I was in school.
It must have been a prank call.
Forget it.
I'm going back in.
Jin Gyeom.
No one came to see you or anything recently, right? Who? Just Anyone.
If someone strange comes to see you, tell me right away, okay? Okay.
(Perverted Detective) The phone is turned off.
Please leave a message after the tone.
What's his deal? What's your problem? Do you know where Detective Park Jin Gyeom is? It's all your fault.
He became strange after he met you.
He drank although he never drinks, and he's ignoring my calls.
What are you talking about? Where's Jin Gyeom? Where is he? What are you talking about? Jin Gyeom disappeared.
He was in an accident, but he disappeared into thin air! This is nice.
Why are you drinking something that's bad for you? Are you curious? Do you want to try some? No.
You should learn how to drink from your parents.
I have to study later.
It's your mom's birthday.
Does studying come first? You finished it anyway.
You're right.
I wanted to drink while watching the lunar eclipse.
Lunar eclipse? This is a super blood moon which happens once every few decades.
If I miss this year's, I'll probably never see another one before I die.
I'll go out and get some.
You'll drink with me then, right? It was you after all.
There's no time for this.
Your mom's in danger.
- What? - Your mom's in danger.
Tonight is the red moon.
Go now if you want to save her.
Go! Mom.
My boy.
You look great.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I wanted to protect you.
It's okay.
My boy.
It's okay.
Jin Gyeom.
Where is the time card? Will you give it to me? You're not supposed to be here.
This I can't leave like this.
Who is it? Who did this to you? Stay out of this fight.
Who is it? Who did this to you? I got to see my boy all grown up.
I'm really happy.
Don't come back here ever again.
Live a happy life.
Mom! Mom.
Mom, what happened? Who did this? Mom, hang in there.
I'll call an ambulance.
(2020, Present) (Hanguk University) The Alcubierre drive proves that faster-than-light space travel can be made possible by distorting spacetime.
Excuse me for a minute.
Is it because you're a detective or is it just your personality? Everyone was worried sick.
How come we didn't hear anything from you? You're obviously fine, so why couldn't you get in touch? I usually don't care what happens to other people, but I was worried you had an accident while talking to me on the phone.
Why are you so quiet after making me feel so guilty? Detective.
I'll be right back.
I'm sorry.
I was out of line again.
But I didn't mean anything weird.
Please don't get me wrong.
I guess I look a lot like your mother.
How did you know that? How would I not? It's obvious from the things you've done to me so far.
You asked me if I am over 50 and have a son.
You even hugged me, crying.
How would I have missed that? I apologize if I made you uncomfortable.
Do I look so much like her? So much that you think of her every time you see me? Yes, but just the appearance.
Your personality is nothing like hers.
My mom was gentle, kind She was a really nice person.
Then what about me? You too are You too are I mean, you too are I'm sorry.
I'm a bad liar.
Do you have any pictures of her? I'd love to see them.
No, I don't.
Why not? Thanks for this.
Call me if you ever see the drone again.
By the way, where were you after the accident? That's none of your business.
I'm curious.
Where in the world were you for a whole week? A whole week? What are you talking about? What? Do you mean the accident happened a week ago? Yes.
Oh, no.
Detective! Wake up.
The report from a week ago apparently wasn't an error.
The wormhole opened again an hour ago.
- Who is it? - Park Jin Gyeom.
Are you sure? Who was driving the truck that hit him? We don't know.
It was a stolen truck, and the driver avoided all the CCTV cameras.
There's no way to track the person down.
The police are looking into it, but they're lost too.
How could Park Jin Gyeom travel through time? We don't know that either.
Find it out and delete all the CCTV and dash cam footage.
Got it.
Where did you say Park Jin Gyeom was now? In the hospital.
Since he didn't go through the departure gate, he must have gotten hurt.
Are you okay? Yes, I'm fine.
Do you have any idea how scared I was? I'm sorry for scaring you.
You spent the whole week at the nuclear power plant? What do you mean? You want to know how your results came back, right? You were in a car crash, but there's no trace of fracture, rupture, nor sprain.
Here's something even weirder.
This caused an error while doing your CT scan, which was so fascinating that I measured the radiation level of the card.
And it's 6.
3 microsieverts.
You don't know how high that is, do you? The natural radiation level in this country is 0.
3 microsieverts at most.
But this card has more than 20 times the amount of radiation.
Where were you all week? Tell me.
Where is Seok Oh Won right now? - You cannot enter.
- Excuse me! - You may not enter! - This is restricted! - You cannot enter.
- Let go.
Please get out.
It's fine.
You can head out now.
Have a seat.
You came to my house ten years ago.
Are you talking about that again? How do you know my mother? I told you that I have no idea who your mother is.
You knew that my mother would die on the night of the blood moon.
You didn't kill her, so why are you acting like you don't know anything? Detective Park, I've looked into it and you have quite a long mental health history.
You sound like you're in the early stage of reticulosis.
Would you like me to connect you to a psychiatrist that I know of? What is it that you know? What I know is the frustration of the son not knowing who killed his mother.
If you really want to find the suspect, why don't you look for your father? Perhaps your father knows something that you don't.
For example, what she was like before she got married.
You looked into my family history? I just did a little bit of research because you keep suspecting me.
Park Jin Gyeom time traveled? How? It was an unregistered time card.
And it's weird that someone was trying to kill him, too.
I think there's something happening that we're not aware of.
We can't fully control it, anyway.
First, get the time card.
It's not that simple.
He traveled through time without our consent.
He's going to suspect us and investigate on us more.
We can't just let this go.
What are you planning on doing? We have to kidnap Park Jin Gyeom and bring him to Alice.
Don't worry too much.
He's not calling because he's fine.
He could've jumped out of the car right before the crash, and the witnesses might've missed that.
How long is the jail time when you're arrested for murder? Why do you ask? When Jin Gyeom comes back, I might kill him.
Why don't you just break his leg instead? Was someone trying to kill Jin Gyeom? We're looking into that, so just stay patient.
You haven't gotten the suspect yet, right? Do you not trust me? I know I'm at the corner of the office now, but I used to be quite the detective in the old days.
When Jin Gyeom was in high school, you were the one who falsely accused and arrested him.
That's because you told me with your eyes wide open that Jin Gyeom is the suspect.
That's why.
You're right.
We got a call from Lieutenant Park.
Where is he? I heard that you went to the ER.
What did they say? I'm fine.
Really? You didn't get hurt at all? No.
That's good.
I can beat you up, then.
How could you not call once all week? I got so worried, thinking that you might be dead.
I'm sorry for making you worry.
Why didn't you call? My phone wasn't getting a signal.
Where were you? Somewhere far away.
Far away where? I'll tell you once I figure everything out.
Why were you at the ER with that professor? Do you still think that she's your mother? No, not anymore.
I saw with my own eyes that they're two different people.
What are you talking about? Fine.
You look tired, so we'll talk tomorrow.
Sleep early.
I'll sleep here as well.
Come with me to the hospital as soon as you wake up tomorrow.
I have to see with my own eyes that you're fine.
I didn't injure anything.
But you were in an accident! Whether small or big, an accident is still an accident.
Getting shot with a gun softly doesn't mean that it won't hurt.
You have to come with me to the hospital tomorrow.
I have to look for someone.
Ko will find the suspect.
Not the suspect.
Then who? My father.
Why are you suddenly looking for your father? Did you find out anything about him during my mother's case? I have to find him and ask him something.
You're going through something, aren't you? It's odd that you went MIA for a whole week, then you're suddenly back and looking for your father.
Tell me what happened.
There's nothing to explain.
I just want to find my father.
Why? Why are you looking for him now? You never looked for him.
You hated him for leaving your mother.
So, why are you looking for him? I'm not looking because I want to know what he's like.
I'm looking for him because he's the only one who knows of my mother's past.
We've looked into your father during your mother's case, and as you know, there are a lot of single mothers in this world.
All right.
How are you feeling now? That took you long to ask.
You didn't even come visit me at the hospital once.
I was going to go after getting the man who made you like that.
Come up with a more creative excuse, will you? Why do all of you who didn't come say the same thing? Hello.
I'm Jin Gyeom.
Who? I'm Park Jin Gyeom.
The kid at the house with the green door? Yes.
After your mother died, the police asked me, so that's what I told them.
How did you know? Did you hear from my mother? Does your mother ever talk about herself? I saw her talking on the phone over there.
Your mother came to get some meat that day.
And you're sure that it was my father who she called? I can't be sure.
It just seemed like that to me.
I told the police that it seemed like she was talking to her husband.
I didn't say that it was her husband.
Anyway, she was acting quite weird that night.
The whole time on the phone, she was trembling.
All right.
Keep an eye on him and what he's up to.
We have to kidnap Park Jin Gyeom by tonight.
Yes, Supervisor.
Do you think we can get Park Jin Gyeom? We have to.
Wait, did you get all the information on Park Jin Gyeom yourself? Yes.
Why? I think we should look more into him.
As you know, you can't travel through time just with a time card.
All right.
I'll look into it again.
Thank you.
(Hanguk University) Hey.
Are the results out? It's really odd.
How did you find out about this? Did they do an experiment with it? Stop stalling.
Tell me already.
On both the 7th and the 14th, the radiation level spiked 40 times for a period of time.
All right.
Thank you.
(Investigated Materials) What are you looking at? Nothing that you should know.
Do you really think of me as your partner? Look here.
Come on and look.
My shirt is too big now because I lost all my muscles.
This is all because I was too busy looking for you.
I couldn't work out for a whole week, thanks to you.
Hey, you were locked up somewhere for a week, weren't you? Don't be embarrassed.
Just tell me.
Who was it? I'll beat them up for you.
You wouldn't believe me even if I told you.
I know that you're not a man who would lie.
Just tell me.
Would you believe me if I told you that I was in Seoul, 2010? Sorry? Is that so hard to believe? I also lived in Seoul in 2010.
Me too.
Same here.
See? Everyone was in Seoul.
You disappeared in your car that flipped over and appeared again after a whole week.
Yet, you have no injuries, and there was only a spike in the radiation level.
This is my guess.
It's either that you became invisible, or you traveled through time.
But since the cameras didn't catch your clothes floating around, I'm taking being invisible out of the question.
That leaves me with one option, doesn't it? It's the best for you to take your hands off of this now.
It's not a matter that can be approached by a curious scientist.
Do you know why I became a physicist? My mom is a great woman, but she's not my birth mother.
My birth mother disappeared after leaving me at the orphanage.
Detective, do you remember anything from when you were five? I remember my mother's scent.
Although it was just one day, and so, I can't even remember what she looks like, but I remember her warm hug, and her smell.
I remember them so vividly.
When she didn't come back for me after leaving me at the orphanage, do you know what I thought? Time traveling.
I swore to myself that if I could find a way to go back to that day, I'd never let her go.
That's what made me become a scientist.
So that I can go see my mother.
You've been asking me if time travel is possible.
I'll ask you this time.
Is time travel possible? I know it doesn't make any sense, but yes.
You traveled through time using the time card, right? Can you do it again? I don't know how to operate it.
Where's the card? I'll figure it out.
If we succeed, you can meet your mother.
Of course, it doesn't make any sense, but we might even be able to save her.
Please leave the card to me.
Where is it? You really live here? Even a mock house would be messier than this.
Do you live with a woman? Those are Do Yeon's.
Please have a seat.
Would you like some coffee? Yes, I'll have it strong, please.
What do you have between you and Ms.
Kim? We're just friends.
Please don't take it the wrong way.
I think you're the one who's taking it the wrong way.
She's a beautiful lady.
What's wrong with her? There's nothing wrong.
That's what's wrong.
Do you have feelings for someone else? No, I don't.
I don't like women.
That makes sense.
It's okay.
I understand.
Then Is there a man that you like? No.
I don't like men either.
Then who do you like? Must I like a person? You don't like someone because you want to.
You become controlled by your feelings before you know it.
Wasn't there anyone who made you happy when you thought of them? Someone you just wanted to be with? - No.
- Never? No.
How is that possible? It's probably because I have alexithymia.
Alexia? No.
Isn't that what psychopaths have? My ability to trigger emotions are inferior.
I don't violate rules of society or become violent.
Please drink it.
You didn't poison it, did you? No, I didn't.
Why is it so bitter? Because it's strong coffee.
I see.
Is it okay to talk about this so openly like this? I never thought I needed to hide it.
I don't care what others think.
You're full of surprises.
I'm shocked every time I meet you.
I swear I'm losing weight.
- What? - Did you weigh yourself? I think your cheeks got chubbier My apologies.
I was just being honest Stop being honest, will you? Even a psychopath would be less cruel.
Anyway, why does someone with alexithymia cry so often? Maybe that's not what you have.
I've gotten much better thanks to my mother.
It must've been very difficult for your mother.
If your mother really is a time traveler I'd like to stop talking about that.
I'll get you the card.
Is it a power outage? I didn't know we still had power outages.
Do you have a flashlight or candles? (No signal) What are you doing? Detective.
What's wrong? Stay behind me.
Wait inside.
What was that? Hye Su.
Jung Hye Su.
Hye Su.
Hye Su.
What happened? Min Hyuk.
Who did this to you? Why did you turn on the lights? It wasn't us.
Get out of there.
Are you okay? Yes.
I've never seen him before.
Is he another broker I'm not sure.
He was the one who called the police.
Then he isn't a broker.
Since he would want to keep things low key.
Who could he be? Why did he save Park Jin Gyeom? Maybe a couple of kids in the area got into a fight.
What did the caller say? That's what's strange.
He said there was a break-in in Apartment 305.
But that's your apartment.
Is something wrong? No.
You should go.
I'll escort you home.
(Director Seok Oh Won) Good work.
They'll keep going after Park Jin Gyeom.
Park Jin Gyeom must realize his destiny on his own.
And we must protect him until then.
Yes, sir.
You may go.
Stick to him until I instruct you otherwise.
Yes, sir.
That day is approaching.
Be more careful.
Yes, sir.
Why did you draw your gun earlier? You don't have to worry about it.
Just in case, call me right away if anything happens while you analyze the card.
And make sure Director Seok Oh Won doesn't find out about it.
Do you still suspect him? I'm just telling you to be careful.
Tae Yi! Hey.
What's going on? Why are you with the pervert? You shouldn't call a person a pervert.
You said he was a pervert.
I did not.
I'm sorry.
My little sister is usually nice, but she lacks intelligence.
What the Get home safely.
- Tae Yi.
- Yes? What's your relationship with the detective? We're acquaintances.
- Is that all? - What else could there be? I'm amazed to see you talk to a guy for more than a minute.
Of all the things to be amazed by There are so many amazing things in this world.
But that's what amazes you? That's why you never make any progress.
Did I gain weight? I can't tell.
Right? Alexithymia (Alexithymia) "Alexithymia".
(Alexithymia) (Contents) What? (Housewife Shot to Death) Mr.
Kim! What is it? What? What happened? You wrote this article, right? (Housewife Shot to Death) I'm not sure.
Did I? It says your name here.
(By Kim Jeong Bae, Segyeong Daily) Oh, I apparently did.
It is my article.
Did you gather the information yourself? Of course.
Hey, back in the day, no one copied other reporters' articles.
Do you still have the materials by any chance? What do you think? They're my assets.
Of course, I have them.
Can I have a look? Why? The victim is someone I know.
I want some information on her husband.
It's true.
Kim covered the story himself, and someone visited your mom at home on the day she was murdered.
While you were at school.
- Are you sure? - Yes.
What? Captain never told me that.
I never saw it in the case file either.
Really? Mr.
Kim said that he told Mr.
Ko himself.
It probably slipped his mind.
Who was the visitor? That's unknown.
Anyway, it wasn't your dad.
It was apparently a man in his late 20s to early 30s.
Oh, right.
There's one more thing I found out.
About a month before she was murdered, your mom visited someone in prison.
She did? Who? Hold on a second.
(Inmate Lee Se Hoon) Does that name ring a bell? No.
I don't know what the relationship between him and your mom was, but anyway, he's still in prison.
Which prison? I want to meet him alone.
I'll come with you.
This is a personal investigation.
I'll feel uncomfortable having you there.
Why are you hiding so much from me these days? I don't want to make you worry.
You worry about me, but I can't worry about you? Give me some time.
I'll tell you when things settle down.
Do you know why people get lost in the mountains? It's because they falsely believe that they can find the way as long as they move down.
What they should do is ask for help.
Don't wander around on your own.
Shout for help.
This is something I must deal with on my own.
I'll drop you off here.
Don't take this the wrong way.
The man in prison is around your mom's age, and he was sent to prison in the year you were born.
He might be your father.
And that might be why your mom never told you about your father.
So when you meet him, don't do anything rude.
I don't care what kind of person my biological father is.
The only father I have is Mr.
Someone tried to kill your colleague.
How come you've found nothing in the past week? Answer me! You've become even bigger since last week.
Have you been working out the whole time? No, that's not it.
I'm dying to find a clue, but I just can't.
To be honest, Lieutenant Park doesn't seem to want to help us.
Where is Jin Gyeom, anyway? He went to visit a prison with Ms.
No one knows what he's up to.
A prison? - Park Jin Gyeom? - Yes.
He's visiting Lee Se Hoon in prison right now.
Let the people of this world punish you for your crimes here.
Who are you? Why are you here? Do you know this woman, by any chance? Give me the book.
Just what is this book, that you're all obsessed with it? Who are you? I'm her son.
And why did you come to see me? How do you know my mom? Why don't you ask your mom instead? She passed away 10 years ago.
Why are you laughing? It's incredible.
Whoever comes by "The Book of Prophecy" either dies or ends up like me.
"The Book of Prophecy"? What is that? If you're her son, how can you not know that? Is that what killed my mom? Just what is in that book? Do you want to know? The end.
"The end"? The end of time travel.
(Alice) - I just saw that man.
- Who? The man from the picture from 1992.
He is going to kill four more people.
There was a super blood moon in 2010.
Did you know that? How are you related to my mom's death? In that situation, you would've done the same as I did.
Let go! This card contains a similar program to the one I studied.
We got a signal from the card that's with Park Jin Gyeom.
Have you ever lost someone who you love? Who are you?
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