Alice (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

"Do not get sad looking at the past.
" "It isn't coming back.
" "Improve the present that you're in.
" "That's yours.
" (Henry Wadsworth Longfellow) "The Book of Prophecy"? What is that? If you're her son, how can you not know that? Is that what killed my mom? Just what is in that book? The end.
"The end"? Yes.
The end of time travel.
Could you explain in a way that I can understand? I didn't get a good look at it, so that's all I know.
My teacher told me not to look at it.
Who's the teacher? Why are you looking for my teacher? Just tell me.
You think I'd tell you? Even if I did, you wouldn't be able to find them.
Nobody knows whether they're a man or a woman, or how old they are.
But I do because I saw them myself.
Did you ever ask why she was looking for the teacher? Because of her son.
(Episode 6) Jin Gyeom.
I told you to just go.
He's not your dad? What a relief.
Did you find out why your mother visited him, then? No.
Do you know which police department arrested him? The Songpa Police.
(Seoul Songpa Police Station, Unsolved Murders) (Case on Dr.
Jang Dong Shik's Murder) Why are you looking into this? (Blueprint of the site of the incident) I don't know, but I think this may have something to do with my mother.
(The suspect was found in the elevator.
) Do you know this man? I don't think I can leave you alive.
That's him.
How can he be in a photo from 1992? Are you sure this photo is from 1992? That doesn't make any sense.
If we get him, we might be able to solve Yang Hong Seob's murder case, Hong Eun Soo's kidnapping case, as well as Jung Gi Hoon's murder.
We could solve all of that at once.
As well as my mother's murder.
(Missed Call Professor Yoon Tae Yi) Why is Park Jin Gyeom suddenly investigating a case from 1992? Any possibility that someone may have clued him in? Not a lot of people know the 1992 case.
Who could possibly give any information on that? It wouldn't have anything to do with Tae Yi, right? Just as you said, not a lot of people know, but one of them is Tae Yi.
There's no way Tae Yi would betray us.
Let's keep a close eye on Park Jin Gyeom and see who he is in contact with.
Yes, sir.
I must've dozed off because I was tired.
I slept for exactly 10 minutes.
When did you get here? It has been 1 hour and 25 minutes.
Did you find something? Yes, I did, but Did you come empty-handed? You knew I was pulling an all-nighter.
How could you not bring anything? I'm hungry and I want coffee.
I'll get it later, so tell me first.
Then I'll tell you later.
I'm too hungry.
I don't have the energy to explain.
Maybe if I had a pastry Which pastries should I get? Whatever.
I like all types of pastries except what I don't.
You're amazing.
How did you pick all of my favorites? Anyway, thanks.
Now tell me what you found.
But first, promise me this one thing.
You can't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you.
I signed a confidentiality agreement when I left the lab.
If this gets out, I'll be blacklisted.
In Hawking's paper on chronology protection conjecture, he proved that time travel is impossible.
But there's a condition.
That if negative energy exists, time travel is possible.
That is why I was researching the Dirac sea.
Please explain what that is first.
Hawking's paper? No.
The Dirac Sea? Why don't you know that? Do you not know the Dirac equation either? How could he not know that? Then I'll try to explain it in layman's terms.
All masses move in the direction in which energy is exerted.
Only negative energy moves in the opposite direction from which energy is exerted.
My research was using negative energy to open a wormhole.
This was the command program from back then.
But this card that you gave me had a similar program.
Of course, I know this makes no sense, and it can't be explained logically, but a program similar to the one I've been researching is on this card.
Did you work on that research alone? No.
There were five of us on the team.
Director Seok was the head researcher.
He was a senior researcher at the time.
How did you end up joining that team? Director Seok came to my school and asked me to join his team.
When? Do you know that we had a super blood moon back in 2010? Yes.
I first met him at an event that day.
What's wrong? My apologies.
I don't think I can keep it a secret as I promised.
What do you mean? Detective! What brings you here? You intentionally approached Professor Yoon, didn't you? What were you and she researching? How is it related to my mother's death? I apologize, but I can't tell you that yet.
You are extremely important to me, but it'll be difficult for you to understand right now.
That's how I was 10 years ago too.
Ten years ago? Do you like cats? Find a case related to Schrodinger's cat.
Then you'll believe me.
Stop playing games.
Just answer my question.
What are you doing? Detective! Listen to me.
I don't know why you're doing this, but if I find anything suspicious, I'm arresting you first.
I'm sorry, sir.
It's okay.
Why do you get so worked up whenever you see Director Seok? You would've hit him if I didn't stop him.
Are you a gangster? You're a detective.
I understand that you want to catch your mother's killer, but You won't understand.
I became a cop to catch my mother's killer, and I searched for 10 years.
But now, I don't know who my mother was anymore, let alone the killer.
The more I dig into her death, the more clueless I become about who my mother was.
That's why I'm scared and want to know more.
Why are you drinking water while talking about something like that? Do you want a drink? No, I'm fine.
I should take you home too.
I'll do whatever it takes to figure out how to use the card, so chin up.
(AUX input) (No files) Is your stereo broken? Why won't it play anything? I don't have any saved.
I don't listen to music.
Do you listen to the radio? I don't listen to the radio either.
What do you do when you drive? I drive.
My TA gave it to me.
I'll give it to you.
It has many of the newest songs.
You should keep it.
I really don't listen to music.
It's because you don't listen to music, that you have no emotions.
Force yourself to listen.
Based on the records, Lee Se Hoon's legs were fine immediately before the crime.
But when he was arrested, his ankle was cut off.
What's more baffling is, that ankle was completely healed as if he had lost his foot long ago.
Isn't that weird? Let's meet the detective who was on point at the time.
Lee Se Hoon? Of course, I remember.
It was 30 years ago, but you remember his name.
Because he was the oddest guy I had ever arrested.
He had no ID, his prints weren't in the system, and he never said anything even until the bitter end.
So I tried to catch his accomplices that ran away but failed.
His accomplices? Wasn't this man his only accomplice? There was a woman if I remember correctly.
I'm not having lunch.
I'm stepping out.
Jin Gyeom.
What brings you here? Oh, my.
Are you finally being nice to me? That's my boy.
I have a favor to ask.
I need more information on the murder committed by Lee Se Hoon.
Can you look for more articles for me? I can do that much.
Also You've heard of Schrodinger's cat, right? Please see if you can find any articles regarding a murder with that pattern.
Why? It's just something that's been on my mind.
I can't do it for free.
Buy me lunch.
I already had lunch.
Then have tomorrow's lunch today.
What should we eat? Where's this music coming from? It's from my car stereo.
Is this related to a case? Is this a clue? No.
Then why are you listening to music? Someone gave it to me.
Who? Professor Yoon.
Why would that woman give you this? Also, are you still seeing her? We met because I asked for her help.
It doesn't concern you.
The very fact that you're listening to music concerns me.
Also, I'm returning this to her, so you can forget it.
Got it? What is a lowly person like you doing at this noble place? What's the favor Jin Gyeom asked you? Why are you asking me? Ask Detective Park directly.
I came here because he wouldn't tell me.
He must want to keep it a secret from you.
In that case, I can't tell you either.
Why in the world did you give this to Jin Gyeom? Are we shooting a morning drama here? Oh, is that why I keep feeling this urge to swear at you? Watch your mouth.
I'm not interested in Detective Park.
I really don't understand.
What do you see in him? You probably don't know, but he's like a different person when he's alone with me.
He's so sweet that I'm worried about getting diabetes.
Kim Jeong Bae) Oh, it's Jin Gyeom.
Hello? Ms.
Kim, where are you? What do you think? I came to return the flash drive to Professor Yoon.
What are you talking about? I'll call you back in a minute.
What happened? We got a signal from the card that's with Park Jin Gyeom.
Where is it? The Hanguk University joint research lab.
Fly the drone.
I'm on my way.
Will you take responsibility if I get in an accident because you rushed me? (The suspect was found in the elevator.
) - Yes? - Hey, I just saw that man.
- Who? - The one from the photo from 1992.
Where? Yoon Tae Yi.
You're the person I love more than anyone in the world.
Okay? Who are you? I'll leave quietly, so move over.
You can't leave until you return me that card.
Professor, leave.
It's okay.
Just leave.
Are you okay, Mr.
Yoo? Let her go.
Let her go! She has nothing to do with this.
Just leave her alone.
Let's go.
Professor, are you okay? Dear Min Hyuk.
I have another heart inside me now.
It's smaller and weaker than mine, but I can feel it beating.
My baby's heart.
Just like you chose Alice, I choose my baby's future.
I'll do my best.
I'm a mom now.
What about "The Book of Prophecy"? Where is it? Did Tae Yi take it? No.
Lee Se Hoon wouldn't give it up.
I see.
You should get back.
Not before I find Tae Yi.
You get back alone and report that Tae Yi had a minor accident and fell behind.
I'll stay back and look for her.
Before she is your girlfriend, she is my friend.
Seeing that they only took the time card away, I don't think they'll be of any danger to you anymore.
But if you see a drone again, or if anything odd happens, please give me a call anytime.
What about the card? It belonged to your mother.
I'm fine.
Don't worry about it.
How can I not? You lost your card because of me.
That's true, but I'm fine.
Don't worry.
Detective, you're such an uncomfortable person, but when I'm with you, I surprisingly feel at ease.
Me? Yes.
Anyway, thanks for everything today.
Get home safely.
(I'm coming home late tonight! We have a staff dinner.
) It's nothing.
My younger sister is coming late because she has a staff dinner.
Come home quickly.
I'm scared to be alone.
I'll get going now.
Aren't you hungry? Would you like to come in and have some dinner? Never mind.
Bye now.
If it's not too much to ask for, may I come and have dinner with you? I overslept this morning.
My house is a little messy.
Yes, it is.
But it's not too bad.
It's just a little messy.
Do you like spaghetti? I'm great at making spaghetti.
Is this ramyeon-bokki? Doesn't it look like pasta? I thought you said that you're a good cook.
Try it first and then we can talk.
You're picky with your food, aren't you? I feel like you would've complained about your food all the time.
Your mother must've had a hard time cooking for you.
My mother was a great cook, like yourself.
Did you know that man? The man who took the time card.
I've never seen him before.
Why is that? It seemed like he knows you.
No way.
Who are they? Don't mind them anymore.
What do you mean? If you keep helping me out, things will happen to you like it did today.
Are you worried for me? Yes, so please, just forget it all.
Forget about the time card and the time traveling.
And everything about today.
Why are you so worried for me? You gave up your mother's belonging for me earlier, too.
I don't know.
That doesn't make any sense.
Is it because you have alexithymia? I've done some research, and people with alexithymia can't feel it when they have feelings for someone.
Is that true? Let's stop talking about me.
Let's just say that someone has feelings for you.
Would you be able to notice that? I'm not that dumb.
But why do you ask? The fact that you're asking that tells me that you're dumb.
The person you have reached is not available.
The person you have reached is not available.
Who's making my daughter-in-law so mad? I'm not going to be your daughter-in-law anymore.
- Why not? - I think Jin Gyeom is cheating.
I'm serious! Really? With who? With Yoon Tae Yi.
He's so slow! What? Do you actually have feelings for that man? No.
Why would I have feelings for someone who has alexithymia? Who has alexithymia? That detective? Never mind.
You just said that he's alexithymia.
When did I ever say that? I said that he has aspermia.
He has aspermia? I see.
How did you find that out? Did you two already go that far? Are you insane? Did he not say anything about the time card? It's complicated.
But I've made a duplicate of the program installed within the time card without Detective Park knowing.
It was weird.
Do you want to see it? Here.
I'll be right back.
I think the physics professor who was with Park Jin Gyeom made a copy of the program installed on the time card.
I'll look into that.
Don't report it yet.
Because that professor is Tae Yi's past-self? Don't overthink it.
You shouldn't be the one to talk.
She's not your girlfriend.
She's someone from the past that we have nothing to do with.
I know better than anyone.
To be honest, I thought the clients were silly whenever they time traveled to meet people in the past.
It's not like I don't understand where they're coming from, but the people they meet here aren't their real family or lovers.
So keep this in mind.
Alice was established within a parallel universe.
(Limitless universes exist parallel to each other) The woman you met today is another woman from another dimension.
Since her age and background differ, so will her personality.
So just forget her.
I'm the one who brought the card.
If someone copied it, that is my responsibility as well.
Min Hyuk.
It's too dangerous to go back to the school.
I'll be careful.
Why aren't you at work? I took time off.
Why? I thinking about quitting, actually.
It doesn't really suit me.
It's too stressful dealing with people in a warehouse.
Why aren't you saying anything? What's there for me to say? It's your life.
You should judge and make your own decision.
However, don't evade taking responsibility for your decision.
But to give you my opinion as your big sister, if it doesn't suit you, it's not a bad idea to quit.
My sister is so cool.
Which reminds me, would you lend me some money? I'm worried that I'll be strapped for cash as soon as I quit.
Hey! Who works because they like it? Everyone puts up with it in order to survive.
If you quit, I'm telling Mom.
What? Haven't you seen someone who won't lend money to her sister before? Were you dumped? Why are you eating so much? You little Why? Did I gain weight? Is the victim's daughter his only family? Yes.
His wife died in labor.
Where's the daughter now? Relatives took her after her father passed away.
We don't know who yet.
I ran a search on "Schrodinger", but there weren't any murder cases.
Who is it? Do Yeon.
I think she's mad at me.
Why? I do not know.
Thank you, Ms.
That twerp.
What? - Were you talking to yourself? - No.
Can we talk? (Professor Yoon Tae Yi) (Professor Yoon Tae Yi) Hello? Professor? (Perverted Detective) Did you copy the time card program? Delete it.
This is my final warning.
(Perverted Detective) Who are you? Don't try to find out and stay away from Park Jin Gyeom.
You may end up in danger because of him.
I came to tell you that.
I need to locate a phone.
Have we met somewhere before? You seem familiar.
That can't be.
Please heed my warning.
Stay away from Park Jin Gyeom.
If I scared you in any way, I apologize.
You're starting to grow on me.
Are you all right? I saw that man.
The man who took the card.
Where did he go? Let him go.
I'll just go.
Leave me alone.
You must not have your gun today.
This is from 29 years ago.
So why do you look the same? Did you just laugh? I thought you knew who we were.
Why did you go to 1992? Why are you investigating that? In order to find out what you're doing here.
Have you ever lost the person that you love? It's deathly painful.
Crossing over the threshold of time frees a person from that pain.
Let's just say we are people who accompany them as they heal their pain.
Does killing someone else heal their pain? You see us as criminals, don't you? But I'm just doing my job just like you.
Just as you protect people, I protect people like me.
I don't protect murderers.
If you were in my situation, you would've done the same.
The man in the interrogation room He's the one from the picture from 1992, right? What happened? Who in the world is he? We're still looking into it.
Have you taken his fingerprints yet? We have, but we can't find any match.
What? Are you all right? Me? Of course.
It's nothing.
I'm fine.
I heard you got beaten up.
Who said that? I didn't get beaten up.
It was a man-to-man fight.
("Quantum Mechanics") ("Fundamentals of Physics") Thank you.
So? Do you know who he is? Why did that man come back? I think he came back for the duplicate.
What duplicate? The program in the card.
I made a duplicate of it.
Where is it? It's not with me.
I gave it to a researcher I know.
You might have put her in danger.
Contact her right now.
The phone is turned off.
Please leave a message after the tone.
Her phone is turned off.
She often turns it off when she needs to concentrate though.
I'll leave a message.
(Seo Jin) (Schrodinger's cat) Do you like cats? Find a case related to Schrodinger's cat.
Then you'll believe me.
Okay, thanks.
She left her office an hour ago.
Do you know where she lives? Yes, near the research center.
This is it.
Stay here.
What is it? What's in there? Let go.
Let go! Come on.
Don't look in there.
Let go of me! Move! What's in there? Professor, please.
Please don't look.
Who is he? Is he our client? No, he isn't.
How did he get here? We're looking into it.
Get Min Hyuk out first.
No one can handle this better than him.
What are you talking about? Your people poisoned a person to death.
Do you still claim that you're not criminals? Explain so that I understand.
Yang Hong Seob killed his young big brother.
A mother killed her young self.
Who's next? This is beyond your capabilities.
Let us take care of it and stay out of it.
You believe you're above the law, don't you? Mark my words.
You can't beat us.
I don't know where you came from, but this is 2020.
(Victim Moon Seo Jin, 36, researcher at Kuiper Research Center) (Suspect, unidentified, possibly a science researcher) Cause of death? Asphyxia caused by hydrogen cyanide.
Hydrogen cyanide? - You mean prussic acid? - Yes.
The analysis team will start looking into it tomorrow to find out more.
Has the suspect been identified? He didn't leave a single hair or fingerprint.
It's going to be hard.
What is this? Let's talk another time.
Can you imagine how surprised I was? When I first read the article, I thought you were the culprit.
So how did you do it? How did you look into the case even before it happened? I don't want you to dig into this incident.
- Why not? - It might put you in danger.
While you can put yourself in danger? - I'm fine.
- I'm not fine with it.
I'm not fine with you facing danger.
- Do Yeon.
- I'm not giving in this time.
Explain thoroughly, or I'll let Mr.
Ko know.
End of discussion.
(Moon Seo Jin) (Kuiper Scientific Data) How did you find out? This is not the time to talk about that.
A researcher I cared about died.
Then why didn't you stop it? If you cared about her, you should have stopped it.
Had I known, I would have, of course, stopped it.
But I didn't know who was going to get killed.
I've been trying to stop these disasters since 10 years ago.
With your mother's help.
Did you see the face of the suspect? That man will now kill four more people.
I know that it's hard to believe.
I understand.
I couldn't believe what your mother was telling me, either.
She told me about future events in advance, and as I watched all of it happen, I began to trust your mother, like you are doing with me right now.
You're saying that you know the future like my mother did, and so, you know that four more will die? How? Someone's future is another's past.
I actually have no friend.
I was always a grade younger than everyone, so I was just always surrounded by older classmates who looked at me as if I was weird.
That's why I never had anyone that I could go to and talk about anything with.
That was before I met Seo Jin.
It's all because of me, isn't it? Because I gave her the copy of the program? If we're looking for someone to blame, it's mostly me.
Do you think whoever murdered her has anything to do with the man in prison? I don't know yet.
I'll look further into it.
I'll get going now.
Why aren't you leaving? I feel like I shouldn't.
Thank you.
I'm fine, so you can go.
I have to drop by my house, anyway.
Let's go together.
I'll take you there.
(Loading Music Player) I'll get going now.
Thank you for today.
(Professor Yoon Tae Yi) (The cat in the drama is fake.
) (We did not commit any form of animal abuse for the drama.
) (Alice) Dr.
Jang Dong Shik was murdered in 1992.
Does it have anything to do with me? Your mother was at the start of it all.
That student can prevent time traveling from happening.
Professor Yoon Tae Yi only trusts what she sees when she's dealing with people from the future.
What are you guys? We must kill her for the future.
I can prove your existence.

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