Alice (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

"Do not trust in the future.
" "Bury the dead past.
" "And act in the present.
" No! We're ready, sir.
We'll get it done right away.
Who is this "sir"? Professor? Professor! What are you guys? Why are you doing this? We must kill her for the future.
Professor! Professor! (Recent Calls) (Episode 7) Here's some water.
Are you better now? Yes.
I have to write a report at the police station, so you can go first.
And our parents are going to be worried, so just tell them that it was a stalker or something.
You should stay at the restaurant for the time being.
You're really fine, right? I'll give you a call if anything comes up.
Mom must be worried.
All right.
Be careful.
Please have a seat.
It's just too dark.
Detective, had it not been for you, I would've died, right? Thank you.
How were you acquainted with Moon Seo Jin? I told you earlier.
She's a senior that I was close to.
I would appreciate some more specific details, please.
How did you become acquainted with Moon Seo Jin? Were you working at the same research center? I have to figure out why they're trying to get you two.
Do I look okay to you? Couldn't you have asked if I was okay and told me that it'll all be fine? I'm sorry.
I just wanted to get the suspect as fast as I can.
What are you doing? I'm playing music.
You think music goes with the situation right now? I'm doing it for you.
You can't just do that! There's a time and a place for everything.
You're not even a "Music is my life" type of guy.
(Forensic Service) He didn't leave a single fingerprint.
This and the Lieutenant's memory of his face are the only evidence we have.
You said that it's a man in his 40s, right? Yes.
We're drawing up a sketch right now.
Why would the suspect even leave something like this? He must be trying to show off, based on the ways he's committing these murders and the way he left something like this.
So, what do you think this is? I majored in liberal arts.
Me too.
Me too.
Really? I thought you majored in Physical Education.
You guys seem like you're having fun.
Are you here to watch? Are you here to snoop around? Who is it this time? Yoon Tae Yi.
You know her, right? The professor who's close with Lieutenant Park? She works at the same research center as Moon Seo Jin.
- How many work there? - Five.
Identify all five and look into what they're doing their research on.
It was just two people.
Do you want to be at another funeral? We have to do whatever we can.
Did you find anything else? Lieutenant Park found the suspect's cellphone on site.
His cellphone? There's just one number that he called, and Lieutenant Park thinks it's his accomplice.
Where's Jin Gyeom? I don't know.
Why could he have written this at my house? What's this? The suspect's cellphone.
Do you happen to recognize this number? No.
Why don't you call it and check? It says that the number no longer exists.
Then why are you asking me? I've looked into your mom's call history, and there's one weird number.
It doesn't exist.
I don't understand what you mean.
Your mom spoke with someone three times at a non-existing number.
Plus, on the morning of the incident, she received a text from that number.
You brought this upon yourself.
Do you know that number? No.
I haven't seen it before.
(Recent Calls) It may just be a coincidence.
I'll take the professor home.
Why would you do that yourself? It's something I must do.
I requested increased security, and the control center will monitor the CCTVs in the area nonstop for 24 hours a day.
I will not let your life be in danger again.
I will arrest him.
How? How will you catch him? Tell me in detail.
You don't have a plan yet, do you? How will you catch the killer if he shows up again? I'll protect you.
I appreciate that, but what if he comes when you're not there? You need to run.
Do you think I'll get away just by running? I have no muscles.
My legs are insanely weak.
Would you like to hear music? Let's stop listening to music already.
What will I do with you? I dropped off the cellphone at the control center.
This is where you were.
I looked all over for you.
Why did you bring her with you? I heard there was almost a second victim.
- Who is it? - I know you're eager, but this isn't the time to recklessly sell stories.
Can't you just tell me who it is? I cannot.
Stop eating, and let's go.
I haven't eaten a single meal all day long.
You can starve for a day.
Let's go.
I won't get an endoscopy because I don't want to starve.
You don't need an endoscopy.
I'm sure it's all muscle too.
Let's go.
Look at these arms.
It's a loss to all women that a man with arms like these doesn't have a girlfriend.
Aren't I right? Should I introduce you to someone? I appreciate the thought, but I've been busy.
Really? What a shame.
I know so many young, pretty girls who don't have boyfriends.
I'm really okay.
Do you at least want to look at pictures? I guess I can look at some pictures and think it over.
- What? - It should be a two-way street.
Who's the second victim? I I really can't tell you.
All a man needs are tight abs, not tight lips.
I really won't write about it.
Can't you at least give me a hint? It's a college professor.
I really can't tell you more.
What professor? Someone really irritable and rude.
Yoon Tae Yi? How did you know? (Crime Squad) Call me first before you go anywhere.
I'll accompany you.
And I'm fine, so call me whenever you need me.
Don't worry.
My dad's dream was to be a cop.
That's why he named the restaurant "Crime Squad".
(Crime Squad) You should just laugh.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll go now.
He's a time traveler, isn't he? The killer.
That's the only conclusion that makes sense.
He probably targeted Seo Jin and me because we were researching time travel.
I doubt it.
There's no reason to target a research team making no progress.
Have you heard of the cosmological constant? It's the only physical constant that Einstein personally admitted was a mistake.
It had been abandoned until the early 1990s, but in 1998, when the accelerating expansion of the universe was proved true, the cosmological constant came back into the spotlight.
Presently, it is always included when formulating any equation of cosmology.
That's what science is about.
It takes time to be realized and proved.
That may be why Director Seok still hasn't given up.
I believe Director Seok will definitely succeed.
Because he gave his life in researching time travel.
But I didn't know who was going to get killed.
I've been trying to stop these disasters since 10 years ago.
With your mother's help.
Was there a researcher named Park Sun Young? Park Sun Young? Who is that? Park Sun Young? Have a seat.
I heard you wanted to see me.
Do you believe in time travel? Pardon? What is this? A log of historical events written by a person in the future.
We called this "The Book of Prophecy".
My apologies.
I'm quite busy.
Please leave.
Your name is in this Book of Prophecy.
"When the world was overcome with haughty desires," "those who were afraid stepped in.
" "Seok Oh Won and the scientists tried to close the door of time" "in order to reestablish order.
" I don't know how you got in, but please leave before I call security.
What if I can create negative energy? Will you believe me then? Thankfully, Professor Yoon is safe.
Thank goodness.
We don't have time to lose.
You must flee.
(Park Jin Gyeom) Wait outside.
I've been waiting for your call.
Tell me what you know.
Why are the researchers being targeted? Everything began with your mother.
She came to see me 10 years ago and asked me to help her stop the terrible things that would happen due to time travel.
Even after she passed away, I put together a team and tried to stop time travel.
I think that is why they became targets.
My mother was an average housewife.
"The Book of Prophecy" is with me.
The things that you must know are written in it.
We don't have time.
Please come quickly.
If something happens to me, I'd like you to make sure she continues my research.
She can stop time travel.
I'm confused.
You might face danger in the future.
Everything began with your mother.
Your mother was definitely not a simple housewife.
"The Book of Prophecy" is with me.
What happened? It seems Mr.
Seok Oh Won was abducted.
(Ju Hae Min, presumed to be a time traveler) If he's not our client, how did he get here? Instead of taking the official route, he took the same route that Lee Se Hoon used back in 1992.
Do you think the same person is behind this too? Who? The one they call their teacher.
Don't be silly.
We don't even know if he really exists.
Still, there certainly is a person behind this we don't know about.
Who's the victim? All three of them are researchers at the advanced science research center that I told you about.
One thing that bothers me is that Yoon Tae Yi is one of them.
Tae Yi? No.
There's another Yoon Tae Yi here.
Why didn't you report this earlier? I thought she was just an ordinary person in the past.
But both of them are scientists.
What's ordinary about that? Get Min Hyuk out first.
And find out what kind of research Yoon Tae Yi was carrying out.
Yes, sir.
No one saw Mr.
Seok around the time he was abducted.
The CCTV cameras were off because of a blackout.
Have you checked his home? Yes, but there were no signs of a break-in.
Also, he's been practically living at the research center lately.
For now, please keep the researchers safe so that there will be no more victims.
Instant jjajangmyeon at a Chinese restaurant? Let her eat what she wants.
You shouldn't live there anymore.
Move back home.
I'll live there just for the time being.
This is what happens when there's no man living with you.
What does that have to do with this? You should both listen to your mom.
I'm going to start working out.
I should protect my girls.
Guys, my dream was to become a detective.
You're even weaker than Mom.
How are you going to protect us? I'll wash up and go to bed now.
Shouldn't you go to bed too? You're working tomorrow.
Oh, you're right.
Don't tell me you're still considering quitting.
What is she talking about? You're considering quitting? She wants to quit.
She's just tired of working, I'm sure.
It's not like that.
Mom! Stop! Shouldn't you be worrying about my sister instead? I can't believe you guys.
Why do you have to take turns giving me a headache? Why are you taking it out on me? You're no better than her.
What did you do to make someone stalk you? Why are you doing this? You adopted me.
You're not even my real mother.
Who gives you the right to hit me? I can hit you because I'm not your real mother! Gosh, this tastes amazing.
Let's run.
Stay here no matter what.
Did something happen? Did I wake you up? No.
Something's been bothering me.
Can I go to my place for a moment? We can go together.
Come out when you're ready.
Right now? Where are you? (Crime Squad) What are you doing here at this hour? I was just passing by.
They're broken.
The culprit must have tampered with them.
Do you have any idea what that is? Professor.
I've never seen a formula like this before.
Hold on.
This is the only thing that the culprit left, right? Let me look at it a bit more.
You startled me.
What are you doing here? - With this woman, at that? - What about you? Who said you could come in here? This is my place.
I said what are you doing with this woman? Don't point your finger at me! Do you want me to punch you instead? I'm here to investigate.
Why are you here? I told you not to write an article on this case.
Are you the one paying me? Who do you think you are, telling me what to do? I'm just worried.
Then tell me what happened.
You know that all your cases right now are weird, right? Do you know what the weirdest of all of this is? Your attitude.
I don't know why you're being like this.
I don't know what you're hiding.
I told you that I'll tell you later.
It's nothing and you don't have to be worried.
Whether it's something or nothing, how can I not look when there's smoke coming out of a house? Tell me everything, from why the man in jail is in a photo from 1992, to how you knew about the Schrodinger case before it happened.
What do you mean? Tell me.
What's the case of the man from 1992, and how did you know about this beforehand? I must keep confidentiality for all investigations.
It must have something to do with me.
- I have a right to know - Please stop there.
Do you have to answer so coldly like that? - When did I do that? - You're doing it right now.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to speak coldly.
What good is it if you don't mean it? Everyone is taking it the wrong way.
Do you know why people use emojis at the end of their texts? To not be misunderstood.
Please try to speak a little kinder.
What did you just do? I added an emoji.
I don't think I need any more things to laugh at this year.
I've laughed enough for the year, thanks to you.
(Perverted Detective) Please try to speak a little kinder.
(Perverted Detective) (Park Jin Gyeom) (Park Jin Gyeom) (Hanguk University Department of Sciences) Is Jin Gyeom busy these days? I haven't seen him around.
I miss him.
I don't know.
Don't talk to me about him.
He's giving you a hard time, isn't he? You've been so patient.
Do Yeon, listen to me.
Do everything as I say.
First, go up to Jin Gyeom.
Look right into his eyes.
Get naked.
Hey! What? He's a man, too! Whatever.
I bet it would work 100 percent if you did exactly as I say.
That would never work on him.
Keep eating.
What? Why are you here at this hour? I'm going to take a shower and take a nap for an hour.
All right.
I'll set the blankets up for you.
Hold on.
- What are you doing? - Just stay still.
- Hold on.
- What are you doing? Let's just stay like this for a moment.
- Just for a little while.
- Come on.
Do Yeon might see us.
How would Do Yeon see us? No way.
Why are you here? I should really take your advice.
(Crime Squad) Thank you.
If you're staying with me at every hour of the day, when are you going to catch the suspect? I'll take care of it.
Shouldn't you focus more on catching the suspect? Yes.
So please, get out now.
I need to go and do my investigation.
I brought it just in case.
Have you ever used it before? No.
Just unlock this before use.
(Crime Squad) Please have this.
Thank you.
I've heard a lot about you.
From where? I've never talked to you about him.
Thank you for saving my daughter.
You haven't eaten, have you? I'm fine.
Still, have something to eat here.
You like Chinese food, right? No, I don't.
I don't enjoy it, but I will if you'll give me some.
Let's have jjajangmyeon.
Get him some jjajangmyeon.
He'll eat it well when he gets some.
He's just very honest.
The stalker that stalked my daughter has been caught, right? Mom Yes, we got him.
Don't worry.
Thank you so much.
Hold on.
I'll get you some tangsuyuk as well.
Yes, Sergeant? This is an unregistered phone, so it's impossible to track it.
But the accomplice's number is what's really odd.
The number has never been registered with a cellphone company, but there's a call log.
This is the log with locations.
(Detailed Call Log) (Park Hyung Min, Kim Dong Ho) (Hope Orphanage) I'll go and check them out myself.
Is he really just a cop? If not? Well You two look good together.
If he's a lieutenant at that age, he must have gone to the academy.
Crime Squad's owner's son-in-law is actually on a crime squad.
How cool is that? What are you doing? You're getting old.
You should find yourself a man.
I don't want to.
I'm going to live with you two for the rest of my life.
Please, don't scare us like that.
Just thinking about it is terrifying.
What kind of parents refuse their daughter? I'm tired.
I'm going to bed.
Your orphanage mom called.
Why? It was about two days ago.
Do you really now know? That detective asked about you.
Which detective? Park Jin Gyeom? No, that wasn't his name.
What did he ask? How you ended up here in 1992, whether you had a book on you, and things like that.
A book? Are you sure you're okay? Did he give you his card or anything? He said he was a detective, so I didn't think to ask.
Are you sure he was a detective? What did he look like? He looked average.
In his 40s.
What else did he ask? Whether you remember your biological father who passed away in 1992.
Yes? What are you doing here? (Our Journey Together) I think the man who came here was an accomplice.
Do you remember how you ended up here? - No.
- What about your birth parents? Do you know how most of the kids end up at an orphanage? They aren't abandoned on a street corner.
Their birth parents bring them here and abandon them, saying, "Mommy will be right back.
" And the kids believe them.
I was the same.
My mom brought me here, and that's all I remember.
I only found out today that my father passed away in 1992.
Why do you think they're doing this to me? Don't go anywhere alone anymore.
I'll escort you home.
What is the 1992 incident that Ms.
Kim mentioned? Is that related to me as well? No.
It's about the man in the holding cell.
Let me meet him.
He's a time traveler too, and he came to see me.
(Victim Jang Dong Shik) Dr.
Jang Dong Shik was murdered in 1992.
If you're going to talk nonsense, beat it.
The police identified three suspects, but only one was arrested.
His foot had been cut off.
So what? What about it? You cut off his foot, didn't you? You killed Dr.
Jang Dong Shik too.
Is it because of "The Book of Prophecy"? Did Lee Se Hoon tell you that? So you did cut it off.
Then you must know Park Sun Young as well.
- Should I? - What about Professor Yoon Tae Yi? Why did you go to Professor Yoon Tae Yi? What about you? Why are you going out of your way to protect her? Come with me.
Do you know me? Why did you come to the park? Would you give us some privacy? I won't take long.
You were doing something dangerous, so I went to warn you.
Is it bad for you if I'm put in danger? Time travel is fun, isn't it? I envy you.
But why are you trying to kill me after time traveling all the way here? What do you mean? Who is Were you and I close? How would I be close to you when I don't know you? Not now.
I don't know you, but you seem to know me.
So that's the only explanation.
Do I cause a problem sometime in the future? Is that why you're trying to kill me? I don't know whether you know but won't tell me, or you can't tell me because you don't know the answer, but know this.
You must have come from somewhere much more advanced than we are, so the police may not be able to catch you.
However, I can prove your existence.
Just wait.
Don't do anything dangerous.
This isn't something you can do.
We really must have been close.
But we aren't in my book, and we never will be.
Jang's daughter found at the scene, age 5) (Currently suffering from Post-traumatic stress disorder) (Dr.
Jang's daughter found at the scene, age 5) He's super annoying.
Can you hit him for me? Wait right here.
He's an illegal time traveler.
He must have spots all over his body from the radiation.
The people from the past near him probably caught it from him.
When dealing with someone from the future, you can't believe only what you see.
(National Forensic Service) Hi, Detective Kim.
We checked the spots, and there was over 30 times the usual amount of radiation.
How did that happen? I don't know.
Lieutenant Park told me to check.
There were spots on Moon Seo Jin's body as well.
Thank you.
It's late.
Let's leave together.
Go ahead.
I want to look into the formula some more.
Don't worry about me.
I have three strong officers protecting me.
See you.
Us? - Okay.
- Come out.
(Seoul Nambu Police Station Works for the Citizens) What? Where did they go? Hurry! Where's Min Hyuk? He left as soon as we got out of the police station, saying he had to be somewhere.
What is he thinking? I'm not sure.
What is going on here? Nothing.
You may go in.
When dealing with someone from the future, you can't believe only what you see.
(Park Jin Gyeom) Professor Yoon Tae Yi? Yes, that's me.
Who are you? That's an interesting equation.
The person you have reached is unavailable.
I said, who are you? Why are you doing this to me? Because you saw something you shouldn't have.
I saw something? What are you talking about? "The Book of Prophecy".
"The Book of Prophecy"? Leave.
Right now.
Why would you kill a person in the past? It's all your fault.
Because of you, the book fell into the hands of a person in the past.
Don't worry.
You're safe now.
(Seok Oh Won and the scientists tried to close the door of time) (Director of Hope Orphanage) As you requested, here's a group picture from 1992.
(Investigation Overview) (Dr.
Jang Dong Shik's daughter) Great job, guys.
How could you let this happen right under your nose? And where's Captain Ko anyway? - Well - He took the day off.
It's because his wife is very sick.
Are you defending him because he's your captain? Imagine this gets out to the press! If that happens, you'll all be fired! Understood? - Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Do you expect me to stop them? You want me to do the work, you punks? Get on it! ("Seoul Nambu Police Station's Lax Security") ("Seoul Nambu Police Station's") What are you doing? My goodness.
Why are you peeking at my monitor? Don't you have any respect? Respect? I'm your supervisor! You should be the one to respect me! Yes? Captain isn't at work today.
What do you mean? He has never missed a single day of work, but I can't even reach him.
So what? I just hope that he's not thinking of doing anything terrible.
You really don't know Mr.
Ko, do you? Go look around at the nearest bathhouses.
I'm busy, so I'm going to go.
Kim! Your heart is as beautiful as your face, right? I'm hanging up now.
Who is it? What is it? - I'm - Yes? apparently as beautiful in my heart as my face.
Come on.
Everyone knows that.
Come on.
I'm going out to cover something.
Cover what? Come on.
Are you all right? I just don't understand.
Apparently, I read "The Book of Prophecy".
That's why I need to die.
I don't even know what that is.
When you have the book, you either die or end up like me.
Did they say anything other than that? That was all.
Don't teach from tomorrow and stay with me at a temporary residence.
What do you mean? The safest way for you is to stay with me at all hours.
Are you asking me to move in with you? How can an unmarried man and a woman live in the same house? Now isn't the time to think about it that way.
Your safety is our priority.
Are you like this to everyone else? - Sorry? - Why are you looking out for me? Because you're special.
What do you mean by "special"? Are you saying that you like me? No, it's not that.
You don't like me, but I'm special? I don't know what I'm saying right now.
So, where is this temporary residence? (Admission's Discount in Celebration of Children's Day) Let's go! Balloons! I want one! Here you go.
Open your mouth! Tae Yi! Thank you! Jin Gyeom! (The cat in the drama is fake.
) (We did not commit any form of animal abuse for the drama.
) (Alice) It's really going to be just the two of us here? I hope that you can make yourself at home at least when you're here.
If I succeed in time traveling, I'll come back to see you.
I'll wait until you come back.
This is the destiny I'm choosing.
The woman who was there when my foot was chopped off! What have you done to Tae Yi? Tae Yi, don't you ever come back.
Tell me.
What are you hiding? He can't die.
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