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Episode 8

1 "There are only two ways to live life.
" "One is" "to live as if nothing is a miracle.
" "The other is" "to live as if everything is a miracle.
" Do you want to go with me? It'll be like a date.
I don't want to.
Go by yourself.
I'll be right back.
Are you heading somewhere? Yes, Mom.
But I'll make sure that I come back.
This is our home, after all.
I'll wait here for you, so come back.
I will, Mom.
Did someone live here before? This is used as a safety residence by our police.
I see.
(Episode 8) I really don't know! Why are you following me? Come on, Detective! Please! Is this really how you're going to be? I gave up a big scoop for you! I really don't know where Lieutenant Park is! You don't know how scary the alphabets are, do you? Would you like me to show you how powerful words can be with an article that exposes the police? Come on.
I'm feeling very inspired right now, so you better find out where Jin Gyeom is.
What are we going to do with Ms.
Kim? She won't actually write anything, so don't worry.
How are the other researchers doing? We sent more officers to guard them, so they'll be fine.
I'll focus on protecting the professor for the time being.
Please call me if we find any new clues.
Isn't it too dark? Should I turn on the light? What is it? Nothing.
You may use this room.
Are you telling me to use the master bedroom? How did you know that it was the master bedroom? Because it's big.
Is that so shocking? No.
I guess the room is big.
I'll replace the bedding.
I'll call my mom and ask her to bring things that I need.
We can't risk them finding you, so you can't use your phone or go outside while you're here.
You can't go onto any website that has your personal information.
Please be careful.
Why did you bring me here then? A holding cell would be more comfortable.
I didn't think of that.
I'm glad you didn't think of that.
You won't be here for too long.
Write down what you need, and I'll get them for you.
Do you plan to live here forever? You said to tell you what I need.
I'll do the best I can.
Is it really just the two of us in this house? Yes.
I know it will be uncomfortable, but please understand, given the circumstances.
It will be way too uncomfortable.
Who was it? Who dared to mess with my daughter? Sir.
Please calm down.
How can I not be upset? My daughter almost died! Tell me who it was.
I'll catch him.
You don't know who I am, do you? Do you know why our restaurant is called "Crime Squad"? Are you a fan of crime shows? You little twerps! Pipe down.
Who cares about that? So? Is Tae Yi okay? Yes.
You don't need to worry.
She's somewhere safe.
If someone strange or suspicious comes to the restaurant, please call us right away.
We wanted to ask your younger daughter some questions, but I guess she has a new job? What do you mean? She works at the bank.
We went to the bank.
I'm home.
It's hard making money off of other people.
I want japchae over rice.
Hey you.
What? Did you quit your job? What are you talking about? I just left work.
That brat.
- What are you doing? - Yes? Go arrest her! Now! - Yes, sir.
- Okay.
(Crime Squad) Why did you quit the bank that everyone else will kill to work for? It really wasn't a fit for me! Fine.
It must be because I didn't hit you.
That hurts! I'll report you for domestic violence.
Go ahead.
I'll appeal.
You don't even know what an appeal is.
Put your hands up! - Darn it.
- I'm so upset.
I called dibs.
Hands off.
Let me give you a warning as your junior officer.
You should focus on the case.
You have to catch this killer so that you can meet someone like her in your next life.
Have you no respect for hierarchy? When it comes to women, all men are equal.
Are you studying? This is more complicated than it looks.
Why are you reading the instructions just to put this together? It's obvious what you have to do.
Move aside.
I could've done it.
You must be hungry.
Should we eat? Should we order something? No deliveries.
They may be able to locate you.
So I'll cook for you myself.
Are you a good cook? No.
I've never cooked before.
You know, you are very subpar.
You can't do anything, you can't catch the killer.
Do we have kimchi? I'm sorry for making you cook.
It's okay.
Taste it.
How is it? Should we order in? Don't get the wrong idea.
I'm not saying it tastes bad.
I just don't think they'll be able to locate you just because we order food.
Your brain can't sense anything, but your tongue must be able to.
In case it'll be too tiring for you.
Since we just moved in, how about jjajangmyeon? I want jjamppong.
Tangsuyuk too.
May I throw out this stew? No! That hit the spot.
Where's the garbage bag for food? It's in the drawer under the sink.
Where's the paper towel? In the cupboard on the far right.
I'll clean up.
What don't you wash up first? Wash up? Why? Don't you wash up before going to bed? I was about to go wash up.
Do you have an antacid? I'll do it now.
I'll stab it now.
1, 2, 3.
What are you doing? Just stab it.
This is harder than it seems.
Don't you see that it turned blue? Stab it quickly.
Here we go.
1, 2, 3.
Traditional remedies like this are not proven.
I'll go get some medicine instead.
Seriously? Gosh.
Let me try.
Good job.
Are you sure you can shoot a gun? Go to bed now.
Good night.
Good night.
Well Can we at least leave the lights on in the living room? I'm a little scared.
Do you want me to sleep in the living room? I have a question.
What is it? How were you adopted? You don't have to tell me if you feel uncomfortable.
Well, there's nothing special about it.
My mom couldn't get pregnant, so they decided to adopt me.
That's all.
But interestingly, after they adopted me, my mom got pregnant with my sister.
I heard you were eight when you were adopted.
Isn't it hard for kids that age to find foster parents? People prefer younger kids, don't they? My mom originally wanted to adopt a younger kid too.
But she says I stood out to her.
Every kid at the orphanage knew this.
In order to be adopted, you should pretend to be nice, behave well, and smile all the time.
Apparently, I was the only kid who didn't do that.
And it bothered my mom.
That's why she adopted me.
You didn't want to be adopted? No.
Back then, I still believed my real mom would come and get me one day.
Can I bring my laptop here? If you must use a laptop, use mine.
What do you need it for? I want to try solving the math formula left by the culprit while I'm here.
The CSI team is looking into it.
You don't have to worry about it.
I just want to contribute.
I want you to be able to relax at least while you're here.
(Drawers under the sink: garbage bags, wet wipes, toilet paper) (I know the place feels unfamiliar, but please hang in there.
) I'll catch the culprit as soon as possible.
Thank you.
(Thank you.
) I called you many times.
Why didn't you wake up? If you're such a heavy sleeper, how are you going to protect me? All right.
You're done.
The information we have is not enough to find it.
Are you feeling better? I'm fine.
Where are you going? The doctor said you need rest.
I know how to take care of myself.
Is it because Yoon Tae Yi is involved? Everyone seems to be mistaken.
I'm not the one who dumped Tae Yi.
She dumped me.
So why would I worry about her? When she's a person in the past, at that? The person they call their teacher seems to be behind this too.
It's the same route that Lee Se Hoon used in 1992.
Why would you kill a person in the past? It's all your fault.
Because of you, the book fell into the hands of a person in the past.
(Ju Hae Min, presumed to be a time traveler) There's a new victim who is not a researcher.
So the person is not related to Yoon Tae Yi's research in the past? Do you have any idea? Not yet.
Lee Se Hoon might know something.
He's the only person who saw their teacher.
Do you believe their teacher really exists? Neither Lee Se Hoon nor the recent illegal time traveler acted on his own.
If their teacher is behind them, their goal may remain the same.
What goal? "The Book of Prophecy".
I'll go talk to Lee Se Hoon.
I'll meet him.
Min Hyuk.
Are you sure Lee Se Hoon took "The Book of Prophecy"? Why? You don't trust me? - That's not it.
- I'll take care of it.
Don't worry.
The time card that Park Jin Gyeom had.
Has it been analyzed? Well It's badly damaged.
It's going to be hard.
I see.
(Suspect Lee Se Hoon's right ankle was severed when found.
) The end? The end of time travel.
You were the one who cut his foot, right? And you killed Dr.
Jang Dong Shik, too.
Wasn't this man his only accomplice? There was a woman if I remember correctly.
I've been trying to stop these disasters since 10 years ago.
With your mother's help.
She must die for the future.
(The teacher?) (The teacher?) (Park Sun Young, Yoon Tae Yi) (List of Suspects) This is the list of people whose fingerprints match, according to the NFS.
One of them is the suspect.
This is so much.
This is the only thing we can do.
Director Seok Oh Won hasn't been found yet, has he? We've looked everywhere and we can't find him, meaning that I think he might already be dead.
What about the captain? I still can't get in touch with him.
What! Hello! What brings you here? Are you here because you're worried about your sister? (Crime Squad) Crime Squad is delivering from now on.
Order from us if you're having Chinese food.
Will do.
I'll be ordering every day.
I'll order three times a day.
Are you crazy? I'll be delivering the food because of you old men.
Make sure to order only once a week.
Will do.
You can deliver the food to us, and I'll bring back the dishes.
I'll order, pick the order up myself, then bring the dishes back to you.
Then just come and eat at the restaurant.
- Wait - What do you think you're doing? What's with the fuss? What? - Captain! - Captain! Did something happen? Your wife said that you left for work, but you wouldn't pick up.
Don't make a scene.
I'll be looking over some documents that I've missed out on.
Go and have lunch.
Aren't you going to eat with us? I don't feel like it.
We'll be right back, then.
(Kim Su Chul) (Ju Hae Min) Help! Nobody is out there.
If anything ever happens to me, please help that student continue my research for me.
She's still so young.
Do you think we can trust her with that? That girl can stop time traveling.
This is a lot to take in.
I know.
Dangerous things might happen to you.
The pears look great.
- I'll take ten dollars' worth.
- Okay.
I'll take some apples as well.
Do you want ten dollars' worth as well? Yes.
My goodness! You scared me! You're skipping work again? What's with all the groceries? It's Jin Gyeom's mother's memorial day soon.
What a kind woman you are.
Are you going out after lunch? - No, I'm off today.
- Is that right? You want to grab a drink? Help me fry up some pancakes if you've got time.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Here.
- Thank you.
- Have a great day.
- Thank you.
Let's go and grab a drink.
What's wrong? Did the chief scold you? No, certainly not.
Do you want to go on a trip abroad after I'm done with this case? You said that detectives don't travel abroad.
I'm trying to be a good husband here.
(Seok Oh Won, male, born in 1975) (Ju Hae Min, male, age unidentified) Detective! Goodness.
Detective! Detective! Detective! Professor.
What's wrong? The door wouldn't open.
The door is broken, so you can't open from inside.
You brought your phone, right? - No.
- Why don't you keep it with you? Try to break the door.
It's made of steel, so that wouldn't work.
Try screaming so that the neighbors can hear.
That might expose you.
I have to be exposed to live! Do you want to be found dead in here? Don't worry.
When I don't pick up, Sergeant Kim will come for me.
My goodness! I'll get them.
You can relax.
Get them with what? I can just step on them.
Bugs! There are bugs there! Oh, my! I'll try breaking the door.
It's made of steel, so I don't think that'll work.
Come on.
What? This is Jin Gyeom's house.
Why are the lights on? Jin Gyeom comes to clean the house occasionally.
It would be nice if he dropped by to say hello if he's in the neighborhood.
I don't like that kid.
Who cares if you don't like him? Your daughter does.
Why is Do Yeon in love with someone like him? Goodness.
Why? Maybe they're together.
What? ("Useless Police.
Is That Acceptable?") (Mrs.
Kong) - Yes, Mom? - Where are you? I'm at work.
I see.
The lights are on at Jin Gyeom's, so I thought you might be there with him.
What? Which house? Kim Do Yeon! Where are you going? What's up with her? What's this? Useless police.
Is that acceptable? This is a killer piece.
Did you get it? No.
I think it may have escaped outside.
How did you find out that the door doesn't open from the inside? It was like this before.
Before when? When you were a child? This is your old house, isn't it? - Yes.
- Why didn't you tell me? Because I was afraid you might take it the wrong way.
Why haven't you sold the house? Because I lived here with my mother.
Do you know what I realized while doing research on time? Memories and feelings fade through time, but space saves time.
Space saves all the sad, happy, and painful memories.
This house must be like that to you.
I envy you.
One time, other researchers and I wrote down where we wanted to go if we could travel through time, and I don't know if it's because I have no memories, but there weren't many places that I want to go to.
There was just one place.
The orphanage in 1992, when my mother was leaving me behind.
I'm adding this house to the list.
Once I succeed in time traveling, I'd come back to this moment and open that door for us.
I guess you failed.
You never know, so don't sell the house.
Keep it.
I'll come back to see you in the future.
I'll wait until you come back.
Are you getting cold? It's okay, you don't have to give me your sweater.
No, it's really fine.
Could you help me out? I'm fine.
Just pull the sleeves for me.
I'm really fine.
What am I supposed to do again? Like this? Pull a little harder.
Park Jin Gyeom! Here.
I understand that you might get the wrong idea from that.
But I had no other choice.
I know.
I understand.
Thank you for understanding.
It's late, so I'll go and drop Do Yeon off.
It's not too far, so it won't take long.
Sure, go ahead.
You don't need to.
I'm not leaving.
I'm staying here as well, as long as that woman is here.
Excuse me, there are only two rooms here.
Professor, don't you think I know this house better than you do? Exactly.
Where do you plan on sleeping? We can sleep together.
We're both women.
Of course, only one of us will make it out of the room alive.
What's up with everyone gathering here? Are we having a party? What brings you here? Because you weren't picking up.
What? You knew where he was and lied to me? Ms.
Kim, it's not what you think.
Goodness, you're a fighter.
You just pick fights with everyone, don't you? I'm not as bad as you are.
Let's not get so mad now.
Why don't we play a game? It's game night! We're not here to have fun.
Why would we play games? Are you on a retreat? What should we do then? Should we sing? I have karaoke microphones.
Let's sing.
Why would we sing? You really can't read the room, can you? Yes! Let's go! It's real - Real, real, it's real - Real, real, it's real - It's real - It's real - The real one is here - The real one is here - Real, real, it's real - Real, real, it's real - It's real - It's real Real! - I'm only going to love you - I'm only going to love you Shake it! Let's go! What? It's getting late.
Sergeant, you can go back home, and you two should sleep.
You, sing a song! "You"? She's telling you to sing.
So sing! What? - I said to sing! - I said to sing! Tell me, tell me, tell me Say that you need me I'll love myself so that you won't be ashamed To tell anyone that you are mine I'll love you so that you never regret Even for a moment that you are my mine Finally, I think I know The reason I was born Meeting you and loving you with all my life Is my joy that someone gave me - Did you sleep well? - I did.
What is that? I ate more than usual yesterday.
I need to watch my figure.
It's not very easy to maintain my figure.
- Do you feel okay? - No.
I'm glad that the two of you became much closer.
Who's close? Did you get drunk too? What nonsense.
You are incredible.
How could you sleep here? I don't know about you, but I've slept here countless times.
I was here all the time since 10 years ago.
So? Are you really going to live here? I have been since yesterday.
- Gosh.
- What is this? Is this for human consumption? I think he wants us to sober up by throwing up.
Order me hangover soup.
Me too.
Oh no! Traitor.
Are you talking to me? Incompetent Police.
Is This Okay? Darn it.
I've checked everywhere Director Seok could be, but I couldn't find that Anyway, I couldn't find that box, let alone Director Seok.
Was there no mathematical formula on the wall either? Nothing.
What did the experts say about the formula that was on Professor Yoon's wall? It's extremely difficult, so they say it'll take some time.
(National Assembly Digital Library) (Proper Reform Based on Human Respect) Let the people of this world punish you for your crimes here.
They locked you up for 30 years.
What a heartless person, whoever it was.
What do you know? Well I know that you were dumped.
You're being released tomorrow.
Can you handle it in your condition? We'll help you if you cooperate.
Who's the teacher? Why are you looking for the teacher now? You guys took "The Book of Prophecy.
" That's why that happened to that witch.
That witch? The woman who was with you when you cut off my foot.
What happened to Tae Yi? If you want to know, ask Oh Si Young yourself.
How do you know Oh Si Young? Because she was here a few days ago too.
Tae Yi.
Why are you doing this? I'm pregnant.
I'm 12 weeks along.
Be happy for me.
Get rid of it.
You have to.
I'm going to have it here.
Are you insane? How can you raise a child alone? Especially here.
I can do it.
You know me.
Don't do something you'll regret.
Go back with me.
This is my destiny that I chose.
Do you think Min Hyuk won't look for you? That's why I want you to tell him that you couldn't find me.
Why? Why must I do that? I wish I could tell you everything.
Why can't you? Weren't we friends? Fine.
If you've made up your mind, go ahead.
However, don't ever come back.
For Min Hyuk's sake.
(Using Maxwell–Schrodinger Equation to Interpret the Dipole Antenna) It's a list of suspects based on the fingerprints and DNA found in the lecture hall.
No one stood out.
Detective! (Using Maxwell–Schrodinger Equation to Interpret the Dipole Antenna) Even if the answer is the same, every mathematician approaches it differently.
It's like a signature.
I saw it in the equation the killer used.
I was searching through a site of journal articles and found an article using the same equation.
His name is Ju Hae Min.
(Lieutenant Park Jin Gyeom) Oh Si Young.
You know what happened to Tae Yi, don't you? Tell me.
What are you hiding from me? - What are you talking about? - Lee Se Hoon went to her! - Min Hyuk.
- What did he do to her? It's a location tracker.
Carry it with you at all times.
Excuse me.
You dropped this.
(Seoul Nambu Police Station) What brings you here, Professor? Who are you? Do I know you? Where's Detective Park Jin Gyeom? Who? Lieutenant Park Jin Gyeom? Yes.
Tell me where he is.
Well What? You know he passed away last year.
He passed away? What are you talking about? Are you saying Detective Park is dead? Well Would you like a cup of Don't change the subject.
Answer my question.
What do you mean Detective Park is dead? Stop this nonsense.
Just bring him here.
Oh, what about Detective Ko? Where is he now? Is Detective Park with him? I said, where is Detective Park? Please stop.
We'll catch the culprit by all means.
There's no need.
Detective Park is not dead.
So there's no one to catch.
This morning, he was in the same house as me.
A moment ago, he came to rescue me.
So how can he be dead? In addition, he has alexithymia.
He's as tough as nails.
He wouldn't die so easily.
Bring Detective Park here.
Bring him here.
Right now! (October 2020) Detective! (October 2020) Detective Park! No, Detective! No! Detective! (Alice) Why do you keep getting hurt? It upsets me.
Why do you keep making me worry? Did something happen during your time travel? He was murdered.
- By the person who killed his mom.
- Who is the killer? How are you related to my mom? It's all your mom's fault.
Where's the last page of "The Book of Prophecy"? How do you know about "The Book of Prophecy"? Where's Professor Yoon? Whether she is my mother or not, I'll protect her.

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