Alice (2020) s01e09 Episode Script

Episode 9

"Time is like coins in life.
" "Those are the only coins that you have," "and you're the only one" "who can decide what to use those coins on.
" (Carl Sandburg) (Seoul Nambu Police Station) He passed away? What are you talking about? Are you saying Detective Park is dead? Answer me.
Where's Detective Park? Please stop.
We'll catch the culprit by all means.
There's no need.
Detective Park is not dead.
So there's no one to catch.
This morning, he was in the same house as me.
A moment ago, he came to rescue me.
So how can he be dead? In addition, he has alexithymia.
He's as tough as nails.
He wouldn't die so easily.
Bring Detective Park here.
Bring him here.
Right now! (Episode 9) (Seoul Nambu Police Station is here to protect you in 2021.
) (Seoul Nambu Police Station is here to protect you in 2021.
) (Park Jin Gyeom) The number you have dialed does not exist.
Please check the number and dial again.
You never know, so don't sell the house.
Keep it.
I'll come back to see you in the future.
I'll wait until you come back.
I came to see you.
Why aren't you here? You said that you'd wait for me.
Why didn't you keep your promise? (Present, 2020) (Call Professor Yoon Tae Yi) The person you have reached is not available.
Please leave a message after the tone.
(Professor Yoon Tae Yi) (Safe House) Professor! (Safe House) Where could she be? You said that you'd protect me.
You said that you'd come for me anytime.
(Drawers under the sink: garbage bags, wet wipes, toilet paper) (Thank you.
) (Thank you.
) Are you in this house right now? I'm here in this house as well.
(Are you in this house right now? I'm here in this house as well.
) Detective! Have you been waiting for me here? I know you're scared.
But don't be.
Regardless of what year you're in, I promise to save you.
Just wait for me.
(Regardless of what year you're in, I promise to save you.
) I have faith that you'll come and save me regardless of which world I'm in.
(2021 Present) (Crime Squad) Tae Yi.
- Hey.
- Why are you here already? - What? - Your schedule was for a month.
Well That's not it.
Did you fight with Mr.
Kim? Tae Yi! What's wrong? Do you not have an appetite? Try to eat a little.
Is it really 2021? What's wrong with you? Why are you asking the obvious? Hey.
Is something wrong? - No.
- As if.
I knew it wouldn't be well when I heard you were going with Mr.
Even close friends come back as enemies after a trip.
But you two weren't close to begin with.
But how could you come back in less than a week? What a waste of airfare to Spain.
You did the right thing.
You should quit right then if you don't think it's right.
That's right.
It has been a year already.
You need to accept it now.
This won't bring Detective Park back to life Hey.
Come on.
I said not to talk about that in front of her.
You must be tired.
Eat and get some rest.
What's wrong? Does it feel strange? You were gone for only a few days.
I'm I'm just tired.
I'm going to rest.
Do you want some beer? Don't worry.
I won't tell Mom.
But you can't get drunk and cry, okay? You've done enough.
(Seoul Nambu Police Park Jin Gyeom) ("Detective Found Dead at Home") ("Lieutenant Park Jin Gyeom Found Dead at Home") (Lieutenant Park Jin Gyeom was found dead in his home.
) (Ju Hae Min) (Park Sun Young, Yoon Tae Yi) I checked the surveillance videos, and they only caught Professor Yoon falling from the roof.
There aren't any of her hitting the ground.
I'm sorry.
I should've protected her.
What happened to her? Let's talk later.
You know.
Tell me.
I don't have the time to explain.
Darn it.
Are you the only one who's a detective? I want to find her too.
- Please let go.
- Tell me.
What happened? - Let go.
- Tell me! It's my fault.
It's my fault that she's missing.
They're related to my mother's case.
(Park Sun Young, Yoon Tae Yi) Why are there two pictures of the professor? One of them is my mother.
Your mother? They're not both Professor Yoon? At first, I thought they were the same person as well.
However, in 2010, - What? - I saw both of them at the same time.
They both looked the same, but their personalities and age were completely different people.
I don't understand anything you're saying.
I'm saying there are time travelers who came from other dimensions.
Someone exactly like you may come here.
He may be a child or an old man.
Just like Professor Yoon and my mother.
Are you saying there are doppelgangers? (Doppelganger: Someone who looks identical to you) I don't know any of that.
I'm going to look for the Professor.
Do you know where she is? She's probably in another dimension.
I'd like to use the lab that I used in the past.
I need to analyze something.
How was your trip? My trip? That.
Spain? No.
Time travel.
How did you know? I heard from you one year ago.
From me? You will return to the year 2020.
When you do, do not even think about time travel again.
You may end up in danger as well.
Do you have any idea how I feel right now? In the blink of an eye, 2020 became 2021.
It's where I lived and the people I knew.
But everything feels foreign and I don't know anything.
They say Detective Park, who was with me until yesterday is dead.
Please at least tell me why he died.
Do you know about "The Book of Prophecy"? It tells the history of time travel.
It also talks about the beginning and end of time travel.
I'm not sure I understand how that has anything to do with Detective Park's death.
All I want to know is who killed him.
Detective Park was after the last page of "The Book of Prophecy".
He thought it would help him stop time travel and find out who killed his mother.
But precisely because of that, he was killed.
By the person who killed his mother.
Who is that? Doesn't the last page say who it is? I've never seen the last page.
It disappeared in 1992.
But at least I know who was keeping the last page.
Who? You, sitting in front of me.
Me? But I have no recollection of I know.
You forgot everything that happened before 1992, which means there's no way you can save Detective Park.
Don't even try to find him.
As I've said many times, it may put you as well in danger.
(Rest In Peace, Park Jin Gyeom) (Park Jin Gyeom) (Park Jin Gyeom) (Park Jin Gyeom) (October 5, 2020) "The child who was born through the door of time" "will eventually take control of time.
" Are you the one who locked me up here? How do you have "The Book of Prophecy"? How do you know about "The Book of Prophecy"? Are you in league with the one who tried to kill me? Where's the last page of the book? (Death Certificate) The cause of death is skull fractures and bleeding under the scalp.
And they didn't find anything unusual.
We'll receive a more detailed report soon.
Can you find out more about this man? If you're right, this man is supposed to be a time traveler.
I'll see what I can find out.
Isn't that a location tracker? What's it going to do? The other time travelers won't leave his body here.
I need to track down their base to save Professor Yoon.
What is this about? Just answer my question.
Why did you meet Lee Se Hoon? Do you have to ask? It was to find "The Book of Prophecy".
I wanted to ask him where he was hiding it.
Is that when you met Tae Yi as well? I just ran into her.
After meeting Lee Se Hoon, by pure chance.
Was everything okay with her? That's what I heard.
And it looked that way too.
She got married to a man in the past.
She said he was kind and loving.
I already told you this before.
What is this all about? In what year did you meet her? In 2011.
I thought you were over her.
An illegal time traveler died from a fall, and a wormhole opened near his body.
Someone must have traveled through time.
- When? - This afternoon.
Why are you telling me this now? Watch Team must have missed it.
"Missed it?" How is that possible? Who was on duty? Ms.
Oh was.
How could you let this happen? I'm sorry.
It's all my fault.
Have you found the location of the autopsy room? Yes, it shouldn't be hard to retrieve the body.
We have to hurry up.
He is not our client, but he is a time traveler all the same.
We can't leave a time traveler's body to people in the past.
Yes, sir.
I'll get it done myself.
What happened? He was here until a moment ago.
Where did he go? My goodness.
Lieutenant Park.
The suspect's body disappeared.
I see.
I want to see Ms.
Oh's time travel records from 2011.
Yes, sir.
Speed up.
(Park Jin Gyeom, November 2, 1992, to October 15, 2020) Do we look that easy to you? Did you really think you could use a location tracker to find us? Where's Professor Yoon? Don't you think about finding her.
We have seen each other before, haven't we? (Park Sun Young) How do you know my mother? I'm giving you one last chance for old time's sake.
Forget all about this, and I'll let you go.
Don't look for Yoon Tae Yi ever again.
She's not your mother.
She has nothing to do with you.
I don't care if she's my mother or not.
I'm going to protect her.
You're just like your mother.
Tell me.
Where's Professor Yoon? I didn't do anything wrong.
It's all your mother's fault.
(Park Jin Gyeom, November 2, 1992, to October 15, 2020) (Park Sun Young, October 7, 1968, to October 7, 2010) "The child born through the door of time" "will one day rule over time.
" (Park Jin Gyeom, November 2, 1992, to October 15, 2020) Yes.
Lieutenant, I think we've found Professor Yoon's location.
Professor! (Present, 2020) Thank you.
Thank you for appearing again.
Thank you.
I'm fine.
It's all good now.
(Park Sun Young, October 7, 1968 to October 7, 2010) Goodness! Detective Park! Detective Park! What do you mean? Park Jin Gyeom suddenly disappeared.
What do you mean, disappeared? Are you saying that he traveled through time again? No, he literally disappeared.
Doctor said to not move today.
Are you okay, Professor? You shouldn't be worrying about me right now.
Why were you at the ossuary? Did you travel through time? What are you talking about? Where have you been all along? I don't know.
When I became conscious, I was at the ossuary.
I guess I just had a weird dream.
It probably wasn't a dream.
What happened while you were traveling through time? Do you remember why I became a physicist? So that I can build a time machine and see my mother again.
But now that I've actually traveled through time, do you know what I'm thinking? Wherever I go and whoever I meet, nothing compares to the present, and the people who know and remember me.
The person I am right now is the real me, and the people by my side now are really my people.
Although I was with my family there, I missed my family here and longed for them.
However, you could meet people that you can't see here.
What does that change? Just because you meet someone you can't see here, it doesn't mean that person can continue to stay by your side.
Please don't get any strange ideas.
Like time traveling to save your mom or get revenge.
Things like that.
Don't mind yourself with that.
It's something I must do.
How can I not mind it? Look.
You're hurt again.
Why do you keep getting hurt and breaking my heart? Why do you keep being good to me and making it hard for me? Why do you keep making me think about you? Does something happen to me? Did you see me? No.
But I did hear that you were doing well.
Go to sleep.
I need to sleep as well.
I'll be busy starting tomorrow.
(Are you in this house right now? I'm here in this house as well.
) (Are you in this house right now? I'm here in this house as well.
) (Are you in this house right now? I'm here in this house as well.
) (Regardless of what year you're in, I promise to save you.
) Regardless of what year you're in, I promise to save you.
Just wait for me.
You know he passed away last year.
Are you saying Detective Park is dead? No, Detective! Detective Park was after the last page of "The Book of Prophecy".
He thought it would help him stop time travel and find out who killed his mother.
But precisely because of that, he was killed.
They implanted a dimension-traveling device here.
This is how he got here without going through the gate.
Anything else? There was nothing else unusual.
So I have a question.
If a pregnant woman travels through a wormhole, can the baby be born? It may be difficult, but it isn't impossible.
However, it would be difficult for the baby to grow up to be normal.
The DNA may become modified.
What do you mean? The child would not be normal either physically or mentally.
Did you look into him? He entered the Police Academy and is currently a detective at Seoul Nambu Police Station.
One thing stands out.
He was diagnosed with alexithymia when he was six.
Alexithymia? The inability to feel emotions? There are many possible variables, so it's hard to say in detail.
Even if the baby is lucky and is born, it probably couldn't live for very long.
I'm trying not to be negative, but if we still haven't heard from him, our director must be No.
I'm positive the director is alive.
I'll keep looking for him, so call me right away if you hear anything.
I have to see him no matter what.
(Park Sun Young) (Park Sun Young, Yoon Tae Yi) I went to the lab because of the suspect's statement, and they said Professor Yoon had stopped by.
- She did? - Yes.
She said she'd find Director Seok.
We ended up losing the suspect's corpse.
We found no clues about the time travelers either.
We found one.
(Unknown organization) She knew my mother well.
Professor Yoon too.
How? I have a favor to ask.
Please find the wife of Dr.
Jang Dong Shik who was murdered in 1992.
The records show she died during childbirth.
I think she dropped off her daughter at an orphanage and went into hiding.
Was Dr.
Jang's daughter in an orphanage? Didn't her relatives take her? No.
We need to find out why the time travelers targeted Dr.
Jang's family.
(Unknown organization) What are you doing? Hey.
Metro came by earlier about the suspect's body going missing and said something strange.
The list they compiled from the fingerprints from the lecture hall included descriptions about the suspect's appearance.
But only that went missing.
Have you seen it? No.
Weren't you the last person to see the list? What? Was it? We all went to eat together.
Only Captain stayed behind.
- That's right.
- We got Chinese.
Why is that the only thing missing? I heard you got hurt again.
Where did you get hurt? It's nothing.
- Let me see.
- It's really nothing.
Why is it so important to guard a corpse that you got shot doing it? I don't know how I'll face your mom.
I'm sorry for worrying you.
Tomorrow is your mom's memorial, so come by 8pm.
What? Never mind.
("Did the Schrodinger Killer's Body Disappear into Thin Air?") It wasn't just his body that disappeared.
So did the woman that fell with him.
I saw it myself.
Would you please tell me what you saw? At first, I thought it was a lovers' quarrel.
But something seemed off, so I kept watching, and And they suddenly fell together.
- And? - The woman disappeared.
Only the man fell and died.
Detective! What are you doing? I'm washing my hair.
Are you sure you can do it yourself in that condition? Don't worry.
I can manage.
Oh, my.
Just a second.
I already used shampoo.
Please just rinse it out.
I don't think you did it properly with one hand.
I'll do it again.
Does it feel nice? Why are you looking for Director Seok, by the way? I'm just worried about him.
Don't look at me.
I must look ugly from below.
I can't really tell the difference.
My goodness.
Are you two having fun? Why don't you go ahead and take a bath together too? Should I call a taxi for you? Why, all of a sudden? You haven't heard? The suspect is dead.
You're safe now.
Go home now.
But we don't even know who he is yet.
I'm still in danger.
Cut out the nonsense and go home.
What did you say? "Cut out the nonsense"? Yes.
Do you have a problem? I could have said something much worse than that.
It's not like I swore at you or anything.
Don't overreact.
Do you realize you have such a peculiar personality? I didn't swear at you either.
Go home while I'm being nice.
This is considered trespass.
If you don't want to be with me, you leave.
This is not even your house.
Believe me, you'll be the first to leave.
Do Yeon.
What? Do you smell something burning? It's my hair.
I'm sorry.
I'm a bit tired.
I'm going to bed now.
I'll sleep on the sofa.
No, not in that condition.
Sleep in the room.
Yes, take the room.
Kim can sleep in the living room.
Is this really necessary? If it's uncomfortable, you can leave.
No, I don't think it's uncomfortable at all.
Neither do I.
Can I ask you something? Where were you yesterday? Why are you asking that? I know you were missing.
What happened? You won't believe what I say anyway.
I'll believe it.
Tell me.
In a year, you and I will walk the Camino de Santiago together.
Can you believe that? Do you? No.
Stop being ridiculous.
Can I ask you something too? Whatever.
I won't answer anyway.
When did you start having feelings for Detective Park? Why are you asking? I'm just curious.
I also want to know how it all started.
Park Jin Gyeom! I know you're in there.
Open the door.
I'm throwing a rock through your window.
Try and dodge it! Didn't I tell you to come today? How could you not show up at our play? I'm quitting the drama club.
Can't you at least watch the show we worked so hard for? I'm a senior.
So what? I'm a senior too.
Come tomorrow.
You don't have to thank me.
My mom insisted I bring it.
Let's say this pays for the broken window.
Take it back.
I only eat my mom's kimchi.
But she passed away.
Did she leave behind kimchi you can eat for the rest of your life? If not, take it.
I'm going now.
Why aren't you leaving? Do you know what time it is? It's 10pm.
Shouldn't you at least walk me to the big street? Did someone walk you here? It was 9:50pm then, but it's 10pm now.
Don't you know what that means? You might think it's just a 10-minute difference, but it's enough to make a girl terrified.
Where are you going? You just said a 10-minute difference can make a girl terrified.
Wait for me, Jin Gyeom! Do you know what the fastest thing in the world is? The moment you fall in love.
I don't know when I started having feelings for him.
I just did before I knew it.
It's light.
- What? - The fastest thing in the world.
How can a reporter not know that? Gosh, you obnoxious scientist.
- Gosh.
- Don't hog the blanket.
Gosh, seriously.
- Really? - Look at this.
- Here we go.
- I'm thirsty.
You're thirsty? It's nice and cold, right? Oh, my.
Why are you coming out of this house? You said you were working late last night.
What are you talking about? I was just going inside.
Stop it! We'll talk about this at home.
Dad, I didn't sleep here last night, I swear.
I just got here after working all night.
Then why is your hair wet? You just put on makeup too.
Well, I can explain it.
Just give me some time.
You brat.
Explain it at home.
Wait! Hold on! - Mom! Dad! - Goodness.
You're back.
I delivered everything.
Good job.
It looks like you're doing a great job.
Let us know if you need an escort.
Why do you have Chinese food every day? It's greasy.
Stop disrupting our business.
Our restaurant has been receiving some bad reviews on the delivery app lately.
Is it you? What are you talking about? I didn't do anything.
Hey, orders are piling up.
Get back out there.
- Be on your way.
- Gosh, where? (Fast Delivery) Gosh.
(Crime Squad) You're the one who ordered? Mom and Dad can't know I'm staying here.
Why not? What's going on here? Are you guys together? - Since when? - It's not like that.
Who are you trying to fool? You're even living together.
We're living together, but we're not together.
So you're just having some fun? It's not like that.
I don't want Mom and Dad to get the wrong idea.
Keep quiet.
I'm the one who doesn't understand right now.
Explain why you're living together.
We're not living together alone.
There's this extremely annoying girl too.
I didn't know you were so free.
What are you talking about? Leave now.
Are you coming over later? It's your birthday.
I'll come over.
All right.
I'll get going now.
Was it your birthday today? I thought it was in the summer according to your personal ID.
That's the birthday that my orphanage gave me.
My real birthday is today.
You said that you didn't remember anything when you went to the orphanage.
I still remembered two things.
My name and birthday.
(Crime Squad) Thanks for dropping me off.
I don't think I'll be home tonight.
All right.
Happy birthday.
Where's my present? It's fine.
I wasn't expecting any.
Are you heading home right away? No, I have somewhere to go to as well.
Drive safe.
(Crime Squad) (Family Registry) (Person: Park Jin Gyeom, Mother: Park Sun Young, Deceased) (Park Sun Young, October 7, 1968, to October 7, 2010) I have another heart inside me now.
It's smaller and weaker than mine, but I can feel it beating.
My baby's heart.
So how could I get rid of it? It's my baby.
It's living and breathing inside me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, Tae Yi.
What is this? This is all of her favorite food.
It's her birthday and her death anniversary today.
Is that why you bought these? She must be so touched.
Do Yeon would be such a good wife.
- Don't you think? - Stop it.
Good job.
Let's bow and eat.
I won't be sleeping over at your house for a while.
You feel sad, right? Yes, I am.
Is that woman still there? No, she won't be home tonight, either.
Happy birthday.
It's her birthday today.
Let's eat out tonight.
Mom, you can pay.
I'd love to, but I have no money.
I'll buy.
And here.
- What's this? - I picked them up on the way here.
It's nothing big, so don't get too excited.
It's your birthday.
Why did you get us presents? Have you gone insane? Seems like you went insane in a good way.
I went traveling and realized how precious family is.
Traveling? When? Where? Just somewhere that's very close yet so far.
Open them up.
It's your birthday.
Why are you back already? Why did you get a cake, then? What are you doing? Wish me a happy birthday already.
Aren't you going to sing for me? Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday - Just blow them out already.
- Come on.
Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Happy birthday to Professor Yoon Happy birthday to you What a surprise.
I didn't expect you to sing it to me.
I just really wanted to.
Detective, did you just smile? I did? Yes.
You just smiled.
You know how to smile? You should do that more often.
You have a beautiful smile.
Do you want some pork belly and soju? Why? You don't want to? I'll get some.
No, let's go together.
You really don't have a present for me? I'm just kidding.
A cake is good enough.
But come on.
How could you not get me a present? It's about the thought that counts.
I'm going to get you only a cake for your birthday as well.
Is that my present? Yes.
I wasn't expecting anything.
How nice of you.
A cake would've sufficed.
Thank you.
(Seoul Nambu Police Station Park Jin Gyeom) ("Lieutenant Park Jin Gyeom Found Dead in His Home") No! Detective! Detective! What's wrong? Do you not like it? Professor.
(Regardless of what year you're in, I promise to save you.
) (Alice) I didn't know your mother died or that she had a son.
You're one of the suspects.
You people killed my mother.
I think it was the captain.
It's all thanks to you.
So please stay by my side as you are now.
You're going to die! What did you see when you time traveled? You want to know why your mom died, right? I've arrived.
It's you.
You were the killer.

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